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tv   MSNBC Live With Hallie Jackson  MSNBC  September 3, 2019 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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i'm stephanie ruhle. good to be back. i'll see you at 1:00 p.m. with my partner ali velshi. >> good to have you back, stephanie ruhle. this morning hurricane dorian is creeping closer to the u.s. mainland with the deadly category 3 storm right now finally starting to pull from the bahamas and inch its way to the east coast. that is forcing a million people from florida to the carolinas to evacuate. a mad scramble to get ready for the storm that pummeled the bahamas. one of the strongest on the record in the atlantic. bringing 48 hours of unrelenting
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wind and rain, killing at least five people. >> we're literally in the ocean. . >> our team of reporters and analysts are standing by. morgan chesky, hans nichols, mariana atencio. mariana, folks have been getting ready for a week now. they say now is not the time to relax and let your guard down. >> reporter: absolutely not, hallie. we are going into the critical 24-hour period. i can tell you this is my eighth day of covering storm presence. officials are inching people, tourists, onlookers to seek shelter. you can see how big the waves behind me are getting. here in cocoa beach we will feel the effects of the storm. and you mentioned how historic the storm was over the bahamas.
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it stands to make history here as well. just to put it in perspective, sustained winds of over 74 miles per hour have not been reported in brevard county since 1979. so when we're talking about a storm that is moving so slowly, one that is as unpredictable as this one has been, everyone has to be vigilant. and i want to bring in jim mcknight, city manager of cocoa beach. hallie jackson touched on it. now is the time people tend to get complacent. what is your message today? >> stay diligent. make sure they stay tuned to the local authorities, local weather and don't assume anything. because it only takes a movement here or movement there and we're back into hurricane-force winds. we're happy. we're cautiously optimistic. everyone needs to stay diligent and close to home. . >> and the sheriff was telling me this morning, the biggest threat, jim, is storm surge. for a peach like this one, what is the risk for people out and
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about or just in general? >> it is not a good idea to be on the beach at all. we have a lot of top class surfers. the rip currents, we have no idea what they are like underneath. we don't want to find out. please don't put our public safety people at risk by being irresponsible and going in the ocean right now. >> reporter: and also there are no lifeguards out right now. >> no lifeguards. we will not respond after it hits 50 miles per hour. >> reporter: personnel will not be out here at what point? >> 50 miles per hour. 50 is the limit for us as far as putting public safety employees out there. >> reporter: thank you so much, jim, for your time. i really appreciate it. hallie, you heard it from jim mcknight. people won't be out patrolling the treats after the wind is 50 miles per hour. they are leaving the bridges to this island toward the mainland open just to give people the chance to get out if things do get hairy here in the northeast coast of florida.
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hallie? >> the wind picking up where you are in cocoa beach. meteorologist bill karins has been closely tracking the path of dorian. bill, i know we are expecting another update in just about 50 minutes or so, right? >> yes. >> where is the storm now and where is it headed? >> the big update, everyone in the carolinas will wonder if it will inch toward you. this is the historic image, 48 hours of one of the most powerful hurricanes you will ever seen making landfall and taking two days to move over 100 miles in the bahamas. it is insane, crazy. it continues to tick down. we went from 120-mile-per-hour sustained winds to 115. the lower we can get this, the better. odds are it will not restri restrength restrengthen. it could help our friends in the carolinas later. it is only drifting 1 miles per hour. slowly today we expect it will start moving a little bit faster away from freeport.
