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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  February 2, 2020 3:00am-4:00am PST

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it doesn't matter what lottie says. this case is about carmen. this case is about nick. >> reporter: that's all for this edition of "dateline." i'm natalie morales. thank you for watching. first up on msnbc, one day to go before history is made in iowa. candidates make their closing pitches as voters get ready to caucus. but wait! a last-minute snafu in the gold standard of polls! the white house has several key emails involving dealings with ukraine. why didn't they come out during the president's impeachment trial? a firsthand look at the coronavirus and new insight from ground zero at the outbreak in china. 12 hours from now, there will be a kickoff to the wbig
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game. you have the kansas city chiefs against the san francisco 49ers. >> i invited myself to cori's house tonight for the super bowl party. >> today is a weird calendar days where 02-02-20. you got it! >> make's everyone's head spins. >> the next will be a thousand years from today. >> wow. >> an impactful day and busy week. >> yes, indeed. a bupsy week. historic one for that matter. tomorrow, the first votes will be daft in this year's election during the iowa caucuses. on tuesday, president trump will give his state of the union address to congress and, on wednesday, the senate will hold its final vote on impeachment. >> we turn our focus to the iowa caucuses, a highly anticipated poll of voters in the state is not being released. "the des moines register" pulling the poll after realizing
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that pete buttigieg might have been left off in one interview. they made the tough decision they say because, quote. all of the presidential candidates are campaigning in three states droos tacross the today. bernie sanders drawing thousands with a concert in cedar rapids saturday, where he promised his supporters he would fight against the system. >> we are taking on the entire political establishment, both the republican establishment and the democratic establishment. we are taking on wall street and the insurance companies and the drug companies and the fossil fuel industry and the military industrial complex and the prison industrial complex! and the hole damn 1%! >> do you think bernie sanders actually has vampire weekend on his play list normally?
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>> i think he might just do that. >> big fan. big group. senator elizabeth warren wrapping up a long day in iowa city saying unity should be the party's focus. >> i believe that this is how democrats should be growing our movement and this is how we are going to both beat donald trump in november. and how we are going to start to make real change in january. >> while campaigning in beaverdale, senator amy klobuchar touted her record of flipping republican distributions. >> i have done it not just for me but i have brought people with me and how we flipped the house of state in minnesota and how we will flip it in the state of iowa. >> speaking of flipping. andrew yang is flipping voters. a supporter in boone says yang is the reason he registered as a democrat. >> how are you?
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it's good to be here. oh, my gosh. just days until voting. you are the most powerful and influential people in this country today. joe biden is spending the weekend on the attack discrediting big campaign points for warren and sanders. >> the old saying is that talk is cheap. on politics, talk is sometimes very expensive, especially when you don't tell people how you're going to pay for what you tell them you're going to do. i wonder why they don't know how much it's going to cost to have medicare for all? how much it's going to cost to forgive all student debt? how much is it going to cost going on down the list?
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pete buttigieg honing in on the problems he sees with the two senators' plans for health care. >> it's worth would pointing out, to your friends who are supporting senators warren and sanders, the idea that medicare for all, whether you want it or not, would mean 100% job cuts for anybody who works at any health insurance company in the company. i'm working toward a solution that would be a little more balanced. >> can you believe it? we are almost there. joining us right now from des moines is maureen. you're finally near the end. we have this poll that is a gold standard before the caucuses. what happened there? >> reporter: we are coming to an end of the lead-up to the iowa caucus here but, remember, just the beginning of the 2020 cycle. tomorrow night is the iowa caucus. we were waiting for the last iowa poll coming from the des
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moines cnn and conducted by a well-regarded polster in iowa and known as the gold standard of polls. people are looking for the last gauge of what we might see tomorrow night. one of the campaigns brought to the attention of "des moines register," pete buttigieg's senior adviser put out this tweet last night reading, quote. so like i said we are awawaitin for this poll to see how things might shake out tomorrow night considering we haven't seen a poll like this since the beginning of january. between that time, warren, sanders, klobuchar have been in d.c. not campaigning full-time. they were kind of hoping to see if their results might be impacted at all tomorrow night, but i guess that real poll will
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be tomorrow at caucus. >> we are in the final stretch right now. do most people have their minds made up maid of the caucuses? how important could that second choice be for a lot of people? >> i've been here eight months on the ground and we have seen the polls fluctuate when can comes to the top four and i think people are deciding on on the ground when i talk to voters day in and day out. as recently as yesterday i was covering amy klobuchar throughout the state and voters had not solidly made up their mind. when you see this fluctuation in the top four out to the top five including klobuchar, people are concerned and sensitive what their decision is going to be because they tell me their number one goal is beating donald trump and they are not totally set any one of these top four or five tenants can do that once they get out of iowa. the second choice in iowa, the caucuses are complicated in math and what happens if a candidate
