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tv   MSNBC Live With Stephanie Ruhle  MSNBC  February 28, 2020 6:00am-7:00am PST

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as we know in 2016 he got 14% of the vote in south carolina. does he do better, does he stay the same? that's going to matter. one last thing i want to say, jim clyburn's endorsement, i lived in south carolina in 2007 for the presidential there, that's a huge, huge shot in the arm for joe biden. he has an operation and he and his people are loyal to him, those activists will turn out. >> it was passionate. thank you very much. that does it for us this morning. stephanie ruhle picks up coverage right now. >> thanks so much, mika, thanks, joe. hi there, i am stephanie ruhle. we begin with breaking news on wall street where it seems like there's no end to the gut wrenching collapse in the markets. as we look ahead to opening bell, stock futures are plunging again. remember, we were at record highs just 16 days ago. but as the spread of the coronavirus picked up speed, investors started selling and haven't stopped.
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the dow, nasdaq, the s&p fell more than 10% in record time. it is just as bad overseas. global markets lost 5 trillion bucks so far and keep going down. european and asian stocks fell 3 to 4% again today. markets are in the red, could move into the green at any moment, but this is serious business. i want to bring in cnbc's dom chu. from a markets perspective, what is the logic? 16 days ago we were killing it. >> six days we were at record highs for the s&p 500. 16 days for the dow. this is a market right now where traders have maybe not necessarily been surprised by the down side move but it was a combination of down side move in as fast a period as we've seen. by the way, the six days it has taken for the s&p 500 to fall by at least 10% means that this is the fastest span in history for the s&p 500 that we have lost
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10%. it only took six trading days. that's what caught traders off guard. there's a notion stocks were elevated. for perspective, we are within 12, 13% of record highs. the uncertainty around spread of coronavirus, spread outside of china, and now possibly what could happen with the u.s. response is triggering a little more reason for people to be uncertain. to be fair, this has been a gargantuan bull market since the credit crisis in 2009. profit taking is part of the picture, uncertainty rules the day. stephanie, back to you. >> all of this comes against the backdrop of fear and uncertainty. that's the issue here. with the number of coronavirus cases worldwide going up every day, more than 82,000 cases are confirmed, roughly 2800 have died. keep in mind, the vast majority of those cases and deaths are in china. less than 100 have died outside
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china, and zero in the united states. nevertheless, the number of infections keeps growing. belarus, lithuania, new zealand, netherlands reporting first cases, less than an hour ago, mexico announced its first case. we are up to 50 countries. around the world, countries are taking extreme measures to stop the virus spreading. just this morning, one of japan's main islands declared a state of emergency. the swiss government banned all large events, in kenya, government personnel are taking control of border crossings. back in the united states, the number of cases stands at 60, officials are bracing for more. geoff bennett is at the white house. what is the white house saying today, three days ago the president, larry kudlow, said this thing was basically air tight, the president pointing to markets, blaming bernie sanders and the democratic debate. come on now, it is friday morning. can he really be pointing the finger or taking it on as a
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health crisis? >> reporter: i tell you what, steph, the trump administration is trying to bolster its coronavirus response team. the white house spent all day yesterday adding officials to the coronavirus taskforce that reports to the vice president, given all of the skepticism over preparedness for a possible outbreak. pence appointed ambassador debra burks to coordinate the response, a career health official, obama appointee. i talked to people that know her, worked with her, they praise her professionalism and qualifications. the vice president is attempting to project a sense of control over the situation. he led a meeting of the taskforce along with secretary azar. he toured the agency facilities. meanwhile, you have reports of chaotic initial response to the virus. there's a woman diagnosed with coronavirus in california after a four-day wait for a test
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because she didn't meet the cdc's at the time narrow criteria for testing. you've also got now an hhs whistle-blower alleging that workers met the first evacuees from the wuhan province without proper training and without proper infection control or appropriate protective gear. we have also learned independently that the vice president's office is closely controlling all of the administration's messaging around coronavirus, which makes sense for political appointees, but that's certainly not how it should work for public health experts. so the white house is trying to coalesce, get on one page around the response effort, given all of the questions about how the administration will function should a major outbreak occur, steph. >> chris lu managed president obama's cabinet, now senior fellow at the university of virginia. dan nathan, principal of risk
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reversal, and jason candor, former missouri secretary of state, and dr. matt mccarthy, infectious disease specialist, author of "superbug." you were here a few days ago. what has changed? >> two days ago i said we have to focus on testing. now we have to focus on three things. we have to focus on drug shortages. that's the big news. what people don't realize, when they put a pill in their mouth, there are a number of compounds in that pill, but only one that matters, that's called the api, active pharmaceutical ingredient. a lot of those are made in china. if we can't get that api, we can't get you your drug. we're starting to see the tip of the iceberg. there's the first coronavirus drug shortage in the united states. that's a big problem. and it is not even just the apis, we have to worry about medical devices. we have a whole lot to be worried about.
