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tv   The Last Word With Lawrence O Donnell  MSNBC  February 21, 2020 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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[wood rolling] alexios, add toilet paper to the shopping list. [chiseling on stone] oh, and camel milk. and a chicken. and moisturizer. alexa: thanks, guys. i'll take it from here. it is nevada caucus's eve. get a good night sleep. you have to get up early tomorrow. it is all very exciting. that's all for us now. >> i know your friday night ritual is of course to rush home and immediately rewind the dvr so you can watch every minute of this hour. i have to warn you tonight, there is something that might not be the right way to start your weekend. that will be coming up in the
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middle of the show. and that is, well, the russian medal of freedom winner rush limbaugh, i guess it is the american medal -- >> the presidential -- >> that one. he actually explained today in full the trump supporter theory of the case of why it is absolutely certain russia did not interfere to help donald trump in 2016 and it is not doing it now. and it is a very elaborate theory. it actually takes him a full two minutes which i'll play later in the show and i have to say, i just have a feeling, it might not be the right note. for the beginning of your weekend, after the workweek you've put in -- >> if there's anybody who can figure out something that is true that is the opposite of what u.s. intelligence has concluded over a period of four years of study, it is probably a
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talk radio guy. so that's where i would go to for the answers to the hard questions. pretty hard sell. >> the division of labor is that donald trump does the slogan, fake news, and rush does think thing. he does the theorizing and he lays it out there. what is really important about this is the stuff he's saying is the stuff that trump voters are saying to each other out there. they're not just saying fake news. they have a whole theory of the case. and it is a magical mystery tour of madness. if you don't hear it, you don't have any idea what they're actually thinking. >> well, now i won't even go hope. i'll just sit in my office and watch you. >> there you go. it worked. it worked. we'll be going live to las vegas tonight on the eve of the nevada caucuses which the republican party canceled. tomorrow's caucuses are only for democratic candidates for president because the republican party was so afraid of
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republican presidential candidate bill weld and how well he might do in nevada against donald trump that they completely cancelled the republican caucuses in nevada. so bill weld will join us later in this hour from utah where they have not canceled bill weld's possible gain of delegates against donald trump on the route to the republican nomination. congressman swalwell will also join us. he's a member of house intelligence committee which heard the briefing last week on russia's interference in the russian campaign to help donald trump and that briefing probably also included the information became public today. that russia is interfering in the campaign to help bernie sanders whin the democratic nomination. we'll ask about that. the "washington post" broke the news that u.s. intelligence officials have told senator bernie sanders that russia is once again trying to, quote, help his presidential campaign as part of an effort to enter
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gear the democratic contest. the mueller report revealed that they did the same they know four years ago when it was helping the bernie sanders campaign and the trump campaign. the mueller report found that it used it against hillary clinton and to create dissension and division among american voters. in a written statement today couldn't demming the russian attack to help the sanders campaign, senator bernie sanders said, in 2016 russia used internet propaganda to sow division in our country. and my understanding is that they're doing it again in 2020. some of the ugly stuff on the internet attributed to our campaign may not be coming from real supporters. senator sanders said he was told about it a month ago. and he hinted at it in this week's debate. >> let me say something else about this. not being too paranoid. all of us remember 2016. and what we meant, what we
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remember is efforts by russians and others to try to interfere in our election and divide us up. i'm not saying that's happening but it wouldn't shock me. >> the "washington post" reports that they were told some time ago about they know sanders campaign and today before the "washington post" broke the story, president trump hinted at it. >> the do nothing democrats. they said faye putin wants to be sure that trump gets elected. here we go again. here we go again. did you see it? are people bored? i was told it was happening. i was told a week ago. they said they're trying to start a rumor. it is disinformation. that's the only thing they're good at. they get nothing done. do nothing democrats.
