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tv   MSNBC Live With Hallie Jackson  MSNBC  July 30, 2019 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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>> out of the white house, the president delivering a spoken word recitation of the grievances he's been airing online for days. responding to questions about the attacks of elijah cummings, the city of baltimore and more categorized as racist by the president's opponents. unsurprisingly, not by the president himself. >> i am the least racist person there is anywhere in the world. what i have done for african-americans in two and a half years no president has been able to do anything like it. >> plus, the political strategist in chief. a showdown in the motor city for the second democratic primary debates. several candidates signaling they're ready to go on the attack this time around. we have a lot to get to in the next 60 minutes with our team covering the biggest stories of the day. we will start with geoff bennett. joining us now from the white house north lawn. you just had an opportunity to
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get at the president on these questions of race and the allegations that he is stoking racial divisions in the country. >> reporter: that's right, hallie. anyone who would have thought after three weeks of intense attacks on the congresswoman. he basically held court talking to us reporters for about 15 minutes. he basically gave voice to his tweets. he, again, attacked elijah cummings, reverend al sharpton. the president often lashes out. he did that today. he said cummings is the racist, sharpton is the racist. i asked the president what he meant by that. he didn't engage. he also, hallie, described baltimore as a living hell for the people there. he then clarified and meant by the people living there, he meant most of the african-americans who live there. and he also i think was
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actually -- this is actually rather instructive. he said that his attacks, he was asked what he thinks about these attacks, does it help him politically. the president said yes. the public answer he gave is he believes he's really exposing the corruption in baltimore. but the private answer you get from advisers, and i know, hallie, you have had these conversations, too, is they think his love it or leave it approach to patriotism that he expressed two weekends ago over the four congress diagnosis women of color, they believe that that kind of approach helps the president with his base. it's been reflected in some polling among republicans that was taken after those series of tweets there. a couple of other headlines. the president was asked about the debates. he said he was going to watch them. he used a pejorative about joe biden. he thinks he will emerge as the nominee. but the president thought joe biden was off his game. that was the phrase that he used. i asked the president about his nomination of john ratcliffe to serve as director of national intelligence. i asked if he had any concerns
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about the confirmation process given the concerns on the other side of capitol hill that that position should not be occupied by a trump loyalist. the president didn't engage on the question. he just called him a wonderful person and said he's been talking to him about this position for a very long time. some news there. and so, yeah, i think that's kind of where we start as the president heads to jamestown to participate in this commemoration marking the 400th anniversary of representative democracy, hallie, as you see him board the steps of air force one. . >> just moments ago. geoff, stand by. we are working to turn around some of your sound and questioning of president trump there. but i want to bring in to join the conversation msnbc political analyst cornell belcher and tim miller, former deputy communications director and contributor to the bulwark. gentlemen, we brought you on to talk about the democratic debate. president trump, as he often does, is looking to insert himself into the news cycle, if you will. score nell, what do you make of
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the president's remarks on the sougts lawn that, for example, he's getting calls from people in baltimore thanking him for what he has been saying, although the president did not name names of who the calls are from? >> well, i don't make anything of it at all. it is a pattern of lies that started from the beginning of his candidacy, and that is going to continue. but i do think this debate about whether or not democrats should take on trump or ignore trump is a silly debate >> why? >> he is the incumbent. you have to take on the incumbent. you can walk and chew gum at the same time. can you take on trump and clap back at him in his racism and what he is trying to do? yes. can you pivot and also talk about your vision and your policies and the policy connected to the beliefs? i think you can. candidates who show the ability to do that the next two days will fare well in the debates. >> geoff bennett said publicly he believes this whole thing is
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helping him politically. is it? >> you know, i actually don't think so. there's a group of voters that people don't talk about a lot, which is 10% to 20% of the republican registered voters or independent voters who really don't like the president that much. and the more he is in the news making these sorts of racist and racially-charged remarks, the more that he is sounding to be completely unhinged about whether he has control over what's going on in the white house, the more he is making these wild attacks, the more they are likely to say, meh, i don't think i want to support him for re-election again. that's why his numbers are vacillating between four and five points. these are the voters we're talking about. the more he is out of the news, the more you are talking about statements made by the squad, the more the economy is being talked about, the more they start to drift back towards him. so these sorts of activities he
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has been participating in don't help. if you look back at the 2016 election, it really was the fact that in the last week the conversation pivoted to the comey letter about clinton and trump, for trump at least, stayed relative live uncontroversial that made a big difference for him. so, no, in short, no, this is not helping. >> quinnipiac university has just come out i think right at the top of the hour with a new poll that seems relevant at this moment. geoff incident to go to you for more on what the president has had to say. the poll finds half of u.s. voters believe president trump is racist. 51% to 45%. 2-1 they say don't impeach him. cornell, what do you make of that? >> i don't make much of it at all. historically, look, even nixon, the numbers around nixon back when -- in that impeachment hearing showed the americans didn't want the president impeach impeached. it is about what the congress