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i know we have a taskforce saying don't worry, everything is fine. i can tell you, things are not fine. >> wow. chris, we know that president trump already cut a lot of programs before we were faced with corona. programs designed to work on cutting budgets for the cdc. the epidemic teams for the nsc, dhs were never replaced. he said no problem, he can get them back whenever he wants them. can he? >> no, he can't at all. let's first look at the agency funding issue. this kind of constant effort to cut the agency budgets, whether cdc, nih, global health programs, it creates uncertainty in agencies that make it hard to plan for upcoming crises like the one we face now. he has gutted the apparatus within the national security council that would coordinate pandemic response. yes, you can get more people in there, but the key to all of this is that you want competent leadership, you need stability.
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people that have been through crises before. in the obama administration by the time we got to ebola in 2014 we had basically the same group of people that served in senior positions for five years that had been through everything from h1n1 in 2009 to the gulf coast oil spill in 2010 to hurricane sandy in 2012, and we drilled constantly and did different tabletop exercises because you need to constantly practice and plan for these types of events. >> jason, the cover of the new yorker is taking a shot at the president, a drawing of him with a face mask over his eyes, criticizing his response to the virus. in his defense for a moment, nobody is prepared for something like this. what can they do? >> here's what concerns me. it is not so much him putting the mask over his eyes, it is the concern that he will put it over all our eyes, right? that's what we're worried about. that's where things really become a problem when you have a leader who seems to constantly
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have an ulterior motive and habit of not telling the truth is when there comes a time when a president has to come forward, say this is a fact and this is really important, or worse, like this is what we need you to do, what happens if in a few weeks or months the president of the united states has to say we have to shut down chicago. you can't leave chicago. and don't leave your homes. and it could get worse than that. what happens when a president who even his fans will often say you know he doesn't mean that. what happens when a president with that record has to tell us something important that we have to listen to. that's what i'm worried about. >> is that the reason the markets are dropping, trusted information? >> i think it is a bit of a vote no confidence in the administration at the moment now, but i think it is also the unknowable. you use the term uncertainty, markets hate uncertainty if you think about it. jason's point is a good one. china locked down cities larger than new york city most americans never heard of, yet if
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that were to happen, that's an authoritarian government there, that were to happen in the u.s. by somebody that a lot of american citizens don't really trust, that might be a huge issue here. so the markets, you have that aspect. then you also have the aspect that for the rest america, the notion our companies here are insulated from this, that's garbage when you think about the supply chain that is embedded in china. so you have a supply issue and also demand, that growing middle class and china is a huge source for u.s. companies. you put that together, that's why the stock market is careening. no confidence. then the issue of uncertainty of where the demand comes back on, where the supply comes back on. >> from a health standpoint, doctor, where do you think we are? do you think it will get significantly worse, if you're sitting here a week from now, will the number be higher? i know you don't have a crystal ball. >> absolutely. the virus is here and we aren't
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testing. >> when you say you're not testing, are you saying there are people walking around in this building that don't feel well and they have it? >> absolutely, that is a possibility. the concern i also have is that people that are getting tested, it is a tremendous delay. there's somebody in new york city we think might have coronavirus, we can't test them in the city. we send the test to atlanta. that's unacceptable delay. we have to fix that. when you see the testing change where you can test bedside, point of care diagnostics, that's when we can have certainty around what's happening. that's when we'll get real numbers, that's when markets will stabilize. until then, it is a guessing game. >> what are our symptoms? >> much like flu-like symptoms. runny nose, fever, subway, somebody sneezes on you, this could spread like crazy. when you have the administration censoring experts, people like tony fauci, when i wrote the
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book "superbugs" the first doctor i quote is tony fauci. he is no longer allowed to speak freely. he has to clear everything with mike pence. and it should be opposite. mike pence should have to clear statements with tony fauci and that has to change. >> what do you think of that, jason? >> it is frightening, as a recovering politician sitting next to a doctor in this situation, i would be like let's do what the doctor says. instead, we have politicians who are like look, scientists and doctors, we'll take this from here, and that scares the hell out of me, especially these politicians. >> chris? >> yeah, that's not the way it should happen. you should have a president and leadership willing to hear bad news and willing to make decisions based on science and facts, even if it is not one that's politically popular. that's not the way the administration operates now. >> could corona redefine the election, jason? >> that seems to be what the president is worried about. and that worries me. i want the president to be
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worried about all of us catching corona, rather than him worrying about the stock market. what they don't understand, the way this defines the election in a terrible way for them is if they think about politics now. if they start thinking about how to just do a decent job, protect the american people, that's the best thing they can do politically, do a good job. >> well, reminds us of 2008 in the throws of the financial crisis. the stock market careening lower was not a benefit for john mccain's campaign. when you think of this happening with the stock market coming from all-time highs, the president viewed his economic success through the lens of the stock market. february 19th, at the tip top, the all-time high, he sent out a tweet, cheerleading the all-time high. this is the sort of issue that really democrats can run on. obviously this is the humane aspect is another one.
