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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  February 24, 2020 9:00am-10:00am PST

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sexually assaulted him and the judge heard all of that evidence. not only does he have money to flee and ability to do it, he has other charges pending in los angeles. >> thank you. a big thanks to you. again, disgraced movie mogul harvey weinstein has been found guilty in two counts on his criminal rape trial. more coverage on msnbc. good day. i'm andrea mitchell in new york. thank you, craig rashaan melvin. i'm andrea mitchell in washington but in new york. a split sentence against former hollywood mogul, harvey weinstein, guilty on two counts, sexual act in the first degree and one count of rape in the third degree and two counts of predatory sexual assault.
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nbc's ron allen is outside the courthouse in manhattan. the jury is being polled and the sentence would be fairly automatic and wondering if they take him away. >> indeed. the last we heard, members of the judge and prosecution team were talking to the jury behind closed doors to understand their verdict. yes. the question is, what will happen to harvey weinstein. i'm sure the prosecution will press hard to have him taken to prisons since he's been convicted of two significant felonies, not the two others, predatory sexual assault charge that carry a life sentence. it will be seen, i would think, as a big victory because these cases were seen as difficult to prosecute.
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the main reason the defendants, both had complicated relationships with weinstein, in one case, went on after the alleged criminal act. there are also hundreds of e-mails in that case that establish a relationship between them. yet, the bottom line is he has been found guilty of these two felony charges. we're waiting again to see what will happen to him. i'm trying to read this as i speak to you at the moment. we're hearing weinstein appeared to make eye contact with each juror, as they said yes, as they were polled. post verdict, he appears to be looking straight ahead, talking to his attorneys on occasion, as they try to figure out the next steps. the disappointment for the prosecutors will be the case of annebella sciorra, this is the rape case from 1993 or '94, if the jury found him guilty of that, would have added to the counts against him, enhanced
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them and led to the sexual predator conviction. it didn't. the problem with this case, it happened a long time ago, unclear exactly when it happened. essentially his word against hers. this is the difficulty of trying to bring people to justice on a complicated case in that situation that goes back some 30 years. the two cases he was convicted of happened in 2014 and 2006, involving a production assistant and aspires actress, jessi jessica mann, he is accused of raping in his hotel room in new york. and the other thinking she was coming to a business meeting of some sort and harvey weinstein attacked her in his apartment. we wait to see exactly what happens to him. he face understand to 25 years in prison for the criminal sexual act and rape in the third
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degree carries up to four years in prison. as pointed out, he also faces at least three counts similar charges in los angeles. there has been some speculation prosecutors and law enforcement from the los angeles county were standing by here to see what would happen. every indication they will press that case forward now. we don't have an exact timetable on that. again, harvey weinstein has been found guilty of two very serious felony charges and looks like he is going to be heading straight to prison. >> thank you for that, ron allen. as you stand by joining me now, nbc legal analyst, danny savalas and federal prosecutor, cynthia oxley. as a defense lawyer, are you imagining his defense, the pleas, convicted of lesser charges, tipped off by the jury
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note on friday and none serious charges? >> i'm not surprised. the fact the jury struggled with the predatory sexual assault charges just means they struggled with the testimony of annebella sciorra. they could easily discount that testimony and find him guilty of the other charges. and the first degree rape was forcible con pumps. compulsion. the third degree means harvey weinstein didn't use force but instead he at least did so without consent. i can see a jury struggling with applying and disagreeing factually whether or not it was forced or absence of consent. either way, those fall within the rape statute. when it comes to predatory sexual assault, it was really all or nothing. either find guilty of zero of
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them or both of them if they did not believe annabella sciorra, it was impossible to convict of sexual assault, either count. >> what about the way the jury struggled with this and the kind of determination they reached? >> i think prosecutors are feeling relieved they were able to put forth a case when the two central victims in the case had histories with harvey weinstein that extended years after the assaults. while they weren't able to get convictions of the highest charges, it was a watershed moment. the victims don't have to have a defined relationship with their attackers. they could have a relationship more ambiguous that even included not only consensual sex, friendly e-mails, requests for invitations and offers to meet mom.
