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tv   The Last Word With Lawrence O Donnell  MSNBC  February 1, 2020 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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she is bringing to this campaign. so, i stand with her une kwifically. i think she has an excellent chance of winning the caucuses on monday. and as well as thousands of other people knocking on door, canvassing, making phone calls for elizabeth warren and we'll do the best we can to make sure that she's there. good evening. and welcome back to a special p.m. edition of "am joy." live from iowa several campaign surrogates are here blanketing the campaign trail this weekend stumping for their candidates. right now the latest poll shows former vice president joe biden and bernie sanders neck and neck for the lead. with warren and klobuchar
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rounding out the top five. over the past five weeks senator klobuchar has been gaining in the polls. but a new story made polls a problem particularly as this race moves to more states. the case which klobuchar has mentioned often on the campaign trail to show that she's tough on crime put a then 16-year-old myron burrell in jail for life. after a stray bullet killed a young girl during a shooting in minneapolis. but new evidence and witness statements are raising questions about the convicted teen's guilt and how the case was ultimately handled. in light of this new report the minneapolis naacp and black lives matter are calling on amy klobuchar to suspend her campaign for president. issues of criminal justice have tripped up other candidates in this race. kamala harris, as you'll remember, had to defend her criminal justice background when she was still in the campaign and mayor pete buttigieg has struggled to explain his firing
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of sous bend, indiana's first black police chief in his handling of an unarmed black male while he was mayor. klobuchar is facing a similar challenge to her criminal justice record. meanwhile, less than an hour we'll find out where klobuchar and the rest of the democratic field stands in iowa when the "des moines register" releases its final poll ahead of monday's caucuses. i want to introduce my guest, senior politics editor at msnbc. charlie pearce, writer at large at esquire, and erin haines, editorial at large at the new non-profit newsroom covering women in politics, the 19th. thank you all for being here, panel. i want to let everybody get in on all the issues but really quickly before we do that i want to quickly go to joe biden. he's in waterloo, iowa. i want to let you guys listen to a little of his speech. depending on the poll he's kind of the front-runner. he and bernie sanders are sort of the co-front-runners. but here he is in waterloo. >> united states senator, vice president. they know the ups and downs that go with that, just like tom's children do. but here's the deal.
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i could not believe what the president said. and folks, think hard about this president and what he has done and what he's not done. just in the past -- just in the past couple weeks, actually a little longer than that now, we learned that the commander in chief of the united states military, donald trump, met with our flag officers and our generals in the pentagon and to their face called them, quote, losers, dopes, and babies. i don't know, i can't swear to it, but i don't believe there's ever, ever, ever been a commander in chief who's talked to our warriors that way. ever. and then when he got out of the iran nuclear deal i and many
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others predicted what would happen. there would be conflict. instead of america first it became america alone. our allies walked away. ended up in a conflict that thank god so far hasn't gone beyond what it did. remember what happened? you had -- >> all right. that is joe biden. he's in waterloo, iowa. i want to come back to the panel. you know, beth, you and i have talked about this. we talked about this last night, just hanging out at the hotel. this election is either an exhaustion election or a change election. right? either people want sort of the comfort of a familiar face-x it's kind of ironic if you've been covering politics as long as you and i have to think of biden as the comfort election. but he's sort of the comfort candidate even though he's known for being gaffey. and then you've got change candidates. it's either a comfort election or a change election. can you get a sense what people
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think it is? >> i think there's no question that that is the two lanes we're looking at. what i hear from voters when item out at different events is they're just terrified that donald trump's going to be re-elected and they want the candidate who's going to beat him. if it's the change candidate, if it's the comfort candidate, they're fine with that. they're sort of agnostic at this point. i feel like it's different from past elections i've covered. for example, 2016 were sort of the bernie people and the hillary clinton people were so, so at odds and so at war. we've seen a little bit of this play out of course today with some of the back and forth that's gone on with hillary clinton and some of senator sanders' surrogates. but four years ago was so palpable, there was just hate between those two groups. this time people feel like democrats just have to serve up a winner. they have to serve up a winner. and iowa's the first place to make that determination. iowans are very nervous about getting it wrong, which is why i think we've seen for so long people not ready to commit to their candidate. that's why we're all really wondering what's going to happen
