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tv   MSNBC Live With Katy Tur  MSNBC  January 16, 2020 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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a set of cameras and shots that inside the supreme court $400 million. >> so chuck grassley has been a are not being switched and put chamber, americans weren't aware on the air by us necessarily. of this. big defender of -- and so has >> yeah, exactly. and i think -- you know, when i was just watching that, i was susan collins. we'll see the senate chamber there are a lot of republican when the senate chamber feels just struck hearing the chief senators who have looked to justice's voice over and over it's time for us to see the again which i associate so much g.a.o. senate chamber. i can't wait for reporters to >> it's so different from the -- with the supreme court and that get microphones in front of a i mean, we sat, almost this building. but to hear it in the congress exact group assembled, the first day of the house impeachment lot of senators and say, what of the united states, it just really brought home, there's are they going to say about g.a.o.? that it's some kind of, you investigation where the something very profound happening here. testimony of ambassador taylor and yes, the 100 folks are going know, partisan liberal left -- had not yet transpired, where to sit together and they will you know, they know better. sit together over the days to the attacks, the endless attacks come, but they'll be presided and outing of the whistle-blower and this is really going to be over because the constitution had not yet happened. hard for them to digest and and it's so interesting to see requires it, a trial by the ignore a bunch of the republican chief justice. a man who i think is going to senators. >> i cut you off. >> there's two things about the lend some dignity to these the senate, just by being temperamentally distinct from proceedings, which i think we g.a.o. report in addition to the house by having different what you said. all need. the first is it's not just concluding that article 1 of members with different relationships with trump. impeachment, the impoundment >> garrett haik is in the claire, do you have more hope that there is more unknown about control act was violated with how this ends than you did at corridor. ukraine. it goes on at the end of the the beginning of the house and garrett, while a young man report to say there was you've spent so many hours in those corridors. obstruction of the g.a.o. you've already devoted a certain process? >> well, while you talked measurable percentage of your about -- i think i hope that life to covering congress. investigation and that -- the there will be witnesses. what makes today feel different end of the report says this is >> so there will be more potentially a violation of information. >> you referenced the polling to you from your specific post? people's constitutional duties, numbers on witnesses. to not provide this information i would reference you the >> i just have to agree with to congress, which is of course
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polling numbers on president what i've just heard about the article 2. so you've got the g.a.o. trump within the republican solemnity of this. it's so rare to see all of these weighing in on both articles of party. impeachment, which is striking. they are sky high. the second thing is the and so for the majority of these senators in the same place trajectory here. i mean, we have the g.a.o. pulling in the same direction, even if just for a moment, and report today, the parnas senators it is deciding that they are truly taking a risk watching everyone come up and interview yesterday, the sign that log book. i was focused on one senator who documents from parnas the day that they would be able to before. continue as senators if they all this is really damning. may be probably the only person we've had witnesses come forward in that body take say i know stand up, accept the facts and better than claire mccaskill in the past. the trajectory, every piece of stand up to this president who new evidence, every witness is does, and that's mitt romney who came in as she was leaving and all making the case for trump obviously doesn't respect the who i covered for a very long law. time when he was running for look stronger and stronger. and there are a few of them that could go either way because there's never some new piece of president. i'm really interested to see how they're in states where they're going to get a lot of love if information that comes across he handles this. this is a guy who a solemn oath that we're like oh, you're they do -- if they follow the looking bet every, trump. facts and stand up to the is the kind of thing that's it's always in one direction, which is of course why he's going to get into his tried to hide all the witnesses bloodstream. he's the kind of person who i president. think could take this sort of and documents from the american but the vast majority of the people. >> and which might be -- might republicans, they're done if thing very seriously. they go against this president. he's already said he wants to explain why john bolton has said they're done. hear from bolton. take me, take me. >> 2:01 p.m. and he's been very careful not we're now over the top of the because there is no countervailing set of facts. to lean on any of his other >> there is no magical hour. at any time now we will be exculpatory thing, there's no atm video that suddenly gets switched inside the senate colleagues in a way that might seem like he's whipping people these people off scot-free. toward the way he feels about it's all looking worse. it. if that changes, it would be but here's the thing. chamber. after having lunch, both we were talking about sort of interesting to watch. i mean, he's someone who has solemnity and everything else before. caucuses with their own party, they're now all emptying into admired john roberts. the part that really gets me the senate chamber. he has his own constituency, a about this, hereto hear john here we go. roberts say okay, this starts small one to be sure, but still next tuesday the 21st. within the republican party of it's almost three years to the chuck grassley. and claire, explain to the folks who never really got on day of when trump was
