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tv   MSNBC Live With Hallie Jackson  MSNBC  January 14, 2020 7:00am-8:00am PST

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that wraps up the here. now hallie jackson. >> right know, as we come on the air, multiple live events as democrats head full steam into battle. look at this. we are blanketing capitol hill. taking you inside the room as multiple sources in the last couple of minutes tell us speaker pelosi is revealing the timing of when she plans to send those articles of impeachment to the senate. >> do you think that you'll send the articles this week? >> i suspect so. >> i'll leave it to the speaker's judgment. >> she can't go wrong with who she appoints as managers. >> what else she's telling the democratic caucus and somebody in the room goes on the record with us in just a minute.
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somebody who could be an impeachment manager. and in that chamber, by the way, coming into session live we are watching some republicans going rogue. new reporting on the core four. the gop members showing they're open to witnesses in the upcoming trial. why it matters as we're live and we are live by the way on the ground in iowa where the democratic primary is getting real. real personal with the once private conversation now a public fight between two front-runners over a woman winning. all of it hours ahead of the last debate before the caucuses and one candidate on that stage joins us live from des moines. our team of reporters are all over this, all over the top stories of the day. they're all wearing their sneakers because they're running around including kasie hunt over on capitol hill. i know you just had a chance to interview i think another member of congress. take us inside the room of what you're hearing from the sources from lawmakers on what speaker pelosi had to say here. >> first of all, hallie, i
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almost always wear sneakers up here. that's kind of the deal we have going on capitol hill at the moment. certainly always flats. and, you know t reason is this is an incredibly fast moving story. one thing we learned from the members coming out of the room is that house speaker nancy pelosi is not doing to name the managers today of this impeachment process over in the senate. that is something we were watching for her to do as she consulted with her members behind closed doors because we know it's expected and she informed the caucus that the plan is to vote tomorrow to send those articles over to the senate. a prerequisite for that is telling them, okay, these are going to be our prosecutors. they have to select the slate of people to go over and make this argument for impeachment on the floor of the senate. we have some sense of who some of the people might be. widely expected that adam schiff, the chairman of the intelligence committee, a big player in the process. very close confidant of nancy pelosi expected to play a critical role here.
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jerry nadler who you saw in the open, he's of course the chairman of the judiciary committee and played a key role and expected to to so in the senate. there are questions about who will round out the team. under clinton there were 13 managers. you may remember when lindsey graham first made a particularly sharp impression on the american public as essentially a leader among those managers. so it's a very high profile assignment. it is one that, you know, the speaker has been talking about what this delay has accomplished for her and why she wants to know what the rules will be in the senate. it's a big part of her thinking as she tries to select who these people are going to be. that's what's happening so far this morning here on the hill. hallie? >> kasie hunt, thank you much. we are now going to the democrat who is actually in the closed door caucus meeting. congressman krishnamoorthi. congressman, thanks for being on the show on a morning when there's plenty to discuss. good morning to you.
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congressman, take us inside the room. is it accurate that house speaker pelosi is not naming impeachment managers today? >> that's largely accurate. i didn't hear any information about that particular issue. >> when is she going to send the articles of impeachment to the senate? >> i think she'll make an announcement soon about officially when that is going to happen. but as she said publicly before it will be very soon. i'm going to let her make that announcement. >> sure. but very soon, congressman, could mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. right? our reporting indicates perhaps tomorrow. is that your understanding or are you comfortable with that. >> i'm comfortable it will be in the coming days. i did not hear a specific time but i believe she's going to make an announcement along with steny hoyer on that. >> was there disagreement over the timing and how she's handled that? confrontations, et cetera, with the house speaker? >> no, absolutely not.
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people were united. they were resolute in the notion that the articles once transmitted to the senate need to be heard and there needs to be a fair trial. that means witnesses and additional documents. there has not been an impeachment trial before that has gone to completion without additional documents and without witness testimony. so that's why it's so important that in this particular case we have the same. >> i know -- you have been on the show before, congressman. you have been reluctant to about about you being a house impeachment manager because you wanted speaker pelosi to make that announcement herself. i find it hard to believe she will name you an impeachment manager and she hasn't said anything about it.