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this little black line on the map here shows the center fixes. it took a west jog. they wobble. everyone is going to watch every single one of these. it will be 80 to 100 miles off the coast. it could bring higher winds. it will remain off the coast safely. florida today, tropical storm gusts. occasional rain bands coming through. and high tide cycles with the storm surge. this is the part that gets very interesting. thursday we have the cone into charleston, georgetown area, a lot of eastern north carolina is in the cone. with he don't expect a direct landfall at this point. but it's going to be close. as far as impacts go, florida, storm surge, concerned with that. winds and flooding will be minor. also in georgia. same thing. storm surge. when we get to the carolinacaro am concerned with not just the storm surge but inland flooding and wind gusts. we could get heavy rain, category 2 landfall in the
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carolinas. we will give you an update as soon as we get it in. >> bill karins, thank you. morgan chesky is in nassau. we heard from folks who are struggling with this. absolutely blown away. here's how somebody in freeport explained this in just the last hour. >> it is completely unprecedented. it is completely unnatural. i don't know how to describe this other than we're in the middle of a climate emergency right now. nothing like this has ever been seen before. >> this is devastating stuff, morgan. what are you seeing so far? >> reporter: yeah, hallie. bahamians are used to seeing tropical storms, hurricanes moving through this area. the one thing that helps dorian stand apart is how powerful it is and how slow moving it is. the mission depends exactly where you have. grand bahama, dorian is still dropping feet of rain, flooding the majority of the island where 60,000 people call home.
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to the east, abaco island. conditions have finally improved to the coast guard choppers have medevaced 19 people. six in critical condition. rescue efforts will be ongoing. right now there is an emergency management plane flying over abaco island to see just how bad the devastation is. the prime minister just in the few glimpses he has seen in the videos coming in, he said it was catastrophic and unprecedented. and he says in my lifetime he has never seen a storm this powerful wreak so much havoc. and the mission today is going to be how can we help the people in need, home to about 5,000 to 6,000 people? only a few hundred chose to evacuate ahead of hurricane dorian in the low-lying areas. and a testament to this storm's power is when it brought the storm surge of 20 feet it covered a lot of low-lying
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islands, some of which are uninhabit uninhabited. when dorian moves past, it will forever change the coastline. the true impact is yet to be seen. but we will definitely find out more later today when we hear from the prime minister in a planned update. >> so we will hear from the prime minister, morgan. we understand rescuers have been trying to make their way in. have you started seeing reports back from how bad conditions are there? >> we have. but it's hard to put into words. you have an island there that has essentially been leveled by a storm that no one has ever seen before. we have heard reports of resorts being flattened. obviously thousands of homes impacted by this. and videos by people surrounding bywater alive but trapped because the storm surge is staying put on abaco island. coast guard is rescuing. relief efforts having a difficult time even approaching the island because the seas are
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too rough. >> morgan chesky live. we will come pack to you to hear the update from the prime minister. hans nichols standing by at the white house. the president is continuing to receive updates. he is tweeting about unrelated items this morning >> reporter: the president has gone off on a little bit of a tangent. it was clear over the weekend he wanted to focus on the hurricane. yesterday the briefings were on an hourly basis. that included when he was out on the golf course. cameras caught him. today they are getting frequent updates. hallie, essentially when you look at what the white house response is on this. it is two trackment they want to make sure the president is fully up to speed. they want to use the president to make public announcements to make sure the country takes this seriously. those in the affected regions
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take it seriously. there is a separate mored hidden track. there are lots of conversations taking place between white house officials and local and state officials to make sure that they get the recovery right. because while there are political opportunities in a hurricane, no white house will deny there are a great deal of political risks. there is an acknowledgment from this white house they need to appear competent, get this right and really want to stay on top of it. hallie. >> hans, see you at the white house in just a little bit. former fema administrator under president trump, brock long. appreciate you being on the show. >> good morning. >> based on your experience, what do you consider the biggest threat to people along the coast of the u.s. from florida up to georgia and the carolinas? . >> right now, the storm surge. it has the highest potential to kill the most amount of people and cause the most amount of damage. what i particularly pay attention to is the forward speed and what the forecast has done over the three previous forecasts, not just each single
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forecast that comes out. until the storm starts to move north, i never get comfortable with the track. the question is how have will this drift west? that will increase the impacts. we have to stay vigilant and watch that. >> do you believe fema is at the moment responding adequately? . >> absolutely. after what fema went through in 2017 and 18, i had 220 different disasters and events in two years. fema right now is the most battle hardened fema that exists. they work very closely with the states that are impacted. you know, we have restructured the way that we do this. they are not large and in charge. they are not 911. they support a governor's efforts, as well as the local government's efforts to be the incident commander to help respond and recover from these events. and, you know, they focus, change the focus of community lifelines. we quickly identify what are the in dispensable services in each one of the states that have to be up and run something if they
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are not up and running, lives are in danger or life routines is in jeopardy. they are from florida to north carolina. they have a ton of staff from previous events, michael, florence. there's quite a bit of staff on the ground and capability. had. >> they do have a lot of staff. one thing they don't have since you left fema is a permanent director in place. how problematic is that? >> right now i don't lose sleep over it. i know jeff beyer, response and recovery director. i brought both of them on. they're extremely talented emergency managers. . >> president trump spent the holiday weekend, as you know, staying back in the u.s. he did not go to monitor the storm. he spent time golfing. sent 100 plus tweets. some of them related to the storm, some of them not. is the criticism that he is facing, the optics, fair, in your view? . >> i saw the president showed up at fema. he gave me unprecedented support. he always had my back.
