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tv   MSNBC Live With Velshi and Ruhle  MSNBC  July 31, 2019 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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eastern, join us on msnbc, tune in for live analysis hosted by brian williams right here with the gang of msnbc. that does it for "andrea mitchell reports". remember to follow our show online and twitter, here is stephanie ruhle with "velshi & ruhle." thank you so much andrea. it is wednesday, july 31st, coming up this hour on "velshi & ruhle," we are digging into the democratic debate in detroit. which candidate stood out last night and what we are watching for as ten more candidates hit the stage in a few hours. i noted how tcongressman tim ry live of some of the issues that stood out -- more than anything that took place last night. for him it was healthcare. it was jobs and his desire to bring on a chief manufacturing officer. plus, a new trump administration to fight soaring drug prices.
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americans consumed by prescriptions by canada. does that plan go far enough? we are hours away at the point from the next democratic debate. tonight if anything like last night we'll see a sharp divide in the party. the present verses the p pragmatists. the different ideology we saw on stage, again we saw it today. >> if we force americans making radical changes, they're not going to go on. throw your hands up. whoa, i can do it. >> they either vote for someone that solve problems and they tell the american people how we are going to pay for it or get it done or we nominate someone who got a bunch of fairy tale economics or impossible promises. none of which will ever happen. they'll turn off the independent voters and they'll get the president reelected in my opinion. i don't understand why anybody
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go through all the trouble running for president of the united states just to talk about what we can't do and can't fight for. >> we got to work with democrats and build democratic majority. where we can, let's find the common ground our republicans and kplecolleagues. medicare for america gets everybody covered and everybody able to see a provider is the best path on healthcare. >> we have communities of color and disadvantage communities all over the country. i assure you i live in grosse pointe, what happened in flint would not have happened at grosse pointe. >> i watched democrats organizing themselves, worrying of what republicans are saying. it is time to organize what we think is right. republicans are going to do the same thing no matter what. they'll call us socialists.
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this is what they do. we can copy and paste the republican platform and make it our own and they would still say that. i am afraid the democrats are going to see some dark days. the only one actually one of trump states, i have the concern of not speaking in ways connecting in people's lives. we should not be choosing between what we don't want and what we can't afford. >> there are people that voted for donald trump that are not racist. they wanted a better shake in the economy so i would appeal to them. >> this person can barely make ends meet so they can afford health care. i think the undocumented person should get healthcare, too. they should pay for it like everyone else does. i don't think you can wander in
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the united states without being criminally charged. >> second of all, i do, i wrote the damn bill. >> you have to make sure you can get things done or you will be over promising people. the reality is even if we take back the senate which i want us to do and i think we can do and the presidency. we keep the house, we are still going to have to get more conservative democrats on board as well as -- >> and then change it back. and you are telling me you can't reform our democracy. joining me now, john harwood, cnbc at large. dew dewana thompson at the dnc and former adviser under president
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obama. john, let's go to you first, medicare for all. every american wants healthcare. but of those polls, most democrats think that 54% of all democratic polls said medicare for all is a bad idea. should democrats be debating which plan they like better or should they be pointing the white house or the president ran on repealing and replace but he has not replaced it with anything. if anything, he's currently defending a broke-down version of obamacare. >> both of those are legitimate to dates. of course, democrats are going to make the contrast. no voter is going to miss it. they didn't miss it in 2018 when healthcare and democrats position in healthcare helping them win back the house. you got legitimate points of view on bernie sanders and elizabeth warren wanting
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dramatic radical action. instead what you want to do is medicare for all who wants it. that's the way pete buttigieg refers to it. others had different kind of public action that don't involve getting rid of private health insurance, kamala harris had been on both sides of that debate and finally came out with a collision between those two. they're all legitimate debates. the polls as you suggest indicates the more moderate arguments have greater appeal within the party. but, the more committed activists and liberal, elizabeth warren and bernie sanders, they got a stronger view and different view. >> abby, ex ccuse me, dewana, j biden is going to be on stage tonight. how important is it for biden to focus on healthcare? >> i think it is absolutely important for any candidate that's going to be on the stage
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tonight to talk about issues of healthcare. what i know is that in mar marginalized community everyon healthcare shows up. we'll be listening to the plan that speaks to equity whether it is ped care fmedicare for all o pay for option. they have to figure out how to frame healthcare as a justice issue as a right issue and not necessarily just as how we are going to pay for it. john, let's talk for a moment about immigration. it was another topic where you saw a dark divide. all the democrats on stage last night and tonight would agree we need comprehensive immigration reform. the more progressive side of the party wants so much more. we have been in absolute gridlock for year and the majority of americans are saying washington does not work for me anymore. i need something to move. do democrats need to do something to get themselves
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under a tent where they got to walk before they run? >> well, that's certainly what they have to do when they govern. it may not be what they have to do when they campaign. the people who are arguing, that's decriminalizing border crossing is a bad idea certainly have the political high side of the argument. if luke at po if you look at polling, the american people is not going to support the visual. elizabeth warren says last night, that's becoming the tool that president trump has used in some of the family separations policies he pursued. that's not a mainstream idea and not one that's likely to help democrats in the general election. i don't know how much it will hurt him but certainly not going to help. >> i want to bring in sahil bloomberg news. >> can you hear me?