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and their constitutional duty is. and i think we put it in this political context way too often. and for better or worse, stuck in this political context because now we are measuring on the polls as opposed to it is the president out of control? does he meet the standards of m impeachment that madison talked about in the convention. that's why we put the checks in so congress will check and auto control the president, a crypt president. does he meet those? congress should do its job. it shouldn't be about politics. but i understand it is about politics. and for the democratic primary voters, is impeachment an inch for them? yes. is it top of mind concern? no, it is not. there are issues from health care, climate change to this question about division. look, division and racism isn't a secondary issue consideration. it is front and center issue. the president will make racism,
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division an issue, then democrats should be able to engage in that examine offer an alternative vision. part of the problem for democrats is that they have not offered an alternative vision. when he said i'm going to give you back your country to those who are worried about the changes happening in the country, he can't simply say i'm going to raise minimum wage >> here's a bit more what president trump had to say a moment ago. tim, then i will let you jump in. . >>? i think i'm helping myself. and i'll tell you why. the white house and myself and letters and emails and phone calls have received more phone calls than i think on any other subject of people from baltimore and other cities corruptly run by democrats, thanking me for getting involved. those people are living in hell in baltimore. they're largely african-american. you have a large african-american population. and they really appreciate what i'm doing. and they've let me know it. they really appreciate it.
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>> tim, final thoughts to you? >> yeah. i just say, look, that quote is insane. this is a president that likes to traffic in these racist tropes and stereotypes. the debate whether he is racist isn't relevant. when you are the president and you're doing that, that's all that really matters. that's why in the democratic debate tonight what i would like to see is candidates, instead of focusing on these attacks on each other, taking a step back and saying, look at francisco ga lisi in jail wrongly. look at the president's racist attacks. we need to focus on beating him. that didn't happen the first time around. it will happen this time. >> you guys will be watching the second democratic debate. we will be watching it. president trump is going to be watching it, too. here's what he told reporters about that just a moment ago. >> i am watching. i think right now it will be
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sleepy joe. i know the other people. i know him. i think he's off his game by a lot. but i think personally it is going to be sleepy joe. >> let me get back to msnbc news road warriors. ali very tal ya, shaquille brew ter and garrett haque. ali, give us the lay of the land what you expect to see tonight. we know what the president expects to see what how the president might be a factor on the stage. >> reporter: well, i think over the course of the past few days in talking to strategists and people in the know, the warren kpaupb is really preparing for a stage in which she has to defend the sweeping progressive ideas that she and bernie sanders are espousing on that stage against some of the more moderate candidates. i'm thinking of the medicare for all health care proposal that seems to be one of the central debates here in this democratic primary. john hickenlooper, john delaney
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will make a point of contrast on the debate stage. and amy klobuchar is looking to draw contrast between herself as a pragmatic candidate, not directly going at warren and sanders but attacking their ideas. shaq and i wrote about this for he views warren and sanders a one-two punch in support of and in defense of progressive policies. i will say the one thing i have learned from talking to voters over the course of the last few days is while they are looking at these debates as a point of introduction, they are looking at the contrast so they can start making preliminary decisions. the attacks and the sort of differentiations we have seen over the course of the last debate could be lasting damage to the democratic brand. and so i think there is a needle to thread for the candidates who want to dinner khaeut themselves without alienating voters who
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might like someone on the stage who may not be around a few months from now. >> they have come out talking about they are ready to take the gloves off tonight. >> reporter: that's right. a more medicare for all, free college. hallie, senator sanders is coming in a much weaker position than he did in the first debate. he was a clear second place contender in this very crowded field. now he is overtaken by elizabeth warren in the real clear politics average of polls. he is being lumped in the same category as kamala harris, pete pete buttigieg. we will be watching to see how he reacts to this new position. in the past couple of weeks, he has been wanting to focus on vice president biden. as aides describe a difference between a bold, progressive agenda and one of more
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incrementalism. vice president biden will not be on that stage. if it's hickenlooper or delayy or someone like elizabeth warren. i'm told not to expect elizabeth warren to be the focus of his attacks. but we will see now that he is in this different position. >> it has to be said this is a make or break moment for a lot of candidates on stage. we are not going to see all of them the next go round for this. what do people like beto o'rourke, who you cover, have to do here? >> reporter: o'rourke has to be a lot tougher is the bottom line, hallie. he has already qualified for the debate in september, but he can't afford to limp into it. he has been hanging on by a thread, the front page of most of the polls. no longer in the top tier but hanging on to 1%, 2%, 3% in the early states. his advisers and allies say he has been pushed around.
