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tv   Deadline White House  MSNBC  February 28, 2020 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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schools close in the u.s.? or other issues with respect to the coronavirus? will that be enough when the rest of the world has been weakened by this virus? >> that's it . there's the bell and a whole lot of cheers going on, not because the trading day is over but because this week is over and these guys get to go home. closing down just o1 1/3%. . hi, everyone. it's 4:00 in new york. the stock market is down nearly 400 points at the close over fears of the spread of the coronavirus. at the end of what's been the worst week of wall street since the financial crisis of 2008. this is the world health organization describes the risk as, quote, very high. quote, this is a reality check for every government on the planet.
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wake up, get ready. this virus may be on its way. for its part the white house is caught between hoping for a miracle and bashing the press for covering the crisis. here's donald trump lasts night. >> it's going to disappear one day, like a miracle. and from our shores t could get worse before it gets better. we'll see what happens. >> and the prt's chief of staff had advice for worried americans. >> so, you're seeing so much attention to it today is they think this is going to bring down the president. that's what this is about. i got are report from the reporter saying what are you going to do to calm the markets? what i might tell them to do is turn off their televisions for the next 24 hours. >> trump's charge is to calm rather than con.
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but now in his fourth year in office he lacks credibility, the sort of safety net many of his predecessors could fall back on in a moment of crisis. the president's credibility crisis with the public only half of his problem. the american work force apparently doesn't trust its leaders either. a whistle-blower complaint reveals how little trust between the trump administration and the workers they're counting on to deliver the miracle the president promised last night. and quote, we're hopeful that congress and the office of special counsel will investigate this case in a timely and comprehensive manner. this concerns hhs's response to the coronavirus and its failure to protelkt employees and potentially the public. the retaliatory efforts to intimidate and silence our
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client must close. with us, white house reporter for the associated press and plus nbc news correspondent and assistant for counterintelligence. i want to start with the facts on coronavirus. this is the question i get asked more than anything on the president and his miracle. talk to me about what the warning today from the world health organization adds to our understands about how they're approaching the risk today? >> so, i think that we need to listen to these professionals, like those at the world health organization. because right now everything we know about the tenants of crisis management is being ignore fwhied white house.
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i was involved at the first anthrax -- and i can assure you we didn't make a move without medical doctors and ph.d. microbiologists directing everything. and so, when you have to deal in trust and calm the american people and calm wall street, what they're doing wrong is they've made the single communicator vice president pence, who allegedly is controlling all the messaging. what we need to see are medical and scientific professionals we can trust. they can turn this around if they listen to the professionals and present to the public somebody with an md or a ph.d. after their name. if you don't have testing kits understood and they're not out there yet, tell us about it.
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we heard something about testing kits. if we don't know what happened to the california and how she got it, be completely honest and transparent. don't hide the fact she's miles away from the military base where we took in american citizens from the cruise ship. explain it, don't hide it. >> i actually only know d dr. fauci because when i worked in the white house in the press offices, we didn't take these calls or questions. we sent them to him. so, it is really, to any white house, democratic or republican president benefits having medical professionals out front. "it appears they've learned nothing from the chinaize fail
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dwroor combat the coronavirus. it only increases the likelihood of the virus spreading. but they have a perseps problem and this whistle-blower complaint we learned about yesterday and the warnings against the hhs whistle-blower and seemed to be cometing in th large shadow cast in the impeachment purge. >> this is where draining the swamp becomes incredibly dangerous to the american people. because we know president trump also ended that global health security unit within the white house that was, in effect, both during the obama and bush administrations, knowing all the health experts told us it wasn't a matter of if t was a matter of when a global virus like this would pose a grave threat,
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globally, as well as here in the united states. what we're doing is scrambling to try and re-create that. the cdc funding that was proposed never did get slashed. but to criticize them on not having a command and control center on this that existed under two previous administrations sfl a together. and the farblgt you're putb faces like this, is a concern. he really was blocked from the shows. so too, frank's point, the transparency issue is critical. given now all the testing kits are distributed, we're not sure how long it's going to take to know how much this has spread given the incubation periods, that the government needs to be honest with us, not looking like