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that putin wants to make sure i get elected. listen to this. doesn't he want to see who the democrats will be? wouldn't he rather have, let's say bernie? wouldn't he rather have bernie? >> wouldn't he rather have bernie? no. because bernie condemned vladimir putin today and once again, donald trump did not. once again, donald trump operated exactly the way vladimir putin wants the president of the united states to operate when it comes to interference in our election. donald trump has mounted no defense against that russian are interference. donald trump has denied the russian interference has taken place. donald trump lied to the american people and said the democrats say the russian interference is taking place when in fact president's own intelligence officials say that russia is trying to help donald trump get reelected. today, donald trump told the american people that the united states official intelligence assessment of russia's
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involvement in the campaign is disinformation. that's the word donald trump used today. that's a word he did not know before he became president with russia's help in the raft election. rush limbaugh and bruise very upset with me. i said that donald trump was a russian operative because he operates exactlily the way the russian government wants him to operate when it comes to russian interference in the election. donald trump aids and abettes russia's interference in every possible way that he can. there is not a single fact in the record of the trump presidency that reveals donald trump to ever have done anything to stop or discourage russia from interfering in the election or even admitting that russia did interfere in the 2016
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election and it is happening again. every word donald trump says about russia's attack on our democracy sounds as if it were written by one. vladimir putin's speech writers. >> people came to me, dan coats and others came to me and said they think it is russia. i have president putin. he just said it is not russia. i will say this. i don't see any reason why it would be. >> that was the same day that vladimir putin said, yes! he did interfere in the election and he did it to help his favorite candidate donald trump. >> did you want president trump to win the election and did you direct any of your officials to help him do that? >> yes, did i. because he talked about bringing the u.s.-russia relationship back to normal. >> did you direct any of your officials to help him win?
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yes. donald trump continues to operate in every way he possibly can to help vladimir putin attack our election. to help donald trump win re-election. and of course, vladimir putin wants donald trump to be president. why would vladimir putin want anyone smarter handle the donald trump to be president of the united states? why would putin want the united states to have a stronger protect o'and defender of the constitution in the presidency? why would putin want an american president who wouldn't believe every word that putin says? the way donald trump does. senator sanders was campaigning in california today. when he was asked about the "washington post" report. >> when did you receive the briefing and why did you did not disclose it? why did you not reveal it publicly? >> i go to many intelligence briefings which i don't reveal to the public. let me say a word about russia. mr. putin is a thug, he may be a
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friend of donald trump's. he's not a friend of mine. let me tell mr. putin, the american people and the republicans, democrats, independents, are sick and tired of seeing russia and other countries interfering in our elections. the intelligence community has been very clear about it. whether trump acknowledges it or not, they did interfere in 2016. the intelligence community is telling us they are interfering in this campaign right now in 2020. when i say to mr. putin, if elected president, trust me, you are not going to be interfering in our election. >> when were you briefed on this. >>? i'm guessing about a month ago. >> what are you going to do now that you know this? >> well, it was not clear what role they're going to play. we were told that russia, maybe other countries will get involved in this campaign. and look, here's the message. to russia, stay out of american elections. and what they are doing, by the way, the ugly thing they are
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doing, and i've seen some of the tweets and stuff, they try to divide us up. that's what they did in 2016. that's the ugliest thing they're doing. it is an ugly business and all of us have to say, sorry, you won't do this in this election. again, as president of the united states, mr. putin, you will not interfere in our election. leading off tonight, in the obama administration and the author of information wars, with us, a former staff mexico of the house intelligence committee, and joyce vance, a former federal prosecutor at the university of alabama school of law. all three msnbc contributors. and a big difference between bernie sanders and donald trump in the reaction to russian interference in the campaign. >> yes. bernie was very strong, forthright, spoke to camera, addressing it to vladimir putin as you mentioned in the
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introduction. donald trump has never done that. has never acknowledged it. it is a little unclear what russia is doing on behalf of bernie sanders. in 2016, it was clear. they were anti-hillary. they were trying to subvert her campaign so they were supporting bernie. why they're supporting him now isn't clear. maybe as bernie points out, they do try to sow discord and a campaign between donald trump and bernie sanders, it is under clear why they're doing it. >> bernie sanders said everything about this today that donald trump has refused to say. >> that's right. he made very clear that he's not interested in russian help here. i think it is very important to understand how russia has tried on help donald trump is that to understand whether or not they'll bring any of those tactics to bear on behalf of bernie sanders. we know they tried to use straw donors to funnel money through various surrogates. are they trying to funnel money?
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we know the russians were trying to amplify certain messages on social media on behalf of donald trumpful are they trying to do that on behalf of bernie sanders? we don't know. we know they hacked opposition research on behalf of donald trump wolf they could that to boost bernie sanders in this primary by trying to take down his more moderate primary opponents? >> joyce vance, about a month ago, bernie sanders said that's when he heard about it. it was starting to become public that william barr has declared that any consideration of any version of any investigation of anything involving a presidential campaign must go through him. he must okay every step of it. any possible linkage there? >> well, it is hard to know what's going on at this point.