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>> sounds like we got everyone. we saw a lot of fireworks between elizabeth warren and bernie sanders and the more moderate side of the party, time ryan stands out and governor hickenlooper and john delaney. if you are not going further or trying to do something revolutionary, how do you call yourself a democrat? where do that stand today? delaney is saying if candidates go with medicare for all, we are going to lose by nine points, how are the performance last night sitting with people? >> this is a good encapsulation that democrats are having. we saw they argued last night forcely of some of the harder left idea like medicare for all and border crossing that's going to alienate voters. elizabeth warren and bernie sanders see it very differently.
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their theory to galvanize to disinfect people than non voters. this is a battle over policies and tactics and strategy and it was represented very well in the healthcare debate and immigration debate last night. last night we saw a major contenders being the progressives and sanders and warren, with el se'll see the oe with joe biden and kamala harris positioning herself in between. >> abby, last night was very clear of which candidates stood where. it was clear before they got on stage. is kamala harris a bit more of a question mark tonight? >> i think all eyes are on senator kamala harris. he was the break-out star the last debate. the question is what is she going to do? i am wondering how are the other candidates react to biden? do they take the last debate,
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hey, if i go after joe biden, i can get a lot of attention or somebody like her and have a break-out moment that's a bit of a surprise, that's what i am watching for tonight. >> john harwood, we did not hear one single question about the supreme court. if you think about achievements, the current administration has had, they would without a doubt say two supreme court justice and the record number of federal judges on the bench. it is one of the reasons the evangelical community has stayed so loyal to president trump even while he said some of the most offensive things from anyone in the oval office. it was not mentioned once last night. what does it tell you? >> well, in part it tells me that the most prominent woman on stage, amy klobachar, pressing
10:12 am
the argument of reproductive rights that are the most galvanize in court. you have pete buttigieg over halling the supreme court. that's clearly is an issue, more of a distinguish of the democratic nominee from republicans and rivals. >> dujuana take us through the ooer evening. the first debate was a stand out for kamala harris. will she be going after joe biden again? when you think of the president and his actions over the last month whether it is going after elijah cummings or the squad or the city of baltimore. joe biden's record peals in comparison to president trump when it comes to race. >> absolutely, i had the
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pleasure to be at the debate in florida and last night. the debate in florida was about framing issues that are different between republicans and democrats. the debate last night seems to focus on the issues or the differences between the moderates and the progressives as it relates to how far they need to go. on racial issues and divide, people are looking for candidates who'll show that volume and speak truth to power and call a spade a spade. i think kamala harris scored points last debate when she was able to say this affects me personally and black community and marginalized community. i think people are going to be looking for that same sort of backbone from every single candidate tonight on that stage when they're talking about any kind of issues or racial in equities across the board. >> all right, we'll see. all eyes will be on that stage tonight. abby livingston and dejuana
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welcome back to "velshi & ruhle." one of those moment in the
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debate came when tim ryan was asked by klobachar that she would meet with kim jong-un. >> we saw what happened with president trump. he goes to the demil-militarize zone and gives his more photo op and weeks later he launches missiles. it does not make any sense. >> what i don't like is how this president has handled it. >> joining me now candidate tim ryan. you made it clear that you would not meet with foreign dictators like kim jong-un. how would you deal with north korea? >> well, you start at staff
10:19 am
level with the diplomats and you work it out there. i mean i just don't think at the beginning where you have absolutely nothing you are talking about stops and you are taking a big photo-op. i think it is the wrong way to do it. >> would you meet with vladimir putin or muhammad ben salman of saudi arabia. >> well, what's happening in north korea of a nuclear issue where this guy is a super bad actor and causing a lot of problems. i don't think you should be meeting with him. of course some of these other people they're global power houses. you have to meet with them. they have the guys at the election. our foreign policies have been about de-militarizing.