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inaugurated. audience why we're going to hear the trump bandwagon. and i think back to wow, when he chuck grassley of iowa behind got inaugurated did we think it and i would love to be in his the chair. head as he's sitting on the would get this bad this quickly? floor and signing that oath in what title conferred upon him did we think that so many of our allows him to have that that book right now. position. institutions would fall apart? >> he is the president pro tem >> here goes the chief justice. did we think in january of 2017 of the senate, which goes to the his suv has arrived at the that we would be on stage here most senior member of the majority party. thinking gosh, maybe mitt romney you don't get it because you're will save us? what a horrifying thought that smart or because you got voted portico on the senate side where we think that the future of he was dropped off. he's being escorted out to the american standards of democracy np it's because you've been might come to whether or not the around the longest. door. voters of utah believe in mitt he is the senior member of the usually, chief justices even in republican party. so he will take the ceremonial our modern post-9/11 era move romney more than they believe in role of swearing in justice donald trump. so i think in some respects i'm with a minimum of security somewhat optimistic because i'm glad that we could get this done roberts. the table you see empty in front contingent. within three years, but i'm also of the dais, that's where the capitol police, the supreme concerned because if we miss lawyers will sit. typically that's where the court police that police the this moment, if people do not clerks sit and wrangle one party supreme court grounds are with stand up for what is important, on one side, one on the other. we will get this again. him. all the republicans are on your regardless of what happens in right as you look at this nicolle wallace, hearing garrett picture and all the democrats talk about the solemn oath, we 2020, we will not have another want most people to be affected opportunity for our government to say what matters and what standards are. are on your left. by taking a solemn oath in this and i hope they take that you see schumer and mitch seriously. mcconnell sitting in their >> and that's if you're a seats. country. again, whether or not you're republican the same thing. and to their right and to their signing up for jury duty or the shoe's going to be on the other foot. there could be a president elizabeth warren or a president left are dick durbin and john local office or in this case bernie sanders. do you really want that thune, who are the majority president to be able to say and whips and the minority whips. and those are their set seats. quite a challenge. call up? foreign government and say hey, >> so we want that, but trump the rest of the seats are
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decided by seniority. >> and when those doors -- you investigate josh hawley or whoever my opponent is going to see senator duckworth coming in. has not permitted any institution to remain unscathed be. i think this is profoundly when those doors open to the by his crassness, by his side, what do those doors go to? destructive to the american fabric. >> michael beschloss remains >> the door on the right is obliteration of norms, and by where the chief justice will watching and listening with us. come in, i'm predicting, because his own brand of blow everything that's where the ceremonial up politics yet. so this is a test to see if john michael, did this ceremony, office for the vice president is. the door on the left is -- roberts' presence in the senate members of the senate, the chief behind those doors is a chamber changes one institution, justice, rise to the solemnity spares one institution from everything else trump has standard that we thought going in? senate-only marble room. there's az lobby where all the ushered in. >> i think it did. and not to, you know, spoil a and that's one of the reasons pages hang out and do their for these things, because you moment where hope exists that know, without these kind of homework, but then through that there is a room that no one can maybe these people will act like ceremonies there is a very big go in unless you're a senator. not even a senate spouse, staff. chance that solemnity might be patriots, maybe these oaths will mean something, but nothing has the last thing that we would yet. and we watched donald trump roll i predict that room might be see. and i was thinking, brian, about into the republican convention the fact that john roberts is used more over the coming weeks because people won't really have about to have about the most a chance to go back to their and a former general lead a