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they're trying to cover up something that was maybe a public relations problem for them in the beginning they didn't have this unit together and didn't have oo real plan for communicating with some of the localities. >> let me say something congressman swalwell said. he's rooting for the president. to turn over control to the experts would require the president to break new year's long pattern of trusting his own brain and gut, even when it comes to scientists and military generals. let's watch and talk about it on the other side. >> i'm speaking with myself, number one. because i have a very good brain and i'veads lot of a things. >> i know more about isis than the generals do. >> when my intelligence people tell me how wonderful iran is,
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if you don't mind, i'll get my own counsel. >> i alone can fix it. >> he doesn't trust experts in the intelliance community in aand aand. >> and the white house and the cdc have contradicted each other a number of times. they should have daily updates from a professional. someone who can be transparent, who knows the fact and can brief the american people and tell them what's going on. and enhanced by the fact the stock market continues to plunge. what year seeing instead is the opposite. >> what's he even doing there? this is a right-wing circle snrm why wurnlt thigh fig i goiering
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how to protoemd-fem this is the highlight of his year, the husband has said hp nrms when mull yeahy dit feek p he suggests the media did not cover the early efforts to bas. frrg was he hoods we -- and says we're only hearing about it now because impeachment is over and this is the new way they're trying to, quote, get the president. and the president's eldest son, quote, about democrats, for them to try and take a pandemic and hope it comes here and kills millions of people so they can end donald trump's streak of winning is a new level of sickness. >> who's the single example of anyone hoping it comes here? >> none. many have called for donald trump jr. to apologize for
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suggesting they want americans to die to make a political point. instead of being transparent, they're downplaying the crisis. you heard mulvaney say americans should turn off tvs for 24 hours. and they're trying to scapegoat others. trump junior blame the media. >> i don't know there's been a trump era story where people have waited for faces from trusted sources. frrms we're all relying on the cdc, the krt frb things these folks have said. i think if there's reason for fear, it's that there are pat nchs now. this is his fourth year. that whistle-blower complaint should have forced an examination of how the scene
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played out. what the whistle-blower wrote is startling. that federal health employees were sent to deal with coronavirus patients without any protective measures. there should be transparency about where they lived, where their kids went to school, what hospitals they went to. instead right-wing festivus bashing the media for covering a global health crisis. >> it seems we've moved from a credibility crisis to a competency crisis. we've known for four years these folks were way over their heads and we were worrying how would they respond in a moment of crisis in? and here we are in the precipice of one. they don't have the band width to respond. we could focus in on the fact their competence is in full view. at the other hand we need to
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address what's happens and that is a lot of us are afraid. we can talk about the stock market. but we need not lose sight of the human component of this. my in laws, these elderly folks thinking they can't get on a an airplane. foe folks thinking their surgical mask will prevent them. frrg and thoughts interesting is when you have government not be transpirnt, the trax will be pilled with nonsense and isn't helpful. i think it's income fnt on us to report what we need to be doing in light of the ignorance. we need talk to city folk, mayors, ph.d.s, epidemiologists, we need to do the work because we know from the very beginning they're incompetent and don't care about anything but themselves and the politics
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surrounding protecting themselves. >> you talked about beingen the ground with the anthrax outbreak in florida. i was on the communications steam that tries to control local efforts. it you tell people what they should know and trust. >> so, first, i want to be clear i'm not making a sief scientific and there is a kunl aurgsson and how you communicate the public and the profegdsales you needs do that. we've never seen man agnaw. die it liberately. that didn't mean we threw out everything we knew about crisis management.
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one of the things is a need for communications. we held press conferences every single day, as needed. and the community would say we're getting facts and from profectionals, people with the right credentials. and introduce the doctor who's going to tell us what's really happening. they can do it but the public is not stupid. they're not wanting to hear from politicians and political appointees. they want to hear from a science profession. >> you know, the 2020 candidates ampaining to be, obviously the alternative to donald trump, have weighed in on corona. >> you would think that you have a president of the united states working with scientists all over the world. bringing people together to figure out how we're going to deal with this crisis.
