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tv   AM Joy  MSNBC  September 8, 2019 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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members did, in fact, stay at a trump property in turnberry, scotland, while making a routine trip to kuwait in march. it's just the latest in a series of domestic and foreign government spending somehow winding up directed to the trump family businesses. prompting lots of discussion about the emoluments clauses to the constitution which bar the president from personally receiving titles or money from foreign or domestic sources. but wait, believe it or not, it gets worse. overnight we learned from a nonsecret primary source that donald trump planned to bring the taliban, yes, that taliban, with whom the united states has been at war since shortly after the september 11th terrorist attacks to the u.s. to meet with him. that non-secret source was donald trump. in a series of tweets on saturday, trump revealed he had been planning to meet in secret with the president of afghanistan and the taliban at camp david just days before the
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18th anniversary of 9/11. now i'm going to do something that as you know i've stopped doing on this show. stopped doing it a long time ago. i'm going to read those trump tweets in part. he wrote, unbeknownst to almost everyone, the major taliban leaders and separately, the president of afghanistan, were going to secretly meet with me at camp david on sunday. they were coming to the united states tonight. unfortunately, in order to build false leverage, they admitted to an attack in kabul that killed one of our great soldiers and 11 other people. i immediately canceled the meeting and called off peace negotiations. what kind of people would kill so many in order to seemingly strengthen their bargaining position. what kind of people would do that? who would do such a thing? the taliban. they taliban would do such a thing! joining me is a columnist at the intercept. i am not sure where to begin,
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manny, but let's begin where i ended. donald trump seems quite shocked at the taliban, who sheltered al qaeda after 9/11 would do such a thing as support attacks against people, and he wanted to meet with them and announce this like days before the 9/11 anniversary. your thoughts? >> let's begin with a classic, imagine if obama did it, joy. imagine if barack obama invited the taliban to camp david. camp david, just a few days before the 9/11 anniversary. the right would be losing their mind, rolling nonstop of fox news he's a traitor. republicans in congress would be drawing up articles of impeachment. it's a bad idea for trump to sit down with the taliban at camp david. probably a good thing it's not happening. mad that he'd tweet about it in that way. this is not about afghanistan. it's about donald trump. the narcissist in chief wanted a photo op. wanted tv ratings and domestic win going into election year to
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say he's the guy that ended the war in afghanistan and brought troops home. i'm not of the school of thought that says you carry on fighting in afghanistan forever. i'm glad leading democrats are now saying end this pointless war in afghanistan, the longest war in u.s. history. but donald trump is clearly not the man who can do it. his administration has been negotiating with the taliban for a year now. i think they've had about nine meetings in qatar. his envoy last week said there's lots of positive news. we can get a deal. whether they could or couldn't get a deal doesn't matter because trump has come along and tweeted about it and undermined any future peace negotiations. what you may or may not agree with a camp david meeting, that would have been mad with trump meeting directly with the taliban in such a prestigious place without a deal in place. but the idea that now all peace negotiations are off because they killed an american soldier is what they do. they've been killing american soldiers for months and americans have been fighting with the taliban for months. if that's the argument, they shouldn't have been negotiating for the past year. the whole thing is mad.
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>> that's kind of what they do. it's what the taliban does. they've been fighting a war with us, killing american soldiers. it's part of what they do. can we just take a step back from this for a moment, mehdi? donald trump's besties are -- include the saudis from which nation most of the people who attacked this country on 9/11 came. they didn't come from iraq. they came from -- >> or afghanistan. >> or afghanistan. and now he wants to bring the taliban to camp david where the camp david accords, as most people know it as, the peace deal between egypt and israel was -- this is a prestigious place. the one thing we can be happy about, he wasn't trying to bring them to a trump hotel to hang out there and get paid from it. >> if they booked rooms at a trump hotel, the peace talks would probably be back on. let's be clear about it. it's so frustrating for some of us on the left calling for negotiations, diplomacy to end some of these never-ending wars
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around the world for years. to see trump come along and undermine the entire idea of diplomacy. i'm in favor of having some kind of peace deal on the korean peninsula but trump is not the guy to do it with his love affair with kim. and he's failed by the way to have any impact on kim. he gets played. this great negotiator who told obama you should read "the art of the deal" when negotiating with the taliban. this guy is undermining every -- in iran. look at the nuclear deal, what's happening there. in north korea. no progress made. we've gone backwards. and now in afghanistan, the longest war in u.s. history which trump said was a disaster. one of the few things i agree with donald trump on. he says it was a disaster. time to end this war. yet look what he's doing now. with these tweets, you don't tweet about stuff like this in this way. but he doesn't understand that because he is a narcissist. it's all about him. and also by the way, let's not forget, bloomberg is reporting that the real reason this was called off is not because of a soldier died.
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trump doesn't give a damn about that. it's because bolton got in his ear. you can't do a peace daith deea the taliban. >> the idea of ending these wars, of course we should. we need to long since -- >> a trillion dollars gone, 2,500 american troops gone. >> the reality is the one american leader who has managed to even begin to bring this endless conflict to an end was barack obama who was pilloried for creating a deal with iran along with europe that forestalled until donald trump threw it in the garbage. the idea of rollicking toward war with iran, that it drew us down in iraq. and the right pilloried him. we didn't have these tensions with north korea in this way and didn't have drama. imagine if barack obama went and had meetings and said he'd
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fallen in love with kim jong-un. real diplomacy by real professionals. what's happening now it's unbelievable that anyone in the defense or foreign policy establishment -- their heads haven't exploded. >> i think the heads are exploding. obama said he just -- obama said he'd meet with leaders of countries america considers rogue countries and he was pilloried by the right. we always say trump wants to do the opposite of what obama did, yet here when obama was trying to negotiate, trump was attacking him saying you're negotiating with our sworn enemies. now trump is negotiating with the taliban. now when he escalated increased troops under pressure from his. he came into office, general mcmaster pressured him into sending more troops. trump didn't want to send more troops. 14,000 american troops in afghanistan. how is that helping? let's be clear about the war.
