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tv   MSNBC Live With Ali Velshi  MSNBC  February 19, 2020 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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19th. democratic presidential candidates are ready to face off puts it in the -- and according one more time before the nevada caucuses on saturday. to this past weekend, they say six candidates with going to be medicare for all would cost just on the stage tonight. amy klobuchar, pete buttigieg, over $3,000 in 2017, more than how we worship, or who we love. $450 billion less than the joe biden, bernie sanders, and the 2020 census is how that great promise is kept. actual total health care spending that year. elizabeth warren and for the because this is the count that informs researchers say medicare for all first time former new york city where hundreds of billions in funding would prevent more than 68,000 mayor michael bloomberg. will go each year for things like education, make no mistake, for several of unnecessary deaths every year, the candidates on the stage the healthcare, and programs that touch us all. according to the oecd, the u.s. stakes are very high. this debate comes as a new nbc spent more than $10,000 per shape your future. start here. learn more at news/wall street journal poll person. gives bernie sanders a double digit lead over the nearest countries with single-payer rival, the support of 27% of the spend all the way down to 1/3 to voters out there. have better health outcomes. biden's at 15%, down from last month. bloomberg coming in third at the chance of them being law 14%. up five points from last month. won't happen anytime soon but won't. ive ♪ "it's okay" warren also at third at 14% and buttigieg at 13%, klobuchar at that's why xfinity mobile lets you design your own data. 7%. the margin of error is plus or you can share 1, 3, or 10 gigs of data between lines, ♪ but don't mess with mister inbetween ♪ minus 4.75%.
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democratic party of nevada said 77,000 people voted early. the numbers are staggering. in 2016 with no early voting, only about 80,000 people participated in the caucus process. i want to start with how the candidates are preparing for tonight's debate. road warriors join us from las vegas. shaquille brewster, josh letterman, mike memoli and ali vitale. mike, let's start with you. there is a back and forth all day today between biden and bloomberg. >> reporter: yeah. that's right, ali. the long term strategic imperative to stop the momentum of bernie sanders in polls and delegates heading into super tuesday but they know that they need obviously some self ♪ inflicted errors for biden getting to this point and to really stop michael bloomberg in his tracks before he is even on the ballot anywhere an enthat's ♪
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. a lawyer for wikileaks why you've seen the biden founder claims president trump campaign start coming out hard confirmed the on assange. with a video trying to turn the ♪ applebee's new irresist-a-bowls bloomberg ads tying himself to now starting at $7.99. president obama on its head, make the point that he was a now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood. vocal critic of the obama administration at times. as one biden adviser said on a report. the white house calls it a total lie. call with reporters a moment ago back in 2016 wikileaks posted he didn't have obama's back. the stolen dnc emails after they were hacked by russian the bloomberg responding with a video of joe biden saying nice operatives. things of bloomberg over the assange is being held on spying years and biden at a stop with charges. his full court hearing is [ fast-paced drumming ] culinary union workers in the last hour and twitter responding expected to start next week. back saying that he doesn't thanks to a controversial endorse republicans so that's a communation by president trump former l il governor blagojevich real preview of on stage tonight is officially a free man. and i mentioned the bernie the convicted felon seven years sanders attacks and that is into a 14-year sentence for something that is new. we can expect to see from the soliciting bribes to sell an former president, as well. he has gone after the vermont open senate seat, attempting to senator on guns and health care shake down a children's and medicare for all but one hospital. this afternoon he thanked trump thing they're teeing up tonight and called himself an underdog. and important in nevada is immigration reform. >> we want to express our most bernie sanders vote against a profound and ever-lasting