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doesn't have 15% of support in the room their supporters can choose to gather more support until they reach that viability or decide to realign. say clob klobuchar is not viabl they can go for other choices and that can push joe biden or pete buttigieg for hypothetical persons ahead in terms of how many delgs thegates they receiv during that night. >> what is the best you ate during the time you've been there? >> i can't nail that down. i recommend the apple egg rolls and porkchops on a stick. you have to come out for it. >> wow! she has a long list and then some. that would be recommending everybody who does crossfit and not saying about you. >> you got to stay healthy. joining is daniel lipmann, a
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reporter for political. how consequential is this des moines register poll? back to the old days we didn't have polls and people just voted. >> yeah. i think it's probably better for democracy voters are not looking at a poll and deciding who is the most popular. i think that sort of leaves it to a tossup or a wash. and, you know, whoever has done the work the last eight months, that is the person who deserves to win. and so i think it's probably nice to not have to follow what the media is telling you who is most popular. >> senator bernie sanders has seen a rise in the polls. h your colleague at politico points out he is in better shape than joe biden. he has spent 15 million more than biden, warren, or
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buttigieg. how could that factor into tomorrow night's outcome? >> it really is important because you need to have hundreds of, you know, volunteers and staffers on the ground and knocking on doors, organizing supporters and those all important tv and digital ads. so sanders has been, you know, not at the level of michael bloomberg who is just dumping cash on this campaign, but this is very important for sanders and could be a leg up, given he has been out of action the last two weeks during the impeachment trial. >> daniel, you mentioned michael bloomberg and what he is spending. the billionaire says they would raise $5 trillion dollars. how does his plan stack up against the other candidates and how does it show bloomberg's
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viability when it comes against president trump and the economy? >> to answer the first part of your question, many of the candidates have similar tax plans because they wanted to show democrats and their supporters that they are going to reverse what president trump has done, which is to basically give more money to the top, and so it's not at the level always of a sanders or warren in terms of taxing the rich but bloomberg wanted to show he is not out of touch, that he is almost be a trader to his class and that his wealthy friends across the country in business are going to be socked with paying more taxes. i think a lot of democrats realize that to pay for health care and infrastructure, it actually requires taxes and we are not just going to go into the red more with these plans. >> he seeks to champion the middle class and hopefully strengthen the middle class with
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his tax plan. >> he has only been in the race a month now and spent over 300 million dollars on ads. >> a lot of consultants making a lot of money too. >> that's true. >> daniel lippman, thank you. president trump is getting ready to give his state of the union address on tuesday. in a split-screen moment of a high highly impeachment trial. >> how is the president preparing for this and what do we know about the theme of the speech? >> reporter: the president is looking for advice. he is approaching this state of the union like none other. and he has emailed something out to his campaign supporters basically asking them what he should do, what his themes should be. he is clearly signaling that this state of the union will be different and calling it an impeachment war and just a quick refresher. the president will be in the well of the house. he'll be addressing both members
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of the supreme court so that could include john roberts, as well as the very senators who just hours beforehand will be giving speeches and talking about which way they are going to go on voighting for the impeachment trial. he is acknowledging that in the email he sending out and getting their advice on what the theme should be. now, i would note the campaigns often use things like this, surveys like this, emails to try to gather data, to try to figure out what really motivates their core supporters. that is the data side of the trump campaign. there is always the trump side of the trump campaign and that is the president reading a room and trying to tell his voters what he thinks they want to hear. he does that at rallies. the question for the state of the union will be how much will this be like a traditional or we should say untraditional trump rally? or will it be like a more state of the union where you recite policy goals, you do a little bit of a tour of what you've
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accomplished and a bit of a look ahead. i think we are going to get something different and the trump campaign is clearly signaling that. >> hans, this is coming as a new report shows the justice department acknowledging 24 emails that reveal trump's thinking on ukraine. can you tell us more about that? >> what is interesting about this report is that it apparently indicates, at least the omb's lawyers are saying that these emails reveal what is inside the president's head on ukraine, why he withheld that aid and withheld a meeting with president zelensky. we knew about the existence of thej emails and ca these emails and came after the call with michael duffy who told them they need to put a hold on this and not discuss it publicly. so we knew generally what is in
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these emails and heavily redacted. they are saying they should state redacted because they have an indication of where the president's head was at on all of this. now i would just note briefly, this could be where we are for the next several months because if more information drips out about the president's thinking on ukraine, why he did what he did, whether it's in the bolton book or these emails, that would lute democrats to relitigate the impeachment. what the president's aides want to do is move on. >> some people feel a slow drip especially once john bolton's book comes out. nbc hans nichols for us in west palm beach, thank you. we are going to ground zero with a report from wuhan regarding the coronavirus.
