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tv   MSNBC Live with Kendis Gibson  MSNBC  December 28, 2019 11:00am-1:00pm PST

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but i'm much more focused on a debate over medicare for all getting to the root of who is over the two sides of the party. the progressives versus the putting up these ads and paying moderates. look how he framed that argument for it and trying to ascertain a little earlier today. what their motivation is. >> by the way, you may notice there's a lot of stuff that i see on a day-to-day basis that i'm being a little careful on what i promise. don't get me wrong. we're offering big, bold, i'm like that's just not real. >> and you're a smart consumer of all of these. ambitious ideas but there's a by the way, facebook is doing reason why our approach to fine. their stock price is $200. solving health care is set up the way that it is. it solves the problem without spotify is down to $153. saying you throw a switch and they're like go ahead, turn down those ads. convert 150 million americans >> let's talk about walt disney one fine day. world. walt disney world employees who >> reporter: as mentioned, there are many candidates here in portray mickey mouse and minnie top of the hour, i'm so out iowa. amy klobuchar is also here. of time. hand things off now to my yesterday she wrapped up a full and donald duck, each filed swing through all 99 of the colleague kendis gibson. take it away, my friend. police reports this month counties. a timeline she moved up. claiming they were >> have a good one. inappropriately touched by planning to do that in january but with the prospect of an tourists. who disney be implementing a i'm kendis gibson here at impeachment trial had to get her no-touch policy nowadays? msnbc headquarters in new york. time in now with voters. >> sure. that's criminal. dealing with blowback and >> one of those hallmarks of i mean, if you're fondling cleaning up comments he made many successful candidates there. rick santorum as well made it to individuals, that's assault. about impeachment. that's criminal. what joe biden is saying now all 99 counties there. no? i don't see what the issue is
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about possible subpoenas. thank you. here. >> this isn't a very difficult and the most rugged terrain, probably made it to 100 side to be on. focus of a desperate search. counties, the other one that iowa doesn't even realize they i'm against anybody being efforts under way in hawaii to groped. but i also would like to go a have there. find the final victim of a 2020 is almost upon us. step further. helicopter crash. as we wait to see if kim i think they should just get by this time next year, we'll people out of there entirely. jong-un's christmas gift ever have a newly elected or i think about those poor people in the costumes and it's already comes, a big scare at the newest re-elected president. as democrats attack each other hot. on the debate stage and argue just make them robots and military facility in south korea. the late-night incident as over progressive ideas a new weaponize them. that's my plan. america's biggest adversaries op-ed from the "usa today" weaponized robots and if you groeb minnie mouse, bazookas editorial board tells democrats they should focus on one thing hold provocative drills today. only. beating donald trump. take a look. and hit with controversy. come out. >> gentlemen, appreciate it. it writes, while president president trump responds as his enjoy the rest of your day and scene is cut from "home alone donald trump is holding pep good luck in the new year. rallies in key battleground >> thank you. 2." oh! what is next? states the democrats are engaged >> that will do it for me. thanks for watching this hour of it is 2019 for another in what looks like at times like a squabble within and academic msnbc live. i'll be back bright and early, minute or two. department. 7:00 a.m.. in the mean time i'll be up all isn't it? joining meright now, "daily a reverse or expansion of beast" white house reporter, and thought at the least from joe night on twitter and instagram, just because. biden. president trump's main thank you for being here. the news continues right now. presidential rival is trying to explore a little more on the play down and do cleanup mind-set there. i know it was a "usa today" we'll inform them that liberty mutual following this q&a. article that was talking about customizes home insurance, >> do you stand by your earlier that, but also a narrative that a lot of people are saying. so they'll only pay for what they need. statements that you wouldn't instead of fighting each other, your turn to keep watch, limu. comply if you were subpoenaed to they need to focus on this being wake me up if you see anything. testify in an impeachment trial a general election.
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in the senate? >> correct. the reason i wouldn't, is >> right. [ snoring ] it's also what some of the because it's all designed to democratic 2020 contenders have [ loud squawking and siren blaring ] been saying, including on their deal with trump doing what he's debate stages, such as mayor done his whole life. only pay for what you need. trying to take the focus off pete buttigieg, a few months ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ him. >> all right. this morning, biden tweeted, i ago, but it's, to me, at least, it's a bit of a weird point for want to clarify something i said yesterday in my 40 years in an op-ed page to be making, considering that the point of a public life i've always complied with a lawful order, and in my presidential primary, whether a eight years at vice president, democratic or republican one is my office unlike donald trump to have potentially bitter, and mike pence cooperated with potentially intense policy disputes with the party. legitimate congressional oversight requests. like, how else are you going to the president hasn't actually define which candidate is better weighed in on this particular for that party's face or controversy, but he and his constituency if you don't have twitter team have weighed in on heated debates over policy and a lot more throughout the last politics? it can't only be about who the guy is who is sitting in the 24 hours. white house. blasting out a few late-night actually, on this regard, in my tweets on favorite topics ranging from nancy pelosi to conversations with various trump john mccain and also ray advisers, whether in the ummer donovan. echelons of the campaign, the the tv show. all right. administration or in trump's more general and political bring in now nbc news orbit, you talk to them and almost across the board they correspondent who is probably a fan of "ray donovan" the tv would be more than happy for the
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show. joins us from west palm beach. democrats to make 2020 of course, jon voight stars in exclusively if not almost exclusively about donald trump and beating donald trump. that show and the president is a that's terrain they feel and the president personally feels they can win on. fan ofr. at least in large part because the president himself and other the synergy between the president and jon voight we've advisers around him view that as the democratic party seeding the seen before in previous populist mantle to trump when campaigns and it's manifested in all they do is talk about him and not necessarily the most this one. >> and ever tossed to with a populist policies the democrat party is pumping out, and that "ray donovan" reference. i apologize. >> reporter: tv jams, late '90s. i can come back with something. >> and the numbers are sort of the distinction biden is trying to make and just gaggled with a argument, that -- is that the group of reporters traveling sort of argument that america with him. needs someone who's not middle our own reporter typing up notes of the road in 2020? right now, because they might be a recognition they need to >> well, it very well could be, clarify further. but also when you talk about polls showing that americans see it seems to hinge on is the united states on the wrong congressional oversight and a track as opposed to the right lawful order. track, i mean i don't have
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biden saying throughout his polling data right in front of 40-year career he's cooperated with legitimate congressional me. if memory serves properly, oversight. same time, the question, if americans thought that consistently for many years if subpoenaed in an impeachment not decades, no matter who's trial, does that qualify as president. legitimate congressional the specific numbers of how many oversight or something think the united states is on different? the wrong track versus the right that seems to be the distinction track vary, of course, but for a that they're drawing, and that long time whether it's obama, at least that may be at play here, but i think we need to bush or trump as president of the united states, they don't wait for this clarification yet feel that the united states is again from the biden campaign to doing all that well. see whether or not he would generally speaking. majority i mean. appear before a senate trial and >> all right. from the "daily beast" thank you. russia making a big in donald trump's impeachment if announcement that some experts given a subpoena. a lot of hypotheticals. worry would, and could, re-ignite and the arms race with in general politicians don't the united states. answering hypotheticals anymore russian military officials say they have successfully deployed than i do like answering jon a supersonic weapon that they voight questions. say will render u.s. missile >> does this give the president defense systems useless. and his team ammo? those comments there by the this news comes as russia former vice president? continues to conduct joint >> reporter: potentially. military drills with iran and right? i mean, donald trump seizes on china, in the middle east. opportunities when he sees that tensions in the region, crucial they might present themselves. to the we know he has been hammering on biden every chance he gets. they remain high after the trump
