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tv   Dateline  MSNBC  February 23, 2020 1:00am-2:00am PST

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welcome back to nbc's special coverage of the nevada caucuses. the projected winner is vermont senator bernie sanders. sanders leads the rest of the field by more than 20 points. he has bested joe biden by double. former vice president joe biden in second place, a distant second at the moment. pete buttigieg, elizabeth warren, amy klobuchar, tom steyer is in there. senator sanders has claimed 13 delegates. nobody has been awarded any delegates other than bernie sanders just yet. 36 in total. sanders has 13 of them at the
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moment. that means sanders has opened up a double digit delegate lead over pete buttigieg in the national delegate count. he enjoyed the victory from san antonio, texas, where he had a campaign rally tonight. >> in nevada we have just put together a multi-agagenerationa multi-racial win which is going to win nevada and sweep this country. no campaign has a grassroots movement like we do, which is another reason why we're going o win this election. >> okay. lots to unpack here. joining me to discuss is sahil kapur, matt visor and jane klebe is the chairperson of nebraska's democratic party.
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thank you for joining us to make some sense out of this. this is an evening where we need some help making sense out of it. this is a big win for bernie sanders. there's no way to describe it other than that. as you cross tabulate all the different things we saw in the entry polls, he does well in almost all of them. that said, there are 36 delegates here. we're now up to 101 delegates in total. you need 1991 to win on the first ballot. if there's something called moment momentum, it's here for bernie sanders. >> there's no question. our party looks and sounds very differently than i think what a lot of our political establishments have thought. that is being shown in the caucuses and the early primaries. we've been slow to catch up to where voters are. i think what you've seen over the past five years is activists from dreamers, pipeline fighters, water protectors, they're now really showing their force as a political voting
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block. >> so, matt, i mean, here's the issue. bernie sanders tweeted it out. the republican establishment, you can't stop us. the democratic establishment, you can't stop us. there are lots of people, establishment in journalism, democratic circles think that bernie sanders is a threat and he can't win the election. his campaign people are in force telling everybody stop ignoring us, stop dismissing us, you've got to deal with us. >> this was a statement win. the numbers are pretty astounding and as you mentioned, it's across the board. it's union households, non-union households, educated, non-educated voters across the board. this is the first state where you've had a diverse electorate. he's broadening the electorate, bringing new caucus goers out.
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you're starting to see the backlash. you heard a little bit from pete buttigieg in his speech afterwards but you saw sanders take a different approach where he started to reach out a little bit, talking about the diversity he's bringing to the party. i think that's the next phase, that the party is going to have to grapple with the idea of bernie sanders being their standard bearer. >> sahil, we like to speak to the candidates. every single one of them who sits in this seat says our candidate is the only one who can build the broad coalition necessary to defeat donald trump. a bunch of them are clearly lying. what does this mean? because it can't actually be true that they're all the ones to build the broad coalition. the entry polls tell us something we knew. 1/3 of the voters made the choice for the person who shares their views versus the person they believe can vote -- can beat donald trump. >> yeah, there is a hearts vote
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and the minds vote. bernie sanders won both. he won democratic voters who said they want a candidate who agrees with him on the issues. he won democratic voters who can beat president trump. there are not many that are assembling that broad-based coalition. one of the most impressive things about bernie sanders win here is his win over hispanic voters. 37%. two enormously rich delegate primaries on the map that vote on march 3rd. the only place he seemed vulnerable demographically was among black voters. joe biden won that and that will matter a lot in south carolina and super tuesday. >> go back to 2016. this was not a place where he was competitive and there was no criticism that he had the ability to be competitive among black voters. while biden still leads, bernie's still competitive and bloomberg is that factor.