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afghanistan is a country plagued by war. this year, the u.n. said in the first six months of this year, more afghan civilians were killed by the afghan government and by american forces than by the taliban. that's a horrific statistic. this war has to end. american soldiers have to come home. there has to be some deal with the taliban, but it can't involve donald trump tweeting about it and inviting them to camp david for a photo op when he probably can't even find afghanistan on a map. >> it should not be a related issue but it isn't a joke to say as we said earlier. maybe had they done the deal at a trump hotel, maybe these negotiations would still be on because what we've seen here is this president who supposedly loves the military has gotten pretty fat off of them. in using his own hotels as a place to have them stay. we now have that confirmed by politico's great reporting that they are now essentially direct -- redirecting money that ought to go to ramstein air base
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or the air bases that we pay for as taxpayers to have people stay in his hotels and have the vice president stay in his hotels. everyone is paying him. your thoughts on this new development that we're now seeing that it isn't just the, you know, congressmen and the attorney general. that it's also the military paying him. >> it's a double whammy because at home you have this idea of him just lining his pockets and his family by getting taxpayers' money diverted towards him. mike pence going to stay in his hotel in ireland. you see that with going to mar-a-lago and other places to golf. $100 million golf tab he's run up in the first 2 1/2 years of his presidency which is taxpayer paid for. there's the making of money from the taxpayers and from foreign governments. and yes, it enables foreign governments to play him. of course it does. he talks about it all the time. i used to joke if the leader of isis had opened a trump hotel in
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ra raqqah, he probably would have left it alone. he did go meet kim and then did a press conference saying they've got great beachfront property. i advised him to open up lots of hotels. guess which hotel he's thinking of opening. by the way, the iranians are being offered to meet with trump. i would definitely meet with trump. and the first thing is let's do a deal. let's have a peace deal and tehran is looking forward to a new hotel and a new investment. we joke, but it would work, i'm sorry to say. >> it would work. it's the only way to silence bolton is to put some money on the table. the reason i opened this segment talking about saddam hussein. as you know, in covering the world as you do, there are countries in the world, you know, where the saddam husseins with ude and kusai also profiting off everything he did. everyone paid saddam hussein. in saudi arabia, the royal family gets paid.
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everything happens to benefit the dictator. donald trump admires these kinds of countries. north korea. you know, russia. the fact that this country is now steering in that direction, can we steer our way back if the party in power is allowing it? >> the party in power is allowing it? the president is doing it. the media is complicit in parts by not giving it the coverage it should get. open corruption. trump's campaign manager just this weekend talked about his family morphing into a dynasty. yes, trump admirers, hereditary monarchs who line their pockets. it's becoming a cleptocracy. jimmy carter put his peanut farm in a blind trust and left the office in debt. this is naked corruption.
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nancy pelosi says this smrgs administration is a cesspool of corruption, but what is she doing to stop him? >> yeah, mehdi, taliban trump is now the number two trending thing on twitter. if any previous president, if jimmy carter, if president carter had made the pentagon pay to buy peanut products from his farm, this would have -- there would have been nothing else on television throughout his -- nothing else would have been on television. if president obama had made the country do business with a relative or anything even close to this, we -- >> if hillary clinton appointed chelsea clinton and her husband as senior advisers and they violated their security clearance, it would be over a long time ago. >> because the media would not let it go. this is also a media issue. nobody would be talking about anything else. if any previous president, particularly any democrat had ever done anything like this, donald trump is proposing to
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bring the taliban over. he's enriching himself off of his office. what we are doing? it's a very good question. you're the guy to ask it. that was a rant, but, yeah. thank you. >> what else can we do but rant? >> mehdi hassan, thank you for being here. he's going to be back actually. you know how britain's donald trump is different from america's donald trump? here's how. his party is seeing his chaos and they are actually fighting back. mehdi will be back. we'll disne. introducing the first of its kind lexus ux and ux f sport.
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the ayes to the right, 328. the nos to the left, 301. >> not a good start, boris. >> british prime minister boris johnson had quite a week. on wednesday, lawmakers in parliament passed a bill that will force johnson to ask the eu for a brexit delay if there's no deal in place by the october 31 deadline. on thursday, when asked how he felt about asking for such a deal, johnson said in his signature shy and retiring fashion -- >> i'd rather be dead in a ditch. >> all righty then. parliament also rejected the prime minister's efforts to hold a snap general election and to top it all off, johnson's own brother resigned from the government saying that he had been, quote, torn between family loyalty and the national interest. mehdi is back with me.
7:18 am
and chris dickey joins us from the daily beast. i find it fascinating that boris johnson is called the british trump. but the only thing they have in common in the blimp. they both have the giant baby that floats in the air. boris johnson actually has a party that is willing to stand up to him. there's the baby. boris johnson has a party willing to stand up to him. >> he has some people in his party willing to stand up to him, which is more than you can say of the republicans against trump. it's not a huge part of the party. just some of the most responsible members, including his brother. also the longest serving member of parliament. also two former chancellors of the exchequer, equivalent of the treasury minister. all of that says that there are people who believe that there's such a thing as shame and decency and probity in politics and every one of them knows and, in fact, his supporters also know that he is a terrible liar. if you want to know where the
7:19 am
similarity is with trump, it is that he thinks he can build his entire constituency on extreme issues and lies about them. that's where the similarity is with trump. conservative party, there may be rebels within it who said no to that. we haven't seen that in the gop. but it's where the men are concerned. there's more than the blimp. it's the lying. it's the fear mongering. it's the xenophobia. >> and islamophobia. >> all of that is part of the same picture. the other part of it is that boris johnson thinks that trump and the americans will save him after brexit. that trump is just waiting to give him a great deal. well, the best description of that i heard was from simon shama, the great british historian who said, is he crazy? trump is sitting back like a hyena watching a wounded britain so he can tear it apart.
7:20 am
>> if boris johnson thinks donald trump is going to give him a great deeshlal, he's neve read anything about donald trump. he's failed at real estate. supposed to be a builder or casinos. but that is kind of the point, isn't it, that boris and the brexiteers think they can get away with it because the bilateral deal with the united states will save britain's economy. that does not seem likely. >> no serious economist agrees with that, regardless of whether there's a u.s. trade deal or not and trump's word means nothing as we know on the international stage. regardless of if there's a trade deal with the u.s., the damage to the british economy from a no-deal brexit will be immense. if british crashes out of the eu on the 31st of october. a doubling of unemployment. a doubling of inflation. the pound is already kind of dropping in value massively this year in the run up to october 31st. it's a catastrophic act of self-harm. that was the brexit referendum vote in june 2016.
7:21 am
that was the u.s. presidential vote in 2016. both countries engaged in this self-harm. boris and trump have a lot in common. i echo what christopher said. both serial fabricators, liars, a contempt for facts and figures and evidence. they are both pseudopopulists, fake populists, elitists pretending to be these blue collar champions. both struggle to stay faithful to their wives and both contemptuous of foreigners, immigrants, and islam phobes. they sacrificed their careers, willing to put their careers on the line, the mps, to oppose the prime minister on this. house republicans have been able to do that. one house republican has been unable to do that. there was one, and he's no longer a republican, amash.