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on monday. we don't see a clear path. you're totally right that those five candidates are the top tier. you've got sanders and joe biden at the top. your two lanes. your comfort versus your change. but anything could happen. any of those five could get to the top or fall back. >> and you know, the way that i've always understood politics, erin, is that a jump ball election like 2016 is a referendum on both candidates. it's a choice. it's a potatoes or steak. or you know, meat or fish. but incumbent re-elect is about the incumbent, or it's supposed to be. are democrats risking making this race about the democrat instead of about trump? or equally about the democrat and trump. >> that's certainly not what i'm hearing from these voters. to the extent that democrats are going to be single issue voters this year, that single issue is whether or not -- >> is trump. >> who is going to be the best candidate to beat donald trump. and that seems to be wa they are focused on. even talking to these potential
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caucus goers who to beth's point are so focused on trying to make the right decision and set the tone for how this primary cycle is going to be, they are not wedded to any one of these candidates here. they're open. in a very disparate way. you have people who are saying, you know, biden is their candidate but maybe if he doesn't win they could gravitate to a warren or a sanders. that is something you would not have seen ideologically, something you wouldn't have seen four years ago. now it's like if this is the person that looks like the winner i'll take him. >> i have literally met, charlie, i was in nashville, tennessee and i met warren or bloomberg voters. warren-bloomberg. that makes no sense. but that is what people were saying to me. >> well, it makes no sense on the purely economic level. but remember, mike bloomberg's organizing outside of electoral politics has all been on liberal causes. gun control, climate change. and i think that that doesn't surprise me as much as i -- purely pragmatic. >> you're hearing the same thing, that the only ideological issue this year is trump? >> yeah.
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but i think something changed over the last two weeks. before the last two weeks, before what happened in washington happened, and hasn't really happened yet, it's going to happen on wednesday, all of the trump corruption with this big amorphous undefinable blob, everybody knew it was there, nobody knew the size of it or the frontiers of it or what it looked like. now it's not the trump corruption. it's the trump corruption that the republicans let him get away with. that's very easily defined. and one candidate i think that is running on a message, a purely anti-corruption message, is elizabeth warren. of course the flip side of that is, you know, michael bloomberg is the anti-corruption candidate because nobody except the sultan of brunei could buy him. i think while the impeachment may not be an issue per se, i think it's gone a long way toward defining the race. and i think we're going to find that out as the months go on. >> i'm going to come back. i'm told by my executive producers that pete buttigieg is
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talking. let's listen to him for a minute. here in iowa. >> same thing needs to be true when it comes to tampering with our elections. we will have a strong readiness to use our economic, diplomatic and other security tools. that it will send a message to the vladimir putins of the world that even if you can, you shouldn't. [ applause ] now, the truth is not all of the challenges to our democracy are coming from abroad. we've got a lot of problems right here at home. this is not a proper democracy so long as money can play the role that if does. and that's why we need a constitutional amendment to deal with citizens united. even if that's going to take a long time to deliver. [ applause ] >> so i want to come back for just a second, beth, to you. even if you can mess with our elections, essentially, this was
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pete buttigieg talking about election security, and that you know, we need to send a message to russia you can't mess with our elections. but the message they just got from the republican senate is feel free because we think it's fine for you to help donald trump win. there's a lot of fear. i'm hearing, i'm sure you're hearing it from voters, there won't even be a free and fair election. and what charlie just said is true. you now know the contours of the corruption that the republican party is perfectly fine with. and so a re-elected donald trump just got a lot more dangerous after yesterday. how much is that playing into this sort of personal punditry that people are doing to try to pick a candidate? >> i think it's a very serious issue. and what charlie said is right. because president trump is