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you see it from his twitter administration withdrew from the feed. you saw it most recently when he nuclear agreement with iran as that country continues to retweeted that video where biden struggle from u.s. sanctions. here with me on more on this, was on the council of foreign victor shaw, a professor for the relations talking about what he center for strategic and did at the time to get the international studies at ukrainian prosecutor dismissed georgetown university. from his position. professor, thank you for being the president still, his golf here. what do we know about this new cart -- i don't know if there weapon that russia claims to be, have been movements since i've been talking here, see if he 27 times faster than the speed hello, live from msnbc gets closer to a cell phone of sound? later this afternoon. >> well, we don't know much headquarters, thanks for being >> hans nichols there on about it. when they talk about missiles with us on this saturday. today we're going to start with everything presidential, and being hypersonic, most missiles the impeachment, how that might "ray donovan" hollywood's fixer. that go that distance and on affect the 2020 race for president. that sort of ballistic path are we're going to start the hour at times seems the president going to it be hypersonic with former vice president joe could use a fixer. biden, now trying to clean up you never know. missiles. but they arely boasting an comments he made on the campaign hans nichols, appreciate it. trail yesterday. see you next hour on "106 & biden was asked hypothetically advancement in technology and we how he would respond if don't exactly know what that is. subpoenaed by the senate to park." heating up with presidential >> if it's true and it was a testify during its impeachment candidates taking shots at one trial of president trump. successful launch, what does well, here's a look at some of that mean for us? >> two things. another over financing. high-dollar donors, defending first with regard to u.s. what he had to say about all of that. strategies ahead of the fourth missile defense, national >> do you stand by your earlier missile defense capacity. statements that you wouldn't quarter funding deadline. both in terms of homeland-based comply if you were subpoenaed to joe biden releasing names of testify in an impeachment trial more than 200 people bundling defense. also the network of defenses before the senate? >> correct, and the reason i cash for his campaign. that we have with our allies's that becomes increasingly more this he calls an effort to be
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more transparent with voters. important. wouldn't is because it's all and networking that missile defense with our allies becomes designed to deal with trump quite important. doing what he's done his whole then the other aspect of it is >> look,'m life, trying to take the focus the u.s. decision, john bolton's off him. >> but since then, joe biden has decision, to withdrawal from the transparent person you've ever attempted to clarify those inf treaty allowing the united comments via twitter, saying, covered. i have not done one single thing states to base intermediate range missiles at different quote, in my 40 years in public to raise money and completely transparent. places around the world possibly life i have always complied with a lawful order, biden going on >> most of the candidates are as both a deterrent and to say but i am just not going campaigning in iowa today where to pretend that there's any the latest state poll puts mayor offensive compact against the legal basis for republican pete buttigieg in the lead. new russian weapons. subpoenas for my testimony in joining me now from marshallton, >> a sports analogy, the united the impeachment trial, adding states is keeping many former this impeachment is about iowa, just northeast of des trump's conduct, not mine. friends like in heisman, russia well, president trump and his is doing kind of a kum ba yah family and his campaign as well with china and iran conducting moines with mayor pete. biden is leading in the military exercises. should the u.s. be concerned nationwide polls as we know. about what's happening right now? what's the team you're with now >> yes. trying to do to capitalize with we should be concerned about just about 40 days to go? what's happening right now. i mean, this is -- this is rule number one of international >> reporter: starts with what politics. you see behind me. you know, the -- the enemy, if mayor pete just took the stage a your -- the enemy is your friend. in this case if the united couple minutes ago spe-- i'm states is in a trade war with china and it's ramping up speaking in a mooted tone not to
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mess up what's going on behind activity with russia, these two me. look at the average polling naturally become allies. of course, we walked away from here, mayor pete at the top. the jcpoa. senator sanders, vice president biden right there in the top iran nuclear deal which of three. same thing that those polls show course makes iran an adversary are that, if you talk to iowans, they're considering other allowing those countries to align. candidates. i don't know operationally how even if they say they're with important this three-country one candidate they're open to exercise was but it sends a change in their mind. political statement. why so many candidates are here >> leave it there with victor this weekend trying to make that shaw, center for strategic and pre-new year's eve pitch to international studies at voters. georgetown university. amy klobuchar yesterday wrapped thank you. following breaking news now. up her swing through all 99 of the counties in this state. investigators are on the scene she had to move up that deadline of a deadly plane crash in a little. planned to do that in january louisiana. the twin pieper cheyenne packed but had to move that up with the prospect of an impeachment trial with six onboard crashing in in the senate coming up. lafayette this morning colliding something that mayor pete will with a vehicle. fire officials confirmed five have advantage, just like vice fayalities from the crash. president biden. one plane passenger survived and we have senators, many of the senators that are in the race, a hospitalized. senator sanders, senator booker, another person in a car also will have to go back to taken to the hospital. washington, d.c. authorities don't know the cause a little bit of the strategizing of the crash. faa and ntsb are headed to the you're seeing now. for now, trying to talk to the scene if not there already. quite a scene out in hawaii as voters, have as many interactions with the voters as well. there is a rescue mission
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possible. >> thank you. and hoping that it is, taking leave it there, as the volume place right now. level goes up and down based on they're hoping to rescue the applause level there in remaining person who was found marshalltown, iowa. thanks, man. a late-night alarm causing a on, went down with the helicopter crash often the coast scare at a u.s. military base in of kauai. already six people were south korea after an alert siren recovered, their bodies. accidentally went off instead of they were dead. the helicopter was carrying the normal bugle call. seven overall on a sightseeing that much on edge over there. tour around the island of kauai it comes as north korea promised but it never returned. the united states a christmas that was several days ago. gift as nuclear negotiations hit the seventh annal fine passenger a standstill and in the middle onboard at the time yet tos east, china, russia, iran, continue their joint military found and why that search is exercises as tensions increase under way. between the united states and they say no signs of survivors. iran amid crippling sanctions nbc's sarah harman is in kauai that were ream posed earlier this year. for us. iran believed to be sar strengthening relations with sarah? >> reporter: kendis, today on china and russia to help offset the island of kauai a fresh the economic impact of those search expected for the seventh sanctions. around final passenger of the here with me to try to break safari tour helicopter. down exactly what is going on in these kinds of aerial toursish the world is gordon chang, a columnist at the "daily beast" incredibly popular here on the island. and author of "the coming some other tour companies even collapse of china." use ed their he wanteds to assi china seems to be fairly strong in the initial search. now or flexing plenty of its it's hard to overstate the
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impact of this devastating muscles. talk what is at play right now. what do you make of the drills accident is having on this small taking place that just started within the last 24 hours between russia, china and iran? tight-knit community. >> no indications of survivors. >> reporter: heartbreak in hawaii. >> these are really important, remains of the six of seven kendis, because they symbolize people onboard discovered in a that the growing relationships remote mountain region on the moscow, beijing, tehran, are island of kauai after a tour helicopter crashed. working together, coordinating the chopper carrying two policies's they opposed united families including children was states and much of the due back around 5:30 thursday international community. so really what this shows the evening, but never returned. world is that there is, as some their last contact came at 4:40 people say, a new axis forms and p.m. as the pilot was leaving a we have to be concerned they canyon area along the in a pauli will work in a very coordinated fashion. coast, a region known for >> what's the danger lying for the united states as we look at stunning scenery. it's unclear what caused the this axis developing? >> you can have any number sort crash. >> like anyplace there are of conflicts. dangers. that area is known for having people talk about north korea. we had ukraine, baltics. beautiful, sunny days, and that can change with a matter of an the problem i think is that with these countries working hour or half an hour. together, with, for instance, north korea, and perhaps others, it's that a conflict in the any crews searching into the night one zone quickly spreads for survivors fighting wind and throughout the eurasia land mass