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are you on the short list to take that position and we'll hear about it in the next 24 hours? >> i can say with 100% certainty i have zero information about that particular question right now. >> have you been preparing, are you ready to take on this role, possibly as early as next week if that's when arguments start? >> you know, i was honored to be part of the impeachment inquiry. we did a lot of preparation work as part of that and we have reviewed documents since then as well as your good reporting and reporting in the press. what's very interesting, a lot of information has come out since the impeachment inquiry and i believe that that information is probative. it's very important in considering with regard to the trial as well. in addition as you know, john bolton said he would testify if subpoenaed in the senate. i hope he does testify and that the senate does subpoena him. >> just to be crystal clear, then i want to get you on something else. the suggestion appears to be from other sources that we have talked to who were in the room that the house speaker can send
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the articles as early as tomorrow. is that or is that not what you also heard? >> i didn't hear the exact timing. but what i did hear is it's coming soon, potentially in the coming days. >> i'm being told that one of your colleagues on the record is saying that he expects adam schiff and jerry nadler to lead the house impeachment manager team that's coming in in the last 30 seconds. is that something you support and are those two individuals who you could work with if you're also named? >> gosh, they're fabulous leaders and i served under schiff and the intelligence committee. one of the most outstanding members of congress. i don't have any further information about who's leading the impeachment trial or the managers but he's certainly -- he and jerry nadler are excellent candidates. >> given your a assignment on the intel committee new
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reporting that the russian spies hacked burisma which is at the center of the impeachment discussion around president trump. what do you make of that reporting and does it concern you? >> it's very concerning. it's 2016 all over again. this time, the russians are directing phishing emails toward burisma with perhaps an intent to again favor donald trump over whoever his rivals are. in this case, potentially joe biden. this is what we talked about in the mueller report and now we're seeing it happen again. i hope that we do everything we can to keep all of that out of our elections and that's why it's so important for instance that we continue with this impeachment trial in a fair manner because at the end of the day it's about election interference. this time by ukraine or trying to -- donald trump getting ukraine to interfere but he might be inviting the russians to do so as well. >> congressman krishnamoorthi, i
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appreciate you being on with us and i hope you come back when we do know who the house impeachment managers are. we should note that house republican leadership you're looking live there at kevin mccarthy. so far much of the discussion has revolved around iran. if there's news on the impeachment we'll bring it live. we want to back to kasie hunt on the hill. i wanted to live with you for a moment in this. because the news is developing at a rapid clip and what else you're hearing and what you also heard from congressman murphy. >> sure. i spoke with debbie dingell who is a close confidant of nancy pelosi. all are being careful to defer to her and how she wants to roll out this process. >> sure. >> they're saying she's essentially waiting as long as possible because she does want
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to know as we were talking about what the terrain is in the senate. however, there was also an acknowledgment that they don't think the terrain is going to change that much. that mitch mcconnell has clearly shown he's not going to give an inch while they kind of proceed with this process. but they were pretty definitive in saying okay look, they're scheduling floor time tomorrow to hold a vote that will transmit the articles of impeachment over to the senate. so it seems that after this couple of weeks of waiting and wondering just exactly what pelosi was going to do we at least have a road map here for the next 24 hours. hallie? >> nbc's kasie hunt, live for us, thank you. so we'll come back and talk more about impeachment later on in the show because as you can see, this is developing on multiple fronts and for democrats, not just on capitol hill and with republicans this morning. but also intraparty fighting,
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head what might be the most consequential debate light now. people who say they're long time friends. elizabeth warren and bernie sanders and a he said/she said showdown in a private meeting in 2018. i want to get to our road warriors in des moines. ali vitality and shaq brewster. ali, elizabeth warren is confirming this explosive reporting that that bernie sanders essentially told her in so many way -- words that a woman can't win a presidency. something that sanders denies. >> yeah. let's just start with the statement that you talked about. i mean, i have your team in the control room pull it up because she says among the topics they discussed in the 2018 meeting which we already knew about, but now we're getting the the substance, what would happen if the democrats nominate a female
