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tv   The Beat With Ari Melber  MSNBC  February 4, 2020 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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6:00 on the east coast. if you were watching our last hour, you saw something unique and rather incredible on live television. steve kornacki, our consense us first ballot walk on hall of fame elections expert had to do work normally associated with an entire election night in just a few moments, as we watched.
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as the numbs filled up our computers. the numbers have continued to come in. steve has been sedated. we can now talk to him at the big board what more do we know about we didn't know at the top of the 5:00? >> we can tell you, 62% of the precinctses in the state of iowa have been reported. it seems to have stablized so we can catch our breath. the question is where is the outstanding vote so we can take a look at this the larger the bubble is, the more precincts yet to come in. the biggest by far, des moines. this is polk county before the 20% of the state in terms of turnout and you see the most precincts here. what does it look like in polk? sanders, 27, 26, warren, 21.
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these are the state delegate egie quegive lents. again, you're seeing the statewide story. a 4-point advantage over buttigieg on the first preference. they go through that process. buttigieg benefiting more than sanders. you see barely half is in right there. there are in this county by far, there are 177 precincts in polk county. there are right now 84 of them have yet to report. now, of those 84 counties in 2016, remember, sanders lost polk by 7 points to clinton in 2016. of those 84, 42 of them voted for hillary clinton in 2016 over bernie sanders. 19 of them were for sanders over
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clinton. and 23 of them were perfect ties. 42, clinton, 19, sanders, 23 clinton. that's what it was in the outstanding precincts in polk county will so we're trying to find out if there's anything at and around drake university. not in. did i hear that right? the precincts around drake university, that would be probably advantage sanders, advantage warren. she's doing well here, too. we've seen the best in those places. those are not in. so potentially sanders could run up some numbers. but i think polk is where the most outstanding votes are statewide. the advantage for buttigieg, 25 state delegates. about 2100 of these statewide so there are still more to come. sanders would have to make that up and the story continues to be that on the first preference, sanders leads on the state delegates equivalents, buttigieg
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leads. >> you're saying there are 84 separate precincts. 84 places where iowans gathered and talked about their preference that's we've got crickets from so far. coming up on 24 hours and iowa can't tell as you thing about what they decided. >> in des moines, where the state party headquarters are, have they reported to the state and the state is still doing this manual you had a it? i think that's possible. it hasn't been released to us. so from polk county, we don't know right now. 84 still to come in. david, how did this happen? >> well, hey, in the midst of this mess, let's call out steve. looking at your little dots there. i think there are three counties that are in. >> wow, i can hear champagne
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corks. why did this happen? i think the original sin, people may disagree with this. i think it was forcing all these new sets of numbers to be reported. clearly there was technological problems. my understanding is precinct officials didn't want to use the app. they wanted to call in like they always did. there was not the manpower, womanpower to take it. we've talked about the caucuses, this is last time we'll see it. what does it mean to the race? we've been talking about joe biden got out of iowa more cleanly than he might have otherwise. pete buttigieg won't get the full measure of the victory. bernie sanders did as well. >> i have to jump in and say, we have no idea. and 2016 had a lot of people saying more than they knew and thinking more than they knew.
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when we sit on television and say this won't be priced in, that's just what people on television and the party will do. i don't know. i will tell you this. the story has changed. the story right now is that pete buttigieg and bernie sanders are having a really good night in iowa. instead of being able to say that at 10:00 p.m., we're saying at this time next night at 6:00 p.m. look at this. it is fluid, kit change. nbc news says it is too early to call. the big headline took a day to arrive. mere it is. buttigieg and sanders doing really well. elizabeth warren who had started to be undervalued also coming in really well. who would have told you a year bag elizabeth warren would be out ahead of joe biden? and in this polk county area, i lived in des moines and polk county. i ran 19 precincts in 2004. you know a lot about iowa. >> i disagree with you on the impact. >> let's get into it.