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i'll make another point. you mentioned the fact of coronavirus in new york city. wall street. once that spreads through wall street, and you have to work remote, that could freak out markets. >> my goodness, we have to leave it there. if you feel sleepy, i am guessing the last 14 minutes woke you up. we are one day away from the south carolina democratic primary. republican voters could change the outcome. you better stick around. i'm going to explain why. chnolo. the best of pressure cooking and air frying are now in one pot. and only the ninja foodi has tender crisp technology, so you can cook foods that are crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. you may never need another appliance ever again. the ninja foodi pressure cooker. the pressure cooker that crisps.
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we are one day away from the game changing democratic primary in south carolina. this one is big. it could give the campaigns a burst of momentum or stop them in their tracks ahead of super tuesday. our road warriors are on the ground with the campaigns on the clock, making the final pushes. let's go to garrett haake first, with the senator sanders campaign. garrett, top line message today. >> reporter: well, the senator has a couple more stops in south carolina today. the best way to think about what he's doing here now might be a fighting retreat. they have a few stops left in south carolina, then they're hitting super tuesday states
6:19 am
hard, campaigning in massachusetts tonight, virginia all day tomorrow. the sanders argument now is he really is the electable one, he can draw out big crowds, big turnouts it will take to beat donald trump, and joe biden can't get that done, steph. >> mike memoli, vice president joe biden, is this make it or break it? >> reporter: well, absolutely, stephanie. for the first time this campaign, the biden campaign feels like they're building up real momentum. you saw it with the second place showing in nevada last week. they feel there's been a strong response to debate performance. the town hall, the endorsement from jim clyburn. they've seen a surge in polling numbers in south carolina and also online fundraising. they're putting that money to work on the air waves in super tuesday states. the real question for joe biden, can he put up a big enough victory in south carolina to make the argument to democrats this is a race of bernie sanders and joe biden. >> thank you so much, mike.