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candidate. bernie and i have far more in common than the differences in punditry. and it's clearly the warren campaign trying to de-escalate this headed to the debate stage but she put out a statement. it puts this into new territory. it came out late last night and talking to warren allies they felt their hand was forced when bernie sanders's campaign manager said he thought that we needed to hear from elizabeth warren on this. so clearly the warren team feeling like they wanted to de-escalate in this stay. look, progressives look at the debate stage in the past it's two progressive champions, fighting back against the more moderate options on the stage. what tomorrow was supposed to have been was bernie sanders has been channeling on the campaign trail he was ready to go after joe biden and now there's some tension between him and elizabeth warren. that's not what progressives want to see. not what the two campaigns want to see and not territory i thought we'd be in three weeks
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out from caw cause day. >> shaq, how is bernie sanders' campaign going to handle this? >> will, hallie, there's been a shift in tone from the sanders campaign since we heard from elizabeth warren, herself in the statement last night. you remember initially sanders had the forceful denial, to say it was ludicrous that he believed a woman could win this election, and he called it a total fabrication and he called on senator warren to come out for herself and deny and these accusations. well, she did, the problem was it was contradicting what we heard from the sanders campaign. listen to what his senior adviser jeff weaver said on another cable network last night after that statement from elizabeth warren. >> i think the wires are crossed. i think there was a discussion about trump, misogyny, sexism in politics and the difficulty of running in the era of trump for
7:14 am
women. the special challenges that women face in the era of trump, but you know those conversations can get misconstrued. >> so here's some de-escalation there. it remains to be seen if it's a topic on the debate stage and they want to take it to biden over the iraq war vote in light of the escalating tensions with iran. >> thank you both. we'll have more on that later in the show. and we stay live on capitol hill. new comments coming in now from mitch mcconnell as he gears up for the impeachment trial. we have that for you and plus, then there were six. six democrats whittled down to half a dozen on stage tonight. one of those candidates joins me live coming up. and why would the russians hack the ukrainian gas company at the center of the impeachment inquiry? the kremlin may be at it again. n as a doctor, i agree with cdc guidance. i recommend topical pain relievers first...
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we are back live from washington. following the fast moving time line involving no joke by the minute on impeachment. sources are telling our nbc news team on capitol hill that pelosi is setting up a vote possibly tomorrow to kick it over to the senate. that's what you're seeing on the other side of the screen. i want you to listen to what mitch mcconnell i had just now on the floor. >> does anyone really think that
7:19 am
the democrats truly believe that the president of the united states was imperilling our country they would have aban donned the search for evidence because they didn't want to make time for due process? that they would have pulled the plug on the investigation just because it sounded good to finish by christmas? >> so mitch mcconnell reacting there. we heard kevin mccarthy in his news conference react tong the republicans side. plenty of democratic discussion this morning as well and all happening at the same time. you heard the other story, those new questions this morni about whether russia is at it again and trying to mess with our presidential election that's after new reporting confirmed by nbc news that russian government spies hacked burisma. remember, that's the ukrainian energy company at the center of the impeachment trial. this is a phishing campaign that started in early november as the house was holding the impeachment hearings we are talking about. at that time, hackers were
7:20 am
trying to trick employees into giving up user names and passwords and the same indicted by the justice department for what they did in 2016 with hillary clinton campaign manager john podesta and the dnc. >> they appear as if the reporting is correct to be in the midst of another hacking and potentially another dumping operation designed to influence another election in donald trump's favor. >> and that is why you're hearing from some democrats including congressman murphy a moment ago. it's so important to continue with the impeachment proceedings. i want to bring in national political reporter josh letterman. talk about what the hackers may have been able to get and what they were looking for. >> we don't know what they were able to get, but if past is prologue, they may have been looking for damaging information about joe biden and his son, hunter biden, that could be used in the political campaign.
