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tv   Politics Nation  MSNBC  July 4, 2020 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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good evening and welcome to "politicsnation" on this independence day. tonight's lead, american de-evolution. we're looking at pictures of washington where president trump will continue his holiday campaign weekend. tonight at his big 4th of july rally, protesters already in the street for the program, which is
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slated to begin in the next hour. facing an enormous deficit in electoral polling, the president has just four months to turn back time. and standing before mt. rushmore friday night in the shadow of four white men who embodied the nation's virtues and its worst vices. the president narrowed his election pitch to an even more simplistic message than make america great again. >> our nation is witnessing a merciless campaign to wipe out our history, defame our heros, erase our values and indoctrinate our children. angry mobs are trying to tear down statues of our founders, deface our most sacred memorials and unleash a wave of violent crime in our cities. >> a simple message, america be
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afraid. of course far less was mentioned of the nation's rising pandemic numbers, breaking records in state after state. as for the legitimate concern of protesters, including those of indigenous americans offended by trump's presence at one of their sacred sites, they were all just ammunition for the president's culture war. >> make no mistake, this left wing cultural revolution is designed to overthrow the american revolution. >> you can expect more of the same from the president tonight in washington. despite the public health objections of the city's mayor, who has clashed with the president in the last month over her unwillingness to brutalize black lives matter protesters. this all coming as police killings of unarmed black
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americans have enflamed the nation for more than a month and congress remains at a stalemate over police reform religious. joining me california congresswoman and congressional black caucus member barbara lee. congresswoman lee, as we talk tonight on this evening on the 4th of july, the nation is still dealing with the protests that you and i have been involved with not only now but in the decades past around dealing with some of the inequities and unfairness in the country. if we're going to make america great, we have to correct those things of the past and those things that we main present. but it seems as though the united states senate is not willing to take seriously police reform, to really attach some real penalties to those in uniform that break the law.
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they are seen even reluctant in a large part to even pass a watered down version of one of their fellow republicans. how do you see this on the 4th of july as many are waving flags but won't correct those things that still make the flag less than what it ought to be if it's going to be a perfect union? >> thank you very much, reverend al for having me with you for a few minutes. first of all, we have to remember now we have elections. i'm so proud of the young people and all those who have come together to continue to protest the systemic racism that's inherent in our system throughout in the united states of america. and so, yes, the senate, they're doing what they always do. so we have to make sure that we hold them accountable, and that means register to vote, continue protesting and vote those out who will not understand nor support legislation such as the
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george floyd justice and policing act and other bills that we have sent over to them for the people. if they don't do that, if they don't understand why on today especially that there still is not liberty and justice for all, they should not be there and we should make sure they are not reelected. >> as we look at from all over the country when we see people protesting and then we hear the president try and characterize them in the most despicable terms, it doesn't seem like he wants to bring the country together. he doesn't seem like he wants to deal with the obvious truths that have been caught on videotape in many cases now. yet at the same time you proposed a truth and racial hearing and transformation commission to attack the problems facing black america now. explain. >> sure. reverend al, first of all, this president continues with his white supremacy agenda, which
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many of us said even before he was elected, steve bannon and his crowd had that agenda that they brought into the white house. so he's continuing to make sure that his base and the right wing understand that he's doing their work and their bidding. and he's a very divisive president, as we have just seen. we have to have a truth, racial hearing and transformation committee. over 40 countries in the world have done this. the historical context for systemic racism has not been put forth in america so it's truth telling time. when you look at what this president has done in terms of his divisiveness and in his face of our native american communities by going to mt. rushmore and the thing he said, this is a continuation of what happened in 1868 when there was a treaty signed for the native american community to have this part of their land on their reservation.
