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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  November 17, 2019 3:00am-4:00am PST

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that's all for this he subdivision of "dateline." i'm natalie morales. thanks for watching. good morning, i'm dara brown in new york at msnbc world headquarters. 6:00 in the east, 3:00 out west. here's what's happening. new transcripts, new testimony, new wrinkles. in the past 24 hours, significant moments in the impeachment saga playing out. we'll tell you what we've learned. the search for the top in iowa for one of the democratic contenders and a look at how they all might fare against president trump. bellwether, a big win for democrats in the deep south with a loss for republicans and president trump tells us about 2020. what happened? details on the nfl workout for colin kaepernick taking a strange and unexpected twist.
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new this morning, hundreds of pages of newly released testimony from two key figures are giving us remarkable insight on the impeachment probe as it reaches day 55. the house intelligence committee releasing documents of closed door testimony from jennifer williams, an aide to mike pence and the former national security counsel sif of -- >> firsthand accounts after personally listening to the july 25th phone call between president trump and ukrainian president zelensky. in a joint statement on the transcript, the chairs leading the inquiry say the july 25th phone call immediately set off alarm bells throughout the white house. williams told investigators that the call was, quote, unusual and inappropriate. and that it shed light on possible other motivations behind a hold on security assistance. meanwhile, tim morrison testified he suggested to lawyers, quote, we restrict
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access to the package referring to the transcript of the call. however, he did not believe anything inappropriate took place on the call. morrison's testimony also tying a keogh physician more closely to trump on ukraine. telling investigators that gordon sondland said he believed he was acting at president trump's direction when urging ukraine to announce political investigations. after sondland spoke to a top ukrainian aide, told me in what he communicated was that he believed he could help them move the aid if it was prosecutor general is -- announced that he was opening the buries ma investigation. accusing democrats of changing the rules in the process. >> everything that's coming out are selective leaks against this president. we don't know if anything was said for this president, that's not leaking out. the rules keep changing. this is why the president is
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going to twitter and around them. we have no rights in this whole sham. it's horrible. it's really horrible. >> democrats are gearing up for a busy week of public hearings. pivotal testimony. >> this week you're going to hear more direct knowledge and actual real time evidence that this president conducted foreign policy to benefit himself by trying to pressure the ukrainian government to start bogus investigations on his rivals. >> other drama on the hill saturday, new closed door deposition in a rare weekend session. a white house budget official who broke ranks with the president to tell his side of the story. garrett haake has it covered for us from the capitol. >> another crack in the white house impeachment firewall with career budget official mark sandy defying the white house spending more than five hours
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behind closed doors with house investigators. >> we want to know how the president translated his political objective to shake down the ukrainian government for the favors he wanted translated into the budget process. >> sandy on the hill to offer insight into the decision to delay military aid to ukraine. aid that included weapons like this. systems and mortars. u.s. military training which were eventually delivered. but democrats allege the 4$400 million of military aid, to investigate joe biden and his son hunter. republicans digging in in defense of the president. >> that's the thing about facts, they don't change. we have the call transcript, we have the two individuals on the call. president trump, president zelensky who said there was no lirngage, no pressure, no pushing whatsoever. >> dara, it's washington scandal
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101 to try to follow the money. that's why democrats brought mark sandy to the capitol on a rare saturday session. >> garrett haeg, thank you. congressional reporter for -- and scott wong covering white house leadership for the hill. good morning to you both. scott, first to you. those just released testimony transcripts from the two people actually on that july 25th phone call wean president trump and president zelensky. one an aide to vice president pence, jennifer williams. she said the call was unusual and inappropriate. how critical a piece is her testimony? >> well, i think what you're seeing is a consistency. you know, there are people in mike pence's office, the vice president's office at the national security council in kiev at foggy bottom telling the story that there was this unusual back channel being run
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by rudy giuliani, that was raising red flags in various departments and agencies around the united states government on both the sides of the ocean and so that is what democrats are zeroing in on and it's putting a lot of pressure on republicans and on the president himself. >> we also have the transcript from former national security council official tim morrison who was on the call. crystal, did we learn anything different from him? >> i think that we really just learned more details that put more pressure on gordon sondland ahead of his wednesday testimony before the american people. all roads seem to lead back to him. you know we kind of learn more details that sondland was acting at the direction of the president. so, again, i think it leads back to gordon sondland. more details about him ahead of his wednesday testimony. scott, what do the two new
