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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  February 17, 2020 9:00am-10:00am PST

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jackson's mayor says dozens of homes have been affected so far. we're keeping a very close eye on the situation there in mississippi. that's going to wrap up this hour of "msnbc live." i'll see you tomorrow morning on "today." andrea mitchell reports starts right now. >> right now on "andrea mitchell reports" crossing the bar, 1100 justice department officials demand the resignation of attorney general william barr for asserting political influence in cases involving the president's associates like roger stone and michael flynn. >> i see the rule of law being undermin undermined, attorney general barr the driving force behind the one institution in our society most responsible for reserving the rule of law. >> circular firing squad. the democrats turn on each other ahead of the high-stakes nevada caucus with mike bloomberg under fire for his past comments, even as the mayor and joe biden now
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challenge bernie sanders to rein in some of his aggressive supporters for their online attacks against rivals. >> to say i disassociate is one thing. find out who they are, if any of them work for me. fire them. find out. see what's going on. and airlift. fourteen passengers from a quarantined cruise ship test positively for coronavirus as they and other americans on board are flown home. >> after a long ordeal on this cruise ship and the threat of the coronavirus still looming, they will be tested when they arrive and spend another 14 days in quarantine at a military base. >> and good day, everyone. i'm andrea mitchell in washington. on this president's day a federal holiday, as president trump and attorney general facing a barrage of criticism from former justice department
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leaders with experience, some stretching back to the eisenhower administration. more than 1100 doj alumni calling on william barr to resign after he overruled prosecutors proposed sentence for convicted trump associate roger stone. they are calling that preferential treatment to a close associate of the president. their letter reads in part, we welcome attorney general barr's belated acknowledgement that doj's law enforcement decisions must be independent of politics and the president's public comments on doj matters have greatly damaged the credibility. mr. barr's actions in doing the president's personal bidding unfortunately speak louder than his words. joining me now are "washington post" political reporter robert costa moderator on pbs. assistant director of counter-intelligence. deputy general during clinton administration and "washington post" editorial editor ruth marcus. welcome all. robert, first to you.
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this is an enormous from a previous administration, justice department officials. we are, of course, also see the four people who resigned from the case, from the roger stone case, one resigning entirely from the justice department and the mike flynn case which came about on friday probably after this letter was written. what was the challenge now for william barr and how big is the divide between the attorney general and, of course, the president? >> as "the washington post" has reported, the attorney general has real institutional challenges at this point. that's part of why he went forward to talk to abc news in that interview last week was to reassure and to reaffirm to some people that he is operating with an attempted integrity, trying to manage the department in a way that follows the rule of law, not follows the direction of president trump. at the same time you don't see an outcry among republicans on capitol hill or inside the administration, and he is seen
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as someone who is essentially still a loyal member, politically friendly to president trump. >> but at the same time, ruth marcus, there is reporting, and i don't know how frankly to interpret this. this very loyal attorney general, who has leaned over backwards with the mueller report, other things highly suspicious, the durham appointment to relitigate what happened with the original intelligence on the russia investigation. es the president not happy with william barr now because of andrew mccabe not being indicted? despite the fact a federal grand jury refused to indict andrew mccabe months and months ago. the justice department, in fact, many believe inappropriately held this hammer over his head for far too long. >> the reporting from the "washington post" and others is not surprisingly the president is infuriated by the decision not to go ahead and prosecute
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andrew mccabe even though that was clear for weeks if not months now. but the president's fury over that should not be surprising. he is always furious when the justice department is not doing his personal bidding and we've seen that frustration in the past. he's also not somebody who takes well to criticism, even oblique or constrained criticism under the circumstances. the attorney general did not come out and say the president should not talk about my prosecutors this way, his tweets are not corrupt. he's making it hard to do my job. the president doesn't do well with criticism. one could imagine he contains that for a while. we've seen repeatedly it takes some time for that to erupt, so i wouldn't be surprised if there's some unhappiness that's building and we will see emerging there. it's quite a disaster because
