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tv   The Rachel Maddow Show  MSNBC  January 15, 2020 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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the moments you've been waiting for, the end of my show, and "the rachel maddow show" begins. >> thanks a lot, my friend. \s last night on the evening of the impeachment articles being conveyed from the house to the senate for the start of the senate trial that will decide whether or not president trump is removed from office, last night the committees that conducted the impeachment investigation added a bonus round to the materials that they planned to convey to the senate. alongside the articles of impeachment, they added new evidence. these newly obtained documents and text messages from a man named lev parnas. lev parnas is a soviet-born, russian-speaking u.s. citizen who worked closely with president trump's personal lawyer rudy giuliani on the
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scheme in ukraine, for which the president has nobody you impeached. to pressure ukraine announcing investigation of joe biden, the concurrent use of military aid, a and visits with u.s. government officials, and other things the ukrainian government desperately wanted, basically's count kudgels. tonight the articles of impeachment have been walked over, actually basically right as that was happening, the impeachment committees in the house, simultaneously to this moment, released some additional phone records from mr. parnas, which have revealed yet further information about who was involved in this scheme and how it worked. well, today in new york city i met with lev parnas, and with his lawyer joseph bondi. tonight we're going to brent this exclusive interview. mr. parnas has never spoken in a
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televised interview. he's not spoken to reporters at all since his name surfaced in conjunction with a scandal and since he was arrested on october 9th, with a one-way ticket at dulles airport. he was charged with federal felony counts for funneling illegal contributions to republican candidates and campaigns. mr. parnas is under indictment, awaiting trial. he has pled not guilty. he agreed to speak with me today on the condition that his lawyer, joseph bondi, would be seated alongside him throughout the interview. that's a condition i agreed to. to be honest, because i agreed to that condition, i fully expected that it would be mr. bondi, the lawyer, who did most of the talking, but it did not work out that way. mr. parnas, as you see here, he is absolutely here to here, he is absolutely here t speak for himself, and is more than capable of doing so. he and his attorney have made
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clear in recent days and weeks that lev parnas does want to testify to the impeachment investigation. that said, i can't stress enough that he right now is out on bond awaiting trial in federal court on serious felony charges. so the decision for him to do this interview with me today is very unusual. people in that circumstance, in terms of federal felony charges, don't typically do media interviews, but they agreed to sit down with me today, and we did it. let's get right to it. i will tell you in advance, to set the stage, in this interview, you will hear lev parnas make some bombshell assertions about the involvement and knowledge of president trump and vice president mike pence in the ukraine scandal. he will make a specific allegation about the president's unique role in holding up the u.s. aid to ukraine as an additional lever of pressure against the ukrainian government. you will also hear fairly explicit allegations by mr.
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parnas about attorney general william barr. he also makes some allegations about several other members of the cabinet. we'll talk about some of those tonight, and we're saving some to talk about tomorrow so we can do some additional reporting around them. on top of all of that, as mr. parnas makes penalat the top of interview, he nose that in addition to all of the it evidence, he still has yet more to share. all right. here with go. mr. parnas, mr. bondi, thank you both for agrees to do this. i know this is a leap of trust to speak pushily. thanks to both of you for agrees to do it. >> thanks for having us here. >> thank you. let me ask you first lev, did you know these materials would be released publicly last night? it's landed with quite a splash. it's very provocative material.
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did you know it would be made public? >> no, i didn't. yes, it was an incredible day. it was a godsend with joe's help to get that in time. we didn't think we would make it. we stayed up to look 2:00 in the morning to send information. >> what was the deadline. >> the deadline was trying to say it tole intel cleanse committee. with the article goes the record s we had reason to believe certain pieces would be put into the public record. we just weren't sure when that would be, and we had no idea what it would be. >> in terms of what they have reat leasted publicly -- some was held back, but in terms of what we have seen publicly, does it all look authentic? does any of it seem doctored? in terms of what you handed over. >> yes. >> absolutely.
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>> are you still putting together more information to give to congress, or do you feel like the deadline has passed? >> we'll continue making productions, as we get materials from southern district and anything we can possibly find on our own, through the cloud or whatever it may be, we'll continue to produce things until we're told not to. >> mr. parnas, why do you want to testified? >> i want to get the truth out. i think it's important for the country. i think it's important for me. i think it's important for the world to know exactly what transpired, because there's a lot of things that are being said that are not accurate. i just want to make sure that they are accurate. things happened that need to get out, and i think the world needs to know. what do you think is the main inaccuracy or main lie that's being told that you feel like you can correct. >> that the president did know what was going on.