7:21 am
also, likely that russia was trying to send a signal, you're not safe in america, we hacked you in the past and we can do it again. hallie, i went to the headquarters of burisma in kiev when we were reporting there late last year to check it out. no signs of physical security at that very low key facility and judging from the fact that this hack was successful, apparently their cyber security defenses may not have been that much more robust. >> congressman schiff told rachel maddow he's not thrilled he heard about this from the media. if the intel community knew about this, he should have known about it by now. is there any indication that the u.s. has had advanced notice or this is circulating within the national security world? >> no indication of that yet. we can make a likely assumption if a private company was able to detect this, it is likely that the u.s. with the very intensive abilities in cyber security would have been able to pick up
7:22 am
some of this but so far, we do not have evidence of that and crickets from the white house, from the intelligence community as far as providing a response. >> part of the reaction from the biden campaign, now we know that vladimir putin also sees joe biden as a threat. how do you see this playing out politically? >> well, it's certainly going to be expecting joe biden and the other candidates to get asked about tonight but the message that joe biden seems to be trying to send there is a political one. saying essentially that he could be the most viable threat to president donald trump as indicated by the fact that the russians seem to be focused on trying to damage him politically. >> josh lederman, in washington, great reporting, thank you for being with us. we're following that story and we're back on capitol hill over on the senate side this time where at least four senate republicans are breaking from leadership. why? they're open to calling witnesses during the impeachment
7:23 am
trial. might there be more than four? we're talking with wisconsin senator tammy baldwin about that coming up in a minute. there she is. a live look also at the hill where the house foreign affairs hearing is holding a hearing on the iran strike and one person you won't see that, secretary of state pompeo who declined the invite to appear. he's out in california for a three-day trip meeting foreign leaders and tech company leaders. as democrats continue to criticize the white house for shifty narratives on the white house and they're considering a subpoena now to force pompeo to appear. ering a subpoena now to force pompeo to appear
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we are back live in washington over on capitol hill where as you have seen this morning, things are developing really fast. house democrats are now talking right out of their closed door all member caucus meeting apparently on the verge now, tomorrow, of sending those impeachment articles over to the senate. that is what we're now hearing on the record from multiple lawmakers. you can see some of them at their democratic leadership news conference happening live right now. i want to go right to nbc's garrett haake on capitol hill. i know there's been a lot even just during the commercial break that we just took. can you talk us through what you're hearing from lawmakers
7:28 am
definitively on timing here. >> that's right. so democratic lawmakers are trying to set ina floor vote tomorrow. to move the articles over the senate and they're voting on naming the impeachment managers. that's the vehicle the legislative vehicle by which this happens. they're trying to get this set up for tomorrow and that means officially the senate has to take this up on thursday. now that doesn't mean we'll see anything that looks to you and i like a trial on thursday. it just means that they have to start the process. the very next legislative day when they're in session. what we don't know yet this morning is who those impeachment managers will be. we know that speaker pelosi told her caucus this morning they're ready move forward. by the time they vote tomorrow that the managers' names will be in the resolution, but even those managers have not yet been told who they will be. that said, there is pretty widespread agreement on who at least two of them will be. and some of this is coming from congressman peter welch on the
7:29 am
intel committee. and here's what he told me about the possibility of managers. >> there's a number of members who would be fully qualified to do it. obviously our leaders will be schiff and nadler. i mean, there's been 2340 -- no statement by speaker pelosi as to who the managers will be but i think that people need folks like adam and like jerry. >> and to that end, i'm told that chairman schiff even presented inside this closed door meeting about what the trial would look like in the senate. that says to me that despite perhaps not being publicly name he's working ahead on the next steps of the process. beyond that this is speaker pelosi acting like a manager of the baseball team trying to select the best people she can for the job that they now know they have to do which means they don't know yet if they'll be questioning witnesses. they need members who can convince the senate they need witnesses. perhaps more than they need members who can question the witnesses effectively. she has to get the right amount of lefties, get the right amount of pitchers and second baseman.
