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tv   MTP Daily  MSNBC  September 5, 2019 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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my thanks to my guests and most of all to you. mtp daily with chuck todd starts right now. ♪ if it's thursday, dorian slams the carolina coast with high winds, flooding rain and tornadoes. reporters on the ground. we'll have the latest on the storm track. big 5:00 p.m. update. plus the story of the trump presidency summed up in one little line. it's the true indelible mark of this administration. sadly. and the call is coming from inside the house. more than 60 calls, actually. we totaled up the dozens and
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dozens of investigations into the trump administration that elected house democrats won. the list is a doozy. we'll show it to you. where is this all going? welcome to thursday. it is "meet the press" daily. we'll get up to all the day's political news in just a moment. first, we want to get you the very latest on hurricane dorian. the big 5:00 update. at this hour the carolina coast is taking a pounding. category 2 storm spent the day hugging the coast of south carolina, unleashing wind gusts of more than 70 miles per hour. around a foot of rain. more than 120 streets are closed in the city of charleston right now and 200 thousand customers are without power statewide. widespread flooding along the south carolina coast charleston up to the myrtle beach area, getting some of the worst from dorian right this second. now the national hurricane center measured storm surge up to eight feet near myrtle beach.
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then there's north carolina. we got mandatory evacuation orders in place for the barrier islands. that's not a surprise. as you can see, some damage has already been done on emerald isel outside of morehead city. wilmington will be getting some of the worst from dorian later tonight when the sun goes down. so far, the eye of the storm has remained just off the mainland. but if it does make landfall, that would most likely happen off the mainland because the landfall would be on north carolina's outer banks. parts of south carolina and north carolina are also under tornado advisories. we've heard reports of several in the two states. you're looking at one of our affiliates spotted near myrtle beach. even though dorian was downgraded to a category 2 storm earlier today, obviously, it is still highly dangerous. speaking of that danger, let's -- we will have the latest forecast on dorian from the national hurricane center in a moment. first we want to go on the ground in south carolina to nbc
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correspondents, simone boyce in myrtle beach. what have you got for us? >> reporter: chuck, hurricane dorian has unleashed an unrelenting assault on the citizens here in myrtle beach, south carolina. you can see these massive waves, pounding behind me. the wind, we've been feeling sustained winds at about 40 miles per hour, and the rain is just stinging us. one bit of good news, though, chuck, we weren't able to stand on this area before, this patch of sand, without being covered about up to our ankles in water. and that's just a reminder of the danger that this storm poses in terms of flooding and storm surge. you can see the sea water pooling here. we're seeing reports of flooding in the city of myrtle beach. could be more than two feet of water at this point. but in addition to that threat
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of storm surge, which is something that these residents have lived through with other storms like hurricane matthew and florence, the other big threat is tornadoes. we woke up this morning to an emergency alert, warning us that we were in a tornado warning zone, that there was potentially a waterspout forming in this ocean behind me. and the scary thing about tornadoes, chuck, especially in the middle of the night, is that you dent know where they're coming from and you can't see them. since then, we have heard reports of some of these possible tornadoes touching down, ripping off roofs off homes and overturning massive trees. i have traveled throughout the state of florida as hurricane dorian was just off the coast there, but i can tell you, chuck, i've seen more damage here in south carolina over the past 24 hours. >> i bet. all right, simone. don't be a here o be safe out there. and thanks very much. now let's go to kathy in charleston. you have seen the storm.
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it's just about gone, it looks like. obviously, you're getting some bands there. >> reporter: uh-huh. >> what are you seeing now? >> reporter: so, chuck, we are now on the back side of dorian. so the rain and the wind, they're actually starting to taper off. we're told between 6:00 and 8:00, the system will be heading up the coast, headed north. now that we are on the ground, we're getting a closer look at the damage. i want to show you a couple of things. this is kind of the scene that's playing out here in downtown charleston. lots of downed power lines as well as downed trees. minor structural damage, though. and before we actually saw a lot of flooded roadways. believe it or not, chuck, the water levels have actually gone down significantly. and the past couple of hours. you mentioned power outages earlier. there are about 200,000 customers. actually half the customers in charleston lost power. we dent know when that power will go back on.