6:20 am
ali vitale, senator elizabeth warren, can she translate debate points into votes? >> reporter: that's going to be the question. sometimes location is the message. she's in south carolina today, she was in texas yesterday. she's going there tomorrow. that's a state where super tuesday, a state where they have as many delegates there alone as four early states combined. i think the thing for elizabeth warren, she has ground game. it is about air support. her campaign itself is on the air waves, nowhere near the pac level support. they put a $9 million buy in california, massachusetts, texas, on top of 3 million already placed in 8 super tuesday states. elizabeth warren went from having no pac at all to now having one of the biggest, most active pacs out there. >> not just no pacs, she spent a lot of time denouncing them. thank you so much. i want to bring in amanda loveday, former director of the south carolina democratic party,
6:21 am
now a pro-biden super pac. south carolina has an open primary. i want to slow it down. people like me don't understand that, meaning it is not just democrats, anyone can vote. and i want to share what one group of trump supporters is calling on republicans to do. >> we're asking south carolina republicans to show their support for president trump by crossing over, voting in the democratic primary for senator bernie sanders. >> trump supporters telling republicans in south carolina to go out there, vote for bernie sanders. what do you think of that? >> that's not the only message we've heard. we have seen letters to the editor in the aiken standard, saw messages across the state, in the up state, asking republicans to go to polls saturday. like you said, anyone can vote in our primary saturday. we do not register by party in south carolina, so it is open to
6:22 am
any registered voter. just by knowing the republicans are pushing all their voters to go vote for bernie sanders should tell you everything you need to know. donald trump wants to run against bernie sanders because he knows he can beat him in november. >> what do you think of that? >> i can give firsthand information. thank you for having me this morning. in 2004, republicans were extremely worried about a guy named john edwards winning the primary. i spent a fair amount of money and resources trying to get people to vote for john kerry. it was a waste of time and waste of money. those efforts go back to the argument in south carolina we need to have registration by parties to close primaries up, tighten them up more, but can't get republicans to get out the car at a democrat polling place. it is hard. i tried it. in 1996, the same thing was tried. bob dole, the democrats tried to get people to vote for pat
6:23 am
buchanon. clinton was mortally wounded in our eyes, and certainly clinton would rather have run against buchanon than bob dole. end of the day, you see what happened there. so it makes good news. i understand the semantics of it and the ability, but i tried it and i had a very well organized political party with a lot of money, and we tried to get republicans to go in and vote for john kerry and it didn't work. john edwards won. then kerry turned it over, became the nominee, george bush bee beat him and we won again. this is similar to what we're seeing in the democratic party. i agree with amanda. i would rather run against bernie, and minds are very different, like congressman clyburn's, we get a chance to get 40 some odd house seats back, but i would caution people, i was here four years ago everybody told us donald trump would kill the republican party, if we didn't do marco rubio or ted cruz or normal
6:24 am
republican -- >> hasn't he, katon? >> ma'am? >> hasn't he? >> i don't understand it, steph, i'm sorry. >> amanda said hasn't he, hasn't donald trump taken over the party in a way bernie sanders could be the candidate and take over the democratic party? >> he could. amanda is making a great point, i'm sorry, different studios, you're right. throw caution to the wind when the inside baseball folks and party bosses try to hand pick races, things get sideways. and there was a never trump movement, a lot of things going on, but i can tell you from my standpoint that if bernie sanders is the nominee, south carolina is going to get our first district congressman back. >> amanda, endorsement from jim clyburn for vice president biden, how big is that? >> it is huge. it is exactly what joe biden needs to continue his momentum after a very good debate here in
6:25 am
south carolina. jim clyburn's endorsement is not just words, not just clips you see on the news, it is boots on the ground, and having his endorsement in south carolina truly sideways voters. so you will see on saturday how influential that endorsement will be. >> how big a win does joe biden need? he has been sluggish at best until south carolina, amanda. >> i think a win is a win is a win. it is a w in the column and that's what matters. but i think you'll see a substantial win on saturday. the momentum is in his favor, the wind at his back. every day we're seeing more and more excitement around his candidacy, and rebirth of what he can do for the democratic party in november and throughout the year, to katon's point, winning the president see is obviously important, but in my opinion more important is making sure we keep control of the house, that we win senate seats, win governor races, keep legislatures across the country.
6:26 am
it is a redistricting year. all those things matter. when we're nominating a candidate, we have to obviously pick someone that can be electable, get into the white house, but everyone underneath them on the ballot in novice just as important. >> thank you both. please, i would love to see you back next week. we have much more to cover as we get closer to super tuesday. up next, we're moments away from opening bell down on new york stock exchange. the market is set to open. how bad can it be? don't go anywhere. my patients i often see them have teeth sensitivity as well as gum issues.
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steyer: wall street banks took of millions of americans
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during the recession. so, my wife kat and i took action. we started a non-profit community bank with a simple theory- give people a fair deal and real economic power. invest in the community. in businesses owned by women and people of color. in affordable housing. the difference between words and actions matters. that's a lesson politicians in washington could use right now. i'm tom steyer, and i approve this message.
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breaking news. markets just opened, down almost 800 at the open. dow on track for the worst week since the financial crisis, after a disastrous week on wall street, can anything stop the bleeding at this point? joining us to break it down, neil irwin, senior economics correspondent for "new york times," dom chu from cnbc.