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the attorney general did tell colleagues, democrats and republicans, he was going in to take this job for a second time in order to save the reputation of the justice department, protect the integrity of the justice department, and it seems he's ended up doing precisely not that. >> how significant are the signatories and your part of this as well? tell me how it originated. >> well, there are many who are outraged with the resignations and withdrawals of the four prosecutors in the roger stone case, and you can see the momentum developing as we e-mailed each other, really troubled over what this meant and where this was headed. none of us took this lightly. personally i had to study barr's statements all the way back to 2001 before i saw this as the threat that it is. the bottom line here, andrea, is
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no one is under any illusion the letter is going to cause barr to resign, but rather it sends a message to him, to the american people, and to those currently working in the justice department that something is fundamentally flawed here, and it's time to ensure these people still on board speak out, and if necessary even resign in the interest of justice. >> was this letter put together before the revelations by "the new york times" and nbc news late friday about mike flynn and a very similar intervention by the top officials at justice department on mike flynn? >> is that for me, andrea. >> under draft and consideration, before that. andrea, it was underdevelopment before that. >> and harry, let me bring you into this, because the mike flynn case, here is someone who president obama in his one meeting with donald trump in the oval office during the transition warned him about mike
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flynn, because there had been enough already uncovered by the fbi, enough about his meetings with the russian ambassador and the like not properly disclosed. then sally yates, the highly regarded nonpartisan then deputy ag goes to the white house and informs them they have got a problem with the national security adviser. his interview with the fbi was only four days into the administration, four days after the inauguration. so the fury that has now -- the conspiracy theories that have now arisen in mike flynn's defense about him being rad railroaded, ambushed, as i was talking to our mutual colleague chuck roczenberg about this very thing, he said you can't lie to the fbi. you can't say i was surprised so i lied to the fbi. that's not an excuse. lying to the fbi, unless there was some extraordinary circumstances is a federal
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crime. i'm not a lawyer, but you are. >> you especially can't do it and plead guilty to it and say you did it because you lied and then take it all back and say it's all based on the deep state. as your point illustrates, this goes back a long way. barr's competence has been suspect every since he stood up and lied about the mueller report. the common theme, even in his pushback, andrea, is to say i'm going to take care of all this political stuff myself. any political thing, it comes to me. this is a man who has exactly zero criminal experience. his deputy has exactly zero criminal experience but he wants to take it all away. he's the closest political person to trump and expressing a lack of confidence in the normal political route, how you do justice without fear or favor, and insisting it come to him and him finally and him alone.
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that has professional prosecutors very unsettled within the department. >> and ruth marcus, what about the way the u.s. attorney here in the district lewis was treated. >> not well, shabbily, in fact. just to remind viewers, she had overseen as u.s. attorney these prosecutions. she left the u.s. attorney's job in the district a little early. as she was being nominated for a job at the treasury department overseeing terrorism, financing -- not the financing of it, the opposition to it. and then summarily after these issues developed with questions over the sentencing recommendations, she was informed she was being -- that nomination was being yanked. so it's people in the u.s. attorneys office are very upset about her treatment. they are very upset about the treatment of these prosecutors and there's a lot of turmoil and
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understandably so. >> robert costa, some people have suggested that this whole case that was laid out in defense of mike flynn was in essence to try to create a predicate for a pardon or commutation. while the president has sole authority over pardons, we all know that, this was to try to inoculate him politically over what will be a controversial pardon if it comes down. what is your take on that? >> talking to my sources within the administration, it's clear that the tensions between the white house and the department of justice could only exacerbate in the coming months. not only because of pardons, which are being discussed informally at this point, and the president has not ruled out anything whether formal national security adviser flynn or roger stone or other associates, at the same time you also have john durham's probe into the origins of the russia investigation