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he's not in tonight's race and he was competitive at least until wednesday. >> this is one of the biggest differences with bernie sanders between his 2016 campaign and this campaign. he was doing very poorly among non-white voters which arguably cost him the nomination. he's doing much better with black voters even if he's not winning them. >> let's talk about moderates. tonight there are moderate democrats. there are some democrats who consider themselves conservative who are looking at this saying, what's going to happen? they're laying got squeezed out. >> not necessarily. this is the thing. when we have moderate voters. i come to a red and rural state and i have to reach out to all shades of blue. the moderate voters want to know that you have their back. they want to know that you're going to have their backs when it comes to economic issues, health care, property rights. in states like nebraska and
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minnesota that are being faced with risky fossil fuel projects. latino voters are more moderate and conservative. i think bernie can attract them with his economic policies. >> let's talk about medicare for all. a very heavy union state. they push back. they said we like our health care. if you're union, you've spent the last 30, 40, 50, 60 years fighting for their health care. he still wins the union vote. >> that's the other part about his win that's just astounding. the culinary union worked hard against him. they set the table when he first came in here criticizing him. you look at the casinos on the strip and bernie sanders is winning those among the culinary rank and file. it's that thing where there's a disconnect with the leadership and the rank and file. bernie sanders has found a way to tap into it. >> which again happened in 2016. the union leadership is getting
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gun shy about endorsing anybody. they're going to say our members are going to to what our members want to do. it's interesting between membership. >> sahil, you were talking about pete buttigieg not just talking about donald trump but warning the democratic party about the danger of bernie sanders. let's listen to what he has to say. >> senator sanders believes in an inflexible ideological revolution that leaves out most democrats not to mention most americans. i believe we can beat president trump and delivering for the american people by delivering medicare for all for those who want it. we can call people names online or we can call them into our movement. we can either tighten a narrow and hard core base or open the
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tent to a new and broad and big-hearted american coalition. >> so he's making the point we were talking about here. at the moment bernie sanders didn't get 50% of the vote in nevada but it was close and he was up there. no other contingent adds up to where bernie sanders is. from the perspective of pete buttigieg saying he can't build that coalition, i can, what does that mean here? is bernie sanders showing us that the coalition's not what you all thought it was? >> right. pete buttigieg is trying to portray this as a three-person race. he's trying to position himself as the reasonable alternative. he's a decisive socialist and a plutocrat on the other side. elizabeth warren is saying it's a three person race. everyone is looking for their private foil here.
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there aren't clear lanes here. democratic voters aren't splitting themselves up here. there's a lot of kind of cross driving in the lanes. some people want a candidate they think is smart, some people want a candidate based on certain issues. >> we think we're well into this race but for a lot of people, they're not. they're watching this unfold. for some people wednesday's debate was watching what these people might do if they're up against donald trump. let's listen to elizabeth warren. she continues to warn, just like buttigieg is warning people. let's listen to warren. >> i want to talk for a minute specifically at the top about a threat that is coming our way and it's a big threat. not a tall one, but a big one, michael bloomberg. he argues that he is the safest bet to beat donald trump.
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he's not safe, he's just rich. let's think about that. billionaire who hides his taxes, has a bad history with women and defends racist policies. let me just put it this way. we're not substituting one arrogant billionaire for another in 2020. >> so, matt, take a look at her strategy versus pete buttigieg's strategy. they're pitting themselves, as sahil said, but to different potential leading candidates. >> i think for warren, bloomberg brings up something in her that you saw in the debate and that you're seeing again in her tonight br swhere she's found h voice in the animosity she feels against mike bloomberg. it aligns her in a way like bernie sanders. you can imagine the two of them, they are compatible and she is
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helping bernie sanders at the moment by going after mike bloomberg. >> is that working? is there enough room in bernie sanders lane for elizabeth warren to be hanging around there? everybody else has decided we're going to a different lane. they have smaller numbers to do that with. >> i think his most fierce supporters are upset with elizabeth warren. she sat on the sidelines when she should have been next to bernie endorsing him. some of the things that came up earlier. i think with mayor bloomberg, he does have support in the african-american community and climate community. he has spent millions of dollars to close cole plants. >> and gun control. >> right. there's no doubt that senator sanders is in the lead. we should celebrate that and honor the fact that he has brought a wide coalition. we have to be wide-eyed as democrats. this is a game and we have to ensure that we're not cutting out voters. we passed iowa.