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the time line overall has a lot of coincidences that will only understand the full value of in hindsight. the important takeaway from this is that what the president is doing is trying to destroy many of the institutions that contribute to our national security. instead of looking at the justice department and the intelligence community in isolation, which has been i think what we've done until now, we need to begin to look at these as one time line of occurrences and the president tries to weaken doj. tries to weaken the intelligence community. there is no more speaking truth to power. instead, there is just trump insisting he hear only facts and a narrative that suit him. that's dangerous for our country. >> let's listen to what sanders said today about why he thinks this is coming out now about russia trying to help his campaign?
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>> how did this come out now when the briefing was a month ago? >> i'll let you guess about the nevada caucus. why do you think it came snout the "washington post"? good friends. >> rick, your reaction to that? >> i think he should have kept walking to the airplane and not answered that question. he was pretty much pitch perfect before that. the point is that the russians do want to sow discord. the russians don't necessarily have a point of view. they want people to distrust reality. distrust the information that they're getting and he shouldn't do that. even when he said it is possible these bernie bros online may be russian bots or russian trolls. that's not supported by any evidence. >> that's part of what the report that, they did get involved on the bernie side on social media. so there's already a pattern for
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that. >> yeah. when you look at the ways the sanders campaign has been run, he's not running a unity message. he's been talking about a rigged system. we know russia wants people to be skeptical about our institutions, they work for people. so you can see where the alignment is in terms of his rhetoric and what russia wants to us believe about our own government. we have a history of this in the 2016 election against hillary clinton. now, with trump, look, at the end of the day, an american electoral process should not run through a moscow primary. they're just not on our electoral map. >> and joyce, in that final thing senator sanders said, he raises a conspiracy theory for his supporters that the "washington post" is somehow involved conspiratorially in the decision to release this information today to try to hurt him as he put it, on the eve of
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the nevada caucuses. >> you know, bernie sanders has an opportunity to look so presidential here. and like rick says, he was pitch perfect in the first part of that statement. but the temptation here is to play russia's game of division. all the candidates, not just bernie sanders, but everyone on the democratic side, needs to reject that. they need if anything to use this as an opportunity on come together. something that has been a little bit absent in the democratic side in this race for understandable reasons. they knees refuse to play on russia's territory. the game is one of unity. the game is one of support for american institutions. we need to strengthen the election and do everything we can to fight off russian interference and we do that by bringing transparency, by insisting the american public have facts president trump is trying to hide, by bringing this institution back into focus for
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the country. >> thank you all for starting us off tonight. really appreciate it. up next, congressman eric swalwell will join us and we will hear why trump supporters refuse the hear why russia interfered to help donald trump and is doing it again. they don't just think it is fake news. it is much bigger than that. they have a very elaborate way of saying it. that is next. it's either the assurance of a 165-point certification process. or it isn't. it's either testing an array of advanced safety systems. or it isn't. it's either the peace of mind of a standard unlimited mileage warranty. or it isn't. for those who never settle, it's either mercedes-benz certified pre-owned. or it isn't. the mercedes-benz certified pre-owned sales event.
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with the news that russia is interfering in our loeks two fronls to help the trump re-election campaign and the bernie sanders campaign to win the democratic nomination, tonight is one of those nights when it is worth considering, what do trump supporters really think about this? donald trump doesn't give trump supporters enough information to actually think about this.
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donald trump just lies and says it isn't happening. he says russia is not attacking our democracy. it is a hoax, fake news. he doesn't even say full sentences of but rush limbaugh. he suppose to trump supporters to three hours a day. trump gave him the medal of freedom for the flawless support of the trump 2016 campaign. once rush limbaugh realize that had donald trump was going on win the nomination and for his flawless support every day of the trump presidency and every day of the trump re-election campaign. it is rush limbaugh who has the time and the wide imagination to supply trump support werss the full fury of the case about why no one should believe that vladimir putin is really doing what vladimir putin is really doing. what vladimir putin publicly said that he did which is interfere in the election. rush limbaugh gives trump supporters the proof that vladimir putin has invaded our election process. and it is deeply twisted and
7:24 pm
weird and hugely contradictory to what rush limbaugh himself said in the past. and it is delusional and insulting to the thinking offully human being and it all begins with -- weapons of mass destruction in iraq. you need to know what people are telling each other i ask you just this once to listen to two minutes. just two minutes of the demented madness that rush limbaugh pumps into the brains of trump supporters every day because, because this is the reason donald trump is president. >> these are the people that told us there are weapons of mass destruction in iraq. let's go back to 2003, george w. bush spends a 84 and a half traveling the country preparing everybody, lobbying the american people to support it.