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we have about 50% plus. we were talking about this in the commercial break. in polk county, the numbers we're seeing, you're looking at the results in polk county. sanders, 27. warren, 21, biden, 15. what does that tell you? in the numbers still coming in, polk county is matching the numbers of the rest of the state. translation, sanders and buttigieg having a good night in the early numbers and having a good night in polk county. the only difference i see thus far, fluid, it can change. elizabeth warren is doing better in polk county than other parts of the state. it is the urban part of iowa. what we're seeing is a big night for all three of them. and david can advise us on how and when it will matter. running the eye was caucus before. it is what will happen in the rest of the primary?
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i don't know. here it is, a great night for buttigieg and sanders and elizabeth warren beating expectations and coming in as a viable alternative to bernie sanders. >> would you much rather be sanders or buttigieg than anyone else. we live in a world where information is on our phone every second. when front-runners stumble, if they don't get full penalty, it matters. when you're the insurgent, the underdog, and i've led a campaign. everything has to go right to win. so for mayor pete, even if he gets 50 to 75%, that will be a challenge. i think bernie sanders lost, he would have gone out. i think it probably mataries little less than the other candidates. so i think what's important is that probably the trends, and what you see in iowa, what could
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that mean? nevada, south carolina. in terms of building the coalition. that's important. >> that's where we may agree a little bit. what we're seeing here. notwithstanding. he went out unknown, untestinged and had a really good night. can buttigieg do that in other places? for the heart of the democratic party, they've been discussing it. for the part of the democratic party looking for alternatives to bernie sanders, who also, i'll saying, had a great night, the question here is, is elizabeth warren third here and well positioned elsewhere, is she that alternative? >> let's bring in someone for whom this is not his first rodeo. james carville is with us. your beloved party is having some issues, kind of the opposite of what lsu did this year. if this isn't a mess in iowa, as
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i said to claire mccaskill, it will do until the mess gets here. >> other things worried me. apparently the turnout is not what i would have expected. others have spektexpected. the numbers are still coming in. the polling averages have not been very good the last ten days. and i've seen some pretty good polls that show enthusiasm among democrats is not as high as we would like it. so there's something as people are watching this process that is concerning. i do want to take a chance to congratulate mayor pete and his staff. that was a remarkable night they had in des moines. i think this is not going particularly well so far. w this party needs to wake up and make sure that we talk about things are relevant to people west need to go back to 2018 where we had good, diverse,
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strong candidates that had real connections and talked about real things. we don't need to become british labor party. that's a bad thing. it's not going well over there. so democrats, i want to say, don't these candidates, and mayor pete has something going. hopefully senator warren can become that student at the university of houston, the one that knows the plights people go through. who knows, maybe mayor mike can come on. but right now, i have to tell you. i'm not very impressed. >> i have to say, james, i'm amazed at how often i hear democrats remindsing other democrats, if you don't win, none of it is worth anything. >> without power, there's only one moral imperative in this country right now. and that is to beat donald trump. that's the only moral imperative. it is the only thing i want to hear. until we understand that, we win every argument.
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on anything. we don't win the elections because we talk about stuff that is not relevant. we had a great experience in 20 scene and the day after we started thought goofy stuff. hopefully we've got time jerk this thing back and be about health care and drug prices and education and irastructure and climate and diplomacy. this is not happening so far. we can't act like this is going well. we can't come out and put three wonderful talking points. these campaigns have to be more relevant. for gosh sakes, senator warren, get real out here. you know, let's move this thing along. we've got to do that. >> joe biden barely fit on the graphic we have next to you. he came out of there in fourth place last night. what do you make of jk and his campaign? >> he's had an honorable life in
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politics. all right? this is just not the time. so what has happened is, he blocked out access from my guy, michael bennett, my dear friend, governor bullock, from senator booker, probably some people that were going on run didn't run because he was in the race. and maybe he'll come back. he'll have a difficult time. this is not a very good night for him to say the least. >> i don't know. nancy pelosi. that's my idea. come on, speaker. get somebody in there. i think this thing in milwaukee is not off to a good start. i see all kinds of things very concerning there. and i'm just looking at the mega polling averages. i'm looking at public opinion right now. and frankly, we've got to snap back and get this things going. i don't want to think about what would happen if we had four more
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years of trump. >> as i always say, you can't run a whole foods race in what is still a campbell soup nation. ari has a few questions for you. >> good to see you. a big night. you look at the numbers we now have. more people showed up to their caucus sites, according to the new numbers, bernie sanders more than anyone else. yada yada, he was basically now still vying for first with pete buttigieg. what does that tell but the enduring strength of bernie sanders in this primary going into new hampshire where did he well last cycle? are you the democrat that can get behind him if he's the nominee? >> well, i get behind him. i have no choice. look at the british labor party. we're like talking about people voting from jail cells. we're talking about not having a border. i mean, come on, people.
