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tv   Post- Debate Analysis Decision 2020  MSNBC  February 19, 2020 8:00pm-10:00pm PST

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bloomberg tonight. join us at a great political leader. thank you. i didn't see it tonight. >> senator, thank you. maybe it's there somewhere. democrats fall in love. folks, thank you. i don't think as nixon once said that concludes tonight's debate. our thanks to my fellow to pat buchanan, if you're hear moderators, to the candidates and of course all of you, the about a stop x movement, bet on audience here and at home. the nevada caucuses are this x. it's hard to go negative. saturday with the south carolina four or five candidates, one primary one week later and the big prize, super tuesday on with 30 plus to 30 blplus guys march third. we'll follow it all for you. could eventually win. i thought it was interesting all i'm lester hold. good night. six of the candidates, i think david plouffe said they all agreed. they all agreed that bernie is the leader and will be the leader if something doesn't stop so begins our coverage. him. and they need to go for brian williams in new york. two ways of looking at what somebody. i'm beginning to think over the past week or so, it's probably transpired on that stage. elizabeth warren. they have to find somebody who six people fighting for themselves. six people who over the course can coalesce the party's left of two hours sometimes salve flank and also the center left vanled each other and at some flank. she could do it. the interesting thing she did point someone on that stage is tonight, she did not go after going to have to run against the bernie votes tonight. incumbent president. that's a phalanx around him. sometimes at the end of what we what she did was different than just saw throwing in the old o the past. she went after the moderates.
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she went after buttigieg and amy and biden and she went after bloomberg. potential support there. she knows that for her to catch bromi bern nir she has to move into bromide is greater than what divides us. the middle and grab the middle. that's not what we saw n. form i said it to her -- she didn't deny it. current host of deadline white her strategy now is to become house, 4:00 p.m. eastern time the leading moderate alternative unless there's something i don't to bern nir. that's interesting. know, clare mccaskill. because for so many months she jason johnson, politics editor, professor at morgan state. le ran as a left best friend. lawrence o'donnell, host of "the that didn't work. now she's trying a different direction. last word" 10:00 p.m. eastern it will be fascinating if you can change strategy that weeknights on this networks in dramatically and win. i think she may be the one the spin room in las vegas. person who can do it. chris matthews at the big board, >> chris matthews, thank you. of course, steve kornacki. a question to ab before we nicole? run to a break. >> i think a lot -- i had the job for a long time of running the rap on the democrats often is they're trying to punish into the spin room and success. they're trying to punish explaining why my candidate won. it's a dubious craft. economic largesse. bloomberg had a moment where tonight more than ever. i think almost all these he's like what, what's happening candidates have make a claim to having an important night in here? what's going -- of course he terms of what they're trying to made as much money as he could. achieve. i think if you were waiting for was his implication. what slice of the democratic
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biden to be as focussed and in electorate and viewership will that appeal to? command as he was tonight, you >> it was very interesting, finally got it. because it got a really good if you wanted pete buttigieg to response from the crowd. show a national audience why he >> in the room, it did. won iowa, you got it. >> yes. they sort of affirmed him if you are one of the millions mocking this conversation. of people who has sort of thrust i think that train has left the bernie sanders to the top of the national polls, you saw what you station for the majority of the country. it's a very pure far left wing love about bernie sanders. if you love amy klobuchar, you of the democratic party argument saw her defend herself and fight, and if you're an elizabeth warren fan who wondered why she dipped in the to sit on this campaign finance polls, i think you saw all the fight come back in here. issue bernie sanders and i think what was hanging over this was the introduction of elizabeth warren are on. i think democrats just want to michael bloomberg in the race. win. that's why it was a strong michael bloomberg's campaign moment for bloomberg in an doesn't really rely on the otherwise sad debate. debates but he has to go through i think what david is them to get beyond them. articulating is this is kind of i think people will have too late. analysis about bloomberg, nevada is really important in everything from he's terms of tonight's attack on bern nir. disqualified to he sort of stood tonight was the night to do it. apart and it may not matter. next week could be too late. they did not go after him. i think what we learned in 2016 the moderators questioned him on is what we say and think matters a whole lot less than what it his medical records and felt like in the room and what transparency. the other candidates didn't.
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they did not bring up the fact that he has a spokesman out the democratic primary voters in nevada think about what they saw on the stage. >> we along with you witnessed a smearing bloomberg making up fake heart attacks. moment, let's call it between they did not say this is an biden and bernie on stage. existential election in which last time this happened on a we're letting a socialist lead debate stage, the host network our party while trump is trampling the rule of law. did, indeed, have audio of both there's plenty of recent examples from today, last participants. several hours and the previous we are reracking to see if we two weeks since he was can tell what was just said. acquitted. no one had their pants on fire. no one declared this an claire mcmiccaskill, your emergency. i think nevada is really critical, and if bernie is interpretation? >> it was a little bit like a allowed to win it, i think presidential version of they'll find they're in more "survivor". there was a lot of punches. trouble than they thought. and counter punches. >> when we come back, we'll talk you can tell they -- the stakes act some of the fault lines in have been ratcheted up. the democratic party where they translate to numbers. there are candidates that were our numbers guy will have that on that stage tonight that know when we come back. they won't be around in 30 days. >> maybe ten. >> we release reports from two >> maybe ten. maybe after super tuesday. so tonight was a big, big night, leading vermont cardiologists and it showed. who discard my situation and by the way, who said bernie sanders i thought elizabeth warren came out swinging, and landed some is more than able to deal with
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the stress and the vigor of significant punches on michael being president of the united bloomberg. i don't mean literally, states. hey, follow me around the obviously, but figuratively. campaign trail three, four, five events a day. she was certainly lived up to see how you're doing compared to her moniker of fighter tonight. me. >> i'm actually less concerned i thought she had a strong debate performance. about the lack of transparency on sanders' personal health than i thought mayor pete did very i am about the lack of well tonight, and i thought joe transparency about how to pay biden had one of his better for his health care plans. you r♪ debates. this has not been his moment, ♪ we would walk on the sidewalk ♪ these debates. i do think that i was ♪ all around the wind blows disappointed that we didn't have any discussion about the rule of ♪ we would only hold on to let go ♪ law being systemically ♪ blow a kiss into the sun dismantled in our country. that's what is on my mind. ♪ we need someone to lean on i think it's on a lot of ♪ blow a kiss into the sun people's mind, and the circular ♪ all we needed somebody to lean on ♪ firing squad, there's a danger. there wasn't enough pivoting to the new xc90 plug-in hybrid electric. talk about the real problem, donald trump. and will we get through this? xc90. recharged. yes. will the democrats still unify? i believe we will, but this kind of debate makes it tougher. >> i'm glad you raised the rule of law. we're sitting in a moment where
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this is the eve of the roger stone sentence. and there's a lot of speculation in washington on the right and on the left that donald trump is contemplating and aware of his power to pardon. so i am -- i share your dismay and i found it disconverting that in a moment where trump is consumed with the revenge chore to punish the civil servants to testified in the impeachment, again, freeing fellons. >> for corrupt people. mr. i hate corruption. >> i'm surprised it didn't come up. >> the big new name was going to be michael bloomberg. this was probably the most expensive night in vegas i've ever seen. he lost everything. [wood rolling] he's spent $320 million. he had the opportunity to stand alexios, add toilet paper to the shopping list. on page and appear to be an l, and he looked bored. he looked disenchanted. [chiseling on stone] he stumbled over obvious oh, and camel milk. questions that anybody would have anticipated about sexual and a chicken. harassment and stop and frisk. and moisturizer.
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i thought it was a bad night for alexa: thanks, guys. i'll take it from here. him. he's probably doubling the salaries of his staff that are as a doctor, i agree with cdc guidance. going into the spin room. i wouldn't want to defend him i recommend topical pain relievers first... after the night he had. like salonpas patch large. the most critical question it's powerful, fda-approved to relieve moderate pain, yet non-addictive and gentle on the body. tonight was when the moderator salonpas. it's good medicine. asked if someone has the hisamitsu. delegates but doesn't hit the threshold, does that make them the nominee? everybody said no but bernie sanders. i think these candidates are going to continue fighting forward. they're not necessarily going to fall in line because bernie is in the lead. i think this is going to a long and hopefully productive campaign. >> we know how the candidates roll and their friends and family. that's diana taylor next to michael bloomberg who has been a partner of his for many years. he mentioned her though not by name just yesterday. lawrence o'donnell, and then we're going to swing down to chris matthews.
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lawrence, i'm tempted to ask who is going to tell them they have to run against donald trump in a few months. >> they're going to get there. and there was some running against donald trump tonight, can you help keep these iguys protected online?? but obviously there was a lot of running against michael easy, connect to the xfi gateway. bloomberg. and michael bloomberg did have what about internet speeds that keep up with my gaming? some strong moments. but he had -- he suffered the let's hook you up with the fastest internet from xfinity. worst blows on that stage. what about wireless data options for the family? the nondisclosure agreement of course, you can customize and save. round that elizabeth warren opened up on him and the women can you save me from this conversation? and others in his company with that we can't do, but come in and see what we can do. nda settlements, joe biden and we're here to make life simple. easy. awesome. elizabeth warren double teaming michael bloomberg saying release ask. shop. discover. at your local xfinity store today. them right now on tv from their obligation not to disclose, and michael bloomberg absolutely wasn't ready for that at all. on the other hand, and by the way, on the bernie sanders thing about he thinks the person with the most delegates even if it isn't enough to lock up the nomination should get the nomination, that is exactly opposite of the bernie sanders' position of four years ago.
