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tv   Dateline  MSNBC  February 23, 2020 12:00am-1:00am PST

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so you want to be president? i watched many candidates run for their parties nominations but only a few knew how to get it. my podcast is about what it takes to get the nomination. six episodes and six timeless themes separating the few winners from the many losers. ♪ >> good evening, i am ali velshi in las vegas where nbc news can project the winner of the nevada
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caucus is bernie sanders of vermont. about 23% of the vote now in sanders leads the rest of the pack by more than 20 points. joe biden is currently in a distant second place followed by pete buttigieg in a distant third behind him and elizabeth warren making up the fourth position. the nevada democratic primaries currently allocating 13 delegates to senator sanders and none to any other candidates meaning sanders jumped buttigieg in the overall delegate count and now leads by double digits. here is how sanders and the other candidates reacted earlier. >> all of you know we won the popular vote in iowa. we won the new hampshire primary. and according to three networks
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and the ap we have now won the nevada caucus. >> to those who questioned whether a midwestern mayor could gather a national movement around a new kind of politics, you are the answer. ours is the only campaign that has beaten senator sanders anywhere in the country. now we are going on to south carolina and win and then we are going to take this back. you know, the press is ready to declare people dead quickly. but we are alive. we are coming back. we are go to win. >> before we get started i have a word tonight for nevada, thank you for keeping me in the fight.
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we have a lot of states to go and right now i can feel the momentum. >> with me here in las vegas is nbc news political reporter vaughn hilliard. thanks to all of you for being with me right now. let me start with you, you have been mostly covering the buttigieg campaign. i thought it was interested to hear from pete buttigieg. talking about the fact he is the only person so far able to best bernie sanders in any of the races so far. but he is a very, very distant third at this point. >> let's take into account 23% of results that has come in to play.
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the buttigieg campaign says they could get second place or close to second. when you look at the results coming in, we are at the point in the race where you have to decide who will be taking the mantel heading into super tuesday. we came in the top two in iowa, new hampshire and potentially here out of nevada. it gets to the point where the rest of the candidates, amy klobuchar, elizabeth warren, sure millions of dollars coming in to your campaign. he said there is a good chance you wake up ten days from now and you have bernie sanders in a position where he has a delegate lead it is insurmountable. it could be a question for him, does he go to super tuesday. >> maria, that is a commanding lead as far as we have it. we have about 23% of the vote in.
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more will come in. we will get a better sense of who is in second and if bernie sanders can maintain this lead that he has got. >> the fact that from the first time latino surpass voters in total potential. they are coming out in force, in new hampshire, iowa. they did just that. nevada, they surged. they actually surged. it shows the influence of young latino voters. when bernie sanders went up against hillary clinton, it was the clinton legacy. people knew who she you was and who her husband was. they know bernie from the last four years and you have four more million latinos of age and influencing their mothers,
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aunts, uncles and grandmothers. i would encourage folks to look at what will happen on super tuesday. how are they going to influence their families in texas and florida and i think that is where the contest is open for folks that are more on the conservative side and especially florida. >> elizabeth warren says thank you for keeping me in the fight. running a distance fourth and of the people that made the decision in the last few days there was not a surge for elizabeth warren. most people agree her performance in the debate was remarkably strong and saw fundraising surge on the back of that but did not materialize into a strong performance for her here. >> it is getting a lot more difficult for elizabeth warren at this point. she had to do well in nevada in
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order to convince the rest of the democratic electorate that she could win over minorities and that she was a coalition builder. she needed to do well in iowa, she didn't. new hampshire, same thing. third state in a row. and of this crew that is left so far elizabeth warren will be rethinking things before super tuesday. she does not want to be beaten in her own state of massachusetts. that would be a huge embarrassment for her. she has to do well in south carolina. she has money. she came out punching at bloomberg tonight. >> there is another debate next week. one assumes michael bloomberg will be better prepared than last week but elizabeth warren showed us something you have seen from her before but not in a debate environment that she
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can command that stage. >> she had said i wish i came out the friday night before the new hampshire. you saw that here. her disdain for michael bloomberg has been no secret for a long time. she had to be that attack dog in this race and did it again tonight in seattle speaking after the nevada results started to come in. that is what she is referring to. the influx of money and that there is attention on her now after the debate that happened right here on the strip giving her the ability to say to the electorate i am not necessarily just the bernie sanders alternative. i am trying to unite the party. the fact she came in fourth does not give her a lot of encourage but she has a large organization and super tuesday states. she will be thinking hard about what her next steps are. i would caution that she is looking for an exit ramp. >> she remains in the top tier