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every day people are out there struggling. >> you were saying you consider bernie sanders for open borders? for people voting? >> he said that we should give people a ticket. all right? i'm saying what he said. if you read are brownstein, $35 trillion in spending, read all of it. of course i would vote for him but i don't want democratic party of the united states to be the labor party of the united kingdom. >> we'll bring back all of our panelists. >> the best bio i've seen in a presidential campaign.
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she had a very good critique which was that corruption is holding the country back. for some reason i don't know why, she decided to chase bernie's left tail all over the country and became nobody for some exotic positions, to put it mildly. if she can get back to what she's about, i know her not well but she's a very smart, obviously, very smart. i think she understands. you can talk about what you talk about is your choice. and i just hope that she gets back to talking about being that afraid single mother going to the university of houston. working. and knowing the struggles that people go through. and not be so program attic or anything else but say i have the skill to put this to work. to improve your life. and i think that would be good. i love her daycare plan.
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she has some things that she can do. she has a second wind here. she'd better, she has to get serious. >> james, you're about to hear from david plouffe and others. >> james, good to see you. i want to go to the gentle election. i share your concern. you know the electoral college exceedingly well. best case scenario for us, what states are in play and do you fear in sanders is our nominee, we're kind of down the a nor margin for error race? >> okay, david. so sanders is our nominee. i'm going on vote for him. the speaker holds on to the house. of course we don't pick up the senate. 18% elects 52% of the senate. i have to remind him of. . do you know what will change? nothing. the majority leader, the
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republicans controlled the federal courts. come organizatin, people. we've got a big election here. we should be able to take back the senate. we have to get relevant. this is all something that is not working the way that it needs to work. on they have to develop some skill. i don't criticize other consultants, some of the stuff they come one is insane. i don't know who thinks about this. >> i'm going to play devil's advocate for bernie sanders being the nominee. a lot of people come pair him. i say he might be closer to obrador in mexico. the existing parties have so disappointed everybody. people are disgusted with democrats. they don't go for republicans. >> why do i think people are disgusted with democrats? we had the highest turnout in 2018 since women were granlth the right to vote. we had the biggest margin.
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we randal a smart campaign and it worked. it mat here's the candidate is. it matters what a party chooses to talk about. i'm 75 years old. why am i here doing this? because i am scared to death. let's get relevant here for sure. >> okay. all of sanders people are taking pictures. >> they were -- >> yes. i don't want to go down that path. >> okay. all i've got for you, james, this is claire. i just love you. >> i love you, too. your analysis, if you look at the press corps went aoc crazy. in the caucuses, to combine the left side of the party, i don't consider myself a liberal. by the way. but klobuchar and buttigieg got
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lot of votes. we have to decide what we want only the. do we want to be an ideological cult? or to have the instinct to have the majority party? he know where you stand. you had to run in a red state. you and i know that 18% of the country elects 52 senators. the urban core won't get it double. what we need is power. do you understand? that's what this is about. without power you have nothing. you just have talking points. in the martin corps they say wish in one sxhanld do something in the other. which hand will fill up the fastest? we'd better get something. get serious here. a lot of democrats around the country are concerned. i know these donors, they won't give a popsicle to the dnc right now. i can tell you that. >> we haven't talked cynsince t holidays.