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this jury was able to take all that into account and render guilty versed against harvey weinstein. >> cynthia oxley, what is the likelihood this man will go right to prison or can they argue he's not a flight risk despite his health? is there something they can win from this judge with house detention or some sort of ankle bracelet? >> my guess is that's unlikely, that they step him back today. these are very serious charges. he is rich and there was an issue with tampering with an ankle bracelet earlier. he has every reason to flee and a strong likelihood, while he will appeal because he has not one but two felony convictions, that he will not be successful.
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my guess is they do step him back. there's this underpinning of this situation. defendants are stepped back in new york city all the time for two felonies. it is fundamentally unfair the rich white guy who knows everybody would not have to be stepped back, and he could pay for his ankle bracelet and come up with some kind of fancy smancy alternative, when anybody else of regular means or who's poor, would have to go straight to jail. i would not expect any judge would want to set that situation up. i expect him to be stepped back today as he rightly deserves. >> ruth marcus, taking a step back to speak of that in another term, taking a step back to look at the me too movement and about the cavanaugh case, all these he
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said-she said issues, this is the first major conviction since the cosby cases, where the evidence seemed to be much fresher and much more compelling, frankly. >> i think this is a good day for everybody except for harvey weinstein. i think it's a good day for weinstein's victims, not just the ones whose episodes were at issue in this case, but more broadly. i think it's a good day for the criminal justice system. the criminal justice system has proven once again as in the cosby case it is capable of grappling in a sophisticated nuanced way with the fraud and complex specifics of factual allegations in this case and continuing conduct and contact between the accuser and the accused, to understand that that can be criminal conduct but also clearly, the jury didn't take it to the max. so, we want juries to, in criminal cases, to apply the
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regular rules of criminal procedure, to require there be proof beyond a reasonable doubt. this does show the capacity of the criminal justice system to make appropriate recommendations in these cases. >> on the other hand, many women issued accusations against harvey weinstein. lisa green, is this a bitter pill for all those women whose cases copt get to a trial stage because either the evidence wasn't fresh enough, they didn't have corroborating witnesses or the prosecutors were reluctant to prosecute? >> there are surely victims disappointed the most serious charges didn't end in a conviction. on the other hand, law, legal systems, as ruth was just talking about, we're talking about a much more constrained formalized set of circumstances
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that can lead to a conviction. that is different than the power of the women who courageously told their stories, some had incidents so old or perhaps their memories not so fresh they wouldn't be the type of quality of cases a prosecutor could feel confident about. i think it's really important to see what the prosecution was able to accomplish, given the am in of some of these cases and behavior of some of the victims, in the past would have outright disqualified these situations for criminal prosecution. >> ron allen, as you stand outside the courtroom, let's review the fact this jury was in for five days of deliberations and seven men and five women on the jury. any other details what the judge has been doing in the courtroom from our people inside, communicating how harvey
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weinstein has been phasing his accusers and phasing the jury? >> one point, andrea, we understand the judge and member of the defense team are questioning the jurors, 1 through 12, because there was an e-mail sent to the judge, prosecution this morning indicating one of the jurors was leaning towards acquittal but pressured to vote for conviction. the judge didn't seem to find this e-mail credible, when it was brought up in court but doing his due diligence, it would appear, to question the jurors to make sure there was no tampering or unto ward that happened. we're waiting to move forward or discussion of sentencing or what will happen to weinstein now. bottom line, the judge did not seem to find this e-mail credible, when it was brought to his attention but they're making sure. it was a jury of seven men, five
