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tv   All In With Chris Hayes  MSNBC  September 3, 2019 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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standstill. still not moving. and premains hovering as it sustained wind of 140 miles per hour. right now rescue efforts under way on the and hang on the storm is expected to pick up steam and head north. it will leave millions at risk as they await the next move in the carolinas. shelterser are maxing out. bridges are closed overnight. residents are evacuating the area including those in hospitals and elderly homes. >> we saw bill karins make the long walk to the weather center. >> the storm is weakening quicker than expected and no one's going to complain about that. still over the grand bahama
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island, still playinggued with category 3 for 30 hours. that's still the biggest headn are that you shake your head and we're almost 40 hours since land fall and it hasn't moved much. but it is falling apart. doesn't look as good on radar. 185 mile-per-hour winds. now 120. stale dangerous storm at 120. but the wacker eaker, the lower storm surge. that's the way the math work withes. hurricane center has the thext apositi position 125. sethey're going toi lower the redicted winds along the path. still about wi100 miles away fr the coast.
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but the wind gusts e extend up with 150 miles. and the closest approach late tonight. they were still saying autha.m. is 130. they're going to lower those forecast winds. because right now it's 120 and it's interesting. because if you look at matthew, it was about 100ten. but it was closer than this red line here. so people are going to compare a lot to matthew, this may be further off and maybe weaker. what happens now also has efects to the intensity of the south carolina coast. two and a half days to watch this for areas oz of eastern north carolina.
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it's not going to increase in intensity. this is the florida impact map. if we did this map for the bahamas, it would have been hust oreck, hysteroroic, historic. if it we're going to get damage it's going to be from the storm surge. and i don't think rainfall is a big concern either. same for georgia. four to seven feet. little weakerror storm, they may bring those numbers down because what drives the water torsds the coast is winds from the hurricane. so the stronger the storm, the it more water. the winds are weaker and we don't have to were a about it as much. and i still think we could get some of the highest wind gusts in areas of eastern north carolina. compared to what happened in the bahamas, this is very minor.
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but that storm surge kills a lot of people and especially with the winds lower, it can catch people off guard. that's why they're going to tell pop tool staw away thrum coach. >> i was talking with inmayor of miami as they were preparaing for this and miami has so many issues with it being so low level. is miami out the woods forx treme flooding? >> some dpuss. we were thinking this was going to go into fort lauder doll. it's a wake-up call for everyone. with 100 miles away was a category five, one of those powerful storms ever. if you look at how big the atlantic is.
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100 miles is nothing. this easily could have been one of the worst hurricanes ever in south florida histy with but it was the bahamas' turn. >> dorian keeping us all busy and guessing along the way. the death toll at five. but officials warn that number could rise and the punishing winds and relentless rain have ripped apart as many as 1400 homes. >> the water continues to rise -- >> reporter: the bahamas torn apart dorian a slow moving monster. swallowing homes, mangling cars and pushing an angry sea on people's doorsteps. david macky gave a chilling play by play. his home on stilts no match for a two-story storm surge. on abaco island, prayers for a
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family as dorian turn deadly. >> my grandson's dead. >> reporter: grandmother in tears after she said her grandson drown seeking shelter. the u.s. coast guard couldn't move in, rescuing dozens but leaving many fearing the worst. what's your biggest fear right now as a dad some >> my biggest fear right now is my son's safety. >> reporter: part thof behamian military. his last message, the weather is picking up. since then silence. er. >> all communication was lost at the time. nothing. . >> reporter: right now flood is among the biggest concerns. with cars submerged as dorian dumps foot after foot of rain. the bahamas'' prime minister tells me help is on the way but stresses he'ss never seen such a
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powerful storm. >> it's it disheartening. it's as if we're fighting war with the enemy and we have absolutely nothing. we'reless. the only thing we have is god so we can pray to god. >> thanks a lot, morgan, for that. so dorian churns at a snail's pace, it will get dangerously close. the path will be turning east. this storm's cone moving just off the jacksonville coast. from our nbc station in miami,unse with again from daytona beach. so water still calm. looked like windy, but right now you know, looking all right. >> reporter: well, thank you. you're right. winds are certainly picking up.