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a lot of folks here, as you know, have gone through a lot of hurricanes. you have to talk to some of these residents here. they're saying they lived through irma, florence. the list goes on and on. some people have lived in the community and actually witnessed hugo in '89, which caused significant damage. obviously, you're seeing here that this is nothing compared to what hugo did, because they spent months recovering. a lot of folks here are breathing a bit of relief because this is kind of the damage that's left behind, chuck. >> i was just going to say, the minute you said that the water has already been receding that in itself is probably the best news we could say we heard. kathy park, thank you, in charleston. simone boyce, of course, was in myrtle beach. let's get the latest on the new forecast of hurricane dorian. bill karins just getting it now. all right, bill, what have we got and is the eye going to touch the mainland? >> that's the question this evening, chuck, we'll be staring at. that makes a big difference.
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everyone in florida, the storm was 80 miles off the coast, not that bad. georgia, couple of high tide cycles. the hurricane was far enough off the coast the winds didn't leave their mark. a couple of tornadoes today, 11 of them. and one that was possibly a significant one in north carolina. big tornadoes, too, rare for tropical systems. that's the greatest concern right now, numerous tornado warnings here near areas heading toward kinston with all these spiraling bands and we're getting these as they come on shore. simone wasn't that far away, 50 miles from the center of the hurricane. it wasn't blowing around that much. winds are really confined. right towards the eye. if you don't go through that, you're not going to get a lot of wind destruction. that's what we'll be watching this evening. let me get to the 5:00 update from the hurricane center. 105-mile-per-hour winds. the more we can weaken this, the better. it will travel over land through the night tonight eastern carolina. knock the winds down, get some
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trees up and get through some power outages. i didn't think this would be a huge wind event with it being offshore. 52 in myrtle beach and georgetown. these regions can handle that. scattered power outages, about 200,000 right now. as far as the new path and track goes -- remember, it's a tight south koreale that you want to avoid. it's going to be a very close call for our friends in wrightsville beach, wilmington area here, as we stick to this point. this is going to be close to that western eyewall throughout this evening's hours after sunset. overnight, like 2:00 a.m. this red line goes over morehead city, beaufort area, sea island ferry runs to the outer banks. that area looks like it will go through the eye in the middle of the night and stay right off the outer banks, head off hatteras. and finally noon tomorrow, done. dorian will be out in the ocean and shouldn't be a problem for too many people. may bring some rain and wind up
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to nova scotia but not as a hurricane. rest of today in wilmington, we're targeting you from 4:00 p.m. to 4:00 a.m. it's really going to be about 10:00 p.m. to about 3:00 a.m. that's the peak of the storm for you. if we get 80 to 100-mile-per-hour gusts on shore it would be in the wilmington area. last high tide cycle that we have a chance for significant storm surge flooding. hurricane center had said a potential for five to eight feet. myrtle beach had a storm surge of two feet. tide level up to eight total. georgetown had the latest and so far this surge has not been a big issue. that's great. no one is complaining about that. once it gets to the outer banks we could get a gust 90 to 110. but the building codes get hit by storms that have caliber fairly often. highway 12 gets washed out, they'll have to repair it, but hopefully we can keep these
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tornadoes at a minimum the rest of the night and get through this thing. >> all right. without -- i don't want to jinx us. this thing could always jog left and all of a sudden it hits. >> sure. >> do we have the gulf stream to thank here? it seems as if we have this natural -- >> yeah. is this what just -- from matthew to this one, is this our natural protector? >> i've got a lot of people asking me, what are the odds that we could -- these storms don't know where the coastline is. >> yes, they do, though, right? they do. >> that's a good question. i've never actually seen a study that says that, you know, the storms will purposely veer towards the warmer waters of the gulf stream. maybe someone out there, some grad student can get on that for you and we'll work on that. >> our favorite research nugget, one of our producers found this over the weekend, 13 storms on dorian's track and only two have hit the u.s. mainland. there's something about this gulf stream. >> we'll write the paper and i'll put your name on it. >> it's all you, bill.
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d dr. karins, by then i hope. always a pleasure to get your knowledge on this. destruction from hurricane dorian in the carolinas is just a fraction of the destruction it brought earlier this week in the bahamas. let's be realistic here. the united states got lucky. the bahamas did not. country's health minister confirmed 20 are dead on abaco islands and grand bahama. he expects that number to, quote, increase significantly. dorian made landfall saturday as a category 5 hurricane with 185-mile-per-hour winds and then the nightmare. it stalled over those islands for about two days. and as you can see in this footage, entire neighborhoods, towns were simply destroyed and wiped out by dorian. as our network crews are getting clear to make it on the impacted islands, it's been very difficult to get there. we're hearing from people firsthand who experienced the worst of dorian. >> a nightmare, that's all i could tell people. i lived in abaco all my life.