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as i said, that was a hell of a football game. >> it was really exciting, really fun. those kids, they're a terrific bunch of young people. and they are all doing really well. i'm terribly proud of them and it was a good run. you know, we'll see where it goes. i just have to, i have to sounds the alarm here. i'm sorry. >> thank you for being with us and thank you for sharing. >> i thank your whole panel and everything else. and senator, i love you, too. >> thank you, james. >> thank you, james. from the great state of florida. that was bracing. >> i love it. i met james carville once when i was in college. he came to do book signing. i think the message, which i agree with, it is the message that is very important for all these he centers left candidates to remember. america is not just these urban centers. it is not just liberal people. black zpoek latinos aren't just
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liberal. they are concerned about large scale progressive policies. this is an objective thing about sort of a sanders nomination. sometimes revolutionaries care more about being right than winning. they want history to be on their side as opposed to controlling history. if you win power, you can change how history is written. revolutionaries think they want history to prove them right. >> here's the problem. bernie sanders is very popular and a lot of people lecture to bernie sanders about why he wouldn't be popular. but he's more popular than most the democratic party is running. not you a. the new numbers show him very popular. he was very popular last time when bed 48% of the democratic party. mr. carville just offered totally fair policy rebuttals about immigration. there will be a problem and i think we'll continue to see the democratic party. and i'm looking at you in the
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establishment. ture establishment because you won. you put obama in office. the last democrat to be in the white house. how do you engage someone, right now are vying for first in iowa. i go back to the initial numbers because i'll all about evidence. people walk in, more for bernie than anyone else and he's vying for first and he won new hampshire last time and he's looking good in new hampshire. how do you have that conversation without looking like the establishment and some of the people who haven't even made hit the far assume they have more people behind them. it would seem like he and like trump has been underestimated by the system as it currently stands. the establishment system, everything with how the system rungs in iowa, the bernie people requested some of the transparency. they're looking at people feel
3:24 pm
it has been unfair. >> whatever the establishment is these days, we decided to stop bernie. that's probably the way to assure he's the nominee. >> that's the wrong message. >> that won't work. it is the establishment trying to tell people. slicked in the election, one of the things observed in 2008 and '12, the base of the party had moved further away from the electorate. so the gate to run through on the nomination, case advantage during the general election. i think our base has moved more away from the center. i look at the primary. the vote letters decide this. who our nominee is may depend on who is left. if you look at '16 in the trump race, basically, cruz, rubio and kasich all stayed in very latest so the anti-establishment vote was split.
3:25 pm
so let's say warren realizes her potential. you have pete and biden and bloomberg. or sanders and warren and buttigieg. the candidates have no control over that other than to do as well as they can. so so much of that can be who is left standing. >> not one of those establishment dpats could win head to head. the same thing with amy klobuchar. >> i disagree. we just did the numbers here. if you combine buttigieg and biden and klobuchar, you're at 56%. >> if all of those coalesce around the same person with the same level of enthusiasm. that's what i think the issue is. i don't think sanders is a problem. the whole thing i've said about him, if he becomes the nominee, can he bring these people together instead of dunking the ball on everybody. >> i want to be very clear about last night. these are not hypotheticals. we now have one stat, one new
3:26 pm
stat. one state's data. you can see who went up and down in the realignment. bernie sanders went up in the realignment. >> so did pete and so did bernie. >> do you know who went down? joe biden. so it is interesting to look. they're only a snap shot. no one here is saying it is determinative. we're saying, who has a feel, more than one candidate. and joe biden struggling with that at loaf in iowa where they know him. >> in a state that's 98% white. >> i think nonof them are clearly a 50% favorite to win. coming out of iowa, i think you would rather beat bernie sanders than anyone else. if he can't do xeeing exceeding. >> another break for us. a reminder, rachel and i will be
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and it's why comcast spotlight is changing its name to effectv. because being effective means getting results. good evening. welcome back to our live coverage of these ongoing caucus
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results. i want to reset and tell you everything we know about this still developing story. right now we have about 62% of precincts reporting in these early results show two candidates now battling for first place. mayor pete buttigieg and senator bernie sanders. they are vying for first and they are with these initial numbers, not complete, too early to call. they are just 2 points apart in estimated total delegates. buttigieg with 26.9%. sanders close in behind with 25.1%. then senator elizabeth warren also having a very good night so far with 18.2%. that's followed by vice president joe biden at final.5% and senator amy klobuchar at 12.5%. now given the notorious delays in the iowa democrats reporting these results, you you can think of the rest of these hours going into the race as what would normally be the home stretch at
3:32 pm
10:00 pom a caucus night. these numbers will keep coming in. campaigns will keep responding. we'll break it all down what is basically a second de facto election night. steve cornacki is here with every detail. i wanted to come to the big board. last night we had a board with no numbers. >> it was empty. >> so here you are able to do your thing. after all these troubles, what does it mean to have 60% or so in? how representative is this? >> we've been going through county to county in the state. we've got a pretty broad cross section. it is nearly two-thirds of the precincts across iowa reporting. i was just told, we're getting from the democratic party this iowa, there is more vote coming. so we'll have more baxes. we've been paused at 62% for a while but we can expect more to be coming in so this will be updated. what we're looking at is where the outstanding vote comes from.