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which means you're starting to fog. the green and white chopper look at maybe not a global war similar to this one operated by but nonetheless, one which has the tour company safari helicopters. the island's third oldest implications for more than one helicopter business operating in continent. >> do you get a sense the kauai for more than 30 years. administration is worried about all this? the company has not yet >> i don't think anyone is as commented. the deadly accident devastating worried about this as they need to be. because i think that there is, the small tight-knit community. >> i think when something like hasn't been an appreciation of the links. this happens, it makes everyone for instance, especially between beijing and moscow, because you involved reflect on how fragile see around that core a number of and precious life is. bad actors working with them. >> reporter: and island in mourning after a tragedy in so i don't think there's really a sense how bad this could get. paradise. we still don't know much about >> and in the meantime, also we the identities of those onboard, had russia, flexing some muscles but ntsb is taking over the recently. confirming the new investigation. officials are expected here on the island tomorrow. intercontinental hypersonic weapon that can travel 27 times kendis? >> sarah harman in kauai. the speed of sound. thank you. i mean, the numbers sound this weekend setting to big travel days for those who are amazing and incredible, but what driving or flying after the really is going on here? christmas holidays and hanukkah >> well, russia and china are far ahead of the united states, holidays and before new year's, perhaps half a decade, in of course. however, some places may be
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developing the means to deliver harder to get to than others. nuclear weapons. you've got to remember, there's minnesota, for example, facing an irony in this in that all of what their state patrol is the science for hypersonic glide calling ice rinks for roads amid delivery vehicles is american a powerful winter storm. but we didn't develop those. saying that in minnesota, you we have no answer other than know you're in trouble. deterrence. joining me with the latest on deterrence works. the weather for your holiday it worked throughout the cold travel is nbc meteorologist. war and worked after the cold war. nonetheless, the russians and chinese now can deliver a nuke hi. >> kendis like a skating rink in to the u.s. and we can just -- minnesota now. accept it. fluctuation in temperatures, and >> quickly, look through your the freezing rain really an crystal ball. we've made it out of 2019 issue in that area continuing unscathed for the most part. throughout the afternoon and into the evening. >> got four days to go. the wider view of this storm >> we do. still waiting for that promise system, it's a double-sided from north korea. system with severe weather that's really impacting the and -- that's the last time i south, the snow will continue to guess we wait for their be heavy for the upper midwest. promises, but, no. you look into the crystal ball that's why a winter weather for 2020, how much more in advisory and winter storm danger do you think u.s. and warnings now an ice warning is in place for the upper midwest geopolitical landscape is compared to how it was in 2019? impacting 14 million, and i >> i think we'll be in worse think this starts two expand shape end of this year and i'm into the ohio valley and great lakes in the next 24 hours. concerned about north korea will
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act upon its promise of a so this system, the good news about it, it's going to move provocation. those negotiations have gone fairly quickly before it impacts nowhere since president trump met kim for the first time in the northeast. talk about accumulation. june of last year. widespread and very heavy at the north koreans are not going to let this situation go without times. we're talking about 12 to 15 some provocation. inches. i don't think it's going to be a this will be the biggest winter storm that we have seen so far, christmas gift. very well may be january, february, march, but it will and the impacts will be widely happen and could trigger spread from the mid-atlantic all problems elsewhere. the way into the northeast. >> okay. maybe there in time for valentine's day. now, we're thinking of minor simply might be a box of delays for chicago into the chocolate. thank you. cleveland area for your sunday appreciate it. scary times indeed. afternoon, but the mississippi we are following breaking valley, torrential rain from news right here at home. atlanta into nashville as well investigators are on the scene for tomorrow. right now of a deadly plane expect widespread cancellations. crash that took place in great news about this system? louisiana. the plane described as a twin it moves in and out fairly quickly. we're looking at dry conditions engine pieper cheyenne plane. for new year's eve into new it was packed with six people year's day. onboard. crashed this morning in kepd lafayette clyolliding with a kendis, that for new york city into boston. vehicle on the ground. >> quite a difference from the last few years. officials confirm five fatalities from the crash. thanks. a little wreckage there. and anyone who flies any airline any time of year for that vehicle barely that matter, a close look at
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recognizable. one plane passenger survived and what you're eating at 30,000 hospitalized. another in a vehicle also taken feet. you'll want to see what they uncovered. red. to the hospital. a authorities don't know yet what caused the crash of that does it sometimes smell stuffy or stale? pieper plane, but we do know try febreze car vent clips that the ntsb and the faa are to eliminate those odors for up to 30 days. stuffy, stale car odors occur sending crews to that scene to try to fig are out exactly what because of everyday smells that are absorbed and released from soft surfaces. took place there in lafayette, then they're circulated by the ac system. louisiana. also breaking news now. febreze car vent clips eliminate the stale, stuffy smells in your car east africa. a devastating attack left dozens and leave behind a fresh scent for up to 30 days. dead. authorities say more than 70 people have died and at least plus, they come in a range of scents including extra light. 125 people injured after a truck try febreze car exploded at a crowded security brand power, helping you buy better. checkpoint in somalia's capital of mogadishu this morning. the blast is the deadliest attack in the area in more than two years. you see the region right there on the east coast of africa. the death toll is expected to rise. nbc news foreign correspondent matt bradley joins us from london where he's been monitoring the situation. what more have we learned about this attack and has anyone so far at least claimed responsibility?
11:14 am
>> reporter: not yet, kendis. not so far today, but that's not unusual for these kinds of attacks in somalia, and i know smalleys and foreign observers, they're likely to focus their blame on al shabaab. that al qaeda-linked islamist militant group that held territory throughout the country the past several years and launched numerous really lethal terrorist attacks throughout the country and in the region in places like uganda and kenya and widely suspected having launched the deadliest attack in african histo history. a similar bus bombing that literally killed 600 people. one of the largest most lethal symbol terror attacks. they might not ever claim responsibility for this attack, kendis, but people will be suspicious that al shabaab was behind today's carnage. >> understandably so as the death toll rices in the horn of
11:15 am
africa. thanks to you. a desperate search at home. right now off the coast of hawaii, a helicopter touring hawaii's na pali coast crashing with seven people onboard [ drathis holiday... killing six. ahhhhh!!! -ahhhhh!!! rescuers hoping the seventh vim a distant friend returns... tick could be found alive. elliott. and wrapping up one of its you came back! and while lots of things have changed... wooooah! -woah! best years in history. it's called the internet. a look the economy will play in the presidential election coming some things haven't. up. esidential election coming up. bric refresher get ready for a reunion 3 million light years in the making. woohoo! -yeah! febreze finds odors trapped in fabrics (bubbles popping) and cleans them away as it dries. use febreze every time you tidy up to keep your whole house smelling fresh air clean. fabric refresher even works for clothes you want to wear another day. make febreze part of your clean routine for whole home freshness. ♪la la la la la.
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breaking news from overseas from somalia. a bombing in the country's capital killed dozens. the explosion caused by a truck bomb that went off as a busy security checkpoint in the smalley capital of mogadishu. more than 50 confirmed dead and more than 100 injured.