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he doesn't even have any opposition in the republican primary. he's here to try to disrupt the democratic primary. how puthattic and can you be. and i have been nouz for donald trump. >> i believe it is particularly important at a time like this that the strategy of the united states government to keep us safe is guided, above all, by science and not talltics. which is why we need leaders who listen to science. >> i'm introducing a floon take every people to point on the outfit at our southern boarder and -- >> when a world in crisis
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intervenes and whatever a camp pain plauned to do. frorls they use it as an opportunity to share the vote. >> they seem to have seized this opportunity to sound more presidential than the president. >> and the danger here is this is not a domestic political issue that can be pliticized by the president. even despite all of the science behind global warming, that is still, in some circles a political issue. coronavirus and the potential effects it could have on our pop yalgz bp and they're lane of the mortality rate in china. the problem is that according to the health experts and i'm saying this as a reporter watching the public health experts and talking to them,
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that we have shifted from prevention to now management. we have one case in the united states, that is telling us this is likely to spread. we are doerbt know how far, how big an emdemic is here. but this is it the noemt we're going to wash the griets and givtd from what every kwn would agree is a lauch start a communicating with the american people. facts first. let's hope that continues but we're already seeing local communities step up where the federal government has been a little bit behind the ball -- or behind. >> the word the cdc used was "inevitable" an inevitable spread in this country. this is not the fight donald
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trump wants to have with bernie sanders. he wants to fight with bernie sanders over socialism. he wants to fight with joe biden over hunter biden's career choices. i mean, this is not a fight. competence is not a fight ghae kfrm b -- >> there are political ones. this is a president who has latched his fortuned to the stock market like no one has before and i was with the president in india and while he was received a lavish two-day record, he knows this could be something that f the economy slows down, could deal a real fwloe. and vice president pence is in charge of task force? where is he? fund raising. a trip that was scheduled as a
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fund razor, they shoehorned in a briefing on the coronavirus to try to justify him being there. not only is he trying to blame others, there's a fear among people around him they were slow to act because the president was so fearful of alienating them to work on a trade deal and he was slow to criticize how -- and this could be a real vulnerability for the president as he's judged in credibility and confidence. >> this is a weird question to ask you to end with. and the piece i quoted from, some of the most searing analysis is behoiind a comparis that is fair. donald trump's katrina? what do you think? >> yeah.
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i'm glad you asked that because you and i, on this very show, have talked in the past about how the president's bashing of instugzs, his failure to trust and believe career professionals would bite him in the rear end. and i think that day is upon him right now. he needs to rely on the very o professionals whose knees he has taken out and he needs to convert quickly or he's going to lose this and parts of the country. i hope he headachesed a vase. >> and naevr. has -- i would use the words, he would have to break every pattern he's display said. so, here's hoping. thank you for spending time with us.
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after the break with brand new polling showing donald trump losing in november to every democratic candidate running for president. we'll look at the impact of the stock market slide on donald trump's electability in november, also ahead joe biden is way out in front in south carolina. how does he turn a potential win there into super tuesday momentum? and bernie sanders is the candidate to beat on super tuesday. the senator from vermont with sizeable leads in two of the biggest delegate jackpots on super tuesday's contests. stay with us. is changing things up.
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the markets are down for the seventh day in a row. the dow closing more than 350 points down over fears of the inevitable spread of the coronavirus. this marks the worst week since the 2008 financial crisis. this could pose a threat come november as "the washington post" described. the president and his advisors have long relied on robust financial markets and high consumer confidence to smooth his path to re-election. quote, i'll be running on the economy. austin, so nice to see you, my friend. let me read you what donald trump tweeted on maebd. monday. quote, the coronavirus is very much under control in the u.s.a.
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we're in contact with everyone in relevant countries. cdc working hard and very smart. stock market looking really good to me. i think working hard and very smart is all i would take at the bank. >> this is one of the first lessons of economic crisis is don't blow your credibility on the first time out of the gate. don't send economic advisors out to say that the drop in the stock market is a great opportunity to go in and buy and actually prices are about to go back up. the problem is every statement you make, people lead to the opposite. if you say stock prices are about to come back, everybody
1:28 pm
says, oh, my god, they're about to go down. what's weird is these -- he's friends with rudy giuliani. there are plenty of people in his own orbit who earned their reputations in dealing with crisis. and you'll remember in 2008,it was very much to barack obama's credit a credit and one of the main reasons he got people to elect him in 2008 was level-headed dealing with a crisis. and they could say if he were in the white house, we would feel better than confronting the problem than we do now. i think trump administration's failing that test so far. they need get with the program. we need it for the country's sake that they get it with the program. >> people are scared about their investment accounts.
