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tv   First Look  MSNBC  July 31, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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>> any advice to the folks on the stage tomorrow night? >> have fun. this is great. it's a chance to talk about in a democracy the kinds of changes we can make. ♪ it was the second democratic debate, ten candidates clashed over over immigration and health care change. plus, in an aclu says that the trump administration separated more than 900 children from a judge, despite a judge ordering that the practice be stopped last year. and the people of baltimore are thanking him for take on elijah cummings, this was the candidates weigh in on the president's rhetoric. good morning, everyone, it's wednesday, july 31st, i'm ayman
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mohyeldin alongside yasmin vossoughian. the second round of the 2020 democratic presidential debates began in new york last night. it was a clash between lower polling candidates amidst incremental change with senators elizabeth warren and bernie sanders advocating for a system-wide overhaul. >> folks, we have a choice, we can go down the row that senators sanders and warren want to take us, with bad policies with medicare for all, free everything, and improbable promises that will turn up democratic voters and get trump re-elected. >> last year, democrats flipped 40 seats in the house. and not one of those democrats support the policies of the front-runners on the center stage. >> that teacher working a second job just to afford her insulin. they can't wait for revolution. >> this isn't about left or right. this is about new or better. i will offer solutions that are
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bold, that are realistic. >> you're going to hear a lot of promises up here. but i'm going to tell you this. yes, i have bold ideas, but they are grounded in reality. >> our problems didn't start with donald trump. donald trump is part of a corrupt, rigged system that has helped the wealthy and the well-connected and kicked dirt in the faces of everyone else. we're not going to solve the urgent problems that we face with small ideas and spinelessness. we're going to solve them by being the democratic party of big structural change. >> for one of the hottest issues in the debate last night was the medicare for all discussion which had candidates accusing each other of acting like republicans for adopting their rhetoric. >> senator sanders, let's start with you, you support medicare for all. congressman delaney just referred to it as bad policy.
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what do you say to congressman delaney. >> you're wrong. five minutes away from here, john, is a country, it's called canada. they guarantee health care to every man, woman and child as a human right. they spend half of what we spend. and by the way, when you end up in a hospital in canada, you come out with no bill at all. >> we can create a universal health care system to give everyone basic health care for free. and i have a proposal to do it. but we don't have to go around being the party of subtraction and telling half the country that have private health insurance that heir health insurance is illegal. >> at the end of the day i'm not going to strip away any plan away have individuals. this is the wish list economics. it used to be that republicans wanted to repeal and replace now, many democrats as well.
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>> ten candidates clashed at how to handle the crisis at the southern border and whether illegally crossing the border hob devictimalicriminalized. >> when i'm president, illegally crossing the border will still be illegal. >> we reserve the rights to criminally prosecute them. >> thank you. the criminalization tacht is what gives donald trump the ability to take children away from their parents. it's what gives him the ability to lock up people at our borders. we need to continue to have border security and we can do that. but what we can't do is not live our values. >> i believe that immigrants don't diminish america. they are america. and if you want to do something about border security, you first of all, change the rule so people can seek asylum in those countries. >> if a mother and a child walked thousands of miles on a dangerous path in my view, they are not criminals.
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>> the biggest problem we have right now with immigration is donald trump. he's using immigration to north rip apart families, but rip apart this country. >> are senator sanders' proposals going to incentivize undocumented immigrants to come into this country illegally? >> yes, and right now, if you want to come into the country, you should at least ring the doorbell. >> coming up on "morning joe," several of last night's democratic debate participants weigh in on their performances including mayor pete, congressmanlock and beto o'rourke. >> joining us from new york, elena snyder. hood good to have you with us. what were some of the standout moments for you? did you find any candidate having a breakthrough moment? >> it wasn't about a particular
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candidate but rather ideological lines. bernie sanders and elizabeth warren were really a tag team on the stage. rather than attack each other for the same poll of voters, instead, the two of them sort of had a superhero thing where they were both leaning into this idea for democrats to win in this primary, they have to produce big bold ideas as they constantly said on the stage. and defended positions not being too outside the box, if you remembering the party too far. in fact, those are what's going to bring people out to the ballot box as opposed to what several of the moderate oss ns t stage were saying basically the opposite. it was truly about an ideological divide in the party, as opposed to giving any one candidate an opportunity to stand out. >> you're talking about the ideological divide.