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comprehensive immigration reform proposal in 2007. gratitude to president trump. how do you properly thank one that was introduced by then senator harry reid of nevada, someone given back the freedom stolen from you? he didn't have to do this. ali. he is tough, outspoken, he gets >> josh letterman, your guy is things done. he is a problem solver and a taking the brunt of the attack business where too many tonight. politicians don't want to solve >> reporter: he is and the bloomberg campaign saying problems. all they want to do is play they're ready to fight back. politics and get nothing done the bloomberg campaign for the people. responding to some attacks today that wraps up the hour for by what can only be described as he's -- i'm a trump-ocrat. me. trolling his fellow rivals. don't forget to tune in live from las vegas. mike memoli mentioned that video with footage of biden praising in about five hours on the stage michael bloomberg and another >> fueling concern that he's you're looking at right now. video featuring former normalizing political corruption supporters of the democratic and announced yesterday, the "deadline white house" with candidates like elizabeth warren, like joe biden who have pardoning of new york city police commissioner bernard nicolle wallace begins right actually changed their support now. hello, everyone. kerik charged in 2010 for to michael bloomberg. failure to pay taxes, financier it's 4:00 in new york. the argument there being that as bernie sanders opening opdouble and one-time junk bond king digit lead. this race is moving forward a lot of these people are taking a milliken and owner eddie he takes the stage tonight as the clear frontrunner. new look at michael bloomberg and actually switching up their debartolo jr. failing to report new to the debate stage will be support but the broader argument an alleged extortion attempt. former new york mayor, mike
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that the bloomberg campaign is bloomberg, who, so far, has trying to make today is that the president trump pardoned former presented himself to voters fact he is under attack from arizona chief joe arpaio. largely through paid advertising different sides is an indication in 2018, pardoned a sailor who that his rivals know that he is blanketing the air waves and now the one to beat. nationally on cable. take a listen to what campaign all eyes will be on tonight's pled guilty of keeping debate to see if it can reorder manager told our colleague classified material. andrea mitchell a few minutes former aide libby for lying to the democratic field in many of ago. >> i believe it's a two-way race the same ways the final at this point. authorities and conservative things could change. it won't change the delegate dinesh d souza. math but make that first case peter alexander joins me now. more evident in the future. peter, what -- there are people out there thinking that donald i think the next few weeks trump softens everybody up for the pardons that everybody is decide the future of the really wondering about, paul country. >> reporter: ali, it's been about a decade since michael manafort, roger stone and bloomberg is on a debate stage michael flynn. and never had to debate in a >> yeah. no. i think that's right and situation quite like this before skepticism. with six candidates on the of course this comes just a day before roger stone is expected stage. campaign officials say he is to be sentenced. huddling with the advisers going you have seen the president's through mock rehearsals as well frustration about the sentencing as trying to come up with concise ways to explain the recommendation. rr backing off that. policies he's been rolling out then barr telling the president to butt out of this. as well as how to best litigate the bottom line is the president
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the case against president after criticism that he should not be interfering in criminal trump. >> shaq brewster, there's all cases that the justice department is overseeing making sorts of people focusing on it very clear that he does have bloomberg but bernie sanders is the presidential power to pardon on a similar trajectory, opened or commute any sentence any time up the lead over the nearest effectively saying you can do opponent on a national level so whatever you want with friends there's an element of this is of mine but i have the say at targeted at bernie sanders, as the end of the day. well, including coming from this is not me but allies of the michael bloomberg. president's are telling me. >> reporter: that's right. the campaign has said, hey, striking to see rod blagojevich senator sanders at the center of and what sounded like a campaign remarks for the disgraced former many of the debates for illinois governor trying to recast the legacy. sometime. we have heard over and over the heard describing himself as a extended conversations of medicare for all and the costs associated with it, the trump-ocrat. silver haired but describing complaints of the cloenollege f himself as a freed political all. the campaign says they're ready prisoner. here was blagojevich earlier for that and ready to hear it from mayor bloomberg and they today. have ammunition against >> teaches and history shows bloomberg on their own. they have been saying that and that right defeated. you have been senator sanders will in the end overcome and as preview it before. they're ready to go after him on dr. king used to say truth stop and frisk, his openness to crushed to earth will one day cuts to different programs like rise again because no lie can
