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tv   First Look  MSNBC  September 18, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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♪ it was a combative hearing on capitol hill. former trump campaign manager corey lewandowski defended his former boss and frustrated democrats who are conducting an impeachment inquiry. plus the trump administration is weighing options after a retaliatory after a weekend saudi oil attack and the election of benjamin netanyahu appears to be in doubt as exit polls predict a dead with pronamel repair toothpaste, heat between him and his opponent ♪ we can help actively repair enamel in its weakened state. it's innovative. good wednesday morning, my go to toothpaste everybody. is going to be pronamel repair. it is september 18th, i'm yasmin
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vossoughian alongside ayman my go to toothpaste struggling to clean tough messes with wipes? mohyeldin. we begin with yesterday's try new mr. clean magic eraser sheets. impeachment hearing before the house judiciary committee as just wet, squeeze and erase democrats struggled to get icky messes in microwaves answers from former trump and on stovetops campaign manager corey for an amazing clean, lewandowski, the hearing lasted get the power of mr. clean magic eraser in new disposable sheets. for more than five hours and was contentious, to say the least. democrats tried to get information on a key part of the mueller report that claimed in a june 2017 meeting told (burke) at so we know how to cover we'almost anything.verything lewandowski to announce that the (bert) even a "not-so-handy monster." president had done nothing wrong (johnson) what is going on in here! i can't hear myself think! and that it was unfair here's how things played out (grover) what does it look like, sir? i am here to help you with your water heater. >> poumenhow many times has the (johnson) oh! president asked you meet him in [sighs defeatedly] the white house -- (grover) do not worry sir. i also fix cars! [johnson groans] >> white house has instructed me -- >> how many times did you meet (bert) grover is a monster of many talents! with the president in the white house? (burke) and we covered it. at farmers, we know a thing or two >> i don't know the answer to that because we've seen a thing or two. >> how many times has he directed you to deliver a (bert) mmm. ♪ we are farmers. message -- >> white house has directed not ♪ bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum
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to disclose -- >> did he ever disclose any concerns that he may have welcome back, everyone, commits a criminal offense >> the white house has -- president trump will tour a >> did you tell the president to section the border wall in deliver the message. he will be returning to the same >> i can't comment, it's spot he stood last year where he executive privilege. >> i'm sorry promised to stop up to 99% of >> i can read you the exact statement, the white house has directed that i not disclose the subof any discussion with the immigrants his visit to the mexican border president or his advisers. will be the latest stop in >> you're taking the time to california trump is scheduled to fly to san stonewall me with that answer. >> you felt squeamish about diego after a committee delivering that message, breakfast this morning the trump administration is correct? >> no, sir >> why did it take you so long expected to be revoking and you never even delivered it. >> correct, i never delivered california's authority to set the message. >> you chickened out >> i went on vacation. its own emissions rules. >> you went on vacation. the golden state has vowed to so you put the message in the fight the rule back all the way to the supreme court safe, in your safe in your home california governor gavin newsom for safe keeping, correct? described this move by trump as before you went on vacation? part of a political vendetta >> i took my kids to the beach against the state. newsom said in a statement, it's congressman. >> you didn't want to tell the a move that could have
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president that you were passing devastating consequences for our off his message to someone else, kids' health and the air we did you? you knew he wanted you, someone breathe if california were to he described as his enforcer, a roll over but we will not. we will fight. loyal soldier to do it, because this plan is said to be a the president trusted you, isn't headache for the auto industry that right >> that's a question for the president, sir saying they do not want such an >> in the public record, your job is to be donald trump's aggressive rollback. political enfoeser, correct? in fact, four automakers signed >> no, i don't believe so. a deal back in july pledging >> let me answer the get another they would turn back the laws way are you the hit man, the bad even if they would evoke that man or all of the above? >> i think i'm a good looking legislation. let's go to bill karins. man, actually. >> wow good morning calm conditions in many areas, >> there was also this exchange but not in areas of southeast between lewandowski and house texas. this is where we quickly saw our judiciary counsel barry burk tropical disturbance >> my question to you, sir, on national television, did you lie it was tropical depression and about your relationship with the then storm special counsel and whether they imelda it's only dealing with the wind sought your interview? and impacts from the water and >> i don't know. rain >> prior to the mueller report that's where we are concerned with the system. being published in he ed ied ir this is awe few images from