7:25 pm
he goes to the united nations. satellite stuff, colin powell showing the photos of supposedly weapons of mass destruction in iraq. and the european, our allies in the intelligence community all support this. now, bush as a republican, probably not popular with the deep state, particularly after how he was elected. there was outrage. the florida recount in 2000. a lot of democrats, deep staters think that gore should have been president. he won the popular vote. they think supreme court unfairly put bush in there. i think there was as much resentment in the deep state. we just didn't call it that then. for george w. bush as there is today for donald trump. and if not the same, it is close. i think, how could so many different intelligence agencies get something so wrong as
7:26 pm
weapons of mass destruction in iraq? and remember, they gave bush mounds of satellite photo evidence. documentation evidence. colin powell was dispatched to the united nations to present this evidence and it was all bogus. we went in there. it was the pretext for invading iraq after 9/11. we get in there and there are no weapons of mass destruction. it was one of the most embarrassing things. the bush administration had us scramble. everybody will to scramble. what i have seen, there bunch of people in the intelligence community, what they've tried with trump, this whole russia meddling, trump clueding, has the gigantic lie, a bogus hoax, a silent coup. that's when i began to think the weapon women thing was a set-up against bush, thing, too. my point is this. why should we believe these
7:27 pm
people? >> and that's how rush limbaugh won president trump's presidential medal of freedom. joining us now, eric swalwell, considering what we just heard from rush limbaugh who is saying why should we believe this, people, he reverse engineers a theory going aults way back to the election of 2000, that the cia didn't like the election of 2003 didn't like president bush. they've been working against republican presidents all along, including tricking bush into an iraq war so he would be embarrassed by it. all of that is indicate yg we are where we are today and no one should believe anything in the intelligence community about donald trump and about russia and that's what you're up against. that's what you're up against in the thinking of the republican members of the house
7:28 pm
intelligence committee and the house judiciary committee that you serve with every day. >> had i known you were going to make me listen to that clip, i probably would have turned down this invitation to be on the show. this is trump's washington. you forget what the truth was the day before. you get your marching orders about what the new lies are that you have to follow and you're not to ask any questions. even if they completely contradict what you were told you were supposed to believe the day before. that's exactly what we are up against. and my republican colleagues, they so dearly want to believe that donald trump is somebody who he is not. and i think adam schiff said it best in the trial. he said, you will not change him. you cannot constrain him. as he different animal. he's not a republican. he's blown up the deficit and raised taxes on middle class workers. so when they want to believe he's ronald reagan, he's exactly the opposite.
7:29 pm
he is acting still as an agent of russia and this is exactly what we barnld in the impeachment trial and he's doing exactly what we feared. >> did the "washington post" report today about russian interference to then sanders campaign, did that come as news to you members of the house intelligence committee? >> what i can say is i asked questions of director wray during that judiciary committee meeting two weeks ago. i said are the russians still interfering? emyes. and now senator sanders has confirmed that he was told by the intelligence committee that they are seeking to help him. i think the real question isn't to have the infighting among democrats as to whether sanders should have disclosed this sooner. the real question is when did donald trump learn that russians were seeking to help sanders? for the last few months, he has really ratcheted up a loud consistent preference for
7:30 pm
senator sanders himself. if he is taking frogs the intelligence committee and feeding it back sue his twitter feed to millions of americans because he has the same alined interests as the russians, that's a real problem. >> bernie sanders said he learned about it a month ago. the president certainly heard about it before that. let me ask you something. i don't have a view of this. i don't know what i would have advised a candidate to do. if a candidate is presented with this information a month ago, if this was presented to you when you were still a presidential candidate, what would you have done? would you have made it public? >> my instinct would be to name and shame. i don't know, senator sanders has never served on the intelligence committee. i don't know if he thought he was given information that he couldn't say publicly. if so, he should have asked. i think you have to continue to
7:31 pm
name and shame the russians. i don't want to nut on senator sanders. this is on the president of the united states. he should name and shame. if he knew this first, he should be calling out the russians and disavowing it. i think he was put in a weird and impossible position. also no, candidate should be in this position because the united states of america has had four years to stop this. >> lawrence, that is right. exactly what we learned if the intelligence committee assess nypd 2016. that's why donald trump should have been removed. now we have to remove him at the ballot box. he will continue to act on russia's behalf. when he said it at the rally the other day, why would putin prefer me? he's crumb. putin sees him the way he sees himself. he's transactional, corrupt.