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medicare and medicaid and the opposition in the past to the live forever. minimum wage. i'm returning home today as a this campaign is making very freed political prisoner. i hope now looking to the future clear they're ready to take the that i can draw from my life fight to mayor bloomberg. i spoke to his campaign manager experience, particularly those over the last eight years in prison and 11 years since this saying mayor bloomberg is a all came to us and do something natural foil for bernie sanders to try to fight to help people than pete buttigieg who was the target of the last debate or who have been wrongfully vice president biden, the rival incarcerated or and probably the of the past. rule and not the exception those there's an issue of electability, especially in who made a mistake, did wrong those key states that matter. and sentenced to years in prison listen to what jeff weaver told that not only destroy their our andrea mitchell about that. lives and steal from them their futures but they hurt their children and family. >> michael bloomberg will be the >> blagojevich earlier today weakest candidate against saying he was persecuted by the president trump. michael bloomberg will have a swamp, specifically referring difficult time going into wisconsin, michigan and the swamp as springfield, pennsylvania and explaining to illinois. that state's capital. folks why he cares about worki but this obviously, ali, strooking to people because blagojevich in many ways was the different than donald trump. poster child for the type of pay >> reporter: you have also heard to play politics that president senator sanders kind of going trump then candidate trump vowed after bloomberg for not to get rid of. appearing in the first four
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contests. >> yeah. it was interesting saying they spent time in iowa, new wrongfully convicted, sentenced hampshire. they're in nevada right now. for a nonviolent crime is an mayor bloomberg skipping the states, won't be on the ballot. interesting conversation in social justice circles but there was facts in that thing. senator sanders saying i'm peter, more than a quarter talking to people on the ground. center in this business, i have mayor bloomberg is just trying not heard somebody in a to buy the election. expect to hear that tone on the debate stage tonight. >> this has turned into a conversation use bouffant on tv. conversation about electability or who has the biggest bat to go against donald trump. >> it covers for blagojevich. ali vitali, this is a point that >> thank you, my friend. good to see you. elizabeth warren continues to make, to build a coalition an be electability and coming to going >> thanks. latinos in nevada becoming a after michael bloomberg tonight, crucial voting bloc in the state. we'll hear from them after the i'd bet five venmo dollars the break of the issues bringing biggest attacks coming from them out to caucus. when you shop with wayfair, elizabeth warren. >> reporter: i'd bet with you, not against you. warren is a disciplined candidate, she knows what she is saying and the messaging tea leaves are there. the campaign talking about how
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she is the candidate to build a coalition. it was always unity pitch with an asterisk because michael you spend less and get way more. bloomberg is someone she never shied away from going after, so you can bring your vision to life talking about him as a and save in more ways than one. billionaire and more recently learning about the record seeing, for example, the comment that is he made on stop and frisk, things that elizabeth warren seized on immediately and not shied away from contrasting for small prices, herself. and bernie sanders, which you can build big dreams, spend less, elicits an interesting question. listen what she said earlier get way more. today when she stopped by a shop everything home at picket line. >> senator, are we going to back bloomberg if he backs the election? [ inaudible ] >> bloomberg as -- >> your comment about bloomberg? >> anyone ought to be able to buy an election. >> reporter: and, ali, said she said to me before, as well. going to support the eventual nominee and called it a risk nominating michael bloomberg and
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i think we are going to see overall a more fiery senator elizabeth warren. i think on past debate stages, the goal for thome to put as much narrative story and of her bio into the debate performances as possible. tonight i'm getting less of that sense. i think that this campaign as so many others are, are looking at new hampshire, seeing klobuchar get a huge tangible bounce off a strong debate performance and i think that's important tonight and something we're certainly looking for on the debate stage for senator warren. >> can you articulate what success looks like for warren tonight? we know biden has to stop the slide. we know bernie sanders is in the ao stem michael bloomberg's game. michael bloomberg's got make a big splash on to tonight because first impressions are going to count. what is success looking look super emma just about sleeps in her cape. like for elizabeth warren? but when we realized she was battling sensitive skin, tied in third place in polling we switched to tide pods free & gentle. nationwide and yet you might it's gentle on her skin, and dermatologist recommended. think from listening to news tide free & gentle. coverage she is out of the race.
