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tv   Dateline  MSNBC  February 23, 2020 2:00am-3:00am PST

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first off on msnbc, a big night for bernie sanders riding a waive of support to clinch the top spot. what the apparent victory means as the other candidates turn their attention towards south carolina. president trump responding to a warning about russian interference by firing his intelligence director. now what it means for national security as some ask what can congress do? >> the sharp uptick in coronavirus cases in certain countries around the world. what could be behind the sudden surge? and with that we say good morning to you. it is sunday, february 23rd.
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>> a very busy sunday morning. lindsay reiser out there in las vegas covering the nevada caucuses. good morning, lindsay. >> reporter: good morning. as people are waking up in las vegas or perhaps going to sleep, they are waking up and going to sleep to a new front-runner. of course, we are talking about bernie sanders. we're going to bring in jonathan allen to talk about what this all means. we're also going to break down what the entrance poll shows about voter demographics and who is powering this surge in nevada. >> good, interesting information coming out overnight. and nbc news is projecting that bernie sanders is the winner of the nevada caucuses with nearly 50% of results in. sanders has 47% of the vote. it's unclear how many of the state's 36 delegates he'll get because the remaining votes will determine which other candidates are also awarded delegates. >> right now here's where the others stand. joe biden with 19%, pete
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buttigieg has 15%, elizabeth warren has 10% and senator amy klobuchar has 5%. >> sanders and his wife spent the night celebrating with supporters in texas. the crowd clearing and chanting when sanders declared he was the winner. he went on to push his campaign message. >> brothers and sisters, if we stant together we will not only defeat trump, we will transform this country and create a government and an economy that work for all of us, not wealthy campaign contributors. thank you all very much. >> so joe biden's also celebrating the results. at a las vegas rally he said his campaign is going to take back the election. >> we're in a position now to move on in a way that we haven't been until this moment. i think we're going to go, we're
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going o win. we're going to win in south carolina. command super tuesday. >> senator elizabeth warren headed to seattle. she rallied big there with a crowd. she congratulated bernie sanders and taughted her campaign's energy and quickly set her sights on michael bloomberg. >> we have a lot of states to go and right now i can feel the momentum so let's stay in this fight. i want to talk specifically for just a minute and talk about a threat that is coming our way. and it's a big one. not a tall one, but a big one. michael bloomberg. >> oh, the shade is real. >> love that. >> pete buttigieg speaking to a big crowd in denver, called out all the people he said doubted
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his campaign celebrating his colorado support. >> we had a fantastic finish in new hampshire. they said iowa, new hampshire, sure but are you going to have any significant support in the west? this feels pretty significant to me. >> how about tom steyer? he rallied a crowd in vegas saying even though he might not pick up any delegates here, the upcoming primaries will show he's the best person to take on president trump. >> i believe more strongly than ever in what we're fighting for, i really do. i can see why we're the answer to the democratic question of who can beat trump. tonight is the start that saturday is the next step and then super tuesday is when we regroup.
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>> and then in her home state, senator amy klobuchar thanking her supporters for helping her get this far. >> a lot of people didn't even think that i would still be standing at this point. they didn't think i'd make it through that speech in the snow. they didn't think i'd make it to the debate floor but time and time again because of all of you and because of the people around this country that want something different than the guy in the white house, we have won. >> all right. so as you can see, the candidates are spread across eight states ramping up their campaigning less than a week until the south carolina primary and nine days until super tuesday. let's bring in lindsay reiser back in las vegas. >> very specific question for you. how are the morning papers characterizing the night? >> reporter: yeah, well, i'm here with jonathan allen. we'll talk with those local headlines. they're having a really good
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night. not a lot of foot traffic on the las vegas strip because it is a very rainy early morning. yeah, let's go to those headlines. a lot of the local papers predicted a bernie sanders victory here. let's look a a few of them. bernie sanders wins national caucuses. the same sentiment? it serves cars on city and good morning to you. does this mean that bernie sanders lead is cemented now that he had such a good showing in nevada? >> he's absolutely the front-runner. he's won the popular vote in iowa, new hampshire, nevada. what we're seeing here in nevada is a much more diverse coalition. you wouldn't have seen it before because the other states are
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such white states. >> what does that mean moving forward to other states, the fact that he's doing well with a diverse electorate? >> each state is different, but you can project forward at least a little bit and see there's at least an opportunity here for bernie sanders, itically next door in california where you have 14 congressional districts in california. they have majority hispanic ee lek door rates. 27 of them were hispanic population. in texas, they won a majority of the hispanic electorate in nevada. he's looking pretty good there. in addition to that, he only trailed joe biden by a little bit among african-americans. as we go forward to south carolina next weekend, that's a big play. >> let's talk about joe biden. he was expecting to have good results here in nevada. he was celebrating how he did.