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welcome back. i'm cori coffin. protesters breaking out in lebanon.
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thousands are demonstrating in b beirut. they say the beal does not meet the minimum rights and aspirations of the palestinian people. president trump and benjamin netanyahu revealed that plan at the white house on tuesday. newly appointed iraqi prime minister pledged to seek justice for protesters and security forces recently killed in violent demonstrations. thousands of anti-government protesters were quick to dismiss his appeal and called for reform. his appointment comes after two months of political deadlock in the parliament over a nominee. police in florida are searching for a shooter who killed two people and hurt another at a funeral saturday afternoon. an adult man and 15-year-old boy died at the scene. a woman was taken to the hospital. police say the shooter knew the victims and the violence erupted after a family dispute. we want to get to some breaking news. the first coronavirus related death outside of china has been
3:21 am
reported in the philippines. department of health says a 44-year-old chinese man from wuhan died after more than a week in the hospital. this brings the total number of virus related deaths to 304. >> the u.s. health department has chose these four bases in the united states to accommodate hundreds of american citizens who may have to be quarantined after coming home from china. they have to undergo a mandatory evacuation. these states are looking into cases as well. the chinese government is scrambling to build a second temporary field hospital to accommodate the influx of people that they expect to be infected. total number of confirmed cases of coronavirus in china sits at more than 14,000.
3:22 am
incredible video of the hurried situation. we find our next guest, china correspondent for "the new york times" amy chen live on the phone from wuhan. you're right now at the epi center of the outbreak. what is it like for people over there who are still there? >> reporter: well, this is a major city and a city of 11 million people. it's 3 million more than new york city and you can imagine that when they imposed a lockdown here, it was a big shock. ever since then, we are in day 11 and very early silent. when you go outside, there are these huge boulevards that are totally empty. you see only a few cars out on the streets and a few people going out to walk their dogs, to go to the grocery store to buy groceries. otherwise they are mostly trying to stay inside because they are so scared of catching this virus. for some people, though, they -- the people who are feeling ill,
3:23 am
you know, if you go over to the hospital, that is actually where you see most of the action happening in the city right now. >> amy, these are extreme, extreme conditions taking place where they are shutting down cities and shutting down travel to china. do you guys get a sense you're learning the truth from the chinese authorities on the extent to this? >> well, i think that intervene a lot of questions about that because back in 2002 and 2003 during the sars outbreak, it was very clear that the chinese government was trying to cover up the extent to which which outbreak had spread, and so this time around, many experts have been praising china for its transparency and, indeed, you know, just on our phone, we get alerts every hour what is happening. i do think there are still remaining questions about whether or not they have been reporting this in a timely manner and whether everyone who needs to be getting tested is getting tested and if all of the deaths are being properly
3:24 am
diagnosised or if they are being put down as having died of another cause something like severe pneumonia or viral pneumonia which could possibly have been the coronavirus and maybe it wasn't diagnosised. >> amy chen of "the new york times," thank you very much. i encourage everybody to go to amy's twitter page and read the article she put out about this and it's very insightful. >> i hope she stays safe in heart of where this is taking place. >> it's hard to picture that city being closed down. >> it's hard not to be around people when you live in a packed city so you can imagine how people are feeling there. coming up, we will show you must-read op-eds of the day. >> president's legal battles are far from finished. how supreme court is getting into the fight over his financial records. getngti into the fight over his financial records.
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we are back with this morning's must read editorials. first, with voters set to gather tomorrow, interesting teaming here for "the washington post" and their editorial board saying the iowa caucuses are fundamentally flooawed.
3:29 am
reform this cycle requires the parties to report tallies of total initial supporters as well as final counts after caucus-goers have rearight hand. >> iowa wants to keep their system. if they switch to a primary, then new hampshire has the first dibs on a primary. >> what is that about? >> here is the next one. is hillary clinton angling to become vice president? what this op-ed asks from the hill douglas mckinnon.
