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tv   First Look  MSNBC  September 23, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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talk of impeachment ramps up as the president admits he discussed joe biden on a call with the president of ukraine. we will have the warning from house speaker nancy employeesy. >> and senator elizabeth warren takes the top spot in a poll considered to be the gold standard of polling in the first in the nation primary contest. we're going to have reaction from iowa. >> the big winners from last night's emmys, a long time fafrlt goes out in style, while an emmy rookie makes history.
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good morning, everyone. it is monday, september 23, i'm ayman mohyeldin alongside yasmin vossoughian. we begin with president trump admitting he discussed former vice president joe biden on a phone call with the president of ukraine, the admission came after "the wall street journal" and other news outlets reported that trump repeatedly pressed the ukrainian leader to investigate the business deal was the former vice president's son hunter. the president deflected questions of whether he inappropriately enlisted a foreign government to help dig up dirt on a political rival and tried to shift the scrutiny to biden himself. >> the conversation i had was largely congratulatory, was largely corruption, all of the corruption taking place, was largely the fact that we don't want our people like vice president biden and his son, creating, to the corruption
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already in ukraine. >> i'm not looking to hurt him with respect to his son. joe's got a lot of problems. joe's got enough problems with that. but what he said was a terrible thing. and you know, he really made it a, it was an offer, it was beyond an offer. it was something where he said i'm not going to give billions of dollars to ukraine, unless they remove this prosecutor. >> now, what the president is referring to, is biden's role in the crackdown on corruption in ukraine, including calling for the removal of ukraine's general prosecutor who at the time was also investigating a national gas company whose board included hunter biden. in fact, the western community viewed that prosecutor as a hindrance to anti- corruption efforts and he is one of many calling for the prosecutor to be fired, this is the threatening of withholding billions of dollars of loan guarantees if ukraine did not take action.
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>> i was going over the 12th or 13th dollars to kiev and i was supposed to announce another loan guarantee and i had gotten statements that they would take action against the state prosecutor and they didn't. and so they said, they walked out to the press conference, and no, we're not going to give you the billion. and they said, you have no another. you're not the president. the president said. i said call him. i said i'm telling you you're not getting a billion. you're not getting a billion. i will be leaving here, i think it was six hours, i'm leaving in six hours, and if the prosecutor is not fired, you're not getting the money. >> now, earlier this year, ukraine's then prosecutor general told broomberg news that they found no evidence of wrongdoing by biden or his son. and members of the administration hit the air waves over the weekend to try to defend the president's actions. >> i want to ask you about ukraine. the president's personal attorney, rudy giuliani, is
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publicly calling for an investigation, by the ukrainian government, into joe biden, who is obviously a political opponent of the president. is it appropriate for the president's personal attorney to be inserting himself in foreign affairs like this? >> if there was election interference that took place by the vice president, i think the american people deserve to know. we know there was interference in the 2016 election. and if it is the case that there was something going on, with the president, or his family, that caused a conflict of interest, and vice president biden behaved in a way that was inconsistent with the way leaders ought to operate, i think the american people deserve to know that. >> what i do find is inappropriate is the fact that vice president biden at the time's son did very significant business dealings in ukraine. i for one find that to be concerning. and to me, that's the issue perhaps that should be further investigated. >> i don't understand. so it is okay for donald trump
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jr. and eric trump to do business all over the world, it's okay for ivanka trump to have copyrights approved all over the world while president trump is president but while vice president biden was president his son shouldn't have been able to do business dealings. >> i don't want to go into more details other than to say -- >> you're setting a precedent that the president is violating. >> i think there is a significant difference in what you're saying. what i was saying, between biden and his son's relationship with the ukraine oligarch, and potential business dealings that the trump organization has had which pre-dated his presidency. >> and the former vice president responded from the campaign trail. >> i know trump deserves to be investigated. he is violating every basic norm of a president. you should be asking him the question, why is he on the phone with a foreign leader, trying to intimidate a foreign leader, if
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that's what happened, that appears to be what happened. you should be looking at trump. trump is doing this because he knows i will beat him like a drum and his unusual abuse of power and every element of the presidency to try to do something to smear me. everybody looked at this and everybody has looked at it said there is nothing there. >> depending on what the house finds, he could be impeached but i'm not making that judgment now. the house should investigate it. the house should investigate this. this appears to be an overwhelming abuse of power. to get on the phone with a foreign leader who is looking for help from the united states, and ask about me, and imply, saying if that could happen, that appears to be what happened, we know that's what giuliani did, this is outrageous. you have never seen anything like this from any president. a serial abuser. that's what this guy is. he abuses power everywhere he