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of candidates at the moment. the second tier. the tier after that. they have to be thinking hard. the amy klobuchar now who sort of saved her campaign in new hampshire and it did not materialize here. tom steyer who i spoke to this morning thought he would have a strong showing in iowa and believes he will in south carolina but we have to see how that goes and tulsi gabbard is still in the race. >> tulsi gabbard is still in the race. the big question also is the fact that what type of finances are these folks running at this point. you are looking at michael bloomberg, these guys are playing penny slots while michael bloomberg is coming in to the high rollers table. in january michael bloomberg spent 15 times what pete buttigieg did and take into account elizabeth warren announced today she is going to go on tv in some super tuesday states. pete buttigieg has yet to put up a tv ad in any of the super tuesday states. the rest of the field is trying
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to go one state at a time. i don't know how amy klobuchar or elizabeth warren can keep up. when you are dealing with the reality of michael bloomberg, folks are turning to him because they know him. >> i remind everybody that michael bloomberg is not on that screen. michael bloomberg you was not in the primary. that was his choice not to it be a part of the primary in nevada. you are looking at the delegates assigned so far. of the 36 a number are going to bernie sanders. nobody has been marked as receiving any other delegates in the race. not that they won't but we only have 27% of the vote in. let's talk about the sanders' campaign. very, very big day. 47% of the votes so far. san antonio, texas. what is the situation where you are? >> reporter: well, senator
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sanders was very excited today in speaking to about 5,000 people in the old san antonio dance hall. he was excited. you could tell based on the results why he is so excited. one thing that stuck out to me is when he said we put together a multigenerational and multiracial coalition not only going to win in nevada, which he did win, but will sweep across the country. it is clear, there are hints of the early coalition forming. he won 53% of latino voters and 40% of non-white voters. among moderates he was competing for first place. this campaign feels really good. look at where senator sanders has been going. we saw him on friday in california. there are about 5 million non-party, no-party preference voters in there who the campaign has been targeting heavily.
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in texas. he was in el paso and san antonio, texas. you can see who the campaign is targeting heavily. on the flip side you see incoming fire and that is increasing from other campaigns. mayor pete buttigieg describing who went after senator sanders for six minutes in his speech. you saw elizabeth warren mention sanders by name in her speech. mayor bloomberg, vice president biden going after him talking about his records on guns. if you ask the sanders campaign they are receiving fire from the trump administration and are not happy about the report that leaked out saying that the campaign got the briefing. this campaign feels good but they know they have troubled waters ahead with incoming fire as people see the seriousness of the campaign. >> yeah.
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there is a school of thought to suggest bernie sanders did not take the fire you might have expected him to take wednesday night because it was all directed at michael bloomberg. the pie chart we put up showing the entrance polls and where the hispanic vote went. overwhelmingly 51% to bernie sanders. if you added up the rest of it, it did not add up to how much of the hispanic vote went to bernie sanders. talk to me about that. >> yeah. i think the biggest story of nevada is that this is not rocket science. we have been telling the campaigns for a long time what they have to do with the latino community. they don't hire latinos. they don't buy ads in spanish. senator sanders hired latinos. almost 34% of his staff in nevada is latino representative of the community in the state. he has been buying ads in
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spanish. it is not rocket science. we have been saying this to all of the different campaigns. historically we have been taken for granted and when it comes to issues sanders has been talking about a lot of the issues so critical for the community in a working-class families, free college for all, medicare for all which by the way falls at 80% support in the latino community and the green deal which is the environmental issues are so central and critical for our community. this is a message for all of the candidates. pay attention to our community. don't take us for granted because the latino vote is the way to the white house and we are go to see that in super tuesday. super tuesday. four states are very, very important for the latino community. texas, california, virginia and colorado. you put those four states
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together almost 800 delegates out of 1,300. that would be the election right there. wake up democratic party. invest in the latino community. you can defeat trump. >> thank you for that hector. thanks to my panel. as the numbers stand right now joe biden is well back of bernie sanders in nevada but still is in second place. if that stays that way with the numbers we have seen so far. only 27% in. if the numbers stay the proportions that they are in this would be joe biden's best finish yet. here is biden addressing supporters here in las vegas earlier. >> y'all did it for me. now we are going on to south carolina and win and then we are go to take this back.