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yesterday. it's only going to get worse it's a slow-moving system. these heavy rain bands could did you ever regret what you did for the president? move over areas like houston and >> i can't think of any instance port author. that occurred. rainfall predictions up to 7 to >> let me show you an interview 10 inches isolated could get up you did on february 22nd, 2019 to close to a foot and a half of let me show it to you. rain that's a lot of water in a short period of time drought conditions over the last may 2019 thank you. >> i don't ever remember the month or so, so that's helped so far. so here's the latest on president ever asking me to get humberto we do have a hurricane warning involved with jeff sessions or the department of justice in any in effect for bermuda. way, shape or form it's a major hurricane, it's a did you hear that, sir big storm. a lot of waves that the surfers >> that was you saying on msnbc like, and we've had problems you don't ever remember the with rip currents on the beaches president ever asking to you get involved with jeff sessions or of the united states the department of justice in any and that's going to continue way, shape or form today. the storm is going just north of that wasn't true, was it sir bermuda. it's a close call for them but >> i heard that. they're not going through the >> and that was not true, was it >> i have no obligation to be storm. we have tropical storm jerry, honest with the media because this storm is north of puerto
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they're just as -- rico and northern leeward >> so you're admitting, sir, islands. we'll don't update this forecast but as of now it looks like an you're not being truthful, correct? ocean storm which is a fist >> my interview with ari storm. >> yes no land areas. >> can be interpreted any way close call still ahead, more on the you like >> why did you lie on national attacks against saudi arabia's oil production facilities and when the country says it can television about the president fully restore its output giving a message about the plus, facebook announces the attorney general >> i couldn't answer that. >> no obligation to be honest creation of a supreme court and with the media its bid to combat the lewandowski also took advantage of the spotlight by using a break in the hearing to tweet controversial content. details driving the story on about his potential senate run in new hampshire your business day. coming up. and dozens of senate orks differently. studies showed relief and remission, democrats took to the floor to call for action on gun with dosing every 8 weeks. legislation. they're trying to put pressure stelara® may lower your ability to fight infections on senate majority leader mitch and may increase your risk of infections and cancer. mcconnell who will said yesterday he is waiting for some serious infections require hospitalization. guidance from president trump before treatment, get tested for tb. before bringing anything to the tell your doctor if you have an infection or flu-like floor. >> i want know what the president supports, it's not symptoms or sores, have had cancer, or develop new skin growths, unimportant to my members. or if anyone in your house needs or recently had a vaccine. what i would like to know is alert your doctor of new or worsening problems, what he thinks would make some including headaches, seizures, confusion and vision problems. progress and he would sign. these may be signs of a rare,
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potentially fatal brain condition. and until we get that kind of some serious allergic reactions and lung inflammation can occur. talk to your doctor today, and learn how janssen can help you guidance, we're in holding explore cost support options. pattern, so to speak remission can start with stelara®. >> the last i checked the constitution, it's our responsibility here, in the senate and house, to act, not to hide behind the skirts of the president. and the president we know has been spineless >> it's wild to me how the republican leadership is so eager to advertise that the senate will do nothing unless president trump gives it permission >> the least we can do, this isn't hard, guys, is debate and vote debate and vote. explore cost support options. hey. is that hard >> i can tell you this, our kids can't do this. you must be steven's phone. they should not be asked to try now you can know who's on your network to figure out how to stop these and control who shouldn't be, only with xfinity xfi. mass shootings >> our politicians offering simple. easy. awesome. thoughts and prayers doesn't cut it anymore it's put up or shut up
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leader mcconnell, senate republicans, what will you do? >> coming up on "morning joe" senator michael bennet who you heard in that clip will be a guest in the program let's go to the general election where the virtual dead heat and too close to call it's a rerun of the april election which prime minister benjamin netanyahu won but failed to form a majority government under a deadline. the israel parliament dissolved itself soon after an unprompted new election netanyahu's likud party has begin fallen short of the majority party with its ultranational allies however, he says he is not conceding. in just two weeks netanyahu is set to appear in court on a pretrial hearing on a slew of corruption, bribery and fraud charges brought by israel's attorney general netanyahu has denied any