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he is a good communicator. but he can't appear to be a punching bag on the debate stage. he's not someone who is going to go out there and throw punches at other candidates. but the acknowledged he has to be tougher. he can't look like others are walking all over him. they have a bit of a tougher road. if you're anyone to the left or right of the buttigieg/beto wing of this, you're fighting to get onto the next debate stage. and you do need a moment. those folks, as ali and shaq laid out, are probably looking toward the center of the stage. in this group you have more moderate candidates. i would not be surprised in the slightest if tonight turns into a brawl for medicare for all and whether or not that is the thing that the democratic party wants to get behind. >> our road warriors out of detroit. thanks to all three of you. we will talk more about the debates coming up.
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we are talking about the president's pick to be vice chair of joint chiefs of staff. responding today to members of congress talking about the accusations of sexual misconduct. could it cost him confirmation? and live with nine ta turner about the vermont senator's plans to bring it come round 2. that's next. round 2 that's next. whyou should be mad that airports are complicated... he's my emotional support snake. ...but you're not, because you have e*trade, whose tech isn't complicated. it helps you understand the risk and reward potential on an options trade. don't get mad. get e*trade.
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news here in washington. you are looking live at the senate confirmation hearing for
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president trump's pick for the joint chiefs of staff. general john hyten. he just began his opening statement. in it he is expected to address allegations of sexual misconduct against him. senator elizabeth warren is calling for the committee to let the senior military officer who made the accusations testify publicly. the colonel accused him of misconduct. they investigated her claims and found in sufficient evidence to charge the general. after testifying before the senate armed services committee any closed-door session last week, he came forward publicly. he said i realized i have a moral responsibility to come forward. i could not live with myself if this happens to someone else and i couldn't do anything to stop it. i'm joined by national security correspondent courty kube, and former secretary and author of
7:20 am
"aim high." the general delivering his opening statement as we speak. he will certainly face questions about this. one notable name, senator gillibrand, i don't think will be there, right? >> reporter: that's what we are hearing, that she won't be there. he was not there last week. colonel -- >> let me interrupt you. general hyten is talking about the allegations. let's listen for a brief minute. >> i'm also thankful to this committee for all the time you took individually and together in executive session to study and understand the facts. i really think the integrity of the investigation and the nomination process are critical not only for everybody involved but for our nation's citizens as well. so i stand by the truth. and i thank the committee for its unwavering commitment and support to your national defense as well as the men and women who serve. if confirmed, i look forward to working with our friends and allies, inter agency to address
7:21 am
an ever widening challenges confronting our nation. we are facing direct challenges across all domains in long held superiority like space and cyberspace. on a position. >> reporter: >> speaking with members of the senate armed services committee. courtney, thank you for letting me interrupt. he thanked committee members for, as he said, listening and gathering the facts. we know they have had an opportunity to speak with the colonel as well. >> reporter: they met in closed session, senate armed services early last week. two days later they met with general hyten. it is important to note this is the first time we have heard general hyten on the record, on camera, discuss these accusations of sexual assault. and right before we went to him, in the video he said that the allegations are completely false. there was another very dramatic moment right before general hyten began speaking. that's when the former secretary of the air force, heather wilson, she just left the
7:22 am
pentagon a couple months ago, she defended general hyten and addressed the allegations, speaking directly to the colonel who made them and said i believe that she could be a woman who believes these allegations and she may be wounded. and it was a very emotional moment where she was not only defending general hyten. she served in the white house and the air force. she showed empathy and spoke about the importance of listening to and recognizing the problem of military sexual assault but all the while heather wilson ultimately said general hyten is innocent of the charges. >> deborah, you know general hyten. >> i do. >> what do you make of the decision? she testified, the colonel privately but not publicly. how do you see that decision? >> the fact that she was willing to do so, requested to do so but was denied the opportunity to do it publicly i think was a missed