7:30 am
put the team together that she thinks will be the most effective. so far up to this point she's kept incredibly close counsel on that process. this is a big job for members of congress. you would expect there to be leaks and so for she's run a tight ship on it. >> msnbc's garrett haake, thank you much for that reporting. come back if you get anything else. in the meantime, i want to head over the other chamber with tammy baldwin, a member of the appropriations committee. thank you for being with us. >> thank you. >> i think you heard my colleague's reporting from garrett haake, it is possible in the senate can get the articles of impeachment and have to take them up as early as thursday. have you heard anything from your leadership about that timing and are you ready for it? >> certainly, everything i have heard from our leadership discussions confirm that timing. we are expecting on thursday to likely convene in the afternoon
7:31 am
as up is custom for an impeachment trial and go through the formalities. there are a number of things you do at the beginning of an impeachment trial. you receive the managers, the chief justice joins us. he is sworn in by the president pro tem of the senate. the managers are sworn in and then the senators take a special oath, similar to an oath that a juror will take to do impartial justice. we expect a lot of those formalities to begin on thursday. but probably the main opening arguments will begin the following week after the martin luther king jr. holiday. >> and those opening arguments are more traditionally what i think people expect when they think of a jury trial. the prosecution and the defense. my day job is covering the white house for nbc news and i have been reporting on the president's defense team. it is likely pat sip aloeny and
7:32 am
jay sekulow. do you think the house will be able to effectively mount a prosecution against that team? >> well, certainly i do. we have all watched the open hearings that we're able -- that were able to occur in the house impeachment inquiry but we are still pressing for documentary evidence and witnesses with first hand knowledge of what happened. as you know, the democrats have called for four particular witnesses who all have direct knowledge of the phone call that occurred between the president and the president of the ukraine in which he used the power of his office to his personal and political benefit, withholding congressly approved aid for ukraine. we want people to testify at this hearing who can be cross examined and examined on those issues. i think that's critical. if you think of what people
7:33 am
think of a full and fair trial it usually involves witnesses who have direct knowledge and documents. >> so let's talk about that for a second because there's some interesting pieces here. there are four republicans that nbc news has identified who is open to that. you need four republicans to get on board. but senator rand paul is saying on this question, you guys essentially cannot have it both ways. he said you can't call for some and block others. if you're going to get a platform for democratic witnesses then the witnesses republicans want to see like hunter biden should have a platform as well. what is democrat's move if that happens? >> well, first of all, the idea for a trial is to have witnesses who have knowledge about the articles of impeachment that have been sent over or will be sent over from the house. it's abuse of power and it is obstruction of congress. hunter biden really has no bearing on those things but i would be absolutely open to any
7:34 am
presidential witness who has direct and first hand knowledge of the articles that are being -- he deserves to put on his defense. and if we hear that sort of responsible marshaling of witnesses, i'm sure everyone would be open to that. but, you know t idea of putting on a show that has nothing to do with the articles of impeachment, the allegations that he has abused the power of his office and obstructed congress in their investigation of that that would be silliness, frankly. >> very quickly before i let you go, i can't do it without talking about wisconsin here because president trump is headed there tonight. he's got a rally. >> yes. >> it's a state he won by 22,000 votes and his campaign sees it as critical to the re-election strategy going forward. how can you help those democrats
7:35 am
who didn't vote swing to the democratic side? >> the things that are on wisconsinites minds they watch the impeachment. they think something -- somebody did something wrong here. but they're thinking of issues that are closer to the home. they're thinking of health care. i think they recognize that this president has done everything he can to sabotage their availability of health care that will cover pre-existing conditions. he's in court trying to overturn the aca and i think his rally contrasted with the democratic presidential debate in iowa tonight will show that there couldn't be a bigger difference on that issue that is so close to home to the people i represent in wisconsin. >> it certainly will be a split screen moment. senator tammy baldwin, thank you. speaking of that debate the senator just mentioned we are headed back to iowa because we are hours away from it. the final one before the iowa caucuses and one of the six people on the stage, tom steyer