7:22 am
you can perhaps look across the pond and say there are some in the uk who have a spine. >> in a spence they have no choice, chris, because brexit is already hurting britain's economy. and this dream of breaking the eu, which donald trump seems to share with the brexiteers and share with the far, far, far right in europe. >> and with vladimir putin. >> and with russia, right. of breaking the eu. it will also break the economies of europe and will break ultimately the economies of great britain and the united states. >> once you start to pull all of that apart you undermine the economies of all these countries that have built their economies not only on globalization but on european union over all these years. and you start to tear it apart. and then a country with a relatively mediocre economy like russia all of a sudden becomes that much more powerful. i don't understand why most americans don't understand that putin has a very clear grand
7:23 am
design which is to undermine western democracy and undermine western alliances and nobody does that more effectively than donald trump and now boris johnson. >> i think they don't understand it, mehdi, in part because there is this sense that donald trump and vladimir putin are fighting for, quote/unquote, western civilization. white, western, christian men. >> exactly. and what brexit and trump have in common is they were driven by racial racially resentful voters. immigration at the top of the list. both victories unleashed a hypernationalism and an illiberalism on both sides of the atlantic. we talk about donald trump disregarding the law, the constitution, ignoring subpoenas from congress. you have the prime minister of the uk saying openly that he'll defy the law passed last week preventing him from crashing the
7:24 am
uk out of the eu. he said just today in the uk his justice minister -- his foreign minister has gone on tv to say, well, it's a bad law. we'll look at it and decide whether we need to implement it how to follow it. and the former director of public prosecutions in the uk said if boris doesn't follow the law, he could be arrested. i think that's highly unlikely. the idea we're talking about a conservative prime minister being arrest forwaed for defyin law. we're in real crazy town in the uk and in the u.s. >> where does this end? can boris johnson get away with what donald trump can get away with which is -- they don't have a constitution in britain. it's a different system. can he get away with it? and where does this end? >> god knows where it ends, but i think that, in fact, boris johnson will end up with a very short term as prime minister. everything is going to come crashing in on this in october as the deadline, as the halloween deadline approaches.
7:25 am
>> what are the prognostications for -- let's say there's a hard brexit, meaning they don't have a deal with the eu, meaning there's a comprehensive deal with the european union in which they share things like trade, people can travel back and forth freely. when that all goes away, what happens? >> well, people can't travel back and forth. money can't move the way it did. even the euro star won't be able to move the way it did. and at the border with ireland, which is an extremely sensitive area, essentially it will have to shut down. it can't just stay open. this is why i think boris johnson is going today to ireland to try and convince them it's all going to be okay. and the irish government is like, no, it's not going to be okay. we want things in writing, especially from you, boris, because we know what a liar you are. >> could scotland and others break out -- >> scotland voted overwhelmingly to remain in the european union. this is all -- this is the thing about populism. this is supposed populism that
7:26 am
is deeply, deeply anti-democratic. nobody elected boris johnson who was not a member of the conservative party. some 90,000 people in the conservative party out of a british electorate of about 47 million people named boris johnson as prime minister. now he acts like that's a popular mandate. well, it's not a popular mandate. these are a bunch of sclerotics old -- i won't use the word that came to mind -- people in britain clinging to notions of britain that are churchillian, that are pre-world war ii. by the way, a quick note on the special relationship between britain and the united states. that happened between world war i and world war ii when it was the relationship between the united states and the british empire. britain is no longer an empire. it's a rather sad little country now. >> it's funny. it sounds like they have a lot in none with the united states. the same sclerotics folks.
7:27 am
mehdi hassan and christopher dickey, you guys are great. thank you very much. coming up, a brand-new 2020 poll that you'll see only here. exclusively on "a.m. joy." that's next. every day, visionaries are creating the future. so, every day,
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it is no secret that black women's votes are absolutely critical for the 2020 democratic nominee. how are they planning to cast their ballots? coming up next, an exclusive. the results of a brand-new essence poll. stay with us. every day, visionaries are creating the future. so, every day, we put our latest technology and unrivaled network to work. the united states postal service makes more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. so much more than i could have imagined. my grandfather was born in a shack in pennsylvania, his father was a miner, they were immigrants from italy and somewhere along the way
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or your giant nephews and their giant dad. or a horse. or a horse's brother, for that matter. the room for eight, 9,000 lb towing ford expedition. particularly when we look at what we've seen since the 2016
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presidential election, and the truth is black women in particular and women in general have always been the foot soldiers of the democratic party without being allowed to be the front runners, the leaders of the party. >> as pointed out by maya wiley, black women continue to be the backbone of the democratic party. election after election after election. black women continue to be the party's most loyal voting bloc. and have been the key to democratic victories nationwide. winning these voters over will be vital for the 2020 presidential primaries and in the general election. in a brand-new poll out from essence gives us insight into what black women are thinking. joining us is avis from black women's roundtable. melody campbell and kirsten wes-sivali from "essence." congratulations on the poll. thank you for sharing it with us exclusively this morning. what are the big takeaways that
7:36 am
women should know and democrats should know about the poll? >> a huge takeaway was that black women were concerned about not only militarized police forces occupying our communities and killing our children but how we're going to pay for our children to go to college. are we going to survive child birth to even raise those children. we're concerned about affordable housing and interesting in the democratic party still has not regained the trust of black women. we've seen those numbers stay still for several years now. and that still is not back. those are huge takeaways. >> that's interesting. the trust factor is important because democrats need that. one of the challenges that we've had the democrats have had is that black women vote overwhelmingly democratic, but they aren't necessarily passionate about the democratic party because black women haven't exactly been given much power in the democratic party. >> and really young people when i talk about millennials and generation z, 18 to 34, they are