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testimonies immediate for the a.p. inquiry going forward. both for republicans and democrats? >> the central defense that the republicans have rallied around in recent days has been the fact that there were not any first hand witnesses, that the individuals who have stepped forward so far to speak, bill taylor and george kent and people like that, were secondhand or third hand references, that they were playing a game of telephone and talking about things that they had heard people say. these were people on the phone call. jennifer williams, tim morrison, these were also people appointed by president trump himself. we're getting closer and closer to that inner trump circle and so it's been very difficult, i think, republicans will sort of need to have a different defense as more and more of these people in the coming weeks testify who
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had firsthand an understanding firsthand reference to the july 25th phone call and other developments in this investigation. >> christal, we listened to stephanie grisham claim we didn't know what was said in there, claiming that some of the things that were said, they're not making it into the transcript. is what she's saying true or is it white house spin? >> we've seen the president tweet such, that some of these deposition transcripts are false. and you know, it's worth pointing out that neither the witnesses nor republicans on these committees have said that. everyone has said that these are the deposition transcripts. so i don't -- there's no real reality in that. >> here's what republican congressman jim jordan said about the testimony of david holmes who said he overheard a
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call between gordon sondland add -- he dismissed it as unimportant. >> so they can keep having the depositions down here in the basement of the capitol. but i think the american people see through this whole thing. you got a guy who heard a phone call. we'll have him in an open hearing and we'll get a chance to question him there. >> scott, can't this change if sondland testifies and that the call did, in fact, happen? >> i don't think there's a dispute that the phone call happened. there are three other people having a meal with sondland in kiev where sondland was essentially speaking to the president of the united states and put the phone you will like this and was letting others listen in on the phone call. those are pretty specific details. and certainly democrats are going to be asking about every aspect of that phone call.
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if there's any inkling that sondland is not telling the truth, democrats will be talking about perjury. remember, roger stone, the close associate to donald trump, just on friday was convicted on seven counts and one of the counts or several of the counts were lying to congress. that is sending a pretty clear message to anyone testifying before congress in this impeachment investigation that, if you lie to congress, you will be prosecuted. >> we will all be paying attention to the details next week. scott and christal, stay with me. we'll talk about a new poll in the iowa 2020 race in a few minutes. president trump is back at the white house after an unexpected visit to walter reed medical center. kelly o'donnell has more. good morning to you. walk us through what happened and what is the white house saying. >> the white house says the president is fine and he had a portion of his annual physical on saturday. and that while he was at walter
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reed national military medical center in bethesda, maryland, he met with the family and a service member of special forces who was injured in afghanistan. the reason it's getting a lot of attention is because when the president had his annual physical before, there had been advance warning, it was on his published sked suchedule and th and details were longer. in previous instances, the exam lasted for four hours. there were a number of doctors identified as participatinparti. this was different. that's what raised some of the questions. just to make clear, obviously, a president may have certain personal health privacy, but the overall health of the president, whoever the president is, is always a national security matter. it is, of course, critically important. so any questions about the president's health always has a lot of attention. reporters based here at the white house yesterday, i was
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here as well, those assigned to the pool traveled with the president at 2:00 in the afternoon. he was back here by 5:00. there were a series of statements from the white house and the press secretary and communications director said he had no complaints, he was fine, he was in perfectly good health and energetic. she then reacted to some of the questions that were raised by this unscheduled and seemingly different set of circumstances and she appeared on fox news last night. let's listen to stephanie grisham. >> absolutely. we've got a really busy year ahead, as you can imagine. so the president decided to go to walter reed and get a headstart with routine checkups as part of his annual exam. that's all it was. it was very routine. he is healthy as can be. i put a statement out about that. he's got more energy than anybody in the white house. that man works from 6:00 a.m. until you know very, very late at night. he's doing just fine.