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wrongdoing and the 2020 campaign with joe biden's stumble in a recent saudi arabia is still recovering from an attack on its oil campaign video facilities which knocked out the video by the campaign hall of the crude oil outpit manager strings together biden's from the world's top exporter. verbal gaffs, it includes cnbc willem marx is joining us candidatesquestioning the live good morning talk to us about the saudi ability to lead the nation production returning to normal after this attack. >> so, the energy administration all right, president trump dismissed the crowd size of senator elizabeth warren gave a press conference yesterday in the central part of new york city rally which the country and talked about the reportedly drew at least 20,000 fact that they would aim to get people while aboard air force one yesterday,trump mocked the the production back by the end 2020 democratic contender saying of september over the last couple of days they've managed to resume over anybody that can't get people half of the production they've lost because of this attack. standing in the middle of they were aiming for 11 barrels manhattan in the most densely a day by end of september. populated area of the country, anybody can do that. 12 million barrels a day by the i think more democrats should do end of november. don't forget, of course, this it i get these crowds in areas that attack was aimed at their processing facility. nobody has seen crowds before. it's not that they can't pump pretty amazing he adds, certainly if i went to crude out of the ground right now. it's just that they can't get it ready what they're looking to
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manhattan, if i went there, get back on track as soon as number one, she didn't get possible fedex not seeing numbers that 20,000 people and number two, i are looking good on track at all. they actually have lowered their think anybody would get a good crowd there. forecast for next year, and i think you have a good crowd their shares after the markets closed yesterday fell 9% as a if >> it's great dramatic reading consequence of that. this is a company, it's kind of there, i think you nailed. a bellwether for the economy, >> it's like a competition we global trade, and they blamed have with a good book. trade policies, tensions and joining me from the washington uncertainty for a lot of their examiner david drucker good morning poor performance >> good morning, guys. if you've been watching the >> it was quite a lively day on space closely amazon added ground delivery services with the hill to say the least with the firm partnership they had the sound played of corey for a long time last month. >> it's also interesting to hear lewandowski at the top of the show what were some of your biggest the saudi officials delay saudi takeaways yesterday. >> well, look, i think corey aramco for what this attack has lewandowski used it as a resulted in. let me switch gears quickly and platform, he used it for a get your thoughts about facebook it's trying out a new way to get platform to perform for the most important audience, the user feedback. president of the united states he used it as a platform to what more can you tell us about confirm a senate bid this latest effort and he used it as a platform to act as a thumb in the eye of >> they've essentially released twha amounts to a charter for congressional democrats who are
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continuing to try to investigate future oversight independent the president and all things leading to the investigation oversight. in that regard, i thought he had mark zuckerberg talking about what will essentially amount to the better end of the deal a supreme court when it comes to now, it's possible and we'll see content moderation in the weeks ahead tha use this they want to have this consisting around 40 members, to lay a foundation for what five of those members at any one they're trying to do to go after the president that they were time would sit and make decisions that might in turn able to plant some seed that may overturn what facebook has already decided when it comes to show up in further hearings and content. they hope to have this then potential impeachment operational by the beginning of next year, and of course after inquiry. but this is always very tricky the last few years of scrutiny and we saw this with republicans and criticism from both during the obama administration. when you have members of the legislators and regulators this could be a way for them to try house of representatives, particularly members of the and allay some of the concerns house, versus is the senate that about their huge influence. are doing this sort of questioning, the subjects of the >> keyword could be. inquiry are often able to come off in an optical sense, looking >> facebook developing a currency and the supreme court, it's like a state within a state. >> you're just figuring this out a lot better and optics are important because now? >> the 51st state of the united that translates to political states, facebook. opinion in the country and that's really the goal here, >> willem marx live in london is to move the american people, for us, always a pleasure. if you're a house democrat, toward a place where they thiegt "axios"'s jim vand hide has support more aggressive a look at this morning's one big investigations and potentially impeachment.