7:37 am
really saying show me. don't tell me. show me. so they are still in that mode. overall numbers say black women still see the democratic party as representing our interests. when you break that down and look at the younger generation, which is the larger demographic, when it comes to the black vote, they are going to have to figure that out. all of these candidates. and also black women, we're still shopping, okay? >> that's what i want to get into. >> we've not made up our minds. >> we're getting into the numbers. let's jump into this poll. this is fascinating. top presidential choices in the poll. undecided wins. >> absolutely. >> beating joe biden. >> absolutely. and it's because black women are pragmatic voters. we want to be courted like any other voter. i have a message for any democrat out there running. you need to make sure you're courting the black woman just as heavily. just as much passion as you're courting these white working class voters because, guess what, they're not the only ones
7:38 am
who work and black women come to the polls. they are the reason, the way vi. >> let's put number one back up and dig into this again. kirsten, joe biden is still number one -- second, he's number two after undecided. kamala harris and elizabeth warren being so close in the numbers at numbers three and four after undecided. what do you make of that? it feels like that's a big jump for warren. >> it does, it does. there are a lot of black women who are supportive of elizabeth warren. she's been consistent outside of, you know, the issues she's had with first nation indigenous communities and she's tried to make amends for those. she has a progressive message. she's aligned close to the senator bernie sanders. and we see in this poll that younger black women are supportive of him as well. so her take on black women, maternal morbidity is really excellent. her trying to do affordable college. her take on health care,
7:39 am
criminal justice reform, all of those are attractive to black women voters. >> this is among younger black women. we have bernie sanders doing quite well but still second to nobody. and then you have kamala harris doing better with younger women. elizabeth warren then behind her followed by other people. and beto o'rourke popping just a little bit there after joe biden. what do you make of that? >> i think young women want fighters. they want people who will take it to this president. and unfortunately what we're seeing with democratic party writ large is a seem to be passive. when you look at who they are picking, particularly young black women, they want to see people who will take it to this president and that exactly, i believe, changes -- explains these numbers. >> does it surprise you when you look at the overall number and number among young women that cory booker is not doing so well? he's not doing that much better in this poll than in the general polls and that kamala harris as
7:40 am
a black woman who would be an historic candidate for black women, but she is not higher up. >> no, i'm not surprised. one, joe biden does still have name recognition. he's been around. and you look at this poll when you look at overall black women. i think when you think of a place like south carolina, after the issue with joe biden. he is still strong in a state like south carolina. so i think that really still has him in advantage. i've been around long enough to know polls say something. one thing, but the vote says another. five months and so people are going to have to really work hard for our vote. and i think that's what's really critical. don't think because you have name recognition you have it in the bag. not saying that he's saying that, but i think this poll is saying that because the numbers are spread out the way they are. >> yeah. >> and even with those candidates who are lower, until people vote -- >> you never know.
7:41 am
>> that's what hillary clinton found out. she had that kind of lead going in and lost in iowa. >> game changer. game changer. >> number three, most important issues for african-american women is crimical justice and policing reform way up there. affordable health care which democrats think is the issue. it's tied with criminal justice reform. the rise in hate crimes and racism. equal rights and equal pay. gun violence and gun safety and affordable housing/gentrification. this is a strong message from black women that black women still want to know what's going to be done about police and the killings of black people. >> absolutely. we always talk about police brutality and it being a reproductive justice issue because we have the right to raise our children in safety. we have the right to know they'll make it home safely. i think there may be some alignment, joy, with the numbers with kamala harris and the high interest and high concern about police brutality and the criminal justice system because of the criticism she's received about her prosecutorial record. and it's very clear here that black women no longer just want to sit at the table.
7:42 am
we're not just grateful to be at the tanl. we want to know who else is at the table. critiques of the table. what about those who don't have transportation to get there or too sick to get there, the women who have died on the way. it's very clear that these are nuanced decisions. multitudes for black women and we have something to say as we always have. >> absolutely. and let's talk about this next issue here because the -- what are the top challenges threatening u.s. democracy. number one, racism and the rise in hate crimes. 20 points higher than the next and very important issue at 68%, voting rights, voter suppression, the rollback of civil rights protections. the fear about hate crimes and racism, it's a huge issue. >> absolutely. black women understand what we're seeing here is a backlash to a black presidency. and we're seeing that backlash in various ways. we're seeing the backlash in terms of violence targeting communities of color. we're seeing that in terms of
7:43 am
increased entrecnchment in term of tearing down people's rights to vote. this is not only an attack on us as a community but it's an attack on us as a nation and as a democracy. >> i think that also shows us where we are as a country. i'm not sure if five years ago this poll was done even with a black president in office, racism and rise in hate crimes would be at the top. you've seen this president say that nazis marching in charlottesville were good people and this huge opening of people feeling they have more permission to be openly racist and violent. >> and it goes into things like going to the park. being at the park while black. driving down the street while black. everywhere you turn, the issue around racism and overt racism and it's -- and white nationalism is in our everyday living. so i wasn't surprised at all by that. and affordable health care had
7:44 am
always been consistent. we wanted to go a little deeper this year and ask also what you personally thought about this issue so that we would have some idea of how we go about -- we use this for organizing purposes. so that -- and be able to understand what black women are concerned about. we'll have a deeper understanding of where black women are. we drive -- we are the secret sauce to the black vote. we drive that vote and so it's important that we know how to protect it. >> there are black republicans. donald trump is at a hefty 1% in the poll. that's probably -- what is it, the cubic zirconium -- maybe kanye, we don't know. i think donald trump is scheduled to speak at an hbcu conference this week. they have a strategy which involves asap rocky and a lot of other celebrities trying to help asap rocky get out of a legal situation which didn't really work out for them. he did ghost them.