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when someone else he believed fortunately, i make a lot of was going to go into that money. and we do business all around convention with the most the world, and we are preparing delegates. that's always a position of the number of pages will convenience and always has been. the most fascinating thing that probably be in the thousands of happened on the stage our pages. i can't go to turbo tax. viewers at msnbc got to see during a commercial break in a >> the turbo tax moment from box on the screen, and that was michael bloomberg on stage tonight. steve kornacki, your role is to after elizabeth warren just flattened michael bloomberg a number of of times, michael lift up our conversation by bloomberg and elizabeth warren spent the entire commercial talking about the fault lines in this party vis-a-vis what it is break in very cordial we just witnessed over two hours conversation with each other of live television time. that was real. >> it's interesting, brian. they weren't doing that stiff there are a couple of major thing of turning away from each fault lines we've been following other. they were exchanging ideas. as the race has developed where we have seen some movement in if there's audio of anything, the last couple of days. i want to show you that and what that would be really fascinating to hear. and i'm sure they will give us it could mean going forward. their version of what that nationally this was the npr news conversation was, because it was -- it had absolutely nothing hour poll this week nationally to do with everything else you sanders in the lead by double saw on tv during the actual digits. bloomberg moving up. debate. one of the fault lines we've >> chris matthews, i want to been talking about is age. this has been significant all remind everybody how it started campaign. if you go under 45 years old and off. what lawrence is referencing then 45 plus, it's like two between elizabeth warren and different universes in the democratic party.
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michael bloomberg. we'll go down to chris after here you see sanders after the that. >> i'd like to talk about who new hampshire win. he's been cleaning up under 45 we're running against. a billionaire who calls women the entire campaign, but now his support there, you can see it's fat broads and horse faced lesbians. and no, i'm not talking about moved to over 50% in this poll. donald trump. i'm talking about mayor this is like half the party on one side, half the party on the bloomberg. >> so that's how they got other side. underway tonight. and sanders with under 45. they brought hay makers for the 54%. first round. chris matthews, you're at the the other world, 45 plus, look at this. when i say we've seen some venue watching along with us. >> right. change, it's right here. >> in las vegas. what did you make of it? these two. bloomberg, biden. >> well, i never saw anything sanders a distant third with like it. it was the roman coliseum. 13%. all campaign the flip side of it was boxing in the 1950s. sanders' success under 45 has you wait for the other guy to been biden's dominance over 45. get a cut over their eye, and not anymore. that's where bloomberg has made then you keep punching the cut over their eye over and over and his gain in this thing. over again. that's what they did to bloomberg. that's what elizabeth warren did 27%. to michael bloomberg. sanders at 13%. she knew his weakness was the you've seen significant movement. nda, and she kept punching the that's a key ingredient for spot, and it kept bleeding and bloomberg. another one, race. look at the difference between bleeding. he had no way to stop it. he didn't have a cut man. white democrats and black
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he should have had somebody democrats. among white democrats a double before tonight, this is what they're going to hit you on and digit advantage for sanders. keep hitting you until you bloomberg getting traction. older white voters in answer release the women or particular. something. i think that's what it was about and you see everybody else. look at black voters. tonight. what we saw is also elizabeth for a year we've been saying joe warren who was really doing the biden cleaning up among the punching. she came back tonight, i think black vote. look at this. she's fought herself back into third place, maybe better, make 31, 28. biden leads. this is as close as i've seen it second out here. i think she's probably in a national poll. disappointed she wasn't tougher 31% for biden among black in new hampshire. everybody said that she wasn't voters. 28 for sanders. the fighter. and you see the only other she was the fighter tonight. candidate in double digits, i believe she hit every other michael bloomberg with 16%. single candidate. you see sanders has climbed a i don't know if she made her way to biden. if not, it's because she didn't little bit with black voters. bloomberg has come from zero to think it was worth it. 16. she hit every other candidate really hard. and all of it came from biden he has to get her position back in the top tier. i thought buttigieg would not lay up on klobuchar. who was running sometimes over he wouldn't lay up on the fact 50% with black voters. we're starting to get nevada, she didn't know the president of south carolina beyond, states mexico. he kept punching her wound over with significant black populations. and over again. it was the boxing match in which one out of four votes cast nobody pulled back and said across all the democratic parties will end up coming from enough. and nobody clenched. everybody kept fighting. black voters. i'll tell you i think trump this is significant. the final significant number is
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probably likes the look of it. as you look at the candidates i'm not sure he right. and their ability to potentially on first few it looks awful and build larger band wagons, to bloody. expand their coalitions, how much good will do they have to circular firing squad. but maybe what we saw was a lot tap into potentially among democrats? of passion. that's what this question gets and maybe that passion is going at. this is the favorable to get through. but there's only one candidate unfavorable score among who believes he's going to have democrats for all these the most delegates going into milwaukee, and we know who it accounts. i think this is noteworthy. was. the guy that said that person bernie sanders, we talk about him as a factional candidate. should be the winner. everybody else said i will not somebody with a clear group of have the most delegates. they all made it official. supporters who maybe is different from the rest of the they were not going to give the party. but he has a stronger favorable win to the person with the most score than any other democratic delegates. that was so telling tonight. candidate and by the way, look at the bottom of this list. today it was an acknowledgment that bernie is the winner, not it's michael bloomberg at least the winner, the winner so far in right now with the lowest score this whole fight. there. only plus 14. and he may be the winner all the way. >> steve, thanks. i think they think so. let's go around the horn, inc e >> i've been told despite the fact that both men were wearing including our guest in texas. joy reed, what do you make of their microphones, we don't have that. audio of the moment we >> there's a clear generation of referenced at the top of our divide among younger white and voters of color who really very coverage here. >> and in all fairness, we much -- i mean, for a lot of shouldn't. it's the commercial break. they were having a conversation. >> it was after the debate, them you were too successful. yeah. >> i'm glad the audio doesn't barack obama is the floor. exist, but we can ask them about for them the idea that we're
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it. going to follow donald trump it's quite a striking image of the two of them after this whose fundamentally changing the incredible one on one battle that was going on. country for much worse, that the idea to fix that is to go to >> katy tur watched at something sort of a moderate, sort of a of a viewing party with some voters out there in las vegas. mushy moderate candidate is unacceptable to a lot of young katie? voters. they're saying flip the tables. >> brian, this is the first they don't feel they have a majority/minority state, the future in this country and be first state where a large block able to be a michael bloomberg. of minority voters will get to because they feel they're completely locked out. have their say. i watched with voto latino. we underestimate the rage and the anger that working class a number of voters voting for people of all races, younger the first time including mollette. people feel about income you came in undecided. inequality and the extreme watching the debate did something change your mind? >> um, for the most part distance between a michael bloomberg and them. even a bernie sanders and them. watching this debate, i just they don't even think they're really kept my mind open to what ever going to get there. all the candidates were saying, they really do not want to have but for now i'm undecided and a john kerry or a hillary clinton style candidate. still deciding on which they're not going to accept it. candidate holds any values. >> do you have a candidate then you have older voters who you're leaning toward? just see donald trump as an >> not necessarily right now. existential threat to their i'm still looking around. kids. they say he has to go. still listening to everyone's they almost don't care who it points and values. is. just get him out. and these two generations are so to make sure they have -- not having the same conversation >> you have a few days to make a
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about this election at all. decision. will you make one before saturday? one candidate has to be able to >> hopefully i will, yeah. unite the generations, and i don't know who can do it. whichever candidate holds any i do think warren has the values. >> mollette, thank you. i have a couple other voters. biggest claim on it because she sort of speaks to the bernie this is not their first time wing and moderate wing. voting. i don't see anybody else who can do it. >> before we continue in new this is natalie and tasha. york, let's head out to texas. you're in your mid to late 20s. professor watching at ut austin, you came in knowing who you liked. hook them horns. >> i voted for bernie sanders. you spend a lot of time studying i believe in his policies. what joy just said. medicare for all. his stances on climate issues. and then also just the morals generational and economically. and virtues of his campaign. >> the numbers we saw earlier >> there was a moment where pete that steve brought up show that buttigieg and amy klobuchar kind very stark divide by age, but of got into it at the end of the what is really important that we debate, and there was a big don't forget is that generation reaction from the crowd here. difference in terms of turnout. both of them are coming into this state with some momentum. so even though we see the stated but not a lot of minority preferences of younger votes, support. say the 18 to 29 or the 29 to would you consider supporting them? would you change your mind going 45, let's keep in mind that they forward? >> no, i think i've been strong vote at much loeter rates historically. in 2016 of 18 to 29-year-olds, in my choice. or at least my top two choices. i've caucused previously for a
