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tv   The Last Word With Lawrence O Donnell  MSNBC  February 6, 2020 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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100% final results we believe from the iowa caucuses. again, this is what the iowa democratic party says is with 100% of results in. the delegate allocation in iowa, 26.2% to pete buttigieg, 26.1% to senator bernie sanders. both of those campaigns have now declared victory in iowa. in third place senator elizabeth warren at 18%. joe biden in fourth place at 15.8%. amy klobuchar just a couple of points behind him. again, that's with 100% of results in tonight. tonight here in a live interview just moments ago democratic chairman tom perez who made a lot of waves today calling for iowa to recanvas his results clarified with me on the air it's a surgical precinct by precinct recanvas, basically checking them out and anyplace where there are questions or troubles with the results. he's not calling for a statewide
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re-canvas. that does it for us tonight. we'll see you again tomorrow. now it's time for the "last word" with lawrence o'donnell. >> so that does it. you think we're done with iowa? >> no. >> okay. because we're going to discuss it later in this hour. it's not exactly clear with me we're completely done with iowa. >> listen, the point of iowa is, yes, to get delegates that the national convention that contribute to the total number of delegates you need to get the nomination, definitely. but in the interim the main point of iowa is to tell you who's doing well early in the process, who had a good first campaign and who's got momentum heading into new hampshire. that goose is sort of cooked at this point three days out. >> well, we'll see how much goose gets cooked in new hampshire tuesday night. that's when there's going to be a real election with real voters in voting booths, secret ballot, all that stuff and we're going to count all the votes. that's the plan, anyway. >> we'll see. >> thank you, rachel. >> thanks, lawrence.
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donald trump is a lost soul, and he proved that today by going to the national prayer breakfast in washington and defiling that event by spewing hatred especially hatred of two of our guests tonight. congressman hakeem jeffries who took his place in history as one of the eloquent and impassioned house managers prosecuting donald trump's crimes and massachusetts senator ed markey who was one of the 48 senators who stood on it senate floor and pronounced donald trump guilty of two articles of impeachment. congressman jeffries and senator markey will begin our discussion tonight about donald trump's lashing out against nancy pelosi today and lashing out against anyone who supported his impeachment in the house and senate. who once worked for nancy pelosi in the house of representatives which i did not know until today. and we'll go to new hampshire --
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as i just said we're going to go to new hampshire and try to cover the latest developments in the presidential campaign which include new polling in the new hampshire primary approaching tuesday night. and we'll also have a look at what seems like kind of maybe is the final results in the iowa caucus, although there's still some issues about that. we begin tonight with the single most important word that donald trump does not understand. donald trump has the most limited vocabulary than anyone in the history of the presidency. and so there are many words donald trump does not understand. but the single most important word donald trump does not understand is one we all understand. it's a concept preverbalal babies understand even before they can say the word because babies can feel this thing that donald trump so obviously does not feel, and very sadly for him it's possible that he has never felt this in his entire life.
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love. love is the single most important word that donald trump does not understand, and he proved that today more than once in the most perverse possible public displays of ignorance by a president of the united states. we have never seen anything like this in our history. i know we've said that before, but we mean it tonight. donald trump is the most irreligious man in the history of the presidency and currently the most irreligious man in washington. and he used the national prayer breakfast to attack mitt romney who is probably the most religious man in washington. donald trump who has said he's never prayed for forgiveness for anything used the national prayer breakfast to attack nancy pelosi for praying. most of you probably already know that because that has been well reported today. what has not been as well
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reported is what donald trump listened to right before he got up to speak. harvard professor arthur brooks was the speaker before donald trump, and his theme was how to communicate with people who you disagree with politically. >> if you want to persuade them, which you should, you can only do it one way and that's with love. it was not an applause line. thank you. finally. the applause i've been waiting so long for. >> like most people in that room arthur brooks is a conservative, a political conservative. and he was talking about the concept of christian love, which is why he expected to get applause for that line. but he didn't because everyone there was probably very nervous about how uncomfortable that line made donald trump, and then
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everyone realized they're going have to applaud for christian love at the prayer breakfast, and so they did. but one person didn't -- donald trump. he didn't just not applaud the concept of loving thy neighbor he had to physically turn around from the man who was saying it. there was more. >> ask god to give you the strength to go against your human nature, to follow jesus' teaching. you believe jesus' teaching act like it, me too. to love your enemies. ask god to take political contempt from your heart. and sometimes when it's just too hard, ask god to help you fake it. >> love your enemies. donald trump doesn't know that that was jesus christ's idea. take contempt from your heart. what would be left in donald trump's heart if there were no contempt?