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actually in the 1870s. this is why a truth and racial healing and transformation. in the 70s the united states stole that property back. the supreme court said in the 1980s that the united states didn't compensate the sioux nation and the lakota people. the disproportionate rates of covid, in terms of the race gap. there's a clear connection we have to tell the truth and then we move forward and deconstruct the system and the policies that continue to play out in today's
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world and in today's american society. >> we seem to applaud others that do it, but haven't gotten to ourselves. i remember in 1994 you and i both were in south africa for the first election as a first popular election that the people could vote there, and they seemed to have embraced this very well, as, as you said, almost 40 countries around the world. congresswoman barbara lee, thank you for being with me on this occasion, even on the 4th of july. >> presumptive democratic nominee joe biden has come out swinging this independence day, penning a new opinion piece for nbc news in which he accuses president donald trump of eroding the foundation of american democracy. biden writes, quote, the pursuit of a more perfect union has been thrown off course in recent years and no one bears more
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responsibility than president donald trump. joining me is valerie jarrett, a former white house adviser under president obama, who has endo e endorsed joe biden for president. miss jarrett, it seems this week we started seeing more of former vice president biden. he's come out more, he's done more virtual performances and he's written op-eds. are we seeing the vice president cranking up now to be more public in taking on the incumbent president? >> he's just getting started, reverend sharpton. am i glad he is. we certainly need a contrast to the sitting president. there was so much that was wrong about yesterday at a time when our nation is suffering from a pandemic and we're seeing these upticks in a majority of our states all around our country and then he puts his own supporters in harm's way. it was reported he tied the chairs together so they couldn't social distance. no one was wearing masks because
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the person at the top says you don't have to wear a mask. instead of following his own scientific adviser, he used taxpayer dollars for a political rally in a place that you just heard is absolute sacred ground we should be cherishing and then defiled it. and the tone and the rhetoric of his remarks were just divisive and polarizing. the good news is this, reverend sharpton, i think he's appealing to a smaller and smaller base. i think that the thought that we're trying to erase history -- we in the trying to erase history. we're trying to tell it accurately. we're not trying to hold up people who supported the confederacy and fought again our country and commemorate them, that is an insult to our history. they shouldn't be honored, they should be in the history books. i am looking forward to vice president biden being out there on the virtual trail and talking about how we do need to restore the soul of america. i believe, reverend, that if we
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love our country, true patriotism means we have the courage to change it. it's up to each one of us to carry that baton towards that more perfect union. i this i nk we have to turn bace damage that has been done under this president and i think that vice president biden is just the guy to do it. >> the former vice president is busy drawing career distinctions between himself and president donald trump. perhaps none so clear as his campaign's 4th of july ad. take a listen. >> we have a chance now to give the marginalized, demonized, the isolated, the oppressed a full share of the american dream. we have the chance to rip the roots of systemic racism out of this country and live up to the words that have founded this nation. this independence day let's not just celebrate the words. let's celebrate the promise, commit to work, the work we must do to fulfill that promise.
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>> let's not celebrate the words, let's celebrate the promise. sort of saying let's make the words become flesh and anyone who has been in public life a long time, we've certainly had stark disagreements, but it seems like he's bringing the nation in a very different way that contrasted this president that seems to want to act as though to question the mistakes and outright injuries of the past should make you unpatriotic and make you appear dangerous. >> it's the exact opposite of that, aexact opposite. by trying to vilify people in all 50 spates and the vast majority of americans recognize we have to chang ae and we have the potential to be better than
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th this. vice president truly sees the country can be better. reverend sharpton, you tell me what point in history we should go back to. vice president biden, his tone, his policiepolicies, and his willingness to lift up every single american and prepare to be our brother's keeper and sister's keeper. i'm confident the vast majority of the people will vote for former vice president biden. >> the former vice president is ahead in every poll. what does he have to do to keep the marge snn. >> -- margin? >> well, you can't take your foot off the pedal. he has to get out there every day.