divided life because in the morning on many of these days hideaway or even to their chant of "lock her up." offices and they would maybe use we know how things ended for he's going to be operating as that room for making phone calls that general. we've watched donald trump wage chief justice of the united a war of words and of states and that situation of and talking to people on their investigations and of prosecutions against his own fbi and his own justice department. great power and great phones that they need to have responsibility almost across the communication with, or the cloak street. rooms which are at the other then comes over in the afternoon we have now watched mike pompeo side of the chamber, one for the at 1:00, you know, for the democrat and one for the preside over the decimation of senate trial and has to operate republicans. order and diplomacy at the u.s. >> with the pro vooizo that we under these senate rules that may have to interrupt our guest state department. will be very constraining. we watched mike pence do it's going to be a big shift of
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the minute he starts talking, we're honored to be joined by nothing. and we now have william barr gear. >> of course we still rely in a neal katyal, the former acting who's got one prosecutor out there reinvestigating and solicitor general, meaning possibly even prosecuting things democracy on individuals, even that three other u.s. attorneys in an age of apps and where our formerly our top lawyer before have looked at. the supreme court for the obama we should not hang on too hard phones have incredible power to administration, who has argued -- neal, cast modesty to the hope that the chief harness the electronic world. justice's presence in the senate this is still a guy, harvard aside. how many cases have you argued means anything to the before the supreme court? >> 41 as of tuesday. republicans there. undergraduate, harvard law >> 41 as of tuesday but who's >> and because government is a counting. so it is with some sensitivity sprawling entity and we assign school, became a judge at a very and an understanding that you're young age, tapped for this going to continue to appear powers to various tranches of awesome task of chief justice of our government, the general before chief justice roberts and members of the honorable court accounting office this morning the united states, probably made news in its own right. that i ask you to describe for the purposes of what we're about >> it's just amazing. michael never dreaming that that would include in robes presiding >> finding that by withholding to see, the role he's about to over this session of the u.s. take, john roberts, chief aid from ukraine the president justice of the supreme court. >> well, i've said this many broke the law. senate. >> i have to assume that. times, i think we're really >> and again, i have these but i think we may be in a lucky as americans to have this moments and most of the people i chief justice. situation where he may be he is fair. talk to are republicans in good he listens. standing who are my sources. uniquely suited for this in that, you know, you were talking he's incredibly smart. former national security and i think he's dignified. officials, former intel about the possibility of chaos and lack of civility and and i think, you know, that is a officials, former state real difference between some of antagonism taking this whole the proceedings we saw in department officials who have, procedure over. one thing that we've seen about congress and i think what we're you know, hair on fire alarm. about to see over the next few >> diligent, patriotic people. john roberts is that this is >> right. someone who does want to see
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weeks. i have to say arguing in front about the obliteration of of him just 48 hours ago i things, you know, kept at least everything that is normal. and it used to count as sensed a little bit of heaviness front-page news. externally on an even keel. we would have gotten to before >> i think the question, too, is and a resignation in the 2:42. >> in a simpler time. john -- you know this better courtroom. i mean, he did have a funny joke >> a non-partisan watchdog group than me. yesterday about okay, boomer in found that trump broke the law. but they have cable television we now are talking about -- and there. the courtroom. but there's a heaviness there garrett's reporting on the hill they know what's happening to which i think is natural and to is second to no one's. our country. we're watching mitt romney and the fbi director was fired, be expected. because he might be the only this is a man who's incredibly ostensibly because of an conscious of history, who republican that cares that laws himself clerked for chief were broken. investigation into the trump and yet another watchdog group campaign in russia. justice rehnquist, who presided the mueller investigation was with no political affiliation -- over the last impeachment trial. >> i mean, this is not your -- sort of stomped out by the so i think we're going to see a just a watchdog group. lot of dignity, a lot of care, let's be clear about what the attorney general, hand picked by and frankly a lot of fairness. g.a.o. is. >> they have a charge. donald trump and known to be >> he is still a young man but against the very idea that a he's now suddenly been around a >> these are the government president could obstruct long time. >> yeah. >> if you had to author a theory auditors tasked with auditing justice. again, we have an impotent on the