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>> and the president himself was off twitter for a number of hours. after midnight, tweeted about this as well. again, saying he visited a family and talked about phase one of my yearly physical exam. he said everything very good, great. will complete next year. the difference is that when the president has gone for his annual physical that was scheduled, the doctors involved were announced, there were photos of the president meeting with the white house physician and the duration of the visited lasted longer. we've not been told why this was only a portion, a quick checkup. those were some of the descriptions used by the white house. they also did say some lab work was done. we have more questions that need to be answered. but the assurances from the white house, the official statement from both the president and his press secretary is that everything was fine. dara? >> kelly o'donnell, thank you.
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what we've seen is our message gaining traction with people across the state of iowa. caucus-goers concerned about the future of this country who want a present who can bring us together and want to do that without sacrificing our values. that's been our message and it continues to get us more and more support. >> reacting to an iowa poll
3:18 am
which he's surged to the top. >> back with me is christal hayes and scott wong, senior staff writer. buttigieg has a significant lead over the candidates among iowa voters. does this mean he's going to win the pry mayor sni. >> it seems like those in iowa have been shifting how they feel about the candidates every other day. i kind of feel like this poll shows us that they're fairly undecided. butt results are striking. i mean, his rise is quite enormous. it shows that elizabeth warren has suffered quite a bit since president last poll in september. what this is going to do is invi invigorate buttigieg. it's going to be a really interesting debate for sure to watch. >> scott, how is buttigieg doing this? what is he doing so different to make him surge?
3:19 am
>> well, i think he's a young, jrj et i c energet energetic, articulate candidate. he's speaking to all of candidate. he's not pandering to the left as some of the candidates. there's a lot of energy. i talked to a key supporter, the first lawmaker to endorse him on capitol hill, dawn byer of -- don buyer of virginia. he says there's momentum and excitement behind the scenes on capitol hill. that there possibly could be more endorsements coming his way. right there's one lawmaker endorsing buttigieg. i think that's right. there is -- there's uncertainty in this field. nobody is the front-runner and what that means is things are wide open at the moment. that's why you're seeing people like deval patrick jumping into the race at the last minute.
3:20 am
people like michael bloomberg with a ton of cash taking a hard look at this race. it's very unsettled and it's anyone's ball game at this point. >> the poll asked the same voters about how they felt about general election matchups. it shows most people think joe biden is still the best candidate to beat president trump. scott, what does buttigieg need to convince voters that he is their candidate? >> well, i think some of buttigieg's weaknesses or vulnerabilities are with minority communities. he does not have a ton of support among african-americans. that is a point that centric richmond who is close to joe biden and the co-chairman of his -- told me this past week, he said joe biden has enormous support from the african american community. once the race turns to states like south carolina and the rest
3:21 am
of the south, joe biden is really going to pick up some momentum. so buttigieg's challenge is to figure out ho break in, expand his base of support and really appeal to some of these minority communities that will be crucial in this democratic primary. >> christal, overall is joe biden still the one to beat? >> i mean, it's really up for debate. it's clear, though, that a lot of voters are attracted to his more moderate views. the fact that buttigieg is surging in iowa is probably a good example of this. joe biden includes a lot of baggage, as we've seen over the impeachment inquiry. ebs a constant target of republicans. you know, republicans are harping down on a lot of the allegations surrounding his work to ukraine and his son's work on that energy company in ukraine. it's really unclear. he's obviously still the main
3:22 am
target for republicans. but we'll see. i mean, this next debate, i think, is going to be eye-opening, especially in light of the impeachment inquiry continuing and this new poll. then also the comments of former president barack obama recently. just the other day he was kind of -- he was -- it seemed as though his comments were geared toward more of the progressive candidates saying we don't need to pear down the system -- pear down the system we've built. christal hayes, scott wong. thanks for being here on this sunday morning. appreciate your time. thank you. he might be the most critical witness in the impeachment inquiry. coming up, why the trump presidency could be hinging on the word of gordon sondland this week. a dramatic rescue caught on tape. a woman pulled from a burning car with only seconds to spare. whether your beauty routine is 3 steps...