7:23 am
opportunity. >> why? >> because part of evaluating a person's worthiness and ability to take on a job like this and part of the evidence in a matter such as an accusation of sexual assault is credibility of the witnesses. and of course the senate armed services heard from the colonel. but the rest of the senate won't have the opportunity to hear from her directly, nor will the american public does not testify. so i think that was a missed opportunity. >> some senators are concerned about that, right? >> reporter: that's right. kirsten gillibrand. i have spoken with people on the senate armed services and she was not at the closed session with general hyten last week, where he had an opportunity to talk to them prior to his open testimony. the colonel testified in the closed session and then she seems now willing to go on the record and on camera to talk about these allegations. what stands as secretary james
7:24 am
you just mentioned, i don't know that we have heard the last from her. the senate may call her into open session. if we hear from senator mcsally, i'm told by defense officials she will come out in defense of general hyten here today. >> we are looking at video of her in the audience today. she is in the room for that confirmation hearing which is definitely a note be will moment. why did she wait until april? she said i was distraught? who was i going to report it to? secretary mattis is? really. >> i think it has an effect in that people are poring through
7:25 am
thousands of pages of documentation and males and they are giving a thorough review. based on everything i have read, i do think it has been a thorough, impartial and by the book review. with that said, it is terribly important that people hear directly from witnesses and be able to weigh that credibility. again, i think that is a missed opportunity. there are multiple ways that victims can report these things. they can do it anonymously, to the d.o.d. ig. directly through the chain of command. you can do it in a way that will be fully investigated. you can do it in a way that you can just get medical care. >> yeah. >> and you can turn it into a full investigation later. it is crucial. i know it's hard. it is crucial that people get the word out, reporting early is the way to do it. while evidence may still exist and where the investigation can be conducted more thoroughly. >> deborah lee james, always important to have your perspective.
7:26 am
thank you for joining us. >> courtney kube, we will see you tonight on "nbc nightly news". thank you. the big question facing bernie sanders and elizabeth warren. will the gloves come off? we have a sanders campaign official joining us next with what to expect in tonight's showdown. n night's showdown to a single defining moment... ...when a plan stops being a plan and gets set into motion.
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air force one is now wheels down just outside jamestown, virginia, as president trump makes his way there, about a 25-minute motorcade to the site where he will deliver a speech. after the white house, he defended his repeated and relentless attacks on african-american congressman elijah cummings and the city of baltimore. hans nichols is live for us in virginia. hans, this was a president trump true to form, defiant and unapologetic, even in the face of criticism, including some inside his own party. >> reporter: he's here. he's coming to jamestown to celebrate 400 years of democracy on our shores. he is doing it by having a fourth day of attacks against elijah cummings. it is clear the president likes this fight. he's in it. he wants to stay on it. listen to what he told reporters just before leaving on mr. cummings.
7:31 am
>> what elijah cummings should do is he should take his oversight committee, bring them down to baltimore, and invest all of -- and really study the billions and billions of dollars that's been stolen. it's been wasted. it's been stolen. >> reporter: so this is an historical event. i will keep my voice down. john meacham, at times a trump critic, is speaking about the founding of jamestown. the question and the challenge for trump, will he keep his remarks today on what we're celebrating here in 1619 or will the president go off on partisan attacks yet again? we will see here in a couple minutes when the president shows up and participates in this ceremony. hallie? >> nbc's hans nichols live in jamestown. hans, thank you. it is also debate night in america. taking the stage tonight bernie sanders and elizabeth warren. not many fireworks on the campaign trail just yet.
