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tv   First Look  MSNBC  September 5, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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and with that, that is our broadcast for this wednesday night. thank you so much for being here with us. good night from our nbc news headquarters here in new york. hurricane dorian has intensified to a category 3 storm again and is headed to the carolinas. this as the death toll in the bahamas grows. >> president trump shows a map of dorian that appears to have been altered. he doesn't give up and the idea that alabama faces damage when it does not. >> boris johnson has been blocked by parliament from leaving the european union without a deal next month.
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>> good morning. it is thursday, september 5. i'm ayman mohyeldin alongside yasmin vossoughian. we begin with hurricane dorian that has gained strength own. once again, a major hurricane. category 3 now. this video from charl seston, residents there bracing for dangerous storm surges. bill, update us on how things have played out. >> good morning, last night, the hurricane center bumped it up from 105 to 115. above 110, is a category 3. it got a little more organized. the areas all the way from south carolina, charleston up the
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coast are going to deal with a category 2 or 3 hurricane. this will rake the coast of north carolina this morning until about friday about noon before it heads out to sea. this is the brand-new path. we don't see any land fall in the myrtle center. this evening it will be close in the wilmington area. through the middle of the night, we could see it go through moorehead city, atlantic beach. wind speeds 110, 105, 100. that will cause damage, power outages and trees down in that area. that will cause a lot of issues. it could be a weak or two. this morning, we have a lot of heavy rain up through
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charleston. already flash flood warnings and tornado warnings in the myrtle beach area. this is just the beginning. dorian hasn't done any significant damage since it left the bahamas. georgia and florida was spared. south carolina will take it on the chin. >> i hope they are heeding the warnings there. >> in the bahamas, the death toll stands at 20. that number is expected to increase significantly. the white house says president trump spoke to the prime minister of the bahamas yesterday and agreed to work in close coordination. we are already seeing that happen. >> reporter: we are here at customs and border protection. these are the guys who are the heroes going out to try to make
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first contact on search and rescues in those devastated areas. you can see what a mess that they are having to negotiate to get into. it is remarkable to think anybody survived this. a category 5. winds of 220 miles an hour. we came across a family that survived. they road it out in a bunker. the little girl call it had a bomb shelter. it did the trick for them. >> it was scarey. i'm glad we are alive and safe. >> were you afraid you might not survive? >> yes. >> what did you say to your mom and dad? >> i love you. >> it was crazy. we lived. we are getting out. we feel awesome. >> are you staying? >> i'm staying. i got to tighten up the house. we are the only two structures that stayed up right. >> you are very lucky. >> we don't even know what it
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was. what was it? >> category 5. 2 220-mile-an-hour winds. it felt like hell. >> they will be air born as long as they are needed and based on the devastation we witnessed, they are going to be needed for some time. reporting from marine and air operations. back to you. >> devastating to hear some of those stories. our thanks to kerry sanders for that report. >> president trump refuses to back down from saying that alabama was in harm's way. the map that added alabama into the path with a black marker calling it, quote, the original
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chart." >> i know that alabama was in the original forecast. they thought they would get a piece of it. we have a better map that will be presented where we had many lines and models. they were going derriirectly thh and in all cases alabama was hit, if not lightly or some cases hard. >> it almost looked like a sharpy. >> i don't know. >> an hour later, he released another map. showing lines going through that state. those lines also went through louisiana, mississippi and one towards mexico. he claimed this was the originally projected path. you can see almost all models predicted it to go through
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florida. i accept the fake news a poll guys. that includes fine print that says, nhs county and emergency management statement, super seed this. this graphic should compliment, not displace. the u.s. statute on false weather reports. saying whoever knowingly issues or publishes any counterfeit weather forecast or warning of weather conditions falsely representing such forecast or warning shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than 90 days or both. >> hurricane maria left puerto rico devastated. and now the pentagon is recovering hundreds of millions of dollars meant for the island
