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tv   First Look  MSNBC  October 31, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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consensus in a country that doesn't seem to do the big things anymore. it's also true that california has led the way for years on its own. something to think about as we thank you for joining us here tonight. good night from our nbc news headquarters here in new york. of ukraine, after the top ukraine adviser at the white house raiseduk alarms. >> plus, a top russia adviser on the national security counsel, timur morrison, is leaving his b at the white house. he is set to testify in the house impeachment probe later today. >> and a celebration continues in washington, d.c., today, and the nationals beat the houston astros in game seven ofst the world series last night in historic fashion. giving thehi team its first championship title.
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i know you stayed up late last night watching the end. >> i couldn't do it. because they beat my dodgers. >> so you're upset about that. >> still bitter. a lot more about that. good morning, everyone. it is halloween. we beginit with the latest testimony in the impeachment inquiry, corroborating a claim in thent whistle-blower complai that the white house locked down all recordsat of the july 25th phone call with the ukrainian counterpart. it is the latest revelation from the testimony of decorated war hero and top white house ukrainian adviser lieutenant colonel alexander vindman. he told the house investigators that he was alarmed after hearing president trump pressure ukrainian president zelensky to investigate his political rivals. >> citing people familiar with the testimony, the "washington post" reports this, moments
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after president trump ended his phone call with ukraine's president on july 25, an unsettled national security aide rushed to the office and told icenberg, the white house's legalen adviser on national security issues, that what the president did was wrong, said the people, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the ongoing investigation, scribbling notes on a yellow legal pad, icenberg composed a step that other officials said is at odds for long standing ways, moving the transcript of the call to the high level classified server. and trump national security officials tell the postal that had moved at least one other transcript of a trump phone calr there. nbc newsca has also learned fro three sources that house impeachment investigators have asked isenberg and deputy michael el toys appear for a deposition on monday. we don't know if either intends
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to appear or if the white house will seek to block their appearances. >> the lieutenant colonel vindman is connecting dots in the impeachment probe. vindman told lawmakers that the white house meeting sought by the president of the ukraine, as well as the deliveryth of nearl $400 million in security and military aid was quote contingent upon ukrainian officials carrying out multiple investigations sought by president trump including into the bidens, burisma and the 2016 election. sources say vindman drew a direct line between the deliverables for ukraine and the multiple investigations. >> the white house is also pushing back on the lieutenant colonel's testimony that he tried to edit a white house log of that july call between the president and ukrainian president zelensky. vindman testified tuesday that the proposed edits were to includeop trump mentioning possiblein recordings of joe biden, j discussing corruption ukraine, as well as ukraine's president mentioning burisma, the company who hired biden's
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son hunter. the white house did not outright deny it omitted another reference to biden and because chairman schiff has kept the sham hearings secret and excludedet counsel from the roo we cannot confirm whether lieutenant colonel vindman made any false claim. what we can confirm he never suggested filling any words at any points where elip cease appeared in the transcript. and tim morrison, known as a conservative hawk is set to testify in theco impeachment inquiry later today. accordingin to testimony from earlier this month, from america's top diplomat in ukraine, ambassador william taylor, morrison alerted lawyers about trump's alleged demands to ukraine related to the bidens made during that infamous july phone call. taylor also testified that morrison told him that trump's ambassador to the eu, gordon sondland, told a top ukrainian official that u.s. top military aid hinged on biden's