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we saw very varied responses across the spectrum when it came to immigration policy. what are we hearing so far with regards to sort of people's reaction to the democrats' take on immigration right now? >> well, traditionally, the immigration debate has really focused along line s of dreamers, children who were brought over by their parents, not necessarily their own choice. or a line of asylum seekers and refugee seekers. this conversation really start, in fact, with julian castro who had his own breakout moment last month, in june, during the first debate around the decriminalizing of the border, around undocumented immigrants. those are all conversations that really has shown how far this party has moved on issues like immigration. immigration activists by and large are cheering the direction this is goes in. they see this as a positive move for the democratic party that might bring in more people of color that's going to excite those voters. several of the moderates on the
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stage, including governor steve bullock played out the president rode that wave of anti-immigrant sentiment among his base into the white house. so, i think there's certainly concerns if democrats lean too far the other direction that, again, donald trump is going to be able to tap into that in the second term. >> thanks, elena, we'll talk about that later in the program. stick around for us. >> the candidates were asked a series of questions on race for how to heal to how to respond to donald trump. watch. >> we'll call his racism out for what it is, and also talk about its consequences. >> with need to call out white supremacy for what it is, domestic terrorism and it poses a thread to the united states of america. wherever the country is now, where the president is advancing environmental racism, economic
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rachls, criminal justice racism, health care racism, the way we do better is to fight back and show something better. >> there are people that voted for donald trump before that aren't racist. they just wanted a better shake in the economy. so i would appeal to them. >> i propose we do everything from investing in red line neighborhoods and building -- >> thank you, mayor. >> the president kept up his assault on baltimore and congressman elijah cummings yesterday. here he is, talking with reporters, outside of the white house. >> african-american people have been calling the white house. they have never been so happy as what a president has done, but they're so happy that i pointed out the corrupt politics are baltimore. it's filthy dirty, it's so horrible. and they are happy as hell. those people are living in hem in baltimore. they're largely african-american. you have a large
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african-american population, and they really appreciate what i'm doing. so all that money that's been spent over 20 years has been stolen and wasted by people like elijah cummings. i am the least racist person there is anywhere in the world. >> and in an interview with "the washington post," the president peddled a flawed statistic that's been making the rounds in the media circle that baltimore is more dangerous than honduras, comparing a city of 620,000 people to a country of about 9 million. in an interview yesterday with c-span, president trump denied allegations that his recent attacks against congressman elijah cummings and his baltimore district were in fact racist. >> when congressman elijah cummings calls you a racist, what are reaction is what? >> i think the word has gone down the wrong way, because everybody is called a racist now. her own party called nancy pelosi a racist two weeks ago.
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the word is so overused it's a disgrace. i can tell you i'm the least racist person in the world, as far as i'm concerned. they use it to call you when they run out of things to criticize you. >> the chair of the house oversight committee, and tweets from four other women of color earlier this month. still ahead, president trump ordered to stop separating families at the border. that was last year, according to the aclu it's still happening today. we're going to bling in danny cevallos. plus, is kim jong-un trying to put the pressure on the trump administration once again? those stories and more, and a check on your weather when we come back. the weather's perfect...
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welcome back. the american civil liberties union is reporting that more than 900 migrant children have been separated from their
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parents since the practice was ordered to be stopped last year. according to court documents, the aclu asked a federal judge said to block the trump administration from continuing to separate families. although the judge recognized that families might still be separated when a parent is endangering their child, the aclu argued that federal immigration and border agents are actually splitting up families from minor alleged offenses, such as minor traffic violations. the aclu then urged the judge to clarify when such separations should be allowed. trump administration officials have said separations are extraordinarily rare. and are done in the child's best interest. the department of justice declined to comment on the motion. the aclu filed yesterday. joining us us now msnbc legal analyst danny cevallos. this is extraordinary, to say the least. the fact that this ruling went down last year, and still, that 900 cases exist where families are being separated from one another. children being taken from their parents.