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dorian still too close for comfort just off the coast. we're right by the halifax river and you heard bill talking bout the concern for storm surge and that's part of the reason for the mandatory evacuation orders for communities along the beach side in daytona beach. the bridges are still oopen. i just checked unwi in with eme managers. also all across the country there are 15 shelters with plenty of room. so still time for people to move inland if they need to. alex. >> okay. thank you for the heads up on things in daytona beach. julia bag. now most of the southeast kos is on edge as dorian creeps towards the southeast coast. they're being warned to get out and get out now. the national hurricane center
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now warning dorian could dump up to 15 inches off rain on the carolinas. saw bill karins' estimates. the concern talking about storm surge. unaddition i was noticing earlier the prices of gas, the prices offf things thfolks migh need going up in the south carolina area? >> reporter: yeah. slightly, ruchered. but when it comes to the lines when we were out and about yesterday, they're not significantly long, nothing luke what we saw in florida last week as they were getting ready for the storm. this is a day to prepare. officials are saying heed the warnings, use the time while the weather is still relatively nice because we just don't know where the system will land and the umpact this will have on the region. obviously flooding is a big concern. hurricane matthew in 2016 led to
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power outages. but significant damage from flooding. just the way the geography is set up, this is a low country. so even when there is rain in the forecast, there is significant flooding, especially in the downtown area. what took moo by surprise that we're right along the water and i'm staring at some of the hotels and businesses and ownlya handful have sand bags by their homes and businesses. but maybe later on today they'll be out and about. a lot of folks are enjoying the day as well. we know a lot of businesses took a hit because the evacuationer orders went into effect at noon. they're it telling people to leave at that hour. so there's been controversy in terms oof the orders being unplace sooner but better safe than sorry.
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>> 100% right on that bun. well, if dorian is stalling over the bahamas, florida is certainly bracing for the storm. mr. mayor, how are you preparaing for the storm at this wee hour of 310:00 in the morning? >> thanks. we want to thank all the residents who did their final storm preparations and now the concern is seeing the down grade in storm surge. as of last night we were expecting 4 to seven feet of rain with the storm surge because of high tides, aan additional three feet. 5:00 a.m. we hit the next advisors and how it's going to effect palm beach county. however we're really concerned.
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and they're just battling. >> it is heart breaking to see what they are going to and continue to go through it. there are concerns about wind gusts that would potentially close down bridges at that point if they got too great. any oof those concernses of people that want to get out that would be stuck? or you think that's not something you're going to face? >> right. in the north of of the county. but we still have nine shelters open and a special needs shelter. where we have close to 230 residents there right now. so we still have the shelter ready.
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starting in different parts of the county. if you still need a place, we'll prova p provide that to them. er. >> i knoyou were concerned about zone a and zone b. zone a in mobile homes and substandard housing. have you been able to get through that area and know for sure everybody who neesds to get in that area is in the eastern part of the county. but we're mostly concerned about the eastern part. most of the residents when i went to different shelters, it was low lying area in the county. they did evacuate and when you're concerned about theile
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and some evacuated before we had emandatory evacuations. >> we hope everythingia guys rude this out very well in palm beach county. thank you for joining us, especially at 3:00 a.m. on a busy day. and more ahead on the deadly skub tragedy. and a frantic scene that sent travellers scurrying without their bags.
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we're going to have more hurricane coverage in just a minute. a tragedy. striking off the coast of santa cruz island, dozens feared dead following a boat fire. so far they've recovered eight bodies but fear the death toll could be more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this is the home port of that vessel, the it conception. you can see people are out here placing flowers. they've been placing candles and unfortunately in this community hope is starting to fade for any other survivors being found. >> reporter: off the coastf a california island a frantic call. that mayday from the conception, the 75-foot boat fully engulfed
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unflames. over the radio a man identifying himself as the captain telling the coast guard dozens off passenge passengers were trapped below deck. crew members awake on the upper deck jumped overboard and swam to it a nearby boat for help while passengersers remain trapped. >> witnesses describe hearing explosions during the fire. it had bun outfitted with pressureized tanks and say the say it's too soon to tell how it started. >> reporter: the conception's burned down hull finally sinking after sunrise, only 60 feet off the coast of santa cruz island. rescuers still searching the
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shoreline but so far no sign of survivors. a very difficult time ahead as they figure out what happened. let's get an update on the rescue efforts. information officer for santa barbara amberanderson. i understand it's been a very grim night but you have recovered more bodies. >> it has been a grim night. it's in the middle of the night over here off the california coast so crews are still eagerly out there working. we do have conformation that adugz adu additional victims have been received. the exact number come from the santa barbara coroner's office and they have not released that information and made it available to this time. >> what about -- i know there's a distinguishing factor between rescue and recovery efforts.