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to president trump's border wall instead. there are 127 military projects being delays as the agency moves $3.6 billion to pay for the wall. puerto rico is one of the hardest hit. more than $400 million meant for construction projects will be diverted including money for a pawer station and national guard readiness center. impacting 23 states represented by dralemocrats receiving the bt of the blow. new york will lose money, new mexico will lose $125 million. democrats are not the only ones feeling the hit. several republican senators facing reelection who voted in support and their states will lose money. north carolina losing $80
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million. arizona will lose $30 million. kentucky will lose $62 million. gardener will see his state lose $8 million. south carolina will lose $11 million and texas will lose $38 million. >> joining us now, reporter from the "washington post," eugene scott. let's talk about some of these states represented by the senate. they are also key to the president's 2020 reelection hopes. how might this impact and are we reading into the politics? >> i certainly don't think you are off base. you should expect democrats campaigning that those lawmakers currently occupy that projects they need perhaps will not get
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accomplished because the president diverted those funds to another area, his pet project, the wall. that is not going to affect people who already plan to vote for the president or support the wall. the reality is, we know these communities have other priorities to see they build or even address because of this focus of the president could really motivate some voters left to come out in 2020 and vote against him and perhaps more importantly vote against lawmakers. >> let's switch gears here and talk about the sharpie. >> sharpie gate. >> let's leave it at the sharpie. what has been the latest reaction deferring from the
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official warnings from the government and the whole situation with the sharpie and where it seems extending the map to include alabama? >> it is a reminder that president has a pattern of saying things that aren't necessarily supported by fact or prove and after getting some type of push back, pretty much empowering his staffers to find anyways possible to make sure what he said doesn't look like a lie or at least has as much support as possible. that is very frustrating for white house staffers. the second reaction is great frustration that the president who has access to the latest information possible would be so disengaged to this incident that should be paid attention to by the seconds would rely so heavily on such outdated
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material and material that appears has been altered to make it appear that he was telling the truth, which is illegal. there is great frustration for people who noticed this and wonder why the president continues continues to behave this way. >> many people are wondering. you can get up dated every minute, why would you be selected in the way you frame a conversation about a natural disaster? >> i want to ask you, you use the word frustration a lot explaining this whole incident with the sharpie. could you see any actual political blow back from all of this? >> certainly from people left of the president on the base. in states even like alabama. we know during the last senate
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election, this was a state republicans expected to win that they lost. we think they know people on the left will point to this incident to prove that the president and people that support him might not be the best people to ee equ equip that state. >> still ahead, president trump is denying he suggested vice president mike pence should stay at his resort in ireland. questions about whether the president is profiting from his presidency. >> the latest on the investigation into the deadly mass shooting in odessa. looking for the person who sold the weapon used by the gunman. those stories and the weather when we come back.
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>> dorian is battering the atlantic coast. high winds, driving rains and a vision storm surge. clinging to the shore line, gaining strength and taking aim at the carolinas where it may make a second land fall this week. >> let's get another check on your weather now with bill karins. >> let me take everybody through the timing. watching the storm where it is evacuated. we have hurricane warnings from georgia, south carolina border. even tropical storm warnings and watch all the way almost to ocean city, maryland. this is at 8:00 a.m. this morning. heaviest rains in charleston and
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myrtle beach. 65 to 85-mile-an-hour winds. that water right now is at three feet. it is all about the timing. you don't want the surge at high tide. that could be the case around myrtle beach later on. a lot of these areas could get up to a foot of rain. we could have possible land fall around willington with the peek of the around about 11:00 p.m. to midnight. 90 to 110-mile-an-hour winds. hatteras, up to 115-mile-an-hour winds. flash flooding and rain. after mike pence's chief of staff told reporters that
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president trump suggested he stay at the trump resort this week. president trump denied any part of the decision. >> can you state your involvement. >> i had no involvement other than it is a great place. it is beautiful and wonderful. his family lives there, which is amazing. mike, his family has lived there many decades. one of the first things he said is he knew i had this terrific place in ireland. he said, you know my family lives there. i heard he was going but it wasn't my idea for mike to go there. he went there because his family is there. >> you didn't suggest -- >> i don't suggest anything.