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and i don't know they were able thing. more on the new poll showing the to accomplish that yesterday former vice president holding in >> david, i want to get your thoughts on gun legislation. first place as senator elizabeth we saw as we played clips there, senate democrats advocating for warren moves closer to the top. dozens of democrats take to gun reformulate into the night the senate floor to demand i know you guys had new action regarding gun laws. reporting on the relationship between the nra and republicans 2020 president candidate and heading into 2020. what are you guys learning democratic senator michael >> well, look, there are a lot of republicans focused on house bennet joins the conversation. "morning joe," everyone, just and senate races that aren't moments away sure that the nra is going to have their back in 2020. there's been a lot of upheaval in the nra, sand competition for if they're talking about you... you must be doing something right. resources within the nra and civil war with control of the experience the style, craftsmanship, organization that has republicans on the hill and technology that have made the rx very nervous now, i think we need to understand that the grassroots the leading luxury suv of all time. members that fuel the nra and lease the 2019 rx 350 donate to the nra that create for $399 a month for 36 months. that war chest are still giving experience amazing at your lexus dealer. and they're still engaged. and republicans are very in - [woman] with my shark, i deep clean messes like this, touch with the voters. they do not want to head into a this, and even this. 2020 primary situation where but i don't have to clean this, they find themselves on the because the self-cleaning brush roll
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wrong side of voters that care removes hair while i clean. about the second amendment - [announcer] shark, the vacuum that deep cleans but in terms of how the nra now cleans itself. channels that, republicans are not that happy with what they're seeing, although this does not preclude the organization from backing the president the way they did in 2016 which was immensely. >> david drucker, thank you. we'll talk to you in a bit still ahead, the department of justice filed a new lawsuit against nsa contract snowden. plus, memorials are pouring in for journalist cokie roberts. we'll take a look at her amazing career and a check of weather when we come right back. johnson & johnson is a baby company. cake in the conference room! showing 'em you're ready... to be your own boss. that's the beauty of your smile. crest's three dimensional whitening... ...removes stains,...
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that's why i'm partnering with cigna to remind you to go in for your annual check-up. and be open with your doctor about anything you feel. physically, and emotionally. body and mind. (logo whooshes) ♪ (logo chiming) - [woman] with shark's duoclean, i don't just clean, i deep clean carpets and floors. so i got this. yep, this too. even long hair and pet hair are no problem. but the one thing i won't have to clean is this. because the shark self-cleaning brush roll removes the hair wrap while i clean. welcome back, joining us - [narrator] shark, the vacuum that deep cleans, from washington with a look at now cleans itself. now available in our new uplight model. "axios" a.m., cofounder jim vandehei >> good morning. >> talk to us about "axios"'s one big thing. >> we're looking at beto o'rourke and his comment about hell yes we're going to take your ar 15s and how much that has dominated social media feeds. a lot of that's social media on
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both sides, some people who loved it a lot of people who obviously hated it what it shows is that on social media guns and immigration now for many, many weeks are the topics that are dominating conversation among people who to the wait did frowe just win-ners. prouders everyone uses their phone differently. care about politics and what we don't know is will that ever that's why xfinity mobile let's you design actually materialize in any kind your own data. of surge for beto o'rourke who's now you can share it between lines. still very much at the bottom of mix with unlimited, and switch it up at anytime the pack or is it people getting lit up about topics that are so you only pay for what you need. very visceral, very real to it's a different kind of wireless network them. >> let's stay on the online designed to save you money. save up to $400 a year on your wireless bill. topic for a moment what are some of the other notable shifts that you have plus get $250 back when you buy seen get traction online among a new samsung note. 2020 candidates? click, call or visit a store today. >> anytime you're talking about immigration, anytime you're talking about guns in particular it's been a couple of months where people are really, really interested in that debate. you see many, many more democrats now willing to go a welcome back, everyone lot further on gun control than justice department lawyers have filed a lawsuit against edward they have in the past. another interesting thing over the last couple of months is snowden. a contractor who leaked documents over the publication just how much joe biden