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hovering over this entire dynamic, tbd on when it will be released. that will, based on the post reporting, look deeply from the barr perspective into how this was all unfolding early on. >> and that, we are told, they are going to relitigate, in fact, separately they are relitigating the whole premise for the russia investigation. >> that's exactly right. it's a little bit murky at this point based on the reporting about exactly what mr. durham is planning to release but it's clear that attorney general barr, who has testified by congress, that he believes the trump campaign was spied on, has encouraged mr. durham to look into that possibility from his perspective and lay out an entire report, a report many fear inside the department of justice could lead to more institutional cracks. >> robert, harry, thanks to all. coming up, money can't buy
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everybody --
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$60 billion can buy you a lot of advertising but it can't erase your record. there's a lot to talk about michael bloomberg. y'all are going to start focusing on him like you have on me. >> the part i object to is the billionaire to reach in his pocket and throw down a couple hundred million dollars in order to finance their campaign, because what that does is that just short circuits all of democracy. >> we will not create the energy and excitement we need to defeat donald trump if that candidate pursued, advocated for and enacted racist policies like
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stop and frisk. >> the democratic candidates are gearing up training their sights against mike bloomberg trying to stop him. starting with this week's nevada debate on nbc and msnbc, which could be his first presidential debate if he qualifies by midnight tomorrow. he needs one more poll. this has bloomberg's team seems focused on stopping bernie sanders posting a digital ad today hitting sanders for not restraining his aggressive supporters from attacks on democrats. joining me, former communications adviser to former house speaker paul ryan. welcome all. are you enjoying watching democrats tear each other apart. >> it's amazing. what's amazing to me they are going after someone who is not on the ballot in nevada. bernie sanders is about to run away with arguably his third
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straight primary and everyone is focused on michael bloomberg. i think that tells you they know he's got a lot of money that's going to it him well beyond -- into super tuesday and beyond. they are worried about what that does for the next three months not necessarily two weeks when the votes are actually being cast. joe biden on "meet the press" this week really went after bernie and the bernie bros, bernie for not restring them adequately. take a look what joe biden has to say. >> if his supporters are attacking culinary members, who is responsible? >> look, he may not be responsible for it, but he has some accountability. i'm going to not put you in a spot. you know me well enough to know if any of my supporters did that, i would disown them. flat disown them. >> he said he should fire them.
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i'm not quite sure how you go about doing that. joe, how do you restrain your supporters? is bernie sanders doing enough? in one instance, some people who apparently back him showed up with a coffin thursday at a luxury building in new york city where biden was having a fundraiser and they went into the lobby with the coffin, which they said was to bury joe biden's campaign. >> i think that tactic has been used times in the past as well, maybe not appropriate right now. i think we're looking at a very unusual democratic primary. instead of having fewer we actually have more candidates getting in the race. we should be down to one or two. i think that really is the problem democrats are facing right now, we have so many front-runners quite frankly. i do think when it comes to the issue of bernie bros, many of them can be as inpolitic as trump supporters have been in the past. i think that is a problem for bernie. bernie does need to at least acknowledge it more and really
9:21 am
do his best to restrain them as much as possible. you really can't stop them in many respects. you can't stop all. some will listen to the candidate and really should. >> what the candidate said recently and i'm paraphrased here, they shouldn't do that, i wish they wouldn't do it, i'm not sure there isn't an outside force. he's suggesting it could be other republicans or russians. i don't know what he's suggesting, trying to make him look bad. >> my experience back in 2016 up in new hampshire when i was campaigning for hillary clinton, i ran into a couple of bernie bros and they weren't very kind to me, quite frankly. they just won, pretty handily, 62-38. they weren't particularly goodwiners at that point in time. >> donna, one of the focuses of the bloomberg camp is clearly against bernie sanders. they are privately concerned and publicly concerned he's going to win california. with the numbers there, he could rack up enough delegates just in california to be a prohibitive
9:22 am
favorite going into the convention. >> i think joe and i both run in party primaries. they are brutal. i do think it's actually a way to vet the candidates. i think bloomberg has his own questions he has to answer about his campaign, whether it's treatment of women or some of these other issues, stop and frisk and others that have been raised. i think all the candidates do. the primary process is the way to do that. if bloomberg is going to engage in a stop bernie campaign, i think that's one way to tackle it. the other way is to be on the debate stage and present your own report and have that out for scrutiny and be willing to have it scrutinized and answer those questions. >> then we have this unusual report in the drudge report, which usually reflects republican or conservative points of view that the bloomberg camp is considering hillary clinton as a running mate. now, a couple of points about that. it has the virtue from their