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women, not sequestered during the entire trial and not sequestered during deliberations that went over the weekend, started tuesday, after the holiday, had time over the weekend to think about this, and now they came back and delivered this verdict within a couple of hours beginning this monday morning deliberating a total of some 25 hours. throughout the course of this trial, there have been a lot of things happening around the background on the sidelines of the trial, for example, one of the defense attorneys was warned by the judge, after an op-ed she published to a news magazine the defense thought was targeting the jury and telling them why they should find weinstein not guilty. there have been protesters here just about everyday, their numbers dwindling but now perhaps coming back out enforce now that this is all coming to a head. we're still waiting to hear more from the judge about what will
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happen to mr. weinstein. prosecutors we expect to push to send him to prison immediately, as they try to figure out what happened to this e-mail sent to some of the principals the judge again seems to think was a prank. andrea. >> as you've been speaking, we've seen a number of people coming out of the courtroom, including clearly reporters, other journalists and also the prosecution is now leaving. clearly, allred, one of the lawyers for some of the plaintiffs, also coming out as well. looks as though the procedures inside may have concluded. we have yet to hear what is going to happen to harvey wine seen in the short term. danny cevallas, talk to me from a defense lawyer's perspective, you know so well, what the defense is trying to argue before the judge right now? >> prior to sentencing, they
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want bail prior to his sentence. they want to continue his bail. >> danny, let me interrupt you for a moment. according to our producer in the courtroom, harvey weinstein has been handcuffed and taken into custody. the sentencing is wednesday, march 11th. he will be detained until the sentencing and presumably from therefore going forward, pending an appeal. danny, with that information, maybe you can explain what the defense would obviously prefer the outcome to be. >> the defense would have liked for harvey weinstein to continue his bail pending sentencing. in this case, that's not what happened. the judge ordered him remanded. this is a violent felony and not that big of a surprise. people will be interested to know while the predatory sexual assault crimes carry a potential life sentence, new york sentencing guidelines have him at much lower ranges. he's been convicted of class e
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felonies with statutory maximums of just four years, what's called a non-predatory offender, someone who has not committed a crime in the past, with no criminal record, the sentencing guidelines call for 1 1/2 to 4 years, for each felony charge, which can be run concurrently at the same time or consecutively one after the other. for those folks who may be expecting 20, 30 years for harvey weinstein, they may be disappointed when it comes to sentencing. >> maximum might be, if they threw the book at him, total of eight years consecutive on the two guilty counts. what happens with the l.a. case and what is the schedule there? do we know? >> what happens at this point, california and new york will have to work together to figure out how to transport harvey weinstein to california for his criminal case there. it must happen because california cannot prosecute him without a defendant sitting in
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the courtroom. he has a constitutional right to confront his accuser, he has a right to be there. in terms of logistics, getting a defendant cross country state to state in my experience is one big mishigus. you will have defendants held up in topeka kansas or whatever for no reason. it does not go as smoothly as airlines, and especially an elderly medical defendant like harvey weinstein, but california will and must bring him to california to prosecute him. >> i know the term mishigus is a latin term. i remember that. >> i remember that precedent from my grandmother. >> grandmother's precedents are great, especially in this case, when one thinks about where we have come with the me too movement, this is a landmark case. our grandmothers, mothers, sisters, daughters, nieces, all
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of whom can have thought about these issues, younger people looking at these issues. lisa green, you have a daughter. i'm sure she and her friends have talked about all of this. this is a landmark case for our generation and for the younger generations. >> think of how far we've come, andrea. i think you're exactly right. the cosby case was the beginning of a change nationally and people's understanding, not just of the stories the women told and how they wouldn't have to fit in a very narrow profile, but let's take it to the convicted felons in both cases. bill cosby and harvey weinstein, powerful men, who used their power violently to conduct crimes, commit crimes against women who came to them because they knew about their power. now, what we're seeing is the state is making it clear this won't hold.