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investigation. a senior administration official tells a nbc news that morrison s decided to pursue other opportunities, and has been considering doingop so for some time. we wish him well. multiple sources tell npr that andrew, a deputy assistant secretary of state for iraq and iranse will replace morrison. >>an joining us now from washington, white house reporter for axios, good morning to you, you heard tim morrison being described as a conservative hawk there. he is stepping down from his role in the white house. what kind of a signal does that send about impeachment, that investigators could hear from himin today, does the fact thate is leaving allow him to be maybe more honest and open about everything, than he might otherwise, i think more forth coming i guess is the right word, under oath after all. >> that is exactly what a lot of people, i've been on the hill, for the past few weeks, following this impeachment madness really, and a lot of
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people on the economy, members as well as staffer, are saying that his decision to step down ahead of his testimony today, it definitely is not a good sign forde republicans. that it does show, and npr did say it was unclear whether he was asked to leave or if he resigned, but regardless, it does free them up a bit, in ways that he wouldn't have been before, if he knew that he had to continue hisfo role at the n. and morrison is someone that a lot of people throughout this week have been really excited to get inside, democrats mainly, to get inside closed doors, and to really grill him on what ambassador bill taylor, the top diplomat to ukraine had told democrats earlier this month. which was that he had, morrison had told him that he had overheard the president potentially ask, saying that aid to ukraine as well as a potential white house meeting hinged on president zelensky's commitment to investigating
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bidings and the 2016 election. >> another important testimony, switching gears, that of lieutenant colonel vindman. how might his testimony impact the white house's plan to battle impeachment inquiry? they tried over the past couple of days to attack him personally, his background, and even some suggestions of dual loyalty, but it seems like it is not working. >> it's not. and we've seen republicans, so lieutenant colonel alexander vindman is ali decorated war veteran, we've seen republicans such as liz cheney, one of the leaders in the house, say that any attacks against his patriotism are disgusting and unfounded. so a lot of republicans rallying to his side to say you can't attack his character. he is a war veteran. but his testimony was definitely extremelywa damaging to republicans and to the white house, because he brought up a lot of new concerns around that july 25th call, including in that memo, that the white house had released between the call of
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president trump and president trump zelensky, where there elipses, and elimination of key words such as burisma which is hunter bide-sat on the board of the oil company in ukraine and also concerns about investigating biden. so there are akrrn lot of quest about why were certain words omitted, and why was this moved to a secret server, and these are the questions that will be asked today. >> vindman, his character, it seems unimpeachable, that's for sure. >> thank you very much. and meantime, in the first-ever fall meclassic, with every game won by the road team, the washington nationals bring the world series championship back to america's capital, for the first time in nearly a century, and the first time of course in franchise history, and the astros seemed poised to win one at home with matt scherzer and the solo homerun, and two
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returns on the bases in the fifth, houston doubles the lead and scherzer is pulled before the sixth the astros starter greinke showed no signs of slowing until the seventh inning where he allows the game six hero anthony rendon to put washington on the board with the solo homerun and after walking the nextft batter, greinke exit the game. will harris who is usually reliable immediately gives up a two-run shot. and thattw puts the nationals u for good. one solo as an rbi single in the eighth. then a two-run single in the ninth with the nationals have a 6-2 victory in game seven and they are crowned the champions. and with two wins under his belt in this series, washington pitcher steven strasburg earns theen honors for mvp. >> you know the real reason i didn't stay up to watch the
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game. >> i was with you this morning. >> and the first couple of innings, i was turned off when the nats went down 2-0 and turned w it off and woke up to e headlines that they won. maybe i shouldhe watch. but congrats to the nats. long deserved. thelo city incidentally needefiy needs it. > will john bolton testify i the probe? >> and another parent gets sentenced in part>> of the wide-ranging college admissions scandal. danny cevallos will talk about the legal implicationsda for otc parents. those stories and a check on weather when we come back. ♪ born to be wild...