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can, and he sees any threat to his staying in power, he will do whatever he has to do. but this crosses the line. >> and biden also later quoted let's be clear president trump pressuring a foreign government to interfere in our elections, it goes against anything the united states stands for. we must make him a one-term president. daniel, i know you came up just for this show. >> good to see you. >> good to see you. >> let's talk a little bit about the whistleblower for a moment, and kind of try to break down whether or not we are entering a different discussion or chapter in the topic of impeachment. you got nancy pelosi out there saying this could be a tipping point. do you see it that way as well? >> still being cautious about it nonetheless. >> yes, i think this feels pretty different in this is much more recent, and this doesn't happen during the campaign. you would have thought that president trump would have learned his lesson and not try to interfere with a foreign
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government to try to influence an american election. but obviously, i think democrats need to get to the bottom of this, they need to see that transcript of the phone call, and interfere people involved, like curt booker, our u.s. special envoy to ukraine, and to try, i think the american people, this feels clear-cut that this was a wrong thing to do by the president, but i don't think it is going to lead to impeachment just yet. >> let's talk about the testimony that we are going to see from joe maguire, the acting dni this week, and given the increase in pressure by democrats in general, what you are expecting here? >> i think he is going to basically try to dodge this as much as possible, because he has still been appointed by president trump and he has been leading the effort to prevent this whistleblower complaint from coming to light and so we can't expect that much from this testimony. they are still saying that it is
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legally protected, but sea, you have two positions, president trump is saying, well, we're going to look at it, maybe we will release it, and then secretary mnuchin and other administration officials are on the, let's block it, it's not worth coming out yet, they're still investigating, so they're really not on the same page. >> is there at all a risk that the democrats here or those calling for possible impeachment or even investigation, further investigation into this, overplay their hand? and do you think that everyone who is in the democratic party, including the front-runner joe biden wants the story front and center or wants it off the radar? >> we were chatting about this before the break but i don't think democrats want, they don't want to talk about impeachment and trump rushing ukraine but they have to, because they're another branch of government, they have to look into this, but this story doesn't affect the average american. the average american cares about things like the health care and economy and job but democrats
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have to do their due diligence, to you know, get to the bottom of this. but there are no votes enough in the senate by republicans. there's been only mitt romney -- >> and the process won't end -- >> but it feels like they may feel more legitimate, legitimized to pursue an impeachment inquiry, because after mueller, there wasn't enough, but now, you feel like there might be enough. >> daniel, always a pleasure. good to see you in a person. we will talk to you again in a little bit. >> very good. a big shift in the 2020 race among the crowded democratic field. for the first time senator elizabeth warren is leading the pack in a poll in the critical state of iowa where many presidential hopefuls spent their weekend campaigning. nbc's von hilliard has more on this. >> the front lines of a protest of uaw-gm. >> elizabeth warren sounding like a front-runner.
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>> we are on the picket line to say that we will make this work for everyone. >> and warren rocketing to the top of a new iowa poll in a statistical dead heat with vice president joe biden. >> the stakes are only getting higher. >> the critical first caucus state was ground zero for 2020 candidates this weekend. 17 of them on hand at the annual steak fry but warren is running away with the headlines. jumping seven points in the latest poll with senator bernie sanders dropping five points. >> other campaigns making their case for relevancy here -- >> i don't know if you guys heard, i'm planning on moving to iowa. >> new jersey senator cory booker, sending up a flare signal, for his cash-strapped campaign. >> either we're going to reach a $1.7 million to stay in this race or we're going to have to make a tough decision. >> nationally, biden still leads warren but only 9% of democratic voters say they are firmly committed to a candidate. >> i have a top three right now. >> you have a top three? >> top three. >> it's changing every day if
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they're going to stay in, right? >> thanks for that report. coming up on "morning joe," senator cory booker will have more on the state of his 2020 campaign after sounding that alarm about funding levels. still ahead, the trump administration helps the democratic presidential candidates stress tes their campaign for security flaws and bill karins has a check on weather when we come back. weather when we come back. t the campaign for security flaws and bill karins has a check on weather when we come back. and bill karins has a check on weather when we come back. (logo whooshes) (logo chiming)
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this whistleblower or whoever it is, because it sounds like it is not a whistleblower, you can't have that happen to a president of the united states. the conversation by the way was absolutely perfect. it was a beautiful, warm, nice conversation. there was no quid pro quo. there was nothing. it was a perfect conversation. >> so that was president trump yesterday speaking to reporters about his perfect. >> warm.