11:17 am
the country part of the each region known at the horn of africa faced a string of violent attacks, but none as bad as this in more than two years. nbc news foreign koercorrespond matt bradley has been following the story for us. what more do we know who were killed and who might be behind this? >> reporter: kendis, at least a dozen students killed, and also seen images of destroyed buses. at least some of them school buses. this was a busy interchange. it was a large security checkpoint in the midst of the morning rush hour right in front of a major government building. the dead include police office soldiers ordinary civilians students and yes, children, and that's not considering the nearly 150 people who were injured, kendis. >> all right. matt bradley, appreciate it. quick update on that situation there. the death toll expected to rise in mogadishu. an estimated 7 million americans choose to fly this holiday season and while they
11:18 am
worry about their seats, the plane or losing luggage, they may want to rethink the in-flight meal. an nbc news investigation looked into the safety of the food that you eat on airplanes. you may want to grab a bag -- one of those little bags they give you? we show you what was found. >> reporter: so many options at 30,000 feet. hummus, sandwiches even hot meals, but sky-high dining can be risky. >> about three quarters of the way through the flight, i start feeling really bad. >> reporter: frequent flyer jason yaulderman says he got food poisoning after eating duck ravioli on a flight last year. >> intense sickness. >> reporter: reported this to the airline and filed a complaint with his local health department and then -- nothing. >> felt like nobody was claiming responsibility. like things like this can be the certain now intensifying continue to happen. >> reporter: the cdc says about for the last passenger of a 48 million americans get food
11:19 am
sightseeing helicopter crash in poisoning each year. hawaii. how many cases from airplane efforts are kauai to food? experts say it's hard to track, find the seventh and final because passengers might not get sick right away and scatter to victim of the crash after being different destinations. suspended friday due to fog and just how safe is this food? poor visibility. remains of the other six onboard nbc news looked through more the helicopter recovered along than 1,000 pages of fda the remote north coast of the inspection reports for three major airline catering companies island. joining me right now from kauai since 2012 and found food safety nbc news correspondent sarah harman right there. what's the latest? violations has might make your >> reporter: contend ibs, today stomach turn. on the island of kauai a fresh flies, rodents, dead roaches. search expected for the seventh dirty pans and utensils marked and final passenger of the as clean and liquid dripping safari tour helicopter. from raw bacon on to cooked these kinds of aerial tours are bacon. at gate gourmet, fans blowing popular here on the island. air on to uncovered food and the other tour companies even dried food debris on cutting use their helicopters to assist boards and another, a live bird in the initial search. it's hard to overstate the inside one facility and two impact this devastating accident instances of listeria. is having on this small >> the public the at risk. tight-knit community. >> roy kosta is a former heartbreaking hawaii. government food inspector with >> there are no indications of 40 years experience. survivors. >> reporter: the remains of six of the seven people onboard
11:20 am
discovered in a remote mountain >> how can these make people sick? >> allowing bacteria to grow or region on the island of kauai get on the food and survive to after a tour helicopter crashed. the suft mer. the chopper carrying two families including children was customer. >> reporter: another concern, how the phooed is delivered. due back around 5:30 thursday >> nine flights a day putting evening, but never returned. food on airplanes? >> yes. >> reporter: prince asked us not their last contact came at 4:40 to use his last name is a former p.m. as the pilot was leaving a truckloader for lsg sky chefs. canyon area along the nay poly the workers union now from coast. a region known for stunning contract grows brought him to scenery. it's unclear what caused the new york to talk. crash. >> like anyplace, there are >> no ampl.c. dangers. that area up there is known for the food wasn't safe. >> reporter: once the food left having beautiful, sunny days, the facility only cooled die dry and that can change within a matter of an hour or half an ice. >> reporter: ever see the dry hour. >> reporter: crews battled wind and fog searching into the night ace evaporate? >> many times. for survivors. dry ice is like a gauze. the kauai fire department says in a couple minutes -- the green and white chopper >> reporter: from the time food similar to this one was operated is put on the truck to the by the tour company safari airplane, how much time has gone helicopters. the island's third oldest by? >> 2.5, to 3 hours to put food helicopter business operating in kauai more than 30 years. in the plane. >> reporter: how would the company has not yet passengers react knowing what
11:21 am
you do? commented. the deadly accident devastating >> they wouldn't eat anything on the plane. >> reporter: they're committed the small tight-knit community. to providing highest food safety >> i think when something like standards and comply with the latest federal regulations this happens, it makes everyone undergoing internal and external involved reflect on how fragile audits and said they take action anytime an issue is identified, and precious life is. >> reporter: an island in flying food and gate gourmet mourning after a tragedy in paradise. saying they've made investments to ensure food safety. we still don't know much about the fda requires inspections at least every three to five years the identity of those onboard but ntsb is taking over the and told us facilities are offer investigation. inspected by state and local officials expected here on the island tomorrow. authorities, but for frequent flyers like jason, the takeaway kendis? >> thanks sarah harman there on before taking off. the island of kauai. back here at home, or on the >> grab something at the airport. eat the pretzels or go hungry. mainland, a multicar pileup on >> sorry. the duck ravioli sounded like a texas, a highway there. great idea to me. all caught on camera. tv news crews, and police were not to most around here. right there on the scene after two cars and a semitruck crashed doesn't alcohol kill most germs? in lubbock county amid heavy anyway, the foot safety experts say the number one food to fog. then that happened. avoid, seafood, deli meats, watch again. a second semi truck seen here dairy and anything served raw. jackknifing to avoid an suv and change lanes in front of it, and
11:22 am
slides into the already chaotic scene stopping just short of the cooked is usually safe or stick photographer that you saw that to the packaged snacks or trooper jump to try to get away. the truck hit one texas state alcohol. and how many republicans trooper and pinned another will fall in line? inside a truck. both, we're told, are expected or question mitch mcconnell's to survive their injuries, what strategy? one senator suggests the a scene. republican party might not be as slow down if there is fog. tributes pouring in today unified as thought. for longtime tv and radio host don imus, died age of 79. the controversial radio personality rose to fame pushing the limit and the becoming an early pioneer of the so-called shock jock radio format. his sharp tongue and oversized no! we need to keep moving. cowboy hat game a fixture on the whole things coming down. come on! i can't see. airwaves and his antics got him i can't see! in trouble as well. you need to trust me. here's nbc's harry smith. jump! >> reporter: radio had no idea what hit it when don imus debuted on new york the wnbc in 1971. imus, ruthlessly funny.
11:23 am
disdain conformity rids kuhling the powerful and famous. >> what? >> reporter: his radio show gained a national audience and the greater influence when samal cast on msnbc. no one and no subject was off limits. >> can't get anything by him. can you? but we don't care. i absolutely don't care. >> reporter: imus prided himself on not pulling punches, in 2007, a rant about the rutgers women's basketball team that was raleigh racist got him fired. imus later apologized for his comments. >> we don't have an agenda. our agenda is try to be funny. sometimes go too far. sometimes way too far. >> reporter: returned to airwaves on a different network. retired due to health issues last year. he gave money to a ranch for children. don imus was 79 years old.