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he always had fema's back. and i think it says a lot when the president not only shows up at fema, he came to fema two or three times while i was there, brought his entire executive cabinet with him. the president has a lot on his plate and has a lot to worry about across the globe. you know, i don't want to speak for what his priorities are. but i know that he's got the back of fema. he knows how difficult and complex fema's job is. . >> brock long. thank you again for being on the show. appreciate it >> thank you. hurricane coverage is far from over. a live update from our teams in florida and south carolina. two states bracing for impact as this potentially catastrophic storm crawls toward the coast. later, an update on the horrific boat fire. we will take you live to the scene. fire we will take you live to the scene. (mom vo) we fit a lot of life into our subaru forester. (dad) it's good to be back. (mom) it sure is. (mom vo) over the years, we trusted it to carry and protect
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a little bit of breaking news from back here in washington about the political future of west virginia senator joe manchin. he is decide to go stay in the senate, not run for governor next year. senior politics editor mark murray. there is anticipation from senior manchin. talk through what this means for the battle of control of the senate next year. what went into this calculation? >> hallie, the headline is this is good in us for senate democrats and pad news for democrats who monitor governor races who wafpbted to pick up
7:18 am
the west virginia gubernatorial seat. joe manchin, and it was pretty unclear what he was going to do. he decided to run for governor. he wins that office. joe manchin last november won a six-year senate term lasting through 2024. and so worse case scenario for senate democrats that had him running for governor, won the office, still able to point a democrat as his successor. he would have lost in a state that is trending republican over the last several years, particularly in the trump era. so republicans might have been able to fill in the last two years of manchin's term. now he gets to sit in the senate for a full six years. to me the question becomes what does joe manchin do if democrats win the white house in 2020 and pick up the senate? his vote on policy matters will be crucial.
7:19 am
>> good pontiac. that you be for that update >> thanks, hallie. >> we are expecting an update on dorian. right now you can walk faster than this storm is moving. it is finally, finally starting to crawl away from the bahamas going a mile per hour toward the east coast where a million people are moving much faster, forced to evacuate. reporters spread out along the coast. gabe gutierrez is jensen beach, florida. you are 45 miles north of west palm beach. the storm likely to stay off the coast where you are. boy, the wind and the waves are pretty thick behind you there, pal. >> reporter: hi there, hallie. yes, we have been seeing this choppy surf for the better part of 24 hours. yesterday we were dealing with many of these same conditions. the occasional rain band that comes through. heavy winds are sustained at this point.
7:20 am
expected to be tropical storm force winds if that. hallie, what is incredible here is what you mentioned, the storm is moving at just 1 miles per hour. it was stationary over the bahamas for so long. one official in port st. lucie said this has been a test of patience for the florida coast. more than a million people throughout the florida coast, as well as the carolinas and georgia, under mandatory evacuation orders. we're here at hutchinson island, jensen beach under a mandatory evacuation order. about 1,400 people in martin county spent the night in an emergency shelter. there are about 85 throughout the state of florida. one couple was leaving the shelter this morning. jensen beach high school is expected to close, actually, later today. hallie, there is a bit of a sense of relief here on the east coast of florida with this track keeping it offshore. but local officials are warning people just be careful, to
7:21 am
monitor the storm surge here which has been the forecast has been reduced -- they are expecting several feet at this point. certainly many people breathing a sigh of relief. it is now threatening the carolinas. mandatory evacuations start in the carolinas. >> gabe, thank you. that is where we are headed, up the coast to charleston, south carolina. kathy, the south carolina governor said don't wait to evacuate. even though it is not expecting to come until later in the week. are p seeing there? >> reporter: i took a stroll downtown charleston. folks are still visiting the area. residents as well. we have mixed reactions. people have weathered a lot of hurricanes living in this area. they are kind of monitoring the system right now.