7:32 pm
he will continue to put his own interests above ours. >> congressman eric swalwell, thank you very much and i apologize for the two minutes of rush limbaugh but i thought you swhang is being pumped through brain of jim jordan. >> the more you know. >> you need to know that. that's what they're hearing every day. thank you very much. really appreciate it. >> my pleasure. thank you. when we come back, we saw something today in the presidential campaign that we've never seen before. one candidate forcing another candidate to admit that he is wrong and change his position. the candidate who made happen was elizabeth warren who did it on the debate stage wednesday night. that's next. [sfx: doorbell]
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economically powerfully influenced my values. bernie sanders he's fighting to raise wages. and guarantee health care for all. now, our country is at a turning point. hard working people, betrayed by trump, struggling to survive. in this moment, we need a fighter. bernie sanders. we know he'll fight for us as president because he always has. i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message. if you wanted to see a presidential candidate's ability to get things done by convincing an opponent to change his mind
7:37 pm
as presidents often have to do, elizabeth warren has given you an example unlike anything you've ever seen in a presidential campaign before. first, she zeroed in on nondisclosure agreements with victims of sexual harassment at mike bloomberg's company during the debate. >> he has gotten some dozens of women, who knows, to sign nondisclosure agreements for sexual harassment and for gender discrimination in the workplace. so mr. mayor, are you willing to release all of those women from those nondisclosure agreements so we can hear their side of the story? [ cheers and applause ] >> we have a very few nondisclosure agreements -- >> how many is that? >> let me finish. >> how many is that? >> tonight bloomberg campaign spokesperson said we're grateful to senator warren for highlighting that. earlier today, mike bloomberg
7:38 pm
released a statement saying, if any of them want to be released from their ndas so they can talk about those allegations, they should contact the company and they'll be released. i've done a lot of reflecting on this issue and i've decided as long as i'm running the company we won't use ndas going forward. i recognize that ndas, particularly when they are used in the context of sexual harassment and sexual assault promote a culture of silence in the workplace and contribute to a culture of women not feeling safe or supported. here is senator warren's response today. >> that's just not good enough. michael bloomberg needs to do a blanket release so that all women who have been muzzled by nondisclosure agreements can step up and tell their side of the story. in terms of what michael
7:39 pm
bloomberg has done. if he wants to be the democratic nominee, and he wants to be the president of the united states, he's going to have to be fully transparent on this issue. >> the only national poll out today taken after the debate shows only elizabeth warren and bernie sanders gaining support from the debate. each going up 2 points. mike bloomberg suffered the biggest loss dropping 3 points. pete buttigieg and amy klobuchar each dropped 1 point. joining us now, live from las vegas is stephanie valencia, a veteran of the 2008 he obama campaign and the obama white house. and the dem page editor of the "washington post" is with us. she's also an msnbc analyst. stephanie, the early vote in nevada has been so shockingly high. are people thinking that most people have already voted in the caucuses? or there will be another huge turnout tomorrow? >> i think the democratic party
7:40 pm
is preparing for a very large turnout tomorrow. they are expecting rain tomorrow in las vegas so hopefully that won't tamper turnout too much. you can feel the buzz in the air. candidates have been going in and out since the debate and this is the first time that black, latino and others are going to put their stamp on the election. and from the numbers we've seen including the numbers we've released from research, bernie has come into this week a real surge among latino voters. 45% of latino voters here in nevada are under the age of 35. so his base is the youth vote. let's see if they come out and caucus for him tomorrow. the numbers in the early turnout in this hybrid caucus model is really interesting to see and how we will translate that into actual caucusgoers tomorrow as well. >> i don't know any model of that but i've seen a campaign do
7:41 pm
it before. listen to what an opponent says in a debate stage in a really rough exchange. really tough. think about it for a few days think and, you know what? she's right. tim o'brien says they thank elizabeth warren for bringing up the nondisclosure agreements. mike bloomberg completely changing policy going forward. i'm not sure i've seen anything like that in a campaign before. >> i'm sure the bloomberg campaign feels extremely grateful to senator warren for having taken him to task before 20 million people, not exactly. i don't want to take anything away from senator warren's skewering of mayor bloomberg and the effectiveness with which she did that. you saw the harvard law school professor in her as she took him apart on the stage. but the thing that surprised me was not only that senator warren, that was not surprising but impressive, that she was able to do that.