7:36 am
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tonight's democratic debate might go long way to make up minds ahead of next month's iowa caucuses because the latest poll there shows joe biden in the top spot. then bernie sanders. followed by pete buttigieg and elizabeth warren. they're all really close though. but here's almost the more interesting thing about this. only 43% of the people in here say they're firmly decided. there's a lot of room for movement and that may end up
7:40 am
benefiting somebody like our next guest. democratic hopeful tom steyer. he's one of six democrats who will be on the debate stage tonight. joining us live from what i know is going to end up being a packed room later on tonight. thank you for being with us. >> hallie, great to be with you. >> and there's a little bit of a studio delay but we'll work through that here. let's talk about the numbers, you're at 4% in the latest poll. i want to know how you plan to break through tonight when you know that some of the discussion will certainly be about the news that frankly is dominating the primary and that's the back and forth between senator warren and senator sanders. >> look, hallie, for me every one of these debates is a chance to get in front of the american people and say who i am and why i'm different from everybody else on that stage. and tonight will be a perfect example for me to bring my message of broken government, of
7:41 am
government that's been bought by corporations and that i'm the outsider who's willing to take on those corporations, who's been taking on those corporations and beating them and that i'm different from everyone else on the stage. i have a lot of momentum as a result of it. >> i want to follow-up on that and ask about something else. i don't want to belabor the sanders/warren thing. who do you believe in this? this is a he said/she said, do you believe believe bernie sanders or elizabeth warren? >> obviously hallie, i wasn't in the room but let me tell you this. a woman can win the presidency. hillary clinton got 3 million more votes than donald trump and all of the women can beat donald trump. >> this is likely to be in many ways a commander in chief test as well, right? that's what voters in part are looking for before they head to
7:42 am
the caucuses. you're up against several people who have more foreign policy experience than you do. what is your message of how you would be in that situation room moment when you're up against people who have been there and they have sort of the chops to be able to point to that? >> hallie, i have traveled around the world and worked and done business for decades. i have met with governments and big business people. i actually have done international business for a long, long time. and what really counts -- >> but -- wait. listen, there's a big businessman in the oval office now and democrats say that's not ideal. >> they might say that. but let me say this. what counts is judgment not experience. if you look at who had the best judgment over the past 20 years, it was a junior state senator from illinois who opposed the
7:43 am
iraq war when everybody in washington, d.c. was for it. if you look at what that experience has brought us over the past 20 years, it is two failed wars, the waste of american lives and the waste of american dollars and prestige pursuing something that didn't make sense. the question here is not who has the experience, who has the judgment to make the right decisions and i have been making decisions worldwide and working worldwide for decades. >> tonight's debate is going to look different. it is much smaller than the debates we have seen before. you're just one of six candidates whob will on the stage. every candidate on that stage now that senator booker has dropped out will be white as well. booker spoke with our rachel maddow about this and i want to play what he had to say about diversity. >> diversity is critically important and a perception of fairness. i remember when kamala dropped out, women in my life were telling me how much they felt offended that someone with such a record that she had couldn't
7:44 am
make it to iowa because at the end of the day she ran out of money. >> do you believe that is the implicit message here it is about about money over messages when you have billionaires like you and bloomberg in this race? >> well, let me say this, hallie. the day after senator harris dropped out, i wrote an open letter to the democratic national committee and said i believe they should change the criteria for getting on to the debate stage to make it more open, to make sure we had a more diverse group of candidates. i think that is important, it's critically important for the democratic party to reflect the people of the united states and people who vote democratic. so i asked for it. obviously, the democratic national committee didn't do what i asked them to do. but i agree with senator booker that in fact it is critical to have a diverse group of people representing us. >> before i let you go, i want to get you quickly here.