2:16 am
>> appropriate. >> perfect. >> conversation with the president of ukraine. joining us on the set, legal analyst danny cevallos, good to have you with us. >> thank you. >> let's talk a little bit about this ukraine situation. what do you make that the president has come out and publicly acknowledged that he had a conversation with the president of ukraine, and he mentioned joe biden on that phone conversation? >> that admission is significant. and it reduces the president's defenses against charges that he engaged in some corrupt behavior. but you can see already what direction the president is going to go in his defense. he is going to say and his team is going to say, the president has broad power to conduct foreign affairs and even a threat or an implied threat to another country that we will withhold aid to that country for some investigation doesn't necessarily amount it a crime or an act of corruption if, and this is the key, and i've defended a lot of corruption cases, the corrupt purpose
2:17 am
becomes everything. and you know, the priestifrustr about the u.s. code, what is a purpose, and they reference you to improper purpose, that doesn't make much more sense, but here is why, if the president had a legitimate reason to ask for an investigation by ukraine, it is a proper purpose. >> let me follow-up quickly about that point. you are saying it is okay for the president to conduct foreign affairs as part of the defense strategy but it is hard to know this, would he have called for this investigation if joe biden didn't run for president in 2020, doesn't that undermine the effect that it is for foreign affairs and a foreign rival. >> and asking a foreign government to investigate and a quid pro quo situation. >> building on those questions, what if the president had a perfectly proper reason tore asking for the investigation but
2:18 am
also at the same time had an improper corrupt reason for asking for the investigation. that's similar to your question. and that i expect will be the president's defense, it doesn't matter if i did have an improper purpose, i had this perfectly legitimate reason, which is i'm deeply concerned about corruption in the country of ukraine. and that just doesn't seem on its face to be realistic, that the president would be that concerned, at least this particular president, certainly there are important things going on between russia and ukraine, but that this president was that concerned about corruption, that may not be credible. >> are we confident the president has seen the read-out from this conversation to know exactly what was said? and secondly, isn't this sort of on the point to improve intent in the situation which is one of the most difficult things to prove in the first place? >> the president's behavior suggests that in the time since the story broke he may have said give me a copy of that transcript, maybe he read, it and that's why today he is making at least that admission, because he knows there is no way around it, that other people are
2:19 am
on the call and they were, on both sides of the ocean, there were people on the call, people are aware of whether or not he did speak about biden on the phone call. so he knows that. he knows what he has to concede. but going forward, he's going to argue that he did it for a proper purpose. no corruption. >> all right. danny cevallos, live on the set. always a pleasure, my friend. >> thank you very much. a check on the weather with meteorologist bill karins. >> everybody on the eastern half of the country, almost everybody has seen a very warm end to summer and now click into fall, it is officially fall, that happened over night and these are all major climate sites that we're now on pace for the warmest september ever recorded. so we are only have a week left. and denver, dallas, austin, san antonio, houston, tupelo, new orleans, sarasota, and miami, so it is not just one location, it is all around the gulf, a few spots inland and in denver. so how are we starting off the first morning of fall? it feels like 94 degrees in galveston. as you head out the door this
2:20 am
morning. that's not fun. dallas is 84. and it is still very warm, a lot of other locations, a little relief, with the humidity in the southeast this past weekend, it was hot but not as humid. i know you appreciated that. for today, the areas that are brighter colors are well above average. like summer-like heat today in areas all through the northeast and the mid atlantic for your first day of fall and another warm area, too, as we head out of the rockies into the northern plains, so atlanta today, add another 90 degree day for you and dc will come close and yesterday was 93 and maine is still in the 80s this time of the year and the leaves are changing, and 94 in tallahassee is not going to be nice and into tuesday, tomorrow, still very warm, savannah, 93, and we get a little bit of relief, a little cooler in the northeast on tuesday, but then the heat comes right back toward the end of the week. and new york city, in the low to mid-80s on thursday, and look at charlotte, north carolina, 90s right through the end of the week. and also, you get the picture here, guys, we are going to see an exceptionally warm start to fall, and this is the six to
2:21 am