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you can't get away with this behavior anymore or you may face criminal penalties. this is a change for people and a welcome change for people. >> to press that point, these are cases that did not used to be considered criminal. this is the way powerful men behaved in the workplace. powerful men got their way and women talked about it amongst themselves or didn't but didn't complain about it publicly and certainly didn't think they could prosecute. >> that's exactly right. for any woman the subject of sexual assault or harassment in the workplace, i think they can look at today's result, one many observers thought wouldn't happen and a lot of people thought the stories were just too much, too ambiguous for the jury to process under the criminal justice system. we find today that was not the
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case, prosecutors were able to persuade this jury, in two instances with two women he had ongoing relationships after the crimes, the was nonetheless guilty of very serious charges. >> we should point out there were seven men and five women on this jury and deliberated for five days. they had a very important note on friday saying they had reached verdicts on two accounts, but deadlocked on the others. there was a lot of speculation which way those verdicts may have been. ari melber is joining us today. >> it is an historic verdict. mr. weinstein had many allegations against him, some relevant for the court and not what he was charged for and
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today now stands convicted of. third degree rape in the state of new york is a serious crime. predatory sexual assault is a serious crime. you have seen as we had this break in the last hour. they are both serious convictions. to put it simply, if an individual, famous or not, was charged with just those two offenses, i think that's a serious case. if they're convicted of both those offenses, that's serious violent offenses, everything that comes with that even if you're a first time offender. the fact the prosecutors had more serious charges, even one that carried life and the jury individually assessed each of those and came forward with their finding of fact. that is how the system is supposed to work. many people, including victims who have spoken out, accusers who have spoken out, wanted to
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see more or every charge convicted, this is a decision that co-exists in every decision. >> and those who know the secretary of state, cy vans, during jimmy carter's administration, he will be making a statement soon. this could become the predicate for other cases as well. certainly, prosecutors will be looking at it. >> victims will be encouraged to come forward. there were a number people, i understand it, who had allegations against harvey weinstein understandably were reluctant to expose themselves to the kinds of attacks you get from defense lawyers. i'm speaking today about an experience we had with anita hill and clarence thomas where people could not understand how she could continue to work for him and follow him to a new job
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with those allegations against him. we've come a different way with all of this. >> the d.a., cy vans is now at the microphone. let's listen. >> shawn dunning, miriam haley, jessica mann, annabella sciorra. wolfe, meghan young, eight women changed the course of history in the fight against sexual violence. these are eight women who pulled our justice system into the 21st century, declaring rape is rape and sexual assault is sexual assault no matter what. rape is rape whether committed
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by a stranger in a dark alley or by an intimate partner in a working relationship. it's rape whether committed by an indigent person or man of immense power, prestige and privilege. rape is rape whether the survivor reports within an hour, within a year, or perhaps never. it's rape without the consent after an assault, it is rape even if there is no physical evidence and even if it happened a long time ago. this is the new landscape for survivors of sexual assault in america, i believe, and this is a new day. it's a new day because harvey weinstein has finally been held accountable for crimes he committed. the women who came forward courageously and at great risk made that happen.
9:25 am
weinstein is a vicious serial sexual predator, who used his power to threaten, rape, assault, trick, humiliate, and silence his victims. he has been found guilty of criminal sexual act in the first degree and phase on that count a state prison sentence no less than five years and up to 25 years. to the jurors, i want to thank the jurors for their service and careful attention. their verdict turned the page on our justice system on men like harvey weinstein. i want to say thank you to the assistant attorneys and analysts that worked on this case, maxine rosenthal, danny dunne, irvin, melissa clark, danny, and others and especially to calvin galvin
9:26 am
and joanie and others and conducted a me tick lat investigation and performed masterly at trial under the brightest of spot lights. finally to the survivors of harvey weinstein. i owe and we all owe and immense debt to you, who had the courage beyond measure to speak your story to the world to this courtroom, at great personal risk and in great personal pain. to those of us privileged to be in the courtroom when they testified, you know what i mean. these survivors weren't just brave, they were heroic. words can't describe adequately the sacrifices the survivors made to pursue justice.