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arteries. the common practice uses stents and bypass surgery toss relieve chest pain associated with angina. john bell edwards narrowly winds a second term as louisiana governor. his victory is considered to a blow to president trump who visited state three times in five weeks to support -- he's the first democratic governor to win re-election in the state since the 1970s. five people behind bars in connection to a shooting at a new jersey high school football game friday night. panicked fans and players ran for cover when a gunman opened fire leaving three people wounded. the shooting had nothing to do with the game and are all still work to go determine a motive. all right.
3:28 am
just released body camera footage show how quick thinking police officers rescue a woman from a burning car in central virginia. the unconscious driver was pulled out moments before the vehicle became engulfed by flames. the woman is expected to make a full recovery. no word on what caused thursday's accident. back to the impeachment inquiry against the president as we hit day 55. the house intelligence committee released the closed door transcripts of russia and europe director tim morrison and aide to mike pence jennifer williams. morrison said sondland believed and at least -- >> joining me is katie phang and legal analyst zen k-- zen kirchner. he didn't recall how he learned about trump wanting a public statement from president
3:29 am
zelensky but believed it came from giuliani or volker. what does he says if he lied in his -- face it he lied in his revision sns. >> he faces quite a bit of exposu exposure. there are times when witnesses believe if they say, gee, i don't recall, i don't remember, that that somehow makes them perjury-proof. can i tell that you it doesn't. if it did, we former prosecutors wouldn't really be able to get any work done. because that would be kind of the cure-all for witnesses. they could come in and say i just don't remember. sondla sondland, we know has already corrected his testimony in several respects claiming that, well, i just forgot about these things. the reality is, nobody is buying that. he didn't forget about those things. those were the things that gave him potential exposure as being part and parcel of what has been called, albeit be john bolton, a
3:30 am
drug deal. this sort of dirty deal of withholding defense funds by the president in exchange for fabricated dirt on his political opponent. i have to believe that he is pow-wowing with his attorney to decide whether he's going to testify and potentially expose himself again or invoke his fifth amendment right. >> in exchange for the testimony he told sondland there is no quid pro quo but i want to hear from president zelensky. he should want to say it. how significant is this statement and while there's no quid pro quo, zelensky should want to investigate biden or trump. >> there's a lot of emphasis on the quid pro quo phrase. but we know, dara from the beginning, the actual insistence for the request for the foreign interference in a presidential
3:31 am
election is the crime itself. you don't actually have to have zelensky agree or be aware it. the request creates the crime and the exposure for president trump. tim morrison is being looked at as a savior for trump in that he's making these assertions in his testimony. fundamentally, tim morrison also says that gordon sondland was acting at the directive of donald trump. has glenn those, when we've prosecuted cases before, sometimes the guy at the top doesn't get his hands dirty. sometimes he asks the guy below to do the work for him. sondland readily accepted that responsibility and acting as the agent as donald trump. we put pressure on ukrainian officials as early as july in the white house when he flat-out told him, if you don't do these investigations into the bidens, you will not be getting $400 million into military aid. we also know that sondland himself held up a phone and a
3:32 am
kiev restaurant and heard him say, is zelensky on board and sondland used expletives we won't use and reassured donald trump that zelensky was on board. you have a completed crime. you have several completed crimes, dara, sondland is having a come to jesus moment. will he take the fall for donald trump on wednesday? i'm going to tell you right now, he's not. he will not take the fall for donald trump. >> glenn, to katie's point. david holmes' testimony confirms sondland's phone call where a biden investigation was discussed. now a second official can reportedly corroborate the accounts. how significant would this be if sondland admits to the phone call and its content when he testifies publicly on wednesday? >> yeah. i mean, holmes' testimony really gives sondland no wiggle room. that's why he has to think long and hard whether he should invoke the fifth. we haven't seen a witness invoke the fifth amendment right against self-incrimination.