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i've been through hurricane which was a 5 also. i tell people this was like a 10. i mean, everything is gone. and there's nothing left. where we're standing there's not much left to it. some structures are standing, some are completely gone. >> rescue and recovery efforts are under way right now in those devastated areas. you can see from these terrible images that will have to be a massive effort to help the decimated areas. this is going to take a big, worldwide effort. the u.s. coast guard says it has rescued more than 130 people in the bahamas since dorian hit. 17 shallow water rescue teams are standing by for this effort. national red cross says 70,000 people in the country may be in need of medical aid. 62,000 people on abaco and grand bahama islands are without water. 10,000 homes have been destroyed.
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welcome back. it's ridiculous. it's small, petty and wrong. it's everything we can't stand about the trump era at times, including the daily grind of covering it. a hurricane is battering the carolinas and trump is doubling down that dorian is barreling down on alabama. 20 minutes later, officials from alabama said no, it's not. you are looking at an animation, showing every single five-day
2:17 pm
forecast track. none hit alabama. then outcome came the sharpie yesterday, altering the old path to include alabama. today the president tweeted an old spaghetti model that came out four days before his original tweet that was an attempt to justify his forecast. but if anything it makes you wonder why he didn't also warn mississippi, louisiana, tennessee and even mexico, for good measure, as you can see with all the spaghetti strands. yes, sharpie data is absurd. if aliens landed in washington ten years from now and wanted just one word that totally sums up this presidency, trump's stubbornness, ego, willingness to mislead us and mislead us about misleading us. even the media's reaction and sometimes overreaction to it all, you might just tell them, sharpie gate. >> joining me now, carol lee, bill cristol and president and ceo of voto latino.
2:18 pm
bill, this is the donald trump you've been trying to run against for four years. >> yeah. >> and trying to deal with in the conservative movement. this is one of those -- we've had this argument in the staff meeting. it's everything that's wrong, at times, about what we do but yet so emblematic of who he is. >> seems silly and trivial. it is silly and entirely trivial but someone said to me, a week ago? time flies in the trump era, when he tweeted that photo, extremely sensitive photo of iranian missile launch site. it's been hard for people to get their heads around, why is it so bad? sources and methods and not -- maybe people can get their heads around it a little bit better, the insanity of the mark of the sharpie and obsession with alabama.
2:19 pm
what is it with him and always? like he has a crush on alabama. he tweeted twice in -- the last hour i just saw. >> people forget. i'm with you, alabama. i cared about you when no one else did. he loves alabama more than stormy daniels. >> the first big rally. we covered this. the first real rally was mobile. >> interesting. >> remember that? early on, when jeff sessions, his first endorsement. >> he put the hat on. >> jeff sessions put the hat on. and no, no, no. there is an affection there. it was the moment it clicked for him. but it does -- again, i feel absurd as much as we've talked about it, but you -- it symbolizes this. >> it's emblematic that he cannot admit when he's wrong. so he is using the full force right now of the white house and even the weather service to try to come up with something that says yes, you're right.