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can you tell us where things stand? >> right now we're still in the rescue hoed. we still have hopes we will find additional victims that are out there that we can bring in that we can rescue. bo we'll have more information tomorrow as daylight approaches, weir with wrr ab we're able to see and hopefully have released additional information. >> and with regard to speculation on a fire like this, i'm not going to ask you to speculate but something that moves so quickly through that boat, i mean it would seem that crew was able to escape but that it did -- the fire did spread very quickly. is that what you are hearing as well? >> we do have reports that fire did spread very quickly. we havemany agencies conducting the investigation. we also have reps from the ntsb
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who will be leading that investigation over the coming days and hopefully shedding light on how a tragedy like this was to occur off our coast. >> we understand civilians were also helpful in the initial stages? >> i do know they utilized some of the nearby boats to help rescue the five individuals at the beginning of the incident but as for more information -- >> there was a boat nearby, as we understand, that took in those crew members in the middle of the nighting when it was very dark and challenging time to them that they were get to safety to the next boat. i know daylight will bring more information and thank you very much for speaking with us here. >> thank you. and hor on the texas highway shooting spree. er the 36-year-old suspected
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gunman was on a downward spiral and term noted just before that rampage began. he also made rambling phone calls to the police and fbi tip it line. >> get down, get down, get down. >> reporter: before most victims had time to run, they found themselv themselves pinned down in a hail of gun fire. officials now say the suspect seth ator had a history. falled the background check and should have never owned the assault-style rifle. hours beforte the shooting he ws fired from his job. >> he didn't wake up saturday morning and then it happened. >> reporter: after police tried to pull over the suspect for a traffic violation, he opened fire on officers and civilians
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before he was eventually killed. investigators later swarmed his home where neighbors say he was often armed, the house barely livable. you said a dirt floor, no running waterer? >> no. >> reporter: with several still hospitalized, carla burn lost her brother in the rampage that left seven dead. >> my brother was slaughter like he was nothing. his wife and children on their way to get family pictures taken. >> reporter: this tight knit community came together to remember the postal worker, the truck driver and affgan veteran. the trump administration is walking back a plan to end deportation protection for sick immigrants.
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this after they halted protection earlier this month. it was met with backlash. on mondayb the u.s. citizenship and immigration service says it would reopen the process that allows them to legally avoid deportation for compelling reasons that includes can critical medical care. and passengers fleeing terminal a specifically after they were told to evacuate by airline attendants. a flight attendant approached two men at gate 30 and grew concerned after talking to them. she then hit an alarm and alerted nearby people to evacuate. after noorly an hour they sent out a tweet saying there was no threat and they're being rescreened as a rekraugz. passengers began searching for their luggage.
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the two have been identified and being questioned as well as the flight attendant who triggered the original alarm. just ahead meteorologist bill karins the category three hurricane is sticking over the tropical island, battering down with relentless wind, rain and storm surge. stay with us. cut and if you go down, that's me, above him. you won best looking in your senior year of high school? somebody had to win it. my best high school moment was the day i walked across the stage. my dad...couldn't read real good, so, it was a milestone for me. ancestry has over 400,000 yearbooks from all across the country. so go back to school with your friends and family, and discover more of their stories. search and share for free at - in the last year, of cybercrime every second. when a criminal has your personal information,
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we continue to watch the breaking story out of the bahamas hurricane dorian is category 3. it's devastated the region leaving 21 injured. celebrity chef told the "new york times" he's mogging 10,000 sandwiches for folks there. all this as the u.s. is still bracing for impact. currently hovering 75 to 100 miles off florida's east coast. winds up to 140 miles per hour. this is still an extremely dangerous storm. and tracking the storm for literally days we've bun watching this one. >> and now we're getting to the
12:31 am
face where we're wondering what the exact impacts are going to be in the u.s. the biggest thing is that the eye is collapsing. we do not have that symmetrical ring but the western portion has collapsed. that's a sign the storm continues to weaken. it's still stationary and they can't sit here and continually stay strong over the same areas. the ocean water is their fuel and the more it churns the water, it cools the water. and then the storm begins to weaken. that's why it was 185 and now it's dropping down to 120. you want to watch the eye collapse, look at that. i mean this is a six-hour loop. it took a long time and this is a sign of weakening.