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>> reporter: yeah. safe for skin with psoriasis and eczema. i think the campaign is very much aware of that kind of news coverage but i think what i'm hearing from them and frankly from senator elizabeth warren is that she's just going to go forward into tonight and do the best that she can on the debate stage. when you think about who she is trying to stop or who she is trying to go after, an outside adviser said shesz someone who tends to pick smart fights, not every fight. bloomberg is a perfect foil for warren and bernie sanders and regularly rails against the billionaire class and of course it makes sense to go after bloomberg an seen her drawing contrasts with bernie sanders this week because if you look at when's at the top of the polls you have someone who's in the so-called moderate lane in michael bloomberg and someone who's in the so-called progressive lane with bernie sanders. elizabeth warren wants to stand between those two lanes a build build coalition in the sanders front, that is hat new, interesting, clearly a shift in strategy and regarding bernie sanders on past debate stages they have sort of marched in lockstep on policy and we
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knew this moment would come to contrast each other and can't march in lockstep forever. >> shaq, what is the danger for bernie sanders? he did not come in, he did not place as well as he would have liked to in iowa and new hampshire. you know? meeting expectations. in nevada, he is polling ahead of everyone else. is this his position, his opportunity to take first place? >> reporter: right. it is. the campaign keeps pointing to those national polls, the lead in the national polls that he's seeing and the reason to do that is because they feel good about how he will do here in nevada. the upcoming nevada caucus go to south carolina, marks a new phase of the 2020 democratic primary as it is the first early primary state not expectations on vice president biden or south carolina. filled with primarily white then you go into the super tuesday states and that's where voters and the population is 30% they feel like they're in really good footing and matched in what latino and emerging to be an important bloc for democrats who senator sanders is doing based are competing in this state. on the schedule and the calendar. he will be in california this week, leaving nevada. nbc's trymaine lee went to
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this week he was in washington nevada to discuss how they're state. we saw him in colorado, texas. so he's been moving about using finding a political voice. >> reporter: this could be any nevada as kind of a launching typical weeknight at a mexican point to go to the super tuesday restaurant but ahead of the democratic caucuses in nevada and states beyond because they feel good ant the national this restaurant was anything but typical. message of nationalizing the message and the energy beyond it's the site of a mock caucus. the first four primary states. practice for what can be a >> thank you to the four of you. crazy, messy political i will see you in a couple of days in las vegas and watching performance. >> it is important to inform and to hear your interpretations of educate the latino voters how a that debate. michael bloomberg may not be the only person the candidates target tonight. the front-runner this debate comes as a vermont senator ku k caucus functions. >> reporter: nevada is diverse bernie sanders tries to capitalize on the win in new hampshire seeing a surge in national polls. joining us is a big supporter, first truly representative the sanders surrogate, san juan primary or caucus in the nation. and nevada's hispanic voters mayor, carmen cruz. good to see you again. include many first generation thank you for being with us. americans. >> i'm just getting more and >> thank you very much for having me. >> you have an interesting more excited to be able to first time to vote. challenge. in sort of tying bernie sanders part of my obligation and
12:14 pm
to the policies that are important to the latin ex responsibility since i started the presidents to be citizens. community, a large portion of >> reporter: frank is in the him conservative and voted for culinary union with some 60,000 donald trump in 2016. members, more than half of whom polling indicate that s that a r are hispanic, it's one of the most coveted voting blocs in the state. number is interested in donald the union recently said it won't trump in 2020. be endorsing anyone in the what is the challenge in such a democratic primary. instead, it's mobilized members candidate's policies and whether with a singular goal. >> defeat trump, definitely. or not they're favorable to the community? >> polling indicates that >> reporter: benitez is phone president bernie sanders, we might as well start calling him banking. union members are spreading the word to family and friends and that, is also going up in the polls with latino and talking about the issues that matter most to them. african-american and people of >> we're going back to health care, immigration, good jobs, color. why? specifically because his too. >> reporter: he's the kind of policies are tailored to the needs and the fights of every new voter needed by a democratic day people. college for all, medicare for all, canceling student debt is party to grow latino voters. how tough it is to organize in sensible path to immigration and the community here in nevada? >> it is hard. viewing people as people. one of the thnlg that is really we are worried about touches the latino community, i immigration, income equality, education. so many things the last thing on have campaigned in nevada for
12:15 pm
senator bernie sanders as the the mind is to vote. we don't have the privilege to national co-chair alongside nina do that. >> reporter: manual is the and ben cohen is this. student government vice president at the college of southern nevada. he's been active in politics for bernie sanders, everybody is since he began working on important. this is why he continues to say campaigns as a teenager. this is not about me. >> first generation student. as some other candidates in the i've had more opportunities than democratic field. my father has coming from el this is about us. and he is pulling together. salvador. >> reporter: not to counter the he doesn't have to talk about idea that latinos are diverse being able to pull together. but as a group lady no voters, he is pulling together a community in general, what is at stake in 2020? multi-racial, multi-generational working class people movement >> we have a humanitarian crisis that touches at the consistency, at tt border. kids locked up in cages. commitment and courage that he seeing climate change destroy has shown his entire life and a islands. thing that with the latino what is at stake right now is our survival. community it is very important. it's really prosperity, that's we know the fights that have to what's at stake. be fought and we want to make sure that we can trust the >> joining me is the president people that say that they will and ceo of a latino civil rights fight them. organization that partners with we do that in two ways. nearly 300 affiliates across the one is ensuring that we can country. thank you for joining us. trust. bernie sanders has a highest number of any other democratic trymaine trying to get at this.