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former national security adviser john bolton has been invited to testify before closed doors next thursday as part of the impeachment probe. bowlton has not been issued a subpoena but his name has been brought up several times during the testimony of other key
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figures interviewed by congress. bolton's lawyer later telling nbc news that the former national security adviser is not willing to appear voluntarily but if bolton does testify he would be the first prominent figure yet to give testimony in the impeachment inquiry. joining us on the set, msnbc legal analyst danny cevallos, great to have you with us on this morning. let's talk a little bit about bolton testifies, what that means for the president. this is a guy who was inner circle, due you don't get any more inner circle than the national security adviser. what picture could this be? >> bolton left the administration because of major disagreements of foreign policy and some of the disagreements could be this exact thing that is being investigated right now. so his testimony will be critical. and as a strategy, it is probably a smart thing, his lawyer is telling him, to refuse
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to come voluntarily, he should demand a subpoena, nacy whthat' what i would advise him to do to make sure it is not having him come in voluntarily with an ax to grind, he is quoted as having said that rudy giuliani is a hand grenade, operating as essentially, like a rogue, not actually part of the state department, which we know, he wasn't part of the state department, so there's a very real possibility that he may have damaging information about the administration, and their conduct in foreign affairs. >> but how much, when he's queried by those on this panel, how much of it, the fact that he did left on not great terms, let's put it that way, he is saying that he resigned, and president trump said he fired him, how much does that influence the line of questioning or his credibility, and you make a great point he will appear under subpoena, okay, but how much might that influence the interpretation of what he says? >> i think it frees him up to speak more freely about what
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happened. because if he's there under subpoena, he must testify under oath, he won't be perceived as having slammed the administration. consider if he had voluntary come in and said i can't wait and then he comes in and destroys the president, imagine, with this story of nefarious wrong-doing, well then the president would say he had an ax to grind, he volunteered to come in, he wanted to come in and slam me. so why would you believe somebody like that. i think strategically, waiting for a subpoena is probably the right thing. i don't see him resisting much beyond that. although other people invited, former members of the executive branch have resisted, and the courts indicate that probably they have to comply with the subpoena, even if they were formally part of the executive branch. >> danny, stick with us, and get your thoughts on another important story. this is about the california businessman who has become the 12th parent sentenced in the wide-ranging college admissions scandal. jeffrey has been sentenced to two months in prison for participating in that scam.
2:17 am
prosecutors say he paid $250,000 to get his son admitted to the university of southern california. as a volleyball recruit. even though his son didn't play the sport. he pleaded guilty in july for conspiracy to commit mail fraud and on tof of the prison time, three years of supervised release, 300 hours of community service and ordered to pay a $250,000 fine. >> okay, so let's look at this, here's somebody who is less high profile than lori loughlin and her husband mossimo and they paid more money to get two daughters in and they were both girls put on a crew team despite never having played crew. what does this mean for her, is she definitely going to be facing time behind bars despite the not guilty plea? is there any way around it? what does this indicate? >> this indicates very little. this is not a good guide for what lori loughlin can expect and the remaining defendants who may be going to trial.
2:18 am
consider this. in the federal prison, when plead guilty, your sentencing happens months and months later, that's just the way it is designed, so jeffrey is part of the old group of defendants who pleaded early. he was charged with only one count of fraud. that's not the same deal that lori loughlin and the other defendants have, as we sit here today. they're charged with a number of other crimes including programs bribery that was added, what, last week, so they are not looking at the same charges. he pleaded to one count. a relatively light count compared to some of the other charges. but consider this, his maximum sentence is 20 years. federal prosecutors sought nine months. he got two months. so just to give you an idea where these sentences are going, they are way blow the sentencing guidelines, but still, lori loughlin, they are not in the same situation. >> i keep wondering quickly, does she at any point, can she change her plea, or has that
2:19 am
ship sailed? >> you can always, a federal prosecutor will always tell you, you can plead to the indictment. it's the worst deal. in other words, we're not going to knock off any counts, you can plead to what the indictment says and a lot of defendants say if i'm just going to plead to everything in the indictment, why not go to trial but consider they won't get the benefit of acceptance of responsibility. there is a trial tax in the federal system. but realistically by now, many months on these defendants, they don't have as much money as they had at the outset and getting fatigued. look for them possibly to still plead guilty. >> when i say when i wear this around the building, this is my i.d., i get a lot of looks these days. >> how did you get in there? >> now that i think about it. >> moving on. >> danny cevallos, with the hard-hitting questions. thanks, buddy. i appreciate it. let's switch gears and get a check on the weather with nbc meteorologist bill karins. >> don't say anything, bill karins.