2:16 am
struggles online with getting of his new memoir "permanent any positive attention a lot of the activists tend to record" without prior live on social media, and the authorization from the cia and reason that the social media nsa. gauge matters is that's where a the doj said in a lawsuit lot of people, most people are yesterday that snowden getting their news acknowledged that they published and we tend to look at the -- his book without submitting to what's happening on tv where the agencies for prepublic this stuff at the ground floor eventually trickles its way up. review and express violation of the agreements he signed >> talk to us about the house the suit does not seek to stop judiciary hearing yesterday with the publication or distribution of snowden's book, but instead, former trump campaign manager looks to recover any proceeds corey lewandowski. >> it's hard to see that it helped the case overwhelmingly for democrats who really, really earned snowden has lived in russia for want to build public support, the last six years build democratic support inside joining me here on the set is the caucus for impeachment there's probably 170, 175 house msnbc legal analyst, danny democrats right now who would cevallos danny, good to have you. vote for impeachment obviously we need 218 to make it what do you make of this recent a reality if it came up for a legal proceeding, if you will, against edward snowden floor vote each one of these hearings they've been unsuccessful in bringing him back to the united matters in that context. you have nancy pelosi, several states through legal means other members who are saying but what's the significance of we've got to move on we don't want to do impeachment. this one other legal proceeding we don't want to be the party of given the fact that he's facing impeachment. when you have a lot of much more serious consequences for the violation?
2:17 am
>> members of the community and other agencies almost uniformly members pushing so hard for it they need something else signed an agreement to not only they had the mueller report. they need some of these disclose information but to testimonies to really sort of submit any book that they might the grab the public by the write or any kind of speaking collar and say look this guy has engagement to the agency for to be impeached. i don't know if they got that what's called prepublication review and the supreme court has said yesterday. there was a lot of stonewalling, a little bit of theatrics. that despite the first amendment these hearings now you either and the strong presumption have people who get up there and against the government's prior really don't say anything that restraint of speech, this kind revelatory or new or you have of prepublication review is the white house trying to block constitutional so, they're alleging that people from testifying like they with did with rob porter and a snowden breached this obligation he had signed written few others. >> do you think jim that nondisclosure agreements nadler's push for these and they're not seeking to stop impeachment hearings, do you the speech, stop the think this is more about gaining publications of the book they just want the proceeds. more public sport, or do you think this is about gaining and i suspect the reason they're support within the democratic not actually trying to stop party? >> they're so intertwined. publication of the book is then they need pressure, if you think about the raw numbers, if you you'd run smack into some real have 175 house democrats who first amendment concerns would probably vote for and they may be stuck litigating impeachment, there needs to be whether or not the stuff that pressure on that additional 30, snowden wants to talk about, he 40 members you need to be able has a constitutional right to to get enough to actually pull speak about it off impeachment, and so unless >> so, let's extend on one of
2:18 am
the points you just made which you have that, unless you have so much pressure that nancy is the proceeds. the doj arguing that they want pelosi says you know what? the proceeds from this book. i'm going to shift my strategy i'm going to drop my resistance that snowden shouldn't be to impeachment, she's an allowed to collect any money from the publication of this extremely powerful leader of the book legally, how is this going to party, and she controls what's stand up >> it's probably an easier going to go on that floor. argument for the justice department to make and that's probably why they unless something gives you're not going to get to impeachment. made it. it's an easier objective with each passing day i think they don't have to get into a there's more and more democrats huge constitutional battle who say they're open to it as i said, the supreme court has already approved that the i think we have to revisit this in a couple of months from now. nondisclosure agreements and the >> jim vandehei, a pleasure, to prepublication review all of our viewers you can sign agreements so, it seems at least in the up at signup@"axios".com. justice department's mind that a court will take a look at this saying, yes, you're not looking to stop publication of the book. "morning joe" starts right snowden is still able to speak now. >> and i don't mind reminding a in a constitutional sense but guy who was getting ready for you're entitled to money he season 7 as celebrity apprentice makes from that book >> let me ask you a question quickly, it's related to while i was out here figuring out how to use a rifle. snoweden in a slightly different way. he has said he will come back to >> you didn't blame little john the u.s. to face trial if he or meat loaf were given a fair trial. is that likely for someone who has gotten this notorietyover you fired gary busick, and these the past six years and all of