12:32 am
so we can try to get people in here that have been sitting there for two straight days under a very powerful storm. it's still close enough that we could get hurricane-forced gusts out of this. it continues to weaken enough, these could be changed back to tropical storm warnings. but we're preparing for the worst in case. the biggest concern and from the hurricane center and from all forecasters is with the storm surge because even with the storm off the coast, it's throwing the water off the kos. from charleston back to savannah, heading down to brunswick, georgia and i was looking at the forecast from the sau st. john's river. hasn't rained as much as it did right before matthew. so that's why the river low levels are lower. the red shows you where the
12:33 am
hurricane force winds are possible. but this big yellow encompassing area of about 150 from the ceptor, this is whery with could get tropical storm gusts into areas near west palm beach and this will be over the east coast of florida over the day today and into wednesday. that's why we could get power outages and gusts in the rauchg and we're not concerned with that. let's see how high it's going to put our winds up. 57/60 miles per hour gusts and maybe dead limbs falling. a lot of florida has underground power lines so trees don't usually have that sort of umpact. 55 daytona beach. as we go through wednesdmorning.
12:34 am
we may only get winds gusting in the 20 to 30 miles per hour range. the weaker, the better, the more off the coast the better too. >> and as you put that huge cone there, are you more worried about storm surge? >> that's the main concern, yeah. i'd say if we have anything that's going to do significant damage it would be storm surge. but the lower the winds get with the peek of the storm, maybe we can knock it down a couple of feet. regardless four to seven feet and furtherer, four feet and closer, sav feet. so we'll see how it all plays out. matthew was a similar path and it was a storm surge during the high tide cycle that caused the most damage. so we're not done. >> no, not at all. you're staying put.
12:35 am
>> but liking the current modeling if it sticks. >> the forecast as it stands right now for the impacts on the southeast can kos and florida is a lot better. we still have the path from the cone as a category 1 hur can con. we're mostly talking florida and georgia for a vast improvement. >> and as bill was describingutser rr been tough for the bahamas. therefore the damage has been unprecedented for them. the hurricane zero movement at the moment. it's a nightmare that probably feels like weeks. it's responsible for five deaths and demolished as many as 13,000 homes and that's growing. >> reporter: there's a death toll after hurricane dorian whipped over the bahamas and stalled for hours. >> we know that there are a number of people in grand bahama who are in serious distress and
12:36 am
we will provide relief on assistance as soon as possible. >> reporter: and now more than 24 hours since making land fall the mission is rescue and recovery. >> the initial reports from abaco is that devastation is unprecedented and expensive. >> reporter: in miami much needed donations being can collected for the devastated islands. still waiting for dorian to make move. florida's governor says they're moving patients to safer ground. >> you'll be safe on the roads. >> reporter: more than a million ordered to evacuate. across the u.s. thousands cancelled and some airports closed. and airports in fort lauderdale and west palm are closed. miami international remains
12:37 am
open, howeverer orlando will close some time overnight. so anybody with travel plans to florida should check for any possible delays. well hurricane dorian is continuing to creep towards the u.s. in fact over a million residents in florida up through the carolinas are being warned to get out and get out now. now warning dorian could dump up to 15 inches of rain on the coastal carolinas mp. starl charleston, south carolina. i know people have bun preparaing. what do you think has bun number one on their minds? prepari preparing their homes, even the gas for their cars? >> reporter: so just being on the groundb the last 24 hoirs i
12:38 am
tipg the biggest concern is flooding. as i mention said earlier we are in the low country. the way the region is just kind of set up, it's prone to flooding, even when there is rain in the forecast. there is coastal flooding. in fact there were kingitudes this past week where they with were higher than normal and they're saying there was a lilt flooding, even in the downtown area. yesterday, that was the first real day when folks spent the day getting the sand bags. we're told they were handed out yesterday and they'll begin the process again until supplies run out. we heard from the governor yesterday during a press conference saying take the time right now toget ready. >> it's better to be safe than sorry.