3:30 am
in it, he writes, quote. i am assured that clinton is on every short list for that position. >> who wrote this? >> this is what mr. doug mackinnon is writing. >> she has been chiming in a lot. >> do you think she would want to go to vp after a close taste to becoming president? >> you don't have through iowa or new hampshire in february and you just show up in the summer in milwaukee and say hello, wisconsin, i'm ready. a take from "the new york times" paul krugman.
3:31 am
all right. joining us again is politico reporter daniel lippman. do you agree with that? >> i would probably kind of give us less to do if, you know, whoever is nominated actually gives the same policies. so i do think there are differences. if you elected a bernie sanders, you would have a much different washington in terms of the people, agencies and the policies that are pursued than if you're going to get a bernie sanders or elizabeth warren. >> daniel, with the iowa caucuses tomorrow, i want to get your thoughts on the "the washington post" editorial. the board saying since iowa caucus the results will be less fair and democratic than they should be. is that fair? >> i think it's totally fair in some ways because iowa does not look like the rest of the country in terms of diversity
3:32 am
and also as our demographics and population is changing. it's much whiter and older than the rest of kind of the rising class in this country, and so if you basically put all of your eggs in one basket in terms of iowa and new hampshire, whoever wins those states are well positioned going forward, then that gives people who are not necessarily the majority, you know, decisive power in selecting who the nominee is, so that kind of leaves out many different groups who would want to weigh in and why nevada and south carolina are important but iowa, the vast majority candidates give is on iowa. >> was he can't let you go without asking you the hill op-ed, the hillary clinton angling to become vp op-ed. in it, mackinnon says this.
3:33 am
another hot take here from this particular article. do you think that there is any chance this could become reality? >> anything is possible. who knew that ten years ago donald trump would be the president and would be well-positioned to have a good shot for re-election? and ivanka trump and jared kushner would be inspector advisers? >> a lot we couldn't predict. >> yeah. i think hillary may be kind of tired of public life and elected office but she definitely wants to stay in the mix and have her voice heard. you're seeing new documentaries and she is agreeing to appear on podcasts and is kind of the toast of the town in sundance. so i think that she wants to basically keep her voice
3:34 am
influential in the paerrty. >> she was the last nominee for the party. >> my sense she could be sort of fatigued but willing to lend her benevolent voice. >> she won more votes than trump and i'm sure she thinks about that every day. >> thank you, daniel. new information this morning about how donald trump's legal troubles are far from over. >> on friday, the supreme court scheduled oral arguments in march for three cases involving access to president trump's financial records. just some of the several ongoing legal battles tied to the president and his companies and his associates. >> joining us is glenn kirchner. >> what we have now is supreme court setting an argument for what are basically three cases
3:35 am
that they have consolidated into one. that argument will be held the end of march and we are hoping for an opinion in june. basically, the three cases are all seeking tax records and financial records of the president. one of the cases is coming out of new york where they are seeking tax records to see if he might have been engaged in tax crimes or financial fraud in connection with the stormy daniels and karen mcdougal payoffs and the other two from congressional subpoena for business documents and financial records of the president to potentially legislate in that area and to otherwise see when michael cohen said the president is involved in financial fraud deflating his assets, depending on his goal. congress is digging in and looking into that. all three cases have been consolidated into one and that is what we are going to hear arguments about before the supreme court in late march.