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we had a turnout of 46% compare candidate, and i don't think that to the turnout for 65 plus that pete or amy had the voters. that's 71%. strength going forward in this debate. so we have to contextualize our >> many people say they changed their mind during debates when numbers when we're looking at they watch them. was your mind swayed at all by generation divides. what you saw tonight? in statistics, we need to weight >> i think if you've watched the the older folks heavier. last few debates, a lot of the that being said, even though same narrative has been spoken historically younger folks don't throughout the debates so no, i turn out at the same rates, we don't think that anything has been said to change my mind. saw something interesting in 2018. >> thank you both very much. in 2018 we did see an increase guys, a lot of them came in of about 50%, i would say, among liking bernie sanders. a majority of people i've talked youth across the nation and to said bernie sanders, elizabeth warren, number two. turning out and getting the young people at least in mobilized and getting activated here have mostly made up their and wanting to come out and vote for democratic candidates. minds. >> all right. katy tur in las vegas. i'm cautiously optimistic, with us live, post debate brian. but at the same time i'm not going to throw out all the data coverage is former vice we've seen for decades in terms president joe biden of delaware. of those voting patterns. mr. vice president, first off so don't count the moderate how did you think tonight went lane, the ones who have lower and second, talk about this as a numbers with those younger showing for the party. folks, because we have to always things like debating whether or look at who is turning out at not there should be billionaires the end of the day. in the united states. >> you couldn't see it in new
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>> well, i think what it did was york but everyone was nodding. no one nodded more than your showed a little bit about whether or not michael bloomberg fellow professor jason. was really a democrat. i mean, the basic values he has. you were nodding a lot. >> give than we studied in grad he's a good guy, but the basic school together. >> i didn't know that. values are basically republican. it also exposed the fact that >> she was the smart one. i was copying off of you. these ads he's running and he yeah. not only is this true, but also and obama were such good you have to look at the overall buddies, he didn't support numbers. obama. the overall numbers still show he didn't support the affordable that in head to headlineups, care act. it's joe biden or michael he didn't support the vast bloomberg that end up beating majority of what we tended to do trump. i think a lot of these issues we including on wall street. so i think this idea, this all see, bernie sanders has improved with black voters. the ads, hundreds of millions of he's at 28%. that's an improvement. dollars of ads about he and joe biden has fallen with those barack are not accurate. voters. and i think what it did is also but all this says to me all of pointed out that with regard to this is in flux. two weeks ago michael bloomberg health care, there's an was at 22%. now he's done to 15. overwhelming need to do i think that a lot of people are something that's rational and bernie still hasn't answered the desperate, and joy and i have talked about this. question. how much is it going to cost? especially with minority voters, especially with african american who's going to pay for it? he talks about the savings. voters, they're desperate to just see trump out of office. in vermont they passed the i think there's a difference affordable -- medicare for all. between who people like, two people support, and who they it doubled the income tax of the
8:16 pm
state. it put a 14 % tax on withholding think can win. when we start getting into questions of who we think can win, you'll see changes in tax. and they got rid of it. dynamics. i don't think anyone tonight, the idea that this can be done and this is i think always important. quickly is simply not true. i don't think anybody tonight simply not true. convinced me they could win. michael bloomberg told me he had and with regard to immigration, a lot of money to throw at the problem. joe biden said i'm the guy you the fact is that bernie did vote might have liked last year. against the bill in 2007. i don't think bernie sanders proved he can win or mayor pete. had it passed, it would have i don't think amy klobuchar can't even name the president of already -- there would already a neighboring country. i doubt she can win. that's going to be another be six million undocumented question that comes into play. and i think in particular when citizens. he said it's because it was you talk about turnout, yes, viewed as slavery. teddy kennedy voted for that bernie sanders does get latinos. they're spread out. but the african american vote bill. barack obama voted for that bill. hillary clinton voted for that base, who has spent the amount bill. of time that's going to be i voted for that bill. needed to get that group to come the idea that we voted for slavery is bizarre. out and vote enthusiastically? six million people would already the only group black seem to be be citizens. enthusiastic about is joe biden but he's disappointing everyone. and my last point i want to make another break in the coverage. is that there's a lot coming out when we come back, amy stoddard now that we knew before. and david plouffe among the and pointing out that bernie's voices talk act the guy we haven't talked about a lot desire to primary barack in
8:17 pm
tonight. we saw him arriving live where? in las vegas. 2012, barack should be primaried that would be the president of the united states. one here i tk in 2012. this idea that this is a unity democratic party was simply not that's ever started a busine fa? the case. and so there's a lot that people okay. are beginning to learn and last point i'll make, brian is that we are the thrivers. women with metastatic breast cancer. i've been in the lead for the our time vast majority of the time, for more time... understandably, the target has been on my back. has come. i've been vetted 60 days from living longer is possible - and proven in postmenopausal women wednesday. taking kisqali plus fulvestrant. i'm not complaining. never complain, never explain. in a clinical trial, kisqali plus fulvestrant i've been vetted and i'm still in good shape, and what now is helped women live longer with hr+, going to happen is bernie is her2- metastatic breast cancer. going to get vetted the way he never has been before. and it significantly delayed disease progression. you saw mike getting vetted in a kisqali can cause lung problems way that he never thought he was or an abnormal heartbeat, going to have happen. which can lead to death. so i just think there's a lot it can cause serious liver problems tonight that came out that and low white blood cell counts that may result in severe infections. warranted coming out. >> let's shift the focus ahead tell your doctor right away if you have new or worsening symptoms, to south carolina. how are you going to do there? including breathing problems, cough, chest pain, a change in your heartbeat, is there any other place but first for you there? dizziness, yellowing of the skin or eyes, and who gets the clyburn dark urine, tiredness, loss of appetite, abdomen pain, bleeding, bruising, fever, chills,
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went into 24 states, campaigned for 65 candidates. we wont 41 seats. the vast majority of those people have asked me to -- they've come and endorsed me. they want me on the ticket. i'm feeling good about where this goes from here. >> final question, mr. vice president. i'm sitting here with nicole wallace who asked a version of this question when you were last on her broadcast and perhaps it's symmetry. the two of us covered the live impeachment hearings out of this studio where we heard your name invoked sometimes several times per minute. of course, in politics you don't get rewarded for those kinds of mentions. and as a consumer, as a viewer, i feel like i know how much your son was paid on the board of burisma. i don't know. i feel like he might have worked while the middle-class continues to struggle. for chinese or romanian that's what happens when billionaires are able companies. to control the political system. i don't know. that's what the president and our campaign is funded forces loyal to donald trump by the working people of this country, and those are the people that i will represent. have said about your son hunter. no more tax breaks for billionaires.
8:20 pm
we are going to guarantee health care to all people you chose not to engage. we don't know the biden family and create up to 20 million good story from joe biden. paying jobs to save this planet. so respectfully, mr. vice president, are you cool with i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message that decision? because we need an economy that works for all of us, are you okay that your story was not just wealthy campaign contributors. taken by other forces outside your family? >> the answer is i am as you say cool with it, because you guys know for a fact that what they we have not been talking told and said about me are flat enough about donald trump. lies. and what -- let's talk about you won't even run the ads that donald trump. trump has put forward. because he signed that tax bill and the millions of dollars, that helped the wealthy and he over i don't know how many, 12 went down to mar-a-lago and said million, $15 million in negative to all his friends, you just got ads. every single person on his, a lot richer. every single person who that is exhibit a, and i can testified under oath that worked tell you the hard working people for this administration said i in nevada were not in that room. did my job well. >> we are back. i did it -- what the person let's talk about donald trump, policy was. then, amy stoddard. the european policy. imf. not a single person said i did take the senator's hint. >> again, i think that the best anything other than what was honorable. moment that michael bloomberg period. period, period. and i'll be darned if i'm going had was his first moment when e to play the president's game which he's an expert at which is he said i made a lot of money
8:21 pm
to decide that what you're going to do is you're going to take and i'm giving a lot of money to the eye off of what he did and try to focus on something that the drrk party and i'm giving it has nothing to do with whether he did his job. to beat donald trump. the republicans in the senate people were excited. they want to get rid of donald trump, and the last two weeks acknowledged, acknowledged what he did, acknowledged how they went after me unfairly. have been among the most horrifying of the entire trump acknowledged how they lied about me and in fact, what happened? they, in fact, acquitted him and pa now he has free reign. presidency. there was more than enough for the candidates to work for. i'm going to beat this man like a drum. and klobuchar finished with in i'm telling you. i can hardly wait to debate him. the closing remarks the drive to replace donald trump. i want to debate him about i just don't think the corruption. talk about corruption. candidates spent enough time on this is the most corrupt it. i don't think they articulated president we've ever had in american history. i can hardly wait, brian. why the last ten days have been i'm not going to play his game. i'm not going to get into the a dramatic ill trump administration of the threat of idea of whether or not i have to a second trump term. defend anything. if he's doing it now and facing what he did was impeachable. reelection -- i think that's he got impeached. something they need to keep in he should have been convicted. mind for the next debate which they acknowledged he should have is just days away. >> david plouffe, the problem been. that he committed the crimes with the debates is you have that he, in fact, they said he these media questioners. did but they said it wasn't you can't just say what you want enough to impeach him. to say. so much has been made of this this is outrageous. process being about purity >> mr. vice president, it's nicole again. the answer you just gave, why testing.