2:20 pm
he got the fine point sharpies out at one point. >> expensive. >> those are expensive. >> u.s. taxpayer dollars on that one. >> half jokingly, democrats are looking for impeachment inquiry. this is actually against the law and this might actually be crumbs for them to say wait a second. i mean, could you imagine? this is the downfall? >> he would love it. >> by the way, his people -- he thinks his people love this. >> they don't. >> okay. >> depends on who you talk to, who will be more candid with you. they don't like this it's a distraction, head scratching to them. they have to do all this extra work to go. he's not finding these images himself. >> can we do the show of kevin mcaleanan? look at his face. >> yeah. he's like -- >> we were talking about imagine the thought bubble. he's sitting there going -- i'm sure he went, what the hell? you can only imagine. he looked aat the and said what
2:21 pm
did they do to the map? look at him. watch this. watch how quickly he puts the map away. oh, wait, wait. we cut it away. he cannot get rid of that map soon enough. >> and that's what you see. and then there is -- when he does things like tweets out things that may reveal sources and methods on intelligence, there's a whole clean-up that happens in the government that nobody sees. >> by the way, did you see people figured out which satellite this came from? >> of course. >> and that's why things like this are important, they seem trivial or whatever. they're more emblematic of something larger. in this era of trump, everything seems politicized, what you watch on tv, what you eat, how you eat, if it's a straw. he has managed to move into this other space, scientists looking at computer models, national oceanic and atmospheric
2:22 pm
administration and suddenly they're pulled into this. >> it speaks to his fitness for office. that's why i think it does matter. plenty of policy criticisms of donald trump. i talked to a lot of republicans. they don't like him on leadership in the world, they don't like him on trade. at the end of the day, republican party, conservatives against trump, is to make a case about his basic unfitness for office. you watch this sequence of the way he makes the hurricane about him. he distorts -- he uses the sharpie, tweets five times today about how he was trying to be on alsz's side against the national weather service. should this guy be the president for four more years? the system is working despite trump. another four years of trump? >> by the way, maria, so the audience knows you didn't make this up, this is u.s. code 274. >> yep. >> false weather reports. this is in the code. whoever knowingly issues or
2:23 pm
publishes any counterfeit weather forecast or warning of weather conditions falsely representing such forecast or warning to have been issued or published by the weather bureau, united states signal service or other brarchl of the government service shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than 90 days, or both. >> once he leaves office. >> once he leaves office. >> they'll lay the groundwork. >> another anniversary that is today that sort of weirdly gets into the fitness for office question, one-year anniversary of the infamous anonymous op-ed. let me read a quote from i am part of the resistance inside the trump administration. from the white house to executive branch departments and agencies, senior official also privately admit their daily disbelief at the commander in chief's comments and actions. most are working to insulate their actions from his whims. we will do what we can to steer the administration in the right direction until, one way or another, it's over. it was written a year ago. >> and it's gotten worse. and the people that actually come forward and have a spine in
2:24 pm
the republican party, sadly, leave. they don't run for office again. where is the resistance within the white househo holding him back? >> is this person still in the government? >> i don't think so. >> james mattis said today it wasn't him, you can rule that out, that he would put his name on something like that. i wonder if we'll hear from this person in the next year as the election picks up and whether we'll eventually learn who that is. not by people trying to suss it out and figure it out but if this person will actually step forward. >> to your point, bill, do you think all these people working in the administration in this capacity, basically who made the decision i'm going to be in here to mitigate the damage, do they go public before the election? >> i mean, this is a much discussed -- i think they hoe oe it to the country to do so. not to reveal confidential conversations. they can defend their general tenure but they owe it to us to let us know, should he have four more years in office. not were you right to do this
2:25 pm
two years ago, not what did he say to you april 12th, 2017. they know him better than we do. james mattis has a sense, hr mcmaster, gary cohn has a sense. all those people, i believe, though they sympathize with him in many ways, i think they're proud that they did some good things. i've got to doubt a lot that they think he should be president for another term. >> let's bring back the sharpie. we keep saying it's absurd. but you don't know what finally penetrates. one of the thought ice had, do you remember when president bush joked about no wmds at the white house correspondent dinner? and that just went over like a lead balloon. and it was the moment that it stuck to him like oh. nobody is joking about this. this is -- and all of a sudden that moment stuck to the president in ways that it hadn't even stuck before. does this have that? >> i had another fault from
2:26 pm
another bush administration. remember when george h.w. bush went to the supermarket and it seemed like he didn't know what the standard was? that stuck as emblematic of being out of touch. >> this is enough. >> pushing back so hard and making it a fight about us, it's hard to know if it's going to have -- it's different than those two -- >> into the realm of the weather service something that's so innocuous and such a government service. people are saying this does not seem balanced to me. >> only in bond movies do the villains control the weather. >> banana republics. >> it is sort of weird there. that's interesting that you think it's the scanner. >> just occurred to me. >> this one won't be forgotten. i don't know what that means. it simply won't be forgotten. all right. you guys are sticking around. coming up, a totally unexpected