heaviness, is it sort of the government. secretary of state not capable and you know, i came to the of defending the country's senate from the state auditor's diplomats. job. there is an open question about i worked with the g.a.o. bemoaning the state of our constantly. politics? which as ari melber has pointed they are really professional. whether or not anyone or they are totally non-partisan. anything or any institution -- out is something he's weighed in the question used to be can the on. or do you think it's what's and there are among the center hold? happening to our country, that i think the question on the the conduct is not in dispute republican senators huge fans of table now for this country is can any institution hold? yet the outcome very much so. g.a.o. >> i can't really speculate as huge fans. and john roberts is not unaware >> just to tell our viewers, to that. should i read some of this in of the fact that that is the i do think one thing that has case our viewers -- >> please. question on the table. been going on at the court and i >> this is the g.a.o., the trump >> i just thought of
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that might illustrate john think he's been part of it is administration violated the law roblts a little bit. in withholding security this concern that the law has i was in law school. become so politicized, that assistance and aid to ukraine, a i was a third year, quite a non-partisan federal watchdog liberal. i interviewed for a summer job there aren't right answers anymore because it's all viewed through a left and right lens. agency, the one claire mccaskill's talking about, said with him and he -- you know, we and that of course tees up the on thursday, weighing in on a interviewed for a while. questions here because i do decision by president trump that he asked do you have any think many people are is at the heart of the questions for me? impeachment case against him. i said you are a conservative. approaching this through a the government accountability political lens, not through a lens of what's actually the office, the g.a.o. we call it i'm a knee-jerk liberal and he right thing for our country to for short, said when it withhele do. i mean, if president obama was said, you know, that's why i accused of doing the things that want you here because i want to president trump was accused of understand how the other side doing, do we really think these thinks and that's how he republicans would be saying oh, no, nothing here, let's not have approaches issue after issue. any witnesses, let's not have so i think we are lucky to have any trial. that year. i think that kind of thing is if anyone has a chance to let going to be -- if the republicans have a serious vulnerability in the senate with respect to how they want to proceed, i think that's where it the center hold it is john is. this is the chief justice who's roberts. >> comforting to hear in this environment. >> i needed to be comforted seen a few trials and nobody's ever seen a trial without thank you. >> jason? >> i don't have comfort. witnesses, without documents. you know? i'm not that person. >> claire mccaskill, i see the i think, look, as much as john majority leader and thes roberts may be an individual of minority leader, alternately they've been rising to speak. integrity, a lot of this is i don't think our control room going to come down to whether or has incoming audio right now. not the senators have integrity and influence the leadership and
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what is this likely to be going we talk about the history and on? >> well, they're all just legacy is but i think of a waiting now for the chief justice to come in. textbook in 2067. i'm thinking of these two pages do you want to be in the yellow who are now opening the door for box on the side as the people the chief justice. think about the thrill they who acquitted donald trump? have, and they'll be able to tell -- oh, no. right? probably a laptop. that's for the backup court >> six months before the bolton book came out with the reporter. transcripts of trump's calls but the ones on the right will probably be opening the doors with, you know, yeah, get her. for the chief justice. i don't know how they picked i don't care what happens to -- which pages got to do door duty here's the question to today. there's a bunch of pages that republicans. do you really think the are not even going to be -- secret's -- donald trump hasn't typically there's a lot of pages kept a secret. in the room. the checks he wrote to cover up but there won't be very many today. i think only pages that are going to be used for door duty today. so most of them are probably off the stormy daniels -- >> if he doesn't run his mouth, site and wish that they could be rudy giuliani is running his mouth. one part of this to not overlook there. but -- >> can i ask you something? do you have any fantasy in your is the idea of the knee breaking head that mcconnell will see threat. parnas is worried about physical roberts and say all that stuff i said about not caring about the safety. not just money. facts or the witnesses or not treating this as anything other than a foregone conclusion of a acquittal for trump, something i von vich told to get out. worked out in advance with white how can we have a government house white house counsel, do you think he sees roberts and that runs, how can anyone in the says i was just kidding about senate say a government where