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>> of course. an important message to the people in the mid atlantic region, today is a weather day that could be dangerous, and potentially even deadly. we have a severe weather outbreak that will take place, and we have thousands upon thousands of kids walking the streets, and underneath trees, so it is very important we don't get people caught outside in this. and the storm is bringing rain from the northeast, and storm in iowa and northern illinois and wisconsin and through the south. the area of concern is later on this afternoon, to this evening, there is an area in yellow, a slight risk that enhances the risk of severe storms from harrisburg pennsylvania, and 38 million people at risk, down to raleigh. at 6:00 a.m. this morning, this is rain and a faw storms from nashville, south wards, northern alabama, northern mississippi. and then the line of storms gets a little bit stronger by the time it gets to portions of north carolina. i pause it at 6:00 a.m. and the prime trick-or-treating time. and line of storms from roanoke, harrisonburg and charlottesville
2:21 am
and on top of charlotte. and washington, d.c. it looks like you're fine until 6:00 p.m. sometime around 7:00 to 9:00 p.m., the line of thunderstorms potentially with winds up to 80 miles an hour and isolated tornados will go through the nation's capital and then we take the line at 9:00 p.m., about 10:00 p.m. through philadelphia, and it doesn't get to new york city until midnight and a brief timing of what to expect. there is the severe storms, there's the heavy rain in the east, and also to watch that cold wether there in the southern great lakes. it could be, you know, i don't really remember the last time we had a severe weather outbreak possible on halloween but kind kind of a nightmare scenario with kids walking around and fast-moving storms. and people have to keep an eye on their radar on the phones. >> you can still trick or treat over the weekend. >> i don't know if anyone will give you candy but it will be okay. >> there will be leftovers. still ahead, the pentagon has released new details about the raid that killed the isis leader al baghdadi and what military officials are saying
2:22 am
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welcome back, everyone. the pentagon has revealed new details of the mission that killed isis leader al baghdadi, and released a video from the raid. marine corps general kenneth mackenzie says the operation included armed helicopters drones and jets and that upon arrival at al baghdadi's compound, they took fire from two separate groups not believed to be afiscaled with isis.
2:25 am
the u.s. team responded with a helicopter air strike on one of those groups which appeared to include about ten people, once on the ground, the team cleared a number of noncombatants including 11 children and five isis members in the compound, four women and one man all wearing suicide vests were killed when they approached in a threatening manner. al baghdadi who had fled into a tunnel with two children killed himself and the two children, when captured, he did so when he was captured, it was imminent. there are some details that mackenzie, like other top members of the administration could not confirm. >> could you confirm that baghdadi, his final moments, the president said he was whimpering and crying and in his final moments. >> i can tell you this, he crawled into a hole with two small children and blew himself up while his people were on the ground and you can look at that and what he did, and i can't
2:26 am
confirm his last seconds one way or another. >> the president has declassified the name of the military dog, and coming to the white house. trump revealed that the dog's name is conan. while responding to one of his own tweets of an altered photograph, from the daily wire, of the president giving a paw medal of honor to the pooch, and the original picture, trump was awarding that medal of honor to a navy retired army medic credited with saving the lives of ten men during the vietnam war. mclaughlin tells the new york times he is not offended and laughed when he compared the images and medal of honor recipients have been accepted on entire teams and canines have been a part of and mcclouchlin worked with a dog in vietnam helping with enemy activity. and what lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are saying about the impeachme inquiry.