6:31 am
dom, you're on the floor. another rough start. what specifically are you looking for. now feels like a falling knife. >> we're watching for any stabilization, speaking of falling knives, it is a situation where you think after a drop of this size and magnitude, again, the fastest that the s&p 500 has fallen by 10% from record highs only happened in a span of six days, that's catching folks' attention. there was a thought it would stabilize a little, that's not playing out so far. we will be watching to see if anything develops on places outside the stock market, watching the interest rate picture. government bonds continue to be a preferred investment as bond prices rise, interest rates fall. ironically, president trump and his administration are getting lower interest rates they wanted, even on longer term debt. the other place we will watch, whether or not policy takes fold in any way, shape or form outside what we've seen. the reason i say that, in the last few moments, federal
6:32 am
reserve made comments in a speech in arkansas, he does not think, i will read this verbatim, the idea of whether or not rate cuts are in play, further policy rate cuts are a possibility if a global pandemic actually develops with the health effects of coronavirus effecting the scale of order influenza, this is not the baseline case at this time. a voting member or member of federal reserve is saying they could see interest rate cuts if this gets back. the uncertainty playing out in a big way again today, stephanie. >> dan, are rate cuts a solve for this? rate cuts spur growth, get people to start a business, buy a home. this is about a possible pandemic that's basically going to stop consumer spending. how does a rate cut solve this? >> doesn't do anything. there's been a lot of debate about it. end of the day, the fed had a mid cycle adjustment. last year had three consecutive
6:33 am
rate cuts in the middle of last year. >> with no crisis in sight. >> with no crisis. it tells you how fragile the economy was here, and it shows you now the stock market being lower, how dependent the stock market is on low rates. at the end of the day, last two quarters, gdp gross domestic product, rate cuts are supposed to help are trending below a three year average. they're not likely to help here, what a lot of people will focus on, what would fiscal stimulus do to help the u.s. consumer if we do see some sort of economic stress caused by disruption from the virus. >> neil, it is stunning when you look at the market drop and compare to the financial crisis. the financial crisis had disastrous fundamentals behind it. this we don't even know what's behind it. >> yeah, it is remarkable. part of what's happening, this is coming off an all-time high on the stock market. part of this is adjustment that was overdue.
6:34 am
the question is how much is there to fall, is this something that's a short term blip that we'll be looking at this in the rearview mirror in a few months or will it be something that has lasting effects, shut down supply chains all over the world, lead to less consumer spending, less people in stores. if that happens, this could have a lasting effect to cause recession. but we're not there yet in terms of predicting that. >> you note that this specifically is the reason most presidents are very cautious when talking about the stock market. this president and his daughter and his sons, his entire administration touts the stock market, take full responsibility every chance they get. neil? >> that's right. for three years we heard president trump say this is all about me, i am personally driving stock market gains. this is why most presidents don't do that, as you say. he couldn't control this. there's nothing he could have done to stop this virus from emerging out of china, and whatever you think of the response from the white house so
6:35 am
far, this is something happening outside his control. most presidents don't want to take credit for something that can reverse on a dime, make them look bad. >> the economy has grown because of consumer confidence and consumer spending. if this continues, people certainly aren't going out and spending, how bad could it get? >> it could get really bad. we have seen trillions of dollars disappear in the past few days as people are aware of their 401(k) and investments contracting, they're not going to go out and buy a new car or refrigerator. and then those companies have to pull back, layoff workers. longer this goes on, the more it can snowball. you mention the financial crisis, that was a true economic contagion we saw play out. they were unable to contain it. now we are having literal contagion they have a hard time containing. it is hard to make comparisons to 12 years ago. it is looking more and more like that, there's so much uncertainty, market is so unsettled, leadership doesn't
6:36 am
seem in control of the situation, that makes things keep getting worse. >> dan, what about the flip side of this, the person watching home, saying you love this market, people are climbing all over each other to buy amazon stock. >> the good news, this is not likely to have the lasting impact the global financial crisis did, it is likely to be transitory. could this take an already fragile economic recovery into recession, yeah, but things are built out of recession, you need correction here and there. i think the good news, this decline happened quickly, likelihood we move by it, likelihood some stocks that got extended have now come back to valuation levels where investors should consider them if they take longer term outlook, i think that's the good news about this. the speed and velocity in which it happened and ability to say wait a minute, $4 trillion cut out of the stock market, but that's $4 trillion that didn't
6:37 am
exist a month and a half ago, so i don't think negative wealth effect will hit the consumer if this is recovered in the next couple months. >> gentlemen, thank you so much. before we go, have to give you this update. schools and public buildings are closed after a massive water main broke, flooding a major highway. about a dozen cars trapped underwater, first responders used a high water rescue truck to reach people stranded on roofs. a pipe that supplies 50% of drinking water to the city broke and is undergoing repairs. uity r essential monthly expenses, so you're free to live the life you want. find out how an annuity can give you lifetime income at
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officially hitting the us.virus man: the markets are plunging for a second straight day. vo: health experts warn the us is underprepared. managing a crisis is what mike bloomberg does. in the aftermath of 9-11, he steadied and rebuilt america's largest city. oversaw emergency response to natural disasters. upgraded hospital preparedness to manage health crises. and he's funding cutting edge research to contain epidemics. tested. ready. mike: i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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you like tom steyer? >> i like his message. not 100% everything, but 60% of what he is saying. >> you did early voting here? who did you cast a ballot for? >> biden is a man with a heart. >> i'm still looking, still listening, looking to hear the right thing.