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and if that's too hard to do then fake it. donald trump has faked a lot of things but he couldn't fake that not even today at a prayer breakfast where the speaker right before him suggested to him, urged him to at least try to fake being a good person for once, at least try to fake that he understood the christian concept of love your enemies. it was as if arthur brooks was giving that speech to that audience of one sitting to his right and donald trump definitely heard the speech. he was listening enough to give his opinion. he was listening enough to ad-lib his reaction to arthur brooks' concept of christian love when he got up to speak. >> arthur, i don't know if i agree with you. but i don't know if arthur's going to like what i'm going to say. >> we can be very sure that arthur didn't like what donald trump had to say. but what donald trump didn't understand was that he wasn't disagreeing with arthur brooks. he was disagreeing with jesus
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christ. arthur brooks was only quoting jesus christ saying love your neighbors, love your enemies. everyone in the room knew that except donald trump. donald trump got up at the national prayer breakfast today and the very first thing he did was disagree with jesus christ. and he proved how much he disagrees with jesus christ when he let his hatred of nancy pelosi flow and his hatred of mitt romney flow. >> i don't like people who use their faith as just a vacation f justification for doing what they know is wrong. nor do i like people who say i pray for you when they know that that's not so. >> stunned silence. that was the reaction in that room full of religious people who pray every day, all of whom know now that donald trump doesn't know what prayer is, that donald trump was never
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taught to pray for his enemies as nancy pelosi was when she was a little girl growing up in a catholic church in baltimore. it seems donald trump was never taught anything about love because later at the white house when he spent an hour raging against his impeachment enemies and praising his impeachment allies, donald trump said one of the saddest things he has ever publicly said, he was praising his republican ally, congressman steve scalise who was shot by a deranged man with a gun during the annual congressional baseball game, and donald trump described encountering steve scalise's wife at the hospital. >> he got whacked. he got whacked, my steve, right? i went to the hospital with our great first lady that night, right, honey? and we saw a man who was not going to make it. he was not going to make it -- he was -- the doctor -- and told him his wife she says she loves
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you. why did you say that because she was devastated. a lot of wives wouldn't give a damn. a lot of wives -- a lot of wives would have said, hey, yeah. i said how's he doing, she couldn't talk, she was inconsolable. most wives would say not good. i'm going home. >> most wive ss? does he mean at least two of his or all of his wouldn't care if he got shot? where else could that thought come from? it could only come from a man who does not know what it is to love or be loved. donald trump demonstrated today he has no comprehension of the concept of christian love or romantic love or marital love, and he has no idea about nothing we have learned about his dealings with ukraine and his obstruction of justice with mueller investigation or his
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paying off of stormy daniels. none of that is as perverse as what donald trump revealed about himself today. he does not now, never has and never will understand the word love, and so he feels nothing when he separates children from their parents at the southern border. he feels nothing when he abandons the kurds. he feels nothing when he's told that 64 soldiers are traumatic brain injury from the iranian missile attack on our troops in iraq. he feels nothing about any of those things and can lie and has lied about all of those things. donald trump feels no shame at being impeached by the house of representative. he feels no shame at being found guilty by 48 united states senators including the first senator in history to find a president of his own party guilty in a senate impeachment trial. donald trump feels no guilt, he has never felt guilt for anything. donald trump feels no embarrassment at being unable to comprehend anything about the concept of christian love that was laid out for him today