3:33 am
in an investigation like this, that can be a pretty dramatic moment. he's between a rock and a hard place. if he testifies fully and truthfully, he will expose himself in two ways. one, he will show he was lying to congress previously and he neglected to include this when he corrected the record. and two, he is also exposing himself in a potential conspiracy to defraud the united states by unfairly interfering with an election. so what is he going to do? it's anybody's guess. my suspicion is that he'll probably testify and try to sort of weasel his way through his testimony with a little bit of, i didn't recall that and a little bit of, that's not completely accurate and i think it will all be entirely incredible. >> katie, if sondland and his lawyer want to protect the president, is there a line they will cross and how likely is it
3:34 am
that he corroborates it? >> sondland embraced that he alleges to be the truth. we know the truth is a relative concept from sondland these days. there really isn't a gray area for sondland on wednesday. he has to own it or he's going to have a serious problem. the fact that he's on record and a cold hard transcript denying any contact with white house officials dealing with the bidens or dealing with investigations into b uri sma puts him in a corner. i want to applaud the democrats the way that they've set up and teed up the private closed door depositions and now the public hearing testimony, i think, has been a compelling presentation to the american public. now we have sondland coming back and he's being boxed in by several people you otherwise would have thought were negligible witnesses. but now with holmes and williams, now you find there was that word in the -- we didn't
3:35 am
see it in the white house summary. the noose is getting tighter. if i'm sondland. i'm a businessman like donald trump and i know when to cut my losses. that's what's going to happen on wednesday. >> glenn, what does that mean for trump? is there legal exposure for him? >> there certainly seems to be. of course, because he can't be indicted as a sitting president and because bill barr is his protector, far more than an attorney general, the olc might protect the sitting president but not ambassador sondland. >> glenn kirschner, katie phang, great to have you here. colin kaepernick calls an audible. why the tryout created more controversy. that's up next. a program note. on wednesday, msnbc an the "washington post" host the next democratic debate live from atlanta. we ask what voters need to know.
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around here, we're ready to play. ready to go anywhere. my agent is ready to talk to any team. interview with any team at any time. i've been ready. i'm staying ready. i continue to be ready. >> colin kaepernick makes a new attempt to secure an nfl contract. yesterday, the free agent
3:40 am
quarterback may rub the nfl the wrong way. he moved to a high school in atlanta. he declined to go to the atlanta falcons training complex. joining me now, former super bowl champion wide receiver with the giants. isaiah, good morning to you. tell me, any sense of what happened? why would kaepernick move the workout? >> yeah. so kaepernick is obviously trying to have opportunity to play back in the league, right? but at the same time, the league is going about things the way they typically would, which is in a closed workout at a facility of their choosing and under their conditions. but what you see here is a lack trust. kaepernick is wanting to make sure there is nothing but transparency. he wanted the media to have access so the nfl can't really depict his narrative. so he wanted a clear opportunity. >> you're a former player. we all know the drama surrounding kaepernick and the national anthem. someone suggested in the past that the league influenced his absence from getting another job. others say it was his ability. what's your take on that?