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president trump knew exactly what was going on. he was aware of all my movements. i wouldn't do anything without the consent of rudy giuliani or the president. i have no intent, no reason to speak to any of these officials. they have no reason to speak to me. why would presidents zelensky inner circle or minister -- or president poroshenko meet with me. who am i? they were told to meet with me. that's the secret they were trying to keep. i was on the ground doing their work. in terms of the president and what he has said about you, he said about you and from igor frumen, i don't know those gentlemen, no know what they do. you're saying that was not a true statement? >> he lied. when you say friends, me and him didn't eat hot dogs together.
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i interacted with him as a lot of events. we had one-on-one conversations at roundtables. basically i was -- forour five days out of the week i was in constant contact with him. i was with rudy when he would speak to the president, plenty of times. i mean, so it's just ludicroew >> how did you know rudy was on the phone with the president? was it on speakerphone? >> it would be sever times on speakerphone. he would start the conversation, take it off, and then go somewhere else to talk to him. a lot of times it was on the golf course when we were golfing together. i especially remember during the mueller time that rudy said
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something that was taking out of context and he was creaming at him so loud. that's when i watched the testimony, i could understand that you can't hear president trump talking to -- like i heard him several times when he was with rudy. >> because he speaks loudly on the phone? >> very loudly. when you say the president knew about your movements and what you were doing, are you saying specifically, and i want to drill down on that, that the president was aware you and mr. giuliani were working on this effort in ukraine to basically hurt joe biden's political career? he knew that? >> it was all about joe biden, hunter biden, and rudy had a personal thing with the manafort stuff, the black ledger. that was another thing they were looking into, but it was never about corruption. it was it strictly about burris ma, which included hunter biden and joe biden. strictly about joe biden,
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hunter biden. in terms of the involvement, mr. parnas went out to assert that not only was president trump aware of what he and mr. giuliani were doing on his behalf in ukraine, try to say gin up this investigation to hurt joe biden, mr. parnas says that the fact that he was working for president trump is a point that was made explicitly over and over again in a very formal way, in his dealings in his meetings in ukraine. your attorney told the federal court in new york that you were both rudy giuliani's clients and you were working for mr. giuliani in his capacity as personal attorney to the president. >> correct. >> which, by the way the transtiff property, makes it seem like ump working for the president as part of this legal defense. >> yes, absolutely. >> did anybody in the u.s. government or rudy giuliani
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actually conveyed to ukraine officials that you were there as a representative? >> absolutely. to each official, i put rudy on the phone with the minute terse several times. evan, yuri lutsenko test time, the teerng. first i said i'm here on behalf of rudy giuliani and the president of the united states. i would like for you to put on you speakerphone to confirm him. rudy confirmed basically that we were there on behalf of the president of the united states. >> that you were there to speak on behalf of president trump. >> yes, those exact records. when he weighing taking meetings to advance this scheme, taking meetings with various government officials in ukraine, he said it was a regular occurrence, the way the meetings started. he would put rudy giuliani on phone, on the speakerphone in the room, and he would say explicitly, mr. giuliani would
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say explicitly that as the president's personal attorney that they would affirm that lev parnas was at that meeting to speak on behalf of the president of the united states, donald trump. in may of last year, may of 2019, mr. giuliani started speaking with reporters about his plans to travel him very much to ukraine to try to enlist the ukrainian government's assistance to help to try to get them to announce investigations into vice president biden, because that would be very helpful to his client. the resulting firestorm of criticism, mr. giuliani's trip was called off in may. when he called off the trip, mr. giuliani made public statements criticizing the new government of ukraine, saying the new president was surrounded by enemies of the united states. for ukraine, that was a really big deal. all right? ukraine is at war with russia, a country very dependent on both
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of reality and perception of them having strong support from the united states government. so when mr. giuliani, as the president's personal attorney, made public claisms that the new ukrainian president was surrounded by enemies of the united states of america, and that's why he wasn't going, at that point the ukrainian government kind of freaked out. that kind 6 kind of administration for their new president in ukraine, that's a potential death sentence for their country. at the time that happened, lev parnas was in ukraine, he with us in kiev at the time, and he told me today he was tasked by rudy giuliani in that moment to crank up the pressure of ukraine, to might be more insists aren't, more often, even more onerous, this threat and demand that ukraine must announce investigations into joe biden or else. did you meet with the sergei