2:19 am
are the kind of decisions that the attention that's been put on would keep me up at night. him, especially when you have presidents, both republicans and >> that's mayor pete channelling democrats, who have been critical of him, can he get a a line from barack obama which was said to get deeply under fair trial in the united states under this current climate >> a defendant is entitled to it, sixth amendment, to a fair donald trump's skin back in tlec 2011 remember that? we have a lot of politics to cover this morning including trial. and what happens when the circus some brand new poll numbers just atmosphere of pretrial becomes out, a lot of movement for so huge that it endangers that elizabeth warren plus, corey lewandowski defendant's right. apparently wants to serve on that was way back in the fugitive case, you know, the capitol hill and made quite a movie "fugitive" that was based first impression there yesterday. we're going to run through his on that many years ago contentious impudent rude >> harrison ford >> yes hearing in the house. the supreme court held that in plus, benjamin netanyahu is cases where you have this -- you fighting for his job in israel have this pretrial publicity and we'l it rises to such a circus level, that sometimes, you may have to change venues, sometimes, it will violate the rights to a sixth amendment trial. >> thanks, danny cevallos. let's get a check of your weather with msnbc meteorologist
2:20 am
bill karins. >> good morning, this time of morning, things can ramp up quickly. it happened yesterday in the gulf of mexico this is imelda it quickly become a tropical storm last night and now it's a tropical depression. the winds are never an issue it's just a rainfall forecast. of course, when we talk about the houston area and how flood-prone it is, heavy rain events are not welcome right now, houston is okay but the heaviest rain bands have been to the south of the city along the coast. you can see all of the bright red. and the issue is, we're going to do this for the next two days. we have a flash flood that goes from lake charles to beaumont to houston. we have one flash flood warning. the computers are heading into a widespread, seven to ten-inch rainfall event into houston. then the rainfall will move northward. because of that, we have a
2:21 am
moderate risk of flash flood not just today, but thursday, throughout the same region houston, port arthur and even into friday you sometimes don't need a big huge hurricane to have a significant weather event. and updates on humberto and tropical storm jerry has performed in the atlantic. it's the peak of the season. that's what september is this is where you get one after another. >> thanks for that, bill still ahead, president trump renews his complaints about homelessness in a stop in lifornia the comments and what he says the administration is doing about that issue, next
2:22 am
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and we are usaa members for life. get your auto insurance quote today. president trump yesterday renewed his criticism of california's homeless population talking about the harm it does for taxpayers seeking prestigious real estate and warning that cities will destroy themselves if his administration doesn't intervene. speaking with reporters traveling with him aboard air force one in route to the golden state, trump said the homeless are living, quote, in our best highways and best streets and talking to tenants in california who want to leave the country because of the issue trump said, in many cases, they came from other countries and moved to los angeles or san francisco because of the prestige of the city and all of a sudden, they have tents, hundreds and hundreds of tents and people living ten
2:25 am
transof their office bidding and they want to leave and the people of san francisco are fed up and the people of los angeles are fed up and we're looking at it to do something about it administration officials were sent to look into the problem there. trump has looked into an individual task force and discussing the matter with hud secretary bernard carson renowned journalist cokie roberts first money as a female blazing reporter died yesterday from complications from cancer roberts won all of the major awards in journalist and was, quote, relentless in pursuing all of the unknown episodes in major history. roberts was one of the first reporters at national public radio often called one of the founding mothers of npr. even with her busy life in front of the camera, roberts found time to be a prolific author
2:26 am