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i thank everyone that caucused for us and the precinct captains, all of our volunteers that are here. i want to thank the people that made all of those phone calls. i plan on coming back to win the state outright. you know, i have to recognize a few of the congress persons here. you know there is a guy named -- that man with campaign, man. i see him right there. are you kidding me. also, you know, there is a fella in that little state called california. where is he? and phil, thank you.
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thank you. coming up from texas. hilda. where is hilda? she was just there. maybe she is coming back here. so, so, so many of you. you know, i tell you what man. >> i want to tell you something, and we are labors out. i mean they stepped up in a big, big, big way as did a bunch of you. we have some of the best union support, i think better than anybody. look. i heard there are some guys
12:18 am
called firefighters around here. ironworkers. by the way, i heard that we probably did awful well. you know, i know we don't have the final results yet but i feel really good. the press is ready to declare people dead quickly, but we are alive. we are coming back. we are go to win. by the way i want to thank all of the folks at 226, you know, they have been incredible to me. they have been incredible the way they treated me. i want to tell you that, you
12:19 am
know, the choices that they had to make were ones that made a big difference. look, i want to get right to the point. i think we are in a position now to move on in a way we have not been until this moment. i think that we are going to go we are going to win. we are going to win in south carolina. and then super tuesday. then we are on our way. look, i want to tell you that they stepped up in a moment, just the incredible right moment. the ironworkers. atu. so many others. i said it a hundred times. you are the reason i am in this. you are the ones that brought us back.
12:20 am
by the way, we have to bring everybody along. black, brown, women, men, straight, across the board. the idea that somehow people are just figuring this out is surprise to me but you know, everybody is just looking for a shot. nobody is looking for a hand out. everybody is looking for an even shot. they don't feel like they are getting a chance. i give you my word as a biden, i am going to bring everybody along. that single mom trying to raise their kids by themselves. it is hard.
12:21 am
those communities of material couples facing eviction will do anything they can to maintain a home for their kids. we can fix all of these problems. we have the power to do it. folks, 100 million americans with preexisting conditions that live in fear every day that obamacare will be taken away. it will not be. it will be expanded upon. the immigrant has been demonized and folks, we have such an incredible opportunity. i really mean this. we have such an incredible
12:22 am
opportunity to take the country places that it never has been. lead the world again. i am a democrat for a simple reason. i ain't a socialist. i am a democrat. a democrat. i'm proud of it. you have to remember what made you become a democrat in the first place. basically you thought everybody just deserves a shot. a shot. even playing field. give us a chance. we can do anything i all. the neighborhoods i come from. a lot of you come from. we have never, ever, ever let the country down. by the way, i was proud to have and run with barack obama and i
12:23 am
am proud to still be his friend. i promise you that i wasn't talking about running a democratic primary against him in 2012. i was working my heart out so he could win. we can reestablish our place in the world. we said it many times. four years of donald trump we can make that an aberration. but eight years. eight years and change who we are. we not only have to beat donald trump, we have to keep the house of representatives, win the united states senate.
12:24 am
and then. and then we have to bring the party and the country together. so i think it is time. i think it is time that we get moving. i think it is time that we step up. i think it is time that we unite the party first. i am counting on it being biden time. we can bring it together with your help. i am hearing dr. joe for president where i go. look, you all have been so wonderful. i don't want to keep you standing but this is an important moment. it is an important moment. i think we are going to look back on this and say this you was the beginning of the fundamental change.
12:25 am
we are in a spot now where we have to keep moving. keep moving. as you learned tonight and today and yesterday and the day before. you are going to have more help coming from vladimir putin for our president. we are going to have more help from vladimir putin who wants someone that doesn't think can beat trump. we will have more help along the way. i turned on more tv ads. where the hell did that one come from. that is trump ads. they are trump ads. let's give trump exactly what he doesn't want, you and joe biden as the nominee. thank you. thank you. thank you. i plan on coming back. >> that was joe biden addressing supporters earlier in las vegas. you can catch the former vice
12:26 am
president tomorrow live on kasie dc on a special edition live from charleston, south carolina. up next we will look at the different blocks of voters that helped bernie sanders win the nevada caucuses. you are watching msnbc live from las vegas. hi guys. this is the chevy silverado, with the world's first invisible trailer. invisible trailer? and it's not the trailer right next to us? this guy? you don't believe me? hop in. good lookin' pickup, i will say that. oh wow. silverado offers an optional technology package with up to 15 different views - including one enhanced view that makes your trailer appear invisible. wow. - that's pretty sweet. - that's cool. oooohh! that's awesome. where'd the trailer go? i love it. it's magic.