8:22 pm
isn't that on us? didn't that have a home for you we get to drive these or anybody else on that stage conversations in the questions. tonight? we have honed down as teams of as you know, i'm sure, tomorrow morning roger stone will be moderators. you're going to get what you're going to get. sentenced. reporters have tried to ask the >> it's bounded, but you know, you need to say what you want to president if he's considering a pardon for him. you gave an eloquent sort of say. any good candidate and team articulation of how the knows two or three things they president has abused his office, want to say regardless of the about the danger of the rule of question. you're bounded a little bit. law. why wasn't that a feature in i would say having been through tonight's debate? the debates before, they're >> because we ended up answering trying to win the nomination. the questions that were asked, the people who will decide this nicole. it's awful hard to get off the focus of what you're being asked election, swing voters in the general election are not watching this debate. to do. they're not watching this and the question here was as i program. so let's not say we missed said to michael bloomberg when opportunities to hit trump, because the people in the we were walking off, i said general election aren't paying welcome to the party. attention. i do think that -- i actually now that you've sent the dollars think sanders has the cleanest making the case that you're the democratic and you've done all electability message. these things, now you're going he says it's going to take a lot to be scrutiny. more turnout. same with bernie. i can do that. i have my questions about that. bernie, the idea that ted i think they all could have been crisper on that. kennedy, barack obama voted for to raise the stakes.
8:23 pm
slavery as he said, that because and if this gets down to a two we voted for the immigration or three-person race, i think you'll see more christmas there bill, 6 million people would be citizens right now. mothers, fathers, moms, dads, aimed at sanders. whether it's right now or at a convention, there's not a lot of uncles, aunts. evidence that the polling that it's about time to start to suggests all the other democrats beat trump by ten and he loses figu figure out all the garbage that by ten. it's relatively close. is not being said that's if that were to change, i think truthful. it's about being it would undermine his case straightforward. i'm going to have plenty of time dramatically. to talk, and i talk on your but it hasn't yet. >> and that's the thing. programs oand others. i think that will be the real this president has weaponenized challenge. but i was saying before, it's not so much that you would get the justice department. to contested convention and it's he has no social redeeming value overruling the will. let's say you get to a contested or sense of constitutional propriety. convention because i think in the at all. as i said before, this guy is bernie sanders is going to be the being leader. more george wallace than george i think everybody on stage washington. watch, he's not only going to go admitted it's going to be him. after stone. he's going to forgive everybody but let's say he gets there with out there that, in fact, he 14 00 and the polls in august thinks stayed with him and lied when we're at the convention are showing trump 49, sanders 47. and/or -- lied to the united states congress or lied to the then you've got a real challenge attorneys general's office. >> mr. vice president, thank you on your hands, because your for taking our questions tonight delegate leader is not looking
8:24 pm
as we say to all the candidates, like the guy who can win the safe travels ahead. presidential election. all of this is speculative, but >> thank you, man. appreciate it. thank you. >> minnesota democratic senator these are the kinds of things that are making everybody on the amy klobuchar standing by stage say we're nervous and i'm patiently, i might add with not going to give up my chris matthews. delegates. i don't know what this guy is chris. >> thank you so much, brian. going to look like. senator, what a night. >> chris, i would say so. >> the roman coliseum out there. this was the same argument >> that's why i brought up the bernie had against hillary clinton. boxing match on saturday. >> the bernie sanders is at 1500 yes. >> good point. and the next closer is 700, i >> they were going after about don't think there's any way he's michael bloomberg, but for some not going to be the nominee. reason pete buttigieg went after if somebody else emerged as the a person to his left, you. why? why is he pounding you? alternative and is able to get >> that is quite obvious, chris. within 100, you might have a we are surging. and did much better than anyone debate. it has to happen now. could have ever believed. we're not sitting in a conference room with a white and i think pete decided he's board saying like, if in two going to try to go after me. that's fine. weeks tonight brian when you're but i actually wish he would on this stage, someone has not have been accurate when he did emerged as someone who in the it. but i will deal with it. rest of march after -- so >> he went after your committee basically somebody has to assignments and said you should survive super tuesday in my have known the name of the foreign leader and if you view. so when you've got michigan and didn't, then you said are you missouri and washington and ohio calling me dumb? >> well -- and arizona and florida and
8:25 pm
>> that was pretty personal. >> i thought what he did was wisconsin, big states producing personal. i think everyone on that stage delegates, they're able to not just be the second place person either on the stage or after said to me they'd all forgotten but win some of these states. names of leaders. >> and the question is how do and it was one that the you do that and do you have enough money? the one thing is the debates can centerpiece of his attack. i think we should be talking help you fundraise to get about policy and winning. if you want to talk about through super tuesday. you have to get through winning, look at mayor california, texas, all the other buttigieg. he tried to run state-wide in states. it's expensive. tonight did anyone increase nar indiana. got beat by over 20 points by fundraising numbers? did somebody create a moment someone who joe donnelly then that helps make the case why they should get more money? the next election went onto beat you're going to price out a lot himself, a democrat went onto of these guys won't make it beat him. through super tuesday because and i think that matters? they're going to be out of cash. >> is he out of his league? >> i don't think we should be so the question becomes can -- putting someone in charge of the sanders is the one who never has democratic ticket -- >> he's out of his league. that problem. because he has a >> that has not won state-wide. and i also think as i said, he self-regenerating money machine that will never stop. has a bunch of talking points. none of his people are going to walk away and they're going to i know that. but the truth is i have been in keep giving him money. the arena. i passed over 100 bills. and i think it's too late. if we're starting to talk about i have a record of leading and getting things done, and i think at a brokered convention, that matters to the people of sanders goes in with the most nevada. it matters to the people of this country. delegates and doesn't get the
8:26 pm
>> he always has an excellent nomination, that's civil war in the democratic party. essay answer for a question. that's not how you beat donald you said today that was recitation. that's a pretty strong charge. trump. >> no one quarreled with your what are you saying is recitation? triage of bloomberg's memorized words that don't have an experience shl context, they performance tonight. don't come from experience. is there a way his answers could >> i'm saying this is my get better fast? background. i come from the heart, and you like, does he need a new -- i know, when you come from the heart and you've done the work, designed a computer no one else thought of and i made a lot of not everything is going to be perfect. money as a result? but i think it matters to be >> he probably shouldn't say i'm able to put yourself in the shoes of the people in this a microsoft buy like pete buttigieg. that wasn't the way to go, but country, and that's something that i bring up there, and i i'm surprised as the former think you can feel it when i mayor of new york he didn't say talk about people that not a lot i'm the mayor of new york city. of others have. >> you know, your argument has donald trump just penalized my been really affected me, i whole state and tried to strong worked in politics as a staffer. arm on us on his insane i know how it works. immigration views. it's about getting things across whatever you think of me personally, and whatever you the aisle and getting things think of the things i've said, passed. getting the votes otherwise i've apologized for them, but nothing happens. i know how it works. that's worse. the southern district of new but tonight senator warren waved york, my state, is being her hand every single time, got attacked by the pft of the a lot of time tonight. a lot of time. united states. on the attack. whatever you think of me, i can always on the attack. and i think it worked. give all the flphilanthropy in e
8:27 pm
so this kind of environment seems to be encouraging the kind world, you don't want that man to be your president. i'm not running to be the most of glad toiator politics. popular democrat. i can never be more popular than any of the people on their >> that's what bothered me about the night. she had a good night, in doubt. stage. they have been democrats longer than i have, but i have the the people of the country are ability to beat donald trump. i don't know why he didn't watching. people are starting to tune in that maybe stayed home in 2016. switch every answer to that. >> what did they see? because that pivot is a lot better than saying the ndas were >> they see everyone fighting with each other and they don't see the leadership that we need to take on donald trump. consensual. >> that's why i asked joy reed to do that, as i said, you bring that question. in a fired up democratic base, >> another break for us. when we come back, we'll and they are fired up. if you want to pass gun safety talk about -- a lot of things legislation? great. then you also have to bring in got by tonight, bernie sanders' answer on climate change among indpe them. independents and moderate republicans. it bothered me it got that personal as people were trying to get every piece of the pie. they look the same. i hope people listen to me to i've been spinning faster recently. get a piece of the bigger i think they're getting bigger. feel them. picture. not my favorite night for the democratic party. ♪ >> thank you. amy klobuchar, thank you. back to you. >> senator, thanks. yeah, they kinda feel bigger. chris matthews, thanks.