ten-day outlook. the bright red is much warmer than average conditions all the way through the beginning of october, so fall is on hold, for the eastern two thirsd of the country. >> thank you, bill. >> thanks, bill. up next, the big moments from television's biggest night, we will break it all down for you when we're back in a moment. you when we're back in a moment. . because changing your attachments... whether it's for this job... this job... or even this job... should be as easy as... ♪ what about this? changing your plans. nothing runs like a deere™. yeah. run with us. search "john deere 1 series" for more. get your 1 series for just $99 dollars a month at your john deere dealer. doprevagen is the number oneild mempharmacist-recommendeding? memory support brand. you can find it in the vitamin aisle in stores everywhere. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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season tying the record for most wins in the best drama series with the likes of the west wing and mad men. one of the show's creators accepted the award on behalf of the show's historic end. watch. >> these last ten years have been the best years of our lives. and for everyone who worked with us on it, i can't believe we finished. it i can't believe we did it. we did it all together. and it's over. and we shall never see the likes again. >> the drama took home 12 emmys and peter won his fourth emmy as best supporting actor, for his role. and the amazon series "fleabag" had a big night in the comedy category taking home the top prize and lead actress going to phoebe waller-bridge, and billy porter took home the award for best actor in a drama for his role in "pose," porter is the first openly guy male actor to win in that category. multiple accusations of sexual assault being released by
2:25 am
a second team in as many week, wide receiver antonio brown announced he is done with the league. he tweeted yesterday this, will not be playing in the nfl anymore. these owners can cancel deals, do whatever they want at any time, we will see if the nfl pa holds them accountable. sad they can just void guarantees any time, going on $40 million, two months, we will see if they pay up. brown was released by the new england patriots on friday, less than a week after being released by the oakland raiders. his tweet makes a plea to players union to take action over money he believes he is still owed by both teams. brown denies all of the allegations against him. and is facing no criminal charges. still ahead, we will set the stage for the u.n. general assembly which gets under way right here in new york city this week. >> plus democrats chop it up at the annual steak fry in iowa and we will have more on elizabeth warren's new surge. back in a moment. back in a moment i didn't have to call 911. and i didn't have to come get you.
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welcome back, everybody. i'm yasmin vossoughian alongside ayman mohyeldin. it is the bottom of the hour, let's start with the top stories. elizabeth warren and joe biden are in a statistical tie in iowa according to a latest des moines register cnn media poll. warren leading by two points at 22%, up seven points among iowa caucus-goer, biden follows close behind at 20%, and bernie sanders third place down five points since the beginning of the summer wrchlts four months to go until the iowa caucus, 17
2:30 am
of the 2020 democratic candidates took to the state and more than 20,000 people attended the steak fry in the rain to meet the presidential hopefuls. joe biden, pete buttigieg, elizabeth warren, cory booker, among those who brought their stump speeches to the first in the nation caucus state. watch. >> i'm going to call to you right now, i need everyone's help in my campaign. because we're not running an individual campaign. we will win this election not by dividing democrats, but have people that unite us and bring us together. we will win this election, not by showing the worst of who we are, but the best of who we are. >> and senator cory booker joins "morning joe" later this morning to discuss his 2020 presidential campaign. president trump is acknowledging that he did in fact discuss former vice president joe biden during a july phone call with ukraine's president, after a whistleblower reportedly raised
2:31 am
questions about what the president said in that phone call. nbc's kelly o'donnell has more from the white house. >> reporter: president trump added new details about his july phone call with ukraine's president. >> the conversation i had was largely congratulatory. >> including for the first time how joe biden and his son hunter played into that conversation. >> it was largely the fact that we don't want our people, like vice president biden, and his son, creating, to the corruption already, in the ukraine. >> the fire storm is whether the president crossed a line. by engaging a foreign leader's help to investigate a political rival and whether pending u.s. military aid for ukraine was a factor. >> there was no quid pro quo. >> i asked the president to explain why the ukraine aid was delayed. >> and i didn't delay anything. we paid the military aid, to the best of my knowledge. >> after this complaint was filed, sir. >> listen to me.