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shaffer? >> i did. he's a senior aide to president cenk uygur. it's been reported that you conveyed to mr. shaffer the exact quid pro quo, you wanted zelensky to announce investigations into biden or sells military aid would not be released. is that accurate? >> it was more than that. basically the message i gave sergei shaffer, i was told to give it to him in a harsh way. >> who told you that? >> mayor rudy giuliani told me after, you know meeting with the president at the white house, the message was it wasn't just military aid, it was all aid. basically their relationships would be sour, that we would stop giving them any kind of aid -- >> unless? >> -- unless -- there were several demands at that point. a, the most important was the
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announcement of the biden investigation. >> did you also convey to him that the u.s. government would stop showing support for mr. zelensky, that they wouldn't attend the inauguration? >> that was the biggest thing, actually, the main -- because at that time you have to understand the way ukraine is. for president zelensky winning on that platform, become a young president, not having really any experience and being at wart with russia at the time, the number one thing was not even aid, and i know it sounds crazy, but more support from the president, by having a white house visit, by having a big inauguration, by having the dignitaries there. that was the key. at that time they were already aware because of their conversations i had guess with the embassy that -- vice president pence was supposed to come to the inauguration. they were planning it out, working on days that would be good for him. at our meeting, i was very, very
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stern. it was a heated conversation from our part to him, basically telling him what needs to be done, i mean, basically me. in the conversation, i told him that if he doesn't -- the announcement was the key at that time because of the inauguration, that pence would not show up. nobody would show up to the inauguration. >> unless he announced an investigation into joe biden, no u.s. official, particularly vice president pence would not come. >> particularly vice president. >> the david -- >> it was a sunday the 12th. >> i believe it was the following day that in fact vice president pence's visit to the inauguration was canceled. >> it was after my phone call. the conversation i laid out was basically what i was told to do by giuliani and the president. afterwards i relayed back that he would get back to me later that night and we're supposed to
6:17 pm
meet. 8:00, 9:00 that night i said any word? any situation? and you can see when a person disconnects you. >> he blocked you? >> he blocked me. i understood that was a no. i called back and said no-go, and i remember rudy going, okay, they'll see. basically the next day pence, to my awareness trump called up and said make sure pence doesn't go there. >> you believe mr. pence's trip to the inauguration was canceled because they didn't agree -- >> i know. it was 100%. the chain of events, that was key to where we are today. after that, take a look at what transpires. next within the next couple days, they realize that now they get word. obviously when pence cans also, they get word. so now they realized what i was was coming was truss.
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>> now they realize that if they didn't investigation that vice president pence wouldn't come to the inauguration, they realize no fact pence canceled his inauguration, they knew i was legit. that's essential what he's saying. i love his line that rudy giuliani says, okay, they'll see. in fact, the vice president pence does cancel his trip to the inauguration within 24 hours. but for mr. parnas, that was a key moment for him in terms of being able to continue to work on this effort in ukraine with credibility, because mike pence cancelling his trip to the inauguration was a validating moment. it made clear to the government of ukraine at the highest level, a senior aide to the new president, this made it clear that lev parnas was legitimately representing the president of
6:19 pm
the united states and the white house in this shakedown. so vice president mike pence has his planned trip to the inauguration canceled after you were unable to get the ukrainian government to announce investigations into vice president biden. do you know if vice president pence was aware that was the quid pro quo, and in fact why his trip was going to be pull off. i'm going to use a quote by sondland -- everybody knew. >> everybody knew that was contingent on the investigations being announced? >> i know he we aren't to poland also to discuss this on trump's behave. he couldn't have not known. after the inauguration, september 1st, vice president pence goes to poland and takes a
6:20 pm
meeting with president zelensky of ukraine. one of the unusual revelations we've had since the impeachment investigations was a defense department e-mail that was made public through a freedom of information act lawyer, that defense department from the chief of stat to -- he tell someone else don't -- i'm paraphrasing -- this ukraine aid problem is going to all by sorted as soon as vice president pence meeks president zelensky in poland. >> do you understand why somebody in the secretary of defense's office might have believed that? >> it makes sense to me. what was transpiring is every time, like i said to you, at every meeting either giuliani or i would have, or somebody from the trump's government would have with the ukrainians, they would also agree that they were going to make some sort of --
6:21 pm
that they were on board, they'll make an announcement, and then they would walk it back. after certain instances president trump was supposed to meet zelensky in poland himself. but they he used the execution of the hurricane. it wasn't because of the hurricane. it was because he was angry that zelensky still didn't make any teem or effort to make any announcement. >> how do you know that wasn't an excuse. >> i spoke to rudy. we spoke about this every day. everything that was going on was between me, victoria, rudy, the team. >> so president trump is supposed to go, he decides not to go. >> he sends vice president instead. he's to go there and get it straightened out that zelensky was supposed to make another announcement. that didn't happen. that's when bolton, secretary bolton, went over there. i think he has a lot to say.