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joe biden meeting president trump in the battleground state of wisconsin. in a head-to-head general match-up, biden leads by 51-42. bernie sanders won wisconsin in the democratic primary in '16 and the president is in a dead heat with elizabeth warren and kamala harris. long way to go. the poll is pretty consistent with other hypothetical match-ups in other battleground states we've seen. biden strong, sander less strong, the rest of the field, corn flake. sensenbrener was first elected during the arter administration and was formerly chairman of the house science as well as the house jushry committees, bringing the total number of gop retirements this cycle to 12. that number is starting to get a bit too big to ignore and we're pretty sure there's more to
2:32 pm
come. before we go, one more notable political retirement we have to tell you about. this one from across the pond. joe johnson has abruptly resigned from the british parliament. who is joe johnson? yes, the prime minister's brother, who is stepping down. as if boris johnson wasn't having a bad enough week joe johnson cited, quote, an unresolvable tension between family loyalty and national interest. his resignation gives a whole new meaning to brexit. we'll be back with more "meet the press" daily and political tensions back here at home in just a minute. so, every day, we put our latest technology and unrivaled network to work. the united states postal service makes more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. doprevagen is the number oneild mempharmacist-recommendeding? memory support brand. you can find it in the vitamin aisle in stores everywhere. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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for documents regarding allegations president trump offered pardons to officials who break the law to build his border wall. this is just the latest in a long list much investigations or calls for investigations from
2:36 pm
elected house democrats since they took control of congress in the start of 2018. and i do mean this as a long list. with the help of pro-publica databa database, this word collage. i don't want you to think there's data behind t word collage of 60 investigations that house democrats are identified. consolidated list for what it'sworthy. there are a whole lot of lesser-known probes that have been called for or calls for these probes like epa management issues, the use of ethics waivers by federal agencies. democrats keep calling for these investigations, the larger question, is the public listening? jamie raskin, democrat from maryland, member of the judiciary house committee. i hope you got to see sometimes we have a little monitor there for you to see monitor graphics. i hope you got a chance to see
2:37 pm
that collage. i have a list of 65 different investigations called for by house democrats. you know where i'm going with this. how do you prioritize? >> unfortunately no, there was no image oochltvy a mental image of what you're talking about. >> fair enough. >> daily lawlessness and corruption in this administration and we have a constitutional duty and assignment to hold them to account. look, when we get into judiciary, oversight, ways and means looking into the taxes, but as we sift through them, then the seriousness and the urgency of the problems become known to us. unfortunately the trump administration has pulled a curtain down over the whole article i investigative, fath-finding activity by saying they're not going to cooperate with any investigations.
2:38 pm
they're really in battles with them on a daily basis to get information we seek. >> feels like they put you in a corner and you have to make one of two decisions, right? one is do you do what you do in judiciary and -- i know you have called it, you're essentially doing an impeachment inquiry. you and i have had this discussion. it's not yet. it's not formal. do you need to formalize it, in your opinion? i look at this list and wonder, do you guys need to do a special select committee? do you need to sort of concentrate this on and essentially come up with a special task force? >> well, we are conducting an impeachment inquiry, and the judiciary committee has announced and formalized. >> but it is informa. you're not a grand jury yet. >> well, that's true. but we've got the power to conduct the fact finding that we need to uncover high crimes and misdemeanors. so, it could grow more formal over time. but, yeah, we don't need to
2:39 pm
stand on ceremony about that. look, we've got a number of committees that are looking at a number of different categories of misconduct. and what we're confronted with now is that the president is basically converted the presidency into a money making operation and instrument of self enrichment. when you ask me how i would prioritize them, i want to start with that. i want to start with the fact that the president is making money on a daily basis by ordering executive branch officials to stay at the trump hotels, to do business with the trump resorts and the golf courses and so on. and he has also been collecting money from day one from foreign governments, saudi arabia, united arab emrates, egypt and so on. i think we have to bear down on the emolluments clause. they wanted the president to
2:40 pm
have complete focus to the american people and not foreign powers and governments. >> the president went to court to defend his right to use the national emergency act the way he's using it, on moving money away from the pentagon for these projects. are you at all concerned this will become presidential precedent? if you are, is there any thought of try iing to pass a law that would at least stop the ability to do this even if it ends up curtailing the ability of a democratic president for declaring a national emergency for climate change? >> absolutely. we've never had a president who has abused the emergency act in this way. in other words, to override the express direction of congress not to spend money, in this case on the wall, by reprogramming money from other lawfully appropriated purposes. so, we basically gave him a red light on spending tens of billions of dollars on the wall. >> right. >> he took it as a green light and started channeling money
2:41 pm
from other purposes. we clearly need to improve the national emergency act so that doesn't happen again. this in itself is typical of what i think is impeachable conduct by the president. he is overriding the express wishes of congress. he's not the law making branch. we are the law making branch. his job is to take care that the laws are faithfully executed and he's not doing that. >> i don't know if you mean to this. maybe i'm hearing what you're saying differently. you seem to be making a case that this would be a lot easier to digest, a lot easier for guys to tackle if it was one select committee deciding how to prioritize all of this. >> well, look, you know, we can shuffle the cards in different ways in congress and we may end up coming to that. it may all be centralized in the judicial committee. there may be a select committee. the point is that we are going to get to the underlying truth of all these allegations.