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that, i'm going to take my job people have to fear that their seriously because you're here? >> i think there are other physical lives are in danger by senators that might but not mitch mcconnell. he only cares about -- like you their own government for doing said, it's all politics for mitch mcconnell. their jobs is okay. >> led by grassley and leahy i hope john roberts realizes that. with feinstein and blunt behind >> the whistle-blower, the idea them. >> graham. that -- >> the life threat. >> sorry, thank you. >> the president to try and graham and leahy. effectively unmask this person there's the chief justice in robes. is unbelievable to me and we >> oh, he's coming in the main have had some republican senators in the past like chuck door. they didn't put him in the vice president's office. grassley who presided over this that's surprising. at the start used the stand up for whistle-blowers. so he's coming down the main >> i point out that i don't know aisle. the center aisle of the senate to the front of the senate walking through all the senators. >> majority leader. >> mr. president, at this time pursuant to rule 4 of the senate vich has had postings in genuine rules on impeachment and the bona fide dangerous places. probably never dreaming that united states constitution, the presiding officer will now kiev would take their place administer the oath to john g. among them. >> or that when posted there the roberts, chief justice of the danger to her wouldn't be russian mobsters, wouldn't be united states. the thugs. would be parnas. >> from the inside. >> trump's associates doing god
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knows what. i think the other sort of moment >> order. the escort committee will now conduct the chief justice of the to be crystallized around the united states to the dais to be trial that starts tuesday is administered the oath. that this is all known. jim comey, you know, made the observation writing his book in his first meeting they were the family. they have operated like a mob in full view now for three years and the republicans if they vote to acquit they are acquitting behavior that's now in public mob-like. >> clare, can we talk about the elephant in the room? that is the senate work calendar. so they're off now. >> right. >> friday, saturday, sunday, monday kind of? >> they're off monday. >> thank you, senator. i appreciate that. it is martin luther king birthday and will be in their states doing martin luther king senators, i attend the senate in activities. well, a lot of them will. not all. and then they'll travel most of conformity with your notice for the purpose of joining with you for the trial of the president them tuesday morning. some might travel monday night. of the united states. i am now prepared to take the and some will stay in washington oath. >> will you place your left hand that are from far, far away like
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on the bible? the hawaii senators and stuff and raise your right hand. like that. they'll be back and then he is do you solemnly swear that in saying -- i have talked the all things apertaining to the senators today on my phone. trial of the impeachment of they are saying that they will donald john trump, president of go tuesday through saturday of the united stat do impartial ju next week and monday through according to the constitution saturday in the subsequent weeks and the laws so help you god? >> i do. >> god bless you. beginning as of now saying >> thank you very much. midday every day and going until whenever mitch mcconnell decides at this time i will administer that -- well, when people yell the oath to all senators in the at him let us out of here, can chamber in conformance with we leave at 6:00 or 7:00 or article 1 section 3 clause 6 of 8:00. >> it wasn't me and brian. the constitution and the senate's impeachment rules. >> no. >> no, no. i mean mitch mcconnell will have will all senators now stand and pressure on him. a lot of senators that will tire remain standing and raise their right hand? quickly. here's the challenge for the house managers. do you solemnly swear that in i've thought about this as a prosecutor. what you have to do when you present a case to a jury is you all things appertaining to the have to make sure you tell the trial of the impeachment of story but with the facts. donald john trump, president of and it needs to be compelling. the tuts, now pending you will the jurors need to understand do impartial justice according to the constitution and laws so the opening statements are very important because you kind of
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lay this out. help you god? these are cynical people, the the clerk will call the names in groups of 4 and senators senators. how they present this case and whether they're allowed and in the clear to me what extent they're allowed to use video to sign the oath book. >> mr. charged. testimony, how they bring in video of the witnesses in the house and how they edit that ms. baldwin. video to give the most powerful mr. barrasso. parts of that testimony, that's mr. bennett. going to matter because they need to keep the senators' attention to actually have any hope that they shake the conscience of some of the republicans. >> just to rift on that, as a litigator they have three audiences. one is 100 senators you are talking about and obviously the most important. the second is, of course, this is televised. the american people and that audience, as well. the third to pick up on something jason said is the audience of history. it's enormously difficult and what you want to do for history may well play well on tv.