9:23 am
perspective of embracing hillary clint clinton, whose followers and loyalists are the most upset about bernie sanders, so getting them fired up. he's recently made a very prominent hire of a very close, very close clinton associate and former campaign official, top state department and white house official as well as also signaling he's willing to take on bernie. >> i don't think there's much of a chance he'll choose hillary clinton if it gets to that point. a trolling job. at some point the party has to come together. not a lot of love lost either way, between sanders supporters or hillary clinton supporters. at some point they have to come together and be a united front. >> that's the responsibility of bernie sanders. he didn't really do it adequately in 2016, and his obligation now is to make that
9:24 am
happen, should he not get the nomination. >> that's the important point going forward. look at what's happening in the primaries on the republican side. the president doesn't really have any opposition but they are coming out in record numbers in iowa and new hampshire just to be able to vote for him. that says republican voters are really fired up. there's going to be a huge turnout on the republican side and democrats are going to need every democrat and socialist come together, if they are ever going to come together and beat everyone did. if this process ends up alienating bernie sanders supporters like with hillary clinton that's going to have an impact on turnout and who wins. >> the other thing that was notable is brad pascual manager for donald trump tweeting out a picture showing "air force one" going over daytona, which it did yesterday. but that picture is george w. bush's "air force one."
9:25 am
it was not donald trump's "air force one." it was not donald trump winning daytona 500 winning the race before it started as he tweeted out. stuff happens. >> they can't shoot straight. >> what about michael bloomberg and the women's issue. "the washington post" put out stuff that's been litigatedover and over again every time he's run, going back decades about sexist comments made, not inappropriate behavior but hostile workplace and often the subject of litigation going back at bloomberg. >> well, we're in a different environment. i think these questions about bloomberg and the workplace he ran, the comments that he made about women -- >> which he denies. >> were inappropriate then and inappropriate today. he can deny them. you know what, that's got to be put to the test. you look at the number of women voters completely turned off by donald trump, it doesn't mean we're going to accept the slick packaging without looking at what's there. >> parenthetically quickly some reporting with "new york times"
9:26 am
emily's list struggled with this when reports were circulating and he was offering a lot of money, $100 million to elect democratic women to congress. they decided to keep him as speaker and put up the money and elected women in states around the country. it was a matter of principles on one side on this #metoo issue versus money to elect democrats. >> it was 2016 and 2018. >> 2018. >> i think we're in very unusual times. we have a very unusual president right now. i think the focus should be to win. mike bloomberg, given all his faults and there's no one perfect has been strong on women's rights, reproductive rights, environment, parkland and city of new york, 9 million people, has a good track record to run on and open to criticism like any other candidate right now. >> the debate will show, because i think he will show up on the debate. me projecting. great to see you, brendan, good to see you as well. fear and loathing in las vegas. officials in nevada are afraid
9:27 am
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after the debacle in iowa with their caucus, the democratic party in nevada is trying to avoid a similar high-tech meltdown with its system combining caucuses next saturday with in person early voting that started this saturday. more than 18,000 democrats already lined up to vote at polling places around the state. because of iowa, there are still concerns about the technology nevada is using to count votes and the amount of training being provided to caucus volunteers. joining me now msnbc coordinator garrett haake in henderson, nevada. you spoke to caucus volunteers. how confident are they they are going to get this right? >> reporter: andrea, everybody is kind of keeping their fingers crossed here. there are two separate elements. first the early votes process itself. early votes done like a traditional primary. people will come in and select their candidates in their order of preference here and leave with that ballot cast on paper. one of the concerns is when the
9:32 am