2:42 pm
take, for example, the hush money payoffs. it's illegal to channel corporate money into a campaign the way that they did with the national enquirer, ami corporation. it's illegal for the president to be personally reimbursing michael cohen for $135,000. >> what more do you need to know about this? michael cohen testified. it seems as if you know the facts. people feel as if they've got the facts at hand. it seems to be -- is the point of the investigation to write an article of impeachment? >> well, yeah. there's not much more we need to know. obviously we want to hear all sides of it, see if there's any good explanation for t i'm with you. this is not a big agatha christie mystery or anything. the president was confronted with the prospect of these women coming forward with the truth and they channeled hundreds of thousands of dollars into an illegal campaign finance scheme to pay them off and deliberate violation of the federal election campaign act is a crime in america.
2:43 pm
that's very serious business. the republicans impeached bill clinton for far less. they impeached him for tell willing one lie in order to cover up an affair. this president spent hundreds of thousands of dollars illegally in order to cover up these affairs. >> you seem to be running up against a political analysis amongst the house democrats that believes you're better focused on 2020 than these investigations. >> we're all very focused on 2020. we're up against the most dangerous, reckless, lawless presidency of our lifetime. we are completely unified as to that. there are those of us who are in committees that are charged with conducting constitutional oversight over the executive branch. we're going to do our job. at the same time, we're passing all the legislation, like prescription drug reform, the equality act and gun safety legislation that's sitting on mitch mcconnell's desk. 175 bills are sitting over there that he is suppressing and not doing anything about.
2:44 pm
we're proving we can legislate in the public interest and conduct oversight while republicans in the senate do neither. >> congressman jamie raskin, democrat from maryland. thank you for coming out and sharing your views. appreciate it. >> thank you so much for having me, chuck. >> up ahead, something that could leave a permanent mark. hmm. exactly. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. nice. but, uh... what's up with your... partner? not again. limu that's your reflection. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ so, every day, we put our latest technology and unrivaled network to work. the united states postal service makes more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. e-commerce deliveries to homes ♪ i planned ♪ each charted course ♪ each careful step ♪ along the byway ♪ much more ♪ much more than this
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welcome back. i'm obsessed with sharpie gate. >> trump's been busy dealing with hurricane dorian. >> he used a sharpie to extend the path into alabama. >> the president of the united states just changed the map with a sharpie to make himself look right. and he thought we wouldn't notice. >> not even trying to hide the lies. >> after this i have to wonder if his high school report card was legit. >> mr. president, you're going to weather jail. >> not the just of the late night hosts had some fun. amateur twitter comedians heavily armed with microsoft paint. here is the president with a sharpie six pack. here is proof of how big his inauguration crowd really was
2:49 pm
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welcome back. as i mentioned, democrats don't want one investigation on president trump's administration. they want more than 60 of them. you know what that means. we're going to have to need a scroll for this. look at all the current calls for probes by house democrats. it's going to play for a while. we'll bring back the panel. there are some of these, you're like, oh, i forgot about that story, oh, yeah. what was the ryan sinke thing again? it gets to, maria theresa, the question i kept asking jamie rask which is simply, look, i get it. there's a lot of things that under any other normal circumstance you would be like
2:54 pm
this deserves a congressional investigation. the fact of the matter is we can't accomplish all of this. let's be realistic. >> every single one demands its own investigation. that's what's wild. >> what would it take? we'd be finished in 2040. >> the republicans would like it. every one, you'd have to reset it. >> you're trying to be logical. you're trying to answer it correctly. >> but i think the challenge is that we have never -- our systems have never been so stressed before, and they're being stressed by the person that is supposed to make sure that we are moderating our leadership, that we're actually making sure we're abiding bylaws, and he's testing every single one of them. this is what the challenge is. this is where we need republican leadership. we need them to say, these investigations are not partisan. these are basically going after our institutions and how we actually believe we should be governing. >> it's clear the nancy pelosi bill may be in for 2020. she may not be wrong. as one of my producers said this