6:22 pm
i think he's a key witness to his conversation with zelensky, and when he came back and why he left, got fired, however you want to look at that. >> when vice president pen went over there september 1st, in president trump's stead, you have reason to believe that vice president pence was tasked at that meeting with getting president zelensky to announce investigation into joe biden specifically and tell them they wouldn't get the aid -- >> i don't know exactly, but like i said, the aid itself was something that i think the president decided to do -- what's it called? i think it was a reaction that there was no announcement being made after so many attempts and so many performs. >> holding the aid was the president's sort of innovation to add to the leverage -- >> i think so. add to the pressure that people like you, the vice
6:23 pm
president, mr. giuliani, everybody else involved was putting on ukraine. >> when you say mr. bolton may have something to say, did mr. bolton know that vice president pence was supposed to secure that agreement? >> i don't know exactly, but i know mr. bolton was definitely involved in the loop because of thes firing of maria yovanovitch. and he was not -- they started butting heads, and from bolton did not agree with giuliani on the way of dealing with it, so there was tension there. there was definitely tension there. >> but you believe he knows what the administration was pressuring ukraine to do? >> bolton? 100%. he knows what happened there. lev parnas in an exclusive
6:24 pm
interview with me today in new york city. we have contacted vice president pence's office tonight on this allegation that the visit to the zelensky inauguration walls canceled because ukrainian official wouldn't announce investigation into joe biden. also the allegations that vice president pence was tasked by getting that commitment in hi follow-up visit when he met with president zelensky in poland. we have asked for comment from mike pence's office on those matters. we have not heard back. we'll let you know in that changes. for hi part, john bolton said he would testify to the senate impeachment trial if subpoenaed to do so. he has made public remarks that he has relevant information about the impeachment investigation, he knows things other people don't know. in terms of the president and this allegations pror -- from
6:25 pm
mr. parnas that he gave exclusive -- that mr. giuliani explicitly told ukrainian officials, on the authority of the president of the united states, they should listen to mr. parnas, he was quiting the full theory of legal representation, that he was fully aware of and involved in all his efforts, we have asked the white house for comment on mr. parnas's remarks, we have not heard back. but next here comes the part about them going after ambassador maria yovanovitch. stay with us. ambassador maria yovanovitch stay with us best... to managing your fleet... to collaborating remotely with your teams.
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there were notes released to the intelligence committee that were not released publicly, and if you don't mind, i want to ask you about some of these. >> sure. >> were these notes that you took -- i'll show them to you here, obviously on ritz karl ton
6:30 pm
vien -- carlton, were this is notes from a phone conversation? >> this was a phone conversation i was having with mr. giuliani, basically discussing certain things. after that i would have had somebody from the zelensky team. >> you were from vienna at the time? >> correct. >> first note -- get zelensky to announce the biden case will be investigating. that's mr. giuliani tasking you? >> that was always the main objective. main objective, get them to announce they were investigating joe biden. that's mr. parnas speak to me today in new york city. one of the dark hearts of this is the virulent, skull lutz z scurrilous effort to fire maria
6:31 pm
yovanovitch. he also made crystal clear why she was targeted. >> do you believe that part of the motivation to get her out of post is she was in the way of this effort to get the government of ukraine to announce investigation of joe biden? >> that was the only motivation. there was no other motivation. if ambassador yovanovitch was targeted by lev parnas, rudy giuliani, president trump, others involved in this effort to get her out of post, to get her out of way of the bog gus joe biden investigation -- our public understanding of that campaign against her took a very dark turn last night, when information that lev parnas turned over to impeachment investigators revealed menacing text messages from a republican congressional candidate named robert hyde, who happened in these texts to be reporting in
6:32 pm
to lev parnas about surveillance of ambassador yovanovitch, asking lev if he wanted her out and if there was a contact in her security team. i asked parnas about that. he told me he did not take robert hyde seriously, either in general or the messages. he agreed the messages were disturbing, but he never believed mr. hyde's assertions about the purported surveillance nor did he believe that ambassador yovanovitch was actually in danger. >> who is robert hyde? >> he's a -- he's just -- i don't know how to explain him. >> i can bleep you if the need to swear. >> he's a weird character. he's a weird individual. >> you met him where? >> i think at the trump hotel.