7:42 pm
but also that the bloomberg campaign, mayor bloomberg, super smart and super experienced, did not anticipate that. they had a "washington post" story about the nondisclosure agreements and lots of calls about it before senator warren went after him. it was something they should have thought ahead to. if i were them i would have disclosed, released twlem the post started poking around just to get out ahead of the story. so credit to senator warren but i'm not sure points to mayor many bloomberg for reversing course. he should have seen it coming is that reversed it before he looked so bad up on the stage. >> do you think the breaking news about the russians trying to help the sanders campaign will have any effect on the caucuses tomorrow? >> i don't think regular vote letters attend caucuses tomorrow, thinking about the
7:43 pm
russia disinformation efforts. i think they're worried about health care, are immigration, here we are in las vegas, one of the largest mass shootings in u.s. history happened a couple years ago and the debate hardly address gun control. so i think voters are coming to the caucuses tomorrow with that in their pocket books in mind and how they're going to not have to work multiple jobs to feed their families and those are the real issues driving people's participation. i think health care will be a huge issue in 2020 again. there'd of nevada voters say it is their top issue. immigration, 44% of latino voters say that's their top issue. you have close to 20,000 talka recipients here. so we know about throws issues that people are coming to caucus on tomorrow. >> at the end of bernie sanders's questions today with the information coming out, he said, he was asked why do you
7:44 pm
think it came out now? he said why do you think it came out? it was "washington post." and then 8:00 p.m. or so tonight, at the end of this momentous day, this coming bout the interference, he issued a tweet saying i have news for the republican establishment. i have news for the democratic establishment. they can't stop us. what does that mean, roo? >> i think, i would leave it to senator sanders to expand on it but i think that the way i interpret it is, he means that he is not viewed as the establishment candidate of either the, of either party. he is not a member of the party. and i think he both sees himself and is presenting himself as the outsider. i was at a party four years ago
7:45 pm
when the "washington post" editorial board which i'm a part of had written a very sharp editorial criticizing senator sanders. and he was bristling at the "washington post" so much that i remember his wife jane sanders patting me on the arm and asking me if i was doing okay. he was really going after us, which was his right and totally fine. but i was very surprised. and he is sophisticated. that he would couldn't fuse any citizen sfrix the editorial page with the views of the news side. just my colleagues on the news side, which are separate from us. they're just doing their job and senator sanders should have known better than to go after them. >> so do you sense that he is equating the democratic establishment which voted unanimously to reconvict donald trump in the impeachment process and remove him from office, he's equating them with the
7:46 pm
republican establishment who voted unanimously against impeachment and against donald trump? he finds these two are equal to him? >> i don't know about that. i do know that he sees himself as the outsider, the lone ranger type, a raid against the establishments of both parties. that's my sense of who he perceives himself to be. >> thank you both for joining us tonight. i really appreciate it. when we come back, donald trump has tweeted only 27 times about justice department cases including attacks on the judge in the roger stone case, the jury in the roger stone case, 27 times since attorney general william barr said donald trump's tweets were making it impossible for him to do his job. that's next. motor?