7:45 am
they have a strategy thinking they can do better with black voters. is that even a thing that they can do with black women? >> it's not even plausible. it's not -- no. no. i mean, even though we are still shopping, even though we're not a monolithic vote, it's very clear that donald trump is a white supremacist. it's clear he peddles in hate and that's what he traffics in. there is no choice. asap rocky i don't think had any, any -- he wasn't going to thank him as they said he was. the pastors on his side and other people. he wasn't going to thank them. he should stop trying to pander. criminal justice reform is important. if he sticks to that, he'll get some credit for that. but the children in cages on the border that we have to deal with him pushing back on foreign policy and foreign governments that are inhumane. so, no, he does not. >> i don't think asap rocky called him back. >> he didn't call him back. why did he think he would. seriously? >> maybe kanye told him he
7:46 am
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7:54 am
there are some pretty bad actors travel through that place. we could consider all the leaders of afghanistan, president ghany and his team. >> time to put a positive spin on the latest jaw dropping revelation. on saturday, donald trump revealed a series of tweets he's planning to meet in secret with the taliban. trump claims he cancels the meeting and the peace talk. trump's latest revelation begs the question, how would the media responded if any of the president especially a democrat plan a meeting with the taliban at camp david, just days before
7:55 am
the 9/11 anniversary. ja ja joining me now is jennifer ruben and tiffany cross. >> thank you for staying. chris sadiqi tried to leave. please explain the way the afghan government was characterized in the meeting. >> the company did not have much saying. evacuation was the word they use. this is not bringing about peace. this was about bringing about a taliban victory at the negotiation table that could be followed up by victory at the field. they were talking about which of those afghan army and police units would flip over to their sides once they knew the
7:56 am
americans were pulling out for good. i think trump looked at the situation and said not only can we not do that deal but we may not be able to do a deal because on the one hand, everybody wants out of afghanistan. there is no way trump can sign this and call it a victory. there is no way we can call it a win. it looks like a surrender and everybody knew it. the afghan government would be left sort of high and dry. >> what you would say is the word the phrase "looks like." >> essentially gabe, donald trump was preparing to negotiate with the taliban who sheltered al-qaida after the worst terrorist attack in the united
7:57 am
states. >> there are so many things happen up to the republican party leading up to this. nothing surprises me anymore. barack obama was somehow apologizing for america. here we have donald trump saying america kills everyone just like vladimir putin does. we are no special and we have kim jong-un as our partner and arms in north korea. the president has violated so many tenants, the republican party foreign policy. this is shocking and horrendous that camp david, such hollow ground would be welcome the taliban. it does not surprise me and given everything that's left at this point. jennifer rubin, the spin that pompeo put on this morning were some bad people have been to camp david and met there. >> th if pompeo and john bolton
7:58 am
has self respect and patriotism, they would quit and go to the american people and tell them the truth. there is no way that barack obama had been in power that john bolton and mike pompeo had not been screaming for his impeachment. it is not something that we are doing an awful deal. why would you invite the taliban to camp david? why would you go and meet with kim jong-un and brag about love letters. why would you go to helsinki that you believe vladimir putin? this is all a disaster of our foreign policy had nothing to do with, forget the republican party. just bipartisan common sense national security coming out of the white house.
7:59 am
these people stay in office and they enable. it is the fault of the hawks and the senate. where is tom cotton. he has done nothing but cuddle this president. these guys are a disaster. >> lindsey graham, you watch capitol hill at the beat d.c. do you expect to hear outrage coming from lindsey graham and the other hawks inside the united states? >> it is kind of ironic. maybe it turns out donald trump is the secret muslim president that they fear barack obama was. where is the outrage from the right? i don't understand this. the scary thing from all of this. this is breaking news all across the country. >> it is on our show. >> well, i wonder what fox news is talking about.
8:00 am
it is like trying to catch confetti, there is so much. the challenge is foreign policy, there are so many people removed from 9/11, so you go to his rally and you ask these magga people, tell me the difference of taliban and al-qaida. i doubt they can do this. there was a show where they went to trump rally and started asking questions, did you know that obama was nowhere near 9/11, don't you think that's strange? it is scary. this is to jennifer's point, that is national security risk. i fear what will happen with the president having access to the colt, just quickly, this is crazy because he puts it out there for us to see. >> he's our leader. >> yeah. >> imagine we are uncovering
8:01 am
this news. >> the man who hunts for leakers announcing the secret talks. he said it was sacred. he's so bad at it. there is going to be a secret meeting. let me get my media analyst in. imagine if obama is a trove that we unfortunately fallen into. in honesty, you have been watching the media for a long time. imagine president obama fallen in love with kim jong-un and set aside the fact that dictators suburban the ki dictators -- befriended vladimir putin and seeks to break nato and on top of all of that had said he's going to bring the taliban to camp david. can you imagine that world for us? >> you eliminate all that from the equation.
8:02 am
it is spoken around obama was a terrorist sympathizer. it was not that he was certainly american. he does not understand the american experience. he hates the american truth. that was the hallmark of the conservative movement of eight years of the obamas. they had it backward. trump being a secret muslim or whatever. i don't think it was not just fox news. when they get excited, the belt way press gets excited. this would have been an optic disaster, right? we don't have optics for trump anymore. it does not exist. people laughed about that. that was a real story for many days. >> absolutely. >> he was so out of touch. how could you be so out of touch for something like that. optimist optics cover does not exist.
8:03 am
there is no other words. >> we are on the eve of the ner 9/11 anniversary. the most deadly terrorist attack inside the united states in history. and the idea that a politician let alone the president of the united states on this particular weekend would himself leak, for himself to say i have got a secret meeting and they blew up stuff because of the taliban and now i am not going to it anymore. the optimistic question would have been all day paroxysm on the part of the media side. >> optics don't matter if it supports your supporters. >> i am not going to interrupt
8:04 am
you. >> the apartmeoptics, it only m if it matters to his base. >> i would disagree with that. i think a lot of people in the press have tried to point out things that donald trump does that are destroying these norms that we have but they have a limited impact of 40% of the electorate does not accept what people are reporting. i will say that number one, president obama did take some criticism for suggesting peace talks with the taliban when he was president. and so i am curious to see what's going to happen over the next few days. if you pull back and you look at this larger dynamic. what you see trump made a lot of promises to his base of what he's going to do and particularly of how he's going to get us out of these conflicts. his strategy has seemed to be just try and make these things happen without any regards for what people have told him about
8:05 am
why they can't happen. he runs into the obstacles that any president would run into if they try to have peace talks with the taliban or try to pull back on the european union or try to crack down on immigration or america or any of the number of things that he's done that has had some disaster results because he's violating norms and because he's trying to impose his will to force a will and force of personality and by insisting that things and facts are not facts. and so we see this time and again with trump. him trying to do things that he promised his base that other people have told him are not possible because of the disas r disasterodisaste disasterous consequences. we are seeing another situation where there is going to be a huge scandal and you know people are going to be talking about this for days and listening to
8:06 am
experts about what happened. >> donald trump is governing out of what we read in the first script when he ran for president. i am going to do all these things on list. for his base. he's keeping his promises. they don't care. i am wondering why the media cares so much. they care about what he tells me. in this situation, we are talking about the idea of bringing an entity that we consider to be terrorists to the united states. bringing them to camp david and having them meet with the president upon in their minds to receive our surrender. >> yeah. this goes back and connects back to the mass shooting in texas, "the new york times" ran that where trump promises -- the media has a reflective fear. that's a fact and triumph, roger
8:07 am
ailes and donald trump convinced the mainstream newspapers in america they are partisan and they bend over backward to extend a curtesy and sort of generosity to people like donald trump that they would never extend to democrats. obama dealt with it for eight years. the newspapers and the big ones don't want to be perceived. >> 2012. barack obama is slashing the military. well, donald trump is stealing money from the military to build al wall somehow through the rio grande. i don't know how he's going to do that and now he's going meet the taliban. what was the reaction? >> well, i got a lot of attention on twitter for what that's worth. but, it did not get any reaction particularly from the administration to say we are
8:08 am
sort of it is all secretive and we are doing this and moving around. what they are plotting to do is bring the taliban to camp david. they're going to bring the taliban and the government that we supported a long time. it was not working. the ghani government has been excluded from this. this was talks between the united states and the taliban, it is already elevated the taliban to the level of dealing with the united states of america directly for nine sessions. what the taliban is saying again and again, here is our scen scenic -- this is the thing where we'll not negotiate. you have to take all americans out and not only american uniform troops be you the cia. the air force. the contractors and they all have to go. by a lot of negotiations are about where we can sort of wiggle in the few americans
8:09 am
here. trump said he was going to draw down 5,000. something was wrong because in fact when he came into office, obama only hadnir rubin, that s like north korea to me. it sounded like the exact same kind of negotiations when you elevate the people seeking for equal status and to immediately give them nothing for free. we want all your people out and we will do what you want to get out and he says i love you? it sounds just like north korea. >> imagine barack obama met directly with the then president of iran. these people are insane, not to take a meeting with president trump whether it is the russians or the chinese or north koreans. all they need to is say what a
8:10 am
great negotiator he was and how terrible and weak barack obama was. he'll give them anything. he'll give them the moon and the stars. they can make it a lot worse from our perspective and he would sign out. that would be his deal. it comes back to the foreign policy folks who are in this administration who are willing betraying their own office is the only way to put it and the united states senate that's afraid to keep up. i will say this. the democrats running for president should make a much bigger deal of this. he's vulnerable on this. he's vulnerable to independence and reluctant to trump voters and you don't see them talking about it. all of them should be and they're going to get a lot of street credit with waivering trump voters. >> just one point.