7:22 am
they are watching and waiting. slowly they are starting to repair and getting those essentials. tourists yesterday, mandatory evacuations were put into place at noon. we saw a string of cars heading out of this area. hotels are still open. plan on closing later today. i want to bring in the mayor. good to see you. thanks for stopping by. >> thank you. . >> it's a beautiful day right now. a lot of people have their guards down. hallie was saying it's probably a good idea to at least take the day while the weather is nice and prepare for what's to come. . >> absolutely. we're getting very prepared. that's the word for today and tomorrow even. this is now five years now in a row impact. we have learned how to prepare for the storm.
7:23 am
we're out there cleaning ditches and storm drains. we filled 26,000 sandbags yesterday. we are bringing in auxiliary pumps. we believe we will have impact thursday. the beautiful thing about our preparations, we are resilient and have learned to recover quickly to bring this beautiful city back to business right now. . >> mayor, we are standing at waterfront park. give me an example how bad the situation can get. we are right by the effort what. you are saying high tide is coming in. what could potentially happen here? >> on thursday, you could expect a high tide, higher than normal, copious amounts of rain. it will lead to flooding. it is almost a certainty.
7:24 am
we disconnected this and took the ramp away. it has gone damaged every year. we will put it back after the storm passes. that level of preparation makes us resilient and able to recover quickly. >> emergency precautions have been put into place. businesses starting to shut down as well government buildings. >> i know you will be stationed up there. our thanks to guests in charleston as dorian gets closer the next three days or so. kathy park live there. appreciate it. up next, hope is running out off the coast of california. search and rescue working around the clock. a fire that started on board when people were sleeping. we're live on that scene next. l. we're live on that scene next. >> tech: at safelite autoglass, we really pride ourselves on making it easy for you to get your windshield fixed.
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this morning nine people are still missing after a boat fire off the coast of california. as investigators try to figure out how the accident killed at least 25 people on board. everybody on the boat called "conception" for a labor day
7:29 am
weekend scuba diving trip before it caught fire early monday morning. it's hard to look at. gadi schwartz has the latest. >> reporter: this morning witnesses are still in shock after seeing flames tear through a boat full of passengers. this chilling call for help heard over an emergency radio. >> mayday, mayday, mayday. >> reporter: it went up in flames off the channel islands. >> it is just horrendous. i can't imagine the poor people. it must have been just a horror. >> reporter: paul hanson was asleep on his boat when he heard banging on his hull. >> i opened the door and the five guys are there in their dinghy. they are asking me to help them. and their boat is just, you know, 400 yards away, fully engulfed >> reporter: four crew members
7:30 am
managed to escape the inferno. under the deck were 33 passengers and another crew member believed to be asleep when the fire broke out. >> did they say anything about their passengers? >> they said all of them were underneath. they told me that there was another exit but it was also blocked. >> so two ways out. >> yeah. >> but both were blocked? >> both of them blocked. >> the boat's location made it difficult for responders to reach. the coast guard calling all boats nearby to help. >> anybody in the area that can render in i assistance, please do so. >> did you hear anybody calling for help? . >> silent. >> it was silent except for the sound of the fire. >> reporter: prior inspections show the conception was in full compliance with safety regulations. >> this is probably the worst case scenario you could have. >> photos show the cramped sleeping quarters. >> i could see fire on the other side of the window. >> and that's where the people were.