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>> following the candidates through the early voting states, talking to voters who will decide the election. that is what it means to be an msnbc road warrior. >> we are back in las vegas. bernie sanders is the projected winner in the states' democratic
12:30 am
caucuses. let's look at some of the voting blocks that got him there according to msnbc news poll results. younger voters in the state firmly in sanders' camp. a 56% of majority of voters under the age of 45 voted for sanders in nevada. much was made of nevada's large latino population going in to today. there is a resounding win for bernie sanders. sanders won 53% of hispanic voters in nevada according to early msnbc news entrants poll. the graphic says 51%. we said 53%. let's go with 51%. ray suarez is standing by, the host of world affairs and the author of the book latino americans. the rest of the panel remains
12:31 am
with me. ray what, do you make of what we have seen today? it was expected that bernie sanders would win. it was expected that he would do well with the latino vote but he has bested everyone else in every demographic we have parsed. >> sorcorched the rest of the field. you know, nevada was the first time the campaign moved to a big urban area. oddly very few people think of it that way but nevada is the most urban state in america with 4 out of 5 people living in the state living in a big city or immediate suburb. you had organized workers, large numbers of latinos who are also in unions and a man who has been running for president most of the last five years. had a good field operation. targeted younger latino workers.
12:32 am
kids just coming out of high school. it worked. his strategy worked. >> we are looking at still 27% of the rates. we are taking a look at the voters in the state. 65% white. 18% hispanic. 11% black. this was a test in a place that is more diverse. no surprises. bernie sanders doing phenomen phenomenally well. >> he hasn't stopped campaigning since 2016 and he is a household name among younger voters. it will be whether or not older african-american women want to look at bernie sanders with the same fresh eyes as younger voters have. will he be able to do that and
12:33 am
maintain that momentum. while you have the young folks in nevada and california that are more progressive, will than the case when he hits florida and texas. texas will be an opportunity. the people that have been organizing for elizabeth warren are a lot of the folks from the castro camp. it will be interesting to see if elizabeth warren actually gets a lift out of texas because of that. they have a tendency of being more conservative than the rest of the first caucus states. another place that will be interesting is to see how bernie sanders stacks up in young voters, latinos and how will he do among white suburban women. those are the ones that came back into the party in 2018. they had a strong distaste for this president. are they going to have the same i am for bernie sanders when it comes to delicate policy such as
12:34 am
medicare for all. that is one of the reasons why they were coming back to the democratic party they were so concerned with their health care. is that going to resonate with them as well. >> in the 2016 election, 27, 28% of hispanic latinos voted for donald trump. in 2012 the numbers for mitt romney were not dissimilar. the polling now indicates that percentage of the population. one that has grown and become more diversified. still in the trump camp for the moment. how does sanders or the other top tier candidates, how do they deal with not just attracting the percentage of the latino population they need to win the nomination but attracting them in a bigger way in the general election. >> they don't like donald trump.