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>> kind of renewing this debate in the public about whether or not the president is violating the constitution essentially profiting from his presidency. you have an interesting piece on nbc where your analysis suggests that there is a way for him to avoid that debate. walk us through your analysis on this. >> yes. the clause, if we are all honest, none of us have ever heard of because we've never had a president like trump with vast business holdings. when you think about it, the only two articulated crimes for impeachment are not related to violence or theft but crimes of corruption, tresson and bribery. the founders were almost
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obsessed with corruption and rootding it out. there are two, foreign and domest domestic emoluments clause. this issue arises in ireland, it's really more a domestic clause. did the federal government pay the president above and beyond what his salary is. ultimately, and this is very complex, how do we define the word emoluments. a word nobody knew a few years ago. even it is in the broadest, any value of benefit to the president beyond his salary, or something that is a benefit in return for the president's actual surfaces.
2:22 am
if the president was at the hotel turning down the beds, and doing roam service, that would be fascinating and he was paid directly for that. that might be an emolument in the strict viewing. >> in order to answer that question, a lot of democrats are calling for an investigation if the president is profiting from the presidency. what is their strongest argument? >> the broadest interpretation of an emolument. any time anybody pays the president through his hotel wherever it is located, it automatically increases the president and is an emolument. it is an issue never dealt with
2:23 am
before. there are several pending lawsuits dealing with that issue and largely unresolved. >> all of this could have been some what avoided if he had put all of this in a blind trust, which he chose not to. >> thank you. last week, boris johnson controversially suspended parliament. those details, coming up. just scan the sensor with your reader, iphone or android and manage your diabetes. with the freestyle libre 14 day system, a continuous glucose monitor, you can check your glucose levels any time, without fingersticks. ask your doctor to write a prescription for the freestyle libre 14 day system. you can do it without fingersticks. learn more at
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things are not going well for new british prime minister boris johnson. parliament delivered a serious blow and rejected his attempt to hold a snap general election days before the brexit deadline of october 31. things got so heated that a frustrated prime minister called option leader corbin a, quote, chlorinated chicken. it appears unlikely a deal will be in place but johnson is a big proponent of a no-deal divorce. it would mark the fourth extension granted and delay things until january. investigating an individual they suspect of illegally manufacturing and selling the
2:27 am
weapon used in the mass shooting in west, texas on saturday. he purchased the firearm in a private sale was prohibited from buying guns because of a mental health issue. authorities served a search warrant of the suspected gun dealer who is thought to have been buying parts to build his own firearms and selling them. it is illegal do so without a license. still ahead, in 2016, wisconsin helped vote president trump. numbers are different there. we'll break down the numbers. and joe biden is addressing a series of gaffs, we'll show you his new comments next.
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welcome back. i'm yasmin vossoughian alongside ayman mohyeldin. it is the bottom of the hour. we are continuing to track hurricane dorian, which is once again a major hurricane. now pelting the east coast from georgia to north carolina. the concern is the storm surge. the further north, the closer it comes to making landfall. let's get to bill karins again. take us through it.
2:32 am
>> good morning. let me give you the new forecast. if you went to bet before 11:00 p.m., sththat's when it was up great graded to a category 3. it has been since 1986 when north carolina was hit. if it does make a land fall there, first time in a long time. here is the path and the time line, worse of the day in the daylight hours is charleston to myrtle beach. overnight around moorehead city, atlantic beach and cap hatteras. we'll see a number of areas with wind gusts 90 to 1 110-mile-an-hour. this is the power outage forecast. you can see anywhere along the
2:33 am
coast, a lot of pine trees that could easily topple. that will cause issues. in charleston, we have a surge of three feet and going towards low tide. with he get up to high tide, we could have some of the highest surge values. we'll watch that as we go through about 1:00 this afternoon in the outer areas to the north. it won't be as bad there. the flood risk, water kills the most people with storms, we could see up to a foot of rain to myrtle beach, georgetown and charleston. >> we'll check back and get the latest from the bahamas in a moment. >> voters in wisconsin say they favor joe biden over president trump. according to the law school polpoll leading 51 to 32%.