8:28 pm
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you know, like the sign says. will be irreparable damage done not just in nevada, not just to vermont and massachusetts but to the entire world. joe said it right. this is an existential threat. you know what that means chuck? that means we're fighting for the future of this planet. >> we are back, and to aim mu stoddard, a quick question about bernie's portrayal of the existential threat on environment. one thing everything on that stage agreed on tonight. >> i think the bernie supporters like the fact that he's a radical and proposing $90 trillion in programs we can't pass. i think the rest of the audience members want a president who will address the climate crisis, period, and have not been on any websites comparing the plans. that's why it was pete's best moment when he said the pivot point is 2020. if we don't elect someone to stop donald trump and enact this
8:32 pm
change, it's going to be too late for the planet. again, as you might have noticed, brian, i'm focussed on the electability argument. and so that was the opportunity that was well-taken by pete buttigieg. but those audience members and >> if you're going to run based the voters in nevada and next week in south carolina are not on your record of voting in comparing plans, and when washington, you have to own the votes, especially when it comes armageddon happens according to to immigration. each website. i'm sure it makes the bernie you voted to confirm the head of people happy, but i don't think anyone is listening. customs and borders under trump, they want a democratic president who is going to get back in the one of the architects. paris climate accord and proceed you voted to make english the accordingly with addressing a national language. crisis. >> speaking of the voters who do you know the message it sends? >> i wish everyone was as were, after all, in the key perfect as you, pete. >> nice to see everybody getting audience tonight, joshua johnson along. is back with us. the former mayor of south bend, if you know his voice, that indiana, pete buttigieg is means you're an npr listener. but he's ours now, and standing by with chris matthews in las vegas. importantly tonight, he set out >> thank you, brian. some -- i guess bait -- to get when you watch this as i have. when you watch it with a little comments from members of the audience about what they saw distance, you can sort of see who has a political strategy. tonight. >> bait sounds sneaky. it seemed like warren was trying >> i know. well, yeah, that's true. we use it for lobster, and to get into the top tier by
8:33 pm
that's not fair. >> exactly. hitting you because she can't get bernie's votes so she went i just asked people if they after the moderates, you. she didn't go after bernie. would share their thoughts about she went after you and amy and the debate? bloomberg. >> i was mostly just focussed on electability, i saw with regards to pete buttigieg, joe biden, getting our message out. >> didn't you note the politics amy klobuchar and elizabeth warren. going on tonight? not a lot on the bernie sanders, but the sanders supporters were you went after klobuchar because you're about even? numerous. here are three of the comments >> i thought it was important that stood out to me. for us to debate the washington these are not necessarily record. >> why did you pick her? representative examples. three that stood out. >> we were obviously all patty in nevada east of reno, exchanging some views about -- >> just because she's next to patty wrote i will caucus for pete. i applaud pete's intelligence you you went after her? and empathy and these qualities >> i thought it was important are the foundation which reflect for her to be prepared to defend his views. the votes she's taken in i especially like the fact that his health care plan allows for washington, especially when it's backing trump junls and other keeping private insurance while trump appointees. also covering those in need. issues that affect people in a several commenters had something to say about a number of the place like nevada. candidates. i thought it was important to wendy in las vegas tweeted demonstrate why the world that some of the pundits think we're elizabeth warren is on fire. headed to where the only two voices are mayor bloomberg and she's strong and aggressive. glad i voted for her in early senator sanders is not good for
8:34 pm
our ability to win. voting. biden looks good too. i think that was demonstrated. >> that's my favorite part of pete is doing well. what you said. bloomberg will probably take his what i like, you're going to get money and go home. too bad he runs great ads. credit for this. we heard from a number of people you're a democrat, and neither of those guys are. in super tuesday states. what does it mean that the quite a few commenters in oldest political party in the world started by jefferson, on virginia. some in southern california. through jackson and fdr and one in texas that got a lot of likes in facebook. everybody and brauobama. pete's attacks on a amy have that party is being rivalled soured me a little bit on him. for, the two surging candidates bloomberg was on the defensive all night. i think biden, bernie, pete and are not part of the party and made choices not to become amy all had good moments but hey, any of these folks on stage democrats. >> to me it says we need to get will get my vote in november. that's a no-brainer. it together. i thought we ought to nominate a also worth noting, quite a few people commented bloomberg is totally off their list after tonight. democrat. i believe in the values of the and a lot of people were very democratic party. it's why i'm running as a unhappy with the tone of the democrat. of course, i'm proud of the work debate. some people blame the candidates we've done to reach out to for letting it degenerate to independents and even to see yelling and screaming. some republicans cross over and to keep it real, some people support our effort because they blamed us for not doing a more see why we cannot go on with aggressive job of moderating. four more years of donald trump. one voter in virginia, a super i'm also unashamed about tuesday state said she went in
8:35 pm
ensuring that we carry the undecided. she remains undecided and called banner forward for a party that the debate in her words, through my lifetime has stood discouraging at best. >> david plouffe, i want to show for those values that matter so much. you the front page of tomorrow's and in the case of mayor new york daily news. bloomberg, i think we saw how much daylight there is between your picture newspaper. him and democratic values. bloom goes the dynamite, about >> are you surprised in the the former mayor's performance. polling and by really the rhetoric tonight how the democratic party seems to be and david, ab made the point tilting left? more than it has in the past? >> here's the thing, i actually that the vote in nevada is still see a strong majority in the on the move. it is still a fluid thing, and democratic party as well as among the american people for us let's not let them entirely off to make the kinds of changes that i've been talking about. the hook. let's remember the national whether it's bedrock democratic party chairman said today, we candidates like raising the may or may not do results on the minimum wage or making sure we actual day of the vote. they're going to do of these deliver the health care. it's democrats skeptical of three rounds of data just like kicking people off their private iowa. plans. i think that's why saturday so this could be another interesting weekend. and sooner or later, there may sanders found himself cross wised with the culinary worker's be questions about this party's ability to hold elections. >> well, caucuses. union. >> caucuses. they've been there for us in >> we talked about this as it recent years. relates to iowa. i think the center of gravity is i understand the motivation. i think the original sin behind for those who want big things to happen and want us to be what happened in iowa is the
8:36 pm
three sets of data. unified. we can't get one without the caucuses are not primaries. other. if you want a primary, have a we'll never get anything done unless we build unity. primary. also as a country we're not that's probably where we're going to make it unless we can headed in future cycles. you know, my guess is -- my hope galvanize the american majority. is what they were doing was a little cya. >> how do you cut through they expect to be able to get bernie's argument. results out. it's a choice between but they want to sort of revolution. he likes that word, revolution, underpromise and over deliver. and because so much vote came in big changes, transformational early, that gives them a head start. obviously in some of the changes, health care, energy independence. counting which is great. it has to be grand and huge. i think that new york daily news we don't need a filibuster. headline it shows joy reed was we'll do all that stuff. he says if you're not for that, talking about this. who is going to be able to raise push everything else out of the money coming out of this? way, you're a nobody. you're not going to do anything. elizabeth warren will. he says that by implication. that's a lifeline. >> saying that my plan was the michael bloomberg is not an incumbent president. status quo when it's anything but every incumbent president, but. and it's just this polarized and i was part of one of those vision of the world. a lot of other elements to it disasters, loses a debate. they've been astride the world for a long time. that senator sanders doesn't see. >> before you were here, it was they haven't been challenged considered left. >> but that's the thing. directly. they probably don't like to put that might not have been the practice in. possible four years ago but now bloomberg has not debated in
8:37 pm
there's an american majority ready to do it. it's why we got a sponltd to years. i think this was probably rough for him. energize and unify, not polarize even if he put the time, that's no substitute for live fire. ready to take actions that are the question is between now and bold and progressive. tuesday, he only has seen days. for senator sanders to say it's not enough unless you go if he has two bad debates in a further, if you're not for that owe, maybe he doesn't lose what revolution, you must be for the status quo, that's a picture he's got now, but it's not even most americans don't see where a bronze medal. we fit. >> let's talk about culture and it's a half billion dollars for a few delegates. moral leadership. if somebody told me pete >> >> and tonight was layups. buttigieg people had gone after open net. grab your metaphor. the culinary union people by name attacking women, giving they were easy pivots he could have made. them home addresses away so they >> warren came out hot. could be terrorized at home, i right? and so i think anybody struggles would say that didn't happen. with that. but the tax question. bernie's people and he convey the nda question. he should have been prepared. anger. really, i'm not saying ferocious, but heated anger. he seemed like he got stronger all the time. watching him on the stage as the debate went on. tonight, waving his arms. maybe it's because he didn't have the arrow pointed directly at him. that will be the question. there's a fervency that would he can't have two eggs in a row. >> steve kornacki, we know you're going to be busy on make some people think that's saturday. the way we behave. i think what people struggle >> one of the questions tonight with getting their heads around
8:38 pm
was if he's considered why it is is when was the last time you that his campaign in particular walked into vote and you were seems to motivate people to treat other people that way? asked not just your first choice, giver us two more. because this is not just about policy. what would your second and third it's about leadership. and leadership is about what you choices be? >> they've been doing that. draw out of people. any one of us might have they don't call them ballots for somebody do something bad in oen the caucuses. they call them preference cards. this is a pattern. that's what this early voting and at a moment when we've got has been in nevada. to turn the page on a toxic you go to the early voting political culture in washington sites. they hand you a preference card and across the country -- and you write down first choice, >> is this behavior part of second choice, third choice, that, the toxic behavior? >> i consider the behavior of fourth choice. those supporters to be toxic, one of the reasons why saturday and i think he needs to provide there's suspense on whether we a better answer on why he thinks will see results on saturday, that's such a common and what david was talking about, consistent thread among people who seem to be motivated to do there is now this now mandate in these things by him and his effect for 2020. campaign. >> i thought his comment that never had it before in the democratic caucuses. 99% people on twitter are nice a mandate to provide three sets common people. of results. i this is a percentage on the the first choice, the other side. reallocated preference. thank you, mr. mayor. what happens when in your local >> our thanks. >> lawrence o'donnell, you've precinct the local candidate been watching carefully and i've doesn't get 15%. they realign. been watching you. >> one of the funny things about you want that total reported out pete is he will claim his health care legislation is much more and then you want the delegate
8:39 pm
practical and it's much more total. likely to pass. you want all three of those that put out there. what happened in iowa, what this is all being discussed in a really slowed things down and i fantasy world in which mitch think really made it a mess in iowa. there was a lot of attention mcconnell is not the majority paid to that app, and that was leader of the united states certainly part of it. senate. there is no plan right now to the other problem was they had to show the math. make mitch mcconnell not the majority leader of the united they had never in 50 years been states senate. there are hopes and targets and asked to show the math. and they were finding out the there's a possibility it can numbers weren't adding up in a happen, maybe, but there's absolutely no way on earth lot of cases. you're going to get up to, say, no guarantee that won't happen 57 democrats or 60 democrats in nevada. >> professor, i note you're still listening to us in texas that it would take to do any of which happens to be about five these things. so the difference between pete of the most fascinating states all within one boundary. buttigieg's health care proposal >> yes. and bernie sanders' proposal is >> super tuesday is coming. they are equally unrealistic about the possibility of and you also have students who are curious as to why there are actually becoming law. and not one sentence of health caucuses. care legislation that was why not just walk in as novel a discussed tonight has a chance of becoming law if mitch concept as this is, and place a mcconnell is still the majority vote for your preferred leader of the senate, or if the candidate? >> right. democrats have less than, say, and also think about the context 57 or so democrats. in which caucuses came about. >> what could can they have been it was a very different time in our country. discussing with that same amount first of all on terms of the of time? makeup, the diversity of our >> foreign policy. country. it's entirely within the i'm thinking of iowa here.