7:47 pm
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in the neighborhood. against t . admiral william mcraven, former commander of special operations command posted a piece about donald trump's firing of the acting director of national intelligence, joseph maguire. he writes when good men and women can't speak the truth, when facts are inconvenient, when character no longer matters, when ego and self-preservation are more important than national security, then there is nothing left to stop the triumph of evil. joining us is someone who is trying to stop the triumph of evil in the republican party,
7:51 pm
former massachusetts governor william weld, now a candidate challenging donald trump for the republican presidential nomination. thank you very much for joining us tonight. i want to get your reaction to not just what admiral mcraven said there, because it sets the table for all these subjects. but the 27 tweets by the president since attorney general william barr said that the president's tweets were making barr's job impossible, and those 27 are just the tweets that are about justice department cases, including attacking the judge in the roger stone case. you're a former justice department official. william barr says it makes his job impossible. doesn't it mean he should stop doing his job? >> well, i think the president quote, you can't stop me, that you read before this, may have meant they can't stop me from doing anything i want. and mr. barr's contribution to the justice department in his
7:52 pm
romancing of mr. trump through his unsolicited auditioning for the job that he now has is to instill in mr. trump an idea that he's above the law. you know, i've said before that what mr. maguire said, if the old days, if you were caught lying under oath, you would lose your job. now if you get caught telling the truth under oath, then you lose your job. the same thing happened with the former dni director, dan coats, who said, no, i can't lie for you in the investigation of the mueller reports which were detailed in the mueller volume ii, and mr. trump said, what's your point? so mr. trump believes it's alice in wonder land, it's a topsy-turvey world. and the main constant in his analysis is that he can do whatever he wants. he's above the law.
7:53 pm
and that confidence of his can only have been increased by the vast majority of the republican senators having essentially bought an also in wonderland picture on the conviction vote. >> stay with us. we're going to squeeze in a commercial break. i know you are in utah tonight. i want to see if you heard anything in utah from republicans about mitt romney's vote to convict donald trump in the impeachment trial. we'll be right back after this. . and still going for my best, even though i live with a higher risk of stroke due to afib not caused by a heart valve problem. so if there's a better treatment than warfarin... i want that too. eliquis. eliquis is proven to reduce stroke risk better than warfarin. plus has significantly less major bleeding than warfarin. eliquis is fda-approved and has both. what's next? reeling in a nice one. don't stop taking eliquis unless your doctor tells you to, as stopping increases your risk of having a stroke. eliquis can cause serious and in rare cases fatal bleeding.
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7:57 pm
back with us, republican presidential candidate and former massachusetts governor, william weld. governor, you're not in nevada because the republican party there canceled the republican caucuses, maybe they were afraid of how well you might do there. you're in utah where you have some high hopes of getting some delegates there. utah is friendly to former massachusetts governors. they have a senator now, mitt romney. what are you hearing from utah republicans about mitt romney's
7:58 pm
vote to convict the president in the senate impeachment trial? >> well, everyone i'm speaking with today on this tour, college kids and pillars of the community and business people, regular citizens, they're proud of mitt romney's vote and they all say so. i know some members of the legislature have tried to ingratiate themselves. people have decided to move on. but from the people i'm meeting on the street, normal people, no pushback, just admiration. >> so you're campaigning actively in utah, also california where they have continued to do things normally. they haven't completely surrendered to the trump way of just extinguishing elections. what are you're hopes for picking up delegates? >> my main hopes are vermont,
7:59 pm
utah, and massachusetts with colorado and california also being of substantial interest. but that's guess work. >> when you get to the convention, assuming you have some delegates, what is your plan there? >> well, if i get six delegations, i have a speaking role at the convention. otherwise i'm not the retiring type. i'll make as much as noise as i can and it'll be newsworthy. >> and -- so you're saying according to the republican convention rules, you could actually secure a speaking position that they could not take away from you at that convention? >> if i win six delegations, they can be states or territories, they might try to change the rules retro actively, but i think i could make quite a lot of noise about that. i might have some rights in court for them not retro actively denying me a speaking role that i had earned. >> bill weld, thank you very
8:00 pm
much for joining us tonight. really appreciate it. that is tonight's last word. the "the 11th hour" with brian wae williams starts now. tonight, donald trump, the 2020 election. he received information about russian efforts to aid his contain. plus, the doors close in the nevada caucuses in less than 16 hours. introducing the first contest with a significant number of minority voters and raising the stakes for campaigns on the edge of running out of momentum and money. how elizabeth warren's knockdown of michael bloomberg in wednesday's debate got the billionaire to bend as "the 11th hour" gets under way on this friday night. good evening once again from you're nbc news headquarters here in new york. i'm steve kornacki in for brian williams. day 1128 of the trump administration, and 256 days