2:34 am
meanwhile, biden has an eight-point lead on his fellow 2020 contenders with 28% of support. sanders in second place. >> biden looked to clear up some of his recent 2020 gaffes during an appearance on the late show. watch this. >> i think it is fair to go after a political figure for anything. okay. we stand up and it comes with the territory. but here is the deal, any gaffe i have made and i've made gaffes have not been not about a substantive issue. i'm trying to talk about what other people have done. they made a big deal saying i
2:35 am
pinned a medal on two people and the dates, et cetera. it is a different thing to say when you are talking about honoring the bravery or the sacrifice or what other people went through and the essence of it is absolutely true. the fact that i said i was vice president. in one case, i was vice president elect. the other case i was a senator. i don't know that that's relevant. i don't know in one against if that's wrong. >> joining us now from "washington post." the former vice president comfortable there on the couch whachlt do you make of it? >> it certainly is an effort to communicate to voters concerned
2:36 am
about accuracy and even the former vice president's age that at the end of the day he will offer an alternative that is superior to what president trump is doing. is it going to be enough to convince people in the party already looking to other options to pivot to him before a decision is made at the democratic national convention next year. >> getting back to that poll, are these numbers that the top three contenders from the democrats, bernie sanders, joe biden, elizabeth warren, with the exception of warren, all beating president trump. is that a surprise given that trump won the state in 2016? >> not really. we know the reasons for trump's win that don't suggest most
2:37 am
voters in that state are really supporting him and consistent supporters of his world view. factors like interference from russia and the decision not to campaign in the state in the last moments that count by clinton definitely helped president trump win. in this current situation where he's not doing well in terms of popularity and where the democratic base is so motivated to turn out against him, it shouldn't be a surprise to see that candidates currently offer something different that what president trump currently is. >> thank you. still ahead, we continue to follow hurricane dorian now threatening the carolinas. plus we'll hear some of the her owing stories of survivors in the bahamas. we are back in a moment. we put our latest technology and unrivaled network to work.
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i laid on the floor about two hours. the debris kept closing in on me. finally, i got one arm out. crawled out. >> did you think you'd be here? >> i thought i was going to die. >> one of the doctors that came in said the sharks are in the water. >> the sharks are in the water and on the land in abaco. >> we were pushing bodies on the side to get through. >> deceased people? >> yes. floating in the water. >> it is deteriorating fast. >> we need help. we need help. that's all i can say. that's it. >> so many devastated families there to say the least. those were some of the survivors and families in the bahamas. there are ways to help through several organizations.
2:42 am
red cross and salvation army and team rubicon. >> we are not in the clear yet for hurricane dorian. let's go to bill karins for an update. >> today is the day. this will likely be a billion dollar weather disaster, probably multibillion dollar disaster on the carolina coastline. we look at the bahamas, no, not a category 5 but even a category 2 or 3 can do significant damage. it will cancel school and do significant damage. all the warnings are in red. ca carolina coastline. i haven't heard of a lot of damage along the georgia coastline. we have an issue with a lot of
2:43 am
small streams and rivers and in the coastal areas, we get the storm surge too. areas like charleston maybe with a surge of water. same kacarolina, inland floodin major impact. you will get moderate damage. north carolina, the storm is moving a little quicker. the storm surge is not going to be quite as bad. some of the back bays and the sound you watch closely. flooding will be major. wind gusts, if we get that direct land fall and winds up to 100, 110, i'll move this up to major for impact. that's one of the majors. as far as all of our pictures, yesterday was a good day.