1:29 pm
what do you have to say about the stock market and its fall? i think people are pretty daunted by these headlines -- >> look, and they're nervous about that and the lereason the stock market is going down is they look at what's happening in china and the way it stalled out economic activity. they're looking at europe. they look at japan, where they shut down schools for a month. it's a daunting virus. it could have a negative impact on the economy. at the same time, we controll the spread of it. if there's a normal cycle, like the flu, there will be a peek and then it comes down. it doesn't have to feel like the
1:30 pm
world is about to end and we're about a die. the more you say this is all a plot from the media and the democrats to destroy our presidency, i think the more it's contributing to people's fears. it's making them feel like the white house doesn't know what they're doing. >> and i'm thinking about a story clis krr crist walk away was frame mueller and it might end sooner. so, what does donald trump do? beerates and -- day after day. it is rattled by the disinformation campaign as they are by the potential of an inevitable spread to something
1:31 pm
akin to the flu in this country and anything but alarmsh. it's about being alert, informed. their reasons for lying don't justify the price they're paying in terms of rattling markets. >> he said he wanted to take to the podium to calm the nation. all he did was rattle it further in terms of lack of understanding of the virus and contradictions with the cdc. and we saw one thing the markets hate most is uncertainty. he's delivering that in spades with his scatter shot response the last few days. and we've talked for a while about how this has emboldened unchecked trump. part of that is because the guardrails are gone. he surrounded him with an administration that tells him what he wants to hear.
1:32 pm
there's really no one to say we need take a different approach. >> being checked by no one but mitt romney in the senate and permitted to abuse his office, may give him the running room to destroy his own presidency? >> it would be ironic and one would hopicnerrance eventually undermines the nens. it's not go tooling impact how rinerals what -- what will those independents who are been tween. how are they going to respond how they handle the crisis? if they continue to see the 401(k)s go down, if they continue to see those -- continue to see it go down, that
1:33 pm
the credibility, the competency crisis, maybe they'll make the decision. it all depends. >> he's wanted to get rid of john kelly l t,all the people t saved him from himself and now he's saying stupid stuff about the coronavirus which is destabilizing the market moreen the at the flow of information. >> be careful what you wish for. he's sending out the chief of staff and economicads haver and they're rattling more than hot the president's saying. they cha kroes to ghiemg president what a fundamentally crisis management and scientific operation. that in itself undermines confidence. the vice president is going to fund razors.
1:34 pm
it's not a surprise he would go tofund razors in an election year. it's why would you give the vice president simultaneous to that a job like this where the whole economy -- people are hinging on what are we going to find out and how bad could this be? >> thanks for spending time with us. we're grateful. whqts when we come back joe biden looking for a big win. big, huge. according to his closest friends and allies and a big endorser yesterday. vo: while other candidates argue
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about health care, mike bloomberg has a record of doing something. as mayor, he protected women's reproductive rights. expanded health coverage to 700,000 new yorkers. and decreased infant-mortality rates to historic lows. as president, he'll build on obamacare, cap medical costs, and will always protect a
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woman's right to choose. mike bloomberg: a record on health care nobody can argue about. mike: i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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tomorrow is the contest joe biden has been waiting for, the south carolina primary. recent polling shows the former vice president with a real lead. he's up 12 points ahead of bernie sanders who's won two of the last three contests. according to his supporter, the highly respected south carolina democrat, jim clyburn. >> i would like to see double digits. 15 or 16. we're trying to create a surge here. 14 states voting on the next toouds.
1:39 pm
and we will like to see him go into the 14 states with a big voted out of south carolina. >> joining us from charleston, south carolina, you jane wraunsons. and with us at the tame, "host of politics nation" and the national action network. tell me how it feels for joe biden and speak to congressman clyburn's wish of a surge. sounds like he understands and recognizes the need to push biden into super tuesday? >> that's absoolutely right. feels very much like a biden victory tomorrow. the question does seem to be what the margin will be. i'm sure they'll say a win is a win. so
1:40 pm
so,if you win by two points, he'll be happy. hauvr, super tuesday is -- will be just three days away and he won't have the money or the time to put up campaign ads in the super tuesday states between now and then. what he can do with a big win. a big win can be a springboard. it can give him the free media and the sense of momentum that could really help him in the super tuesday states where otherwise, he's just not -- he doesn't have the money to be competitive without that. so, that's why i think clyburn is really wise. he gets a 15/20-point victory, that could be huge for joe biden. >> i think it gives him an argument.