12:39 am
we would say be safe, get away from the coast, the hurricane will go one way or the other. nobody knows. so be safe. >> reporter: so guys, we are in the evacuation zone. more than au800,000 are in the danger zone. obviously we're monitoring the sit waugz. as far as a mood it appears people are mixed. they're taking it seriously but others are weighing the system out and with whether they should take precautions. inb fro front of me there are a of businesses and homes. i i'm surprised they sdroebt the homes boarded up and sand bags. >> let's hope they don't redpret that. and forecasters expect it will dangerously get closer to florida. and dorian's path will be turning east.
12:40 am
with the cone moving just off the jacksonville coast. and they're looking at some of the modeling bill karins was showing us. the fingers of dorian. well, they should be over right now. storm surge, are they ready? >> reporter: that's right, richard. in fact we're right by the halifax river and that is part of the concern where we could see flooding, even with dorian off the coast not actually making land fall here. that impact potential is still a major concern. in fact we are continuing to boo under a hurricane warping. we have a curfew in effect. we've seen very little movement. i've seen some who have been reluctantly staying in hoit tells brunging as many belongings as they can because they were living in beach-side
12:41 am
communities that were under mandatory evacuation orders. and so this morning there are more than 1100 in 15 shelters across the country. kr i've been speaking to emergency managers. they assure me they have plenty of room for more including pet-friendly shelters. and the bridges near where we are remain open at this hour. richard. >> thank you so much there in daytona beach, florida. watching as its fingers are towards the area. meanwhile dorian has clearly pummeld the bahamas. joining us on the phone is miami gardens mayor, oliver gilbert. tell it us how things are where you are? >> right now it's pretty kwut.
12:42 am
we've been hoping for the worst praying for the best and it looks like the storm is going to turn. we're waiting to see it make a turn and head east. looks like it's hanging out over the bahamas. our prayers are with everyone in the bahamas. we with all have family there. so we're hoping and praying for the best. >> we're joining in that as well. with regoord miami gardens, what is your biggest concern? >> the latest forecast seems to say we're not in danger. a couple of weeks ago we thought this was going to be a fairly significant -- you can never really tell. i would say right now we're focusing on everyone not getting complacent. stay prepared.
12:43 am
let the storm get away from oall of us and then we'll deal with whatever we have to here and help those in neighboring communities, certainly the bahamas. >> best of luck and i hope everything goes well for you and all of your citizens. frqts ahead we're going to travel with hurricane hunters to the center of dorian's eye wall. >> the heels of the odessa shooting is what we're watching. donald trump is facing growing pressure. these folks don't have time to go to the post office they use all the services of the post office only cheaper get a 4-week trial plus postage and a digital scale go to and never go to the post office again.
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we are in the midst of an historic tragedy. in parts of our northern bahamas. our mission and focus now is search, rescue and recovery. i ask for your prayers for those in affected areas and for our first responders. >> please pray for us. please pray for us, everyone. please pray for us. me and my baby. everyone that's staying in the apartment building. we stuck right here. please pray for us. y'all, please pray for us. pray for abaco. please, i'm begging y'all. my baby's only 4 months old. please pray for us. >> hurricane dorian has shown what it's capable of. it's absolutely battered the bahamas. people need to remain vigilant.