2:27 am
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welcome back, everyone. i'm alex along with ayman mohyeldin. the house rules committee last night looked at the next step of the impeachment inquiry and the house is expected to begin debate on the resolution shortly before 9:00 a.m. this morning. and the resolution sets the rules for open hearings, as the
2:31 am
impeachment probe moves into a public phase. according to "politico," top democrats are expecting few defections during today's vote, and few if any republicans are expected to vote for the resolution. during last night's markup by the rules committee, republicans spent nearly four hours attempting to pitch their own changes to the measure. "politico" notes that all of the gop amendments which focused entirely on process were rejected on party lines. >> i think it's a sad day for the rules committee. and for the institution of the house of representatives. in my view, it's not a fair process. it's not an open process. and it's certainly not been transparent process. it has been limited and closed. and frankly, think we're moving toward a preordained result. >> i mean if you think this is fair, this is not fair at all. >> they're trying to create something new that i think is just substandard and dangerous to the presidency. >> the process seems to be
2:32 am
treating chairman s treating schiff as a defacto prosecutor and strange behavior with fabricating an official quotation and attributing to president trump which he was sharing. and only if we feel like it is not a standard that should be applied to any american and it should not be applied here to the president of the united states. >> and according to the "washington post," the white house is planning to invite a group of republicans to meet with president trump, ahead of today's vote, as a way to rally the troops. in a series of tweets yesterday, the president urged gop lawmakers to defend him on the substance of the allegations against him rather than protesting the impeachment process itself. he tweeted, this impeachment nonsense is just a continuation of the witch hunt hoax which has been going on since even before i got elected. republicans go with substance and close it out. according to "politico," senate majority leader mitch mcconnell met with the president for a
2:33 am
one-on-one meeting where he was advised to stop attacking senators. last night, fox news had this warning for republicans with go against the president. >> i have more, first, there is no gop in 2020 without trump. should you abandon him, on the spurious grounds ginned up by adam schiff the, you not only not grow the party, you lose everything. >> and i'm curious what you were watching for in today's vote. because you heard the statement that it is a preordained conclusion, right? is it stall tactics? is it some kind of dissenting overtures? what is that you're looking for? >> the main thing, it is
2:34 am
definitely a part line vote on this, save a couple people on both sides. but it's totally different messaging here. democrats are super eag yer to get in here to make this a formal inquiry to get rid of any kind of criticism that republicans and president trump himself have been trying to throw at them. and then republicans are saying that this is a proxy vote for impeachment. as much as democrats are saying this is more of a process vote. and trying to lay out the steps of a formal impeachment process, as well as get more tools in their investigative efforts. but both sides are definitely really trying to convince their party, with a vote, either democrats completely are hoping for a unanimous vote, there will be a few people, who are not likely to vote in favor of the resolution. i have talked to some republicans who are wary about casting their vote completely against it. but overall, both sides are saying stick with us, and it is a messaging tactic, really.
2:35 am
>> and i'm curious to get your thoughts about the president's newest, or newer strategy, if you will, urging republicans, really, to try to defend him on the substance of the allegations which i heard republicans are somewhat reluctant to do, and they would rather focus on defending him by attacking the process, by which he might be impeached. >> yes, that's exactly it. the white house has struggled, i mean honestly, infamously now, to find some unity on this messaging and that's why they're invited people over today to kind of get some sort of rally the troops, ahead of this resolution vote. but so far, republicans have really just criticized congressman schiff and other democrats for the process here. calling it, we heard steve scalise calling it a mistrial and no due process. but no one has gone into the actual allegations or substance of what these witnesses have brought forth. and that is something that the white house was hoping that
2:36 am
republicans would rally to their side on. and so this is something that i'm curious to watch for today, that after this white house meeting, whether we will start to see some republicans really attack democrats and some of these witnesses on the substance, which they've been hesitant to do so far. >> we will see if the president can actually not attack people like mitt romney and others after mitch mcconnell warned him not to do that. >> exactly alayna, thank you very much, live in washington for us. >> thank you. the trump administration's top expert on ukraine, alexander vindman told house investigators on tuesday that a former top aide to congressman devin nunes has misrepresented himself to president trump as an expert on the country. two people familiar with vindman's closed door depositions told "politico" that he had told lawmakers that after attending ukraine's president's inauguration in may, with the u.s. delegation, he had been looking forward to debriefing trump and giving him a positive
2:37 am
account for ukrainian president's vision for the future but he was instructed by the then boss, fiona hill, at the last second, not to attend. he told lawmakers that trump's advisers were concerned that his presence might confuse the president, who at the time believed former uni-staffer, was the nsc's top ukraine expert. while patel, who joined the white house in february had no discernible ukraine experience or expertise but was so involved in the issue that hill testified thought he was in charge of ukraine policy. vindman also testified that he was told that patel had been circumventing the normal nsc commission to get negative material about ukraine in front of trump feeding the idea that the country had an election problem. kamala harris's campaign makes new moves to save some cash. we will have the latest in the democratic primary race.