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likely to be exonerated on wednesday, typically when he's sort of gone through one of these gauntlets and survived he's emboldened. and of course what we saw was that famous phone call to president zelensky of ukraine on july 25th came the day after the mueller testimony on the hill where you know, mueller didn't -- likely to see it again. wa i'm hearing is real sorrow and fear that the forces that interfered in 2016 are going to be much more efficient, much more effective, maybe even more than just russia, other places interfering p and that is going to debase the whole process. that people feel that no matter who the candidate is chosen to run against trump ultimately the outcome's going to be tainted by that. and there's a real sort of fear and cynicism about that about how we can ever get back. >> to mayor pete buttigieg's point there are also threats domestic. we saw voter suppression play a role in 2016 and 2018. we know it's going to play a role again in 2020. and what this election, because it's going to be one that's won on the margins you're basically talking about an election that's going to come down voter suppression versus voter turnout which is why you have somebody like a stacey abrams doing
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verified action, trying to run up the score as much as she can, register as many people to offset the things we're seeing with some of these secretaries of state. >> the thing is who's doing anything about that? the problem is you know that republicans are counting on two tiers of voter suppression. their own in states where they control who gets to register to vote. and russia's. and essentially what you saw the other day was republicans encourage russia to please help keep donald trump -- >> they're also counting on learned apathy. people just give up. they're really counting on that. and that works in both if you think the russians are monkey wrenching our system and if you just go to the polls and wait for 5 1/2 hours and find out you can't vote but you really can but the person behind the desk tells you you cannot and then you go home and don't vote. that's the other thing that's going on. i think that the democratic candidates have been good on this issue but they're good going forward.
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what they need is a system, a very large aggressive system out in the states to counter voter suppression. who's doing it? >> it doesn't have to be politicians. it can be -- it should be activists. >> by the way, it also could be michael bloomberg. he's got all this money. >> there you go. >> let's listen to ilhan omar was speaking a moment ago -- no, we've moved on. this is a bernie sanders rally, team? is that what we're listening to? that's rashida tlaib speaking for bernie sanders. >> it's a great privilege to be here. and if i was on the board of the georgetown admissions i would accept this man. i am supporting bernie sanders because there is no truer voice, no more prophetic voice, no more steadfast voice, no more working peoples champions voice than bernie sanders. and it isn't just that he has been fighting for a very long time. you know, mark and i cochair the
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progressive caucus in congress. but guess who was one of the cofounders of the progressive caucus in 1991? that's right, bernie sanders. guess who was the chair person of the progressive caucus from 1991 to '98? guess who was fighting for a living wage in 1993? so his analysis -- >> so rashida is actually not there. she was replaced tonight by mark polkan you who see sitting to the right of camila jayapal who is speaking for bernie sanders. how much of this dust-up with hillary clinton does it wind up affecting what happens on monday in iowa? >> i don't think it affects what happens in iowa on monday. but it is a sad situation to be going back to four years ago to that very angry fight that really divided democrats. no democrat that i talked to says this is productive. you know, let's move forward. it's a new battle, it's a new
10:15 pm
fight. let's try to produce some unity in the effort to get rid of president trump. >> i think that's about right. certainly senator sanders' supporters, the stickiness that they have to him, his rate of people who are not really willing to -- or don't have like a number two or three choice, that seems to be pretty strong. and i don't really think that this is something that's really going to turn them away from him. >> we haven't talked about elizabeth warren because i think if there is a potential surprise candidate on monday it seems to be her. because she has the potential to maybe be a unifying sort of bridge between this sort of traditional regular order democrat and the sanders -- >> she's already bounced back a couple of times from what you could argue were unforced errors. i'm told her ground game and organization in iowa are second to none. >> i've heard the same. >> i think she got a real bad break with the des moines
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register endorsement because she couldn't do anything with it. she and bernie and even klobuchar were stuck in washington. so the three of them have been relying on surrogates. and i think the castro brothers and ayana pressley have been terrific surrogates for her. i think she could wind up -- i don't know if she can win, but i think she could confound expectations. >> yeah. deb holland is in -- >> deb holland, i mean, she did one yesterday, i think she did three today, three tomorrow, and then she's doing another one on caucus monday. has certainly been very visible. >> if there's someone who's important for her it would be deb holland because the original sort of one thing trump has tried to use against her was the native american issue. having deb holland out there -- we were just showing a are the bit of an elizabeth warren rally that was set to start. what city is it again? asking my executive producer what city it's in. davenport, iowa. we'll try to show you little bits and pieces of it. there you are. we'll try to show you little bits of these rallies. beth fouhy, errin haines, charlie pierce, you guys have been great thanks. up next some republicans have been trying to link the impeachment trial to vote in
