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tv   MSNBC Live with Kendis Gibson  MSNBC  January 5, 2020 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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american leaders had in their possession would have come to the same conclusion. that is the secretary of state mike pompeo hitting five tv network this is morning with his message that military action was necessary in iraq. now welcome back. it's been a busy 24 hours as tensions between iran and the u.s. grow. thousands have been kill philling the streets in iran and one of many funeral processions for their top general. while in baghdad the iraqi parliament worked towards removing all foreign troops from that country including the big u.s. force in iraq. and president trump takes to twitter to threaten more attacks on iran saying the u.s. has targeted 52 potential sites. the same number of hostages iran took in 1979. we're covering all angles of the story from the middle east to
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the united states and there are several breaking news developments on all of this. ali is in tehran. we'll start with you. how much anti-american sentiment are you getting a sense of right now there in iran? >> reporter: there's a lot of anti-american sentiment here in iran. the killing has raised tensions here. it has accumulated a a sense of fierce, anger, retribution and fear in this country. and people are very upset. it's affected a large cross section of iranians. there were many iranians here who are not in favor of the regime in this country. but there was an underlying respect. they had credited him for keeping isis away from iran's bord
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borders and being a strong military man. so there is a lot of anger here from the u.s. we're seeing blowback. there are a lot of government officials coming out and they are making statements saying that retribution will be swift and hard against the united states. and another part of that fwl blowback is we're seeing iran is now pulling out of the commitments to the nuclear deal. iran says that it is no longer going to abide by restrictions on uranium enrichment, on centrifuge development. so tensions are very high here. and one other thing that struck a sore note amongst iranians was president trump's twet that he will target 52 sites. amongst them cultural sites. iranians took to social media
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almost immediately outraged that he would target cultural sites comparing that to the taliban blowing up the isis and destroying the city. so he's not winning any hearts and minds with those tweets. the sentiment is raw. it's emotional here. and we're going to see a lot more of it by tomorrow when the body comes to tehran for the final funeral procession, which is going to be led by the supreme leader of this country. >> and he will finally be laid to rest on tuesday of this week. really quickly, the foreign minister says that tehran will further roll back commitments to the 2015 nuclear deal. what can you tell us about that quickly? >> reporter: it's taken fifth
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and last step in reducing its commitments to the nuclear deal. this has been a very carefully calibrated process by iran in reducing its commitments. this is the last one now. they say that they are no long r r going to abide by restrictions on you auranium enrichment. they are no longer going to abide by restrictions on the number of centrifuges they have and the more advanced that they are going to run. and they are not going to abide by r&d restrictions. so this is quite a major step back from their commitments from the deal. and it's going to make it very hard for the europeans to carry on being part of this deal. they have been trying hard to salvage this deal. not to trau further back from this deal. otherwise they could impose snapback sanctions.
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those sanctions would be devastating for iran. it's suffering badly under u.s. they need to show they are strong, tough and develop their nuclear program and the thinking here in iran is if that's the image they portray, then they could possibly negotiate from a position of strength if those circumstances ever come about again. >> you get a sense we're in the midst of a tit for tat. it's a busy sunday. thank you. hans nichols, west palm beach where the president is scheduled to head back to d.c. in an hour. he did have a busy day despite
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going to the golf club. he spoke with britain's prime minister getting that read out. and france's emanuel macron. what more do you know about that? >> reporter: we have some breaking news here. a u.s. service member has been killed in that attack on the air force base in kenya as well as two contractors. so total of three americans have been killed in east africa. this is a result likely of an al shabaab attack. these different groups, al shabaab is a terrorist organization, very strong in somal somalia. they are linked with al qaeda. now al qaeda and isis aren't always on the same page, nor is the hezbollah, the group that the forces control. so you have three different groups. the one in east africa. a service member and two of them contractors.