12:16 pm
candidate with trustworthiness. latinos in america are such a bernie sanders policies are also polling at the highest. broad and diverse population. are there common interests that things that were considered radical in 2016 are dominating cause them to vote as blocks in the conversation and the field. the election? three is the latino population donald trump got 28% of the vote knows that for bernie it isn't in 2016. tell me how do we think about about getting your vote. this as a block? it is about making sure that the >> sure. ali, as you can see and you saw in that clip, there's a lot of latinos can thrive and not only energy and engagement and focus survive. >> let me ask you about the by the latino community, all concerns. you definitely see bernie sanders as a uniter. there are a lot of democrats who participating in the caucuses and the general election in don't see it that way. they are worried about the november. and what's driving their interests are really the issues that are affecting their families and their households and what we say in the data agitation and the vi ttriol. supporting this that when our community goes to the polls to how does bernie sanders address that matter? vote they have immigration on their hearts but top of mind are >> well, one important thing about the culinary union is that issues like jobs and the they said, look, we are not economy, health care and going to endorse anybody. increasingly housing. and that really made a statement a lot of concern around the as to where they were at. increased costs of housing so
12:17 pm
bernie sanders has a very ample they have their families at program for duplicating union really at the heart of these membership throughout his issues and how they're impacted presidency and the first four so for us it's really both. years in presidency and a thing that's important is, look. we want to hear from candidates, there are people that will never be impressed with bernie sanders yes. what they're going to do about because they don't want college for all. immigration. their don't want medicare for we hate seeing children separated from the parents at all. the border. big pharma is not going to we support comprehensive benefit from bernie ensuring immigration reform and most especially want to see dreamers that people spend less money in given the status they have the united states buying insulin deserved and earned as being than anywhere in the world. lifelong residents of this country. that is important so those but ultimately, what drives our people that are against what the movement and the political community and the connection they make to issues and voting revolution of bernie sanders stands for, people that want to is what is the future for my see children in cages in the family and we're not seeing this south, southern border of the united states, people that big, big economy impacting our really don't care if you are a latino man or an families. their wages are still stagnant african-american man and you're stopped in the middle of the and most folks in our community street and frisked just like working more than one job and want to see candidates talking what happened with michael bloomberg in new york city. they will always say that bernie about bread and butter issues sanders is not a uniter. and access to health care and what has been proven time and
12:18 pm
prescription drug prices are time again, he won the popular very important. but this issue, 86% of the vote in iowa. he won new hampshire. community are very concerned he's positioned to win nevada. about access to housing and the why precisely? costs and as you know if we can because he is moving people into the elections that never had become homeowners we are voted before and will now actually then building wealth participate because they're for our community and that's hopeful that there will be a really important, too. president on 1600 pennsylvania >> thank you for joining me. avenue that their agenda it is his agenda -- >> let me put it more clearly to the president and ceo. coming up, president trump's you. if bernie sanders is not the loyal cabinet members but democratic candidate will you attorney general barr is said to support the democratic candidate? have threatened to resign over >> always. but bernie sanders will be the the recent barrage of tweets about the justice department. democratic candidate. he did so when hillary clinton we'll talk about that after the break. ♪ limu emu & doug was the democratic candidate. why? [ siren ] because it is no longer about one person. give me your hand! it is about one agenda, making i can save you... sure that not the 1% but the 99% lots of money with liberty mutual! of the people, those people that we customize your car insurance get -- see the rent increased so you only pay for what you need! over and over, that's why bernie has a rent control along the united states passage of a policy. the people that cannot afford
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attorney general barr told people close to the president he considered resigning after president trump's tweet storm about the justice department but a doj spokeswoman told barr has no plan to exit. earlier today in the first public appearance since reportedly considering resigning barr said nothing about the issue surrounding president
12:23 pm