3:33 pm
what you see here, the bigger the bubble, the more precincts you have that are out. and you can see waterloo, cedar falls, cedar ram i hads, davenport. you see this giant one in the center of the state. that's polk county, des moines, some suburbs of des moines, this is about 70% of the turnout in des moines and it is just over half of polk county that's come in. that means basically 10% of the state is right here. >> let's talk about that. this is des moines. a key part. is it fair to say a lot of the outstanding vote is in des moines? yes. that's the key thing. it is des moines, some pretty upscale suburbs, too. i'll give you an example. go right next door. this is dallas county. the wealthiest county in the state. you have wealthy des moines suburbs. a lot of college degrees.
3:34 pm
you can see sanders is struggling. buttigieg is running away with it. we see buttigieg doing very well in places like this. there are some places, some neighborhoods like dallas county in des moines. there's also the city of des moines in des moines. what we see when we look closely, most of the outstanding precincts. >> what you're saying is really important. you're saying sanders does well, this is where a lot of the vote could still come in tonight. we're seeing still the top three. sanders and buttigieg, very close, with about half in. and warren, we were talking about it. warren doing better in this part of des moines, polk county, than other parts of the state. >> and again if you use this dallas county comparison, you see about 19% right there. you see some of the sburks. you see the suburban parts of des moines doing well. by comparison. if you look back this 2016,
3:35 pm
hillary clinton, 7-point win in polk county. this trans-related to a lot of state delegates. you remember she won over bernie sanders. so winning polk by 7, this was big. if sanders is actually able to win polk, that would be a bit of a departure from what we saw in 2016. so this is a big one we're waiting on. i think this is a 4-point lead for sanders when folks first showed up. >> one more thing before i go back to our experts. and you're going to stay with us for a lot more hours, right? >> yes, ma'am. what you see is the initial preference will come up first. so 62% of precincts. who is walking in? what strikes me, this is last question i have for you. when you look here, we've got this bunch. top three. biden trailing at 4. two of these people have run in the iowa caucus before. bernie seems to be holding a lot
3:36 pm
of his people. joe biden famously randal in 2008 and before that. what does that tell you? they know him. >> yeah. there are some places, the thing you're seeing with biden, the older the vote is, the younger the vote is, the worse he's doing. there are some dramatic exams of this with joe biden. this is where luther college is. this is a college county. what you're seeing here, you see buttigieg, sanders, klock, this is andrew yang who comes next. if you went to hawaiowa city. he's not on the board. >> and this is a huge population center. johnson county is more than be 10%. if he's getting 8%, that's a recipe for disaster. the college counties. >> my final question is the shortest one. do you like the board better yesterday? >> i thought it would be less
3:37 pm
stressful but i nearly had a heart attack when the first returns came in. we had wrong numbers the iowa state party. that was only fitting. >> when it comes to kornacki at the big board, it is foeft or famine. come with me. we'll go over to our headquarters. i have a whole full panel array. david, your thoughts. >> well, i think, i guess so much, bernie could benefit from the polk county numbers. there's still a decent amount out where pete buttigieg did well. what we know is you'll have two people who will probably claim they won iowa. they'll be doing it from new hampshire as opposed to des moines. so i think the important thing is, what does this do for the race heading into new hampshire? i think the winnowing we
3:38 pm
expected in iowa didn't happen. it is only delayed eight days. so people not in the top three, they may go on in spirit but they don't have a chance in the nomination. both sanders and mayor pete would have loved to have given the speech with the balloons coming do you know and the numbers on the screen. for joe biden, he was happy to say, i got some delegates. i did okay. the newspapers will catch up to him and i think he'll have to answer that. it will be fascinating. i think pete buttigieg showed strength throughout the state. >> showed strength. let's take a go listen. this is pete buttigieg just now tonight. >> the results are in for the majority of precincts and they show our campaign in first place. the campaign that some said should have no business even making this attempt. has taken its place at the front