2:32 am
i gave so much more to ukraine than obama did. but couldn't that lead ver felt pressure, sir? couldn't he have felt pressure? >> the president appeared irritated. but three hours later, at a stop in houston, he readily responded. >> that was not pressure. i know when i give pressure. >> democrats in congress denied access to the secret whistleblower report saying the white house must cooperate and provide more about the ukraine call. >> there is no privilege to engage in underhanded discussions. >> regarding joe biden, no evidence of wrongdoing tied to his son's ukraine business has been found. >> relatively rare for the president, he's waking up today, back in his own trump tower apartment, in new york city, because world leaders are gathering for the united nations. it comes at a time when his own interactions with the world leader are under so much scrutiny. among the many meetings he has over the next few days, is his first in person with ukraine's
2:33 am
president. that is set for wednesday. on iran, no meeting is scheduled. but mr. trump said he will remain flexible. amin? >> kelly o'donnell thanks for that report. a bit of a special treat to say the least. joining us political reporter daniel litman and nbc news correspondent joining us in the studio -- >> the first debut in the studio. >> i'm nervous. i hope it doesn't show. >> it shows. >> no. >> we will take it easy on you. >> okay. >> what do you make of the president's comments yesterday, basically trying to explain away the phone conversation with ukraine? >> it is the president's drip, drip strategy that he think works for him. he gives us more every day. and three acknowledgments, he discussed joe biden and his family with the ukrainian president and it wasn't pressure because he mows what real pressure is and the most tantalizing thing i think that we learned yesterday the president may reveal something about the call to some trusted third party, whatever that may be.
2:34 am
is our constitution doesn't really have that like third party ombudsman that you can go to, to lodge complaint, or say you have someone arbitrary or something, but that is apparently what the president wants. down in houston with the president yesterday, i think mitt romney's most critical republican but i spoke to senator cornyn on the intelligence committee and he came pretty close to calling, for saying that congress would investigate. that is different than calling for an investigation. >> what does pretty close sound like? >> it is something congress will look into as a member of our oversight ability. >> he also charted this emerging line and that the whistleblower didn't have direct knowledge. and so this seems to be the republican line. is it is basically a game of telephone that the whistleblower got his information from. so that seems like to be the emerging defense. >> daniel, your thoughts on this, what do you make of trump's comments yesterday and what do they mean for house democrats trying to investigate potential wrongdoing by the president? should the focus of the democrats here be on the content
2:35 am
of that phone conversation? or should it be about the inspector general standing with the whistleblower, but then having that complaint blocked by trump's department of justice? >> so trump does seem to be saying the quiet part outloud he can't stop himself from basically admitting to what he said on that call. and he's said, oh, let's have a third party but that's what the inspector general is supposed to be and the fact that they are trying to block him from revealing this complaint kind of says everything you need to know about this. but democrats i think would be wise to just focus on let's investigate what is actually said here, and trump said, he didn't pressure, but according to reports, he mentioned joe biden's name eight times to the ukrainian president and they had already kind of blocked the aid, and so it would seem like the ukrainian president would know
2:36 am
how to try to satisfy trump to get that $250 million. >> let's take a turn here and talk about the u.n. general assembly here in new york over the next week or so and one of the reasons you are here and talk to us one of the major priorities of the president ahead of him speaking at the u.n. >> it is more reactionary. it's not like they laid out an agenda that the white house wants to push, the president wants to push, there are a lot of balls up in the air, what is he going to do on iran and north korea and a meeting with the south korean president later today. among the meetings, sitting down with the president of pakistan, and it was remarkable in houston, the president is standing arm and arm with modi, the prime minister of india, and modi's speech wasn't exactly dovish, let's all get together and solve the issue of kashmir, it was pretty strong, and i was surprised that the president sat there and listened to what modi was saying. it wasn't bellicose but it was red meat rhetoric in houston.