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let's take a listen to that. >> i feel really good. it put me in a position. the press is ready to declare people dead quickly but we're alive, coming back and we're going to win. >> do you believe his campaign was rejuvenated after the results? >> it's bad news when you have to declare yourself still alive three states into the contest. that said, he didn't finish fifth, sixth, fourth. biden will go into south carolina. he's always thought that would be his best state of the first four states. he's going to get a move up in the election. he'll have a chance on super tuesday particularly if he performs well in the debate before south carolina's primary next saturday. so there's an opportunity for him. the problem for joe biden and
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the rest of the candidates, there's relative parity. right now bernie sanders is gathering steam exactly as he would have liked to. >> do you expect anybody to drop out between here and south carolina? >> there are no indications that any of the candidates are likely to drop out. most say there's not much incentive to drop out. you have ten days before super tuesday. most have made a plan to get through to super tuesday. it seems unlikely that you're going to see many of them drop out before then. it's possible one or two could. it seems unlikely. >> thank you for joining us. we'll be talking to you later. kendis and cory, we'll have more announcements coming up. >> it's bad news if you have to declare yourselves still alive. >> somebody else who has to
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declare themselves still alive is possibly bloomberg. he was not on the ballot. facing new criticism and we have reverend app sharpton for an exclusive interview, his first since the debate including the former mayor's stop and frisk policy. >> the stop and frisk, you've apologized. said you've regretted it. how do we repair some of the damage? >> part of the answer is i've sat down with clergy, business people, african-americans mostly and ask the their advice but listen to what they have to say? >> everybody hats big issues. trying to stop 660 murders. the policy got carried away, i
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realized it, stopped it, 95% of it and apologized. i've tried to meet with people who have been stopped and people whose friends have been stopped to learn what it's like and i never had the experience so i can't tell you i was that close so that's what i'm trying to fix. >> joining us is bishop garrison, co-founder and president of the rainy center for public policy. is that a good answer? >> good morning. no, it was not. quite honestly, it would be a little bit easier to believe mayor bloomberg had he not made some of the comments that were captured on tape as recent as 2015 and 2016 in how he believed in the policy, he believed quite strongly that it was a strong
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policy. i personally have some issues with believing that statement. >> bishop, there's a lot of talk about a potential brokered convention. politico is reporting that he's lobbying them and trying to flip that, blocking bernie sanders, of course, but also taking away support from his other moderate contenders. do you think that the other democratic candidates would do that? >> first of all, no, i don't. i i think it hurts mayor bloomberg with the electorate. you are talking about a group of people who have been asking for new and fresh ideas and now you have a billionaire that steps in and tells him everyone else should drop out of the race because he's been using a
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message of hope and change and he's the president we need to knock out. whether i agree with senator sanders and his policies, that's a totally different thing from the idea that he should have a fair chance to run in this campaign, just like all the other candidates have. >> do you think after the debate this week bloomberg could take on trump? >> listen, i think that the american people are tired of this administration and its draconian policies and i think all of the candidates on the democratic side potentially could be individuals that could take out donald trump. i don't think that we should be clamoring to focus all of our attention around one or two or three candidates right now at this particular time. i think that we still have a long road ahead of us in this primary. nevada, the results are continuing to come in showing us who could be second and third and you still have a lot of primary delegates up for grabs. i think bernie sanders, joe
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biden, others could be successful against president trump. >> thank you. we'll come back especially after last night's results. president trump will be taking off in a few hours to india. >> nbc's kelly o'donnell is on the ground in new delhi. kelly, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. president trump will be making his way in a couple of hours as you point out, but we're already here. and we can anticipate some of what president trump is looking forward to over the next few days. a lot of it will be sort of the ceremonial pomp and pageantry. i can tell you from the time we've been on the ground here, preparing for a grand skill