7:32 am
might that change tonight? nina turner. senator turner, thanks for coming back on the show. >> reporter: good to be with you, hallie. >> so let me start with sort of the news of the morning here and how you see the president's comments, his attacks on african-american lawmakers playing out in tonight's debate, if at all? >> i'm quite sure that question is about race and racism, and i hope it goes deeper than this president even though he is the manifestation of hate. instead of lifting and using the power of the office to lift communities in this country, he uses it to belittle. i would be surprised if race and racism did not come up in the debate. i hope we can go deeper. this is bigger than one individual. this is about the institutional racism. we know from 1619 to right now, it's been 400 yards since the first afternoons were brought to the shores as slaves.
7:33 am
so we have a deeper conversation in this country to have. and i would also argue that president trump is the manifestation of unfinished business in this country. sit a shame, a sin and a shame to have a president that stokes racism, pweus ol'ry and fear instead of trying to uplift the country and help solve problems. >> we they are do not want to make any night all about just donald trump. they want the conversation to be on policy, what their visions are for the future if they were to be elected. somebody else with a you could say arguably similar vision is senator elizabeth warren. how much do you see your candidate engaging her tonight? >> you know, they both are friends. you hear both senators repeat that over and over again, which is a beautiful thing. and when senator sanders was asked this question, what will we see tonight, he said you will see intelligence. and i agree with him. both senators have a vision. they both are competing for the presidency.
7:34 am
but you can compete for the presidency and you don't have to get down in the mud with each other. let's compare policy positions, establish who would be the strongest candidate to defeat president trump. that's what that's about. they don't have to get dirty with each other to do that. we will see intelligence tonight between those two candidates. some folks on the progressive side of the ledger believe it will be those two against the neoliberals on that stage. >> is that what you think? senator, is that what you think, that it will be like that? >> it is my hope. i mean, why should they -- they are bringing a progressive message. albeit he has a longer time on task, he has been consistent, he has been in this arena for what it right, just, and good for a long time. even before he was an elected official. but those two are the champions on the progressive side of the ledger. so, yeah, they have to speak up and speak out for the progress if's and not capitulate to the
7:35 am
neoliberal. >> i have to ask about the cardi b. summit to talk about student debt, how did that come about. >> and health care for all. cardi is helping us put cool on this campaign in the way that killer mike is out there too. it is a generational cool. having cardi b. be interested in the issues that affect evident people and her caring about what happens and seeing senator sanders as a champion is a beautiful thing. we have dr. cornell west, the lethal weapon himself, danny glover. and i ain't going to bring yours truly out. i can bring some heat as well. >> nine that turner, we'll be looking for all the developments this evening. thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me. a bombshell about a member of donald trump's inner circle. a long-time friend now accused of trying to profit off his proximity to the president. wait until you hear what he was trying to sell to the saudis.
7:36 am
plus, senator elizabeth warren getting a preview of the rapid-fire questions by dogged journalist, james jefferson, 11 years old, in toledo, ohio. >> yes. . what separates you from the other candidates? >> i can only tell you about why i'm in this fight. >> what do you think is the worst policy he has? >> oh, man. that's hard. >> what are you doing for equal opportunities for people of color? >> so that's a really good question. lor? >> so that's a really good question insurance rates are pry gonna double. but dad, you've got allstate. with accident forgiveness they guarantee your rates won't go up just because of an accident. smart kid. indeed. are you in good hands? and my side super soft? be firm? with the sleep number 360 smart bed you can both... adjust your comfort with your sleep number setting. so, can it help us fall asleep faster? yes, by gently warming your feet. but can it help keep me asleep? absolutely, it intelligently senses your movements and automatically adjusts to
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so we have new details this morning on an investigation by house democrats. one that's kind of getting buried but shouldn't be. we will explain why this is important for you to know about. it involved president trump's long-time friend, investor tom barrack, who they say was trying to secure support for a nuclear power plant between the sawedies and the u.s. the documents show the kpheupb straert's willingness to let private parties with close ties to the president wield outsized influence over u.s. policy towards saudi arabia. the report said the new documents raise serious questions about whether the white house is willing to place potential profits of the president's friends above the american people and the universal objection of
7:41 am
preventing the spread of nuclear weapons. republicans on the house committee issued a minority report disagreeing saying there is no evidence to support the claims. the white house did not respond to a request for comment. joining me now is congressman from illinois serving on the house oversight committee. thank you for coming back on the show. . >> good morning, hallie. >> we should note that barrett's representatives have defended themselves and their client to the "new york times", to others, insisting there was no wrongdoing, if you will. can you talk about how he used his personal connections in your view to try to win support for this deal? some well, thanks to the work by the committee and the leadership of chairman cummings, essentially we now know that tom baric, surprise, surprised tried to do it in return for money for himself and his company. this is extremely dangerous