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that base is where they do a lot of the counterterrorism operations for east africa. and there are a lot of u.s. forces all across africa. we have that attack with the four americans died two years ago. so let me just reset again. macron is basically celebrating and cheering and says there's a good idea the leader has been taken out of the frame. what he's concerned about is that this could have effects on the counterisis coalition. the u.s. troops in iraq as well as french troops in syria and other countries in iraq, that's a counterisis operation. and remember the forces worked not in tandem, but towards the same goal as the u.s. in trying to force out isis. so you have macron raising concerns about that. you have the british prime minister raising concerns about all this talk of retaliation and
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incriminations and urging both sides to remain calm a. then you have a new flare up from a different threat on the east coast of africa in kenya. so a lot for the presidential to di jessica. we'll try to get more updates from the white house on all of this for you. >> one more thing about that line of thought there this attack in east africa. you mentioned al shabaab is aligned with a al qaeda. has anybody been able to make any sort of connection in saying this attack that took place overnight is in retaliation at all ta to the u.s. mill stair trike that took place so many thousands of miles away in iraq? >> reporter: they would be unlikely. al shabaab is aligned with al qaeda and the iranian group is mostly shia. so when you look at the 9/11 commission, they question whether or not there was any coordination at all. we know there's been conflict between the two groups.
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because they have radically different views of islam. it comes down to the caliphate. so unlikely. that's not to say that there has been said al shabaab didn't see this as a target of opportunity. u.s. bases were on heightened alert. those bases are rely on local partners. but they have a fair amount of fire power. they have drones that are just a few mile was. so a a lo lot of fire power there as well. >> some 6,000 u.s. troops stationed in africa. most of them in west africa. just last week the president has said they it plan to remove a good chunk of them. hans nichols, thank you for the update. there's also breaking news on a different front. in western pennsylvania five people are dead and at least 60 have been hospitalized after a big pileup involving a tour bus, semitrucks and cars. gabe gutierrez joins us now with
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the latest on what he's learning. what do you know? >> just within the past few minutes, we heard from one of the hospitals treating some of these victims. as you mentioned, about 60 people rushed to the hospital. most of them have been released, but five people have lost their lives. we had not known the makeup of these victims. we now know according to the hospital that the victims range in age in 15 years old to 6 7 years old. let's take a listen from the news conference that just wrapped up a short time ago. >> we had students. we had a numb of adolescents, which really concerned us considering they were deaths a at the scene. and we had some family members. we had a a brother and sister, a mother and son, mother and daughter, so it really was a combination of different people that really kind of interested in supporting each other coming into this tragic scene.
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>> so the information that we're hearing from pennsylvania state police is this crash happened around 4:00 this morning in mount pleasant, pennsylvania. a rural area about 40 miles southeast of pittsburgh. you look at the video and see a fedex truck among the vehicles that ended up in the pileup. what pennsylvania state police say happened and ntsb investigators are heading to the scene to try to figure out what caused this, but there was a tour bus that had left new york city late last night, was driving all the way to ohio. was coming down a steep grade or hill and ended up on an imbankment. you see the result of that. this involved the tour bus, three tractor trailers and another passenger vehicle. that area is still shut down. about 60 people rushed to the hospital. sadly, five people are dead. an investigation is underway,
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but authorities say that weather may have played a role here. >> remarkable to see those scene there is from western pennsylvania and understand why so many people were injured and died as a result of that. gabe gutierrez, thank you. questions as to why the trump administration chose to classify the notification about the airstrike that killed iran's top general. plus the 2020 candidates are weighing in on the tensions with iran. we're on the campaign trail. teh iran we're on the campaign trail. at now with boneless wings. only at applebee's.
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now formally notified congress about the airstrike that killed the top iranian general qasem soleimani. congress must be notified within 48 hours of the u.s. entering hos tulties. nancy pelosi is questioning why the administration made the entire notification classified. a former white house senior director and former state department senior adviser joins us now from d.c. i want to point out in part the statement from nancy pelosi. because she issued this statement and read in part, this classified war powers act no notification delivered to congress raises more questions than it answers. this document prompts serious and urgent questions about the timing, manner and justification of the administration's decision to engage in hostilities against iran. is she right?
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>> this tension between congress and the executive branch on who gets to decide when the united states engages in foreign hos t hostilities has been going on since 9/11. the challenge we have here is the technology we have particularly of drone strikes, which tend to happen in classified, covert circumstances, the laws have not caught up with accommodating for the technology and even the ethics have not caught up with accommodating for how we pursue acts of war overseas. the united states is engage d i counterterrorism operations in dozens of countries around the world. not all of them have risen to the level of public coordination. it's easy for the american public to ask as we see something so visible and so threatening as the attack in iran and the tit for tat, increasing engagement of why is this not a a broader conversation. why is congress not before engaged.