writing books on u.s. history. she came from political blood throughout her family and young adult life and roberts was 75 years old and i think also one of the more notable things about her, in addition to the fact she was an incredible journalist and such a trail blazer was the fact that she loved and respected her family so much, when asked what was some of her biggest accomplishments in her career, she said it was my family. and that came first. >> and from seeing from our journalists and colleagues, she always had time for young journalists, posting pictures of the mentorship and guidance and all kinds of tributes. it really speaks a lot because this business can be very competitive and she always found time to pave the way >> incredible loss there >> she'll be sorely missed secretary of state mike pompeo is in saudi arabia on the heels of this week's attack on
2:27 am
an oil processing plant. we'll have the very latest on the growing tension in the region plus, president trump has gone through three national security adviser durinhig s time in office. and now we're looking at what could potentially become number four we're back in a moment tremfya® is fors caadults with moderate
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♪ welcome back, everybody, i'm yasmin vossoughian alongside ayman mohyeldin. it is the bottom of the hour we begin in israel with the latest general election unofficial results and exit polls show a virtual dead heat
2:31 am
and too close to call. nbc's chief correspondent bill neely is in tel aviv with the latest >> reporter: israel's election too close to call. tv exit polls predicting a dead heat and putting benjamin netanyahu's political future in doubt. he campaigned seriously to remain israel's prime minister, but his main opponent matched him. benny gantz who once took orders from netanyahu as his military chief believeshe will replace him. netanyahu ran as if president trump was his running mate >> benjamin netanyahu -- >> reporter: boosting of his unique relationship and being king b king bebe. he promise head would make palestinian land part of israel, president trump reluctant to back that. >> no, i don't want to be talking about that, it's too
2:32 am
soon >> reporter: too soon, too close. >> it's a 50/50 election a lot of people if you look at the polls and everything else, it's going to be close >> reporter: neither man appears to have a clear path to victory so it's up to israel's people to decide who has a clear chance to be president secretary of state mike pompeo is in saudi arabia for meetings with crown prince mohammed bin salman regarding recent attacks on the oil facilities it comes after president trump tweeted that, quote, the administration is waiting to hear who is the cause of this attack and under what terms we will proceed late adding that saudi arabia is, quote, a great ally seeking a great relationship and, quote, under attack and we will work something with them. and nbc is, trump administration is weighing retaliatory action
2:33 am
against iran after the attack. >> however, sources welling nbc news that president trump is seeking a narrowly focused response that would not draw the u.s. into a broader military conflict with iran which could entail the u.s. to a saudi led strike yemen-based houthi rebels claimed responsibility say it's related to the saudi war in yemen. and now president rouhani said that riyadh should see the attacks as an end to the war the white house has made u.s. intel on the attack which points to iran being the high man available to all u.s. senators and the chairman of the homeland security committee ron johnson has said that the brief is only three pages and cut and dried. adding he's 100% convinced iran is the culprit
2:34 am
an intel committee was briefed last night and speaker. pelosi has requested one for the entire chamber the taliban targeted an election rally in kabul and the president was reportedly at least half a mile away from the time and was not hurt. just over an hour later, another suicide bombing in kabul killed at least 22 and injured 38 others the statement from the white house press office said the administration, quote, strongly condemns the taliban's cowardly attacks against the afghan people adding the president has made clear he will not negotiate a peace agreement while the taliban completes such attacks the house intel committee has approved the release of transcripts from the 2016 election interference. a committee source telling nbc news that lawmakers on that panel voted unanimously last night to release the documents from its investigation which could happen in just the next couple of days the committee interviewed
2:35 am
numerous trump associates and campaign advisers as part of this probe which also focused on the fbi's handling of the steele dossier. and whether obama officials improperly leaked information about the campaign in the final report the then republican panel said it found no evidence of collusion between the trump campaign and russia. and president trump has upped his search for his national security adviser following the ouster of john bolton speaking aboard air force one yesterday, the president revealed the top five candidates he's considering trump said the list including robert o'brien, major general ricky waddell, energy department undersecretary for nuclear security lisa gordon-haggertgy fred fleitz and retired lieutenant gentle keith kellogg.