caucus process starts saturday, those votes have to be combined with people who come to caucus. there's no great way of doing that. they are doing it for the first time in nevada. the second part is the technology itself, getting trained on the google form the nevada democratic party switched to rather than use the app that misfunctioned badly in iowa. campaign volunteer i talked to said already gotten 15 hours of training on this process so far, expecting to get several more hours of training on wednesday on the use of that google system after they clear the early voting window. so there's a degree of confidence from the state party on down that this can be done correctly but enormous pressure here to not become iowa 2.0. >> garrett, who has a good ground game there. >> well, look, bernie sanders has the benefit of having run here before. he's got enormous staff, high level of mobilization. they are using his draw pretty creatively. on saturday i was at a bernie sanders rally where he then took the 1200 or so people there and
9:33 am
got as many of them as he could to march with him to an early voting location, literally delivering voters to the polls to come vote. he's been on the ground in a major way. joe biden benefits from long relationships here but might not have quite as robust an operation as bernie sanders. then you've got the other moderate candidates trying to staff up here quickly. pete buttigieg, amy klobuchar, to a lesser degree elizabeth warren bringing resources into the state that weren't here, playing catchup. you know how important that can be in a caucus. the early voting, whether the early vote makes this a more democratic process does raise turnout in what has tra additionally been a low turnout state for an early state. >> thank you very much. latinos make up 30% of nevada's population and the state's caucuses are the first real test of which democratic candidate is going to win that vote. joining me now is janet, president and ceo of the
9:34 am
nation's largest hispanic advocacy group. thank you so much for being here. i want to share with you something you may have seen happen at an event a if you days ago, a few nights ago in nevada. this was questioning the candidates on who is the president of mexico. let's watch. >> i'm asking because i feel like a lot of the times, this is our neighbor to the south, and a lot of people don't even know his name. so, you know - do you know his name? >> i forgot. >> do you know who he is? do you know his name? >> i know he is the mexican president. >> can you tell me his name. >> name. >> can you tell me the president of mexico. >> yeah. >> you're the only one that's been able took tell me that today. >> really? >> did you see amy klobuchar was looking for a life line, pulling a friend in there. >> that is surprising. >> it is. our nearest neighbor. >> obviously folks appeal to the
9:35 am
mexican american community. there are still a lot of ties. you know, it's not the end of the world if someone doesn't know his name. you think on a presidential stage you want to know your nearest neighbor. >> nearest neighbor to nevada. not any nearer than canada. >> that's correct. >> what about the hispanic vote, rising number of latinos in nevada, the fact this is the first diverse test. it's so different from iowa and new hampshire, obviously. who has advantages here, as you see it. >> there's no question this is going to be the first states we're going to see a preference by minority or majority state of minority in nevada. latinos represent one out of three nevadans and we're going to see them weigh in in a big way. we've seen the latino vote grow since 2010 in nevada. so this is actually going to be
9:36 am
a really textbook sort of state to look at. when harry reed was in trouble and needed to rethink how he was going to win his re-elect in 2010, he leaned into strategies that would engage fully the latino community, built those relationships, invested in promoting issues, and made commitments on those issues. since that time we've seen the growth of the latino community but not just the community itself but voters and they have turned out. they turned out for him in the end when he did all of those steps. they turned out to elect the first latina senator in the united states senate in catherine cortez maso and jackie rose benefited in 2018 being elected to the senate by this core group of voters in nevada. so they are very energized and they are going to be very engaged in this caucus is my prediction. we're seeing high levels of turnout in these early caucus
9:37 am
opportunities. one of the things we'll see, though, what's important to latino voters, we have a saying they go to the polls with immigration on their hearts. but top of mind is jobs and the economy, health care, and increasingly housing issues. when you break down how the economy, yes, it's growing, but it's not benefiting latinos right now. they are seeing the stagnant wages impact them. what is really affecting their ability to grow economically are the rising costs of housing. 86% of hispanics in nevada, we just did a poll, will be part of a press conference tomorrow with other latino organizations, i'm flying out to nevada, talking about key issues the candidates must address. health care, drug prices, housing. all of these are going to have an impact on who is speaking to
9:38 am
the issues that our community cares about. >> you've laid out the whole campaign for us. that's terrific. we will catch up with you later this week in nevada. >> one of the i think so i will say we have launched an electorate, launched a 2020 campaign. we're going to see how not only our work has increased in latino voter turnout in florida, in texas, but now in states like arizona and nevada. we've registered over 700,000 new latino voters in the last decade and we're excited to see the engagement by latino voters in nevada and in other states to come. >> it's very exciting. thank you so much, janet. >> on wednesday tune in for the next democratic debate live from las vegas on msnbc. lester holt, hallie jackson, chuck todd, telemundo's vanessa hawk and jon ralston will put the remaining candidates to the test. three days ahead of the caucus