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so what are the next steps here in how this is going to play out in court? >> last year, i was in mccallen, texas, during this controversy, back then, almost a year ago to the day, the court ordered that all children under 5 had to be reunified within 13 days and everyone else, within 30 days. but the court carved out a group of children that did not need to be reunified. and that is in a case when the adults posed a danger to the children. the challenge is what is the danger? is it a criminal, and if it is a convicted criminal, what kind of crime. we have 50 states with different crimes. what qualifies as a danger. is it a traffic violation? that would disqualify a lot of american-born parents in the united states. is it a parent who has a communicable disease? is it a parent with a disorderly
2:17 am
conduct or something like that. this was snag was not set in stone and the government is left to figure it out. and then the aclu is saying, i guess you're erring on -- i guess you could say caution, but you're erring on what is dangerous to the child. >> owe immigration is going to be front and center in the 2020 debates. last night, we heard some democrats that especially said they want to decriminalize illegal immigration? what does that mean? does it mean it doesn't become legal in the country anymore or the possibility of detain, what does that mean? >> there's two steps, there's making something legal and then the prrl decision to enforce that law. what we see often is the policy decisions by both the prior administration and this administration to take criminal laws and say we're not going to enforce these as much.
2:18 am
marijuana is a great example, marijuana is illegal under federal law. but the federal government said, yeah, it's on our books we're just not going to enforce it. as a criminal attorney, i don't like that law because it's not really what the law says. you make a law, it should be enforced. immigration presents a similar problem. if, as the administration tried to do last year, they start strictly enforcing all immigration laws, well, i saw it with my own eyes. the courts that are already bursting at the seams with immigration cases just get completely overloaded. and in that process is included the separation of children while they're parents are processed. >> danny cevallos. thanks so much. >> thank you. let's switch gears and bring in nbc meteorologist bill karins to do a quick check on your weather. hey, bill. >> hey, dodging thunderstorms from boston to new york city. travel delays are expected.
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right now, we have one storm north of harrisburg, pennsylvania but we're all clear for the morning commute. this afternoon, we'll get to the max of the day, very humid and hot. we'll get the bundling up. storms very quickly. it goes south of new york to washington, d.c. 31 million people included in that. wind damage is the biggest threat. maybe pea-size hail possible, too. a tornado threat is very low. let's break down the timing to help you out as far as your plans go. here's 7:00 a.m. in the morning. not much on the map. by the time we get to 3:00 p.m., this is when it starts bubbling up, the cells trying to form near washington, d.c., and new york, and a bigger cell around harrisburg and heading through the mountains of west virgin virginia. by the time we get to 6:00 p.m., that's the bulk of the storms, from new york city to hartford to boston, not everyone is going
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to get hit but a pretty good concentration that we're going to get delays, especially at the airports. the forecast for today, not as hot as yesterday, but it will be just as humid from boston to new york to d.c. we will see scattered storms in the southeast. the gorgeous weather still continues for north great lakes and you get your break in the ohio valley. notice where the heat is today, areas from texas to oklahoma. it will start to dry out. you'll see the lower humidity by the end of the week. today is one of those soupy days where we get the storms later in the afternoon. >> soupy days. still ahead, the state of california gets involved in fight for president trump's tax returns. there's a new law that could keep the president off of primary ballots in that state. those details coming up, next. neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair's derm-proven retinol works so fast,