2:36 am
after the president spoke, press secretary stephanie grisham shared a report as trump had noted the names mentioned were not the full list of candidates and that other names were being considered joining from us washington, d.c., senior political correspondent for the examiner david drucker. great to have you back with us let's talk about this list in regards to trump's search for the next national security adviser. what are some of the contenders' views on protecting americans and working on foreign nations when it comes to some of the big foreign policy security issues where do they differentiate themselves >> well, i think president trump's challenge is to find something that can reflect the world view which over the last 30 years, this is where the president has run into trouble with his previous national security advisers. but anyway larger sense the president could use somebody who could bring order and
2:37 am
establishment and good management to the national security process inside the white house from a policy perspective. he needs somebody who can sort of handle the bureaucracy on this and try to turn his policy, as much as it sort of bobs and weaves and is never that consistent into something that is consistent. but the president is tired of a lot of these national security advisers because they chafe at a lot of his directives. and i think that the challenge for the president is to try and find somebody who can better reflect him on this issue. in a sense, the way he's been able to surround himself with economic and trade advisers that do a very good job at least of reflecting where the president is on those issues >> let's talk about some of those options that we were just laying out with regards to the u.s. taking against iran because of the saudi strike. we're talking a possible cyber attack a possible physical military strike or supporting a saudi-led strike, which some officials are
2:38 am
saying the president is leaning more towards as they await more information from the saudi government, it seems, much of which they're relying on what do you make of them these options, and the possible impact it could have >> all right so the president is caught somewhere between trying to act tough and talk tough, to have an impact oniran and other player in the middle east and not being very comfortable projecting american power. the president is supportive of building up american military power. and he is supportive, naturally, of defending the united states against attacks. but when it comes to projecting american power around the world, sometimes, proactively, that even in defense of our allies, he gets very uncomfortable because he believes that it's a waste of resources and, you know, he uses the term "endless wars" where he doesn't want the
2:39 am
u.s. to continue to be as immeshed in the middle east as in asia in the past. the problem that he's running into as the president is finding out a lot of american adversaries are finding they can act and do what they want. the public to act against iran and has pushed them even further. so i think the president has to decide whether he believes he should project american power which could help dampen some of these irritants or whether these going to let this stuff happen >> i think it's safe to say that any kind of escalation or conflict between saudi arabia would be disastrous for the region even if the u.s. was not in any military strike. >> disastrous. and i just want to note, we have heard from the president in the past that the red line would be civilian casualties which we are not seen in any strikes. >> david drucker, thank you. we'll see you again on "morning
2:40 am
joe. don't go too far still ahead, the trump administration makes its move in the battle in california and the ongoing deal with auto emissions. the new strike that the white house is taking. plus, a check on the weather forecast your first look at "morning joe" back in a moment this job... or even this job... should be as easy as... ♪ what about this? changing your plans. nothing runs like a deere™. yeah. run with us. search "john deere 1 series" for more. get your 1 series for just $99 dollars a month at your john deere dealer.
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