8:11 am
the current sitting members of administration, what about jim mattis and where is rex tillerson. people who are outside of the government who have no restrictions under speech. where are they now at this critical moment? >> we are to a point where, does anyone think donald trump of all people is going to end this 18 years of war with this skill fuful negotiation that nobody can figure out. it is what he sees on fox news and what he wants to tweet and now he's doing war on this. >> he's able to force into these within the government that normally would be the grown h-u to subordinate himself.
8:12 am
to go ahead and give in when he drew on a marker. he's able to twist and corrupt the entities of government that was supposed to be -- go ahead, you comment first. >> i love eric to death because he has a great name. but, i have to push back a little bit on what he says about the press. the truth of what trump is doing and how he's arriving at the decision he's making. i think we are in this situation where people believe that if the press used the right combination of words. if they are sending lies more often or just somehow took a tougher tone with him that the scale would fall from people's eyes and they would react to what he does in the same way that some people reacted to the way obama did. the fact the matter is people are not reacting to the stories about trump the way they reacted
8:13 am
to stories about obama. i don't know why -- >> but, it did produce public reaction. >> hold on. it produce a reaction because the media characterizes it as a scandal. i disagree with you. the media characterizes it as an absolute scandal. obamacare did not work. it was a daily constant reminder in your ears. >> which kind of media? >> all media. >> sorry. >> so you are saying that the problem is that the media now is not characterizes the stuff trump is doing as a scandal. i don't think that's true. >> let me let the other eric in. >> it does not matter if you
8:14 am
call him a liar, right? it is no big deal. >> i am not saying that. >> let eric say it and you can respond. >> one second. you got to let him respond. >> it is important to use these words. pathological liar, mentally unstable. >> you know trump lies path of category five hurricane. i never saw that in the headline. that should have been in the headline everyday. it breaks through this normalization. it signals that we are at a national crisis. falsehoods and misstatement. how could you have people in your stats who did nothing. everyone knows it he's a pathological liar. the alabama melt down, why are
8:15 am
reporters talking to mental health experts. why are they talking about experts on narcissists? that's the story of donald trump presidency. >> in between the county, they're throwing away parties for sarah huckabee sanders. eric, this media has not failed us during the administration from the ridiculous -- >> i think it is a mistake to paint that. about so many can scandal involving president trump because of what the media told you and journalists endured some real risk to bring you that story. "the new york times" devote a year and a half to reporting out all the questionable tax things he's involved in. >> sure. >> the story comes out and it
8:16 am
has unlimited impact. >> i don't think so. >> you can't filibuster. the reality is if the content matters so when donald trump draw allegedly to "the washington post" draws with a marker, on a map. the headline says the map seemed to have been drawn on with a marker. he seems to have a false statement when you know he's out and lied to the people of alabama. there is a different character salt lake ci ization on it. with president obama, the characterization was negative. minor things but with president obama -- he treated of a
8:17 am
relatively jeb bush. >> it is not that way in the newsroom that i work in. >> not in every newsroom. >> i think reporters are reporting what they know. >> when you have people, there are a lot of people across the country who are not reading papers and we have to hold consumers and voters responsible. more people know about the beef between nicki minaj and cardi b. than our president. >> we need more time. tiffany cross. jennifer rubin and we have two erics today. thank you very much for joining us. and you look amazingly comfortable. when your v-neck looks more like a u-neck... that's when you know, it's half-washed. try downy fabric conditioner. unlike detergent alone, downy helps prevent stretching
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8:21 am
i think we are past kneeling. it is time to go into action. everyone knows what the issue is. we are done with that. do you know the issue? >> yes. >> we all know the issue now. >> next, on this first sunday of the new nfl season. the new social justice initiative between jay z and the nfl seems to have fumble on its first play. the exchanges involving $200,000
8:22 am
to a nonprofit club aims to reduce violence by empowering youth to boxing. cutting the natural hair of young black boys and tweeting that the trim was quote symbolic of their desire. the photo were taken in 2016 and the tweet since been deleted. the woman in the photograph apologized. her organization welcomes all hair styles and her children are by racial. joining me now to discuss reverend thompson. and jamil smith, senior writer for rolling stone. so they received the award there as well. and the young man who was in the picture, his name is coby.