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you don't hear anybody talking about property rights or some of the issues that would attract rural voters in ohio, pennsylvania, wisconsin. >> do you worry about bernie sanders as the democratic nominee? >> no. when i talk to farmers and ranchers, they think he's the only one that isn't an arrogant sob. as voters, we have to remember that urban voters hate big. people feel left behind by the system. i think her message and senator sanders resonates on that level. >> sahil, there's a lot of populist overlap, and the people that supported donald trump. the anger, frustration. maybe those people who supported donald trump will come to see that he didn't deliver for them, although he is he continues to
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tell them he delivered for them and trade war with china. does bernie sanders get an ability to draw some of those people off, peel some of those people off who voted for trump particularly in swing states like michigan, wisconsin, pennsylvania. i can answer your question better than he can. >> this is one of the biggest questions. is the swing voter a middle of the road type. are they agitated and disaffected voters looking for an outsider and voter. the only commonality is that they are both outsiders reflecting some kind of major change in different ways. so bernie sanders is now coming along saying i'm reflecting a different kind of change. theoretically, yes. i think there are some voters who are not ideologically underwritten. if bernie sanders is going to win the election, he's going to draw back those voters, he has to come up with a version of that. it's not a sure bet for us
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because he has taken some positions that can be caricatured and out of the mainstream. he's different. he's untested. that's what's making a lot of democratic voters unsure. large majorities of democratic voters support medicare for all. people have staked their candidacies on actively opposing this policy. that strategy may have backfired. there's an intensity with single payer that draws a lot of democratic voters out that bernie sanders may have caught on to. >> something we're going to continue to talk about. it is a topic that is not as well understood but it may be one in which victory gets hinges. we're just getting started. when we return, muddle in the middle. how do they try to claw back the
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minnesota earlier. she got about 4% of the vote. the numbers are in right now. we've just had a big tranche of numbers come in here in nevada. take a look at the screen. we are now 40.6. it says 35% in. we're going to update that in. we're above 40%. the numbers look like what they are on the screen. bernie sanders lead has increased. bernie sanders now has, here we go, 41%. bernie sanders has 47% of the vote. he continues to be the projected winner. joe biden his percentage has decreased. he's at 21% from 23%. pete buttigieg firmly at third at 15%. good space between biden and buttigieg and good space between buttigieg and warren. tom steyer tying that number with amy klobuchar. 4%. and 0.1% uncommitted.
1:22 am
tulsi gabbard has 3 vote for 0%. bernie sanders lead is increasing in this state. elizabeth warren was looking for a big comeback tonight after her performance in the wednesday debate. she had seen amy klobuchar do well in the debate prior to new hampshire and had hoped that that would happen for her so she came out swinging. was widely lauded as the best performer in wednesday night's debate here in las vegas, but two problems occurred. one is that much of the early voting had taken place at that point and our entry polls suggest that even those who voted before, there wasn't much movement towards elizabeth warren. we're looking at live pictures in seattle, washington. she has been taking pictures with and greeting people as she has wanted to do at these events. the performance was not good at
1:23 am
all in las vegas but the message for elizabeth warren continues to be fairly energized and fired up tonight. >> reporter: yeah, ali, that's right. she had about 7,000 people packed into this space. less than the 15,000 that she had last time we were here. we were outside. we're inside this time. might be a self-limiting space. you'd never know that she came in fourth but perhaps that's the point. 89 delegates. it speaks with foreign strategy that she's looking ahead even as we continue to tick through. you heard this is a campaign. only 4% of the delegates at play come from the four early states. the rest of them happen as you get further down the calendar and as you get to super tuesday.