1:41 pm
he lacks the argument that he's the candidate to put together a coalition to beat donald trump. >> i think that will be his argument if he gets a win tomorrow. in fact, we had a minister's brek f breakfast and all the candidates spoke there. there is a big fervor for biden. biden's argument will be if he does well, especially if lee does double digits, that i can win the black vote. bernie lost the black vote in nevada. i can win the black vote. you can't win against donald trump without the black vote. >> which happens to be true. >> which happens to be very true. and that's where his arg ymumen goes. problem is he doesn't have any money or people on the ground. but he can lead with an argument
1:42 pm
and clyburn helped him a lot with his endorsement. i think we're going to see a change in the discussion after south carolinasic. i would not say any one of them is guaranteed. >> do you think it gets foikting? biden will be under immense pressure to win something on super tuesday. do you -- and this will be the first -- more negative than the other night at the bed bait. >> between biden and bernie? >> i think it will be a two-man contaess and i think it's going to eventually become something between the two of them. and i think biden is already
1:43 pm
taking shautsds at bernie. and i think the question is going to be does this give some kind of new -- free media changes the narrative. you're going to states much more diverse and that's going to matter now. >> you know, you also have -- go ahead, eugene. >> i was just going to say the way the narrative could change is that after super tuesday, even if biden maybe ekes out a win somewhere, maybe finishes ien close second, his hope is after psalmer kusz and instead of biden and he's help bide the fact bloomberg was so unimpressive that even with all
1:44 pm
his money,it could look like bernie verses biden after the super tuesday as the bernie, antibernie thaump titian. >> i'm glad you said that because i don't think anyone can take away from bernie sanders, his standing in the super tuesday states, his two of three wins. i don't think it hurts bernie sanders an inch. i think it reordthers other lane. i think it puts biden in the spot that buttigieg was in after nevada and klobuchar after new hampshire. i agree with you. you're so good. please everyone, stay with us. we want to get to the other campaigns, just mentioned. bernie sanders surging, in chuj super tuesday states.
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1:49 pm
sanders leads in both states by a lot. eugene and the table are back. thils is, i think, the sanders story. his dominance nationally does put him at an at vantage. >> and this is what makes south carolina interesting. so, bernie sanders, the campaign is making the argument to expand the electorate. here we have the ideal contexed to text thats claim. we have to see what happens in terms of turning out young black students. and particularly, if he can come out -- it's not going to be 15 or 16. he's not going to be 15 or 16. he can say the latin "x" vote was off the charts. that time bomb we saw explode in
1:50 pm
nevada did see in south carolina. that's going to serve him well. >> we did not see the turnout increase in iowa and nevada. >> but -- this is why south carolina's important. -- this is why south carolina is important. not a caucus. a primary. so the idea of time, what's going on, so south carolina is an interesting place to test the thesis of whether or not the sanders campaign will actually expand the electorate. >> biden is probably going to win. as we noted he doesn't have the resources or ground game to play much in super tuesday. doing four sunday talk shows the next day. trying to gin up momentum going into that and needs virginia with a large african-american population and maybe a place to win and bernie sanders will come out of tuesday largely triumphant and he is going to have -- might be a two or three-person race. michael bloomberg if he wants to
1:51 pm
stay in this but it's as much as biden to try to spin it as the comeback kid which is sort of an interesting place as the national front-runner most of the year and try to be the comeback kid after tomorrow and runs into the juggernaut of bernie sanders on tuesday an well positioned going forward. >> i think you got to be real careful with, one, i think that you're right but don't forget you're dealing with delegates. if you get over 15%, sanders will not take all the delegates in california and then you go to the next tuesday where sanders is low in florida. >> right. >> and so, if biden can get resources and come back, make the argument, taking the whipping on super tuesday it's a biden/bernie race and anything can happen. the point of whether they can pro prove that this addition to the party, produce voters that have not voted is what they have to
1:52 pm