2:44 am
today, we have showers and storms. it won't hinder rescue efforts. they should be able to get in there. whoever needs to get in there will be able to. >> a new report released yesterday from the inspector general revealed migrant children separated from their parents under the trump administration policy last summer exhibited a high number of mental health challenges. many children already distressed in their home countries or by their journey showed more feelings of abandonment and fear than children not separated from their parents. the report that is the first substantial accounting on how family separation has affected the mental health of children was based on interviews of about 100 clinicians who are regular interpretations with the kids. the report showed the longer children were in custody, the more their mental health
2:45 am
deteriorated. still ahead, we'll go live to london where the brexit crisis is playing out in dramatic fashion as the world watches. >> it is order. order. >> it is very difficult to hear the responses from the prime minister. members must calm themselves. there is a long way to go. but we're also a company that controls hiv, fights cancer, repairs shattered bones, relieves depression, restores heart rhythms, helps you back from strokes, and keeps you healthy your whole life. from the day you're born we never stop taking care of you. from the day you're born ♪ i planned ♪ each charted course ♪ each careful step ♪ along the byway
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2:48 am
he's going at it, no question about it. he's in there. i watched him this morning. he's in there fighting. he knows how to win. boris knows how to win. don't worry about him. he's going to be okay. >> that was president trump weighing in on the turmoil playing out in london. the prime minister lost a series of votes over his plan to exit the eu with or without a deal. we have reporters covering all angels of this story. we'll begin with our nbc foreign correspondent outside of browning. how bad are things going for the prime minister right now? >> reporter: a week ago, i would have told you it is check mate, prime minister. last week, he took a
2:49 am
controversial decision to suspend parliament. basically dismissing them for about five full weeks right ahead of the october 31 deadline where he's promised britain will leave the union with or without a deal and many suspect boris johnson is cruising towards a no deal brexit. now, he seems like he's on the back foot once again. he's had three votes in parliament that have gone against him. that is really unprecedented. he's only been in office a couple of months and already been rejected so many times and this morning, it looks as though he's going to have a really tough time with this. parliament approved a bill and hope to have the queen's stamp. a bill that would force johnson
2:50 am
to go back to the european union and demand they delay this departure, the so-called brexit. he tried to then who actually held the brexit vote in the first place thinking it was going to strengthen his position and all of this backfired. matt bradley live in london. let's turn to joumanna in london. what is the business communities, markets, folks around the world saying to all of this turmoil coming out of london? >> i have to say it's been a wild ride over the last week and many of us are becoming experts on the parliamentary conventions
2:51 am
within the uk system. sterling pounds, the currency dropped a three-year low of 119.80, lowest levels on the referendum on fears we could indeed be headed towards a hard brexit. in the last 24 hours as matt just highlighted for us, a bill has passed that would essentially remove or even lower the probability of that no deal brexit occurring on october 31st, but not eliminating it completely. since then we have seen a big bounce in the pound, retreating up now at around 122.80, a full three points higher as people get reconciled with the terms of potentially a new general election or another extension for the exit dates. but i have to tell you that if you go back and look at the performance of the uk economy since 2016, there are many reports out there suggesting that the question is about 2% to 3% smaller than it would have been otherwise if this referendum hadn't occurred.