8:40 pm
and also the size of our president's realm. country. we have grown exponentially. defense policy. china. the word china didn't come up in and so all of these complicating this debate. so there's plenty of factors that caucuses bring, presidential territory to just muck things up when we are discuss. and these debates inevitably looking at the population spend a half hour on health care numbers that we have now. in theory some folks could make legislation. not one sentence of which has a the case that it's very good for an engaged democracy. realist possibility of passing. i heard buttigieg's strategy. for dlib rative democracy. he says he's going to fly in to i believe caucuses suppress kentucky to have kentuckians one's voice because you may feel convince mitch mcconnell to do the peer pressure of saying it. he's going to do that after that's my boss over there, and losing kentucky by 20 points to they really support this one candidate. are they going to think donald trump. it's pure fantasy world. differently of me if i'm voting for this other person? this whole section of it. i personally don't think they're >> i have to say, though, pete very democratic, but others buttigieg is remarkable for this could argue otherwise. reason. all of that being said, we're at he went to iowa. a different point in time. he took advantage of the fact we need to streamline the voting that many of his opponents were process. stuck in washington, sitting as let's look at what's been happening with our voting jurors in the impeachment trial. process in the last two election and he put what is his training, cycles where we're seeing whether it's military, whether meddling by foreign governments. it's his time in the private we need to make things simpler sector, to use organizing and and more secure.
8:41 pm
coming out with a victory. caucuses don't allow that. i mean, pete buttigieg won the they overcomplicate things and iowa caucuses. he approaches the debates in a frankly, being in texas, i wish similar way. my vote were heard earlier on. it is -- everyone comes in with a strategy. because the order of things i had the privilege of preparing matter in life. the fact that iowa goes first a former president and senator and then new hampshire, and then in debates. nevada weights things. none of them have gone down in the great debaters hall of fame. why is it that us in texas can't i know how hard it is. have an equal say in who is this is not a dison anybody going forward. else. but pete buttigieg had a personally i'm for having a general primary day. singular ability to converse. i know many will disagree, but he didn't just go after amy let's sort things out in one klobuchar. i thought he was to amy swoop and not spend so much time klobuchar what elizabeth warren going back and forth. was to michael bloomberg. i thought he decimated on her own record in terms of ultimately that hurts the party. it weakens it when they're going substance. he's likable. up against the candidate in the general election. she'll be fine. >> a lot to react to there, she has a lot of appeal. in terms of evaluating the candidates in terms of what the jason. there's a reason why i asked our guests what if it were a secret task was tonight, he had a strategy and executed it and he ballot before the u.s. senate? and that was a game-changer with does very well. he seems to gain the most ground their answer. >> yeah. good chance the president where he can be the person with wouldn't be here. one of the things we talked the discipline and the about in political science, wherewithal to execute his own anyone who has worked on a campaign is that literally the order of names on a ballot can
8:42 pm
strategy. i think he's the most disciplined candidate. >> i want to remind the viewers some of what you're talking sometimes change whether you're elected. about here. if this system had started with here is warren versus bloomberg nv nvr and then south carolina, early on. we don't know where mayor pete >> so mr. mayor, are you willing and amy klobuchar would be. to release all of those women it would probably with bernie and biden. this order question which castro from those nondisclosure agreements so we can hear their talked about is also a very real side of the story? and legitimate one. >> we have a very few this is a larger structural issue. the democrats can't afford nondisclosure agreements. >> how many is that? another screwup in nevada the >> let me finish. >> how many is that? way we had in iowa. >> none of them accuse me of you seen mean girls where the doing anything other than maybe principal is like i'm going to they didn't like a joke i told. hold you here all night, and can >> we are not going to beat i only hold them until 4:00? donald trump with a man who has that's what we have on saturday. who knows how many nondisclosure for weeks we've been hearing we're not having the same agreements, and the drip, drip, mistakes in nevada. and now we're hearing well, we drip of stories of women saying may not really have everything they have been harassed. ready on saturday night. this is a problem. >> massachusetts senator the democratic party has to look competent. elizabeth warren standing by they have to look like they can live with chris matthews in las manage these things. they have to make it look like the agents in the activists and vegas. chris. >> senator, you went into this the organizers on the ground, the effort they're putting in is debate tonight with a plan, and going to be calculated. you executed it devastatingly. if it can't do that, that you hit them with that comment he made, apparently, about a diminishes turnout and
8:43 pm
enthusiasm which are going to horse faced lesbian. need to be competitive in the it was so graphic and so fall. >> and ab, you joke at your own personal. tell me why you started the debate with that point of view. expense, having spent a lot love that attack line. your life in and around politics >> because i think it's important for people to know that you're often the wasn't on exactly what michael bloomberg the various broadcasts we do has said and done. arguing about electability. you know, he wants to smooth in this case, on the part of the over it all and say oh, but i democrats. >> yeah. i mean, i -- again, i think treated some women nicely. and that just doesn't cut it. that's the issue that is driving the majority of the voters in it is important to know who this guy is because understand this. the democratic party. this guy is a threat not because and as i said, it's the most he gets out and shakes hands unifying issue. health care is the most unifying with people and people think he issue in the democratic party. has really great ideas. well, it was until bernie he's a threat because he's sanders prominence as a already dropped $400 million in potential soon to be nominee, this campaign. and understand this. delegate leader because of the after his performance tonight, i argument of medicare for all. have no doubt he is about to donald trump has no health care drop tonight another $100 argument. his biggest liability for the million in this campaign. republicans and donald trump. >> why does this lead to more spending? >> in order to try to erase their health care plan as a medicare nominee for all. america's memory of what happened on that debate stage. if the democrats nominate >> but that's -- that moment someone with a ridiculous plan, with you and him, whoever is right or wrong, although you and can be characterized as leading us into venezuela, were on the offensive that hit
8:44 pm
him on the facts, fair enough, breaking the economy and ruining our health care system, then of vulnerability. donald trump has a health care that's going to be replayed in every affiliate around the plan. so none -- these are all points country. that's going to be around i expected people to be making tonight on the late news and on tonight in this very important our networks and other networks moment. for days if not weeks. because i believe that nevada >> i hope that is the case. counts despite the early voting. >> i think you did score there. i don't think this electability my question is is that a disqualifying fact? do you think he should not be considered by democratic voters? issue is being made enough. >> yes. >> i can only offer you i think it is disqualifying. thirty-seconds? how can we say we want to trade >> i think bernie sanders' our arrogant billionaire for supporters think he is the most your arrogant billionaire? electable and he has a lot of them. especially when this is a man i think if this race narrows in who has treated women so badly. march, and that's what i think is the battlefield. you know, can we please keep in and it gets down to maybe two candidates, i think the mind how important women have electability issue will get more finally -- we have been pronounced. acknowledged to be important in it has to. i'm not ready to say bernie electing our candidates? sanders can't win. i think donald trump could lose you just can't lead with the guy who has this kind of history. to any of these people. there's no doubt that medicare ups the degree of difficulty. >> i'm a student of political i was surprised that people like strategy. i think i see it when i see it. mayor pete went at it. tell me if i'm wrong. biden went at it. but i think people haven't been i think you went into the debate realizing you have to reveal as crisp as they need to. more of your game, more of the
8:45 pm