3:41 am
kr did the nfl do this now? what's behind it? >> i can't speak to why the nfl is doing this now? >> to be honest, there's a lack of quarterback talent in the league. there's a lot of opportunity if you're a quarterback on the rise or proving yourself. you have a great opportunity to step in and take a starting job right now. that plays part to the timing of the nfl. in terms of kaepernick, you have to take advantage of this opportunity. you're given a platform. it's never been about your ability. i don't think anybody questioned his ability. he's a more than capable quarterback. he's still a top 15 quarterback, probably a top 20 quarterback in the league right now. never been about his ability. it's always his message, what he's trying to convey and how he's conveying it. the politics conveying -- >> he offered a brief explanation for shift tg to the public space. let's listen. >> i've been ready for three
3:42 am
years. i've been denied for three years. we all know why i came out and showed you in front of everybody. we have nothing to hide. so we're waiting for the 32 owners, the 32 teams, roger goodell, all of them to stop running. stop running from the truth. stop running from the people. >> kaepernick's agent and lawyer said that the nfl demanded he sign an unusual liability waver. how frustrating is it to the players that he's been out of the league? >> i just think that -- people are tired of hearing about this, right? everybody from the players standpoint know that he can play. that's not the problem. the problem lies in the fact that the position that he plays is quarterback. the quarterback is the leader of the team. the quarterback is the voice of the team. the reason why people who stood by his side have opportunities in the league, they're not the voice of the team. they're not the representatives of the team. he understands that. so he's really caught between wanting to really play ball but being passionate about what it is he's trying to convey. but the league from their
3:43 am
standpoint, they have to be logistically and politically correct as well by saying we know he can play, but do we trust him enough to give him the platform to be able to speak on things the way which he typically goes about it. >> isaiah, to your point, the nfl says we're disappoint thad colin did not appear for his workout. the league said 25 clubs were at the falcons facility. the plan was to record the workout with an interview with kaepernick and distribute it to all 32 clubs. the nfl outlined other concessions and says that it was -- it was beneficial to him securing a krrt and capper -- >> it's tough to say. i genuinely think that the league was giving him an opportunity. i think that -- i don't think it was a pr stunt. i think the timing and everything, there's a lot of things we don't know that's a lot of hearsay. i think the 20-some teams, i think that was real. the opportunity to go out and prove he can play was real. but i also understand from kaepernick's standpoint and things that happened in the past
3:44 am
from the nfl, let's be real, is not always transparent. hasn't always been clear. he wants to control the narrative. if he wants to allow the media to conduct that workout at the falcons location, i think everything would have been fine. to back up the nfl, that's not how they do things. if you think the opportunities guys have, it's always a private workout. there's give and take. at the end of the day, there's no trust on either side. i'm not sure they can progress. >> what do you think he was worried about if the workout was closed? >> the fact that the nfl can control the narrative. they've controlled the narrative to some point with everything that's really come out, how it's being conveyed, how he's been perceived in the media. i get that from his standpoint, he doesn't trust anything he's going to do. from their standpoint, they don't trust he's not going to use the media to get out his message and stirrup controversy in this 100th year of the nfl. there's give and take on both
3:45 am
sides. i wish, i wish it could have went the way intended to. him go out there and take care of business and show his ability. because he can play. i wish that the media would have had access. logistics are logistics. >> time will tell with this, too. isaiah, thanks, great to have you here. >> thank you. breaking now, violent protests escalating in hong kong after six months of anti-government demonstrations in that city. matt bradley joins us live following the story. matt, what can you tell us? >> reporter: yeah. dara, this protest movement as you mentioned, it's well into its six months. protesters increased and escalated in frequency and intensity. remember, when this all began nearly six months ago, this was a weekend thing. they were protesting on the weekends. now they're committed to making running street battles every single day. bringing this city to a standstill. i'm in front of hong kong polytechnic university.