9:27 am
weinstein, with his manipulation, attorneys and publicists and his spies, did everything he could to silence the survivors. they refused to be silent. they spoke from their hearts and were heard and heard by other survivors and to sexual survivors all over the world they sacrificed their privacy knowing better than anyone weinstein's power of retribution and abuse. to them, i would say you broke silence to hold him accountable. believe me when i say because you have done so a generation of sexual assault survivors and all of us heard your every word. thank you. i will take a couple of questions. >> sir, are you fully satisfied with this verdict? do you feel you came up short
9:28 am
that he could get as little as five years? >> i'm certainly not dissatisfied with the verdict. this was a difficult case and moved our understanding what sexual assault is and where it occurred and shattered myths part of the justice system. a b felony conviction with maximum up to 25 years, it is not the top counts in the indictment but by no means am i disappoints with the unanimous statement harvey weinstein is guilty of sexual assault and rape. any other questions. >> those like annabella sciorra and jessica mann, it appears the jury reputeiated their testimony. do you think they will endure that to the hands of weinstein's
9:29 am
lawyers. >> jessica mann was convicted of rain in the third degree. miss sciorra was in substantial pain testifying about what happened to her. we have to respect that process. by no means was it a statement against miss sciorra and anything she said in court. jurors find a solution that ultimately brings them all together with a unanimous verdict. in terms of across examination, i think we saw cross-examination we have seen for years and years. i hope with this verdict it will become more obvious those kinds of attacks on survivors and victims when they're on the stand, making it seem like it's all their fault, will be realized as legal attacks that
9:30 am
simply are no longer going to work in this day and age and a sign lawyers stop using them and continuing the myths i think the jury verdict busted today. >> d.a. vance, what's your message to women about coming forward and why did it take the women so long to come forward? what's your message to women who may have been attacked today or last year? >> first of all, with this verdict, i hope that survivors will see in this justice system, prosecutors and juries will believe them, even when the facts are not simple and even when the dynamics of relationships between the survivors and abusers are complicated. i think, dean, the message is this is a big day, a new day, and i hope women will understand the significance of the jury verdict today.
9:31 am
in terms of the time it takes to report a sexual assault, we cannot put ourselves in the shoes of a victim of sexual assault, to understand what is going through his or her mind. you heard on the witness stand the reasons why a number of these women survivors did not come forward. they were deathly afraid of harvey weinstein for one thing and he would ruin their career. there's all sorts of dynamics that makes survivors of sexual assault not comfortable to come forward. however, those stories are now part of what we all now understand better after this trial, that survivors have to go through. dean, i think -- my hope is, with this verdict, survivors of sexual assault, whether of mr. weinstein or whether of someone else, will come forward and our office and others like our
9:32 am
office will, i hope, be there to listen to them and help them move forward. >> thank you, guys. >> thank you so much, everybody. have a good day. >> and saying that rape is rape and sexual assault is sexual assault. manhattan d.a. says rape is rape whether from a stranger in an alley or intimate partner. he says this is a new day, big day for victims and survivors and for women who had been blaming themselves for these experiences can no longer be blaming themselves. going to ron allen at the courthouse where presumably people have been gathering who have come out of the courtroom, ron. >> andrea, we're still waiting now to see if any of the jurors will say anything. the judge advised them if they do speak, to speak for themselves, and that they have every right to. we hope to hear from them so we
9:33 am