3:36 am
>> glenn, one of the arguments during this impeachment trial was even though what the president did was wrong, it should be up to the voters to decide in november whether he stays in office. what is the likelihood that any of these other investigations would bear a different result? >> you know, that's a great question. i would say in recent weeks, it hasn't been a really strong run for justice. i could make the argument that in the last few years, it hasn't been a strong run for justice. and here is my concern with how the supreme court might handle these financial cases. first of all, you know, we have a president who is above the criminal law because bill barr's department of justice through the legal counsel memo said a criminal president cannot be prosecuted. now, as of yesterday, we have mitchell mcconnell's senate saying the president is really above impeachment because even though we have all of this
3:37 am
incriminating information potentially, witnesses, documents, waiting in the wings to testify, mitch mcconnell orchestrated a voted saying the american people are not entitled to hear this incriminating information about a sitting president. he orchestrated through his no witnesses vote basically a precedent saying the president seems to be above impeachment as well. this could be the third nail in the coffin because if the supreme court rules that no one is entitled to see what may be fraudulent financial documents and tax information from a sitting president, that would mean he is also above being held accountable in a civil court of law. and i think the supreme court would arguably have to overturn its own precedent in 1997, the clinton v jones opinion saying he was is not above the civil
3:38 am
law. i think if we get a third opinion that would be a hat trick on his way to becoming a dictator. >> interesting analysis. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. "the new york times" investigation found widespread bullying and harassment of victoria secret's models and employees. stephen king is quitting facebook and tweeting he is not comfortable with false information in its political ads and not in its ability to protect user privacy. what do you have to say for yourself, mr. bolton? >> your honor, the things i saw president trump do inside made me deeply worried about the future of democracy! >> and why are you only coming out with this now? >> because i'm a messy [ bleep ] who loves drama! >> now this -- >> this -- >> last night's "saturday night live" had a different version of
3:39 am
imprecht tri impeachment trial. you have to see it to believe it. a look at new emojis. pinched finger there for italian. >> more gender neutral emojis. >> fathers holding babies as well. previously it was only -- >> i think -- has a claim on that? looming questions in iowa just ahead of the state's caucus. >> it's not who voters will pick but what the turnout will be like. we will take you to dubuque coming up. >> coming up on msnbc live is representatively ayanna pressley campaigning for bernie sanders. y campaigning for bernie sanders
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welcome back. quick clarification. ayanna pressley is campaigning for elizabeth warren. she is a co-chair of warren's campaign. dozens of democratic presidential candidates, it is almost time for the iowa voters to decide on those candidates. we have a ticker over a day left. >> the caucus is tomorrow and they offer a strong indication how the democratic party could shape up in the coming months. >> nbc correspondent who is in dubuque, iowa, this morning. what kind of turnout are they
3:44 am
expecting right now from the caucus goers? >> good morning. we started our week on a farm in west iowa and now east in dubuque. all of the across the state we have been talking to voters who could help make this a record turnout from folks who didn't show up in 2016 but sure are planning to be there on monday, to people who have never caucused before. we talked to them about what is getting them so eager to show up this time around. take a listen. iowans have an outsized role in american politics. the first voters to have a say in the presidential election. >> it feels really, really empowering. >> i've been knocking some doors. i think people are excited to come out. >> i get this feeling of i need to do something. >> reporter: in 2016 only 15.7% of eligible voters in iowa showed up to caucus. why didn't you caucus in 2016? >> i thought it was a done deal. i really thought hillary had it. >> reporter: this time around, though, the hawkeye state are
3:45 am
expecting record turnout. what are you planning to do this year? >> i'm caucuses. >> reporter: tina lives in a rural farm in iowa with her husband john. >> within the last couple of days i've been asked to be the precinct chair. >> reporter: what has changed to make you more gaejed? >> i think it's fair. i'm more nervous this time around. >> reporter: the caucus might see more diversity this year. latino in iowa has more than doubled since 2000. >> reporter: she is a new citizen and first-time caucus goer and seen the barriers to political engagement. >> people are working sometimes two or three jobs and then it can also be language. >> reporter: have you seen a shift in the latino community to be more engaged this time around? >> there is more urgency. there is more like full frontal attack on our community. i always heard the phrase of the latino sleeping giant. i think we are going to see some
3:46 am
important turnout increase. >> reporter: the sleeping giant might wake up? >> maybe it has. >> reporter: the urgency has more people willing to do what it takes. >> just being a single parent is pretty tough to commit that much time. >> reporter: karen peterson is caucusing for the first time and grew up republican but recently reregistered as a democrat. >> i'm really concerned about my daughter and her future. >> reporter: you're not only caucusing, you're actually taking an active leadership role in the process? >> yes. i am a precinct captain for the warren campaign. this election is the most important one of my lifetime. >> reporter: but not everyone is convinced. tina's husband john is an independent who has never caucused. >> it's kind of a privacy thing. i didn't want to tip my hand, so to speak. >> reporter: but he might change his mind this time. this is the first year you've considered it? >> yes. we have a government that can't change. for that we have to change as
3:47 am
citizens. politics not a word. it is something to be proud of and your ability to compromise. >> reporter: one thing that struck me is these first-time caucus goers not only are they making all sorts of plans to insure they can be there but they are taking leadership roles, they are volunteers and it's just a sign that there is something a little bit different in the air with this year's iowa caucus. >> the excitement is definitely kicked in. just one day to go. our thanks to you from dubuque. what do people of colors -- of color think about the candidates or voters of colors? we sit down with joy read with a man after speaking with black iowa voters. yes, are there are black voters in iowa. he talks about their concerns and views on the political state of the nation. >> i believe that, a, the color
3:48 am
of the party right now represents the temperature of our country, okay? so i also believe whoever is elected should be able to pick the best person for the job, whether it's a brown or black person or not. i think that as black people, there are those that would expect us to warrant desire or demand somebody of color to have that position as the vice president. i don't have that demand. >> you can hear more from those voters. catch joy's conversation with tremaine lee and she speaks with pete buttigieg and she will be in iowa. >> the desk looks cool too. >> a neat setup they have. >> last night was super saturday night and this is sunday.