12:48 am
if you're ordered to evacuate, you need to do that. get out now while you have time, while there's fuel available and you'll be safe on the roads. >> with dorian bearing down on the bahamas as you were seeing there, we're getting an extraordinary look inside the eye of the storm itself. this from a group brave enough to fly a plane straight into the storm. nbc's katie beck has more. >> reporter: inside the cockpit of air force hurricane hunters, scientists look dorian square in the eye. major alex boykin is at the controls. >> we'll be reading the waves on the way in and through the eye wall and we'll be able to track its movement and see if it stalls or turns. this one has been very hard to predict. >> reporter: these air force and noaa high-flying stations travel through turbulent conditions, slicing through the eye wall of the hurricane to determine the conditions at the heart of the storm. probes are dropped into the hurricane to measure pressure, temperature, humidity, wind
12:49 am
speed and direction. >> getting the information that we need vital to knowing how strong the hurricane is and also where it's going. >> reporter: given all the information gathered from up above, it's difficult for forecasters to predict exactly what will happen here along the coast. >> we also need to know the steering current, so well away from the storm. need to know maybe 1,000 miles away. >> reporter: forecasters use the data and other sources like buoys, weather balloons and satellites to track slow-moving dorian, analyzing new information as it comes in. the slightest shift in course could be the difference between dodging danger or disaster. the work continues as the powerful eye of dorian sets sights on the east coast. katie beck, nbc news, savannah, georgia. >> great pictures right there. still to come, we are live in washington as the president facing mounting pressure to take action to stop the growing number of mass shootings across the nation. , there were three victims of cybercrime every second. when a criminal has your personal information,
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well, this morning investigators are revealing new details on that texas highway shooting spree that left seven people dead and dozens more injured. officials say the suspected gunman, 36-year-old seth ator, was on a downward spiral and
12:54 am
terminated from his job before the rampage began. they also say he made rambling but nonthreatening phone calls to both odessa police and the fbi tip line. meanwhile, this latest mass shooting has reignited growing calls from both sides of the aisle in washington for common sense gun control measures. >> nbc's tracie potts joins us in washington, d.c. with more on that. >> reporter: we've been here before. a mass shooting happens. washington talks about gun control and then we don't really see anything come of it. congress is back next week, and there is a lot of talk about what types of legislation could be a compromise here between democrats, republicans and the white house. and that's a key point because both sides agree nothing is going to happen here without president trump's support. they're talking about universal background checks, but the president has backed off stronger background checks under pressure from the nra. we're hearing about buy-back programs, but even democrats
12:55 am
disagree whether they should be mandatory or voluntary, and we're also hearing a lot about red flag laws that would allow forcibly taking weapons away from people who are deemed to be mentally ill. these are some of the things that you'll hear under discussion as congress comes back next week. with what seems to be an incentive to try to get some sort of gun law passed, but, again, the thing that will move the needle in the senate, the republican-controlled senate, is what president trump articulates his support to. >> and what he sticks with. because as you note, it's a back and forth all the time. he comes out and says we're going to do background checks. that's what he did about four weeks ago in the wake of the el paso shooting and backtracks on it. traci, still a lot to figure out what they will do on capitol hill. >> stay with us throughout the mortgage as morning as we continue to track dorian and for the latest breaking news here on msnbc.
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good morning, everyone. it is tuesday, september 3rd. i'm ayman mohideen alongside jasmine vesuvian. we begin with hurricane dorian, now a deadly category 3 storm. at least five people are confirmed dead in the abaco islands. the storm has been battering grand bahama island for more than 24 hours now. the red cross says more than
1:00 am
13,000 homes have been ripped apart. a life threatening storm surge of up to 18 feet remains a threat there. meanwhile, the storm is creeping closer to the united states with its outer bands now reaching parts of florida. >> all right. we've got our team on the ground with live reports from florida and south carolina. for the very latest i want to get a check with nbc meteorologist bill karins. bill, i believe we have the 3:00 a.m. advisory here with the latest updates on the partingth hurricane dorian, where it's been and also headed up the florida coast. talk to us. >> the next big update. every six hours they give the forecast with intensity and path. that's going to be coming out at the end of this hour. it will be a very important one, too, because there's been very significant changes with the intensity of the storm. it's weakening quicker than what was expected. no one's going to complain about that, especially the people still going through it on grand bahama island. 120-mile-an-hour winds. the movement is pretty much what we call stationary. it has