1:24 am
you continue to push towards super tuesday. the big question for all of these campaigns, what are they going to do about bernie sanders. elizabeth warren came out swinging at michael bloomberg, not bernie sanders. that's a strategy that she employed of course on the debate stage. seems to be the strategy out here on the campaign trail. when i asked her at the debate, why didn't you go after bernie sanders, why did you go after michael bloomberg, she repeated that it was the right strategy. they think she'll be one of the three people left against bloomberg and sanders, it seems to me like they think they can keep swiping at michael bloomberg. she did offer a criticism. it fits with this larger message of efficacy and an ability to get things done. certainly it's not as personal as making fun of michael bloomberg's height. attacking versus contrasting in terms of the way that they're going at bloomberg and sanders
1:25 am
respectively. and i have to say, the results in nevada tonight is one of the things that could throw a wrench in the warren team's larger plan. when i was talking to their team, what continuously kept coming up is that their strategy to move down the calendar and keep picking up delegates works if the results remain convoluted. in iowa and new hampshire you had a winner. here in nevada, bernie sanders has a decisive win, at least as far as we see the results coming right now. that sort of throws a wrench into the warren team's plan. if no one runs away with the early contest, this remains an open field. if this remains the case that he does well in nevada and continues to notch down, that makes it more with the warren strategy. they're pushing ahead on the calendar. >> we have new numbers in. we are now 43% of the delegate count. i suspect we're going to see this pick up in speed.
1:26 am
something has broken through. our numbers are increasing. bernie sanders holding his lead more than double, matt, more than double joe biden. joe biden was out there saying thanks for keeping me in the race. pete buttigieg is carrying on how he's the alternative. you heard charlie cook say he doesn't see a road for elizabeth warren. you see 7,000 people waiting to take pictures of her. you wonder what this looks like from here on in. >> those numbers, he's almost got a majority. >> almost? >> six legitimate candidates. >> that was always a criticism. in new hampshire the idea was he's not going to get the numbers that he got in 2016 because there are too many people running against him. there are still too many people running against him and he got nearly 50% of the vote. >> it's almost like the race is confounded against narrowing. warren has a reason to stay n. she's motivated when she sees
1:27 am
crowds like that in washington. amy klobuchar got a huge spike in numbers after new hampshire. joe biden is heading into south carolina and to states he feels demographically loyal to him. i think everybody has an excuse to be in but it prevents there from being any anti-bernie alternative. >> this is a path for elizabeth warren if there was one. it involves the field narrowing. there's nobody in the field who has been hurt by the size of it except warren. she's losing progressives to bernie sanders. she's losing white college graduates to pete buttigieg. she's losing democrats who want a woman president to amy klobuchar. she's losing some barack obama and hillary clinton voters to joe biden who might move to her. she's being squeezed on so many fronts. if there is a narrowing of the field, i could see people moving
1:28 am
towards her. >> it's difficult because the people above her are not getting out before she does. she can only look at the people below her. amy klobuchar, tom steyer and tulsi gabbard. these are both women who have legislative experience and policy experience and some newspapers like "the new york times" found that interesting. thank you for being with us. when we return, we have seen reports that mike bloomberg's campaign is preparing for a contest contested convention. we're back with more of that after this. we're live in las vegas.