2:37 am
>> and the tacit approval, endorsement of the indian position. >> and hillary clinton got in trouble for just nodding along to something that was said on the palestinian issue, there are challenges, did he say anything that was beyond what he says normally, but no, but it was in the juxtaposition of being with modi and going straight to, you know -- >> daniel, let me get your thoughts on this as well. the president obviously facing a lot of pressure at home, especially heading into an election year, we know this president loves a win at any cost. what would a win look like at the u.n. this week for the trump white house when we're not expecting a meeting with iran, russia is not here, china is not here, even the israeli prime minister, a close ally of this presidency, will not be here, the prime minister benjamin netanyahu. >> they don't seem to want to extract as many wins as previous presidents did from the u.n. general assembly. but last year, trump was laughed at when he was giving his speech in front of the u.n. general assembly so if they can avoid that, that would be a win.
2:38 am
>> quite a bar. >> a low bar. >> but laughing with him, not at him. >> that's my goal for this segment, right. >> not to be laughed at. i don't know why we're disparaging that. >> and i think we're serious, like if he can get through his meetings without any gaffes, that would be good and also his meetings with the ukrainian president, that former comedian, that will be closely watched, and so if we can avoid bringing up joe biden's name there, that would be good. >> the over/under is not in his favor that he will not bring up joe biden. appreciate it. thank you very much. >> thanks for the hash browns. >> everyone knows if you get up at 5:00 in the morning to do this show, you get free hash browns. >> amin gets them. i never do, for some reason. the trump administration lends a hand to the 2020 presidential campaigns to combat election interference. we will have more from the steps of white house. >> bill karins is back with
2:39 am
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i have a really good feeling about this. welcome back, everyone. presidential km campaigns are anticipating the upcoming election by hacking themselves, infiltrating systems not unlike the russian hackers did in 2016, in their efforts to hack the dnc. the trump nation has been providing defensive briefings which have involved the fbi, homeland security, and the office of the director of national intelligence, to various 2020 democratic campaigns. the fbi has told these campaigns that russia appears to be a threat once again this election cycle but has also mentioned the possibility of other actor, including china, and iran. joining us now from washington, nbc news correspondent, mike great to have you with us.
2:43 am
let's talk a little bit about this. how have the different 2020 campaigns been preparing for the threat of election hacking? it wasn't too long ago that i believe the office of the director of national intelligence actually created the position of an election security czar of sorts. >> the 2016 presidential election might have played out very differently if not for the fact that a senior official from the hillary clinton campaign and the dnc itself fell victim to the cyber attacks, phishing attacks that left them exposed, including wikileaks and we reached out to presidential campaigns and at the time we began, there were more than 20, to learn what kind of efforts they were taking to prevent that kind of attack from happening again and what we learned many if not all of the campaigns had been in touch with if not the fbi, dhs, through their headquarters in washington or local field offices but there is also a robust effort under way by the dnc to sort of undertake best practices, to learn the best cyber hygiene techniques and to learn what kind of
2:44 am
threats are out there for them to face. and of course, this is so important, because a campaign, especially when we have so many of them, they are the ultimate startup, come in and extremely vulnerable and giving them basic tip, i.t. help as well, to know what kind of practices are best used to avoid these kind of attacks. >> let's talk also about the preparedness of the dnc here in general, also intelligence offices, and are they better prepared for the 2020 election versus 2016? >> well, there's so much more that they know about the threats that are out there than what was known four years ago. i think just the general awareness of campaign staff itself is so important. but we will also learned, as we talked to these officials that, the threat continues to evolve. last campaign, we were talking primarily about the kind of phishing tactics trying to hack into your accounts and now we learned that campaigns are being warned about things like voice manipulation, deep fakes, learning about not only do you have to have two factor authentication for ela, email accounts and social media accounts and you shouldn't trust the person on the phone or the
2:45 am
voice mail is the person you think it is from. there are all sorts of techniques that are trying to teach them about what to be aware of and what to look out for. >> live in washington, d.c., mike, always a pleasure. thanks, buddy. >> thank you. let's get a check on the weather once again with nbc meteorologist bill karins. hey, bill. >> good morning. still watching the tropics closely. three storms of interest. one is jerry, with tropical storm force winds to bermuda tomorrow. a new system coming off the coast of africa. this could become a hurricane in the next couple of days. that looks to be a fish storm hooking out in the middle of the atlantic. that leaves us with tropical storm karen and it formed over the weekend, it is moving toward puerto rico and that gets everyone's attention but it is a very weak system and it may be down to a tropical depression, it doesn't look very well organized so it is going to drift as we go throughout the next two or three days toward puerto rico, it looks like during tuesday afternoon, evening, it would be when they should have a chance of gusty winds and a little bit of rain and then going northward, wind of a weird path, and then stalls