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here. he has a good relationship with prime minister modi. he came to the united states for a who you haddy modi event. a huge arena was filled with tens of thousands of people. here they're calling it namas day trump. there will be an open day huge football arena kind of vibe. it will have kind of the trump rally feeling for the president and prime minister mode did i to address what could be a very large crowd here. of course, when you think of challenges. before coming here he was talking about the nevada caucuses. he was walking that as he spoke about always using his sort of derogatory aim. crazy bernie doing well in the caucuses in the great state of nevada. president trump finishing up his
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own west coast swing. biden and the rest look weak and no weimin any micah restart the campaign after the worst debate performance in the history of presidential debates. he also during his own west coast spring swing of rallies and what he expects to get out of it. the potential for growing trade and plans for ind a yeah to buy u.s. defense equipment. and then two democracies. when there are many places he has not always been so excited to see him come here when we figure this clip from his recent las vegas event where he talked about the india visit.
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>> we're going to india and we may make a tremendous deal there. maybe we will slow down and we'll do it after the election. we'll see what happens. we'll get a good deal. >> the welcome will be full of color. it's more than just optics because there will certainly be a lot of that on display as the president and prime minister modi have a few days. >> kelly o'donnell in new delhi. >> gaining momentum. coronavirus outbreak outside of china. why health officials think it's spreading so fast across the world. rescued after more than a week. how they survived for days trapped in a northern california ravine. i'm your mother in law.
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welcome back. you are looking at a live shot of las vegas on the day after the nevada caucuses. 50 degrees. rain right now there. >> bernie sanders the projected winner there as the results are still coming in. we're checking in with lindsay reiser throughout the hour. first we want to get some breaking news this morning about concerns over the coronavirus and new ones after several countries report a surge. >> most notably in iran. at least six people have died. that's the most deaths reported outside of mainland china. then there's south korea where four people are dead and the number of confirmed cases has more than doubled in the last 48 hours. to europe, italy. the number of confirmed cases quadrupling. where we stand right now, just over 76,000 confirmed cases
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worldwide and more than 2400 deaths. joining us from london, matt rally. how's the world health organization responding to the new cases? >> reporter: good question. the world health organization doesn't really respond in terms of policies or doing other things on the ground. they're all there monitoring and making recommendations to governments. cory i question is it a good one because it points at the heart of this, which is there is no unified global response to this virus. officials at the world health organization declared the virus a global health emergency last month but they haven't designated it yet a global pandemic which means it's not necessarily spreading on a global level. they have said in a press conference yesterday that that could change at just about any time and you laid out the numbers. we're starting to see that now. cory?
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>> matt, kendis here. one of the things that's going to help them in whether or not this is a pandemic. some of the new cases do not have direct links. how does that affect the fight to try to contain the virus? >> reporter: yeah. i mean, it's starting to look a little bit like a whack a mole wherein stead of one concentrated set of cases coming out from china, we're starting to see other isolated incidents branching out blossoming separate from the epidemic. kendis, i think we're going to see informative, interesting reactions from the rest of the world. all you can say about china's response, it was china's response. it's not the world health organization. this is all up to individual governments. china is well equipped to impose things, to keep people from moving. they're an authoritarian government. we're starting to see italy,
2:25 am
throughout europe and africa, countries that might not have as good of a health system, where you see governments with draconian restrictions, we're going to start to see some different responses from around the world that are going to differ from how china responded. no telling if they're going to be nearly as successful. >> in japan a city of 25 million people where they've been told not to leave their homes. >> and in italy. they've restricted movement all over north italy. whether or not we're going to see a backlash from patients, from people in these places because of quarantines, that's yet to be seen.