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before he got up to speak at a prayer breakfast. the most dangerous thing about the most dangerous president that this country has ever had is that donald trump feels nothing. leading off our discussion tonight is democratic congressman hakeem jeffries of new york. he's a house impeachment manager, a chairman of the democratic congress. we really appreciate it especially after your long hours of service as an impeachment manager. we really appreciate your joining us. i want to get your reaction today -- >> always great to be with you. >> the president's attacks were much more wide ranger after he got to the white house after the prayer breakfast. and he really let loose on all of you who participated ipadvance of the impeachment of the house and the senators who voted for it in the senate. what was your reaction to hearing this president come out
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that way today? >> what's clear to me there are millions of sunday school children all across the country who know far more about christian love and the bible than donald trump ever will. and he continues to disgrace his office. he did it in extraordinary fashion as it relates to his corrupt abuse of power as well as the obstruction of congress that he committed two impeachable offenses which resulted in this impeachment, and resulted in bipartisan condemn natation for his actions not just by mitt romney but other republican senators who have characterized his behavior as inappropriate, wrong, abusive, destructive. and he just illustrated today for all of america and the world to see why it's so dangerous to have this man in office. >> let's listen to what he said when he got back to the white house and he really let loose on nancy pelosi and adam schiff and others. let's listen to some of this. >> they're vicious and mean.
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vicious. these people are vicious. adam schiff is a vicious, horrible person. nancy pelosi is a horrible person and she wanted to impeach a long time ago and she said i pray for the president. she may pray but she prays for the opposite. but i doubt she prays at all. and these are vicious people. >> these are vicious people. that means you, congressman. vicious and mean. >> but one thing i can tell you is that speaker pelosi is unquestionably a woman of faith who does pray for this president each and every day. prays for his well-being, plays for discernment, plays for the office of the presidency which she respects greatly. and the president of course continues to disgrace himself consistent with i think we established which was that all he cares about is donald john trump. he's willing to toss aside our free and fair elections.
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he's willing to toss aside the constitution. he's willing to toss aside decency. he's willing to toss aside america's national security if it's in his personal or political interests he demonstrated that with his conduct in the trump ukrainian scandal, and we continue to see that with the tirade, with the make america great again rally that he held at taxpayer expense today at 1600 pennsylvania avenue. >> i want to show this other part from the white house because he's talking about how nancy pelosi was actually at the prayer breakfast. she was up there in the big table in the front of the room, and he was very proud of what he did. let's listen to this. >> we did a prayer breakfast this morning, and i thought that was really good. i had nancy pelosi sitting four seats away and i'm saying things that a lot of people wouldn't have said, but i meant every word. >> he meant every word of it, he says. and he also at the same times says a lot of people wouldn't
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have said it. no president has ever used the prayer breakfast as a forum to viciously attack what he calls his enemies. >> of course. when he says that others are mean or nasty or vicious, what he's essentially doing is talking about himself. and this obsession, this narcissism, this destructive conduct is really quite unfortunate because we as democrats, we continue to be prepared to do the business of the american people. and we've made it clear, we do not hate donald trump, we love america. and we've worked with him on criminal justice reform. the house led the way. we've worked with him on the renegotiated u.s.-mexico-canada trade agreement. we worked with him on paid leave for u.s. american military families but we were willing to find common ground because it was in the best interest of the american people. so we don't hate him, but we do love america, our constitution, we love democracy so we had to
7:17 pm