8:23 am
he defended them. a young man cut my hair three years ago, that was what i wanted. i was tire of gang banging and now i am a changed young man trying to see bigger and better dreams. i want to know that. what is your take on this. before i get your take. give me your take on this. >> thank you for having me this morning, joy. so, the club from what i have been able to gather may be doing some good. that's possible. there is a great deal of cultural insensitivity, tweeting of all lives matter. as if he had something to do with or wave a magic wand and do something about it. you go back to chicago. we always hear that. trump comes in and she asked him to come in and say chicago with
8:24 am
that whole white savior meaning again. that's insensitive. i will be honest with you. the commemoration of 16 or 19 is great. one of the draw backs -- they are in tunes in egypt where ancient pharaohs who had locks. there is nothing wrong with locks. jay z did not vet this organization or although to vet -- >> it was his side that picked them? >> well, what's interesting when i asked him at the press conference, how are you going to pick these groups, he talked about players. players have been involved in the social justice conversation. i don't have any reason to believe that players, nfl players or even the bears in
8:25 am
chicago, players on their team were consulted. >> this is the august 4th, press conference. let me play a little bit of it. oh, we don't have it yet. >> can you elaborate on groups. >> someone identified by the players and someone participate in these programs but chances his thing is education so he'll focus on education. between organizations and artists and players. is your question about this and you don't believe vetting, what is your question about? >> well, how could he pick an
8:26 am
organization he has lots. why would you give money to an organization who's stigmatizine locks. if you not look at the fact that this person is potentially trump supporters when trump is one of the people who attacked -- held the league hostage, it was the owner of patriots who said he was doing that and calling all the players sobs. it seems to be that's not a very good process. >> she's not a trump supporter but maybe to the right political, we don't know. we don't know what her policies are. >> eugene, let me go to. you written about this. they did not kneel for this. under the guise of philanthropic
8:27 am
activism, they are taking credit for kaepernick's message. what dow make of all of this jamil? >> the video was him training odell beckham earlier this year. so the nfl should not be could wanted onto coop the message of someone who's their antagonist and be expected to do it correctly. we should understand that the nfl was sued by colin kaepernick for denying him employment because he conveyed the exact message which they are attempting to coop and slapping
8:28 am
a t-shirt and used to sell concerts and singles called "song of the season" in this inspired change movement which was oddly named. inspired change was what colin kaepernick was doing when he was kneeling on those sidelines three years ago before the games, during the anthem. go ahead joy. >> what do you think jay z is doing here? is this is a capitalist move? is this a branding move? what do yis he doing here? >> it is a little on the column. >> i wish the nfl have let him by into a team without putting the civil rights paint job on the rest of it. i understand that if maybe it may have been tough for the nfl to have a black owner while they are actually banning a black quarterback for presenting a social justice message.
8:29 am
i think that look -- all jay z needs to do is buy into a team. he didn't need to have a rhythm of role about i am going to -- i am going to have this whole civil rights and social justice entrepreneurship. it is obviously poorly organized and very first thing that they give money to is all about respectability and politics. respectability politics is not going to say this. i understand their first priorities is protecting the shield and not making money. we understand it is an entertainment product. it makes the stomach change for ourselves and government through laws and not through our entertainment obstacles. >> i don't think so. the nfl thinks that colin kaepernick issue is over. people are moved on. they have not.
8:30 am
what happened with kaepernick is similar to what happened to muhammad ali until he gets a job. i agree with jamil. would that be a solution? if mlb gives him a team, would that be okay? i don't think so. i think he really ought to reconsider all of it. >> what's the name of the podcast? "make it play." >> thank you very much. more "am joy" after the break. great riches will find you when liberty mutual
8:31 am
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a few weeks ago that the taliban put out a video in which they supported the ner9/11 atta blaming the 9/11 attacks on the united states and foreign policies. i understand why you want to negotiate for peace but why bring people like that to camp david. we understand who the taliban are. there are no more clear eye administrati administration. >> the one that proved of a secret meeting with the taliban, camp david. the anniversary of 9/11. defense attorney anne and author
8:39 am
of "russian roulette," michael isikoff. >> this is for surrender and complete evacuation of the u.s. troop. if any democratic president, president obama had planned this. >> you look at trump of 2012 went after president obama for talking to the taliban. let's keep in mind, i am shocked at camp david of trump's doral off course. >> if you can make money off of it and having the meeting. we have 4,000 troops in afghanistan right now.
8:40 am
why this one and it seems like the reality show mentality of donald trump or it may get some backlash and one year soldier was killed. you didn't talk about them. this is as how malcolm nance puts it. >> you already have this week of donald trump lying of the hurricane and scared alabama in the process and forced the people below him to lie for him to cover it up. he did the same thing with landing the u.s. military transport in scotland where they did not have to. making the vice president pay him. he's making money off of the government and attorney general. but this one, it takes the rest of that.
8:41 am
and puts it to the side, the idea that the american president days before the 9/11 anniversary would even and tell the world he plans to do this is unbelievable. >> i think we gotten to a point where i think and i hope most americans are tired of the fact that our president conducts foreign policy by tweets. it is absurd. when you think of the fact that you would send that tweet and inform the american public in that way. that in of itself sort of the bases of 9/11 and the bases of 3,000 souls who were lost that day. i am glad you went through the two or three scandals that occurred and the last three or four days. i believe that tweet was a distraction from us talking about those things. it was a destruction from the fact that there is recent reporting of military landing and staying at one of his properties and pence staying at one of his properties. he'll send out these kinds of tweets to distract everybody else from talking about how he's
8:42 am
violating the constitution. this is where we are. how is trump violating the constitution every single week. >> this hour, this week, this month. that's where we are. i think one of the sort of bedrock of that tweet apart from the things you just mentioned. >> david, the way normally a story like this and outrageous as this is which is why it is breaking this morning on this show. normally we would have found out through a source that got in touch with david corn. we'll find out through the media that donald trump had plans to take these discussions that had been in qatar and move them into camp david and bring them into the united states. donald trump himself put that out there and i have to say, i normally don't think there is any strategies. you just erupting of whatever it is in his brain at the moment. the one thing that makes you think may be right is that tweet contains two wards.