11:24 am
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11:26 am
about the senate working in lockstep with the administration worried some, one senator lisa murkowski of alaska saying she was disturbed by mcconnell's statement. the "new york times" writes, quoting ms. murkowski's expression of concern sets her apart. senting a message to constituents as well as mr. mcconnell she does not want to be viewed as a rubber stamp for a preor darined acquittal. joining me now, former congress womt from new york elizabeth holtzman there for the nixon trial and voted to impeach the former president, nixon, and now in sunny st. petersburg. good to see you, congresswoman. how disturbed are you by what mitch mcconnell said about the senate working in lockstep with the white house? >> well, of course, it's very disturbing, because when the framers of the constitution created an impeachment process, they said the house has sole power of impeachment and the
11:27 am
senate sole power tore try. and they envisioned the senate would be impartial. he did not see the senate or the house working hand in glove with the president. after all, the whole purpose is to judge whether the president abused powers of his office and should be removed. once the senate moves itself into the president's camp, and is just an agent for the president, they violated their own oaths of office. that's the thing that's important to remember. senators like members of the house and the president take an oath of office when they assume office, but when the senators sit in judgment in a senate trial, they take a special oath in addition to that oath that requires them to be an impartial, to do impartial justice. that's a constitutional requirement, and yet mitch mcconnell said, i'm not an joe biden is under scrutiny impartial juror. well, how can he take his oath for comments made about in good faith? and how can anybody in the bypassing a subpoena. senate take an oath in good telling an editorial board if he
11:28 am
faith if they intend to be just volunteered to testify it would create a media event that would a partial for the president? they have to keep an open mind and this is very troublesome take the focus off president because it's clear that mcconnell's not keeping an open mind. trump and on him. he said it publicly, and that >> it's about what he does all others are allowing him to get the time. his entire career. away with fashioning a trial that will be just designed to take the focus off. help the president and not to this guy violated the arrive at the truth. >> congresswoman, are you kind constitution. he said it in the driveway of of surprised there aren't more the white house. like senator murkowski coming out and pushing back a little >> let's talk about the bit against mcconnell and the president? legalities of all this and bring in former federal prosecutor and >> well, it's very sad to see msnbc legal analyst glen that, and i'm sorry to see that, kirchner. good to see you again. because during the impeachment talk about the phrase there, that might be the key phrase in process against richard nixon all of this. there were republicans who biden points out, legitimate joined the process. of course, it was at the very congressional oversight request. end, but they did join the does he have a point in that process, and it was a matter of request for his own testimony courage. by the way, none of them lost that would not fall under that their seat. every one of them who said that category? the president, president nixon, >> any subpoena that's issued, should be impeached, every kendis, by congress or prosecutors, it needs to be a republican, every southern democrat, every one of them
11:29 am
lawful subpoena. re-elected because the people of you can understand why joe biden the united states respect is aggrieved. courage and they respect he had the president of the principle. they don't like to see someone united states ask, no the just one foreign country, ukraine, but we all heard him stand up on being an abject for the the white house lawn and also president united states pfr say he thinks china should be that's not what a senator should do. >> we have about six weeks to investigating the bidens. see if there are some with when foreign countries courage and principle in this investigate u.s. citizens, guess current congress. what? those citizens won't enjoy the all right. congresswoman, thank you so protections that they would much. appreciate it. best wishes for the new year. enjoy if u.s. law enforcement agencies were investigating from el chapo's trial to the them. for example, the fourth amendment protection against college admissions scandal. legal battles in focus in 2019. unreasonable searches and seizures. in a very real sense that puts ari melber takes us through the joe biden and his family in ten biggest legal stories of the harm's way potentially when the president does that. however, if you are issued a year. >> reporter: number ten, r&b singer r. kelly arrested. lawful subpoena, particularly by >> the bombshell involving r. congress, you need to comply, or kelly, the music star, who's you need to take appropriate been trailed by allegations of legal steps, like there's a sexual misconduct for years now motion that gets filed every day criminally charged with sexually in courts around the country. abusing multiple underaged when there's a question about the legality of the, of a victims. >> reporter: expected to head to trial next year. subpoena.
11:30 am
it's called a motion to quash. number nine. not squash, but quash. mexman drug lore el chapo on trial. >> everything about the trial was larger than life. if there is a genuine issue with >> most powerful leader of the respect to the legality of any drug cartel. subpoena that anybody issues, >> reporter: expected on drug chargers and a murder the person who receives the subpoena can file a motion to conspiracy. >> guilty on all ten counts. quash and let a court sort it >> reporter: sentenced to life in colorado's supermax prison. out. now, that kind of a challenge to number eight. the border crisis. a subpoena would stand in stark comparison to what president trump did, which was order >> breaking news tonight on the humanitarian crisis. administration officials to >> overcrowding. four showers for 476 immigrants. ignore subpoenas. to just flat out not comply. so we understand -- you know, i >> none of us would have our understand why joe biden might children in that position. have concerns about any subpoena they are human beings! that's issued by congress at >> reporter: number seven. the fight over the president's this point, but, you know, you tax returns intensifies. trump going to the supreme court can't take a fight fire with fire approach to subpoenas, asking them to block a house because if you do, you end up subpoena for his tax returns. burning everything down. they are expected to rule in >> okay. talk about the possibility of june. number six. another subpoena not being trump aides convicted and there. what do you think about senator jailed. >> former trump attorney and chuck schumer and his decision fixer michael cohen is now not to request rudy giuliani as behind bars.
11:31 am
a senate witness? >> roger stone convicted all on >> you know, i think the seven counts brought against him. american people would be fine now the sixth trump aide or with not seeing rudy giuliani adviser to be convicted as part put on the rudy giuliani show. 69 mueller investigation. >> five, president trump gets a new attorney general. the way corey lewandowski put on bill barr, who emerges to defend the corey lewandowski clown the president on the russia and ukraine scandals far more show. you won't get a straight answer out of rudy giuliani. the guy who said truth is not aggressively than his pr truth, and the guy who said in one breath, i never asked predecessor. four, jeffrey epstein dies in ukraine to investigate the jail. arrested, facing charges for sex bidens and in the very next trafficking of minors. breath he said, of course, i >> jeffrey epstein is dead. asked ukraine to investigate the epstein took his own life while bidens. because rudy giuliani is not behind bars. locked into grand jury testimony >> reporter: his death under fbi at this point, i question the investigation. number three. the college admissions cheating wisdom of putting him on the scandal. >> this story's on the front floor of the senate, and letting page of every paper around the him spout any nonsense he country. >> reporter: actress felicity chooses to spout. huffman walked into court and >> okay. all right. leave it there. pled guilty. others decided to fight. appreciate it should be an >> reporter: huffman spending 11 interesting week after the new year. have a great new year, by the d days in prison. lori loughlin expected to go to trial next year. >> reporter: number two, mueller
11:32 am
presidential success. but maybe it's not that simple. finds criminal interference by after all, wall street right now is wrapping up one of the best russia and convictions of five years in history with a stock trump advisers. >> the long-awaited mueller market rally under president report just submitted. trump that's out-placing most of perhaps the most highly his predecessors and yet the anticipated and potentially presidential approval rating is explosive document in reason american history. right there, hovering slightly >> reporter: breaking his silence in a pair of above 42%. appearances, testifying before what does this all say about the congress and holding a surprise year to come in 2020? press conference. >> if we had had confidence that joining me now, a person who has a crystal ball, yahoo! finance the president clearly did not commit a crime we would have reporter sibile march sallsalisg said so. >> reporter: our top legal story of the year -- congress impeaches the me, and is it something is wrong president. >> for just the third time in we're not necessarily seeing and the history of our country the that's why the president's approval ratings are so low and house of representatives is going to vote on the impeachment regular americans are feeling of a president. >> reporter: the house voted to something? or it doesn't really matter impeach trump on two articles. abuse of power and obstruction anymore what the economy is of congress. doing? >> when it comes to president >> it is tragic that the trump approval ratings it's a president's reckless actions head scratcher. make impeachment necessary. why are they so historically low >> reporter: the first president to face such a rebuke in his yet we see stock market first term. performance being phenomenal. after trump asked ukraine to coming down to how you view investigate his rival joe biden. president trump. either you vie him as a beacon soliciting foreign interference
11:33 am
in 2020. senate leaders planning a trial of protectionism, fighting trade of the president in january. wars, getting us ahead, it's been a year with justice in addressing unfair trade the headlines and many battles practices, or you see president over the principle that no trump as a beacon of corruption person is above the law. shining across the world, as a our thanks to ari melber right there. bad example tarnishing the when we come back, update on the breaking news and that country's image. the stock market, hand it to the tragic crash in louisiana that took place this morning. guy. outperforming. phenomenal. the relation between that crash if you have stocks you are and a huge lsu game that is expected to take place at the extremely happy when it comes to top of the hour. what we're learning about the that. the stock market return for s&p victims, next. next. let's be honest, 500 since elected more than 50%. more than double the market return for other u.s. presidents in the first three years of their term. so, yes. he has been absolutely outperforming when it comes to the stock market, and when it comes to the u.s. economy overall, look at unemployment, a 50-year low. americans have been employed and spending. >> and underemployed as far as the wages go. but by far, good or bad, this is now the trump economy. right?