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that can be the next episode in the horrifying drama. >> nbc's matt bradley. thank you. let's get you to your morning headlines now starting with tragedy in new orleans. a second person in four days was killed by a mardi gras float. a man became trapped between two sections of the float and was crushed. on wednesday a 58-year-old woman was run over by a float and died from her injuries. new orleans has decided to cancel all floats for the remainder of the season. australia, first responders and their families gathered in sydney to honor the 25 people killed in the devastating bush fires including three american firefighte firefighters. >> children kissing the coffins of their fathers proudly wearing their helmets, mothers and fathers who should never have had to bury their children,
2:27 am
friends who came to our aid and traveled across the water to support us but to return under their nation's flags. >> over 100 americans helped battle those bush fires. three were killed when their plane crashed at a water bombing mission. the fires destroyed nearly 13 million acres of land and killed an estimated billion animals. bringing it back to california now. a senior citizen couple lost in the woods since valentine's day has been found alive. volunteers in northern california found them in a ravine calling for help. they were air lifted to the hospital for treatment. the couple was able to survive, in their 70s, survived for 9 days by drinking water from a puddle. >> great survival instincts. sudden fearing. president trump removing his intelligence director after news of russian interference went public.
2:28 am
can congress do anything about it? >> reporter: we're going over some really interesting data from the entrance polls. a percentage of latinos, liberals, young voters voted for him. also very interesting, what issues are important to them and how many people were undecided right up to caucus day and ended up going to sanders. we'll break that all down coming up.
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seeing the numbers after last night. >> yes. >> we have numbers. >> at least we have that. even if not 100%. lindsay, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, kendis and cory. in addition to the numbers we have showing bernie sanders leading, we have significant data regarding entrance polls. in the wee hours of the morning here in las vegas we want to
2:33 am
show you the scene last night. bernie sanders becoming the projected winner in these nevada caucuses. i want to show you another scene that played out late into the night. elizabeth warren's unrelenting self had i li selfi line. she has a long selfi line. here's what we learned about sanders according to nbc new entrance polls. he got an overwhelming 66% of voters under 30 years old. voters between 17 and 29. 2/3 voted for bernie. 53% hispanics. 43% identify as very liberal. for those not settled on the idea of medicare for all, here's how sanders framed it last night. >> now you're going to see a lot on television that bernie's ideas are too radical, can't be
2:34 am
done, so let me take a minute to explain what medicare for all means, what the nurses have been fighting for, what the american academy of physicians is fighting for, what i'm fighting for, what many of you are fighting for. this is what it means. it means no more premiums for workers or their employers. premiums gone. it means no more co-payments when you walk into a doctor's office. gone. it means we end the insane concept of deductibles. >> and check this out. democrats have been saying they want a nominee that can beat president donald trump and 23% of the voters in nevada agree with this went for sanders. the democratic field remains crowded. many didn't make up their minds until the last minute.
2:35 am
here in nevada 25% who decided in the last few days ended up voting for sanders. his signature issues resonated strongly here. 43% of nevada democratic caucus goers ranked health care the most important. 26% climate change and 18% income inequality. when i spoke with john summers about what issues mattered to nevadans, he said climate change is huge, health care is huge, environmental issues, water issues here. it looks like a lot of people focused on those issues did end up voting for sanders. so they were able to pick through this crowded field and decide who they think can deliver best. >> bernie sanders did get the support of a lot despite not getting the actual majority. >> lindsay, thank you.
2:36 am
mike bloomberg is talking to reverend al sharpton about his debate performance. >> you can see the entire interview on "politics nation" and later vice president joe biden sits down in south carolina. kasie dc at 7 tonight. as the nevada caucuses wrap up, russians are interfering in the election. bernie sanders said his campaign was told that russia is trying to help him win the democratic nomination. joining us is katie chang and ben kirchner. katie, let me start with you. your reaction to all of this? >> well, you know, we know that russia was implicated in our 2016 presidential elections.
2:37 am
now we know russia is implicated in our 2020 elections. it's called lather, rinse, repeat. why does that have all of us concerned, kendis and cory. frankly, if you have donald trump who started with the desecration and dissemination, if you have him moving into the intel community with the appointment of acting dni, richard grennell. bernie sanders has been told there is russian interference going on with his campaign. trump is getting a boost by russia. because of that we want to make sure you don't just hear what you want to hear, we want to make sure that it's not just trump loyalists in place so, kendis, there is a serious concern that you're not going to have the truth imparted by our intel community.