6:33 pm
he was a regular at the bar. >> so we now have your text messages with mr. hyde that get into some dark territory when it comes to ambassador yovanovitch. >> yes. >> it seems that is sort of starts, at least what we've got you texting him that appears to be anti-yovanovitch -- >> robert hyde is somebody who would hang around, because he did know -- he didn't know the president, and he didn't know rudy giuliani, but they did know mccarthy, he knew roger stone, all they will -- because it was like a breeding ground at the trump hotel. every event was there, and everybody would hang out afterwards. so you would see the same people the same day. so he was a fixture on sight.
6:34 pm
he was always there, but he was always drunk. >> you struck up a relationship enough to be texting him. >> it was more of igor had more relation. he just couldn't speak with igor, because they were -- they were usually after we were done for the night, the bar scene was happening, and i don't drink, so they would hang out, have a drink at the bar. >> the text messages he sends are disturbing. >> very. >> what is the context of these text exchanges? he appears to be giving you specific information about the ambassador's movement, about her location, the security situation, calls her the b-word over and over again, seems hostile and monitoring her whereabouts. >> correct. >> why did those exchanges happen? >> i don't believe it's true. he was either drunk or trying to
6:35 pm
make himself bigger than he was, so i didn't take it seriously, and if you see, i didn't respond most of the time. if i did it was something look lol, okay or great. i didn't want him to get rowdy if i saw him the next time, why didn't you text? eventually i cut him off. i got disturbed, like, this is crazy. so i called up joe ahern, my contact at the super-pac america first, that knew of him also, because he knew all the donors. i asked him, i said, well, is this guy off the loonies? he told me, stay away from him, because he's got into something with greg pence, mike pence's brother, thinking the secret service a after him, somebody wants to kill him. i don't know what happened, but once he started texting me that,
6:36 pm
that was the end of the relationship. the texts where he was supposedly reporting on the whereabouts of the ambassador, was for a week. he couldn't have been drunk the whole time. >> he was drunk the whole time. he wakes up -- he starts at 6:00 -- i've never seen him not drunk. >> so you thought this was him making it up. you didn't believe he had the ambassador under surveillance? >> absolutely not. >> i asked him several times if those text messages from robert hyde indicated a real threat to ambassador yovanovitch. i asked him about it with as many angles i can't think of, and he was adamant in his thoughts. are you clear on whether or not there was ever as actual physical threat or a threat of personal intimidation against
6:37 pm
ambassador yovanovitch? >> never from my side or anyone i know. >> you didn't worry she was actually in physical danger. >> no, never. >> because you didn't believe mr. hyde. >> no, i didn't believe mr. hyde, no. we contacted attorneys fro ambassador yovanovitch to let them know about these statements about this possible threat to their client. they are not commenting tonight, but we've got more ahead, including what ends up being a very difficult conversation about the attorney general of the united states, william barr. did rudy giuliani tell you he had suppose to the attorney general specifically about ukraine? >> nochbl rudy giuliani. victoria and joe, they were all best friends t attorney general barr was basically on the team. barr was basically on the team stop dancing around the pain that keeps you up again, and again. advil pm silences pain,
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paul point of personal privilege. one of weird things for me over the past few moments is right at the time that house announced impeachment proceedings, i right then, that week, was publishing a book called "blowout" about the oil and gas industry. in the book i used the story that i thought was an interesting sidebar up story about dimitri vertash, to tell a
6:42 pm
story about russia was deliberately -- and then as the book was coming out, other than dimitt rick was revealed to be one of the forces at work to try to smear this campaign to smear joe biden, fire the ambassador. it was totally unintentional on my part. it was a bit of an academic news world car crash. now today dimitt rick furtash factor has been more mysterious. he is under federal indictment. he's under indictment on multiple serious felony corruption charges, fighting extradition to the united states, currently under house
6:43 pm
arrest in vienna. the reason why this got less mysterio mysterious, in my interview, lev parnas spelled out basically what this oligarch, dimitri firtash was doing, and how it all ultimately brings us to the desk of the attorney general of the united states, william barr. so at some point we had a meeting at our -- in our office on the second floor. >> at the trump hotel? >> at the trump hotel. at that meeting with rudy and victoria and joe, john brought up saying he had some incredible information from firtash camp, which later was found out that lenny davis gave it to him, but basically showed that andrew
6:44 pm
weisman was doing some legal stuff, offering a deal and it could blow up the smaller investigation up the kazoo. >> can i stop you there? the allegation, as you understood it, was that andrew wiseman, one of the prosecutors on the mueller team, had had an interaction with dimitri firtash, and that interaction mr. solomon was saying would discredit the mueller investigation. >> correct. we were basically tasked to try to establish a relationship. >> specification to discredit the mueller investigation. >> i was giving certain documents by solomon to validate to firtash that i was in the loop. he didn't just see anybody.