7:42 am
because, as you know, the saudis violated all kinds of international norms, including murdering gentlemjamal khashogg. we can't even trust them with a bone saw. it is complete i unacceptable. it has been rejected on a bipartisan basis in congress. >> what does all of this tell you about the level of foreign influence that may have hung over the donald trump campaign. >> tremendous foreign influence. michael flynn was a paid consultant for a company called ip3, trying to lead the efforts to rush the sensitive nuclear technology. michael flynn, as you know, was the national security adviser for donald trump. and michael flynn, at the time that he was national security adviser, was trying to basically
7:43 am
promote the interest of countries like saudi arabia and not to mention other countries like russia and turkey and others, when he should have been putting america first. supposedly their slogan -- apparently it was way slogan in name only, in words only >> bottom line here, how do you put this into plain english what this means for people who may not be so engaged in this? put a pin on it. >> i think basically the trump administration is putting profits over the public interests. in this case the profits of their donors, of people that are closely connected to them. and this is deeply, deeply concerning. the second issue is they say -- they talk about america first. but oftentimes they are putting foreign interests first, ahead of, again, what's in the best interest of america. and that's why i believe in this congress we have to reject these actions on the part of the trump
7:44 am
administration, especially in rushing sensitive nuclear technology to the saudis, who want to develop a nuclear weapon. that's completely unacceptable. especially in a region as dangerous as the middle east and a region where we are already trying to contain iran and in a region where obviously we have strategic allies like israel and others. >> congressman, before i let you go, i want to ask you about the news of the day. some of it from the beat that i typically cover over at the white house. president trump, as i'm sure you have seen, defends heug attacks against elijah cummings, the city of baltimore, and other prominent african-american democrats. i want to know how you thinking the house should or could respond to this and your own personal reaction. >> i think the reason why he's doing this is because elijah cummings is effective. he's effective as an excellent chairman of the oversight committee. the president doesn't like it. he doesn't like the fact that chairman cummings led the way in removing the citizenship
7:45 am
question from the census. he doesn't like his oversight with regard to immigration or on this nuclear issue with regard to saudi araby or security clearance matters. that's why he is going after elijah cummings. he is trying to distract information that he can't deliver on his pock thebook promises, such as lowering prescription drug costs. he is distracting attention away from the corruption and unethical practices that are rife in his administration. i find his attacks deeply distressing and completely unacceptable. but we as democrats have to now focus on trying to deliver on those pocketbook priorities and exposing the wrongdoing of this administration even at the same time we condemn the president and his tweets and his actions and his behavior. >> congressman, thank you for coming back on the show. we appreciate it. coming up, an nbc exclusive
7:46 am
report revealing how an investigation into the usa gymnastics larry nasser scandal uncovered even more disturbing allegations, this time against multiple organizations turning a blind eye to abuse. at gas stations flat-out failing to protect hundreds of athletes, most of them young girls. >> and there are also profiles in coward else and concealment because people looked the other way. ment because people looked the other way. me reach a level of top safety pick. but only a select few of the very safest vehicles are awarded a top safety pick plus. the highest level of safety possible. how many 2019 top safety pick plus-winning vehicles does your brand have? one. two. how about eight? subaru has more 2019 top safety pick plus awards than honda and toyota brands combined. there's safe, and then there's subaru safe.
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. this morning, our new nbc news exclusive reporting could have real implications from how young athletes are protected from predators as investigators find multiple organizations failed to protect some 300 athletes, most of them young women, in the sexual abuse scandal that rocked usa gymnastics and the usa committee. it's part of an 18-month congressional investigation, michigan gymnastics and university michigan all received reports from dr. nasser all before taking action. >> good morning to you. congressional investigators tell us that there is no substantial evidence that these organizations failed to act for more than a year after knowing
7:51 am
or having credible information that team dr. larry nasser was abusing these young athletes, many of them web. a women. and now these top senators are saying some of the top people at the usa gymnastics committee and usa gymnastics need to be held accountabili accountable. team dr. larry nasser is now suffering up to a 175-year sentence for sexually abusing minors in his care. the number of victims believed to be in the hundreds. olympic gold medalist michaela maroney first spoke to the fbi about the abuse back in 2015. but she told savannah nothing happened. >> were you wondering how come the fbi hasn't contacted us? >> i think my mom, we both kept calling and trying to get information like what's going on here?