do what was necessary. yet we're still trying to work together on the behalf of the american people and it's unfortunate he's drowning in his own narcissism and arrogance that there's an inability to really work and get things done and do his job to improve the quality of life for every day americans. >> did you get a chance to speak with speaker pelosi when she returned from the prayer breakfast to get her reaction to this? >> i did not get a chance to see her. i saw her briefly on the floor but i did not get an opportunity to speak with her. i did speak to my good friend who was one of the cochairs on the democratic side of the prayer breakfast, and he just shook his head as it relates to what i think he perseefbled to be the inappropriate nature of the president's remarks and once again demonstrating his ignorance of the faith that he professes to have. >> is one of the house committees going subpoena john bolton now to get his testimony under oath? >> you know, i think that's a decision ultimately that will be
7:18 pm
made by speaker pelosi and chairman schiff in consultation with other members of leadership and the other relevant committees. i think chairman schiff did make clear that after the case was made prior to the closing statements of the house managers we did request that john bolton sign a sworn affidavit laying out the facts as he understood them in terms of the president's decision to with hold the $391 million in aid, and quite unfortunately john bolton indicated his offer to testify or provide information only ran to the senate, not to the house. it actually should run to the american people. so i don't think we've taken that off the table. we'll evaluate it as we move forward in the days and weeks to come. >> congressman, i have to ask you as you're sitting there on the senate floor and the roll was being called on the verdicts on these articles of impeachment you heard 48 senators including
7:19 pm
mitt romney stand and say guilty, stand and affirm the case that you presented. you were the first -- house prosecutors, house managers in history to convince a senator of the opposite party to vote guilty against a president of his own party. what was that experience like as you sat there and the verdict came in? >> well, it was definitely a very serious and solemn and somber moment. and to have the senators on both sides of the aisle stand up and pronounce in their own words either guilty or not guilty really did confirm the gravity of what had taken place you know we moved forward as best we could to present the strongest possible case and we believe we proved our case in fact with a mountain of evidence even as lamar alexander acknowledged in his statement. and so our objective from the very beginning was to follow the
7:20 pm
facts, apply the law, be gieuid by the constitution and present the truth to the american people. we believe we did that. the senate has made its decision. now it's in the hands of the american people as it relates to the future orthe republic and our democracy and the rule of law. >> thank you very much for joining us tonight. we really appreciate it. >> thank you, lawrence. >> appreciate it. and when we come back senator ed markey will join us. he rose twice on the floor of the senate to say donald trump was guilty on both articles of impeachment. ed markey joins us next. ed markey joins us next. some things are harder than you thought. and others are easier. like screening for colon cancer with me, cologuard. i'm noninvasive and you use me at home. i'm also effective. i find 92% of colon cancers using dna in your stool. so why wait? cologuard is not for those at high risk for colon cancer. false positive and negative results may occur. ask your healthcare provider if cologuard is right for you. most insured patients pay $0.
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here is donald trump today raging against the righteousness of senator mitt romney. >> and then you have some that use religion as a crutch. they never used it before. an article written today, never heard him use it before. but today, you know, it's one of those things. you know, it's a failed presidential candidate so things can happen when you fail so badly running for president. >> joining our discussion now is democratic senator ed markey of massachusetts, a member of the senate foreign relations committee. thank you very much for joining us tonight. he was talking about your republican colleague in the senate, mitt romney, who used to be your governor in massachusetts. this is someone you've known as a governor, a republican governor and is now a republican
7:24 pm