if they believe bernie sanders fighter than the unifier. is a liability because of that, you used the word a number of they really have to have one of those moments. maybe not quite the elizabeth times. and clearly you were warren bloomberg moment, but the not bernie who seems to have a moment that turns into a meme. we haven't had that yet. phalanx around his vote. people are hinting around at it. hard to penetrate it on the far and debates are about precision. left. you said i made a mistake. you have to land your lines i try to be something like perfectly with the right cadence and understand what kind of bernie. you went after the mainstream, video clip are we trying to buttigieg, klobuchar, biden, create? i don't think they've done that yet on the electability. bloomberg. you went after the whole array >> joshua, the control room of sort of so-called moderate asked me to tell you we owe you. democrats knowing that's the we have to go to a break. >> well, i'll say briefly based soft underbelly where you can on the comments i got, who knows get more votes. go up in the rankings by going exactly what electability means, whether it's being pugnacious or having a great platform or being after those people. what you tried before was to poach bernie votes. a unifier. i think that was your strategy the comments tonight were all over the place. >> our thanks to all our guests tonight. was it? >> you are much more strategic who were with us all the way, than i am around know what you. and our coverage continues right after this. >> look, i think this is the question now, electability. this commute's been pretty rough, huh? because democrats want to beat it's great actually, i've been listening to audible. it's audiobooks, news, meditations... gotta go! donald trump. so we need a nominee who can get ♪
8:46 pm
elected. what's it going to take? we need a nominee with ♪ unshakable values and has a record of getting things done. >> suppose senator sanders gets hey! 37, 40 % of the delegates and you know, i do think it's weird you've started commuting we're heading into milwaukee and when you work from home. i'll be in my office. somebody else has, maybe you, download audible and start every day off right. 30. you're in the low 30s, he's in the high 30s, or somebody else. how do you deny him the nomination in the second ballot? without his people rebelling and leaving the party. >> look, chris, i think that this will play out. we've only heard from 2% of the electorate. >> play out tonight. that means denying the one with the most delegates with the most votes on the first ballot. >> let's hear from more people before we declare how this is going to go. i think the fundamental question everyone is starting to take a look at is who can actually get elected in november. >> but you answered the question from chuck todd.
8:47 pm
you answered the question that said it shouldn't go to the person with the most delegates. it should go to the second ballot if necessary. it should have a process that works its way. in other words, someone else can win. >> we need to pick a nominee who can beat donald trump. somebody who is talking to all parts of the party. >> i am with you on that. >> good to see you, chris. >> center left coalition with i need all the breaks, that i can get. some republicans or you don't win. at liberty butchumal- cut. >> that's what i love best about liberty biberty- cut. we'll dub it. my wealth tax and liberty mutual customizes your car insurance anti-corruption and increasing so you only pay for what you need. social security. these are all things everybody only pay for what you need. can get behind. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ all the democrats and republicans. >> and if you ever make $50 million for personal wealth, you'll be glad to pay. >> i'll be glad to pay my two cents. >> i think she won thoonight, a i don't give these trophies away to everybody. >> thank you. we're going to take another break. when we come back, we'll be joined by a former white house press secretary. here's a hint. in the last democratic administration.
8:48 pm
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8:51 pm
if you want to issue a real apology, then the apology has to start with the intent of the plan as it was put together, and the willful ignorance day by day by day of admitting what was happening even as people protested in your own street. you need a different apology here, mr. mayor. >> one of the warmer moments between candidates tonight, and joining our conversation here in new york is robert gibbs, former white house press secretary under president obama. welcome back. it's good to see you again. i don't mean to laugh. as a loyal democrat, i ask you why isn't the title of tonight american carnage? >> well, i think these are moments in an election that have to happen. they have to happen inside of the party. there has to be a process that
8:52 pm
tests and pushes and pulls the candidates. i mean, mayor bloomberg found out tonight it isn't just about running ads. you have to go out and answer questions. it's a process that makes the candidate a better candidate to run in november. i watched a lot of barack obama debates, particularly early. he was not a good debater. he got better because the candidates on that stage made him a better debater. and that is what this process will do. sometimes it's painful to watch. but it's -- it has to happen in order to birth an eventual nominee. >> was the sub head message to bloomberg tonight we don't think you should make so much money? we're happy to take that money as a party? and by the way, get off the stage? >> well, it was -- from the get go, a rude greeting for mayor bloomberg. i will say it is also hard to watch candidates when they start
8:53 pm
this process late. right? pick your analogy. they're batting against mid season pitching without any stri spring training. they jump on the treadmill already going ten miles per hour. and there's no warmup. i think you saw it. you could tell the demeanor. he didn't even know how to get into questions other than to try to defend himself until maybe the last half of the debate. i think obviously not a great night for him. the question obviously will be will more people see his ads tomorrow than watch the debate tonight? the answer may well be the right one. i will say i think -- i think certain candidates knew the clock is ticking. they've got to make their own momentum. they only have a couple of chances between now and super tuesday when the party will pick up a third of the delegates. i thought one of the most interesting answers tonight was the one that chuck asked. would you support the candidate in milwaukee with only a plurality of delegates?
8:54 pm
bernie sanders said yes and five other candidates said no because all six of those candidates know that bernie sanders is on that trajectory. and i don't think anything changed that trajectory tonight in a way that impacts bernie long-term. pete tried to do it by hitting both bloomberg and sanders simultaneously. a lot of the candidates were focussed on bloomberg. if they do that too much, the polls will close in california in two weeks or less and they'll see bernie with a lead that's ultimately unsurmountable, something they can't catch. >> clare and jason, who does that worry? >> i think if you step back from it, bernie support is solid. but it's around 25%. it means there's 75% of the democrats that aren't for bernie. that's not the way we want to go into an election this year. so you have to hope that there's
8:55 pm
some coalescing and the thing that's bad about this point in the campaigns is that it's very hard to do that gut check moment where you got to get out. and some of these candidates are going to have to get out. either voluntarily or they're going to just the money is going to dry up. maybe not for nevada and not for south carolina and maybe they stick around until super tuesday, but robert and i were talking earlier. after super tuesday, it's about a third of the delegates that have been awarded. if there is a thinning of the crowd, because you've got four candidates competing with the same pool of votes. versus bernie, in fact, now you have five. elizabeth is going after the votes too. you have bernie with his group, and then you've got the other five candidates going after the rest. if there's only two of them, then all of a sudden this gets much more competitive. >> that's exactly what the 2016 republican primary resulted in. i mean, and i'm not saying
8:56 pm
anything about these people having any policies in common. i'm not even making the conduct or behavior their campaign analogy. i'm saying structurally you've got one polarizing figure with a fervent base. marco rubio, chris christie and ted cruz, split up everybody else for way too long for anybody to catch can him. >> this is why we have contested conventions. i want to see a contested convention. it will be the one test that we actually need for bernie sanders. for all the noise that he's making, i want to see -- someone started asking him about that. bloomberg talked about it. how his staff behaves. how his supporters behave. how they're treated the working families party. i want to see bernie sanders and his great and wonderful revolution go into a contested convention and try to wrangle those people when he needs to get a 44-year-old super delegate from central illinois to go to his side. i want to see him have to sit in
8:57 pm
a room with elizabeth warren who called a liar on the national stage and say will you release your delegates? he needs a contested convention. if he can't do that, the democrats should have another candidate. >> you picked a cruel way to make a living. steve kornacki is standing by. we don't know the results of iowa. we have three waves coming in today. national chairman couldn't say wlr whether we're going to know the results of nevada on the same day. what's going to happen on saturday in nevada? >> there's a question of what's going to happen in nevada. one thing to keep in mind is a lot has already happened in nevada. this is turnout in 2016 for the caucuses. about 84,000. about 117,000 in 2008. the state democratic party in nevada tells us already through early voting which they have not had in the past, about 75,000
8:58 pm
people have already voted in the nevada caucuses. more will show up saturday. we do know that nevada is a heavy and i mean heavy early voting state. two out of three votes in the 2018 elections in nevada. the general election were cast early. if that is what happens here, then we talk so much about what happened on the debate stage tonight. could it affect warren on saturday or sanders? it may not effect anybody on saturday because so many of the votes have already been cast in nevada. and of course, michael bloomberg, we're talking about the effect on him. he isn't contesting iowa. where bloomberg is contesting things, you've been talking about suturer tuesday. over 1300 delegates up for grabs. if bloomberg takes a hit in a debate, let me give you a sense of what's happening in the super tuesday states. bloomberg's focussed on them while we're focussed on nevada and south carolina. this is television ad spending right now in virginia, for example.