2:38 am
>> does congress have any power to do anything? >> you know, what they can do, cory, is make a whole lot of noise and make it clear that somebody like rick grennell is absolutely not qualified to be an acting director of national security. remember when the president floated the idea of congressman ratcliff, that got shot down pretty quickly by members of the intelligence community and the intelligence committees in congress. let's be clear, what the president is doing by getting information that russia is trying to assist him yet again in getting re-elected and disseminating that information to congress, that's like a bank president getting a report that
2:39 am
his bank is going to get robbed and then you fire your security team. you can't fire your way out of bad news. the republicans in congress who stand silent in the face of this are beyond enablers. they really, i think, should be viewed as complicit in whatever is about to happen to our free and fair elections. >> sounds like something that some banks have done in recent years. katie, to you, this again all feels like an overreach of presidential power. he does have a right to hire and fire in these jobs. the motivation for firing like this seems to put national security in perfect ril, doesn't it? >> well, it does. i would offer a little bit to what glen just said, kendis and the federal reform vacancy's act has come into play. there's a lot of acting people. we talk about this all the time. people who are acting director, acting whatever.
2:40 am
that's because once a formal nominee is pushed forward to the senate, the acting director such as grennell can stay until that is voted upon by the senate. if it's rejected by the senate, the vacancies act allows grennell to stay. technically it should be only for a brief time, we've seen a continuation of people in these roles. that is the real threat. we have house oversight, intell and people charged in congress with the ability to oversee, make sure and monitor things are going okay. grennell is a time bomb waiting to explode. he loves twitter and tv. he's the guy who doesn't know how to handle classified information. we think maybe he as a time bomb is going to explode sooner than donald trump. >> while we're sitting here talking about all of this, russia continues to do what they do. when it comes to that, not
2:41 am
necessarily the side of things with the development but with trump's firing. can we do anything? do the american people have any recourse against russia? any barriers? sorry to ask a long question but quickly. >> so, quickly, what americans can do is make sure that early and often they are contacting their elected representatives to lodge their disagreement, their concern and their disgust with the ip ak that we see and they can make sure they register people to vote. if congress is not going to do the job, then the american people have to take it in their own hands come november. >> glen and katie, thank you both very much. coronavirus still more than a global health crisis. it's also a financial one. >> the cost of doing business in areas hit hard by the disease and how it could hit the worldwide economy. i'm your 70lb st. bernard puppy, and my lack of impulse control,
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this morning there are new surges of coronavirus cases in areas well beyond china and the global outbreak could have a big financial impact. i'll lay it out. right now at least 76,000 confirmed cases. more than 2400 deaths. that's way above what we had for sars more than a decade ago. you see the countries impacted by all of this so far.
2:46 am
outbreaks reported in italy, iran with the most deaths outside of mainland china and south korea with many, many cases there. it has the markets on a roller coaster ride since it was announced as a global health emergency by the world health offerings. as you can see, the roller coaster for all of them, many of the markets. many people paying attention to the futures markets to try to figure out what impact it will have come monday morning. sabile marcellus who is the yahoo! finance reporter will tell us what impact this has. >> we're seeing an impact in the markets because investors are feeling this is becoming a pandemic. they are concerned there are new cases about the coronavirus. we are not seeing an indication that china has contained this illness. we've seen, kendis, 35,000 cases in china.
2:47 am
investors taking a close look at that and the impact that will have on the global economy. let's remember, china is the world's second largest economy. if companies aren't able to get products and goods manufactured in china, made in china into the u.s., that will have a big impact. >> passenger car sales dropped halfway through february by 92% and airline revenue predicted to fall by $30 billion. that's the immediate impact. what about the future of the industries? >> the immediate impact is severe. when we talk about the global economy, the recovery is very fragile. the fact that we're seeing china's economy come to a grinding halt because of this, then there's significance about the global economy slowing down and the u.s. economy.