senator. i was struck by donald trump first of all saying mitt romney uses religion as a crutch. i have a feeling donald trump thinks anyone who is involved in religion is using it as a crutch. but he said mitt romney never used it before. i guess he thinks mitt romney has never had any public religious moment before like say when he was running for president and he spent an entire day talking about religion and his life. let me get your reaction to what he said about mitt romney, the man you've known now both as a senator and governor. >> thank you, lawrence. there's one thing that separates donald trump from mitt romney. mitt romney has a conscience, and donald trump does not. and what happened yesterday was that mitt romney voted his conscience. he voted what he felt was in the best interest of our country. he felt that he had to honor the oath which we each had to take
7:25 pm
before that trial began. and that's what he did. and i think it's hard for donald trump who clearly doesn't understand conscience, doesn't understand an oath to god, doesn't understand how somebody like mitt romney who is as you said a very religious person, as is nancy pelosi. they both bring their religion, their belief in god, the principles that they were taught as children and throughout their life to try to advance as part of their lives. and so for donald trump to basically insult mitt romney, it's just a part of who he is. and he is without a conscience. as you said he's without love. he's without empathy. he's without as the greek said agape, giving the ability to reach out to help those most in need. none of those are qualities which donald trump has, and as a result he insults someone like mitt romney whose entire life is
7:26 pm
dedicated to god and trying to infuse those teachings in everything he's done with his family, with his business and with his public life. >> yeah, you and i both grew up in massachusetts, both went to catholic schools. we were taught at a very early age this concept of love your enemy. we didn't find it an easy concept. it's not intuitive. you have to kind of work at what it's about. and what i liked about what professor arthur brooks said at the prayer breakfast is everyone struggles with it. he himself brooks said he falls down sometimes when he does it, and he tried to urge everyone to do it. let's listen to nancy pelosi who had the same catholic education we had growing up. let's listen to her trying to explain prayer in the hope that this president might actually hear it. >> i don't know if the president
7:27 pm
understands about prayer or people who do pray, but we do pray for the united states of america, i pray for him, president bush still, president obama because it's a heavy responsibility and i pray hard for him because he's so off the track. he really needs our prayers. so he can say whatever he wants. he can say whatever he wants, but i do pray for him, and i do so sincerely and without anguish. >> you served with nancy pelosi in the house a long time before moving over to the senate. when you hear her talk like that, you know her. what do you hear when you hear her talk like that? >> you know, when -- on the day she was sworn in as speaker the first time she began the day with a mass. and it was a mass over a trinity college, a catholic womans college she graduated from. squat the mass there were two
7:28 pm
long tapestries hanging. one was for the children of katrina, and the other was for the children of defor, and she wanted to dedicate her speakership to shows thirn, those most in need, most in need of help. and that's probably impossible for donald trump to understand that would be a motivation for someone with power. but from nancy pelosi's perspective you don't make america great by putting people down. you make america great by lifting people up. you don't make america great by making america hate again which is really what his "state of the union" address was and then today what he absolutely was pointing towards in terms of what this new donald trump era on steroids is going to be all about, which is creating enemies list and pay back and punishment and getting anyone and everyone in our country that gets in his way. so it's just the opposite of
7:29 pm
jesus' teaching of what he was trying to instill in each and every one of us. i mean the sermon goes to blessed are the prisoners, who prays for prisons? that's what god asks us to do and that's what nancy pelosi believes in. but we know that's not what donald trump has ever done in his entire life. >> you are now one of less than 300 who have had an opportunity to cast a vote in a presidential impeachment trial. i want to show you casting that vote. i just want to show that to the audience, both of those votes and i want to ask you on the other side of it how it felt in that moment. let's just watch this. >> mr. markey. mr. markey, guilty. mr. marquee, guilty.