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iowa caucuses, folks. iowa caucuses are this next monday evening. and i'm really interested to see how this discussion today informs and influences the iowa caucus voters, those democratic
10:21 pm
caucus goers. will they be supporting president -- vice president biden at this point. >> huh. well, subtlety certainly wasn't the goal for republican senator joni ernst ahead of the democratic caucuses in her home state of iowa on monday. while democrats used the senate impeachment trial on their end to spell out trump's wrongdoing, republicans seemed more interested in actually doing the dirty work that trump tried and failed to get ukraine to do, namely, smearing joe biden and his family with sleazy kremlin-sourced fiction. here's how biden responded on wednesday. >> this new republican party has spent a lot of time slandering me and my only surviving son. repeatedly. and by the way, did anyone see what joni ernst said the other day? she spilled the beans, didn't she? they're smearing me to try to stop me and they know if i'm the nominee i'm going to beat donald trump like a drum.
10:22 pm
>> so those beans fully spilled. joining us is symone sanders, adviser for the biden campaign. good to see you. >> good to see you, joy. >> there were a lot of troubling things that happened in the impeachment hearing but one of the worst that happened was members of donald trump's defense team seemed to be trying to implement the smear campaign that donald trump is being impeached for. let me play you a little bit of that. >> hunter biden is paid $83,000 a month, a month, to sit on that board with no experience in energy, no experience in the ukraine, doesn't speak the language. >> why? why did burisma want hunter biden on its board? why did they want to pay him millions of dollars? well, he did have one qualification. he was the son of the vice president of the united states. he was the son of the man in charge of the ukrainian
10:23 pm
portfolio for the prior administration. and we are to believe there is nothing to see here. >> there are so many ironies obviously with pam bondi we could go into a whole segment. we actually might do it. and just you know, donald trump, all of his children all making money off the name trump. ironies aside, the challenge for senator -- for former vice president biden is that when you go back and you remember the hillary clinton campaign, hillary clinton was at 60-something percent popularity going into that race in 2016. by the end gallup word cloud, what had americans heard or read about hillary clinton from july -- all they knew about her. you see how big that is? e-mail. she was reduced to e-mails by a mix of russian propaganda and republican insistence and the media, to be blunt, playing along. is there a risk that joe biden will be e-mails, he'll be
10:24 pm
hillary clintoned if he's the nominee? >> i think republicans and donald trump have been trying to do that to vice president biden frankly since before he even got into this race. donald trump has obviously been very concerned about vice president biden from the beginning. joe biden is the only person in this race that has had to compete in a democratic primary and compete with donald trump. we have been taking him on from the beginning. and i think what that signals to voters, especially voters here in iowa who have noted that beating donald trump is one of the top things on their agenda, something me care most about in electing someone, no one obviously -- vice president biden is the person donald trump is most worried about. from our campaign's perspective, joy, it's important that we aggressively get the facts out there. just as you introduced this segment, you noted that these were salacious lies and conspiracy theories. look, we're not going to play donald trump's game here. we're not going to feed into it. and we're going to beat back these lies every chance we get. but we're also going to run our race, joy, and talk about the
10:25 pm
issues. >> that doesn't mean that unfortunately the media might not still do deep dives on hunter biden. right? the media played that role in a sense in 2016 of in a way playing into it, right? the clinton kaz was xerlted in the "new york times." >> our message to folks in the media is we're not going to play donald trump's game and you shouldn't either. keep the eye on the ball. >> what is that -- >> the question here is about what donald trump did. this isn't about joe biden. donald trump's own -- the one thing the impeachment hearings did do for our campaign is to totally exonerate joe biden using officials from the trump administration. donald trump's own current and former administration officials noted that vice president biden did nothing wrong with his handling of ukraine, that he carried out the american people's policy in ukraine, reformers in ukraine, the imf, the eu. he did his job. who didn't do his job is donald trump. and that is why where we are now, joy. we're going to be aggressive on the facts. we're not going to play this game of what if hunter biden. what if that. hunter biden, this is not about him. joe biden this is not about him. this is about donald trump.