8:43 am
camp david. this is the week where we are talking about the feedback where he refused camp david for r official meeting. he rather use his own property. >> it can be. i am long past the point interpreting the meaning behind his tweets. i share everybody's outrage. it would be great if we could move past that to use this moment to ask the hard questions of what are they doing of afghanistan. we have lost over a dozen americans there and now 18 years after they first went in. trump keeps saying he wants to do something, what's really happening. there needs to be a piece agreement between the afghan government and the taliban. that's where the negotiations should be. which is why it is great to have these talks going on elsewhere
8:44 am
or trump eventuallily nay name trump's camp david. that's going to happen at some point in time. really he has brought attention to the war in a half hazard way and we have pompeo on the show or john bolton or anybody else. they need to be pressed. not just how idiotic or offensive it is. we get little reporting and it is a h ell of a good issue. the thing, this one thing in the long list of things, this is a long list. >> it is a very long list. chris did point out this comes in potential spiked by john bolton and it comes during the same period that we learn donald trump that iran is junking the
8:45 am
remainder of the nuclear deal. president obama did trying to prevent us trying to go into war with iran. donald trump is making it likely whining up with war in iran and doing nothing reducing and more status between us and afghanistan. on top of that inviting a group th group -- >> the take aways, he does not say this with china or we don't know the end game with iran. >> because he does not know it. >> i am going to make the best deal possible and declare victory. afghanistan, 50% of the country right now is under control with the taliban. women have no right and can't even go to school. they don't talk about that. isis is ranging to parts of afghanistan. they're fighting al-qaida there.
8:46 am
what's the better deal? what's the deal with china and what's the end game? is this the guy who's a fairly businessman? he sucks as president here. trump's force, what's the end game in what's the end game of iran or afghanistan? he does not tell us. >> he didn't know what he was doing. he would essentially fail and covers it up. >> he has to complete what he sets out with tch. none of us wish him -- as americans, we want him to succeed and a job that's beneficial for all of us. we have no idea what's going on and most importantly, i think it is important to point out. we no longer have press briefings. we are not getting any information from this administration with respect to how it is that they are carrying out all of these foreign policies.
8:47 am
>> we want a toddler carrying a lighter and not to drop it. >> go on. >> you have to remember joy. donald trump does not have any aim and s and he cares about on thing. donald trump. if you look at what happened with china and iran. there is nothing to tell the public that this is what he's aiming at and trying to achieve. he's trying to achieve one zhing g thing, get attention for himself and do what is right for his own agenda. >> his attention is get something he can call a win and surrender the evacuation of american troops. that's a surrender. >> my panel will be right back and they'll tell you who won the week. superior to humira® in providing significantly clearer skin. don't use if you're allergic to tremfya®. tremfya® may lower your ability to fight infections
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so that early retirement we planned. it's going ok? great. now i'm spending more time with the kids. i'm introducing them to crab. crab!? they love it. so, you mentioned that that money we set aside. yeah. the kids and i want to build our own crab shack. ♪ ♪ ahhh, you're finally building that outdoor kitchen. yup - with room for the whole gang. ♪ ♪ see how investing with a j.p. morgan advisor can help you. visit your local chase branch. and now it is time to ask my panel, ah, yes, who won the week. back with me is dean and midwin charles and david corn, and we will go lady's first. who won the week, midwin charles? >> america's largest retailers
8:52 am
who decided not the sell ammunition on guns as well as saying that they did not want people into their stores. >> yeah. >> it is great, because they recognized that people were set off, right. we have had quite a few mass shootings back-to-back and people are nervous when they see someone walking into the store to buy toothpaste carrying an ar-15, and so it is important for the retailers to take steps that our own elected officials will not take despite that the majority the, of the country wa to do something. >> and business more responsible than congress. and david corn, can you beat that? >> well, the american political system, and as crazy as it was for this week, for the first time this three years we were not the craziest and most idiotic political system in the western world thanks to boris
8:53 am
johnson and thanks to the chaos he has brought to the u.k. and parliament surpasses the nuttiness that we have been living with here for three years. so i am not saying that we should be proud of ourselves this week, but at least we are not number one when it comes to being crazy and for this, we should send boris johnson one of these. >> boris. and you know, actually, i have to disagree with you a little bit, because if you are going to talk britain who won the week was the british political system, because at least they stood up to boris johnson. >> and his own brother defected. >> his own brother defected and can any republican in the united states besides justin amos who is no longer a republican think they stood up to donald trump, and they don't have half of the brass tacks of those brits. they won more than any of them on the republican side.
8:54 am
they are so scared of trump. and you will tweet at me. oh. dean, i leave it to you. >> and i have the winner. put the pens down, because the winner was sharpie. it won and got so much free press, and the president sharpie was trending. >> i picked that, too, because he has e-mailed them faster. >> and the speed, the speed wins and sharpie should do a presentation saying that if you can scribble the presentation, just use the sharpie, and the stock went up i am not kidding, because of all of the free press, and sharpie, you won the free week, and you should send them to alabama, because the people are suffering under donald trump. >> i should have bought some stock in sharpie, an darn it, why didn't you tell me that earlier, dean. >> maybe trum did. >> product placement. >> he is so bad at business he
8:55 am
would not know to do that and he wouldn't even know how to do casinos in atlantic city, and manage that. and no, he doesn't know anything about business. and normally, i go for the wacky winner of who won the week, but this week, i have to shout out to bahamas, and i have to do it, because i have a more heart felt who won the week, and it is a tie between jermaine bell of south carolina who as a little kid, and he is 6 years old and a sweetheart and you did it backwards who bought hundreds of hotdogs that he saved for his birthday and instead, he sent it to help feed the evacuees in hurricane dorian, and look at 6-year-old jermaine bell of south carolina is in a tie with brent lowe who is the hero of the week. he is the hero of the week, and 24, and he carried the 24-year-old son who had cerebral
8:56 am
palsy on his shoulders to safety after hurricane dorian in the bahamas blew the roof off of their home in abaco, and he is blind and waded through the chin-high water, and so we have a daddy baby and a little hero, and they won the week. >> i hope that we can give them as much attention as the alabama thing, the people in the bahamas. >> and a bonus, and not only a tie of who is not going to win, but sharpie is a good answer. and all of the answers were good. and we have a bonus of the week, and it is rachel maddow who is celebrating the anniversary of her show. that show has been on for 11 years, and that is nearly a full crate of eggs. rachel maddow has pulled it off. it is such an important show, and she an amazing friend and journalist and her team is awesome and all of the prime time teams here, but we love rachel maddow, and we love you, and congratulations on year 11,
8:57 am
rachel maddow, and you, madam, you won the week. go rachel. and dean obeidallah and midwin charles and david corn. more after the break. because they need the massive capacity of 5g with ultra wideband, so more screaming, streaming, posting fans... can experience 5g all at once. this is happening in 13 stadiums all across the country. now if verizon 5g can do this for the nfl... imagine what it can do for you. if you have moderate to thsevere rheumatoid arthritis, month after month, the clock is ticking on irreversible joint damage. ongoing pain and stiffness are signs of joint erosion. humira can help stop the clock. prescribed for 15 years, humira targets and blocks a source of inflammation
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