7:45 am
mike bloomberg who is spending a of money in this race has directed his staff, to direct that money muscle all the way through the general election even if he is not the nominee. right now, will you make that same commitment? >> hallie, as you know, i started one of the largest grass roots organizations in the united states next gen america. in 2018 they did the largest youth voter mobilization in history and next gen is going door to door -- we're doing all of that. we're doing all of that and will continue to do all of that. we're doing it right now and we'll do it through the convention and through the election. of course we will. i am 100% all in on this. and whether i'm the candidate or not it goes on and it will not stop you're asking i'm telling you. >> thank you. i appreciate you joining us on the eve or the morning i should
7:46 am
say of this debate. thank you. i want to bring in now two veterans of presidential campaigns. adrienne elrod, also an msnbc contributor. boy, where today as you heard from that conversation from tom steyer. >> that's going to be a very interesting debate tonight. over the last couple of days we have seen a lot of attacks from the candidates and then a lot of news. i think this will be a highly anticipated debate where people are really trying to determine what actually happened in this event. >> talking about the warren/sanders -- >> yeah. and people are looking at how joe biden responds. >> listen, i think there are some viewers who do we don't want to hear about the food fights or the mud slinging. it's like just going to be a topic tonight. it is going to be a topic of
7:47 am
discussion and what you heard from tom steyer is how others will say it, i wasn't there. how are they threading this needle tonight? >> that's what's going to be fascinating when is this question going to come up? whether it's from one of the candidates or the moderates. but if i was advising them i would say, look, we have disagreements on this, this is not where bernie sanders wants to be. heo be on the defense because polls are showing him winning iowa or close to winning. this is not what he wants to be talking a about whether he believes a woman can beat trump for the white house. this is not where he wants to be and elizabeth warren is happy right now this getting out there which is probably why she put out that statement last night from her campaign which of course is allowing us to talk -- >> from her on the record saying we heard he said -- i said this and he disagreed. >> she wants the story to keep going. >> i want -- she was signaling
7:48 am
in her statement right now. they're friends and she wanted to move on. i mean, i think she was forced to do that statement really because her veracity was directly challenged by the campaign manager. one of the things that's -- that everyone should be aware of in this process is that a lot of democrats are very focused on beating donald trump and have, you know, sort of bad memories of a very divisive primary in 2016. senator warren referenced it was very factionlized and the thing you hear most from the democrats is who can -- you know, how do we get past this division so i think a very divisive debate tonight is not going to serve people. one of the reasons -- >> what about joe biden is it possible? how is this not going to maybe help somebody like joe biden who is not part of this sort of progressive candidate win, sort of back and forth? >> go ahead. >> well, i was going to say what i think is going to help joe biden tonight is the fact that
7:49 am
we have had a massive foreign policy crisis in our country in the last two weeks. joe biden likes to remind people i can pick up -- i'm the only one in this race that i can pick up the phone and call almost every foreign leader across the globe and have a real conversation and a constructive conversation with them. i think foreign policy will take center stage. i think that's good for joe biden. >> i think people should be mindful about being the attacker. >> mindful of don't do it? >> i think the challenge that people have to recognize and one of the things that's helped joe biden, people have attacked him have not done well. i think one of the reasons why that is true is because you remember 2016 as too divisive and not unifying enough to beat trump. >> thank you. coming up, much more from capitol hill including a new poll showing two-thirds of americans want john bolton to testify in the senate impeachment trial. what are the chances that it will actually happen? nces that t will actually happen hi, i'm jonathan, a manager here
7:50 am
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♪ looking to simplify your skin care routine without sacrificing results? try olay total effects. one dose provides more vitamin b3 than 50 cups of kale and improves 7 key areas of visibly healthy skin. try olay total effects. as has been the theme of the morning, we are following a lot of developments over on capitol hill, including this one -- speaker of the house nancy pelosi and intel chairman adam schiff apparently just now, just
7:53 am
in the last couple of minutes leaving that closed-door caucus meeting that ended 15 minut50 m ago. they met one on one for about an hour. nancy pelosi laying out a vote to send those articles of impeachment to the senate tomorrow. that's going to create -- >> if there's anyone who is game for this, it's not anyone running for senate press. senator sanders has a chance to win but not now that nancy pelosi has held these documents. >> interesting stuff from kevin mack car mccarthy. talk to me about what you saw. do we have any sense of what they discussed? i know we can probably make some
7:54 am