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and the pad absorbs it deep inside. so, it prevents streaks and haze better than my old mop. plus, it's safe to use on all my floors, even wood. glad i got that off my chest and the day off my floor. try wet jet with a moneyback guarantee welcome back, everyone. for the second time less than a week, north korea has conducted new launches of several short-range ballistic missiles. that's according to a south korean official and two u.s. officials as well. the missiles crashed into the sea. jut six days ago, north korea conducted other tests of short range ballistic missiles which south korean officials believe to be a new design that looks like a copy of a russian missile. it's the third north korean test of the short-range missiles since may. at the time, president trump said the tests didn't bother him like it did members of his
2:24 am
administration and also falsely claimed that the tests did not violate international sanctions. it's also the second time since they had a meeting back in june. at that talk, they said the talks would restart. but that is not the case so far. secretary of state mike pompeo en route to china for asean summit, spoke about it, watch. >> there are reports that say about that talks to be started. >> i don't have anything. to be started in a few weeks. what i know -- >> if president trump wants to be eligible for california's primary ballot next year, he's going to have to disclose his
2:25 am
tax returns. that's understand a new state law that went necin effect yesterday. the law requires all presidential candidates to submit the last three years tax returns in march. the returns are going to be posted online to view. trump is expected to fight the law. and the new measure does not block a candidate from appearing on the november 2020 statewide ballot, though. >> interesting. >> yes, interesting. i talked about it yesterday, it seems like it's going to be heading straight to court. still ahead, everybody. much more from last night's democratic debate, including bernie sanders sparring with other candidates about whether his policies are too extreme to beat president trump in 2020. but senator collins to be the first gop senator to back
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♪ welcome back, everybody. i'm yasmin vossoughian alongside ayman mohyeldin. it's the bottom of the hour. let's start with the morning's top stories. during last night's democratic redates, the parties were presseded on whether they're moving too far left. that generated a back and forth between moderate hopefuls, watch this. >> i'm saying the policies of this notion that you're going to
2:30 am
take private insurance away from 180 million americans many who do not want to get rid of it, some do, but many don't. to make sure americans are guaranteed the job that they want, that is a disaster at the ballot box. you might as well fedex the election to donald trump. >> american people want to have a living wage 15 bucks an hour, i'd help to lead that effort. the american people want to pay reasonable prices for prescription drugs. not the highest prices in the world. >> again, i think if you're going to force americans to make radical changes, they're not going to go along -- throw your hands up, whoa! you don't have to implement the plan. our governors and mayors, are the ones, we have to pick up the pieces when government takes over all of the responsibilities there's no preparation. the details. you can't just spring a plan on the world and expect it to succeed. >> john, i went to mayo and i
2:31 am
helped transform my city. i have practical experience. second of all, interestingly enough, today is the anniversary of medicare. 54 years ago under lyndon johnson and a democratic congress, they started a new program with 19 million elderly people in it. please don't tell me in a four-year period that we can't go from 65, to 55, to 45, to 35. this is not radical. this is what virtually every other country -- >> thank you, senator. in this discussion, we talked about taking health care away from union members in the industrial midwest, we talked about decriminalizing the border and we talked about giving free health care to undocumented workers when so many americans are struggling to pay for their health care. i don't, quite frankly, feel that's an agenda to move forward. we have to focus on the working
2:32 am
class, the people that take a shower after work. >> i know we have to win back some of those places we lost and get the trump voters back if we're ever going to win. but this isn't just a choice between the left and center. it is not a choice between the wish list economics or thinking that we have to sack nirifice o values to actually win. what folks want is the a fair shot. folks on the economy and democracy works for most people. that's how i win. >> thank you. >> hearings where we are's wher it. there say lot at stake and people are scared but we can't choose a candidate we don't believe in just because we're too scared to do anything else. and we can't ask other people to vote for a candidate we don't believe in. democrats win when wing with out what is right, and get out there and fight for it. i am not afraid.