6:42 am
>> as we have been talking all about this morning, we're in the final countdown to the south carolina primary, a critical mark for democratic candidates as it is the first primary where black voters makeup more than 60% of the electorate. joining me, chairman of the south carolina legislative black caucus, jerry govan, supporting and backing tom steyer. we keep hearing voters are undecided. is that true? >> that is very true. i think south carolina right now is up for grabs. it seems to be a three way race between the vice president, bernie sanders, and the gentleman i am proud to support, tom steyer. >> why did you go with tom steyer? did you know him even a couple of years ago? >> well, no, i didn't know tom a few years ago in terms of personally. i had heard about him in terms of the philanthropic work he was doing and of course being a
6:43 am
major contributor to the democratic party and to the dnc, but i had an opportunity back during the early part of late summer, early fall to get a chance to personally know him. he and my wife had lunch with him, very impressive gentleman, impressive in terms of a track record of what he is doing for women and minority businesses, his involvement in the movement with next gen to flip the congress, and basic overall philanthropic work with causes around the world really grabbed our attention and is the reason i am a supporter of his today. >> when we get the south carolina results, do you believe black voters will follow south carolina's lead? >> i think they absolutely should take a closer look at south carolina. it's the very first state in which you get a chance to look at the diversity of america, stephanie, and the fact of the matter is after this election is
6:44 am
over, if i haven't seen it, we need to have a serious talk in terms of the dnc, look at rearranging primaries in terms of looking at the caucus and primary. i think iowa and new hampshire as great as they are don't truly reflect the mainstream america. this gives us a first look at where the candidates really stand, particularly from the standpoint of a democratic primary. >> president trump is going to be in your state tonight. he's making his push to win over african americans, his argument a winning economy. do they feel the economy is working for them? >> it is obvious that it is not. people are trying to subscribe and live day to day on sub minimum wages. who can go around saying this economy is doing well for everyone when individuals are making $7.50 an hour, that's not
6:45 am
even a liveable wage in this country. when we have seen people have to make choices of decisions between paying the light bill or securing medicine, in terms of senior citizens, looking at young people being overwhelmed with student loans. i think the economy is truly working only for a few, not for the many. and i think in november, that's what the election is going to be about. >> thanks so much for joining me, i appreciate it. up next, the truth matters, but only if you see it. the coronavirus has caused people to ask a whole lot of questions, but what about when the answers to the questions are wrong? - [narrator] meet the ninja foodi pressure cooker with tender crisp technology. the best of pressure cooking and air frying are now in one pot. and only the ninja foodi has tender crisp technology, so you can cook foods that are crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside.
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the truth matters, but only when you actually see it. if you were watching fox news this week, you would think the media and democrats are happy about the coronavirus. please watch this. >> watching the media coverage today, it seemed like some of the trump haters were actually relishing in this moment. >> tonight i can report the sky is absolutely falling. we are all doomed. the end is near.