7:52 am
why are things stalling? >> reporter: the investigations that found for 421 days, a year and two months, the fbi, usa olympic committee and usa gymnastics all failed to actor even warn michigan state university where dr. nasser works that he was sexually abusing athletes. >> and there are also profiles in coward yes, sdes because peo look the other way and put medals and money above morals. >> reporter: the senator jerry maran says the organizations knowingly concealed reports of the abuse. >> was that a mastiff cover-up of usoj and usoc, and for that matter even the fbi? >> whether it was a criminal your suppo cover upremai coverup remains to be proven.
7:53 am
>> reporter: they accuse the committees for failing to protect them. >> they failed to speak up and they let nasser assault children. >> the ceo of the olympic committee scott blackman resigned. athletes accused him of failing to act. the congressional investigation alleges he misrepresented the truth under oath. chief of sport alan ashley was fired. former gymnastics steve petty refused to answer congress's questions. >> most respectfully decline to answer your question. >> reporter: he's pleaded not guilty to chafrgs evidence tampering, ordering the removing of internal ag documents from the team training center. when informed about the reports findings, penny's attorney who has not read the report told nbc news much of it was not true. >> it is hard to find instances where what should have happened had. >> should people go to prison in this case? >> if these allegations are substantiated by evidence and conviction, people should serve time in prison.
7:54 am
>> reporter: this morning, jessica howard says she too was abused by nasser says the senators' work gives her hope. >> to actually see it get to this point already feels like a huge, to me, feels like a huge victory. >> reporter: we reach out to both the usoc and usg for comment. they told us they look forward to working with congress and has already made changes, quote, to prevent the abuse. and in december following its own investigation, usoc acknowledged institutional failures, it said, and saidness implementing reforms. the fbi referred us to the justice department office of the inspector general for comment. oig says it does not comment on ongoing investigations. hallie, back to you. >> tom costello reporting for us there. we go back to capitol hill and that confirmation hearing for the joint chief of staff. general john heighten has denied the allegations of sexual
7:55 am
miscondukd duct made by a senior military officer. martha mcsally claimed she was raped while serving and defending heighten. >> sexual assault happens in the military, it just didn't happen in this case. i pray the accuser gets the help she needs and finds the peace she is searching for. but it cannot be by destroying general heighten with these false allegations. >> that hearing is expected to continue throughout the afternoon. we'll be right back. throughout afternoon. we'll be right back. or could it turn out differently? i wanted to help protect myself. my doctor recommended eliquis. eliquis is proven to treat and help prevent another dvt or pe blood clot... almost 98 percent of patients on eliquis didn't experience another. ...and eliquis has significantly less major bleeding than the standard treatment. eliquis is fda approved and has both.
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we are back. time now to get a look at what our sources are saying as we take a live look of a senate homeland security hearing on conditions along the southern border. you can see top trump administration officials are testifying now. with nbc reporting on new details of why stephen miller, a white house adviser oar might be looking to ramp up the use of border stroll agents as the silent -- what are your sources saying about this, julia. >> they're saying that we've known there were 60 border agents driend asylum interviews. now that these emails are obtained, we know the motive about that. in these emails it shows that steven miller is particularly interested -- >> these are emails that you obtained. >> that we obtained. national security official telling a cbp official to get
8:00 am
ready for this meeting bas miller will want know the number of asylum seekers pors passed by border agents because he wants that number to be lower and then he'll want to apply nor border agents do these interviews. >> the reason that the white house i thought had been given was that they wanted more manpower, essentially. >> right. they were overwhelmed, they needed more people. this lays bare those issues that it's to curve the amount of asylum numbers. right now, much more of chris jansen picking it up in new york. hey, chris. >> i am in for craig medical sin here at msnbc headquarters here in new york. raging on as democrats prepare to take the stage tonight, president trump lashes out again leaning into his racially charged attacks. is. latest sign he's trying to bait democrats into his culture war? and for democrats who want to be the one to take trump on next, well, tonight and tomorrow pivotal moments. the fight to prove their electali


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