2:52 am
investment 11% lower, productivity 2% to 3% lower. there has been a noticeable impact on the uk gdp and still guess on what it's going to look like in the future. >> let's switch gears for a moment. i want to turn to the ongoing trade war between the united states and china. what can we expect here, joumanna, as she is two countries are heading back to the negotiation table? >> that's right. so we had the developments overnight, not so long ago, actually, the chinese commerce ministry put out a statement saying that the two sides had indeed had a phone call overnight between the vice premiere, robert lighthizer and steven mnuchin. they discussed moving forward, will have consultations over the next couple weeks and a potential other meeting to happen in washington as soon as october. markets were cheered on by that. stock futures down about 200 points. again, some perspective here, no you with these subsequent round of tariffs being applied, today we are looking at chinese imports of about -- the tariffs
2:53 am
on them are about 17.5% versus 5% before the trade war kicked off. the big question is whether or not those tariffs will be fully repealed or whether it's just a deescalation for the time being before we get another round of new tariffs applied. a lot of questions still. again, looking at the economy both sides have got hit and according to some estimates u.s. got hit by half a percentage point, china got hit by .6, .7 percentage points so both sides are feeling the pain from this trade war. >> thanks, joumanna. up next the editor and chief of axios has a look at one big thing. coming up on "morning joe," tracking hurricane dorian and the dangerous surge it might bring to the carolina coast. plus the president refuses to let go of his false claim that alabama was, in fact, in the storm's path. we will have a lot more on the potential legal fallout after he used a government weather map that appeared to be altered. later pete buttigieg joins
2:54 am
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all right. joining us now from washington, d.c. with a look at axios a.m., editor in chief for axios nicholas johnson. walk us through t what is axios' one big thing. >> today's one big thing is the next super power show down. we have seen the images of devastation from hurricane dorian as it reeked havoc in the bahamas. they will need billions of dollars in infrastructure aid and investment. trump officials are beginning to think about the national security implications if china rushes to provide that aid. their soft power is involving infrastructure projects, building roads and ports and telecom networks as part of their belt and road initiatives. this happened in africa, asia and even europe. now trump officials are thinking what if that extends to the bahamas, if china tries to step in and provide a lot of aid, ally to the united states, 50
2:58 am
miles off the coast of america. huawei is on the naughty list. u.s. officials think it's a tool of espionage. trump administration is concerned what if that company rushes in to help rebuild bahamas, destroy telecom networks. >> how are we seeing here the trump administration respond to potentially limiting china's involvement with hurricane dorian. >> this is very early, the hurricane just moved offshore of the bahamas a couple days ago. trump administration officials have begun talking to bhm officials, cut the brewer raes so they can get to u.s. aid first. what we're hearing is being very vigilant if china tries to make inroads. if they see this as an opportunity to gain a foot hold in the region. >> what are you learning this morning about former white house press secretary sarah sanders who apparently has a new book potentially coming out and what might it reveal about her personal plans to run for
2:59 am
governor of arkansas. >> here comes the next trump administration memoire, sarah huckabee sanders is writing one which will be coming out right before the election. i do not expect this one to be a juicy tell-all, she has been a strong ally of the president. she is expected to be out on the campaign trail defending him next year. i'm not reading this book as a 2020 book, this is a 2022 book. there are tea leaves in this book that may signal whether she will consider a run for governor of arkansas when that come opens up in 2022. >> i feel like it's going to be a flattering book about the trump administration. >> nicholas johnson, thank you very much. we will be reading axios a.m. in just a bit. you can sign up for the newsletter at >> that does it for us, i'm yasmin vossoughian alongside ayman mohyeldin, "morning joe" starts right now. looked like it almost had like a sharpie. >> i don't know. i don't know. i don't know. >> so just who would have doctored a weather map with a
3:00 am
sharpie to reinforce the president's false claim that alabama was in the path of hurricane dorian? it's a total mystery. >> so i called up the folks at sharpie and i said, do me a favor, can you make the pen in black, make it look rich? he said not only can we do that, we can put your signature on it. that's your signature right there. wow. good morning and well tomorrow to "morning joe" this thursday, september 5th. with us we have msnbc contributor -- >> the temptations really. >> oh, my. >> let's listen to the song for a second. ♪ just my imagination running away with me ♪ >> barnicle is here and state department's elise jordan is with us, eddie clawed jr. and republican communication strategist and msnbc political contributor rick tyler. >> so you worked with presidents, you worked


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