prove now because i would argue that you should have been able to prove it in caucuses easier than primaries to jam the caucuses and didn't do it. so now i want to see if you can do it in a popular vote and i thought it would have been easier in nevada and in iowa. >> you know what i thought? you look for how -- you can't change the calendar or the votes that have happened. what you could change is that other lane. bloomberg could change his message for super tuesday to be a pro-biden message. if he is gamed out that keeping biden in it is a slot for a moderate. it really is a question for whether bloomberg is so desperate for a sort of chance himself. he stumbled in both debates i think indisputably. if his heart or motive to beat trump and the belief as he
1:53 pm
shared it for someone sort of less progressive than bernie, i have asked for two days, the ads are bought an place. you can email a new message a night before. any chance to back him? >> i believe in the damascus road but whether to turn mr. bloomberg into saul to paul i don't know if i have that much faith. i mean, we'll see what he believes. and it's an interesting scenario. at the same time, on the left, will liz then say i'm going with bernie? so it could be played on both sides because if elizabeth warren said i'm going with bernie he's so far ahead, i think then that that shakes up the race and if bloomberg does what you suggest it would really shake it up. >> sanders is going for the kill shot on both klobuchar and warren campaigning in home states. >> they deprive -- donald trump has spoken. i don't say that very often but
1:54 pm
the story we led with, the stock market. let's watch. >> mr. president, the w.h.o. increased the risk for coronavirus. do you agree with them? >> i am going to south carolina. big rally. a lot of people. thousands of people outside. it's going to be very exciting. we have a big day tomorrow. in terms of the democrats, watching see what happens. and then on tuesday you have a very big day so it's interesting to see. we're at the same number. a lot of people with getting better, very much better. the 15 number plus we took in as you know from japan, we took in some great american people and citizens and they're getting better very rapidly, doing well. all of them are doing well. the 15 people likewise we have them down to a much lower number. they're in good shape. most of them are in really good shape. one of the people is -- i wouldn't say not doing well but it's very -- she's very sick but she is hopefully getting better.
1:55 pm
but we're at the same number. we have had essentially 15. and a lot of that's because i called it early. we made a decision very early to close up our borders to certain areas of the world. we did that. and so we are hopefully getting lower from that number but let's see what happens into the future. some countries are doing well. >> jonathan, he is going to be the spokesperson for hhs and cdc combines. >> he's clearly not listened to our show and where -- people pointed out to have a smart professional provide sober updates day after day. the president striking an optimistic tone. we have it under control and down play it and rally the stock market. obviously didn't work this week. we'll see what happens come monday. >> i have got to say this. this is the danger donald trump. compassion and him don't walk together because his initial --
1:56 pm
>> neither do numbers and specifics. >> but you start by saying we are on our way to south carolina. people, thousands are coming out. they asked him about the virus, the coronavirus, and he starts promoting the rally in south carolina. thousands. we will have a great day. the democrats. he then gets around to the fact that we're dealing with a real problem here. that's the danger of having somebody who has no sensitivity other than to say something about himself. >> amen. we have to sneak in your last break. woman: the deadly corona virus
1:57 pm
1:58 pm
officially hitting the us. man: the markets are plunging for a second straight day. vo: health experts warn the us is underprepared. managing a crisis is what mike bloomberg does. in the aftermath of 9-11, he steadied and rebuilt america's largest city. oversaw emergency response to natural disasters. upgraded hospital preparedness to manage health crises. and he's funding cutting edge research to contain epidemics. tested. ready. mike: i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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i could have talked to these friends for another hour but we are out of time.
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we'll be here all night tomorrow if you don't have plans. tune in with us. that does it for us. "mpt daily" with chuck todd starts right now. ♪ welcome to friday. it is "meet the press daily." good evening. i'm chuck todd here in washington. coronavirus cases continues the rise. stocks continue to fall. mixed messages from health experts and public officials about who to trust or get reliable information are fueling a growing sense of unease and uncertainty about the actual extent of the threat posed we this virus. some public health officials warned it's gone to be bad and we may be unprepared. others including the president suggest the fear's totally overblown. he accused a news organization of doing, quote, everything they can to instill fear in people. and the president's acting chief of staff today claimed


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