7:31 am
>> yeah. yeah. >> this morning as the grim search for the missing continues, many are praying for a miracle. but officials are preparing for the worst. >> i think we all should be prepared to move to the worst outcome. >> nbc's gadi schwartz there. now plain alexander is live for us in santa barbara, california. blain, what a difficult story for you. are we any closer were not apparently able to get out? >> reporter: that certainly is the big question. one of the biggest questions that remains is how exactly -- what the protocol was and why they were not able to get out. i want to show you this, though. we're a little more than 24 hours after that blaze. crews are still trying to get into the conception. we are here as dive teams got ready to go out. this is one of the sheriff's department boats ready to go out and work with in the recovery efforts. another left just a few minutes ago.
7:32 am
hallie, they have a very difficult task ahead of them. that's because the conception is sub merged in 62 feet of water. we are talking about what's left of a boat that is under water. it's upside-down. and it is unstable. so it makes it incredibly difficult for the teams to get inside and get to the remaining victims inside there, hallie. of course the latest numbers tell the most devastating story. we're talking about 25 people confirmed dead. nine who are still unaccounted for. of course they are also feared dead at this time. one of the biggest questions is how did this fire start? we know they are in compliance. they just passed a coast guard inspection. they had to have firefighting materials on board. the materials were there. as you heard in gadi's piece, the entire deck was consumed in flames, including the two exits, most likely. one final thing to point out to you, hallie, this is the home dock for the conception. typically it is right here.
7:33 am
docked right along here. instead, however, you see a growing memorial behind me. people paying tribute to the victims this morning. >> the you can see to the left of you from our perspective, flowers. people put cards and flowers right along the dock there. >> reporter: i'm having a little bit of trouble hearing you. but we talked about the mayday calls. that is certainly one of the biggest things. those are things that will be looked at in terms of trying to figure out. one, how the crew was able to get off. and two, why the passengers were not able to get off safely. after the break in texas, it has happened again. another mass shooting, stealing 7 lives in a matter of minutes. reigniting calls for congress to do something about this. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell, what he is now saying this morning in his first interview since that texas shooting. >> why won't you bring forward
7:34 am
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7:38 am
leader mitch mcconnell speaking for the first time since the texas shooting over the weekend about the possibility of the senate taking up new gun control proposal. democrats, especially the ones on the 2020 campaign trail, has been pushing him to do something when they get back next week. joe biden and elizabeth warren have two different approaches, at the "new york times" points out. the former vice president said the only solution for new gun control legislation is to defeat republicans in the elections next year. but senator warren said the herb needs to be addressed in a broader way, not just with a single legislative fix. with us is shaquille brewster in new hampshire. shaq, the pressure is certainly on members of congress getting back to washington next week to try to take up something here after the most recent shooting in texas. >> reporter: alert. definitely on the campaign trail. you are seeing this issue become a higher priority. among the candidates. senator sanders, when he
7:39 am
mentioned those gun violence prevention proposals like universal background checks, he received one of the largest standing ovations of the day. and you saw beto o'rourke yesterday spend some of his time -- he is a candidate who saw a campaign reboot after the el paso shooting. you saw him spend him spending time visiting odessa shooting victims. the tone of the candidates on the trail is reflective of the administration. not only on the pace of the mass shootings but the inaction you are seeing in the senate. they don't trust there will be action. >> do you see a compromise to be made in short of expanded background checks? >> [inaudible question]. >> is there any compromise to be
7:40 am
made? >> there is no compromise. thiss one we just have to push, push, push, and push and push. >> reporter: and there are some distinctions in how these candidates are talking about addressing gun violence. elizabeth warren, for example, says she wants to reduce gun violence by 80%. you hear candidates like cory booker a talking about a national gun licensing program. this is something they have shied away from in the past. not this time. they are leaning into it in pretty aggressive fashion. >> shaq, thank you. let me bring in florida democratic congressman who represents southeast florida, including a big part of the city of miami. thanks for being back on the show. and i want to ask you about hurricane dorian in a minute. senator mcconnell said if the president supports it he might be open to something on guns and background checks. is anything you have heard from senator mcconnell giving you hope for compromise when congress gets back in town? >> a tiny bit of hope.