2:38 am
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don't forget, martha, this is the administration that provided defensive weapons systems to ukraine. the previous administration, i couldn't tell you why, i couldn't answer if it's because of hunter biden that barack obama and vice president biden didn't give defensive weapons systems to ukraine, they will have to answer for that. maybe i just don't have the full story. >> imagine if that was your name, was hunter biden, and instead of -- >> i wish my name was hunter biden. i could go abroad and make millions off of my father's presidency and i would be a rich guy and it would be incredible. >> i just can't. >> we will explain what what that was, the president's eldest son, a profound lack of self awareness why the secretary of state was engaging in conspiracy
2:42 am
theories. got it? that's what that was. switching gears and talking more about the 2020 campaign politics and polling, joe biden leads over senator elizabeth warren have narrowed in the 2020 democratic primary race. biden's lead in the newest usa today poll foulen by nine, fallen by nine points. sitting at 26%. down six points since the end of the summer. in a statistical tie for warren and sanders, 17 to 13%, both in the poll's five point margin of error. mayor pete follows closely behind at 10%. up three points. and tulsi gabbard rounds out the top five at 4%, up three points since late summer. meanwhile over half of likely democratic primary voters 57% said they may change their mind about who they're supporting during the primaries, 40% said their pick is locked in. >> notice who we did not see in the poll. talking about the presidential candidate kamala harris cutting
2:43 am
staff and spending at the campaign headquarters in baltimore in order to focus efforts in iowa ahead of the caucus there. the campaign manager is taking a pay cut, along with all consultants, as the campaign plans to trim and negotiate the contracts of dozens of staffers, and the team also intends to redeploy most of its field staff to iowa, leaving them from such states as new hampshire, and nevada and california, and restructuring is the latest strategy to raise needed funds. harris jumped in the polls during the first democratic debate after confronts joe biden back in june but has not gained much support since. the new super pac promoting joe biden's presidential run focusen focus on unites and not divides. >> folks, this is the united states of america. folks, take it back, stand up, we can do anything we set our mind to. this is the united states of
2:44 am
america. >> the goal of this 60 second video is to raise funds for the democratic front-runner as his campaign has continued to spend heavily. biden allies argue that no other democratic candidate is facing incoming fire from both within his fire and trump's re-election campaign. bide-previously disavowed the support of any outside super pac but with supporters concerns about his ability to finance a long-term campaign, the team effectively gave in saying quote it is not surprising that those who are dedicated to defeating donald trump are organizing in every way permitted by current law to bring an an end to his disastrous presidency. switch gears and a quick check on the weather with meteorologist bill karins. >> yesterday, we talked about the fire threat in california. and we had a lot of different prush brush fires that flared up yesterday. and no huge blazes that got out of control. firefighters and the air efforts helped a lot. the winds are not as gusty as we thought they would be. the kincade fire is now at 47%