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project ted win in nevada. bernie sanders has won the popular vote. taking the lead in delegates and stoking what were already fears of a possibly contested democratic national convention in five months. question is, what will that convention look like if sanders continues to surge but fails to get a majority of the nearly 1900 -- 2,000 delegates he'd need to clinch the nomination. he'd need 1991 to do that. i want to bring in elena schneider, leanne na caldwell and julio ricardo varella. >> we're back. >> elena, let's talk about this for a second. how good or bad a thing is a contested convention? >> i think for the party involved, it's not an ideal situation. you want to go into the fall with a united front and
1:33 am
obviously contested convention can often lead to hurt feelings at the -- one end of the spectrum or total disaster at the other. there's a real possibility that everyone has in the backs of their mind that this could go to a contested convention. we got evidence of that in the debate. bernie sanders was the one candidate on the stage who said a few nights ago said it should go to whoever had the most delegates and others said let the process play out. >> bernie sanders has drawn a difference between the establishment and him. he talked about the republican establishment and he talked about the degree to which the democratic establishment is against him. we get tweets about the system being rigged against bernie sanders. >> yes. >> here's the thing. if he has the most votes going into a convention and then those super delegates show up and they don't support bernie sanders, there are going to be a whole lot of angry people to say the
1:34 am
system is rigged, the establishment was always against him. >> he even talked about that at the debate talking about the super delegates and talking to people, to voters, caucus goers in nevada today, you hear the same language of his supporters that bernie sanders is saying it's the same thing that bernie sanders has been talking about since 2016 so it's baked in so many of these bernie supporters' minds that the system is not fair and that if he doesn't go into the convention as the clear winner, then it was rigged against him. and i think that that is a problem for the party because it just undermines the entire system. it's very similar to language that we hear from president trump as well. what do you think? ray squiers ays he scorched the people. >> crushed. >> he's more than double his closest rival. >> right. the biggest news is that he won. he crushed the latino vote. i mean, there's a new ucla study
1:35 am
that came out an hour ago about 33 latino majority precincts in nevada and they looked at the actual data, ucla study, 74% to 18% latinos. >> wow. >> that's -- that is in the urban center which he lost last time around. >> right. >> that's historic. the other thing i want to say, ali, about south carolina, let's not forget that there are 118,000 eligible latino voters in south carolina and he micro targeted iowa. latinos got him a little over the top. the news i'm getting, my phone all night is like sanders won, crushed the latino vote. it's a huge problem for biden. i don't want to talk about contested conventions because the bloomberg campaign said sanders has a small base. you're telling me latino voters, the fastest growing electorate
1:36 am
is a small base? you have to give him credit. >> almost every demographic, almost every cross tabulation in our entrance polls he won. african-americans, biden edged them out a little bit amongst older voters. biden edged them out. but he won in almost every other category, most times it was biden or buttigieg and in one or two cases warren who were next up. the consolidation argument. the vote for me because i can be the big tent at this party. bernie sanders won in both tents. bernie sanders got the most vote. for people who said they want to vote for somebody who can beat trump, bernie sanders got the most votes. >> look how far he's come. he was the candidate of young, white liberals in 2016. that was a very small, active, vocal group.
1:37 am
certainly one he wasn't able to expand. that's why ultimately hillary clinton was able to pull off. he learned some lessons. he went back to the latino voters and worked them hard. that gives them strong evidence moving forward that they are going to be able to be the candidate that brings everyone together. that's what's most important to democratic primary voters. >> there are people who say moderates won't vote for bernie sanders. you got out of town and spoke to more moderate voters and what were they telling you? >> the moderate democrats i spoke to, they were representative of democrats across the country. i spoke to elizabeth warren supporters, people supporting amy klobuchar. they liked bernie sanders. i cover congress when i'm not out on the road. there is a huge concern among senators and members of congress about their own re-elections because they are worried that bernie sanders is not going to be the person who's able to turn out the voters who are necessary
1:38 am
for them to win in these swing purple red district. >> the down ballot races. >> yeah. >> somebody sits on their hands because bernie sanders is the presidential candidate, some of these democrats in congress feel that they'll be vulnerable because the people who would have voted for them are sitting on their hands, staying home. >> the suburban voters, getting rid of their health care in place of medicare for all. there's a real fear in washington. the establishment of the democratic party that bernie sanders might hurt them down ticket. >> i agree because i went to anthem in henderson which is a suburban affluent liberal community. i attended a caucus. the winner was buttigieg and biden. when it was the second wave, sanders was viable. the warren people were like, come with us. no, we don't want to come with you. i think there's a big -- that's a big issue. you see it in the caucus. it was like -- there was definitely two tents. i was fascinated because
1:39 am
everyone should watch democracy in action. >> sure. >> it's clear that that's a problem. i personally think sanders is winning, he's going to be like, i'm winning. they're all going to figure it out once they realize that he might be the nominee. at the same time, this happened with trump. this is the same thing that happened with trump. >> people were sitting around in 2016 watching these things saying, this can't be happening, and it's happening. >> thank you. i appreciate it. just ahead, bernie sanders takes the fight to president trump in his caucus night speech. is he running over rank and file democrats as the best candidate to beat trump? much more live coverage when nbc's coverage continues. invisible trailer? and it's not the trailer right next to us? this guy? you don't believe me? hop in.