8:59 pm
99.966% of all political ads on the air in virginia right now are for michael bloomberg. donald trump's reelection campaign is dropping $1400 right now. every other democrat, zero. this is playing out in super tuesday state after super tuesday state. bloomberg having the run of the place. what is it getting him? here was the poll this week out of virginia. it has bloomberg in a tie in virginia with bernie sanders. joe biden just behind him. a couple other super tuesday states we're getting numbers of out of. north carolina, there's bloomberg tied with bernie sanders. arkansas, there's bloomberg actually ahead by a point. these are places where he's hitting the air waves hard and nobody else is. oklahoma, bloomberg up six over sanders. and then you mention the big delegate haul in california. this is a state where the bloomberg spending has not moved the needle as much. sanders with a strong advantage there. if that holds, something like
9:00 pm
that, sanders you're talking about the ability to get ahead with delegates. this is something his campaign is counting on. big number out of california. >> steve kornacki, our thanks as we come up at the top of yet another hour. and good morning. officially from our nbc news head quarters in new york as we come across the top of the hour. we continue our coverage of the nbc news, msnbc debate we've been watching from las vegas. there were several what we like to call heated exchanges throughout the evening including some between bloomberg and bernie sanders. >> we cannot continue seeing a situation where in the last three years billionaires in this country saw $850 well billion increase in their wealth. the average american saw less than a 1 % increase in his or her income. that's wrong. >> mayor bloomberg, should you exist? >> i can't speak for all
9:01 pm
billionaires. all i know is i've been lucky, made a lot of money and i'm giving it away to make this country better and a good chunk goes to the democratic party. >> maybe your workers played a role. i want workers to be able to sit on corporate boards as well so they can be some way over what happens in their lives. >> would you support what sanders is supporting? >> absolutely not. i can't think of a ways that would make it easier for donald trump to get reelected than listening to this conversation. this is ridiculous. we're not going to throw out capitalism. we tried that. other countries tried that. it was called communism, and it just didn't work. >> i believe in democratic socialism for working people, not billionaires. health care for all, educational opportunity for all. >> senator, thank you. >> mayor bloomberg, would you -- the question was about socialism. >> what a wonderful country we have. the best known socialist in the
9:02 pm
country happens to be a millionaire with three houses. what did i miss here? >> well, you missed that i work in washington, house one. >> that's the first problem. >> living in burlington, house two. >> that's good. >> and i do have a summer camp. forgive me for that. where's your home? which tax haven do you have your home? >> new york city, thank you very much, and i pay all my taxes. >> again, these are members of the same team. it's good to see everybody getting along as they did tonight in las vegas. with us here in new york as we enter our second hour of coverage, amy stodard, johnson johnson, david plouffe, and joy reed, host of a.m. joy weekends 10:00 a.m. on this network. in the spin room, chris matthews. and in austin texas, professor at the lbj school at public
9:03 pm
affairs of the university of texas and at the big board, steve kornacki. a lot of folks to get to. luckily there's time. ab, i was watching you watch the coverage. what did you make of that? >> well, i thought it was a great night for bernie sanders. i thought it was a great night for donald trump. i thought it was a terrible night for the democrats. and i don't think bloomberg's bad night is going to matter given the amount of money he's spending on the ground. given the fact that a lot of voters who are going to matter later are not really watching debates. they have a presence of facebook, and on the ground, anecdotely, i cannot believe what i'm hearing about the money he's spending in all the right places with food and other things, meetings, not just those digital ads on social media. so i think he will still be in very strong stead throughout the very consequential month of march. tonight was the night to knock down bern nir aie and the democ
9:04 pm
didn't do it. buttigieg tried but not effectively enough. >> it's going to argue capitalism didn't have a great outing. >> apparently, but bernie is still a millionaire. this is the thing. you can't take out bernie sanders. you're not supposed to. he's running for president. he's running for the nomination. there's a lot of people who like him. he has every right to be there and i think it's unrealistic and silly if democrats operate in the space of we have to take him out. what was shown tonight is some of his weaknesses in communicating his message which we've seen before. his inability to do anything other than gaslight america about some of the behavior of his own supporters when it comes to unions to don't fall in line with what he wants. and bloomberg, it's not just that he did poorly. he's spending a ton of money. he has 26 offices he opened in texas. he's probably going to win in north carolina and southern states. he had a chance tonight to add personal charisma and enthusiasm above and beyond spending money.
9:05 pm
that he did not do. there was nothing charming or enthusiastic about michael bloomberg. i don't think he gained any support he's not going to have to keep paying for. >> david plouffe, same question. >> there isn't about figure skating judges or diving rates. this is how it connects to votes you need to get now. and so the truth is bernie sanders is on a trajectory to be the democratic nominee. is question chuck todd asked, he was the only one that sayed the pledged delegate winner, well, he's probably going to be that person or it looks like now. everybody else said no. i heard you earlier like the notion that the democratic party is going to have party insiders overturn the will of the voters, i just don't think it's going to happen. so the clock is ticking. and so i think the question is the california poll that steve showed, we've still got two weeks. most of the people who are going to participate in nevada have already voted. the question is who can get into
9:06 pm
the mid 20s to high 20s or can two people? if not, sanders is going to exit march almost 70% of the delegates are going to be done by the end of march with a big lead. i think -- i agree with ab. nobody laid a glove on sanders really. one of the reasons he's a good debater is he never changes. he's consistent. elizabeth warren has a very strong debate. we'll know soon what it means from a vote standpoint. and i think mayor pete shows some strategic i think sense of i've got a problem. for me to become the main alternative to sanders, i have to take some vote from klobuchar. i've got to go after bloomberg. so that was interesting. i think he was the most strategic, but at the end of the day, this election is accelerating and happening before our very eyes. so right now -- with bloomberg, i think that's the question. does the money overcome? i wasn't surprised by the performance. he hasn't debated in ten years. he's rusty as i'll get out, and
9:07 pm
he hops out there, and again, he's never loved this part of politics. he kind of endures it. and you can see that tonight. but there's another debate next week. he better improve the performance. even with all that money. bloomberg has done a great job of going from zero to 15. that means nothing. can he go from 15 to 30? he's not going to get there with debate performances like that. >> joy reed, i've been watching you across the counter. who is going to challenge bernie? >> well, you know, i actually think this was the worst debate that bernie sanders has had in the sense that he's never really taken incoming. i think the other candidates have been afraid to attack him before both because it stirs his supporters against you, and i think a lot of people want to hold his supporters in abeyance in case they need them at the convention. they want to bring the supporters back in. people have really, not really gone after him in the previous debates. this time he faced the first real challenges on things that in the journalism world we talk
9:08 pm
about a lot. support is a real issue. i'm surprised nobody brought up the fact that some of the issues are on his staff. they're people that are -- we just saw his national press secretary go out on television and say that it's birtherism to ask about his health records. this is not just sort of an anonymous supporters doing it. it's a thing. i think that he had the first time he was really challenged as to will the message that he has resonate on a stage with donald trump, the person who i think presented the strongest alternative to that was elizabeth warren. warren went in with a singular mission. get bloomberg. she finally had the kind of billionaire right out of kind of the textbook of elizabeth warren's mission in life. right next to her. and she went after him over and over and over again. exposed his weakness. and took the theoretical bloomberg that a lot of us have been hearing about from older black voters, black women who said i can consider him and made
9:09 pm
him real. my daughter who is 24 who was a bernie sanders supporter in 2016 who is now a warren supporter texted me. what elizabeth warren needs to break away from bernie sanders is a meme. she needed a meme. she got a meme tonight. people were distributing ether, for people who like hip hop, she laid out michael bloomberg. that will be a meme, and for people who haven't been paying that much attention to her, they're going to pay attention to her after tonight. >> professor, in what world, bernie sanders had a heart attack in october. he talked about it for him rather forthrightly tonight. is it because of the era we're in, because of the president we have who made it an unscheduled trip out to the army medical center on a random saturday morning and that's pretty much all we heard about it that gives a bernie sanders cover and there is seemingly very little outrage that he is not going to share records? >> well, part of it, brian j is the number of folks who are in
9:10 pm
their mid to late 70s who are running. in a sense, it's normalized the fact that you have such older folks who are vying for the presidency which in theory could extend out eight years. i think in the warped world, that's normal. the other part of it, and i think where we get that hanging onto bern n bernie, is the bran built in 2016. we know when somebody has already grasped onto a positive vision of someone, they share positive affect with that brand, be it a car or a brand of food, in this case, a political candidate, that other information that might detract from that brand is going to be ignored. so in the case of age and really having to take the matter of age seriously, be it with bernie sanders, be it with joe biden, be it with michael bloomberg, folks who are in that camp are going to discard it. i think that is the power with the bernie supporters. their brand is so deep.
9:11 pm
they are going to deflect away any information that's contradictory. >> chris matthews has been watching and listening to our conversation. chris, the question to you is who is going to be the challenger to bernie from that field you witnessed tonight? >> well, brian, i think the search goes on for the great moderate hero. i don't see t
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