trump's tweets. the latest back and forth comes after a group of democratic senators signed a letter calling on bill barr to resign for what they called corrupt intervention in the case of roger stone wrote in part, quote, it appears to show that you and other top doj officials intervened to undermine the administration of justice at the president's behest. joining me is a senator that signed that letter, chris van hollen of maryland. senator, good to see you. i just -- i keep putting in air quotes that bill barr considered resigning. i don't know what that actually means but why do you now think bill barr, the guy who was dishonest to the country for three weeks about the mueller report, wrote a 19 or 20-page memo to the assistant attorney general about how trump didn't need to provide testimony in the report before he was attorney general, why is this the straw that broke the camel's back for
12:24 pm
you? >> it is good to be with you. actually, the straw that broke the camel's back for me came many, many, many months ago. this is not the first time i called for the attorney general to resign. but you do see more and more people now calling upon him to resign. because you see this pattern. you have seen it from day one where instead of serving as the attorney general for all people and applying the rule of law equally the attorney general's become the political tool for the president of the united states. trying to help the president's friends and impose harm on his adversaries. that is obviously not the role for an attorney general of the united states. so he should have resigned a long time ago. i take with a big grain of salt these reports that he is thinking of voluntarily resigning. i think he is exposed. right? he was already intervening in the sentencing for the roger stone case and then when the president tweeted that he should
12:25 pm
do something just outed him for what he was already doing. >> it seems to much of the world what bill barr is doing, interfering in cases that seem directly related to the president seems to be wrong but there doesn't seem to be a law against it which is why you and a number of your colleagues have introduced such a law, the doj interference bill, which would bar justice department officials appointed by the president from participating in matters related to the, quote, the president, his family or his campaign associates. i guess you must have been surprised as many did there weren't laws a lot of these things and expect convention to be upheld and in this administration you can't expect that. >> well, that's right, ali. we never thought we would reach this point where a president would be so emboldened and abuse his power on a regular basis and so we have introduced the
12:26 pm
legislation. it prohibits funds from being used by political appointees at the justice department if they're involved in cases involving, you know, the president's family or close friends and associates. again, we never thought we would need something like this because we always expected that attorney generals would abide by the norms of being nonpartisan and pursuing equal justice rather than simply being a tool for the president of the united states. >> i noticed an op-ed in "usa today" co-authored by chris wray of the fbi and bill barr. i didn't know if it's an effort at rehabilitation off the topic that we have been talking but talking about the 2020 elections and the vote. i have to think this is ironic because the doing tore the 2016 election is the threat of the president hardly takes seriously, the interference by the russians.
12:27 pm
>> yeah. i'm glad you raised this. they really should be talking to their boss the president of the united states who first of all was working hard to get the government of ukraine to interfere on his behalf, on donald trump's behalf, in the 2020 elections and, of course, through our u.s. intelligence agencies under the bus when they concluded that putin and the russians interfered in the 2016 elections. the president has gone so far to perpetrate the putin lie that it was ukraine and not russia that interfered in 2016. i should also say this president, the administration is working hard to block bipartisan legislation that we have introduced to prevent interference in the elections and including a bill called the deter act which would establish up front right now clear
12:28 pm
penalties that would be imposed on russia if we catch them interfering in our elections again. these would be tough sanctions on their economy. they would be swift and they would be severe. and the trump administration is working with mcconnell to block that legislation so -- >> seems like low-hanging fruit. >> hey. it is a no-brainer. and so, it is a little laughable to see these folks from his administration writing this op-ed on the one hand while the administration is working underground essentially with mcconnell to try and block this legislation on the other hand. >> senator, good to see you. thank you for joining me. coming up next, breaking down bernie sanders and elizabeth warren's sinlg l payer health care plans. you are watching msnbc.
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and here in the debate stage live in las vegas for the debate. this is going to be a key determant. on saturday, the south carolina primaries, a week later, then super tuesday.
12:33 pm
health care has been a top issue for democrats. likely going to come up as it has in previous debates. and much of this is centered on a propose toal to switch to wha they call united medicare for all. we want to look at what single-payer health care is. sanders and warren want a single government-run insurance plan that covers everyone with no exception, eliminating private insurance altogether. that would mean doctor's visits, lab works, hospital days, prescription, mental health treatment and post prescription drug costs would all be covered. out-of-pocket costs would be reduced because no deductibles and no co pays to hand over if you want to see a doctor. it's an incredibly generous versions found in canada and the
12:34 pm
united kingdom. those plans do. sanders has said mode care
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