2:48 am
in terms of airlines, it's estimated to cost more than $30 billion because demand for travel within china and to china has gone down. airlines have tried to mitigate the cost by canceling thousands of flights. in the u.s. the travel industry is being impacted by this. the cost in the u.s. is estimated to be more than $10 billion in the last four years. >> seems to be a worse case scenario for many countries coming off of 737 max issues. >> they already had issues. >> they already had issues. they get a lot of their supplies from china. walmart ceo telling doug mcmillen that he expects the virus to have an impact on warnings. any other industries preparing for such? >> yes, absolutely. many, many others. china is an important supply chain for a lot of those issues. a lot of those goods are
2:49 am
manufactured in china. significant. as you mentioned there, we have boeing expected to have an impact. also, walmart. the ceo has come out as you said there. the problem is shipping and manufacturing in china bringing it into the u.s. is an issue. a lot of other companies like tesla, for example, they've had to close their factory, reopen it. manufacturing the cars. yes, a lot of different ceos of american companies feeling the impact. >> even if they solve this today, apple will be out with a new iphone. >> they've warned and they've reopened factories in china. >> sabile, i'm curious how you think the large companies will react if they just reduce supply
2:50 am
for now or if they'll pass that extra cost and burden on to consumers? >> companies are being very mum at this point. they don't want to create some kind of -- >> -- the biggest concern if americans go into stores and can't get the goods that are manufactured in china. they are trying to get the goods out but it's difficult because of the illness. >> it is something i know you will continue to wash. thank you. >> thanks for being here. kentucky's world famous bourbon scene is hitting a new milestone. >> how a couple from lexington is hoping to make history.
2:51 am
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2:54 am
the naacp imagine awards honored black creators and leaders and a civil rights
2:55 am
leader john lewis who is fighting cancer. >> when i grew up in the 'for40 and 'sif50s i tasted racial discrimination. i saw a sign white men, colored men. ed i asked my family why a boy don't get in the way, don't get in trouble. naacp inspired me to get what i call good trouble, necessary trouble, to try to change america. >> another big win went to rihanna. she was honored with the president's award for distinguished public service and her speech was just chilling. just like the congressman there. the award has been given to big names like ella fitzgerald and muhammad ali and bill clinton.
2:56 am
>> john lewis celebrated his birthday. he is 80 years old. something in kentucky is coming to its historic and qh whiskey scene. >> the story steells the first bottle but what is in it sells the second. >> reporter: the history of their distillery is so important to founders shawn and tia edwards. >> as we went through the process we found out, yeah, there were no african-american distilleries in the state of kentucky. there will be no african-americans produced bourbon in the state of kentucky that were not slaves. >> reporter: the edwards decided it was time to break down that barrier. >> we want ours to stand out by
2:57 am
standed out it had our influence. >> reporter: they are actual contributors to fresh bourbon distilling company and shows in their product. they have announced plans to build a multimillion dollar distillery in lexington. they plan on taking their own unique spin on the bourbon industry. >> the fact that we are african-americans entering into this field is, yeah, we are excited about it. but it's a part of the story. we are excited about telling our story. >> reporter: in 2020, the story should be unfold willing more. they plan to break ground on the 34,000 square foot project by the end of the year. >> our thanks to eleanor buckley reporting there from our nbc affiliate. the couple says they are hoping to have their bourbon on sale later this year. >> and hopefully expand. this is just the beginning for them. >> as they should. >> well, exactly. it was an apparent big win for bernie sanders in the nevada
2:58 am
caucuses. >> momentum is on his side right now. what are his rivals saying about the road ahead? >> let's bring in lindsey. she is gauging reaction. >> reporter: as you mentioned, now we have a new front-runner, what are other candidates saying as they set their sights now on south carolina? we will check in with all of them. first, we are live in las vegas this morning. i'm your 70lb st. bernard puppy, and my lack of impulse control, is about to become your problem. ahh no, come on. i saw you eating poop earlier. hey! my focus is on the road, and that's saving me cash with drivewise. who's the dummy now? whoof! whoof! so get allstate where good drivers save 40% for avoiding mayhem, like me. sorry! he's a baby!
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