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all right. new numbers continue to trickle in now. the caucuses here in nevada. we're starting to get more of these numbers. i believe we have 43% looking at the screen. 43% of the vote is in. 47% of that vote went to bernie sanders. his lead over joe biden is increasing. joe biden now at 21%. buttigieg at 15. warren at 10. everybody's percentage has gone up just a little bit except bidens. amy klobuchar and tom steyer tied at 4%. according to nbc entrance polls,
1:43 am
66% of the nevada democratic caucus voters say they would prefer a nominee who can beat trump compared to 32% who agrees with them on the issues of of those who said they would prefer a candidate who can beat trump, take a look at this. bernie sanders still wins that group. joe biden's a very, very, very close second there. buttigieg comes in a close third. even if you think you want the guy who beats trump, you still pick sanders in nevada. my bests are back. i'm just looking at the cross tabulations of the various people who come in. i want to look at the key group. if you supported bernie sanders, he won amongst 17 to 29, young people. he won it amongst hispanics. he won against those who
1:44 am
consider themselves very liberal and he won amongst those who support medicare for all and he won amongst unions. what do you read into this? >> that that's a broad coalition representing what we like to call the rising electorate. they have been selling candidates for years and it's finally here and they're showing up and they're showing up for senator sanders. that makes some of my fellow colleagues uncomfortable, but i think it's okay that the party is incouncomfortable. when we had president obama in office we lost 1200 seats at the state and local level. it's not always at the top of the ticket drives turnouts. so we have competitive districts in our second congressional district and first congressional district. there's no question that they could help any of those. the bottom ticket could help presidentials. what's most important is we have a candidate investing in our
1:45 am
state parties. president obama didn't do that. that's why we lost those. if we have the resources at the state level, we will win. >> leanne caldwell, medicare for all. interesting though it may be, i happen to like single payer health care, going back to congress for a second. congress can't pass anything to do with health care. they managed to pass obamacare and that was the last meaningful health care thing that were passed. what used to be called repeal and replace. medicare for all even if you sign up and you like the idea, it's a heavy, heavy lift in congress. >> huge, so big. before we get up to medicare for all, some democrats say we need to restore obamacare because it's been gutted so much. so it is a huge list. shoot for medicare for all, maybe a public option, and we
1:46 am
win. something that's interesting for medicare for all here in las vegas is the unions. bernie sanders still got the support of union voters despite the union saying they don't support him because of medicare for all. >> union leadership. >> leadership. >> likes the fact that they fought for health care. >> that's their baby. >> the rank and file, member payingdue paying members, it's the leadership. >> you union people, they're going to take the health caraway and replace it with medicare for all. all right, i'll take the medicare for all. >> yeah. union leaders were vocal in their position but now we have heard from the rank and file of union members. >> sahil, real quick. if you are a democrat and you think medicare is important, you like this. if you think the economy is bigger overall than health care,
1:47 am
you tend not to like this. is this a coalition or is this a coalition of the liberals? >> it's a big part of bernie sanders group. it's rank ted number one by vots overall. all of the democratic candidates are likely to ends up the same place given the makeup of congress. there's no way -- >> it should. >> the big question is what the opening bid is going to be for the president. if it's going to be -- if it's bernie sanders or in some cases elizabeth warren. they will first start with a single payer system. they will ask for that and they will climb down. >> maybe, but all you all need to get with the rest of us in the oecd and do a single payer system. i totally get how hard it'll be to get it done. boy, it's a lot better once it happens. thank you all. when we come back, off camera
1:48 am
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so you can emerge your best, with emergen-c. despite not being on the ballot in nevada, mike bloomberg continues to loom large over the field. bloomberg's performance in the most recent debate caused his net favorability rating to plummet 19 points. now he's going to have a chance
1:52 am