can understand more of their reasoning. you're right, cy vance, the prosecutors in new york, were under a lot of pressure to bring charges, bring a case against harvey weinstein. as you know, there were as many as 100 women who made all kinds of allegations against him. these were the first two who came forward and were willing to go through the ordeal that they did to bring this man to justice. some of the testimony in the courtroom was just absolutely gut-wrenching. it was very very emotional, very very powerful. obviously very very difficult for these come women to put themselves on a public stage, and public spotlight, to go after harvey weinstein, who they clearly feared, and perhaps fear no more when they came forward. that was such an essential part of what happened according to prosecutors. weinstein was a manipulator, they described him as a serial
9:34 am
sexual predator and testimony about how he even spied on some of the women he thought might come forward against them, to try and find dirt on them to some way dissuade them, beat them back and stop them from coming forward. really, an historic day, advocates were reading statements from various organizations, hoping this does really change things for survivors out there and victims out there, who will now see a jury will believe them. that's basically what this came down to, he said, she said, at the root of it all. remember, going into this trial, a lot of observers thought these cases would be very very difficult to prove, mainly because the victims and accusers maintained relationships and indeed intimate relationships with weinstein in one case for years afterwards, after the criminal act happened. for the prosecutors to get
9:35 am
convictions despite that, and for the jury to focus on the criminal act and essentially focus on that, that's what the jurors want -- that's what the prosecution wanted the jurors to do, so they have achieved that and set that precedent. there are three accusers in los angeles. those are the only three cases we know of that will happen soon. authorities out there, standing by to see what happened here, before arraigning and formally charging weinstein. those accusers in a couple cases are anonymous, which underscores the difficulty for these, cy vance called, heroic women, to come forward. >> thank you to ari in new york. how big an impact do you think this will have on other cases, other men who now feel they can come forward and prosecute a
9:36 am
case or has it proved to be so difficult and lengthy an experience. this was first revealed by the "new york times" and new yorker magazine back in october of 2017. >> exactly. as you say, this is the report that launched the me too movement and justice can be obtains with very powerful people who have a systemic justice that already exists to try to protect themselves or intimidate. listening to cy vance, the prosecutor speak, two things jumped out to me. one thing you just mentioned. he basically touted what he called the honest testimony and the bravery of the individuals who spoke out, the women who spoke out. we should note they spoke out initially to journalists, the
9:37 am
"new york times" and other outlets, not directly to the criminal justice system. that's important, because according to many of those women and lawyers, representatives we have heard from, they felt in many parts of the country, many d.a.'s offices it wasn't working and they aren't taken seriously. we've heard that and seen that. it's interesting to see a prosecutor who had a partial victory today, 2 out of 5, basically, in a way, acknowledge that. number two, he said something so important in these cases, the fact as the prosecutor put it, some of the facts here were quote complicated doesn't undercut the legitimacy of the charges, what he called the honesty of those witnesses and accusers. that's so important, whether you're looking at a sex crime or other types of crimes, the fact there may be difficult or complex facts does not cancel out the underlying allegations. you had women who had other
9:38 am
professional interactions with him but swore under oath what he did to them. it comes up a lot in sex crime cases and guise it in non-sex crimes case, they had an associate who came in and stole their laptop out of their apartment and later went out to dinner with them or had drinks, does not undercut whether the elements of the burglary occurred. that was interesting to hear from the prosecutor there. >> we will be taking a quick break. the defense lawyers will be coming out of the courtroom. we will be hearing from them in a moment. right back with more coverage, the harvey weinstein verdict in new york city, a landmark case. uh uh, no way. ♪ come on. no. no. n... ni ni, no no! only discover has no annual fee on any card. hills, ykind of. them... n... ni ni, no no! kale, you eat it for breakfast...
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i'm expecting to hear at any moment from the defense lawyers in the harvey weinstein case.