10:20 am
>> what grade would you give yourself last night? >> probably a minus and b plus. i thought is solid and i think we made the contrast and carrying the flag for those people in the party who think that the issues that bernie sanders was talking about yesterday go way too far. i think if we had these conversations around taking people's private health insurance away that we'll lose 48 state and i am having a hard time figuring out what the two states we are going to win will be. that's how difficult of an issue that is as i explain last night around union members. they're going to see washington, d.c. and the democrats come in and say we know you really like your healthcare and negotiated it. we have a better plan for you and we made that point clearly and quite frankly, steph, i was one of the only ones talking about the future of the economy. the future for the worker, the manufacturing of electorate
10:21 am
vehicles and having a chief manufacturing officer reporting to me and driving these initiatives around building solar and all the rest pulting these people in detroit back to work and that's the agenda that's resonating right now. that's who's supporting us right now. the union membership and all the rest. people can go to timryanforam i to >> tim, tell me what those voters are telling me. thesis union workers, members voted for president trump but over the last two years, we have seen factory closed. there is one closing ten miles away from where you are right now. we know there are farmers that are getting aide because china are not buying their soybeans. two years ago, they were standing strong with president trump. >> well, they're saying please
10:22 am
listen to us. i think senator sanders is not listening to them. what they are saying is don't take my healthcare. get me a good paying job. they're saying the farmers are saying listen -- don't screw around with all these different tariffs that are not working and settle the matter in one fashion or another so we can move forward or introduce to us a new way of doing agriculture so that we can make money without relying on these things. these workers are scared. they are working harder and playing by the rule and barely keeping their nose above water and they hear dialogues like last night, we'll give free healthcare to undocumented workers in the united states while we are busting our rear ends to pay for their own healthcare. >> let's say you are the nominee. those voters that you're fighting for who you said are the people who are working a full day work and they're taking a shower after and they're going home to take care of their
10:23 am
families. will those voters and bernie sanders' voters vote for the same kacandidate? it sounds like they want different thing. >> well, you hope that donald trump is as unifying force. whoever that's talking to those workers that you just articulated and explained, we can communicate to the bernie sanders voter and the elizabeth warren voters that we can do bold and significant things. i think there are so many issues that we need to address that those voters care about are not just taking private healthcare away from people. i got a round of applause last night when i was talking about regenerated culture. those people were bernie sanders' voters. they care about healthy foods and getting pesticides off of the food. those are bernie sanders' voters and elizabeth warren's voters.
10:24 am
those two candidates are not talking about these issues. this left verses right thing is killing us. it is a trap. there is no way out of it. new and better where the solutions are out in if world and the federal government amplifies those. that's called leadership. >> how come republicans are not in that trap. you know for good or bad, they all seem to get in line behind president trump. >> well, they're going to be in that trap if we have a nominee that can capture people's imagination and can reframe some of the discussions. those things i just talked to you about around regenerative culture have the support of conservative republicans who think climate change is not manmade. they want to get into the soils because they are making a lot of money farming in a regenerative
10:25 am
way. let's put androgen da togeth ag. it is not left or right, new empland better. if we have a candidate talking about new and better, they're really going to be in a box because trump is old and the ideas are old. >> ru nyou are not on the stageh joe biden. he's clearly the front runner. if you are next to him tonight, what will you be saying to him? you need to prove to the american people you are the guy? >> obviously i got a storong affinity for joe biden. >> you are running yourself. >> my position on trade is much different than his. he voted for a lot of the trade agreements including nafta that devastated communities like ours. that's a contrast point.
10:26 am
you look at some of his issues around bankruptcy laws where i have been on the other side. that's where my issue would be around the economics of a lot of these things and i think i have the inside track on some of those positions and i will connect better to the workers on those issues as well. it is a stand out and break-through night for you. the qualifications for the next debate doubles. if you don't hear them, what are you going to do? >> my phone has been ringing off the hook this morning. we got a lot of calls from people who want to put fundraisers for us. if people think this is a sensible way for our party to go. this is a best way to beat donald trump. capture these swing states, go to timryanforamerica.cotimryanf.