11:34 am
>> yes. absolutely. this is definitely the trump economy, but you mentioned there, we're seeing a huge gap quitting smoking is freaking hard. like quitting every monday hard. when it comes to wealth quitting feels so big. so, try making it smaller. inequality. something president trump has not been addressing. the stock market doing well but and you'll be surprised at many americans left behind. how easily starting small... ...can lead to something big. >> yeah. typical rank and file of start stopping with nicorette americans, rising faster than billions of problems. they have in a decade and getting bigger raises this year. dry mouth? parched mouth? cotton mouth? so how does it help the economy there's a therabreath for you. when lower paid workers are therabreath oral rinse and lozenges. reaping more benefits? help relieve dry mouth >> it helps the economy. using natural enzymes to soothe and moisturize. helps the economy when all so you can... workers earn more because breathe easy, there's therabreath at walmart. they're spending more. consumption is 70% of gdp. always a good sign in tomorrows of the economy's growth. wage growth, fastest for earners on the low end of the income spectrum. those at the top 25% of earners. that's not just because of president trump. it's also because many states have been raising the minimum wage and that's a bigger struggle of actually helping workers, not just employed but have a living wage. still fighting that battle and seeing wealth inequality.
11:35 am
it's good news but still need more help and wages need to rise at a faster pace. >> experts say no recession by election day? >> yes. inverted yield curve. talked about it. uninverted. right now not having an inverted yield curve. yes, recession is still possible but right now the u.s. economy is doing very well. >> thank you so much. have a great new year. best wishes. update to the controversial sas of retired navy s.e.a.l. eddie gallagher. earlier in the year acquitted of shooting iraqi civilians and killing a captive isis fighter. after president trump intervened on his behalf. the president seen this past weekend with the now acquitted killer at mar-a-lago last weekend. now the "new york times" obtained taped interviews with the s.e.a.l. team members who originally accused gallagher of misconduct. and we do want to warn you on some of this. some of the video that you're about to see a fairly
11:36 am
disturbing. nbc senior correspondent kate snow has the story. ♪ >> i saw eddie take a shot at probably a 12-year-old kid. >> reporter: tapes never before seen in public. ♪ members of navy s.e.a.l. team 7 speaking on camera with military investigators in spring of 2018 about their platoon leader eddie ♪ gallagher. >> the guy got crazier and crazier. >> reporter: the video is part of a trove of information obtained exclusively by the everything your trip needs weekly. >> tell you it was perfectly for everyone you love. okay killing anybody. expedia. >> one after another platoon members come in and paint the picture of a platoon leader gone totally rogue saying he was killing people just to kill back with breaking news them. following this hour. an update and a troubling one men, women, children, it didn't matter. about that plane crash that took >> the guy is toxic. can't let this continue. place in lafayette, louisiana, a >> reporter: the "times" little earlier today. reviewed hundreds of text we are being told that a member messages sent by gallagher of the wdsu sports team, the tv disparaging the s.e.a.l.s who reported him. station down there, among those >> repeatedly reaching out to killed also a sideline reporter other sa.e.a.l.s about this for espn. this is all according to carley
11:37 am
investigation and spread the names of his accusers making mccord's family, and carley sure people know in the hopes they will be black listed by mccord's husband confirmed to the associated press she was other s.e.a.l.s. riding in a private plane from >> reporter: helmet camera video obtained by "the weekly" never lafayette to the peach bowl in seen outside of a courtroom atlanta with friends to watch shows the isis fighter lsu play in a big matchup prosecutors accused gallagher of against oklahoma that was set to start at the top of this hour. murdering. gallagher is seen with a medic now, the two engine piper cheyenne packed with six people bag pushing him and the camera onboard crashed this morning in goes black. lafayette and collided with not clear why. >> he stabbed him one time, several vehicles there on the ground. multiple times? authorities are looking into the cause, but just with the last >> reporter: in 2018, corey few moments, we got a list of the five people who were killed scott saw him stab him multiple and we are told at least one of times. them was a former sideline >> two, three times. like a stab, about right here. reporter with espn and a reporter for wdsu, and also the just, a few times. >> is there any possible way that what he was doing could be daughter-in-law, i should mention, of the offensive coordinator for the lsu football interpreted as, for medical purposes to help this guy? team. so you can just imagine, the >> no. >> no way this was anything heavy hearts that are at play other than to attack and to kill right now in atlanta as they this person? prepare for a game that was set >> no. >> reporter: but scott changed his story at gallagher's trial to go on at the top of the hour.