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>> i'm glad my trials weren't televised. >> i'm curious both from the two lawyers and a member of senate. my friends will say you might have one juror you lock in on her eyes or his eyes. i think they're following the story. are you doing that this time? is there somebody you look at in the 100 senators that you are hoping to get that blink or mrs. blackburn, mr. blumenthal, hoping to get that look if you're a house manager or assuming that they're going to mr. blunt, mr. booker. make whatever decision they want to make? >> is the answer mitt romney? >> all of the senators willing to say anything against the president and probably all told there's probably a dozen of them but five or six that would be key in terms of getting witnesses. >> that's going to do it for this bit of our live coverage. with this, our coverage continues. chris jansing takes the next hour following by -- >> deadline white house 4:00 eastern time with nicole wallace. a reminder that the coverage of the impeachment trial of donald
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john trump begins early tuesday morning throughout the day. our live coverage will continue right after this break. when you shop for your home at wayfair, you get more than free shipping. you get everything you need for your home at a great price, mr. boozman, mr. braun, mr. the way it works best for you, brown, mr. burr. i'll take that. wait honey, no. when you want it. you get a delivery experience you can always count on. you get your perfect find at a price to match, on your own schedule. you get fast and free shipping on the things that make your home feel like you. that's what you get when you've got wayfair. so shop now! >> we don't want to interrupt this moment so much as we want to explain what we're seeing.
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his signature will be affixed to this. >> i assume this is required because this is attesting to the oath you just took. when you get sworn in, you take it looks like this. for heart failure look like? ♪ the beat goes on ♪ an oath to faithfully abide by entresto is a heart failure pill the constitution. that helps improve your hearts ability the president needs to remember to pump blood to the body. that. especially executing the laws. don't take entresto if pregnant; but -- and then this is another it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. oath they've taken. so now they are attesting to the ♪la-di-la-di-dah don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren, oath they just took in the book. >> susan collins of maine. or if you've had angioedema with an ace or arb. and let's go back into the the most serious side effects are angioedema, senate chamber and listen and low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high blood potassium. watch this solemn ceremony. ask your doctor about entresto. ♪the beat goes on yeah! >> mr. cornyn, ms. cortez masto, mr. cotton, mr. cramer.
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daines. mr. crapo, mr. cruz, mr. daines, miss duckworth. good afternoon,
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mr. durbin, mr. enzi, miss ernst, mrs. feinstein.
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mrs. fischer, mr. gardner, mrs. gillibrand, mr. graham. mr. grassley, ms. harris, ms. hassan, mr. hawley.
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mr. heinrich, ms. hirono, mr. hoeven, mrs. hyde-smith.
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mr. inhofe, mr. johnson, mr. jones, mr. kaine. mr. kennedy, mr. king, ms.
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klobuchar, mr. lankford. mr. leahy, mr. lee, mrs. loeffler, mr. manchin.
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mr. markey, mr. mcconnell, miss mcsally, mr. menendez.
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mr. merkley, mr. moran, miss murkowski, mr. murphy.
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mrs. murray, mr. paul, mr. perdue, mr. peters. mr. portman, mr. reed, mr. risch, mr. roberts.
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mr. romney, miss rosen, mr. rounds, mr. rubio.
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mr. sanders, mr. sasse, mr. schatz, mr. schumer. mr. scott of florida, mr. scott of south carolina, mrs. shaheen,
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mr. shelby. ms. sinema, ms. smith, miss stabenow, mr. sullivan.
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mr. tester, mr. thune, mr. tillis, mr. toomey.
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mr. udall, mr. van hollen, mr. warner, ms. warren. mr. whitehouse, mr. wicker, mr. wyden, mr. young.
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>> the majority leader is recognized. >> a senator who is not in the senate chamber at the time the oath was administered to the other senators will make that fact known to the chair so that the oath may be administered as soon as possible. >> the sergeant at arms will make the proclamation.