2:33 am
and for democrats to win, you can't be afraid either. >> it seems then if the candidates got the message, ayman, that health care is the number one issue on all voters' minds because there was a lot of heated exchanges there. especially with bernie sanders, number one, with his medicare for all stance. we'll see how it's going to play out tonight as well. >> and if it goes to center stage as well. i have a feeling race as well tonight. given the criminal justice -- >> and they talked about it last night as well. i'm sure it's going to be talked about again this evening. >> the defense department has identified the latest u.s. service members killed in afghanistan, branden schweiker who was roughly 2 years old. what afghan civilians have been
2:34 am
killed by nato and afghan forces than by the taliban and other militants in the first half of this year. america's longest war was one of the divisive topics last night discussed during the debate. watch. >> mayor buttigieg. you served in afghan. >> we will with draw, we have to. >> in your first year? >> yes. i thought i was one of the last troops leafing afghanistan. every time i hear of the troops i wonder if it's somebody i knew, a friend, a roommate, a colleague. we're pretty close to the day where we will make up to the news of a casualty in afghanistan who was not born on 9/11. >> it's time to bring our service members back home from afghanistan, but also from iraq, and yemen and somalia and syria. there's no reason for us to be at war all over the world
2:35 am
tonight. >> if we completely pull our troops out of there, you're going to see a humanitarian disaster that will startle and frighten every man, woman and child in this country. look at the progress that's happened in that country. >> for most of the democratic debate, addressing an audience of voters, but at one point, pete buttigieg had a investigatage for republican members of congress. >> the only reason, we have to be ready to take on his president, and something else that hasn't been talked about tonight, take on his enablers in congress. when david duke ran for governor, the republican party 20 years ago ran away from him. today, they are supporting naked racism in the white house and silent about it. if you are watching this at home and you are a republican member of congress, consider the fact when the sun sets on your career
2:36 am
and they are writing your story, of all of the good and bad things you did in your life, the thing you'll be remembered for, is whether in this moment with this president, you found the courage to stand up to him or you continued to put party over country. >> author and self-help guru, marianne williamson who had social media trends for continued that last politics and love. >> this is part of a dark underbelly of the american society. the racism, the bigotry. if you think this wonkiness is going to deal with this dark force of the hatred that this president is bringing up in this country, then i'm afraid that the democrats are going to see some very dark days. there's some corruption that is so deep, ladies and gentlemen, and until the democratic party is ready to speak to the deeper
2:37 am
corruption, knowing that we ourselves sometimes, because of our own corporate donations have participated, then i'm afraid those who vote for trump will continue to vote for trump. and those who might not like donald trump will continue to stay home. i want a politics that goes much deeper. i want a politics that speaks to the heart. you can't fight dog whistles, you have to override them. the on way to override them is with new voices, voices of energy that only come from the fact that america has been willing to live up to their own mistakes. atone for our own mistakes. love each other, love our democracy. love future generations, something see motional and psychological that will not be see merging from anything on this stage. it will emerge from something. i'm the one who is qualified to bring forth. coming up on "morning joe," several of last night's
2:38 am
democratic debates weigh, including pete buttigieg, amy klobuchar and beto o'rourke, all-star lineup. joining us, reporter for politico, elena schneider. i want to talk about the candidates' reactions when asked if the party had gone too far left. has the divide between moderate and progressive contenders grown even wider after last night? >> i don't know if the division between moderates or progressives has grown any wider after last night, but, rather, it's played out in front of millions of voters merely tuning in for the first time and getting a good look at that divide. when bernie sanders and elizabeth warren were on that stage defending their positions, taking strong stances, explaining medicare for all, free college, to bring out voters. but they weren't doing it
2:39 am
against candidates that they really want to contract with. the biggest moderates on that stage, one of the moderates who made the most time is congressman john delaney from maryland. who is not expected to be someone who may not even be on the third debate stage come september. who they're focusing on are joe biden and kamala harris. we weren't given a vision of what maybe the policies might look like, in contrast with who the other front-runners are in this primary. we won't get that sense until the debate stage is a little smaller. >> let's preview what's on deck. we talked about the marquee matchup between joe biden and ckamala harris and cory booker. what should americans be preparing for as joe biden takes the stage? >> i think you can expect a lot more personal of a debate.