11:38 am
saying he was the one who killed the daughter-in-law of the lsu the fighter. >> did you suffocate him? offensive coordinator, killed in >> yes. >> reporter: eddie gallagher was that plane crash along with convicted posing for a photo several other young people. with the corpse. all right. found not guilty of murder and we'll continue to keep an attempted murder and has long eye on that. meantime, the united states proclaimed his innocence. recalled its ambassador to >> a couple members of the zambia after he criticized platoon who had a personal jailing of a gay couple in the animosity towards eddie south african nation. ambassador daniel foote says he gallagher. they didn't perform well in was personally horrified by the combat. they were afraid of being calle couple sentenced in the country where same-sex relationships are criminalized. also he called out zambia's >> reporter: overnight gallagher's attorney calling government for stealing millions their accounts unsupported and of dollars of public funds. fake. >> if there was a problem with the country did not respond well chief gallagher's mental state to the criticism. they would have examined him, zambia's home affairs minister found that, but there's none. said foote had "crossed a line" >> reporter: in november, president trump order the and he said the ambassador was pentagon not to strip gallagher of his rank and trident pin the removed after the country filed an official complaint. navy secretary fired for his joining me right now to discuss handling of the case. this is ambassador christopher the president publicly showing hill, former u.s. ambassador to support for the navy s.e.a.l. iraq, south korea, poland and >> a great fighter. macedonia as well as an msnbc one of the ultimate fighters. diplomacy expert. tough guy. >> reporter: just this weekend, ambassador, thank you for being
11:39 am
gallagher posting photos meeting with us. what is your take or reaction to president trump for the first time at mar-a-lago. this? can a country, like zambia, do >> that was nbc's "nightly news" this? >> oh, yes. anchor kate snow reporting. this happens. it doesn't happen often to u.s. the navy s.e.a.l.s and cory ambassadors but happens in a lot scott's attorney have not of places. commented on the story. essentially a country can nbc news has not independently request that our ambassador leave at any time, and it goes spoken with the s.e.a.l.s involved the in the story but by this latin word persona non the "new york times," by the way, says they've reached out to each and they declined to grata or png. comment. a lawyer for gallagher says he a country declares you png you plans to sue the "times" and the have to pack your bags and reporter that's covering the leave. so this is evidently what they story. a lot more ahead. did, although they did not do it including this -- through a normal diplomatic it's not unusual to see channel where you send a influencers promoting something on instagram, but this diplomatic note, et cetera. particular promotion of one the question i have, he made a particular music festival is very tough speech, not just on causing a lot of backlash, and, this hoar risk situation of a no, we're not talking about the gay couple, but speaking more fire festival. an international campaign, why nenly about kwupgs, et cetera, it's not sitting well with some in the zambian government. followers. we're coming right back. the question is, is that followers. we're coming right back. something he did on his own? did the state department want him to do that? because when you put your ambassador out there, i would think the state department needs
11:40 am
to be out there as well. so i'm not sure if there are coordination problems here between the state department and going back to the doctor just for a shot. ambassador foote. but whatever, i think we'll be with neulasta onpro... having another vacancy to fill. ...patients get their day back... >> ambassador what would you be with... ... family... have done if you were in a situation like that? in a country where they jail ...or just to sleep in. strong chemo can put you at risk of serious infection. these, jailed two folks for in a key study... ...neulasta reduced the risk of infection from 17%... consensual sex, same-sex and the 1%... other things the ambassador ...a 94% decrease. pointed out? would you have spoken out neulasta onpro is designed to deliver... knowing your role? >> well, i think when you speak ...neulasta the day after chemo... ...and is used by most patients today. neulasta is for certain cancer patients out, you're see essentially receiving strong chemotherapy. saying i've had enough and i can't stay here anymore. do not take neulasta if you're allergic to it or neupogen (filgrastim). that's a pretty fatef fuful an incomplete dose could increase infection risk. decision. they may have problems with -- ruptured spleen, sometimes fatal they may have a kind of horrific as well as serious lung problems, anti-gay law, but maybe they allergic reactions, kidney injuries have other issues that he was and capillary leak syndrome... ...have occurred. making progress on. report abdominal or shoulder tip pain, trouble breathing... from the looks of his speech, or ... or allergic reactions to your doctor right away of his statement, it didn't look in patients with sickle cell disorders, serious, sometimes... like anything was going in the ...fatal crises can occur. the most common side effect... right direction. so i think he kind of felt he
11:41 am
is bone and muscle ache. ask your doctor... had to do something. ...about neulasta onpro. again, i would have liked to see pay no more than $5 per dose with copay card. much more coordination between the state department and the ambassador. i mean, generally speaking, an ambassador is there to keep the door open so that the ambassador can go in, tell the host government, look, i told you that decision you took last week was going to cause a problem in washington, and it has, and, today's senior living communities have never been better, again, i'm going to suggest to you how you can get, move with amazing amenities like movie theaters, exercise rooms forward on this. so clearly, that kind of role and swimming pools, public cafes, bars and bistros wasn't being played, and he was not happy at all. even pet care services. >> a lot of people saying now and there's never been an easier way to get great advice. the united states doesn't have leverage in saying anything a place for mom is a free service against the government of that pairs you with a local advisor zambia, or any other country we to help you sort through your options might disagree with. all right. and find a perfect place. ambassador christopher hill, a place for mom. appreciate your time especially with the breaking news we had you know your family we know senior living. top of this block. together we'll make the right choice. thank you. spotify is now taking a stand when it comes to political ads. the ongoing conversation about politics and online platforms, next. who doesn't love a deal?
11:42 am
i do. check out the united explorer card. savin' on this! savin' on this! savin' in here. rewarded! learn more at the explorer card dot com.
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♪ well, who doesn't like a good rave? seems like these people there were enjoying it. deejaying many others and a snippet from the beast of music festival. never heard of it? it never happened before taking place in saudi arabia and celebrities and social media influencers facing a wave of backlash for even being there. models like winnie harlow and sofia richie in the capital city of riyadh highlighting the festival failing to mention the country's ongoing human rights abuses. critics accusing the saudi kingdom as using it as a distraction from the assassination of journalist khashoggi. covering the story, and a lot of people paying attention to this. how did this unfold?
11:44 am
>> reporter: it unfolded with a particular instagram account called diet prada. an account that is normally used for calling out copycats in the fashion industry, and it noticed that a lot of models had posted gio tech posts at this festival and combined a post with a grid of all of these photos and detailed why it was problematic for these models to be posting and attending the festival. >> we're talking thousands of people were there. also talking that the saudi government possibly spent millions and millions and millions of dollars not only to get these celebrities over there but also to, for them to be there, just for their presence so they can geotag they were there in riyadh and post photos from riyadh? >> reporter: right. to make it look like a very fun time. sure it was, but the photos perhaps don't reflect the reality of what it's like to
11:45 am
currently live in saudi arabia. >> what kind of backlash of these celebrities getting? >> some removed in the last couple of days because of the backlash. people saying because the models are posting photos that look opulent and beautiful and posh without mentioning the country's history of human rights abuses, or some that the current day-to-day problems women face or lgbtq people face in the country, but presenting a social-washed version of what it is actually like over there. >> a clip of one of the models, a popular model with some 3 million followers there on instagram. not apologizing but was defending himself. >> uh-huh. yeah. >> i encourage anyone to visit saudi, anyone to spread awareness about the beauty of collided this week when this country as well as its president trump accused can na of editing out his cameo issues. a few things are not mutually -- appearance in "home alone 2: a positive trend, positive
11:46 am
change, should be by no means lost in new york" for political reasons. seen as a cover-up for what is >> excuse me, where is the wrong. a wrong is a wrong, but also a positive is a positive. lobby? >> down the hall and to the left. >> that six-figure paychecks >> thanks. >> that's just the tip of the iceberg. in this week's politics segment, help for you to defend it. joining me to break it down, what do you say? >> reporter: sure. yeah. comedian jay brown and this actually is nothing new. i would say that this festival democratic strategist who is a is probably the biggest and splashiest thing at the saudi former executive director of the new york state democratic party. arabian, that the government has never knew you would get to add done to try to promote tourism, this to your list. but over the past couple of so jay, of course the canadian years, this is something that they have consistently done, and not just with music but with broadcast corporation explained that the edit was made years ago other areas of entertainment like boxing and racing bringing before president trump was president. what do you make of their over influencers from other response to this and his response, for that matter? >> i think it's telling that aspects of entertainment, post donald trump thinks justin wonderful photos. trudeau has anything to do with it's an effort to relieve this. i think someone needs to sit mr. trump down and explain that dependence on oil. other world leaders have things >> trying to open it up to the west. just opened um saudi arabia, to do. i also think that when you look visas, in september of this year. at the actual cameo itself, i thank you so much. appreciate your time on this don't know if it was a moment of saturday. with 2020 just around the corner a key 2016 campaign brilliance that was needed to be
11:47 am
repeated again and again. promise from trump is under the it was seven seconds of nothing. microscope. we'll tell you about it, coming up. up. >> it was nearly seven seconds. they re-edited star wars, not here's our report. >> reporter: patrolling the border in the rio grande valley in texas is done this way. jar jar binks out of most of those episodes. by boat. >> should the president of the the river serves as a natural united states be bothered with something like this. >> generally, no, but this barrier along 227 miles between president is going to be bothered by it because he's the u.s. and mexico. petty. and to your point, donald trump but for some agents, it's not enough. >> how will a wall effect your makes a cameo in a bobby brown every day operations here? video, right? >> affect us greatly. and how many times have hip hop reduce a large amount of the drug smuggling. artists or musicians from other give agents time to respond, react and apprehend. genres used his name in lyrics. get appropriate law enforcement you're not going to go back and resolution to the traffic and in addition allow us to do more with less. re-edit this stuff, because that >> reporter: appears more wall would be petty. is on the way. of the 450 to 500 miles of new ba but donald trump caring that this happened and blaming justin fencing the president wants built by the end of next year, more than 100 miles would go up trudeau for it is really ridiculous. >> i would have expected more of here in the rio grande valley the ongoing argument of where sector. that's a tall order.