2:55 pm
morning, look, they don't want the house democrats to be the face of the democratic party. they want whoever the presidential democratic nominee is. i get all of that. >> this is a reasonable decision. you got to this a little bit in your interview with congressman rask. we need to look into these things a little more. that's ridiculous. >> do you believe some of these things are worthy of impeachment? >> by the way, the impeachment trial is when you fairerret out these fact. >> it feels like delay, delay, and push it and still have it. they're doing this have it both ways. we're not doing impeachment, we're kind of doing impeachment. in the meantime it's not satisfying any. these guys in the primary look like they're not doing enough. who is this actually going to
2:56 pm
serve? >> what if jerry nadler is the victim of all of this? he loses a primary over this, but somehow donald trump doesn't get one article of -- >> i saw biden's lead. look at head-to-head matchups. biden has advanced a little by two points. this sharpie thing is the latest. i suppose if you're nancy pelosi, you and i can find this a little -- you say this is unsatisfying, not fish our fowl, i say it's unconstitutional. >> i think it's the drip, drip, and that is the drip, drip that you have a lot of republicans and mott rats basically saying what's happening right now in congress and they're not taking action against someone who clearly is lying. that's what's unsettling to kolg and that's not partisan and that's when it becomes more
2:57 pm
dangerous. >> i agree. >> the big show that they're about to have is going to be stormy daniels, and that -- your question to the congresswoman was right. what more do you need to know? well, we need a good explanation. >> what else you do need to hear? >> exactly. >> that is the kind of thing that it will infuriate the president because that issue just does but also could play to his hand like look at this, we've been through this. you're just trying to find something. >> let me turn slightly. here's pete buttigieg this morning and he went to the fitness. take a listen. >> i feel sorry for the president. that's not the way we should feel about the most powerful figure in this country. if our presidency is not in good shape, then our country is not in good shape.
2:58 pm
and on one level it's laughable. on another, it is exactly why we've got do something different. this is humiliating, an embarrassment for our country, and we seem to see a new national embarrassment every day. >> the fitness question, it's an interesting internal debate among some members of the press, which is do you start to wonder is there something wrong? and that always feels like for those of us who have covered him for so long, it is who he is. it is, but it's interesting that if i were a presidential candidate, i guess maybe you would talk that way about it. what do you make of that stance? >> i think that there's a lot of folks in america regardless again that aren't wrong, and when you start talking to even older americans, and this is where some of the candidates that are on the older side are having a hard time. oiler americans are saying, i recognize some of those symptoms. there's something a bit off. let's have those conversations. when you have certain folks within the medical community talking about it with pen and
2:59 pm
papers, we have to be frank. >> i struggle diagnosing on television. >> but it's saying congress. it's not just him saying it. you have people in the medical field saying it. let's have this conversation. >> the thing that was striking about the way he talked about that, it wasn't this outranl. it wasn't like, oh, look at this and what you normally would hear from opponents of the president. it was deftly done. it was, i feel sorry for him. it was diminishing of him, almost compassionate. >> by the way, it's what makes pete buttigieg -- you can see why people believe he's so gifted a communicateor. whether he gets a nomination this time, he's a gifted communicator. i think you're right. he's gotten more people to listen to what he has to say. he's not yelling. >> he's not pointing fingers. >> the democrats understandably are rliberals. this is a different argument.
3:00 pm
it's ultimately can this person be president in the next four years. >> carol bell, malia teresa, thank you very much. we'll be bathroom tomorrow. ar ari melber starts right now. sharpen your sharpie. >> we're getting ready. bill karins will give us the facts, something we need on the weather along with a lot of other stories including president trump raiding money from puerto rico and military and day care centers to try to get money for the wall which he said famously mexico would be funding. and a key witness to will testified out of the mueller probe. we'll have that tonight. all of those stories including in a few minutes more on the politics, but we begin right now looking at the live pictures of this storm making its way up the east coast. it's weakened slightly to a catego


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