10:26 pm
>> you're in the communications shop. on the debate stage is joe biden prepared to look at donald trump and start asking about jared and ivanka and don jr.'s business interests using his name? >> so let me be clear. joe biden has been taking on donald trump since day one and he can't wait to get on the debate stage with donald trump. but you know, vice president biden is not going to sink to donald trump's level in that vein. he has been very clear that he has been raised and the way he came up he's not going to go after other people's children. we don't need to do that. we can talk about the facts and what donald trump has not done for the american people. >> so joni ernst is not a senator who goes back to the biden era. but you know, vice president biden is a former united states senator. he's talked a lot about the idea that if he becomes the president he can work across the aisle. but now you see that fellow members of the united states senate, this august body, this supposedly greatest deliberative body on earth, are willing to traffic in kremlin propaganda
10:27 pm
against the former vice president of the united states. can joe biden maintain that message of being able to work with republicans when these are the republicans? >> look, joy, you have to. if you want to get anything done -- look, i want to take people back to 2018. democrats took back the house because the american people overwhelmingly across the country in districts that donald trump won in 2016 voted to send folks to washington who would get something done and put a check on the president. so look, no one has more reason than joe biden to not want to work with the republicans. okay? in the way that they have smeared his own surviving son, his family. they are trafficking as you noted in this propaganda. but a president has to be able to but also has to be able to heal and get things done. that is what's unique about joe biden. he's ready to be commander in chief day one. he knows this is not about him, this is about the american people. and to senator joni ernst. i would proffer that the people of iowa heard joni ernst very loud and clear. she kind of said the quiet part out loud at that press conference. and i think that joni ernst
10:28 pm
doesn't want iowans to caucus for joe biden on monday. i think it's on iowans to prove joni ernst -- >> she's not sumer popular. her favorables and unfavorables are sort of tied. on joe biden's sort of core electability issues let's go through a couple of things. the sanders campaign has hit pretty hard on past and on his record of whether or not he was supportive of civil rights, the questions about bus -- >> joy -- >> hold on, let me finish the question. and we know those things will come back up. if they're coming up through surrogates of the sanders campaign or any other campaign they will come up in the general. how does vice president biden answer that and things like the crime bill? these things will come up. she was just the wife and it hurt hillary clinton. how does it come up? >> we've been talking about these issues from the beginning. i think people will remember
10:29 pm
very vividly a conversation about busing in this election not too long ago. and the reality is voters know joe biden. he does have a record to stand on. it's a record that when he was in the senate he presided over and fought for the longest extension of the voting rights act in this country. 25 years defending the voting rights act. we have put forward a criminal justice plan, putting justice back in the criminal justice system. it's a very progressive plan that puts juvenile justice. most times when they're talking about reforming the system they're not talking about the juvenile justice system and it's our young people, particularly young people of color, black and brown young folks who have most to lose in this system. we're talking about automatic expulsion of records for marijuana use. we're talking about the decriminalization of marijuana. we have a bold and progressive vision to put forward and we're not shying away from any conversations about vice president biden's record. i'd like to know lastly, joy, people want to talk about banning assault weapons in this country. the last time they were banned, hello, '94 crime bill. public assault weapons ban for ten years. he does have a record to stand on. it's a record about getting things done. >> the age is an issue that's come up because we have candidates ranging from 38 to senator biden and sanders. >> we have a range. >> does that inform the choice that joe biden has to make if he's the nominee as a running mate? does he need to pick essentially his successor and is it
10:30 pm