6:50 am
the apocalypse is imminent and you're going to all die, all of you, in the next 48 hours, and it is all president trump's fault. or at least that's what the media mob and the democratic extreme radical mob and the dem extreme radical socialist party would like you to think. >> you start to feel like they're rooting for a coronavirus to spread. >> i have no idea what any of those people are talking about. so let's bring in dylan buyers, nbc news senior media reporter and host of the podcast and matt mccarthy. the media can be alarmist about certain things but fox news said that the media and democrats are blowing this out of proportion. what do you think? >> that's right. i don't come here as a democrat or a republican but i think of infections every single day not just when there's a pandemic
6:51 am
every single day. this is something to be worried about. this is happening at a time when government experts are being stifled. what i want to say to the coronavirus task force is that there's a lot of misinformation out there and there are three things that you have to focus on. these are the three priorities. number one, drug shortages. you feed to figure out how to get americans their drugs. number two, testing. we have to rolling out widespread testing. we still don't know who has the virus. number three is freedom. we have to give experts the freedom to stand at the podium and tell us what's going on. dtf, drug shortages, testing and freedom. if you meet today you need to focus on the three things. don't tell us vaccines or clinical trials. fix these three things right
6:52 am
now. >> don't look up dff on the internet you won't find it. what's your reaction? >> two things. first of all, on the one hand, sort of unwavering loyalty that conservative media like fox news, talk radio, has to this president in the white house is very familiar. their willingness to attack the media, whether mainstream media about anything that seems even remotely critical of the president is something extremely familiar. however, when you're talking about a public health emergency, a natural disaster, anything where public safety is in question especially something where you have a group like the cdc coming out and saying this could be bad, we need to get ready to prepare for a scenario in which schools are shutting down, in which people have to work from home, if which there's limited availability to medical services or doctor's offices to then go out and politicize it and sort of lead your viewership
6:53 am
at fox news or your listeners on talk radio to believe that they have nothing to worry about because you have such a vested interest in defending this president seems to be getting into the realm of irresponsibility. this is not a question of impeachment or choosing your own facts but a question of the safety of the american public and so i think in that regard it's extremely irresponsible. look, i would add very quickly to the doctor's point, sobriety, level headed reporting about what's a going on with the coronavirus is essential. i do not think that people should be sending folks into full blown panic mode. but the facts really matter here more than any in other scenario. i think it's really, really important for the folks at fox news and the folks on talk radio to think about that. >> in your opinion, matt, what
6:54 am
can the media be doing better? >> asking tough questions. >> to whom? >> number one, mike pence. the buck stops with him. we have established there's a chain of command. i think trump did the right thing by saying here is the process. i'm putting this man in charge. we need to hold his feet to the fire, number one, drug short ams. medical devices. >> but your average person doesn't have access to the task force or mike pence but they have access to social media. we know there's so much disinformation. as it relates to medicine. how do people protect themselves at a time when the situation around coronavirus there's more questions than answers and people's facebook feeds are stilled with stuff. >> i would never get my medical advice from a stockbroker. i would not go to somebody who is thinking about the stock market or viewership to get their medical advice. go to medical professionals. i don't wake up thinking of how
6:55 am
the markets will fluctuate. i'm thinking of how do we contain this pandemic and the key is to get reliable information. it's a mistake to turn into the cable news shows that's the problem we have right now. >> are the social media platforms looking at this and realizing all that could be out there? >> yes, they absolutely are. there have been times at which some of the social media net works most notably facebook has been frustrating in their decision not to sort of be the arbiter in truth and play fact checker. we saw this with political ads. when we saw this with coronavirus it's a different thing. they have taken a much more aggressive stance in drawing the line. >> thank you. coming up of course we're watching the markets. now down almost 900 points. we'll have the latest updates an get the latest from the white
6:56 am
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♪all strength, we ain't stoppin' believe me♪ ♪go straight till the morning look like we♪ ♪won't wait, we're taking everything we wanted we can do it♪ ♪all strength, no sweat there's always good news somewhere and as we approach tend of black history month i want to tell you about a special teacher. he has brought history to life as dressing up as different
7:00 am
african-american trail blazers such as thurgood marshall and mary jackson. the majority of the students at the school are black and she wants to show them that people who look like them have made extraordinary contributions to history and they can too. coming up more news with hallie jackson. >> we'll see you later on today. but things are going from bad to worse on wall street. investors on another gut wrenching ride this morning. take a look at the big boards. stocks are sliding big time. all the indexes down. you've got the dow losing nearly a thousand points in just the first 30 minutes of trading. we're at 915 points down. we'll keep an eye on that number as the morning continues. less than 24 hours after the nearly 1,200 point drop. the worst daily point drop ever with the dow on track for the worst week since 2008. back here in washington you have members of the house just leaving a closed door briefing on the coronavirushi


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