3:49 am
>> americans are expected to shell out a record amount on today's big game. >> the big spenders are the sponsors. a look at super bowl ads that are getting the most buzz. next! next ure artist, i appreciate what makes each person unique. that's why i like liberty mutual. they get that no two people are alike and customize your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. almost done. what do you think? i don't see it. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ ♪ the amount of student loan debt i have i'm embarrassed to even say i felt like i was going to spend my whole adult life paying this off thanks to sofi, i can see the light at the end of the tunnel as of 12pm today, i am debt free ♪
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welcome back, ecverybody.
3:53 am
we are just about 12 hours away from kickoff to the super bowl. this year many americans are expected to spend more than $13 billion on food and drinks alone. >> how much do chips cost? >> is that half the stadium? >> that's the picture of gardens. kickoff is at 6:30 p.m. >> good tastes for super bowl fooe feasts are getting more expensive. >> that doesn't include what they plan to spend on advertising. we know ads are expected. and the expected $7 billion spent onion line gambling. joining us to break it all down. sabile marcellus. we're not seeing just sales on ads, food and drink. break it down for us. is it each person spending?
3:54 am
is this more or less than last year? >> yeah, so americans, about 100 million are expected to watch the super bowl this year because there's so much anticipation when it comes to the kansas city chiefs and the san francisco 49ers. we haven't seen them win a super bowl in years. so a lot of people are paying attention and spending big when it comes to watching the super bowl, either at home or at a bar or at a friend's house during their super bowl party. so people are spending on big ticket items such as buying new furniture, brand-new couch for friends to come over, a brand-new flat screen tv to a couple dollars on a bag of chips. americans are expected to spend $17.2 billion. that's much higher than last year on average per person about $89. that's higher than $81 last year. and for those who would actually like to watch the super bowl live in miami, i was checking it out. ticket prices on resale ticket platforms were averaging about $8,000. >> oh, my goodness.
3:55 am
commercials, of course, during the game just as popular as the game. let's watch a clip. >> typical americans, maybe because we live typical american lives. like this typical american showing off his strength, so typical. look at him, touching other people's things. always so competitive. typical americans showing up uninvited. >> there's got to be some research showing that companies with inspirational messages sell more product. >> yes, absolutely. >> i love that commercial. it's so inspirational. if you're labeled average, typical, you're actually not. it celebrates america's greatness. the typical everyday heroic things that we do. there's going to be tons of ads during the super bowl that have this kind of inspirational message. others will break through. it's all about breaking through the clutter.
3:56 am
they want us to be talking about their commercial during the super bowl, tweeting it, facebook it, instagraming it, doing the same thing on monday, tuesday, wednesday. most importantly, opening our wallets. facebook will be having their first super bowl add ever. you can't get away mr. politics. president trump and michael bloomberg will be airing ads. >> absolutely. a lot of people betting on stuff including the first song j. lo will be playing. any guesses, sabile, on what they're saying will be the first song? >> i'm not sure. there's a bunch of j. lo songs i like. i haven't betted. i'm hoping "let's get loud." >> that is what they're saying is the number one. thank you. >> thanks, guys. last-minute fumble. >> one day to go before the iowa caucuses. what's usually the gold standard ended up canceled. along with support, chantix is proven to help you quit. with chantix you can keep smoking at first and ease
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first up on msnbc, countdown to iowa. history in the making this week. with the first votes of the 2020 presidential election set to cast tomorrow. and how a last-minute error canceled the release of the final big poll. global outbreak. new cases of coronavirus appearing in the u.s. and around the world. how health officials are trying to stop the spread of the virus. and game time. as the 49ers and chiefs get ready to take the field tonight for some people it's all about the ads. we'll take a look