important to the campaign and to his electability that that person be a woman, be a person of color? is there some criteria that says that that is what he's picking? >> i'd like to note joe biden is not the oldest person in this race, joy. but i will say when it comes to picking a vice presidential nominee vice president biden has been very clear he wants someone who is that he likes to say is simpatico. just like when president obama gave vice president bide-tone do things like the recovery act, bringing our troops home, vice president biden would like -- >> who was he talking to? kamala harris? >> joy, we're not having conversations with anybody -- >> it's just you and me here, symone. >> we're out here trying to win the votes of the people of iowa and folks across the country. we want people to caucus on monday, joy. i encourage people to get in there and get in line by 6:30. because if you're not there by 6:30, they're going to close those doors by 7:00. and we encourage you to caucus
10:31 pm
for vice president biden because we are in a battle for the soul of the nation. >> the folks whoever come out for the candidates today are something else. thank you very much. up next a nobel prize-winning economist fact-checks trump. ( ♪ ) ♪ the sun is risin' ♪ ♪ as the day begins ♪ time for reflectin' on family and friends ♪ ♪ and hey, we got somethin' ♪ ♪ just for you (sniffing) ♪ it's a cup of your favori-i-i-ite... ♪ (loud splashing) (high-pitched laughter) dang woodchucks! with geico, the savings keep on going. just like this sequel. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance.
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all right. tomorrow morning on "a.m. joy" pete buttigieg joins me live. but first i've got this gorgeous crowd here including two very special people, amber and crystal, wave, who were part of our focus group that trymaine lee came out and did. but i want to ask each of you what is your biggest issue you're voting on? >> my biggest issue is mental health care. >> and how about you? >> mine is immigration. >> all right. those are going to be some of the issues you're going to hear tomorrow. you're going to definitely want to listen on "a.m. joy" for that. but i want to talk a little about impeachment. it's been such an important momentous thing that happened. what have you made of this impeachment trial thus far? what have you made of it? >> i think it's kind of a game. i don't know that i'd call it a trial because i don't feel that it's very just. so it doesn't matter what the
10:36 pm
facts are. it's the republicans versus the democrats. so it's kind of a joke. >> it's just politics. anybody else? anybody have thoughts on impeachment? >> this is a blatant power grab by the republican party and i think they've done it. >> yeah. is anybody more motivated to vote because of what you've seen of the impeachment trial? raise your hand. are you more motivated to vote? more motivated to vote. is anybody afraid of what would happen if donald trump now having been so blessed to -- blessed by the republican party to do whatever he wants, anybody afraid? you're nodding your head. let me kind of come over to this lovely young lady here. does it make you afraid that donald trump would have that much power if he's re-elected? >> i think that he's been emboldened by what the senate failed to do and their responsibilities. and it's very disheartening. >> joni ernst is now sort of trying to pitch negative items about donald trump, some of the defense lawyers for donald trump tried to do that. did any of that pak you more sympathetic toward joe biden or less sympathetic toward joe
10:37 pm
biden? did it change your attitude hearing that case against him? nobody? is there anybody here who's changed their vote and who they support based on what you've seen in the impeachment trial? has anybody changed their mind? you're pretty much locked in. how many people are decided right now who you're going to vote for? decided who you're going to vote for. anybody undecided? undecided. what are you waiting to hear? what do you need to hear to help you decide? >> just spending some time tomorrow to make a decision. and then i'll announce at the caucus that i chair. >> oh, he's going to -- listen, we just got a bigwig here. this is how we roll. we've got a fabulous crowd here. i thank you all for giving us your thoughts. more "a.m. joy" is coming up live from iowa. best time ever. after the break. eak. still looking for a dry skin solution? try eucerin advanced repair lotion. it helps stop dryness from recurring by going beyond ceramides with natural moisturizing factors found in skin eucerin advanced repair lotion for healthier looking skin.