assumptions here, huh? >> reporter: we're working on reporting it out, hallie, but i think you can tell from just watching the two of them that they have been keeping this very closely held and schiff has really been pelosi's primary confidante thought this process. you can see pelosi leaving the meeting just a few minutes ago. while publicly they are very, very closely held, that are saying we're not going to name these managers and the people that we anticipate will end up on that list have been particularly and in some cases i will say atypically disinterested in speaking to cameras. some of these members are people we usually have no problem buttoning down in the hallways and getting sound bites from but everyone is really keeping everything close to the vest because you had seen what has happened to folks who have gotten out of line with nancy pelosi over the course of the last week or so. they have for the most part recanted their statements very quickly. this is obviously a very coveted
7:55 am
assignment for many of these members. it's very high profile. so i think you're going to see them announce it when she's ready but i do really think this is a pelosi shift, kind of affair generally speaking, and they're at the point where they know the lay of the land. >> kasie, thank you. let me bring in two experts, the form are chief of staff to nancy pelosi and senior adviser to joe manchin. our team listening to nancy pelosi said she was asked is tomorrow the day and the speaker sounded like she said, "yes, tomorrow is the day." you know this woman, you worked for her as her chief of staff for quite a while. take us inside and the strategy sounds like moving forward tomorrow and adam schiff. >> she's going to keep you guessing, that's what her strategy is. she's not going to make any announcement until she's ready to make the announcement. she has a very diverse and very involved caucus and she has to
7:56 am
walk them through every single step. and there are a lot of ideas about who should be the impeachment manager. as she talks to various parts of the caucus about who she believes are the right hours managers who are going to go and make the best case. right now leader mccome is dealing with are you going to have witnesses or not and you have four or five public senators discussing whether they want witnesses or not. if the articles were sent a month ago, we would not be having that discussion at all. >> you also, john, have these republican senators who might vote in favor of calling witnesses. they're on the record. we pulled up what susan collins is saying. senator romney says i presume i'll be voting in favor of hearing from john bolton.
7:57 am
if these gop are ready to bring in witnesses, doesn't it make it harder to bring in witnesses that will acquit donald trump? >> they can hem and haugh about -- >> you need 67 for a conviction. >> and they're not getting that. i think the debate with them is with their constituents. i think nancy pelosi was never negotiating with mitch mcconnell. she was negotiating with people in maine, alaska, utah, who made it uncomfortable for those members to come back home. if those members want votes on witnesses, they can walk into mitch mcconnell's office today and say we need votes on those witnesses. they'll get it. i'm sure he'll find a way to talk to the white house and say we have to do this. he want to please donald trump but he wants to be even more. >> when you look at the republicans, they're split much more sort of down the middle,
7:58 am
39% in favor, 35% opposed. how do you read that? >> if i was a republican, i wouldn't want anybody involved in this testifying. mick mulvaney, the chief of staff, somebody who should be well skilled at this was a disaster at his last press conference. i wouldn't want him testifying. mike pompeo has given four or five different stories about iran. i wouldn't want him up testifying if i was a republican. the second you open the door for john bolton, you open the door for others with firsthand knowled knowledge. >> nadeam, you also have the house managers, that is the vehicle by which this all moves forward now essentially. it is -- it's never safe to say anything unless we know it for sure but with adam schiff discussing with nancy pelosi one on one as we just heard this morning, presumably impeachment moving forward, peter welch suggesting he believes schiff will be among those leading the house managers. how is she managing that team
7:59 am
and putting them together right now, based on what you know about her and her leadership? >> sure. that's exactly right. look, in the conversation with chairman schiff doesn't really indicate anything, whether he's a manager or not. but i think it all about process at the moment. and usually the way things go is she would say these are the four, five, ten people we believe are the most able and she would make the phone calls and then they would all meet in her office. i think over the next 24 to 48 hours, maybe 24 hours, you'll be able to garner pretty quickly who is in the mix and who are going to be the managers. but right now the most important thing to remember is that leader mcconnell is dealing with a tainted trial because his inability to satisfy the president and his members and his senators at the time, at the moment, the longer this plays out the worse it is for him. >> thank you. we are out of showtime.
8:00 am
eye got to l i got to let you go and i appreciate all of you joining us for a very busy hour here on msnbc and tomorrow sounds like it's going to be even busier. >> and craig, i leave you with an ominous hour coming up. >> tonight section candidates wi -- six candidatesak stage before the iowa caucuses. and a real rift seems to have emerged between elizabeth warren and bernie sanders now. he says he told her that a woman can't win the white house. how that's likely going to play out on the debate stage. first we continue to follow that breaking news. in just the last hour speaker plos pelosi announcing the house will likely take its last vote on


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