3:39 pm
of this race to replace the current president. >> pete buttigieg touting his apparently vying for first i know what bernie sanders in these initial numbers we were walking through. the panel stays with me. one of the things we're doing is we launch through this primary, try to bring in people with a lot of primary experience. pun intended. you've worked for barack obama, you were most recently campaign manager for corey booker and a field organizer for the 2004 caucus where should i mention we met as colleagues. good to see you. >> good to see you, assal. >> let's talk iowa. you had a horse in this with corey booker so you are out. when you see what kornacki was walking through, when you see as mentioned, buttigieg and sanders doing so well, vying for first, what do you think? >> well, first of all, i think i'm surprised stove has energy
3:40 pm
to do what he's doing over there at the board. so shout out to him. i think what david just said is right. there are really two winners out of iowa. i don't know who will he said up being first. but i think mayor buttigieg will be able to claim modicum of victory. i think senator sanders as well. we saw this over the course of the campaign. i think those with candidates did a very nice job organizing on the ground and you see it in the distribution of the results. you see senator sanders strong in the urban areas. strong in college towns which have a lot of delegates. and you see pete buttigieg stronger across the board. he wasn't the first choice of a lot of demographic groups but he was second across the board. that trags lats nslates to a pr strong equivalent. >> what about warren in the top
3:41 pm
three? what goung her organizing at this juncture? >> look, we in the booker campaign, senator warren had a similar strategy. we got in there real early. put organizers on the ground in february, march. i just read before coming on the show that she got a delegate equivalent out of every single precinct, all 1600 plus in the state. i think she and mayor pete, when we were in the race as well, we were in a battle for those suburban counties. particularly around polk county. ultimately, why mayor buttigieg is doing so well is because of his strength around polk county. and i think senator warren came in just behind there and that will bump her down to third. >> very interesting stuff. bringing back our whole panel, take a listen to some of the democrats responding right now
3:42 pm
before they had, of course, any of these numbers. >> by all indications, we are going on to new hampshire victorious. >> when those results are announced, i have a good feeling we're going to be doing very, very well here. >> it's a tight three-way race at the top. we know that the three of us will be dividing up most of the delegates coming out of iowa. i'm feeling good. >> fact check, true. and it's a reminder with these campaign that's they do have their own internal numbers of they do have their tracking. everyone is obviously xiang rating, spinning, trying put a best face on it. as i mentioned earlier in our coverage, we just had to wait a longer time for it. but one of the headlines is that she is in the top three and you do have this bunching that may change in other states. what do you make of it? >> i think warren's statement
3:43 pm
was the most direct and something for refreshers to hear. versus beating her chest or anything. what we have here is warren performing extremely well. has the woman running for president who has proven her viability. who is moving into new hampshire with that energy. i noticed the jockeying which is maybe offputting to some primary voters who are like, wait for the party. be patient and wait for it. we want these numbers to be true. we want them to be right. sure, you have your poll observers, everybody on the ground. that is a sign of your organizing but we need to wait for the party. >> well, i think it is interesting. if you look at the top four finishers, i'm somebody who tried to point out from time to time, the electorate in america wants something new. if you look at the four top contenders, three are from washington. in fact, sanders and biden combined have spent 80 years in washington, d.c.