6:45 pm
it's impossible to meet with him. we had to promise firtash something. it was basically telling him we knew his case is worthless here and that he's being prosecuted for no reason and basically it could get taken care of. >> that was your offer to mr. firtash, we can get the case dropped. >> your extradition case, yes. so the exchange with mr. firtash would be you provide us information that would be detrimental to the public perception of the mueller investigation, and we in turn will get your case dropped at the doj. >> that's how it began. they were going to become lawyers to effectuate this trade? >> correct. you were supposed to broker this? >> correct. what's this $100,000 a month? >> that was expenses for them.
6:46 pm
>> you were suppose to do negotiate what they were getting paid? >> mine is not this there. mine was $200,000. >> what's that next line? is that the founder of burisma? >> yes. what are you supposed to be getting from lanny davis and mr. firtash? >> supposedly john solomon said there was something in the case about that. >> so that's why this was all one conversation with mr. rudy giuliani. >> correct. >> announcing the biden investigation and talking about getting firtash off from this department of justice prosecution, these were connected? >> it was all connected. at the end of the day, the agenda was to make sure that the ukrainians announced the biden advance. so a conservative
6:47 pm
journalist, john sol man, and two fox news lawyers, and rudy giuliani and lev parnas are all in the telling, in an effort to enlist the help of a billionaire, kremlin-connected, allegedly mobbed up oligarch, to help them pressure the ukrainians. the oligarch and his team tells the motley crue he can help with getting that. he can also help them discredit the mueller investigation. they say that would be great. what we have to offer you in exchange is we can help stop you from being extradited to the united states to face felony corruption charges from the u.s. department of justice. "the washington post" just this afternoon records that mr. giuliani's involved with mr. firtash, and his sort of team, appears to be an ongoing
6:48 pm
concern. lev parnas said his group's advocacy to get the case dropped, did go all the way to attorney general william barr, and he says that attorney general barr was more widely read in on what they were doing. did you have ever meeting with or interest interaction with his attorney general barr? >> i did not personally spoke to him, but i was involved in lots of conversations that joe digenova did, rudy giuliani it in front of me, and setting up meetings with -- >> do you know if rudy giuliani was ever in contact with mr. barr, specifically about the fact that he was trying to get ukraine to announce they investigation into joe biden? >> absolutely. >> mr. barr knew about it? >> mr. barr had to have known everything. it's global. >> did rudy giuliani tell you he had spoken to the attorney general specifically? >> not only rudy giuliani, victoria and joe, they were all
6:49 pm
best friends. barr was -- attorney general barr was basically on the team. >> when president trump and president zelensky spoke in july, we no from the who you notes of the call, president trump told mr. zelensky he should contact mr. william barr about these investigations that he wanted him to do. >> correct. >> that struck a lot of people as change. attorney general brar was reportedly upset, didn't know why he would be mentioned, but it sounds like it makes sense to you. >> absolutely. we knew about the investigation, and attorney general barr wanted to get to the bottom of the biden stuff. i think he might have got upset that trump talked -- the president ousted him, maybe, he didn't want to be in the public eye, but it was known internally that he was investigating the investigators. >> do you know if attorney
6:50 pm
general william barr every spoke with any ukrainian officials? >> i don't recall at this moment. i would have to look at my text messages and see. we contacted the justice department for comment on mr. parnas' peck at the justice department did give us a response t. is. it is a two-word response, technically one number and one word. she told us, quote, 100% false. and we could attribute that to her. we appreciate the comment. we'll be right back. stay with us. diarrhea. the leading competitor only treats symptoms it does nothing to kill the bacteria. treat diarrhea at its source with pepto diarrhea.