7:30 pm
>> what was that like to stand up in the united states senate and pronounce a president guilty twice? >> it was a profound moment. i have cast thousands of votes in my congressional career. but to move a president of the united states for high crimes and misdemeanors against our country proven really beyond a reasonable doubt by hakeem jeffries and adam schiff and all of those house managers in their brilliant presentation to the senate was one of the most memorable moments of my life. history was in the making. but without question, he was guilty. he had committed those crimes. he was deserving of removal. and the standard which the republicans have now established is that there is no standard, that he got a get out of
7:31 pm
political jail free card from the republicans yesterday. and when we were looking over at the republicans all voting not guilty, we were really in fear for our country because we realized as democrats that the republicans have crossed over and descended into a political abyss following donald trump's leadership. because he will feel no constraints. he will feel there's nothing he can't do in his own advancement. that the national security is own subordinated to his own personal agenda and that they are now complicit for whatever happens for the rest of this year, which makes this election really a referendum on what kind of country do we want. do we want it to be moral, a rule of law? do we want it to be something that decency and love at hits heart or have donald trump with four more years with
7:32 pm
republicans. so i sat there as i watched the republicans vote with the exception of mitt romney uniformly to acquit him. but i now fear for my country if the republicans do not understand what the consequences of their actions are. and i fear that they do not -- in their hearts they may, but operationally they have now changed our country fundamentally forever. >> thank you very much for joining us tonight. really appreciate it. >> thank you. and when we come back cecile richards will join us. she once worked for nancy pelosi in the house of representatives. cecile richards will join us next. f representatives. cecile richards will join us next [wood rolling] alexios, add toilet paper to the shopping list. [chiseling on stone] oh, and camel milk.
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here is nancy pelosi this morning after she was attacked by the president at the national prayer breakfast. >> he's impeached forever no matter what he says or whatever headlines he wants to carry around. you're impeached forever. you're never getting rid of that scar and history will always record that you were impeached for undermining the security of our country, jeopardizing the integrity of our elections and violating the constitution of the united states. >> joining us now cecile richards, who was a deputy chief of staff to nancy pelosi and is now the co-founder of the womens political group super majority. cecile, i learned something new about your résume today, anyway. so that was back in the early 2000s. so we didn't know then she was
7:37 pm
on her way to becoming speaker. you weren't surprised she went to the top of the house of representatives? >> i'm glad you covered so much today about her commitment to her faith, her commitment to her family which is always incredibly important and i think as you're seeing her commitment to public service. and i think one of the reasons all of us can identify with what she's going through, the disrespect the president is showing her as a leader in this country. shows his profound disregard for public service and that's really what nancy pelosi has dedicated her life to. >> i don't mean to spend so much time onligion. that's not really what my focus is. my focus is how out of touch donald trump is with his own voters who are, you know, very religious people, most of them. i think all of us, everyone in america grew up with more religion about them than donald trump did. i mean you were in texas, and he just has no ear at all for what
7:38 pm
that part of life is about. >> i think that's right, and i think that's why you're seeing this enormous divide but truly with women who feel he disrespects women, he disrespects the speaker. and then as we saw the other night at the "state of the union" repeatedly lies about the situation for women in this country after he's tried to take away maternity benefits. he's tried to repeal protection for pre-existing conditions. so many things that women face every day. and i think that's also why you're seeing women so motivated right now to be involved in politics and voting. i mean, one of the stories that i think has been underreported out of the iowa -- i know it's been a long story on iowa, but 58% of caucus goers in iowa were women. >> yes. >> and they don't make it easy for women to participate in the caucus systems. so if you look at that, you look at who's showing up to vote, who's showing up to and that's what we're seeing from the super