7:41 am
i wish the senator would recognize here a separate branch of government. they passed background checks in march. we have been waiting for the senate to act. and he should not be asking the president for permission to pass background checks. we'll back back and pass three more bills, strong bills to add to the background checks, bills to 3re vent those from harming others. it will limit the number of bullets in magazines are from 100 to 10. and those from misdemeanor hate crimes being prevented from accessing guns. >> you had more hope than you had two, three weeks ago, a
7:42 am
month ago. is that fair to say? >> that's fair to say. they're feeling the pressure. the president off to get off the golf course and start helping us to pass bills and indicating he will sign bills that will protect the american people. we have kids going back to school that are afraid to go back to school. that shouldn't happen in this country. >> yeah. >> you are in miami as viewers can see. hurricane dorian is taking a track different than thought. are you breathing a sigh of relief or is it stale too soon to say? >> it's still too soon to say. we are never going to breathe a sigh of relief until it passes all of florida and frankly the whole country. the bahamas is personal to us. the first bahamians arrived in south florida in my district in
7:43 am
the 18th century. we have thousands of people who have relatives in the bahamas. we are preparing to help them as well. as is our country. i just heard that fema -- that usaid sent money to the red cross. everyone here is collecting goods to be sent to the bahamas. let me say the coast guard has been heroic. but the united states is organizing particularly in south florida because it is personal for us. >> i want to get your stance on our next guest. confirmation of new reporting from the "washington post" your colleagues on the house judiciary will be moving forward when they get back into session with public hearings related to hush money payments made to stormy daniels, a former "playboy" model before the 2016 election. why take that route? is that something you support? why? . >> i do. we have to hold the president
7:44 am
accountable. american people elected us to do exactly that. it's very important for the judiciary committee to keep on these issues as well as filling out the mueller report with all the background material that we have subpoenaed for making it very clear to the american people what our case is against the president. >> congresswoman, thinking of you folks down there in south florida as dorian makes its way past you. appreciate it. >> you're welcome. >> as you heard, your new reporting about the house judiciary committee's new moves. tell us what they hope to get out of this investigation into the hush money payments. >> this is a case they believe they can present to the american public. because these witnesses they say are accessible to them. as you know, they have had trouble putting key witnesses in the russia investigation into
7:45 am
front of the people, particularly white house counsel don mcgahn who has a lot to say about alleged obstruction of justice by president trump. he has been subpoenaed. he is resisting. it could take months, if not years, to resolve in the courts. when it comes to payments made to the women, there is no executive privilege. no testimonial immunity. they would like to get mr. pecker from the national inquirer, testifying publicly. they say this is a case where they believe prosecutors in new york had enough evidence to charge donald trump with a felony if he were not the president, hallie. >> new reporting from the washington bureau. thank you for being with us. >> you bet. coming up, getting to a peace deal with the taliban. as they claim responsibility for a deadly attack in kabul. so what does that mean for hopes for a u.s. troop withdrawal? more on that next as we keep an eye on hurricane dorian.
7:46 am
a live look out of melbourne beach, florida right now. we expect in less than 15 minutes, highly anticipated national hurricane center on the storm's path. ricane center on te storm's path ♪ ♪ it's rukmini here from the new york times . hey, you see this?
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so this morning we're following a pretty dramatic set of events in afghanistan that may be flying under your radar but shouldn't be. the taliban is taking responsibility for killing 16 people and hurting more than 100 in a car bombing hurting more t hundred in a car bomb on monday. that attack happening at the very same time as peace talks between the u.s. and taliban are being final eyesized in the afg captain capital. under the terms of the agreement, the u.s. will pull 5,400 troops and the taliban would not allow them to be a base for the u.s. and its allies. right now there's one thing or one person who could make or break all of this, and that's the man sitting in the oval office right now tweeting about the london mayor. with us is now retired four star general. thanks for being back on the show. from what we know about this deal so far, good or bad for the u.s.? >> well, you could make a good argument from a political
7:51 am
perspective it's a compelling case to get out of afghanistan. their government's in chaos. the taliban now control or hold sway over at least half the country. there's zero chance of a strong federal government emerging in afghanistan in the short run. from a military perspective, we're absolutely throwing ghani and his government under the bus. as we withdrew, nato will withdraw. we should anticipate a heightened civil war and probably chaos and the taliban taking over again. it's a very difficult and dangerous circumstances right now in that country. >> so if you were advising the president right now, general, what would you tell him to do? >> i'm actually glad i'm not advising the president on it because i don't see a good outcome. i think at the end of the day what we've tried to do is stave off a disaster in afghanistan. my guess is, if we stayed for 25
7:52 am
years with a nominal presence, 15 to 30,000 nato forces, we keep afghanistan from imploding. but you have to create the political will to do that. and i see no -- no chance of that whatsoever. essential n certainly not with this president. >> a few weeks ago, early last month, i asked the president about whether the u.s. could trust the tal fwoon hold up their end of any agreement that is worked out. i want to play for you what he to say to me. >> that, i can't tell you. i mean, you know, we'll find out. >> so i posed the same question to you. account taliban be trusted to hold their end of the bargain? >> well, it's interesting. our u.s. ambassador there, afghan american, brilliant man, very experienced, i first met him in the embassy in kabul right after we recaptured kabul. think he's thrown them the ghani government under the bus.