2:45 am
containment. so that's good news. and we already had 100 structures burned by that fire alone. that is easily the biggest fire so far this season and the other one that nared flared up yesterday, threatening the reagan national library at one point and this was more of a brush fire, it wasn't a dense forest but you can see the conditions of the winds, with the fire burning up the hillside. so let's get into the forecast for today. we have one more day in southern california, of these gusty santa ana winds, and then it improves as we head over the weekend. aed on in other santa ana wind events in the forecast for the next week. today around the santa clarita areas north of los angeles and the mountainous areas outside and east of san diego, under extreme risk and we have the dry fuels and we have exceptionally low humidity levels with the strong gusty winds. so the red flag warnings continue for 18 million people, gusts could be up to about 70 miles an hour. if any new fires form, they have the potential to rapidly expand
2:46 am
and make fire runs. and as far as today's severe threat goes, again, very dangerous afternoon, in areas in the mid atlantic, from washington, d.c., to richmond, to roanoke, to raleigh, even areas of eastern pennsylvania, and keep an eye on the forecast, as we go throughout this evening. this line of storms will be coming through right at the prime time when the kids are out trick-or-treating and it will be a fast-moving line of storms, so you could get caught offguard. you don't want to be far away from shelter. the line of storms, dc, 9:00, 7:00 to 9:00 for you, philadelphia, 9:00 to 10:00 and arrives in new york city around midnight and most of the responsible trick-or-treaters will be long inside and playing with their candy. >> and my dad told me that nothing good ever happens after midnight. >> especially on halloween. >> especially on halloween. >> wise words. >> bad weather. wise words. >> thanks, bill. still ahead, we'll explain how twitter's decision to ban political ads got mark zuckerberg's immediate attention. >> and that and other stories driving your business day
2:47 am
straight ahead. ♪
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welcome back, everyone. the commerce department says the u.s. gross domestic product grew faster than expected in the thirt up to an annualized rate of 1.9%. president trump you can imagine touted the data on twitter yesterday, writing in quote the greatest economy in american
2:50 am
history. however, in may of 2012, under the obama administration, trump did not consider 1.9% to meet expectations. in fact, back then, in the files, there's a tweet for everything, there was a tweet for it, q1 gdp has been revised down 1.9%. the economy is in deep trouble. during the 2016 presidential campaign, trump vowed to boost the economy and doubled down on the potential for growth to reach 3 to 4% at an annual pace that he has yet to achieve. pac that he has yet to achieve achieve. >> well, there's other big financial story affecting the af economy. the federalg reserve announced that itl has cut interest rate for the third time this year. let's go to london with a good morning to onyou. iin guess afternoon your time. what can you tell us about this move by the fed? >> reporter: well, it's not unexpected. they'vet essentially cut ratesy .25%. they say the u.s. economy and labor market are strong.