9:39 am
and could be michael bloomberg's first debate. watch it live wednesday 9:00 eastern on msnbc. coming up, growing outbreak. fourteen americans among those evacuated from a quarantined cruise ship testing positive for the coronavirus. a doctor joining us with his expertise. you're watching "andrea mitchell reports" on msnbc. ♪ limu emu & doug
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fourteen americans among hundred dollars evacuated for the cruise ship tested positive for coronavirus. two charter planes carrying americans from japan touched down overnight at air force bases in texas and california where they will be quarantined. passengers who tested positive were kept in isolation chambers. joining me medical correspondent dr. john torres. let's talk about what lies ahead for these people but others around them while they were on
9:44 am
the cruise ship and perhaps before that isolation chamber was positively set up on the plane. what are their chances of also contracting the disease? >> the people that tested positive for this, they will be put in isolation, essentially put in a hospital, treated for any symptoms they have because we have no specific treatment for coronavirus but the symptoms they get, pneumonia and other issues. they will treat them and let their bodies heal over time. a matter of how long it takes to heal. the other people, in quarantine 14 days. this restarts their quarantine. they were on the airplane with someone who tested positive. what happened on the ship, at the time they were negative. they retested them before they got on the plane, they were positive. they made the decision let's put them on anyway. once they are on the plane it's an area anyone in the same plane or location needs total quarantined as well and check for symptoms. if those symptoms crop up and they test positive they will be
9:45 am
isolated, put in the hospital and taken care of at that point. >> how do people figure out if you've got a cold, the flu, the coronavirus? how is the testing differentiated? >> what's happening here is a couple of things, a screening test. checking you for fevers, symptoms and travel history or your contact history. who have you been around. if you have a fever, if you have the symptoms, which are essentially flu-like or cold-like symptoms, start getting a little under the weather, a cough, low grade fevers and starts turning to respiratory problems. if you have that and look at your travel history, in that area of china or around somebody positive for coronavirus or from that area, then they will start taking it more seriously and start testing you. if you test positive, of course, that's when they will start treating you. >> foreign policy implications here. president xi is being criticized for having perhaps known in advance and not warning people. there are concerns that i've heard from a number of academic experts about north korea, which
9:46 am
doesn't have infrastructure to deal with something like this, has a common border with china, and there is a lot of economic traffic back and forth across that border. >> these are two huge concerns. i was at the cdc's eoc, emergency operations center talking to the expert. the word they used was containment, over and over again, making sure it's contained. once people break out of the containment and going to other areas and potentially spreading this, it's almost like getting that toothpaste out of the tube, it's hard to get back in. in situations like this from china it's possible they waited two weeks before they told the international community what's going on that containment can be broken. the same thing in north korea. even a bigger issue is public health agency, public health abilities are very limited. from what we understand they are running out of personal protective equipment, they might not have testing. getting that equipment to them, testing to them is important. not only will it help them, these are international communities. this is a small world. to start spreading, again,
9:47 am
breaks through containment cdc is concerned about and we're hoping that stays as strong as possible. >> the threat continues. thank you so much, dr. john torres, for your briefing. up next, high stakes. we'll check in with the campaigns in need of a big win in nevada. you're watching "andrea mitchell reports" on msnbc. tide pods. keep them up. keep them closed. keep them safe. but maybe not for people with rheumatoid arthritis. because there are options. like an "unjection™". xeljanz xr, a once-daily pill for adults with moderate to severe ra for whom methotrexate did not work well enough. xeljanz xr can reduce pain, swelling and further joint damage, even without methotrexate. xeljanz can lower your ability to fight infections like tb; don't start xeljanz if you have an infection. taking a higher than recommended dose of xeljanz for ra
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don't count joe biden out yet. at least that's the message from retired senate majority leader harry reid of nevada. a power house who cast his vote early saturday. reid's point is the first two states, iowa and new hampshire are not good tests for the party's nomination. >> i think it's way too early to count joe biden out. as i've said here this morning several times already, iowa and new hampshire are not representative of the country. he's going to do well in nevada, extremely well in south carolina. people should not be counting joe biden out of the race yet. >> joining me now, mike and vaughn hillyard. first mike. let's talk about harry reid.