7:53 am
he basically said all you got to do is promise us you won't host terrorism to attack the united states and you indicate that later on you'll start talking about lot established government. so there's almost nothing there. we should expect this will unravel rapidly and the taliban in some no way should be trusted to maintain any guarantees of u.s. being off limits to terrorists attack. >> general, thanks for coming on and talking us through thooe the these new developments. we are just now about six or so minutes away from the latest update on where hurricane dorian could go next. the national weather service set to update the national hurricane center is going to be updating its track as the storm moves dangerously close to florida. bill kar bill karins is back with the
7:54 am
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we have just received that new advisory on the track of hurricane dorian. nbc news meteorologist bill karins is in the weather center. what does it is a? >> it's no long aer a major hurricane. winds are still 110 miles per hour, that does make it the strongest you can get for a category two hurricane. the storm has been sitting in the same place and the storms can't continue to maintain their intensity if they sit in the same location. they use up all the fuel and the
7:58 am
cooler air that's below goes to the surface. we have doubled the forward speed of this storm. we went from 1 miles per hour to now 2 miles per hour. it's painful. it's been painful over the last 48 hours. but you can see we're starting to slowly drift away, especially from great abaco, that's where the coast guard is in there. but we'd like to get the rescue efforts into freeport and grand bahama. so let me take you to the new badge of the hurricane center. a lot of our friends are staring at this from georgia and south carolina and north carolina. we've been weakening the storm, the hurricane center has it 110, 110, 110. they don't have it increasing in intensity but remaining the same. they still have it safely off the coast of florida. we will see tropical storm kufts, issues with the high tide and storm surge, but a not direct hit in florida and georgia. but that cone still includes
7:59 am
south carolina coastal areas from charleston to myrtle beach, georgetown, and all of eastern north carolina. and that red line is very close. thursday afternoon and evening that's the when it gets the closest to myrtle beach, wilmington as the sun is setting. then overnight through eastern north carolina in the is category 2 with kwun hundred miles per hour winds. so if you get hit by a category two storm you'll get power outages, downed trees, you'll have to cancel schools in this area and do some evacuation as to. look how fast the storm is moving. it's going to fly. it ges froes from thursday off charlston to gone off the outer banks. it's going to be moving quicker. we'll still stare at these squiggly lines to see where the storm and is they've been trending closer to a landfall in north carolina. so from charleston up through the outer banks, you should be preparing now for a category two hurricane in case it comes
8:00 am
knocking. >> thank you for that update just in moments ago to the weather center. we'll have much more on the track of dorian including with my colleague craig melvin who's on the ground down in jupiter, florida. craig, you've been in it and have been watching all morning in the rain and in the wind. >> and we are in the middle of one of those squalls right now, hallie jackson, good to see you. craig melvin here on the east coast of florida in jupiter where, again, as you just saw and heard from bill karins there, dorian expected to move dangerously close. that storm finally on the move. just moments ago we received that new guidance from the national hurricane center. as of now the storm slowly pulling away from the bahamas. it has been there for around 40 hours now sitting on top of that island and bringing with it some severe destruction and death as well. devastating winds, storm surge will continue to batter the


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