2:51 am
there are concerns around trade tensions, around brexit, but more or less this wasn't a unanimous decision, it was very very expected. what they're talking about doing, this is all about essentially reducing the rate at which banks lend to one another to try to stimulate the economy, that isst tied of course to consumer debt financing as well, is looking at maintaining this mid cycle adjustment but potentially not having anymore rates in the future. so they're sort of pausing their policy as it stands right now according to jerome powell. another story, i know you're bothst on twitter, from jack dorsey saying he would ban political advertising. he talked about the threat it pose easy to the u.s. democracy. and although he doesn't want to amplify the voices through a paid mechanism, that doesn't stop themec from posting their n messages on twitter as a platform, he just said it was something he wanted to do to try
2:52 am
to make sure u.s. democracy wasn't damaged. >> he did.s it globally not jus affecting the u.s. i think that will have an impact on more fragile democracies where it's a huge factor. what was h the reaction from ma zuckerberg on this?n i know he himself and facebook have come under pressure and criticism for saying we're a gog to allow it to happen and you can even lie in your political ads? >> reporter: what was so interesting is this statement came outin just a few minutes before they hadt to talk to financial analysts about his third quarter earnings. so theth announcement really, really interesting.ou he sort of defended the advertising. he talked about it as an issue of free speech. he said that candidates should notda be censored. he said they have to draw a line between campaigns you might personally approve of that do need amplification. it's not a huge issue for the company financially, but it is
2:53 am
something that he would consider in the future and has been considering for the last few years as you might imagine. >> yeah, okay. symbolically important even if not in revenue sense. >> thank you. up next, mike allen of axios has a look at this morning's one big thing. and then coming up on "morning joe," major new revelations in the impeachment push. but there's one storyim dominatg all the talk in washington right now. >> i wonder what thatwa might b >>at oh, the nationals bring th nation's capital's first world series in almost a century. joe, mika, and willie will have the reaction to sports history being made in washington. you don'tbe want to miss that. "morning joe" is just moments away. o miss that. "morning joe" is just moments away. ♪ the first fda-approved medication of its kind, tremfya® can help adults with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis uncover clearer skin that can last. most patients who saw 90% clearer skin at 28 weeks stayed clearer through 48 weeks.
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>> announcer: axios one big thing is sponsored by bp. all right. joining us now from washington, d.c. with a look at axios a.m., the cofounder mike allen.
2:57 am
great to have you with us. what is the axios one big thing besides the nationals making history last night? >> that's right. happy haunting from nats nation. i was out at game four at nationals park and it was so cool to see so many parts of washington coming together. it was like a big reunion there at a time when there's very little to bring people together in washington. the axios one big thing for your haunting and your world class nats, how the two parties view impeachment. so it's probably mid-morning when we'll get that big vote that you've been talking about on the show. and it will come right in the middle of testimony by national security official who is just leaving the white house. democrats are confident. democrats say that this vote will give them more tools and will accelerate, put them into a new phase of other
2:58 am
investigation. they're going for a jackpot by trying to get the testimony of john bolton, the national security adviser. we're told that he will not show up voluntarily, he'll need a subpoena or a court. but, here's the why it matters. if he's compelled to testify, look out. john bolton knows a lot. we're told by someone very close to him he want be demur, won't hold back. the trump campaign, on the other hand, is focusing on swing states they need to shore up. so they say that after this impeachment vote they're going to have a data-driven effort in key states to go after members who are in tough districts to take a vote on impeachment and they point to polls in these swing states showing that for now the president's support is holding up. >> mike, we mentioned a bit earlier that twitter announced it's going to ban all political advertising. give us the axios take on that. >> there's a great tweet on this that said this was the best
2:59 am
subtweet ever, because they're really trolling facebook here. twitter gets very little political advertising, very small part of their revenue from it. so this is a much easier decision for them than it would be for facebook. and so this is a way for when facebook is doubling down on saying that, like on tv if a politician wants to run a false ad, we're going to run it. twitter's able to take the high ground here and the axios tech team out in san francisco says this may put pressure on other platforms to do the same. >> let me get your thoughts quickly on what you're watching in the week ahead with the big vote today. what else is on your radar as things unfold in washington? >> pulling back the camera, a mega trend. the lead of axios today is about the health crisis among obese young people. and that's -- what that's going to mean for decades to come. obese young people today means heart disease, type two diabetes
3:00 am
tomorrow, and that means huge healthcare costs to come. and look at every trend for young people's health, it's worrisome. same thing with the opioid crisis. even when -- even when it abaits, you're still going to have massive healthcare costs, one of of the biggest problems this country is going to face, that our kids are going to face. >> all right. thank you very much. of course we'll be reading axios a.m. in just a bit and you can sign up for the newsletter at >> that's it for us on this thursday morning. "morning joe" starts right now. here they are, one strike away, one out away. 3-2. there it is! the washington nationals are world champions for the first time in franchise history! >> okay. here we go. >> who couldn't believe it. good morni a


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