2:40 am
this is one in the first debate, joe biden got into a contentious disagreement with kamala harris, it went to where he was personally on race relations and federal bussing. this is his opportunity to revisit that. and to more vigorously defend himself. and more aggressively maybe take on kamala harris and cory booker, both of whom as you said have been making a lot of noise in the last week. wanted to compare themselves to joe biden who is the polling front-runner. i think we're all expecting a much more personal clash coming up tonight, one that is going to center very much so on race which was touched on last night but maybe wasn't as much of a focus such as health care or immigration. >> i think a lot of people are going to be watching whether or not joe biden is going to be better prepared to defend his long record. >> he himself said he's not going to be as polite as the first time. we'll see how it plays out. still ahead, senate majority
2:41 am
leader mitch mcconnell defends his decision to block a security bill. and president trump opens up some of his most difficult moments in the white house. bill karins with the forecast. your first look at "morning joe." back in a moment. [farmers bell] (burke) at farmers insurance, we've seen almost everything, so we know how to cover almost anything. even a "three-ring fender bender." (clown 1) sorry about that... (clown 2) apologies. (clown 1) ...didn't mean it. (clown 3) whoops. (stilts) sorry! (clowns) we're sorry!
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welcome back, everyone. president trump opened up about some of his most difficult moments as a commander in chief during an interview with c-span yesterday. here's part of that conversation. >> what was your most difficult day thus far? >> well, we've had a lot. i mean, you know, when you have a school shooting that's tremendously -- it angers me actually, really angers me. it frustrate s everybody, you sy how could a thing like this happen. how is it possible, when you see incident childrens being killed, teachers, that's something that you can never get over. >> trump later touted his
2:45 am
administration's, quote, comprehensive response to the marjory stoneman douglas as well. and susan collins has signed on as a bill to offer foreign assistance to authorities. meanwhile, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell yesterday defended his decision last week to block that election security bill. let's switch gears and bring in nbc meteorologist bill karins for a check on weather. >> hey there, worst weather will be areas of the northeast, philadelphia, new york city, maybe d.c. and boston. isolated and severe weather and chance of flash flooding. 31 million people are at risk of seeing strong storms, maybe wind and hail. that's from washington, d.c. to new york. that's the i-85 corridor, a good chunk of it. some heaviest rainfall from philadelphia to trenton, almost all the way to baltimore.
2:46 am
1 to 2 inches widespread. isolated, up to 4 inches of rainfall, and that's all going to happen late in the afternoon, right through the week. obviously, the potential for significant delays maybe even a cancel las vegas from boston to new york. and isolated issues around areas around pittsburgh. anyone driving today. the worst driving and the best possibility for delays will be i-95 and possibly on 81, too. as we get the earlier storms from pennsylvania into virginia. the other big stories, hawaii is dodging two hurricanes next week. the first one is pretty big, category one and four, hurricane winds from 100 to 125 miles per hour. after that, we have hurricane flossie. this is going to get close to the big island of hawaii but by the time it get there, it can't
2:47 am
maintain the strength. you notice the biggest, erick weakens significantly. we'll continue to watch it and we don't have any big threats in the atlantic as we head into august. >> was it just last summer they've had a pretty intense hurricane hit hawaii as well? >> we've had a couple of close calls. iniki was the one to.the island. >> i remember i was there during my maternity, and it was the one. >> thanks, bill. still ahead, the fallout over capital one's data breach continues. details on the new probe being launched by new york's attorney general. and the other stories driving the day, coming up. it nourishes and strengthens my joints for the long term. osteo bi-flex. find our coupon in sunday's paper.
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. welcome back. new york attorney general leticia james said she's opening a probe into the massive capital one data breach. bill marks is joining us. >> it's not just about the potential hit for, the attorney general for new york, she was one of the people who played a key role in the settlement we saw last week with equifax. remember they had that data breach.
2:51 am
147 million people ended up getting restitution. no doubt a similar situation with capital one if she proceeds with this investigation and finds a way to bring leverage to bear against the company. in terms of investors watching closely overnight. apple has returned to revenue growth after a couple quarters where it didn't fare so well. what's interesting about the numbers the company reached last night, they showed the iphone is no longer such a key part of the revenues. it's less than half of the revenues being driven by the ceremony and this is where things are getting interesting. i spoke just a few moments ago saying the focus is what will keep apple back compared to big tech like amazon. something to watch closely. >> quickly, do you know what some of the other products that have made up the other half of the revenue for apple were? >> you're talking about things like wearables, services, the idea of selling music on to your iphone, the idea that you're going to have your apple watch attached to your iphone.