3:46 am
the protesters occupied this university for the past several days. right here in this intersection, they've been running street battles. there's police officers. that white truck has basically water in it. water cannons on top. the water is sort of spicy. it has a blue dye in it. they'll be able to identify protesters who have been dyed with it. i was inside this university. they're fully stocked. they're prepared for a long wait and siege. not only do they have food and equipment, they stockpiled weapons. you've seen the footage involving a lot of catapults they've been using to sling molotov cocktails. we've seen glass all over there. they're using rocks they have pulled from the university grounds and scooped them up. there are also bows and arrows. one went almost entirely through the calf of a police officer earlier today. and that officer was hospitalized and he's doing
3:47 am
fine. this protest is continuing. this city on gridlock -- on standstill. one of the major issues the cross border tunnel behind me. it's a major artery here. it's been blocked for days. it's unclear whether the hong kongers, the silent majority are going to standing with the protesters as they have for more than five months. >> matt bradley for us in hong kong. stay safe, matt. now to italy, parts of venice remain underwater as it suffered the worst floods in more than 50 years. joining me now from london is nbc's morgan chesky. morgan, good morning to you. what is the latest? >> dara, i can tell you that people are doing their best to get out of venice. if they're staying there. tourists. the water is rising as we speak. this is days after the record historic flooding event happened with more than six feet of water going into that city. we're looking at five feet going in today. flooding has been an issue all
3:48 am
week long. as a result of that, two people have been killed and upwards of a billion dollars has been caused in damages there. so many iconic sites, st. mark's still closed, suffering from flooding. the italian government created a fund of $22 million so people can file damage claims. but on a personal scale, the people will only get about $5,000. when you look at this video, you can realize that's only a drop in the bucket as to the long road ahead that these people will have to face recoverywise. this flooding event doesn't want to really lessen there for the days ahead. we know that it's supposed to peak today. all day long, tourists are on water taxis to get out of the city. for the people who live there, they have to wait this out. there's only so much they can do. pumps only go so far. mitigation efforts by the government have stalled over the past decade. right now, this is the reality
3:49 am
facing them. they're used to flooding. but nothing to this extent. the frequency appears to only be going up. the mayor of venice has blamed this on climate change. today, he's taking a call to social media saying that please help the people of venice. he's opened a bank account so people can make donations in a go fund me sense. you can see it's going to be a long road ahead. >> morgan chesky in london. thank you. a big democratic win in louisiana and a defeat for president trump. is this an indication of what's to come in 2020? to be honest a little dust it never bothered me.
3:50 am
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3:54 am
stomped really, really hard for the republican challenger. it shows that trump's base and his popularity is begin to run out. his political capital is coming to a standstill. there's a number that i think we all need to remember and i'm sure the trump campaign has already analyzed it. out of those who supported trump, 15 to 19 percent of trump voters said in a poll 11 days before the election in louisiana, they said in a poll that they are going to cross party lines and support the democrat even though they were trump supporters back in 2016. that means that he has at least lost 15 to 20 percent of his base in this gubernatorial election. if that becomes a trend in southern states, that's a problem, and out of the three last southern gubernatorial races democrats have won two out of three and all of these states
3:55 am
are ruby red. >> you do mention those numbers, but how much of the results are really about president trump, but how much are about the local politics there? i mean, he was the incumbent. >> he was the incumbent, but even if you look at polling data leading up to the election he was within the margin for error of every single poll around 2% to 3% difference with him and the republican challenger. but once again, the cross-tabs of the data suggest individuals who are hard core trump supporters are now beginning to be open to the idea of voting for a democrat regardless of what trump says. that is a turn in the politics of this president. >> and, rashad, was john bel edwards a better candidate than eddie rispone, does it ultimately come down to that in louisiana? >> well, for some. remember, all of this is quite subjective when you look at electoral politics. so many believe that this businessman who was the republican challenger did a better job at articulating a
3:56 am
campaign of putting louisiana first, especially when it comes to business and economics inside of the state. while others went with their democrat for governor. but remember, still, trump himself came to the state and stumped multiple times. this is still a loss for trump. a state that trump easily won. >> rashad richey, great to have you on this sunday morning. thanks so much for your insight. >> thank you. now and then, trump and nixon, a presidential historian makes comparisons. that's up in our next hour. comp. that's up in our next hour ♪ limu emu & doug hour 36 in the stakeout. as soon as the homeowners arrive, we'll inform them that liberty mutual customizes home insurance, so they'll only pay for what they need. your turn to keep watch, limu.
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and that wraps up this hour of "msnbc live." i'm dara brown. time for alex whit. >> thank you so much for the kickoff. a very good morning to all of you. i'm alex witt at msnbc world headquarters, 7:00 in the east, 4:00 a.m. out west. day 55 of the impeachment inquiry and some key developments over these last 24 hours including brand-new testimony. here is a snapshot of what's transpired right here on msnbc. >> he heard of a phone call between ambassador gordon sondland and president trump in which the president asked about the investigations. last night david holmes told the house intelligence committee in his opening statement obtained by nbc news that he heard that exchange. >> breaking news here, this is capitol hill just moments ago,