7:39 pm
majority. if 58% of voters next fall are women it's over. it's going to change the direction -- >> haz doing so badly with women in every poll. the gender gap in the poll is nothing like we've ever seen before. >> i when i listen to women around the country they're dealing with child care costs that are often higher than college tuition, equal pay that we're not making really any progress on, the fear of losing access to health care which is a womens issue, pre-existing conditions, a womens issue. i feel women feel they are unseen and unheard in this administration. and as you say overwhelmingly oppose this president. i think 59% of women in the last cnn poll last week wanted him impeached. and these women that are highly motivated to be involved should vote next fall. when we come back, the iowa caucus results are in, sort of. and if they hold then it's a
7:40 pm
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to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. ask your doctor about an advancement in prescription therapies with proven protection. visit holding a press conference that should have occurred three nights ago in des moines, iowa, but for the inability of the iowa democratic party to count votes in a timely fashion. that screw up has been extremely unfair to the people of iowa. it has been unfair to the candidates, all of the candidates and all of their supporters. >> it took four days but we now have the full results of monday's democratic caucuses in iowa with 100% of the vote accounted for. pete buttigieg is in first place
7:44 pm
with 0.10% separating him from bernie sanders in. nbc news is not declaring a winner because they are still evaluating the data. tom perez called for a re-canvassing of results in iowa. "the new york times" reports more than 100 precincts reported results that were internally inconsistent, that were missing data or were not possible under the complex rules of the iowa caucuses. >> what we did today in asking to make sure that if people need to re-canvas in this precinct or that precinct, that it's done. because if people raise legitimate concerns about what happened in this precinct, we care about accuracy. that's why it took us longer because our north star was indeed accuracy. >> all the candidates are in new hampshire now with that primary just five days away. the latest daily tracking poll from the boston globe which comes out around a little after 11:00 p.m. so there'll be another one within an hour has
7:45 pm
bernie sanders leading with 25% support. but unlike in the past, the boston globe has decided not to endorse any candidate in tuesday's new hampshire primary. instead the editorial board says some customs must die. the editorial board says the end of an antiquated system that gives outside influence to choosing presidents to two states that demographically more resemble 19th century america than they do the america of today. up next, we'll have more on what to expect next tuesday in new hampshire. next tuesday in new hampshire. the worst... ...especially when your easily distracted teenager has the car. at subaru, we're taking on distracted driving [ping] with sensors that alert you when your eyes are off the road. the all-new subaru forester. the safest forester ever.
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[ fast-paced drumming ]
7:49 pm
so we're in the top three in iowa, and now we've landed in new hampshire, and we're out here fighting for every vote in new hampshire. >> is he really saying that the obama-biden administration was a failure? pete, just say it out loud. i have great respect for mayor pete and his service to this nation, but i do believe it's a risk to be just straight up with you, for this party to nominate someone who's never held the office higher than mayor of a town of 100,000 people in indiana. i do believe it's a risk. >> new hampshire is new hampshire, and new hampshire is not the kind of place to let iowa or anybody else tell you what to do. >> new hampshire is new hampshire. that's true. joining us now is the political reporter at the boston globe and
7:50 pm
gene spurling. james, let me start with you. last night's boston globe tracking poll showed the real movement from iowa that showed pete buttigieg moving up points place and joe biden, elizabeth warren combined losing those exact same eight points with biden in third place at 12%, warren in fourth place at 11%. you've got a poll coming out minutes from now, minutes after this show ends. any clues about what we're going to see after 11:00 p.m.? >> yeah. you know, obviously i can't say them until 11:00 p.m., but those trend lines continue. we're going to find that in the count in a couple minutes, those trend lines being pete buttigieg's rise is absolutely legit. he's the one on fire right now in new hampshire. he's the one, i think, that we're going to have a lot of arrows pointed at in tomorrow night's debate, which could be u if you want to think about it -- and i have.