9:43 am
how defense lawyers will react to this? will they be speaking about their appeal, trying to make the case this is a 67-year-old man leaving from the courthouse until today at least, when he did not leave, taken away in handcuffs, using a walker, man in ill health would be their claim. >> you just gave most of what i expect to be the defense attorney's speech. it's a really difficult thing after a loss to come out of the courtroom and speak on behalf of our client. you have to be circumspect and not say anything that would jeopardize the appeal. you don't want to lam base he court because there is an appellate court coming and you don't want to look to be a sore loser. look for them to be respectful to the court and jury ideally and talk about issues they think they may have a shot at on appeal. or they may decide to play it
9:44 am
safe and not get into anything substantive and give a bland press conference. >> cynthia, how would you react to those arguments? >> the defense attorney in this case is very skilled, very smart. i would expect she gives a pretty detailed defense of her client. >> cynthia, that is donna, the lead defense lawyer, experienced litigator, prosecutor in illinois. she and the defense team coming out. we can expect to see them, we believe, coming to the microphones. as you say, she is an experienced litigator, and she will be very careful in her remarks, correct. >> but she specializes in this type of case and she has to pick a jury for harvey weinstein in the coming months. she has work to do. she is also somebody in the
9:45 am
middle of a trial, in my opinion, inappropriately, she could have an op-ed piece talking to the jurors. my guess is she takes advantage of this opportunity to try to shape a future jury. i don't think it's proper but that's what she does. >> these kinds of cases generally are easier for the defense than prosecution, when they go back a number of years, no witnesses, one person's claim against the other. in this particular case, what made it so complicated was the continuing connection with the victims and this powerful man. >> i think you can see how this country has changed. 30 years ago when annabella sciorra, the country wasn't ready for that type of case.
9:46 am
you couldn't use the resources of a prosecutor's office on a case you knew you would lose because you had so many other victims you needed to pay attention to. the needle has completely moved and changed. now, people are willing to look at these cases, jurors are willing to look at them and prosecutors willing to look at them. >> we see something here where gloria allred has gone to the microphone and not hearing from the other defense attorneys, and they're leaving, because gloria allred representing one of the accusers, has taken to the microphone. let's listen. >> do you want to go over there is that what you want to do? this is a legal reckoning for harvey weinstein. the three witnesses whom i
9:47 am
represent have been role models in courage. without them and their willingness to testify under oath in this case and without their willingness to be subjected to an intense and brutal cross-examination, this result would never have been won. mimi haley is one of the two victims in this criminal case, and she is my client. mimi sacrificed her right to privacy in the interest of justice. annabella sciorra was a very brave witness on this predatory sexual conduct. and a prior bad witness, also one of the two victims in the los angeles case against harvey weinstein, which will be prosecuted in los angeles very soon. all of my three clients should be considered heros of the women's movement and victims'
9:48 am
rights movement. these witnesses told their truth under oath despite what many people felt were unfair attacks on their credibility by harvey weinstein's defense lawyers, who attempted to do anything and everything legally possible to challenge the motives of the witnesses and blame them for what the witnesses testified harvey weinstein did to them. fortunately, the defense attempts to discredit them were not successful. my clients bravely stood in their truth and refused to be intimidated, bullied or shamed into substantially changing their testimony about what the defendant did to them. i'm very proud of them. i'm very happy that the jury delivered the verdict that was read in court today as to mimi and as to jessica whom i do not represent. the jury took their time and
9:49 am
asked very thoughtful questions in advance of the verdict. we thank them for their service on this historic case and for their carefully considered verdict, which i believe is a just result as to mimi and to jessica. harvey weinstein will now have to face the serious consequences of his criminal behavior of his sentencing here in new york on march 11th. the most serious charge this is one he was convicted on for my client, mimi. for that, he can face 10 to 25 years. the victim does have an opportunity to speak at the sentencing and give her victim impact statement, and in the event that mimi is available on march 11th, she and i will be here in towards do that.