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>> i would siay it's not unusua at all. this president does not believe in coordinating with congress or his own senior adviser who is have taken so many unilateral actions, whether it be withdrawing from syria or any advisers or the intelligence agencies is. prior to that in a normally functioning administration, like the bush administration or the obama administration, which again, two very different approaches to foreign policy, but they still believed in a process of engaging all branches of the government including congress, the intelligence community and the diplomats. >> can congress do anything about this? >> certainly, nancy pelosi has come up with many ways of subverting the norms. the idea that you counter donald trump by norming more doesn't seem to work. she's been able to look at the rules of congress and work with
12:20 pm
those in thementy spaces. it will be interesting to see how she-and-a-ha navigates gett little more authority back for the article one of constitution chrks is congress. they are supposed to have the authority and ability to declare war, even though the president is commander-in-chief. >> got rid of one problem with impeachment. now a bunch of other problems and part of the job. thank you. a brand new poll out of new hampshire shows a statistical tie for first place. bernie sanders leads the way with 27%. he's followed by joe biden, elizabeth warren, pete buttigieg and klobuchar. they are the only five candidates for the january debate. joining me to break it down is josh letterman, live from manchester, new hampshire. you're currently following pete buttigieg's campaign. have they reacted to far to the
12:21 pm
polling? >> reporter: they haven't yet reacted to this new poll from cbs as he was campaign iing her today. but what buttigieg has said is he feels like the race here in iowa and in new hampshire b voters aren't going to make their final decisions until the last ten days or so. as we have been following pete around the state the last few days, we haven't seen a lot of minimizing of his crowds in enthuse yampl. he had 1100 people yesterday. his campaign says they think his message is particularly sailing given his military record. but as we dig deeper into the poll, it's clear bernie sanders in a leading position here. even though a lot of voters do say that they have yet to make up their minds. if you look at joe biden's support, 15% of his supporters say that they are firmly decided about how they are going to vote. much higher percent, half of sanders supporters here saying their vote is not going to
12:22 pm
change between now and the primary. the margin is of error about 5.3% on that new poll. but a lot could change in the final days of campaigning. >> the poll could trigger a little bit of trouble. liz sliz in third place. in the summer, we were talking and the number one issue for voters appear to be health care. then it was impeachment. now the new development, are they prioritizing iran? >> they sure are. it's interesting. a lot of times there's a disconnect between some of the issues we talk about, especially in washington and in the national political conversation and what voters are really concerned about on the ground. usually they are more concerned about the bread and butter issues. health care, climate change. we're really seeing this iran issue breakthrough.
12:23 pm
pete buttigieg got four questions about the trump strike on qasem soleimani and what comes next. it's something voters are considering as they think about what could happen next whether troops could be pulled into a prolonged conflict. >> john letterman, thank you. from new hampshire to iowa, where half a dozen candidates are campaigning across the state in hopes of a an impressive showing a at the iowa caucuses. mike is on double duty. he's following the campaigns of both elizabeth warren and joe biden. so mike, tell me what level of enthuse yampl you're seeing today for each of those campaigns. >> reporter: well, you can see it all around me. we're in the audience here with elizabeth warren set to take the stage here in davenport in the next half hour. with the iowa caucuses four
12:24 pm
weeks until tomorrow, the candidates are crisscrossing iowa. they are going county to county, city to city, and as elizabeth warren is doing, they are going door to door. knocking on individual doors in that town as she's trying to appeal to voters directly. this is what you see the campaigns doing as we get to this critical stretch of the campaign. they are still doing the big rallies on stage, but they are trying to lock in their support and motivate their volunteers and campaign stuff to keep their focus on the task ahead. and it's been interesting here. as i talked to voters, you do get the sense that foreign po policy is a much more important issue as they get closer with the developments happening overseas. i spoke with a supporter whose son is deployed currently. she said her son was leaving the gulf and she was concerned after the development this is week they were going to have to turn around and go back. so this is really a personal
12:25 pm
issue. but this is a dead heat in iowa. a three-way fie. elizabeth warren at 16% just behind the three of them. really a sense that anything can happen here still. the other thing i should mention in terms of my conversations with voters, especially at biden eve events. you would hear pete buttigieg is who else they are considering. amy klobuchar is having a real moment. she's from minnesota and making her strong play for the moderate lane in the primary. making an appeal as a prague gnattic senator to work across the aisle. with the debate here next week, make sure it's a five-person debate. no one else getting in. really an important opportunity for voters to try to seal the deal or win some of their new voters over to their side. >> really could get interesting. and very critical for all those
12:26 pm
candidates. protest etc. agains gets the un, but all throughout the middle east this weekend. including lebanon. the leaders of hezbollah leading the demonstration against the mu military action. plus a full congress returns to washington with a full plate of issues ahead. ss returns to washington with a full plate of issues ahead. if you listen to the political debate in this country, it sounds like we have a failed society. but nothing could be further from the truth. americans are compassionate and hardworking. we aren't failing. our politicians are failing. that's why i'm running for president. to end the corporate takeover of the government. and give more power to the american people. that's how we'll win healthcare, fair wages, and clean air and water as a right. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message.