2:46 am
out through the end of this week. at that point, things get squirrelly because some of our computer models continuing into the atlantic, some of them drift it back to the bahamas and maybe even florida in about ten days, a lot of questions about karen, the good news is, we have about a week at least before we see any threat to even the bahamas or florida or anywhere else. so puerto rico is the one that has the tropical storm warning issued. and the u.s. virgin islands are under a watch. the british virgin islands are under a tropical storm warning. again, not a big blow for them, maybe just about a day of gusty winds and some periods of rain. so as we start fall, and yes, we did click into fall overnight, excessive heat continues in the southeast. and it is going to be a little bit cooler in the great lakes today, cold front went through, and there will be some showers in the ohio valley, as we go throughout the middle of the week, there is not a lot of wet weather, very dry in many areas and it continues to be very dry. and hot during the afternoons in areas in the m.i.t. mid atlantic and the south. a few showers in the middle of the country and by the end of the week, you get the picture
2:47 am
here, record highs possible, as you head toward next weekend, this will be a little more significant, with some stormy weth nir the great lakes, the end of this week, but as far as the east coast goes, very dry. i mean there is no chance of any big rainstorm for maybe the next two weeks. >> thank you, bill. we have some exciting news here at "morning joe" first up. we want to congratulate one of our producers, joseph, there he is with his family, his wife. >> beautiful picture. >> on the birth of their new son liam. liam made his debut over the weekend, quite a weekend to say the least for them and he and mom are doing just great. joseph will be taking some much-deserved time off to help liam and liam's mommy get situated at home. >> and he has been up throughout the night working on "morning joe"'s first look and he is also used to sleep deprivation. >> for a newborn, too. >> exactly. new polling on president trump, and where he stands with voters. >> plus, vice president pence is facing criticism after an historic visit to one michigan community, we're going to
2:48 am
explain the misstep by the vice president when it came to using motor vehicles there. we'll be right back. tor vehiclee we'lbel right back. johnson & johnson is a baby company. but we're also a company that controls hiv, fights cancer, repairs shattered bones, relieves depression, restores heart rhythms, helps you back from strokes, and keeps you healthy your whole life. from the day you're born we never stop taking care of you. (logo whooshes) ♪ (logo chiming) - [woman] with shark's duoclean, i don't just clean, i deep clean carpets and floors. so i got this. yep, this too. even long hair and pet hair are no problem. but the one thing i won't have to clean is this. because the shark self-cleaning brush roll removes the hair wrap while i clean. - [narrator] shark, the vacuum that deep cleans,
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now cleans itself. now available in our new uplight model.
2:50 am
welcome back. vehicle on michigan island did not stop vice president mike pence from traveling there by an eight-car motorcade, not even one, eight. he arrived on mackinac island by helicopter and then made his way down one of the island's main
2:51 am
streets with the autos. he was there saturday -- >> with the autos. >> with the autos. >> 1886, the autos. >> with the automobile. he was there saturday for a republican party conference at the grand hotel. the suvs were brought to the island by ferry for his vis. i visit. he is the first vice president to visit the island where a vehicle ban has been in place for around a century. that could have been a quaint ride had he arrived by horse drawn carriage. >> he could have shook hands with some of the onlookers there. >> what can amazing photo op it would have been if he had just ridden a bike down the main street to his meeting. switching gears, president trump's approval rating remains unchanged over the last few months. in fact, trump's approval rating
2:52 am
sits at 45% with 53% disapproving of the president. meanwhile, nearly 7 in 10 voters dislike president trump personally. a combined 69% of registered voters say they don't like the commander and chief compared to 29% who say they do like him. regardless of their feelings about his policy's agenda. nick johnson has a look at that morning's one big thing. coming up on "morning joe," the president admits to trying to dig up dirt on a political rival. the latest revelation about his cal with the uvein minister over former vice president biden's son. john kerry will way in on that as will presidential hopeful 2020 cory booker as well as all the others. a busy morning. "morning joe," ladies and gentlemen, just moments away. ng "morning joe," ladies and gentlemen, just moments away tv announcer: it's just as powerful as the lexus rx...