3:44 pm
>> oh, gosh! >> 80 years they've been there. who is the only one in that group that is brand spanking new? and it is the one who is right now number one by his name. i do think there is a sense that you don't change by doing more of the same puflt change by doing something different. and that's certainly worked to the benefit of candidate that david and it supported so strongly in 2008. and i think that's one of the things that pete buttigieg is not from washington. an advantage that we're not talking about a lot. i think it is a real one for a lot of voters out there. particularly those very cynical about anybody who has been to washington really being the one that can deliver the goods for them and their families. >> to the senators' point, again, it is so easy to get caught up in the news cycle. the news cycle is not real. it is just something that comes and goes in these rooms and on
3:45 pm
these television sets. but the other things are real. the organizing is real. the economy is real. what people ultimately decide about who they want to lead their state and their country is real. if you wipe out 20 hours of news cycle, to claire's point, and she asked me to call her claire. mayor pete buttigieg was not supposed to be here. you look at it on the screen. all at this juncture, i think it is fair sty more famous names. >> 37 years owed, the mayor of a city of 102,000 people. like he said, even in his speech today in new hampshire. he said nobody ever thought we wobble here. and he haze out his process in the last year. and it is remarkable. clearly this was more like 2008. even though we don't have all the numbers. then 2004.
3:46 pm
what i mean by is the caucusgoers clearly wanted change. they wanted something new, something different. and he was, if you look at the top four, that is mayor pete buttigieg. he doesn't have the 80 years, as you just laid out. and something else they touted that i thought was very interesting. his campaign touted the rural areas that did he well with. they touted having those obama-trump voters. you see that over and over again. i think the question is, i want to say one more thing about elizabeth warren. i was in iowa. there were three impressive campaigns. warren, bernie and pete. and warren, you talk to people over and over again. she had an impressive operation. it doesn't surprise me that she did well. she had an operation that people envied in the state. the thing is, the question is, does this matter? this is what we're supposed to be doing almost 24 hours ago.
3:47 pm
where mayor pete -- >> who cares? >> -- >> at the system. you're our invited guest. i say this to all of us in the media. who cares if it was a little late? >> but now they're in new hampshire. now they've moved on. now they have to fight the next battle. the next fight. this is where, just think about it. 24 hours ago, somebody would have dropped out. maybe amy klobuchar would have dropped out. we would have seen some switches and changes. >> can i go -- >> let me -- >> wait. >> do i this to all moy guests of the. >> i love it of the. >> you've got a witness. go for it. >> may i go full deepak chopra. the elements of under certainty are here. you are certainly right.
3:48 pm
if we had gotten some element of certainty, people would have responded to it. you're right. the fact that it may or may not come later is fine of it is up to the voters. isn't it ultimately a hunt for delegates. >> if i was running mayor pete's campaign or bernie's campaign, i would want it yesterday. the money that cops in the first 24 hours. the polling that pops for you. everything changes, supposedly everything was supposed to change after iowa. and we haven't seen it. everything has kind of paused. we're waiting. seeing what's happening. maybe if we have a campaign manager of 2008 for one of the most successful campaigns in my generation, i think that i would have wanted it yesterday. >> we like getting all perspectives. >> it's all good. >> the panel stays. we have a very special guest that i'll bring in live. er she endorsed bernie sanders
3:49 pm
for president. we should mention with 62% of the results in the race, too early to call but sanders now has 25% of the state degs in a very, very close race, within 2 points of buttigieg vying for first. good evening to you. thank you for joining us. >> good evening. thank you for having me. >> i want to get into several things, beginning with this result. you as a sanders supporter. what is your response? >> this is really exciting. i was there this weekend in iowa and you could see the enthusiasm that the bernie campaign had the amount of work that was putting in from the campaign, from the volunteers, people who cape will from all over the country to help this strong grassroots campaign. i also remember attending some mosques for friday prayer. to see the amount of new voters in the muslim community, in the
3:50 pm