9:50 am
>> as you've just seen, gloria allred took the microphones first before the defense lawyers could. she represents one of the victims, at least one of the victims. defense lawyers, the bald gentleman sitting in the center of the screen. i'm not sure we have our microphones and cameras there. let's see if we can hear. >> i think i heard him say it's tough, very tough. they're near the car so they might leave without having spoken to the assembled press. you can see what a scene it is. that is an extraordinary scene in new york city. helicopters overhead. all the cameras. that woman, the brunette is donna rotunno, the lead defense lawyer. has been credited with handling a very, very tough case. very aggressive defense lawyer
9:51 am
with a very aggressive client and of course, you've heard from gloria allred and others that there were all sorts of efforts to intimidate witnesses before the cases were brought. whether they were coming from weinstein or others on his behalf, this has been a difficult case. looking at that scene, this is an extraordinary moment in new york city and in the me too moment. we hoped to hear from the defense lawyers, but i think gloria allred grabbed the microphone. >> you saw some of the jostling before our eyes. they appeared like they were going to make a statement. they were planning to. the weinstein defense team, there was a very light nonphysical jousting in front of the microphones and gloria allred took them. it appears they're moving on. as we look at this overhead camera shot, great public
9:52 am
interest. the word spreading harvey weinstein is in jail now. he's convicted of sex crimes. led out in handcuffs. again, we're seeing here, and if we get the microphones, i know we'll take it. you'll tell me as we see one of the weinstein defense attorneys. >> that is someone probably well known to you a new york lawyer arthur adollo. he's has high profile clients in the past. we can't hear it. we'll bring it to you later. this is all being recorded for play back later on. he has defended roger ailes, lawrence taylor, anthony weiner. he's had a number of high profile cases as you can imagine. this is a specialty. tell me about within the legal community. >> yeah. look, defense lawyers in general are cut from a certain cloth, but this is the most intense. let's take a listen.
9:53 am
>> no doubt. we wanted to run the table and hear not guilty five times. we were surprised they convicted on mimi. they were shocked they convicted on jessicaman. we thought they said we can't believe jessica mann and focussed on mimi and the other. obviously after the weekend they decided we can't believe annabella sciorra. if it was as graphic as horrible as she described, it's something you remember. it wouldn't be narrowed down to the winter season. >> do you think harvey was ready to be taken into custody like that? >> i don't think he was ready to be taken into custody, but he was a gentleman. he was fine. he was stoic and powerful as he could be under those circumstances. he has two little kids. that's on the front of his mind, and i'm happy he was home this weekend with them. and we'll be back. we asked and the judge granted
9:54 am
us for him to go to a medical facility. which is a very different treatment for him. as i said, over the weekend appellate lawyers who reviewed the transcript were -- >> you will appeal? >> as sure as i'm a bald man, we will be appealing. >> as you heard, the defense lawyer, one of the team, say as sure as i am a bald man, we will appeal. i believe we also heard him say that they had asked for harvey weinstein to go to a medical facility which would be a much more -- much less difficult situation than new york city prison. >> that's right. the weinstein lawyer there telling reporters walking out of the courtroom that they both will appeal, which is standard in these kind of criminal cases. and that as you put it, they've
9:55 am
requested and said according to wi weinstein lawyer they got a medical facility for mr. weinstein. it wasn't change the fact that not only are there these serious convictions with five or more years but that mr. weinstein is incarcerated and waiting sentencing next month. it is a significant development. i think around the country, it will be interesting as we widen out from the legal details, thinking about it as an american reporting on it. as people understand this first case of the me too movement, the most extreme case, with so many stories. they were too old to tell. many shocked by them. all the stories together have led to this day, this conviction on two out of the five charges, and as mentioned, mr. weinstein legally still awaiting trial on other charges in california. >> and as you were able to hear
9:56 am
better than i because of the background noise from that press gaggle, he is going to be going to a medical facility. i found it a little surprising that the lawyer would be demeaning one of the plaintiffs annabella sciorra, but that's for him to decide. and we'll be right back on the other side of a quick break. this is hal.
9:57 am
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weinstein is in custody. he will be going to a medical facility. his defense lawyer said they have a good chance on appeal. however, appellate judges are very reluctant to overturn juries unless there's a major defense or new evidence in the case. right now here's chris jansing in new york. what a day. >> what a day. thank you, andrea. we have a lot of big breaking news today. disgraced hollywood mogul harvey weinstein found guilty of rape in the third degree as well as a count of a criminal sexual act. markets are tanking here just as they did in europe and asia over fears of the global spread of coronavirus. but first, thousands of mourners are preparing to say good-bye to kobe bryant any moment now a memorial will be held to honor him and his uger