12:35 am
he has been a trouble to our community. he promotes violatience againstr families. his numbers are some of the lowest republicans have received from the latino community. this is an opportunity for the democratic party. they need to step up their game and all of these presidential candidates. a state in which we can reflect on the issue of immigration. it is unacceptable in the debates they are not asking the tough questions. we need to ask the candidates those tough questions and have specific commitments. we invite all of the presidential candidates to sit with us. if they are going to spend the political capital on immigration for an easy so easy to get it
12:36 am
done. vice president biden. i had a downfall with him in las vegas. the first time that he separates himself and disagrees with the obama administration on the issue of deportations. deportations are an issue that is so painful and hurtful and devisive of our families. we need to have clarity from all of the presidential candidates and need to have all of them on record making a progress they are going to get it done in the first 100 days and spend the basic political capital that it requires to get it done. we have not seen any politician do it in the past. >> it should be a layup but it is not. republicans have added immigration to their list, their otherwise short list of the litmus test they have around abortions and guns. when we head to south carolina you start to see other
12:37 am
demographics. older black women. that is the one place joe biden did well in las vegas. that was supposed to be his firewall among african-american. you see bernie sanders making in roads and michael bloomberg before the wednesday fiasco. we will see what the new polls indicate. white suburban women, things change a little bit in south carolina. anybody that takes today's results and say it is game over or game on, south carolina will look different and after super tuesday will look different. >> i think one thing we are seeing with the nevada results so far is that bernie is broadening his coalition. look, everyone was predicting he would win tonight but not by this much and not by these margins with minorities. this was the classic joe biden argument, you know. when i get to nevada. think about how long he was
12:38 am
leading here by big margins. bernie overtook it. i would not be surprised. the polling is showing in south carolina the margins are getting better and better and there is a gap narrowing with african-americans. bernie is taking some of that. tom steyer. >> not a great performance here. 4% right now. 27% in. continues to believe that south carolina will be an interesting place for him. south carolina. it is interesting how the calendar goes. south carolina in a week. different things may happen. the chart may look different. then we have super tuesday. everything can change there too. >> it is important to note that south carolina looks different from nevada, the super tuesday states are extremely diverse slate of states overall. they do look more like nevada. it could look more of something like i have seen here. we need to step back and say it
12:39 am
is an enormous credit they have built this coalition here and all over the country. look at the amount of emphasis he has put here and in california and in texas. going back to when he started to run for president the first time, it was only winning over younger white educated voters. >> he couldn't penetrate that. >> but he made it a specific point about talking about issues that matter to communities of color and devoting specific resources. all over the country. he told the crowd that his team had knocked on its millionth door. having that emphasis will have to pay off for him. you have other people assuming because of what happened in 2016 he wasn't going to have the results that happened this time. >> all right thanks to all of you for sticking around.
12:40 am
coming up nevada numbers are still coming in. we are looking at 27% of the numbers in. the first real test for 2020 candidates in a state that is not majority white. what do the results mean? we will try to read the tea lives with charlie cook. we will do that when we come back in a moment. good morning!
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>> the caucuses are over here in nevada but we continue to watch those numbers coming in. we want to talk about what it could mean for upcoming contests. 66% of nevada democratic caucus goers prefer a nominee that can beat donald trump compared to 32% that said they would prefer a candidate that agrees with them on the issues. mayor pete buttigieg's speech in las vegas tonight technically focussed on beating the president but he talked about beating another candidate for president. >> i believe we need to defeat donald trump and turn the page on this era in our politics by establishing a tone of belonging. bringing an end to the viciousness and bullying that is tearing apart our country. and that is the real difference from senator sanders revolution with the tenor of --
12:45 am
>> joining me the editor and publisher of the cook political report, charlie cook. i am dying to hear what is going through your head right now. what do you make of what you have seen in nevada and what does it make you think about what happens next? >> i hate to be the who are in the church house but i don't think nevada and south carolina are that important. on super tuesday we will find out does bernie sanders build up an insurmountable delegate lead or not. you are going to have ten times more picked on super tuesday than iowa, south carolina, delaware and new hampshire. that will be the real test. this is all fun to watch it
12:46 am
tuesday and next saturday but super tuesday is where we will find out a whole lot about this race. >> a candidate needs 1991 on the first ballot if they were going to win. we have chosen today about 100 of that. >> 101. >> the question is there is some momentum that you read into this because the momentum of the performance causes people to get press coverage or donations to keep them going. do you think that anybody gets to say we are through the gates. we are on the way. we will live to fight another day or anything decisive about this. if you are in the race tonight do you stay in it until super tuesday? >> i think that most of them would stay in. i think some of the campaigns hardly have bus fare to get from here to south carolina.
12:47 am
super tuesday, it cost $100 million to do a decent job then. i think they will hang in. the purpose of nevada and south carolina is to shoot the wounded from iowa and new hampshire. to kind of cull the herd down a little more. super tuesday is when it will all matter. we will be watching carefully. part of it is how long is the biden, buttigieg, bloomberg, klobuchar going to split up the center-left lane. and on the other side how long can warren hang in there and keep bernie from coalescing and consolidating the lane on the left? all of these will make a big difference. the thing about this system that democrats have is that it is hard to build a real lead but it is really hard to overtake one. we could be looking at bernie sanders with an insurmountable lead after super tuesday.