11:48 am
during the first three years of "die hard" was a christmas the trump administration only movie, which we all know it was. four mimes of border wall was >> underappreciated christmas built in texas. movie. >> let's talk about spotify all all replacing existing because they say they're going barriers. to stop running political ads in we toured a short stretch of new 2020 because they can't wall in texas with the rio responsibly validate them. grande valley sector chief. >> we need to continue to press is this the right approach? first of all, i didn't even know them on it, because this is spotify ran political ads and i ultimately going to help us. this is going to be a force have a spotify account. proper approach, good idea? multiplier for us. >> reporter: the pace has been slow. >> i think that this is actually >> yeah. >> reporter: do you think that a very public conversation that they'll make the deadline? >> well, we always hope that we spotify is having with facebook. facebook comes out and says can. >> reporter: what is standing in there's no way to vet the ads so the way of achieving those spotify comes back and says if goals? well, most of the land the you can't vet them, don't run government wants to build the wall on here in texas is them. and facebook's renuanced privately owned, and the not all response is, yes, but money. land owners are willing to sell. so i think we're playing the >> it's a land that my grand in mother said, don't ever sell it, ethics of truth play out and spotify is on the right side here. >> i do think it's a because this is part of our lives. conversation that needs to >> reporter: we first visited happen, but that's really not this family in mission, texas, the issue, is it? in march. it's not the political ads, per when the army corps of engineers se. it's determining what's a real was surveying their 64 acre farm ad from what is a fake ad, what to build a new wall. is fake information, fake news
11:49 am
>> the red outline where they from what's actually real and want to build a border wall. factual. but i understand if you're not in that business and you don't >> reporter: no warning and you really know what is an get a map. >> one day get light bill, water exaggeration or an elaboration, do you let that go? o work. bill and this letter from the government. >> reporter: this man says despite protests the government's ability to claim eminent domain limits their options. >> unfortunately the law says that if the government needs private property, they can take it, as long as they pay for it. >> reporter: trump recently tasked his son-in-law jared kushner to oversee border wall construction. using eminent domain to seize more public land. this month the administration filed its first land acquisition case. the offer, less than $100,000 for about 13 acres of private property. the family worries their land could be next. >> is there any amount of money you'd be willing to sell? >> talk to me, my sister and brother, we would say, no. because it has nothing to do with money. we want our land. no amount of money is going to
11:50 am
make us happy. we're not rich people. this is our legacy. this is what we fought for. so -- no. no amount of money is worth anything. >> reporter: from mission, text, reporting for msnbc. >> thanks to that report. and this scene in "home alone 2" neither pivotal nor political. but -- it's promising to be quite the issue in this day and age. - do you have a box of video tapes, film reels, or photos,
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11:55 am
>> reporter: the scene was neither pivotal nor political. >> down the hall and to the left. >> thanks. >> reporter: but after learning the cbc, canada's public broadcaster cut president trump's cameo in "home alone 2: lost in new york" some saw it as a left stunt. removinged scene in 2014, they say, years before president trump declared his presidency. the scene past of a time cut to show the film on tv. a common practice. hosts on morning show "fox & friends" had their own theories. >> terrified remind people how deranged his opponents are. >> and it's censorship. >> reporter: just boasting about the cameo in a videoconference call to troops abroad. >> the wig christmas hit. one of the biggest. an honor to be involved. >> reporter: the president
11:56 am
seemed to laugh it off. the movie will never be the same. just kidding. i get justin trudeau doesn't like paying up on trade. the president's son less amused calling the cut pathetic. at president's supporters rushed fire with a spoof. >> direct hit! >> reporter: rendering macaulay culkin's character with nancy pelosi and chuck schumer as the cat buggalers continuing a political feud that never got its christmas break. >> another christmas in the trenches. >> our president appeared in more than 20 tv shows and movies. so even that six-second scene cut from "home alone 2" there's always that scene from "the nanny nanny." about to take the stage, joe
11:57 am
biden. breaking down his latest backtrack. st backtrack. every family has their own unique story. give your family the chance to discover theirs this holiday season, with ancestry.
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not my thing. hi, everyone. happy saturday. i'm kendis gibson live at msnbc world headquarters in new york. joe biden doing backtracking after make new comments whether he would cooperate with a subpoena from the senate in an impeachment trial. >> do you stand by your earlier statements that you wouldn't comply if you were subpoenaed to testify in an impeachment trial
12:01 pm
before the senate? >> correct. and the reason i wouldn't, is because it's all designed to deal with trump doing what he's done his whole life. trying to take the focus off him. >> biden there meeting with the all-important editorial board for the des moines register newspaper and hit with harsh criticism saying he wouldn't comply with a subpoena as democrats decry the decision by trump administration officials to do exactly the same thing during the house impeachment inquiry. moments ago in eastern iowa, tipton, iowa, biden appeared to change his stance. >> the whole point of this is, anyone subpoenaed related to this investigation with the president has be able to have some knowledge to shed on whether or not he committed the offenses he is accused of committing. i have no firsthand knowledge. there's no basis of it.
12:02 pm
i would honor whatever the congress, in fact, legitimately asked me to do. >> busy day this holiday weekend for many of the candidates. all this from biden comes at the tame time he and other democrats continue to squabbleal over high-donor dollars. right now biden is leading in the national polls, but mayor pete buttigieg has pulled well ahead in the latest polls in the hawkeye state of iowa. nbc news road war your joining me now from marshalltown, iowa north of des moines just at a mayor pete event and clearly get in and out quickly. already wrapping up. first, talk about biden, shaq. appears he's backtracking a little on his comments he made about dieifying that subpoena. why? >> reporter: you nobody, it's not clear exactly why, or there was criticism for it, but how this whole situation started is just not clear why he got into
12:03 pm
it in this type of way. let's start out with the fact this is a hypothetical situation that we're talking about. vice president biden has not been issued a subpoena in the impeachment process against president trump. we still don't know how that trial will happen in the senate and what that process will be, so when asked about whether or not he would comply with the subpoena which is a comment he addressed a little earlier in the month, he then went off with that comment and then had to backtrack. he tweeted about it this morning talking about the fact he doesn't believe there's a legal basis for that subpoena, but says he has complied with subpoenas throughout his whole entire career. this is not what the campaign would want to be talking about right now. they do want to talk about the voters just coming off the christmas break and into that crucial time. just about a month away from the iowa caucus. they want to be talking about the issues, not necessarily about president trump's impeachment. it goes to the point vice president biden was trying to make where he says that the, both the goal of the president is to shift the attention away
12:04 pm
from him on to the candidates and i think that's what he's getting stuck in right now. >> yeah, but you're at that pete buttigieg event, which just wrapped up within the last couple of minutes. i mentioned he is front-runner according to latest polls in iowa. you get a sense he's trying to capitalize on it, run out the clock or introducing had you ideas at these stunt speeches? >> reporter: hard to run out the clock this early. especially true when you talk to iowa voter who say, yeah, they may have a decision that they made right now, they have a preference for a candidate but are still open to other candidates. still coming to other candidates events to hear their pitches to voters. mayor pete, he just wrapped up campaigning up until about new year's eve, but one thing that tng we contis
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