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tensions heightened in iran and iraq and nearby lebanon. thousands taking to the streets today. chris joins us from beirut with reaction. what are you hearing? what were the street scenes today in beirut? >> reporter: you'd be hard pressed to find anybody here who wants a war, but you'll find a lot of people who feel like war is inevitable at this pint. take what was going on during a fiery speech by hasan, the lead leader of hez la baa la. that's based here in lebanon. that's close to iran. and the'd leader of that group was good friends with soleimani.
12:31 pm
he used this to condemn trump for killing him and also to call out the u.s. military saying that they had blood on their hands and they were now under a greater threat. to get some reactions from people, we went to a cafe and spoke to this owner of the cafe and here's what he had to say. >> do they want war? >> everybody ready for war now. >> reporter: as you can hear, people are desperate here. and they feel like their back is up against the wall. this man said he doesn't want to go to war. he likes americans. even in the speech, his red rhett risk was not directed at american civilian, but only at the military.
12:32 pm
>> a very tense moment. chris, thank you. president trump tweeting actually just moments ago. he says, these media posts will serve as notification to the united states congress that should iran strike any u.s. person or target the united states will quickly and fully strike back at perhaps a disproportionate matter. such legal notice is not required, but given nonetheless. he just tweeted that. political comments from the "washington post." what is he try iing to say? >> in politics and international relations for a long time, new hampshire ri kissinger talked about the madman theory.
12:33 pm
he knows they are crazy, they may back off. donald trump is practicing that, to some extent. even we don't know whether it's an act he's putting on or whether he's actually behaving in a crazy manner. so they were talking about attacking iran's cultural ass s assets. today he's talking about even as the secretary of state is calling for restraint, he's talking about responding in a disproportionate manner. he's going out there saying i am fully prepared to escalate, contradicting even his own secretary of state. so he's clearly if there's any strategy behind it, he's conveying that he's willing to behave erratically and he is erratic. there is no strategy behind it. it's just whatever is pop iping into his brain. >> let me look at the tweet again. you get a sense by with these
12:34 pm
tweets and with military action, that would be in lieu of noti notifying congress, as you're supposed to. is that what he's saying? he's changing the rules and say ing we're in different times and congress should be happy with what we get from his tweter feed? >> it does appear as that the media posts he's referring to are his own. twitter did not exist when the war powers act game law. this doesn't satisfy the war powers act. i can't imagine republicans would be satisfied with this sort of thing. they expect to be notified in advance of this sort of strike. certain ly if there's going to e ongoing hostilities, indeed the escalations that the president is talking about, congress needs to be briefed more thoroughltho.
12:35 pm
i can't imagine somebody like mitch mcconnell, who has defended trump every step of the way, would stand for this sort of thing. >> let's talk about the timing of this. elizabeth warren was on "meet the press" earlier. here's the sound byte. >> i think the question people reasonably ask is next week donald trump faces the start, potentially, of an impeachment trial. why now? i think people are starting to ask why now did he do this? why not delay? why this one is so dangerous is that he is true usually taking us right to the edge of war. >> really quick here. is that a valid question that many people are posing. >> it's a fair question. republicans asked it when clinton struck iraq in the middle of impeachment in 1998. i think it may be giving the president too much credit to suggest there's a wag the dog strategy here. there may be no strategy here.