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so that more people can stay in their homes instead of lose them. she wanted to know what we were doing to improve our housing programs so that we could offer more housing opportunity to people out there that needed it. she wanted to know what we were going to do to make sure that more people had a safe, decent, affordable place to live instead of sleeping on the streets at night. and y'all, this is what really impressed me about that. this is what impressed me. this is why i remember that moment. because the truth is that if you're a democrat, it's not hard to try and hold republicans
10:42 pm
accountable. and if you're a republican it's not hard to try to hold democrats accountable. she was holding me accountable as a democrat. because to her it wasn't first and foremost about party or position. it was about the people. the people that she was there to represent. the people that she wanted to see have an opportunity. the people that should be at the heart of every single politician's mind. she's never forgotten. she's never lost sight of why she was sent to washington. she's a fighter. i also know that during this campaign, and y'all can imagine, at one time we had 25 candidates that were running. during this campaign nobody has worked harder to try and reach out, to try and unite our party,
10:43 pm
to try and build coalitions, people of different backgrounds, different walks of life. you can see that in this campaign. look around this room. hey, i'm here because she was even willing to reach out to competitors. she believes in unity. she can bring us together. she can do that to defeat donald trump in november. she can make sure that we win. she is the best candidate to do that. please help me welcome the next president of the united states of america, elizabeth warren! ♪ working 9 to 5 ♪ what a way to make a living ♪ barely getting by ♪ it's all taking and no giving ♪ ♪ they just use your mind and they never give you credit ♪ ♪ it's enough to drive you crazy if you let it ♪ ♪ 9 to 5 ♪ for service and devotion >> hello, davenport!
10:44 pm
great to see you. sit down, sit down. so i love you too. let me start by saying a huge thank you to julian castro for that great introduction. but more than just thank you for that great introduction, it is really time to say over and over how much we all appreciate his public service. you know, julian was there early on child care for every single baby in america. julian's there on housing for every single person in america. and julian is there for respect and listening to every single person in america. i am so delighted that julian is part of this because julian is a big part of how we're going to build a future as a democratic
10:45 pm
party. so i want to thank you all for being here. let me start by saying a big thank you. i have family here back in davenport. so this time around i brought son, daughter-in-law -- >> okay. that is obviously elizabeth warren introducing her fam. >> and the dog. >> and the dog. in davenport, iowa. this is the final -- sort of the endgame here. the senators who were sitting in the impeachment trial and are now free to come here and do this. i might have said it on the show. the one potential surprise here, because it does look like it's a one guy or the other kind of thing. the one potential surprise, just in talking with people, just anecdotally around, not here but around the country, is there's a chance that the window for elizabeth warren is that people -- they can't decide between biden and bernie and which is more viable.
10:46 pm
so they sort of split the difference and go with her. >> right. because unlike 2016 there are alternatives. there's an establishment progressive split the same way there was the last time. but there are other options. it's not hillary and bernie. it's bernie elizabeth warren. it's biden and pete or biden and amy klobuchar. so i think that that goofy, you know, who would you vote for if you can't vote for the one you want number is very important this time around. and i believe she has the highest percentage of people -- >> who are second choice. >> as their second choice. >> one of my personal iron rules of politics is the hungriest constituency always gets what they want. and the hungriest constituency in 2008 was black voters who convinced everyone else this is what we want, let's do this. it feels like the most disappointed constituency after 2016 are women. women didn't get the white house. and -- >> and the guy that got it -- >> is not that fond of -- doesn't treat women with much respect.
10:47 pm
>> exactly. >> so there is a chance that women are the hungry constituency. the question is will they trust her to be able to win it all? >> right. that's such a compelling argument this time around, can you win the election. >> what would hurt donald trump's personal spirit more than being beaten by a woman? nothing. >> oh, i'm not sure -- they're going to have to get the jaws of life to get him out of the oval office in that case. >> one answer that might kind of hurt him more than being beaten by a woman. being bitten by a real billionaire. >> that's new york -- >> a new york billionaire that's really a billionaire. that might hurt him. >> and who is not, by the way, shy of mentioning that he has all the money donald trump -- >> and that he made it himself, charlie pierce, thank you very much for sticking with us. up next, more "p.m. joy" live from des moines, iowa! thank you.