2:53 am
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it's just the way things are.
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when you're under pressure to get the job done, it seems you have to accept the fact that some equipment will sit idle, or underutilized. but it doesn't have to be that way. that's why united rentals is combining equipment, data, safety and expertise to help your worksite perform better. united rentals. a better worksite is here. >> announcer: axios one big thing is sponsored by bp.
2:56 am
welcome back. joining us from washington we'll look at axios am editor and chief nick johnson. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> talk to us about the one big thing today. >> it's a political warning for trump on vaping. you may remember recently that president trump and his administration announced plans to crack down on vaping, specifically the nontobacco flavors for electronic e-cigarettes. his allies are trying to flag him to the political consequences of that. there's a map circulating at the white house. that was obtained by my colleague sort of detail the number of vapors in certain swing states. it's based on fda data. hundreds of thousands of vapeners states like florida, michigan, ohio, like pennsylvania, and they're comparing that to the number of people trump won these states by. these were won by razor, thin margins. and so these conservative allies of the president are warning that a crackdown on vaping could turn these vapor voters away
2:57 am
from president trump and tip the election. >> it's always about politics. nick, let's switch gears for a moment because i want to get your thoughts about a new focus group refeeling threvealing thaa top candidate is more popular than the candidate her zblefl looking at the swingest of swing voters, these are vofts who flipped from obama to trump or from romney to clinton. we clipped a group of women swing voters in wisconsin and ran through a set of left wing policies and right wing policies. unanimously they were in favor of the left wing policies, raising taxes or corporation, student loan fer giveness and they were opposed to the policies associated with president trump, such as border wall return creased tariffs and reduced immigration. but then we played for them clips of candidates saying these positions, elizabeth warren saying these things and president trump saying the right wing things. and when with had elizabeth
2:58 am
warren read these statements they soured on the issue. one of them said she didn't like it when elizabeth warren made these proposals but if donald trump said the same thing she would be a big backer to donald trump. it speaks to the issue that elizabeth warren faces. so many people such as woman voters on board for those positions. >> did any sthey say why? >> it's an electability sort of thing. we talk about the challenge women face and that's why we tried to zero in on. why is this something you're opposed to? we didn't like the way she was talking about it, we didn't think she would be electable and able to win i think that's a big red flag in speaking to these specific voters about this issue. a focus group is not a statistical sample, it's just a small group of people we're trying to get a sechnse of the
2:59 am
race. >> talk about the impeachment. >> some really important reporting. he had spoken to house speaker in about his decision, right, he was going to change his language so it's important to know he didn't do this as a surprise to in, but in is working with him as they begin to move closer in that direction. >> all right. thank you very much. of course we'll be reading axios am in just a bit and you can sign up for the newsletter by going to >> that does it for us this morning. "morning joe" starts right now. the conversation, by the way, was absolutely perfect. it was a beautiful, warm, nice conversation. >> why is he on the phone with a foreign leader trying to continue to tim date a foreign leader? >> what you have to do is look at the corruption on the democrat side. >> everybody looked at this and everybody's looked at it said there's nothing there.
3:00 am
>> this is a very dishonest thing that joe biden did. >> he's using the abuse of power and every element of the presidency to try to do something to smear me. >> and i'm not even looking to hurt him, to be honest. he needs all the help can he get. >> trump's doing this because he knows i'll beat him like a drum. >> we begin the week at a remarkable point in congress. the white house trying to hamper congress by silencing a whistleblower who warned of presidential misconduct. as the "washington post" framed it over the weekend, trump's sense of himself as above the law has been reenforced throughout his timing in office. as detailed in the mueller report, he received help from a foreign adversary in 2016 without legal consequence. he sought to thwart the russia investigation and possibly obstruct justice without consequence. through the government he has earned profits for his businesses without


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