9:52 am
he has not endorsed yet. his endorsement really counts. he's a power house in nevada. and joe biden is trying to take advantage of that. he's coming from a disappointing fin ir not only in iowa but most importantly in new hampshire. >> reporter: yeah. it's interesting we're talking about not just with harry reid but also the culinary union. a number of powerful forces in nevada that have not endorsed but have sent signals that auger well for joe biden in the nevada caucuses. in fact, if you think about ate week ago, we were talking about what it would be like for joe biden in the difficult two and a half weeks between the new hampshire primary and south carolina. i was calling it 18 days of misery for joe biden. but, in fact, what we've seen so far is actually something of a mood among democrats especially democratic leadership. we heard it from speaker pelosi to say let's give this a little bit more time to breathe that joe biden has not had a chance to run as he has said himself in
9:53 am
states with a more diverse electorate where he deserves to do stronger. as we've seen mike bloomberg, part of what the biden camp was worried about coming out of pour showings, he's starting to get the scrutiny not just from joe biden but from the rest of the candidates and the media as well about his record that i think opens things up a little bit for him. what we're seeing is a real strong effort here in nevada by the campaign to try to perform well here first or second place showing. give them a little bit of a head of steam heading into the fire wall of south carolina. they think it gives them even more momentum and money heading into super tuesday. >> it raises the stakes for his debate performance on wednesday night. and to vaughn hillyard, you've been covering pete buttigieg. and he hit back with chris wallace yesterday against rush limbaugh's homo phobic
9:54 am
statements. to speak out with such prejudice against buttigieg was appalling. >> exactly. pete buttigieg is pushing back saying i'm not going to give any oxygen to the hateful attacks. i think the issue is when you look at the next nine months on this issue, it's the lack of anybody speaking out against rush limbaugh again. this is why pete buttigieg has come into here and nevada and has contended he's the best equipped to reach out to independents and republicans on that message. take a listen to pete buttigieg responding to that attack from rush limbaugh. >> i am in a faithful, committed marriage. i'm proud of my marriage. i'm proud of my husband, and i'm
9:55 am
not going to be lectured on family values by anybody who supports donald trump as the moral and political leader of the united states. >> pete buttigieg emphasized he's the candidate best equipped to bring over independents and republicans upset with the direction of this republican party. he did it in iowa. he did it in new hampshire. he needs to do it again here in nevada. >> indeed. that was quite a tough response hitting right back at rush limbaugh on fox news no less, sunday, with chris wallace. thank you vaughn hillyard and mike. both of you in nevada and make sure to tune into deadline white house today when 2020 presidential candidate joe biden will be joining nicole wallace live from reno. live from reno right ahead of wednesday's debate at 4:00 eastern on msnbc. don't miss it. we'll be right back. sometimes your small screen is your big screen.
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thanks for being with us on this president's day. that does it for edition of andrea mitchel reports. the next democratic debate will be live from las vegas here on msnbc. wednesday at 9:00 p.m. eastern. remember to follow our show online on facebook and on twitter at mitchel reports. here is chris jansing in new york. >> thank you so much. good afternoon. i'm chris jansing. happy president's day. absolutely not a down day for democratic candidates who want
10:00 am
to be president. and who are facing a high intensity couple of weeks with a power to make or break campaigns. early voting continues today in nevada after more than 18,000 voters cast their ballots on saturday. and in just five days, the caucuses. but democratic candidates are spread out across the country campaigning today just because there's so much going on in the next 14 days. this wednesday the nbc news and msnbc debate in las vegas. we're still waiting to find out if michael bloomberg makes the cut. saturday's nevada caucus then. one week later south carolina's pri primary and three days later, super tuesday. voting in 15 states and territories. joining me is garrett haake who has been following the early voting. garrett, there were reports of people waiting in line as much as 3 1/2 hours. some people reportedly left