10:48 pm
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people keep asking why i'm fighting so hard and it's because i come from a lineage that says you keep fighting even if the victory is not yours because victory will come if we keep fighting for it. that is the way we win. [ applause ] >> thank you. mostly women donors is rejecting the idea that democrats only white house is white working class voters of the rust belt. instead, the group way to win is focusing on expanding voters of color and other democratic leading blocks in what they call foundational states like arizona, florida, north carolina, texas, and virginia. joining me now is tory, president and cofounder of way
10:53 pm
to win, the progressive nearly all women run political action group that's working to get democrats elected around the country. i am excited about this idea of women actually taking the lead in fund-raising. women are not -- i used to work in the same office as a fund-raiser. they were mostly calling men, they were men. women are actually quite successful, though, in the fund-raising world. >> way to win is up ending politics as usual. we're developing strategies that really are designed to get new voters into the electorate. we have a plan in 2020 that is tracking 293 races that underpin the paths to the white house and senate from arizona to pennsylvania. and it's the upending of politics, that's women taking the lead that's actually going to get us a victory in 2020. >> so do you see a pattern in what women donors want and who they want? >> you know, black women are the backbone of the democratic
10:54 pm
party. and it turns out up ending politics also means making sure they have the resources to pull people into the electorate. it is true they get pennies to the dollar in terms of what white democratic operatives are given to do digital and cable strategies, and that's got to change. and there are women of wealth, there are wealthy people who aren't women who think that black women deserve the chance to build out these strategies, that latinas like me have the chance to build out these strategies. so we raised $28 million in 2019, and we are hoping to keep that record moving forward as we head into 2020. >> there's a map of the foundational states. is it discouraging to the women who are putting money up for organizations like yours when the latina candidate is out, the black woman candidate is out. the candidates who are of color haven't been able to survive this long and bloomberg and the two billionaires are in? >> it can be discouraging.
10:55 pm
our eye is on the prize in 2020. the fight it to took to get to iowa on monday is but a fraction of the fight we're going to see when we take on trump in 2020. and the only way to win is bring in new voters. we've seen the track record work. we've seen arizona flip because new voters came into the electorate. we've seen virginia become a trifecta for the first time in 25 years because new voters came into the electorate. i think that we do still have candidates that can inspire those new voters to come in. i also know that we're going to have to invest in local races where there are candidates that reflect the changing demographic of our country, who are going to create a reverse cet tails effect. >> meaning the democratic party has to look different han the rest of the field. >> we have chosen to follow the movement. we're waiting to see how movement leaders are tracking in this particular presidential election. we don't think that necessarily
10:56 pm
it should be money that's dictating where the endorsements go. >> how do you get women to be donors? >> they have to see themselves in the strategies, too. i think having women leaders like at way to win, definitely they see themselves as part of a new political moment where women are really taking a seat at the table. >> i think stacey abrams and people like her are so popular and compelling is because people see someone like her and say that's the future i want. when you guys endorse can you come back and tell me who it is? >> thank you. >> thank you for being with us. and more "am joy." no more me. ali velshi is taking this sucker over pretty soon. he's a systems quarterback. where's the truck? what? parked it right there. male voice: what did i tell you, boys? tonight we eat like kings! (chuckling) you're a genius, gordon! brake! hit the brake! uh, which one's the brake? (crash, bottles smashing)
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it was horrifying. this was my mom, a vibrant woman, just ripped out of the world. everything that we saw in our life was all shattered. he betrayed us to our very core. >> they were a stunning couple, a doctor and a beauty queen. >> she won homecoming queen. she did modeling. >> but the day she was found dead in the tub -- >> who's in the bathtub? >> my wife. >> -- set a mystery in motion. >> my father said, rachel, come home. and then he justup


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