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today the impeachment articles were conveyed from the u.s. house to the u.s. senate. senate trial is due to formally start tomorrow. one of the awkward revelations in this saga is that while the intelligence committee in the house was leading the investigation of the impeachment sc scandal, it emerged that the top republican member of congress on that committee, congressman devin nunes on california appeared himself tochb to have been connected to the people involved in the scandal and potentially to the scandal itself. because congressman nunes has been publicly very vague and defensive about whether he remembers any of his own communications with lev parnas during the time this ukraine scheme was underway, i asked mr. parnas today if he remembers any interactions with congressman nunes. >> do you know congressman devin nunes? >> yes, i do. >> what's been your relationship with him? >> we don't have too much of a relationship.
6:55 pm
we met several times at the trump hotel, but our relationship started getting basically where it expanded was when i was spintroduced to his aide, dara carvey, and the reason why dara carvey i was told because devin nunes had an ethics, an ethics committee, he couldn't be in the spotlight. he was kind of shunned a little bit and that he was looking into this ukraine stuff also, wanted to help out. they gave me da ar. >> you told mr. harvey what you were working on in ukraine? >> he was aware of that already. he knew everything. >> he already knew that by the time he talked to you. >> he had a lot of information already. >> do you believe he'd gotten that information from mr. giuliani? >> i think that they -- like i said, there was other people
6:56 pm
doing like this op research or whatever, i don't know what you call it, but it was coming from different sides, yeah. >> given that interaction that you just described with congressman nunes and his aide, mr. harvey, does it strike you as unusual or inappropriate that devin nunes would be one of the lead investigators into this scandal on the house intelligence committee? he's obviously the top republican on that committee? >> i was in shock when i was watching the hearings and when i saw devin nunes sitting up there, and then there was a picture where harvey was in back sitting. i texted my attorney i can't believe this is happening. >> because? >> because they were involved in getting all this stuff on biden. i mean, derek harvey had several skype interviews i set up with different prosecutors like haladi haladitsky, the corruption
6:57 pm
prosecutor in ukraine, so it's hard to see them lie like that when you know it's like that scary because you know, he was sitting there and making all these statements and all that when he knew very well that he knew what was going on. he knew what's happening. he knows who i am. >> again, congressman devin nunes is the top republican on the intelligence committee, which is the committee that investigated the ukraine scandal. lev parnas says that mr. nunes and his top staffer were actually involved in the ukraine scandal in the sense that they were involved in the effort to try to gin up a corruption scandal for joe biden in ukraine. mr. parnas says he helped them in that effort. we contacted congressman nunes's office for comment tonight. we did not receive any reply before air time. we'll let you know if that changes before we're off the air. more ahead, stay with us. he air. more ahead, stay with us best original screenplay... there's only one way this ends. and best picture of the year. last man standing.
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stop dancing around the pain that keeps you up again, and again. advil pm silences pain, and you sleep the whole night. advil pm >> you raised the issue of ambassador yovanovitch to president trump telling him that he should get rid of her? >> i didn't say get rid of her. i told him she's bad mouthing him. >> do you actually believe he did bad mouth him and say bad things about him, or do you think this was part of this disinformation campaign? >> i don't believe it. that's why i want to apologize to her because at that point i believed it, but i don't believe it now after re-evaluating and seeing everything that transpired, looking at the documentation again. >> i did not expect that lev parnas would wanted to use this interview today to apologize to ambassador marie yovanovitch for his role in the effort to smear
7:00 pm
her and get her fired, but he did that. the broader context mr. parnas was just talking about there is what he says was a personal interaction he had with president trump in which he says he witnessed president trump personally ordering the firing of marie yovanovitch. we will have more on that in part two of the lev parnas interview tomorrow night. we'll also have more for you tomorrow night on what mr. parnas alleged today about former energy secretary rick perry and current secretary of state mike pompeo. we're doing a little more reporting on those allegations and claims, we're looking, in fact, at some of the new information that bolsters mr. parnas's case which was just released tonight by the intelligence committee. so again, more on that tomorrow in part two of this interview. i do just before i go want to bring you some news we just got moments ago while we have been on the air tonight in the past couple of minutes, we got a response from former new york city mayor rudy giuliani to something mr. parnas told us in today's interview. you saw mr. parnas say on the air giuliani had made
7:01 pm
introductions for