12:36 pm
this may be something that was conceived up in an instant without any thought given as to what the ramifications are going to be and we're all going to be dealing with those now, regardless of when republicans decide to bringup the impeachment trial in the senate. >> dana milbank, thank you. i appreciate it. the impact the american strikes are having is on the middle east and what it will have on you and me. oil prices already spiking in the early hours following the dilling of iran's top general. our expert tells us what this will mean for gas prices. how residents in one california town are getting free cash from the government as part of a ground breaking effort to fight income inequality. rt of a ground breaking effort to fight income inequality. talk to your doctor, and call 844-234-2424.
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in just a few hours, the asian markets will open. it's unclear what kind of fallout we will see from the violence and the threats between the united states and iran. initially, the airstrike that killed the top general caused markets to slip up friday and tensions have only escalated over the weekend. joining many now is the columnist with yahoo! finance. you follow this area closely and follow the oil markets closely as well. in the immediate aftermath, we saw like a 4% drop in oil
12:41 pm
prices. >> spike, 4% spike. >> what can we expect? >> two things. that 4% spike, it's not because there was actually shortage of oil. that's the so-called fear premium. traders are worried that could be problems in the market in the future. so prices went up a little bit. but they only went up to $64. that's square in the normal range what we're seeing for the last four years. if they stay there, it's really not going to hurt anybody. so the next question is will iran do something that actually affects the supply of oil. and that could be a number of things. that could be attacking oil inf infrastructure. they think they have shots at pipelines and other facilities in saudi arabia. they could get more extreme than that and start trying to blow up oil tankers and the big one would be to blow up the strait of hormuz.
12:42 pm
the thing is i don't think iran can really get away with doing any of those things because if they mount an over attack on any of the world's oil infrastructure, it's just going to make a case for going after them. >> it's going to impact them in the meantime. it's an oil-producing country as well. could any of this actually impact us as americans? there's been some oil-producing company in the world. would it impact us? >> it could push gas prices up a little bit barring some major outbreak of hostilities. we have weaknesses in the economy. the trade war is hurting the manufacturing sector. we're not facing a recession. when a few smaller things combine. if we see elevated oil prices
12:43 pm
for a period of time, along with just the effect this might have on business confidence, companies worry a little more than they might otherwise be investing or spending as much. it could cut into the u.s. economy at the margins. i don't think we'll see a spike in gas prices unless there's bombs blowing up and oil facilities blowing up. >> the asian markets open in a few hours. where do you see oil prices going tomorrow? >> they might stay around the statement or go a little higher. we're seeing a little more instability since markets closed on friday. we have now had iran saying they are going to withdraw from the nuclear agreement kmeetly. iraq said we want u.s. forces out of here. so the region looks less stable today than it did two days ago. that's probably going to be the case and how it's going to develop for some time. >> all of that just in the last few hours. >> this is the unpredictability, which markets don't like.
12:44 pm
>> thank you. appreciate it. the idea of universal basic income may be new to the presidential campaign trail, but one city is a full year into their ground breaking experiment. the city is giving out free cash to some residents and the results are surprising. here's sam brown. >> reporter: in california central valley, stockton has seen its share of financial problems but now bouncing back. the city's embrace iing a radic new plan that could transform lives. the mayor is the architect. >> is stockton a good representation of what cities look like? >> absolutely. it's a good representation. 23% of our population lives in poverty. >> for 125 families, a monumental change in fortune. in february stockton kick sta started seed funded with private money the city sends $500 on debit cards new york city strings attached it to random
12:45 pm
recipients chosen from neighborhoods where the median income is $46,000 a year. they are betting people like laura plumber will spend biwise. nearly a a year into it, she says the program has already baring fruit. >> what does an extra your 500 a month mean to you? >> it means a lot. before seed came along, i was paying a lot of bills and didn't know how i was going to eat. >> the grandmother lives on a fixed income of $1500 a month. hosting a family dinner was tough. >> i had to ask the kids to put money in. i was so embarrassed. >> can you do that now that you have this money? >> yeah, we have had a couple real nice dinners since this got started. they love it. >> reporter: laura is not alone. early results reveal 40% of seed money goes to the dinner table. a quarter to purchases at big box stores and the rest mainly on utilities, auto care and medical expenses.