11:31 am
>> hear ye, hear ye, hear ye, all persons are commanded to keep silent on pain of imprisonment while the house of representatives is exhibiting to the senate of the united states articles of impeachment against donald john trump, president of the united states. >> the majority leader is recognized. >> for the information of the senate on my behalf and that of the distinguished democratic leader i'm about to propound several unanimous consent requests that will assist with the organization of the next steps of these proceedings. they deal largely with necessary paperwork incident to the trial. therefore, i ask unanimous consent that the summons be issued in the usual form provided the president may have until 6:00 p.m. on january the 18th, 2020 to file his answer with the secretary of the senate, which will be spread
11:32 am
upon the journal. and the house of representatives have until 12:00 noon on monday january 20th, 2020 to file its replication with the secretary of the senate. finally,cretary of the senate b authorized to print as a senate document those documents filed by the parties together to be available to all parties. >> is there objection? without objection, so ordered. >> i ask unanimous consent that if the house of representatives wishes to file a trial brief may it be filed with the secretary of the senate by 5:00 p.m. on saturday january the 18th, 2020. further, that if the president wishes to file a trial brief it be filed with the secretary of the senate by 12:00 noon on monday january 20th, 2020. further, that if the house wishes to file a rebuttal brief it be filed with the secretary of the senate by 12:00 noon on tuesday january 21st, 2020. finally, i ask consent that the secretary of the senate be
11:33 am
authorized to print as a senate document all documents filed by the parties together to be available for all parties. >> is there objection? without objection, so ordered. >> i ask unanimous consent that in recognition of the unique requirements raised by the impeachment trial of donald john trump, president of the united states, the sergeant at arms shall install appropriate equipment and furniture in the senate chamber during all times that the senate is senating per trial with the chief justice of the united states presiding. the appropriate equipment, furniture, and computer equipment in accordance with the allocations and provisions are now sent to the desk and ask that they be printed in the record. >> is there objection? without objection so ordered. >> i ask unanimous consent that the senate sit as the court of impaept adjourned until tuesday january the 21st, 2020 at 1:00 p.m. >> is there objection?
11:34 am
without objection so ordered. the senate, sitting as court of impeachment, is adjourned until tuesday january 21st at 1:00 p.m. >> let's remind ourselves what a rare sight it is for the chief justice of the united states in robes to be presiding over the u.s. senate. >> and to have a start date. i mean, tuesday 1:00 p.m. will begin the trial of donald j. trump, who's been impeached essentially by the house of representatives for high crimes and misdemeanors. and again, this collision we've been talking about all day, this hot steaming heat of new evidence that supports the allegations in the two articles of impeachment from the house of
11:35 am
representatives. it's just staggering to see three years of chaos and tumult come to this very quiet, solemn moment. >> we chose not to interrupt that and to let them all come forward, 99 of them, and sign the book. and that meant suppressing our instinct to ask former senator claire mccaskill about each one of them as they came up. but what were your thoughts watching that procession, 25 groups of four in effect? >> well, i know most of them very, very well. and my heart hurts for the republican members who know better. and it will be interesting to see how they respond to the evidence that's presented. you know, the majority of the senators work really hard at it. and they take it very seriously. and this is a moment -- i think all this pomp and circumstance does have almost a cleansing effect in terms of taking some
11:36 am
of the really tribal political edge off. now, it remains to be seen. this will wear off after they have sat for days without their phones and not being able to move. and what's really different about today is you very rarely have all the senators in their seats. most of the time when you're on the floor you are -- there's maybe one or two senators that are there. and that's because you're there to speak on something. this changed -- historywise this changed when they started televising the senate. i'll never forget when i was sitting on the dais one day and somebody said something i knew that was going to really make john mccain mad. and i'm sitting on the dais and so i said to the parliamentarian, what do you want the over and under for when he busts through that door? because i knew he'd be watching on tv in his office and see it. and sure enough, he came flying through the door five minutes later. so there is very rarely a time when everyone's in the chamber. and when it is, it's usually for
11:37 am
a very big vote like on the health care repeal or a very big moment when we're giving tribute to a senator who has died or when everyone's getting sworn in. so just everybody being on the floor makes it a totally different ball game for every single one of those u.s. senators. >> i obviously misspoke a moment ago. i meant 25 groups of four. >> i wasn't going to correct your math. but the yang gang is on your twitter feed right now. >> you're so right. cameras changed. obviously everything changed, how we cover washington. neal katyal pointed out that chief justice rehnquist had the
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