10:27 am
the unions are getting excited and the communities. the education community is excited about my educational reforms. we'll keep building it out. i am from youngs town. i am not from the big coast. it is taking me a little longer to get going. but as people see me and hear what i am saying and they like it and they're starting the support, we'll keep it moving. that's all we can do. that's it. >> congressman tim ryan from the state of ohio. next the trump administration draft agnew plan to allow drug import from canada. we'll look on why prescriptions are so higher here in the u.s. and what can be done about it. you are watching "velshi & ruhle" right here on msnbc.
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officials say the united states has intelligence saying
10:32 am
osama bin laden's son is dead. >> he was seen by many al-qaida followers and u.s. intelligence and officials all over the world as the most likely person to ultimately take over core al-qaida. of course, he's still the amir of al-qaida. he was more of a religious and the person who could ultimately be a successors to his father. someone who could lead al-qaida into the next generation. we don't know a lot of the details of how or where or when he died. u.s. officials are not saying with full confidence that they had any kind of evidence that he's dead. intelligence suggesting that there are intelligence that he is dead, we just don't know if the u.s. played in any kind of a
10:33 am
role. >> courtney. the u.s. department of health and human services announced what they are calling safe importation action plan. the plan would lay the foundation for the safe importation of certain drugs intended for foreign markets like canada. alex azar says it will lower prices. >> how you can bring drugs in from canadian pharmacy and distribution system, we are open. we'll aprovprove that and let y bring them in and reduce their costs. >> joining me now, nbc's medical corresponde correspondent. john torres. why would our first move would be importing drugs from canada?
10:34 am
why not work on regulations and work with the drug companies and get u.s. companies that make those drugs here lower their prices? >> i think they're taking a band aid approach here. we want to do that eventually, that could be hard to do. there are so many fingers point in so many directions. it is going to be hard to crowd all that. people are going there and getting drugs through the internet or going through pharmacies. they're saying we are going to do this in a safe way. the problem is it is going to be a slow way as well. >> hold on a second. >> by doing this, the idea of bringing competition. you can get certain drugs from canada. why would you go to your u.s. pharmacy. is that the idea? that's the idea they talked about it there. if you can get it cheaper, it will start reducing prices here in the united states. these are made by the same manufacture. the manufacture are not going to say we'll channel it through canada down in the united states. these are drugs that are going
10:35 am
to canadians as well. it is going to cost issues in canada itself so we don't know what they're going to do with these regulations. >> if it is same drug companies and they are sending some to canada and some here. why is there concerns that the drugs are not safe. they have the labels and they looked the same and they are adulterated. it is not the drugs they getting inside that box. secretary secretary azar addressed that, we'll do it in a safe manner. it is going to limit them. people are not able to afford the medication. have he provided new details. details are all important here. we have not gotten full details of what will happen yet. there are details of manufacturing and pharmacy in str industry that's going to help
10:36 am
them and getting it at the same place they are making and canadian people and so it is going to help us as well. >> stay on this timeline with me. i know you have spoken to some people here who are rationing the medication they need even though they have insurance. these are medications that are life saving for people. i talked to ali, she's a 25-year-old diabetic. you will meet her on "nightly news," what is it doing to her? she's 25 right now and still on her parents' plan. once she turns 26, she's off that plan. the medication is going to go up from $10 to $147. she's making decision that she does not have to make. >> how do the cost of insulin gets out of control? it is sadly not for a rare
10:37 am
disease. millions of people who needs it. this medicine has been around for 100 years. >> it was sold for $1. >> inventors want to make sure this goes to people who needed it and they would not need to make the decision. ali is making decisions that none of us have to make. >> how did the price get so crazy? >> in the 90s. the industry started putting patent on these medications and there are no generics right now. and then there is a lot of middleman involved who are taking some money as well and that's causing an increase. a lot are being pointed in a lot of direction. it is going to take a bit ironing out here. >> it is life or death. >> dr. torres, thank you so much. >> for more of dr. torres' reporting, watch "nightly news" with lester holt.
10:38 am
a new set of candidates taking the stage including joe biden and how the other nine contenders will try to stand out. are they going to be running against joe or donald trump? you are watching "velshi & ruhle." ump? you are watching "velshi & ruhle. since my dvt blood clot i was thinking... could there be another around the corner? or could it turn out differently? i wanted to help protect myself. my doctor recommended eliquis. eliquis is proven to treat and help prevent another dvt or pe blood clot... almost 98 percent of patients on eliquis didn't experience another.