12:46 pm
encouraging news, says the push for guaranteed income gains speed. >> $1,000 a month for every american adult. >> this vision for economic equality -- >> it seems to me is a guaranteed annual income. >> reporter: dates back to mlk. >> i learned about basic income from dr. king. >> reporter: how the money could be used. but in stockton the seed director say seethes upside. >> if we're able to give people an income of $500 a mother able to take more risks. they are able to get new jobs they want. >> reporter: some have already found full-time work. others -- >> it's like being able to breathe. >> reporter: a renewed sense of cig diggs anity. they are hoping it takes root elsewhere giving families the fertile ground they need to thrive. sam brock, nbc news,stockton. >> that's an interesting content. next, the bad, good, bad is and ugly from the first week of
12:47 pm
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before we move on, it's time to dissect the week that was.
12:51 pm
it's the good, the bad, the ugly. joining me this week are two veterans. welcome to both of you have. thank you for being here. let's start with the good. >> it's sort of a twisted good, but i think it's ultimately good that dr. phil is getting rid of a a cursed house. he's selling what appears to be the result of an enchant trous that he had on the show. picture "beauty and the beast" with guns. that's what this house was. he's getting rid of it. he's selling it. either he or his son will no longer have it. so good news. we're moving into a brand new future. >> look at the guns on the wall. >> dr. phil had a lot of enemies i guess.
12:52 pm
>> pete, your good of this week. >> unfit fathers, and my good is that there's a lot more fit fathers. there's new research saying that this generation of dads is able to spend a lot more time and interested in spending more time with their kids. there was an interesting statistic. 43% in 1982 admitted to changing a diaper. now it's 3%. and i talk about this on my podcast. i talk about how involved i am. t much easier and n this generation of dads is really into dadding. >> it's not physically fit dad. >> hopefully physically fit as well. because that's an important part. but psychologically, gender roles have changed. more policies lend themselves to get paternity leave. it's amazing.
12:53 pm
just look around. dads want to spend time with their kids. >> i was talking with a couple last night. and the husband whose wife was sighing his horror is when his wife within the away for business and he had to take care of his black kids' hair on picture day. it created a whole new problem. >> he's a dedicated dad. >> let's talk about your bad. it has to do with the famous poet. >> it does. i think it's bad in the sense that all the people are are like at least there won't be sblelkt yule property to make a horrifying movie use iing cgi hybrids. until they released his love letters to emily hail. and his rebuttal let tore the love letters. i never had actual relations with that woman. claimed that scholar calls complicated.
12:54 pm
i hope flst a movie soon. >> yourself is adherence to the rules. >> a men noose from the uk. a 92-year-old woman was carded. her grandson sent her liquor in the mail. and the amazon guy could not give it to her because she didn't have i.d. the woman lived through the blitz. and she's 92 years old. and the the amazon guy said, you don't have i.d. you can't have the liquor. it's unbelievable. she might not be this tomorrow. she's got to get her liquor. >> younger than 30, they i.d. >> she's 92. >> what was your ugly? >> my ugly, i have to say
12:55 pm
there's this epidemic with all the people who made things i love. they wake up one morning, people need to hear me weigh in on a controversial issue on which i know nothing. this week it was not only meat loaf on gretta thunberg, but now people went from not going to see the man just because they weren't going to see him, not going to see him for principles reasons because they are upset. it's a silly thing. >> it's amazing where they are. all white men giving their opinions. come on. my ugly is australia. 12 million acres have been burned. firefighters working in 1 160-degree heat. we're seeing species of animals go extinct. my best friend is a sing isser and host of their "today" show. i talk to him every day. the entire country is on gifire.
12:56 pm
it's terrifying. really sad. and what we should be doing is helping those people. >> thank you, guys. happy new year. we'll be right become. , guys happy new year we'll be right become. when it comes to using data, everyone is different.
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eastern time. f you can follow me on twitter and instagram. the news continues now with richard loui. >> at 6:00 a.m. your name is going to look big. a big reason for folks to get up. f. >> folks coming in from the bars. >> thank you, my friend. good afternoon to all of you. here in new york city, we're going to start with a a defiant new message that came in from president trump. moments ago this in the wake of the u.s. and iran showdown. a day after sending over notification to congress about the killing of iran general qasem soleimani there's no longer necessary for future actions. now this is the tweet. he says, these media posts will serve as notification to the united states congress that should iran strike my u.s. person or target, the united


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