7:51 pm
this may be the most consequential presidential debate in about four decades, probably since reagan/carter's second debate, which was the most watched in history until 2016. this could shape the entire race. i w iowa was supposed to give definition to this race. what's the decision for new hampshire voters to make? of course they didn't. there will be seven people on that stage. four could plausibly win. this poll tonight is going to have some significant movement in terms of a new person in third place, for example, but also i believe that in these final days, we are going to see a topsy-turvy daily tracking poll on how this wild race in new hampshire is going to finish. >> okay. james, don't listen to this. gene, i'm translating that to elizabeth warren is going to move up to third place and possibly pete buttigieg might move into first place because as of last night, he was only six points behind bernie sanders, who has been holding very
7:52 pm
strongly at 25%. gene, you've been there. you've been on several presidential campaigns, not all of them winners, but you've been on a bunch. what is it like when you come into new hampshire from the iowa? you came into new hampshire with momentum with the obama campaign. bill clinton struggled badly in new hampshire his first time around. he was a wounded candidate going in there, trying to survive. you've seen every version of this. what's it like for these campaigns? >> well, you know, i know everybody's focused on buttigieg and bernie, but i think that sanders and buttigieg were the ties, the winners comes out of iowa, and i think we know they're probably going to emerge as front-runners. i think the real test really is, i think, a lot for elizabeth warren and joe biden. is joe biden going to show what hillary clinton did in '08 and bill clinton did in '92? emotion, comeback, fire. using that underdog platform to remind people not just that they
7:53 pm
might be a good candidate cerebrally, but that they are -- they have fire and can come back. and then i think for elizabeth warren, she's got something tricky to do. i think she has to try to convince people that she's not just in the bernie sanders lane. can she start to say that for those of you who'd like something -- someone who can unify, i'm that person. i'm going to appeal to -- i'm the person that appeals to the populist base, the anti-wall street sentiment, the pro-consumer sentiment. but i also can unify better than bernie sanders. that's a tough balance, but i think there's a lot more for her and biden going into new hampshire than in some ways sanders and buttigieg, who i think will come out almost in any way as viable candidates going into nevada. >> all right. we're squeezing in a quick break here. when we come back, we're going to take a look at a blistering television campaign ad against donald trump by a candidate who
7:54 pm
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7:57 pm
body and mind. mike bloomberg is moving up in the polls now because he is using his wealth to mount a massive television advertising campaign that is hitting donald trump. >> america demanded change. >> donald trump wins the presidency. >> and change is what we got. ♪ >> and, ladies and gentlemen, the best is yet to come.
7:58 pm
>> james pindell of the "boston globe" is back with us. gene sperling. i want to take at the poll that came out after the iowa caucus. it shows bernie sanders on top at 25. joe biden still up there at 24. and there's mike bloomberg at 15% because he has been bombarding states that are not necessarily the early states like new hampshire and iowa with television advertising like we've never seen, and that is pushing his national number up. >> that's right. and as the moderate lane looks to be in flux with joe biden kind of falling down, moderates are looking for an alternative. if the number one question is who can beat trump, people are starting to talk about bloomberg. i am struck. i've been in iowa and new hampshire for, what, the last 2 1/2 weeks, how many times bloomberg, who is not playing in either state, comes up in regular conversation and on the television because of course he
7:59 pm
has national cable buys even if he's not buying the local affiliates. he is that person sort of hanging out there to see what's going to happen with these candidates when they get to the other end. i don't think they fully realize simply how big of a juggernaut he has created. i spent some time with him in different states. it's insane. >> yeah. gene, we've never seen the bloomberg play before. we've never seen anyone run this play. we can't say, well, a giant billionaire in 19, you know, 80 jumped in and did "x." we've never seen it. he's not even talking -- he's not campaigning in iowa. he's not campaigning in new hampshire. he's campaigning nationally. he's running up in the polls. what happens? >> i mean you're right. this is a very unique situation, and in a sense he's really saying to biden and buttigieg, show the world you don't need me. you know, you guys can do well enough in the first four races to show that people shouldn't go for me in super tuesday. and i don't think anybody's met that burden yet. and, lawrence, i'll leave you
8:00 pm
with this, which is i think the story behind the story -- and you can call this the sperling rule of three. >> okay. >> if you do the math, if somebody even gets a third of all the delegates after super tuesday, they have to get to 60% of the rest of the delegates. if there's even three viable candidates, the chances of a brokered convention are extremely high, and that is what we are seeing a significant chance of now. >> the sperling rule of three. we're going to be watching that one. james pindell, gene sperling, thanks for joining us. that is tonight's last word. "the 11th hour" with brian williams starts now. tonight, two different venues, two different sets of personal recriminations, at times rambling remarks from the president, brandishing the headlines he likes along with the vicious and profane putdowns of his critics and accusers, and promises of retribution now that he's been found not guilty. plus the man in the front row today. the president'sdm