12:48 am
that is why i am putting soi muh focus on that. that will tell us a heck of a lot more than today or saturday in south carolina. >> let's talk about elizabeth warren for a moment. she was by some written off. her campaign complained that she and amy klobuchar were being written out of the narrative entirely. she looked to breathe new life in her campaign wednesday night and it resulted in more fundraising but remains in a lane otherwise occupied by bernie sanders. do you see a path forward for her? >> i don't. it is a surprise. think back to the middle of october, you know, there were the appearances she would run away with this. to be honest i think she actually has more raw talent than any of the other 28 democrats that ran this year but
12:49 am
she hit a wall back in october or november and hasn't really recovered. but just as klobuchar needed to break through in iowa, you know, and i think she got the break in the new hampshire debate she needed but it was too late for her to roll that over in to building the infrastructure for national campaign. meanwhile warren had the momentum early and sort of ran out of gas last fall. how much of it had to do with the medicare for all. either the stumble. the hedging on it. it's hard to see a path forward for at least three or four of these democrats that are still in the race. we tend to have these zombie candidacies that are dead, but they keep running. >> charlie, thank you for your
12:50 am
analysis. thank you all for your time tonight. coming up, bernie sanders may have won the nevada caucuses, but my next guest maintains the only way democrats beat trump in 2020 is with joe biden on the ticket. hi guys. this is the chevy silverado, with the world's first invisible trailer. invisible trailer? and it's not the trailer right next to us? this guy? you don't believe me? hop in. good lookin' pickup, i will say that. oh wow. silverado offers an optional technology package with up to 15 different views - including one enhanced view that makes your trailer appear invisible. wow. - that's pretty sweet. - that's cool. oooohh! that's awesome. where'd the trailer go? i love it. it's magic. free freefree free freefree. free free, free free. that's right, turbotax free is free. free, free free free. free.
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>> joe biden is claiming a comeback in nevada with 27% of the vote in the former vice president is currently in second place. it is a fairly distant second place. winless so far. south carolina suddenly seems like a must-win for the biden campaign. this is what we are looking at tonight. 27% of the vote with bernie sanders 47% of that. joe biden coming in at half. 23% followed by pete buttigieg and elizabeth warren at nine.
12:54 am
good to see you sir. thank you for being with us. let's talk about this. joe biden and his team have been talking about south carolina for a long time. they wanted to win here. it looked liege it was possible that it would happen. south carolina was the must-do thing. it was a firewall for him. that firewall has started to come apart. >> first let me give credit where credit is due. congratulations to senator sanders and his team here in nevada. they have ran a strong campaign. the results proved out to be the case. vice president biden is still the best candidate to defeat donald trump and to build a broad coalition that we need to actually win this nomination now and also in virginia. >> the candidates all say that about themselves.
12:55 am
tonight's entry polls, for whatever it is worth, show that bernie sanders was able to top every group that was voting tonight with a couple of exceptions. joe biden continued to do better amongst african-americans in nevada. >> 65 years plus. did very well among union households. >> yeah. >> carried a number of at the large strip precincts which are a lot of the casino workers. >> i would say talking about coalition building bernie sanders did a better job than joe biden did. >> i affirm the anxiety that so many of the voters that support bernie sanders feel whether it is related to immigration or health care. i saw them at several polling locations today. i heard their concerns about the
12:56 am
upcoming elections. that is why i would appeal to them to support joe biden because he is the most effective person that can actually deliver on the issues that they care most about. being able to build on obamacare and to provide a public option and in order to create better paying jobs. to actually address immigration reform once and for all. joe biden is proven. he is trusted. he is vetted. he is not a democratic socialist, self proclaimed. he is someone we know we can build a broad coalition. all respect to senator sanders for what he is able to do but we have to be able to appeal to win in pennsylvania, michigan, wisconsin, colorado, states like nevada and north carolina in order to ultimately defeat donald trump. the last thing that i will say is that this is a team effort. if we really want health care.
12:57 am
if we really want immigration reform and better paying jobs, we have to keep a house democratic majority and win back the senate. joe biden is the best person for us to compete. i know. he came here to help me win. he campaigned in 25 states for over 65 candidates. >> good to see you. thanks for being with us. >> thank you, ali. >> we are just getting started here tonight on msnbc. when we come back we will update the latest numbers from nevada. i am ali velshi. you are watching special coverage of the nevada caucuses. t and unique needs your lips are like no others, and need a lip routine that's just right for you chapstick has you covered chapstick. put your lips first.
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