immigrant community coming out for the first time. it was really exciting. >> there is been a lot of talk at this tab, and perhaps tables across the other part of the screen will see iowa, sanders and buttigieg up top, warren in strong third, biden fading to fourth from the early numbers. i want to play something we have. joe biden has talked, of course, pretty much about bernie sanders specifically, and he is here now in a real battle with him and behind him in iowa. for your response, take a listen. >> bernie has talked about the single payer medicare system for 30 years now. hasn't moved in an inch. the speaker of the house isn't for it. most in congress aren't for it. how is it going to pass, how is it going to move, how does it get done? >> your response? >> it gets done with the support
3:51 pm
from the people. we know that over 60% of people who caucused said they supported medicare for all, and so we know that bernie is committed and the people are committed into seeing it become the law of the land. and that is how you implement policy, by having people pressure, move those that represent them in congress and get it to the desk of the president to be signed. >> there's a lot of politics right now, a lot of election results. would it be all right if we touched on policy? >> of course. >> it's something you and i have been able to discuss before. the state of the union going on tonight. there's a lot going on in the workings of government. i want to read to you on the visa plan coming from the trump administration. it's the travel ban, african
3:52 pm
countries, you see on the left, suspending visas as well. this is something people may not have heard as much about with everything going on. i'm curious what you think of this as immigration policy and what, if anything, the house may do about it. >> this is, again, disturbing. it is i believe a completely racist policy and extremely islamophobic. we know many of the countries added to the list are majority muslim countries. and the ones that are not are also african nations. we will know that the president has expressed contempt for muslims, africans, and immigrants in general. and so it is quite disheartening to watch the announcement of new countries added to this muslim ban. i mean, as a refugee, as a
3:53 pm
muslim, as an immigrant i know how hopeful my family was when we got the opportunity to come to the united states, and that hope is not going to be with many of the people in these countries. i also want to say, you know, it is important on the anniversary of the muslim ban that we see the no-ban act come -- get marked up and come to a house floor vote and for us to make a really strong statement and say this is not going to be our country. we are greater than hate, and it is time for us to pass immigration policies that are reflective of the values that we have as a country. >> i appreciate all that. i have about 30 seconds left. i'd be remiss if we didn't touch on the fact the house art krlz of impeachment you and your colleagues passed will go to
3:54 pm
final vote in the senate tomorrow. several republicans said your colleagues proved their case. the president did it, but there should be no punishment. your response? >> when we have a senate trial, unlike any other trial that proceeded without any witnesses, with jurors already indicating that they are going to acquit the president before the trial even this is a shameful act, a quite sad moment for our nation. and, you know, we fulfilled our oath of office and we expect the senators to do the same. >> congresswoman, i really appreciate you making time. it's a big night for a lot of reasons. it hope you'll come back. thank you. >> thank you so much for having me. >> appreciate it. this has been, as mentioned, quite the night in american politics. i'd be remiss if i didn't remind everyone, of course, the president also gives the state of the union tonight. that's hours before tomorrow's
3:55 pm
vote is mentioned on the senate impeachment trial. our colleagues, brian williams, and rachel maddow will lead the coverage right here at 8:00 p.m. eastern tonight. "hardball" is coming up. i will be back here on the beat at 6:00 p.m. eastern. we have more special guests and a lot more on the road ahead in 2020. don't go anywhere. we'll be right back with "hardball." they get that no two people are alike and customize your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. what do you think? i don't see it. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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for pete's sake, let's play "hardball." ♪ ♪ good evening. i'm chris mathews up in new york. the big news out of iowa moving at the speed of the old pony express is with three votes counted, former south bend mayor buttigieg and sanders vying for the lead. this is how it stands for those who hope to beat president trump before he delivers the state of the union underneath the cloud of impeachment which vote will be cast tomorrow. releasing 62% of precinct data, that's about 3/5 of the votes cast. senator san doctors is ahead in the raw vote totals from the


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