to earn back some of that support at a debate next week in south carolina ahead of the south carolina primaries. joining me is harley ruda of california who has endorsed mike bloomberg for president. congressman, thank you for being with us. what do you make of the week that mike bloomberg's had? >> good to be back on the show with you. i see you have the late shift. i saw that and we've got to keep in mind that poll has approximately 2600 respondents and the vast majority of them have self-identified as voting in democratic primaries and caucuses. the fact is when you get beyond just the democratic base and you get into i7bd pndependents and moderate republicans, you see the bloomberg campaign resonating with that voting block. to put that in perspective, in california the independents outnumber the republican party. so we can't take for granted the fact that we must bring
1:53 am
independents and republicans who want to have a sure win over trump in november. >> what made you come around to michael bloomberg as the candidate? >> there are a lot of reasons i like mike bloomberg. first, his incredible success as a businessman. his ability to create jobs, understand how good government and smart capitalism need to work together is a trait we want to see in our leaders. second, his success as mayor of new york city which is larger than 39 states so when you look at governor's ability to be a president, we have to certainly look at the mayor of new york and, third, his position on key issues. arguably nobody in our country has had a greater leading role in addressing climate change and gun violence. that's the kind of person i want to see. a man who can work across the
1:54 am
aisle and get things done. >> are you worried about what you see in nevada where the liberal wing of the parties needs to take control at least of this caucus heading into south carolina south carolina? it seems that people are energized, the center and the establishment are not in touch with what's going on with rank and file democrats. i get your point, mike bloomberg might appeal well to a broader coalition of independents and moderate republicans, but what did democrats? >> the fact is all of these candidates are creating excitement among different demographics, and that's important. we need them and we want them to be engaged. we also have to look at the fact that bernie sanders is the far left side of the wing running not as a democrat, as an independent. when you look at the candidates in the middle such as bloomberg, biden, klobuchar.
1:55 am
you have them fighting for that vote and warren fighting for the two. i think after super tuesday when things sort out, i'm of the opinion we're going to have two really viable candidates at that point being sanders and bloomberg, you're going to see a much tighter race and we'll eventually see bloomberg pull it off. >> your fae fairly confident after super tuesday joe biden and pete buttigieg are not going to be major factors in this race? >> i think they're going to have a much tougher road going forward when you look at what i believe will transpire on super tuesday. the positioning you see right now with bloomberg, the polling he has and quickly growing support. >> congressman, i want to ask you, you are one of the supporters of mike bloomberg who benefitted from his largess in
1:56 am
your election. does that play a role? >> it plays a role to making sure that moderates like myself got elected in helping us take the majority back. i'm deeply appreciated. do keep in mind though, i always like this narrative that he dropped lots of money into my campaign. that's not what happened. he ran independent expenditure through the league of conservation voters pointing out that my opponent who is the biggest climate change denialist in congress, that's not the type of leadership we need for the country at this time. >> good to talk to you as always. that does it for us here in las vegas. tomorrow live on msnbc at 7 p.m. 4 pacific joe biden on an episode of kasie dc. al sharpton sits down with mayor mike bloomberg and join me in a few hours, 8 to 10 a.m. eastern
1:57 am
tomorrow morning on velshi right here on msnbc. i'm ali velshi and thank you for watching and good night from las vegas. ique needs your lips are like no others, and need a lip routine that's just right for you chapstick has you covered chapstick. put your lips first. with the world's first invisible trailer. invisible trailer? and it's not the trailer right next to us? this guy? you don't believe me? hop in. good lookin' pickup, i will say that. oh wow. silverado offers an optional technology package with up to 15 different views - including one enhanced view that makes your trailer appear invisible. wow. - that's pretty sweet. - that's cool.
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first off on msnbc, a big night for bernie sanders riding a waive of support to clinch the top spot. what the apparent victory means as the other candidates turn their attention towards south carolina. president trump responding to a warning about russian interference by firing his intelligence director. now what it means for national security as some ask what can congress do? >> the sharp uptick in coronavirus cases in certain countries around the world. what could be behind the sudden surge? and with that we say good morning to you. it is sunday, february 23rd


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