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10:42 am
for cakamala harris another chae to faceoff biden. for other candidates this may be their last shot to distinguish themselves from a crowded field. live from msnbc, garret haake is joining me. joe biden is by far the front runner but the last debate many people said could have gone worst for him. how important is tonight for him to make up for the last time in. >> it is definitely important. he can't afford to have a second bad night in a row. they raised a number of questions about his staying power at the top of the field. they did not get the debate they were looking for. they were trying to be forward looking and focused on donald trump. their guy was a little rusty. this time around they expect candidates are more prepared and they know he's going to have to mix it up with other democrats,
10:43 am
something they were stvery much trying to avoid. he has his own healthcare plan now and his own criminal justice plan. that makes it a little easier to talk into specifics rather than theoretical. he's further down that road and his campaign hitting other democrats for those support for med car medicare for all. i would expect sharper elbow tonight. >> how about kamala harris? she definitely took a shot, is she going for another? >> sure. her campaign knows they can't rewin that argument. you are not going to go back to the bussing situation. what else does she do to stand out? does she try to take a pound of flesh from joe biden tonight or does she need to do something else. by doing so, they had a problem
10:44 am
with appearance that she had flip-flop on that issue. her dynamic is interesting tonight because she could be a question tonight. >> how about cory booker? we have seen him creeping up in the polls but not in a significant way. tonight could matter. >> booker has been signaling that he wants to engage with joe biden on questions of race and justice reform. he said to me on friday last week that he'll make these arguments to joe biden specifically face-to-face. he has to do so by telegraphing it for so long. if he backs off now, it will kill any momentum he may get. julian castro, don't sleep on him. he got buried after that first night. he's been talking about biden on his own. >> not bury like somebody wiped him out? >> sorry, say again.
10:45 am
>> you mean he got buried because he was forgotten because the second night became more important, not burying as in forgotten. >> he was thought to be one of the in withers winners of the f. his story line essentially got squashed and now he's on the second night and on the stage with joe biden and not shy at all about going after other candidates when en he sees a difference there. >> two days later everyone was onto the next. we welcome to the 2019 news cycle. garret haake, thank you so much. >> you will need a power ball or hydrate, you have a long night, my friend. >> right after the debate, you better be here to watch our expert live analysis, brian
10:46 am
williams b.will be hosting heren msnbc. we are moments away from the federal reserve announcing their interest rates cut. when the economy is strong is the next move for jay powell right there on your screen. we'll look at what that move means for you and me. you are watching "velshi & ruhle." they can progress quickly and can be fatal... sometimes within 24 hours. before you send your teen to college... make sure you help protect them. talk to your teen's doctor... about meningitis b vaccination.
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welcome back. registered sex offender jeffrey epstein back in jail today. a federal judgeq in manhattan decided that his trial is 5%2 o begin in at least june of 2020. that's a long time from now. he is charged with sexçó trafficking underage girls. he has pleaded not guilty.q joining us now, jonathane1 dien. s(ould you see his injuries? >> no. but thee1 question is how did h ñ how was he found lying in a fetal positionfá on the floor wh apparent bruises to hisx:rujti from a week ago? the question is, was it a ruse to try to get transferred? an attempt suicide? or did another inmate attack him? that investigation ongoing as of
10:58 am
now. no clear answers. >> the trial is just under a year from now. what do we know about the time he's spending ine1 prison? the last time he was intxrjail,e wasn't actually in jail very often. >> right. here it is a veryr facility. he is now in isolation on suicide watch given the events of ae1 week ago. >> he might want to be on suicide watch away from people. >> itt( appears that he is spending a lot of time with his lawyers. we are told every day, his lawyers are coming to visit him in prison.v any new charges, we know as of last week.lpe1e1n&oe1xd
10:59 am
because a grown man in his 60s has a file, a photograph of teenage girls naked, that's a-okay?
11:00 am
>> i didn't say it was a-okay. i said it didn't rise+z to the level of child pornography, at least as of now. no child pornography charges have been filed againstfñj- mr. epstein. the photos of naked underage children found in his manhattan apartment. >> so it's not child pornography. but it does make you would understand, a man who has already been in prison, who has files of underage naked girls in his house, why on earth would world leaders in some of the most powerful people in prison want to be hanging around this guy? a lot more questions need to be answered. jonathan, thank you so, so much. thank you for watching. i'll see you right back here tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. don't go anywhere. we'll be coming right back for your insight and analysis. it's 11:00 a.m. out west and 2:00 p.m. out here


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