2:52 am
this is something, incremental improvements and the problem is unless they have a new game changer and create a new market, they're going to be held back into the future. >> i feel like it's apple's world and we're just living in it. coming up, mike allen has a look at this morning's one big thing and coming up on ceremo"m joe," the face off between the 2020 hopefuls as the split takes center stage. >> "morning joe" will have several of last night's participants, including mayor pete buttigieg, amy closure, former congressman beto o'rourke. "morning joe" is moments away. re "morning joe" is moments away. you make time... when you can. but sometimes life gets in the way, and that stubborn fat just won't go away. coolsculpting takes you further. a non-surgical treatment that targets, freezes,
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2:56 am
big thing. >> biden's big night. what's going to matter out of these two nights of debates is does joe biden find his footing. the shaky performance last time hasn't hit him in polls at all, but it really worried people around him. one of their diagnoses was that there was too much jammed in his head, that he was over prepped. that he had too many swing thoughts as a golfer would say, a little scoopage for first look viewers. some of bidens prep sessions have been with smaller groups of advisers and they're asking him more what do you think rather than trying to input ideas. >> let's turn back to a moment. let's turn back to last night's debate for a moment. excuse me, what was your big take away from the night, what stood out for you? >> yeah, progressives owned the night. we have seen that here on the show with elizabeth warren at number one, and bernie sanders number two dominating the clock.
2:57 am
the bernie sanders campaign was fast. at 10:05 last night, with 38 minutes left in the debate, ran a bit over, at 10:05, the bernie sanders campaign blasted out a fundraising e-mail, asking you, offering you a sticker and the sticker said with bernie with the megaphone said "i wrote the damn bill". >> a signature moment last night. >> clapping back in an instant classic when someone was trying to critique him on medicare for all. >> i got to say, i was incredibly aware of the fact that that debate last night ran long because we were watching it, and i knew i had to get up early for the show. >> every minute counts for us. >> i figured it would be over at 10:00 p.m., and 10:00 p.m. came and went, and i'm like for god sakes, i got to go to bed. who do you think were the big winners? >> in addition to sanders and
2:58 am
warren, we have seen great clips from mayor pete. they are talking about for republican members how that ultimately will be written. that's certainly going to be a very memorable night, and he got huge applause for that. where's beto, where's waldo, one of the post games said really disappeared in the game, and the moderates didn't get all of their points in, partly because of the respond where they were asked to respond to others, so it became them in the context of warren and bernie plans. >> let's talk about another exclusive report you have at axios, strong fundraising numbers by pro trump outside groups. how much did they bring in. what did you learn about it? >> this is a big change as opposed to his 2016 campaign. we see from these figures that president trump is going to have a strong outside infrastructure whereas of course before it was the pirate ship as steve bannon
2:59 am
liked to call it. axios reporting that america first action that trump affiliated group, reporting $17 million taken in in the first six months of 2019, a little more than the hillary super pack in the equivalent period. $21 million in cash. why does that matter? the president is going to have a big weapon. he didn't have tons of tv ads to go against whatever democratic opponent arises from two night of debate. >> or perhaps a republican primary challenger. thanks, michael, it was a pleasure. >> get some sleep. we're going to be reading axios am in just a bit. you can go to sign up for the news letter. >> that does it for us on this wednesday morning. i'm yasmin vossoughian alongside ayman mohyeldin, "morning joe" starts right now. i don't understand why anybody goes to all the trouble of running for president of the united states just to talk about what we really can't do and
3:00 am
shouldn't fight for. i don't get it. our biggest problem in washington is corruption. it is giant corporations that have taken our government and that are holding it by the throat. and we need to have the courage to fight back against that and until we're ready to do that, it's just more of the same. well, i'm ready to get in this fight. i'm ready to win this fight. >> a snapshot of last night's democratic debate where the progressive wing of the party is literally center stage. this morning, several of last night's democratic debate participants will be our guests, including mayor pete buttigieg, senator amy klobuchar, congressman tim ryan, governor steve bullock, and former congressman beto o'rourke. good morning and welcome


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