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it's more challenging in a pandemic. i think his message is the one resonates. we know the only poll that matters is the one that happens on election day. so getting out a grass roots effort to turn out the vote in a safe, fair and accessible way actually means we is to do work right now to talk about it. we've talked about the importance of early vote and we need to have vote by mail. there's this nonsense p perpetuated by president donald trump that vote by mail causes fraud. and it doesn't. we need to make sure we have a safe by mail vote and get out the vote. vice president biden i promise you will run to the finish line and when he is sworn in, our country will begin the important steps that are necessary to heal from this absolute nightmare. >> i'm out of time but i have to
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ask, very few people know former president barack obama outside of his family better than you. even from my dealing with him from ften years or more, he's been very deliberate and thoughtful. we seen him come out a little more in the campaign for vice president biden. are we going to start seeing more from president barack obama? and if so, in what ways do you think he will do it knowing he's always looking at the bigger pictu picture? >> as he has said, he is willing to do anything to support vice president biden. so are all the obama alumni that are beginning to fill up the biden campaign, working on the inside, working on the outside. this is going to be all points president. i know president obama is hungry
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to get out there. i mean in a safe way. you're not going to see huge rallies thatut peop put people' harm's way. i'm sure he's willing to use his voice in any way he can to ensure vice president biden's victory. >> meanwhile, coronavirus cases just keep going up in states across the country as we approach 3 million infections nationwide and mourn over 130,000 american deaths. joining me now is my panel, noelle pickpur and also the ceo of pine street stat jis. noelle, when you look at strategy last night at mt. rushmore and you see no social
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distancing, no masks -- well, a few here and there, the president clearly not wearing a mask, we are looking at upticks in states around the country, this is beyond democratic and republican, what message are we sending to people as they were planning their 4th of july holidays, those that celebrate it, when the president is standing there doing this and convening a gathering where it seems like social distancing and wearing face masks was something of the past where it was last night as we're picking up more and more numbers as we go? >> well, reverend al, it's like the president and his administration are tone deaf to what's going on and him. we've got a pandemic. it's something we've never seen before. the cdc came out and said that wearing a mask and social
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distancing, if practiced, works. and what we're seeing from our president and from his administration is the opposite. and i this i that there was an interview not too long ago to where he's said he's worn a mask before. but you know, reverend al, we've not seen that. i've not seen any evidence or footage of our president wearing the mask and setting an example to a lot of his base and people that really believe everything he says word for word. he's setting the example that it's a hoax and you really don't have to wear a mask and it doesn't matter. that's the wrong message to send because, in fact, the numbers are increasing. we're seeing spikes again. i just don't think that, you know, if your president is saying it's good to wear a mask but yet he is not and he's holding rallies and people are
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getting sick at the rally. herman cain tested positive for covid recently. >> his son's girl friend tested positive, members of the secret service. the trump administration's new message on coronavirus is, quote, live with it. how are we supposed to live with a contagious disease that killed over 130,000 people in this country, a disproportionately number of them black and brown folks. how do you tell people on the 4th of july, love america when you're not showing love for americans? >> it's incredibly callous but it's reflective of what this administration's message has been since day one, which is there is no cohesive message, word, from leadership of what we should we should be doing. we still look the president for
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moral leadership as well as actual leadership. can you imagine out of those 130,000 lives mentioned, not to mention the people who have their actual quality of life diminished, how much of that we could have avoided if this president had swallowed his pride for five minutes and decided to wear a mask and socially distance. look who he is taking down with him, kristy noam, who said we will not be social distancing, the governor of oklahoma who said we will not be socially distancing and the spike in the numbers after the rally in tulsa. you can predict and track the outcome based upon people in poll tex and frankly a whole bunch of white men saying we won't be told what to do by
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government. that's sad that it's costing a whole lot of people their lives. >> you both stick around. coming up, president donald trump dismissing the concerns of the moment, putting all of us in peril. my memo to the president. but first, my colleague lindsey riser with today's top new stories. >> thanks, rev. >> i'm here with a news update. the number of confirmed coronavirus cases continues to climb and is nearing the 3 million mark. at this hour more than 130,000 people have died. new infection hot spots include florida, texas and arizona. president trump today signing into law a temporary extension of the subsidy to businesses battered by the coronavirus. >> long-time confidente of
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epstein ghislaine maxwell was picked up in new hampshire and she was ordered to be sent to manhattan and to have another judge determine whether to grant her bail. >> and. >> the department said an investigation into the matter led to their dismissal. r led to their dismissal 49... 50!
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for my memo to president trump on this 4th of july, i would ask in vein for a message from you, mr. president.
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standing maskless in the shadow of a monument to four of the nation's fathers friday and trying desperately to invoke their legacies while ignoring their more controversial actions, you said this to black and brown, yellow and red america. >> we gather tonight to herald the most important day in the history of nations, july 4th, 177 1776 and those words every american heart should swell with pride, every american family should cheer with delight, 1776 represented the culmination of thousands of years of western civilization and the triumph of not only spirit but of wisdom, philosophy and reason. >> it fits you to amplify
2:28 pm
western civilization. you threw shade at protesters just steps away, black lives matter in solidarity with the sioux nation, who were protesting your presence on their sacred land and the appropriation of that land to honor white men with a monument carved by a klan sympathizer. yes, you're attempting to take america back indeed, but much further than the 1950s, as has often been assumed. no, after last night's love letter to white supremacy, i'm now convinced that what you're actually reaching for is indeed 1776, when the recognition of certain americans was still subject to public attitudes. this includes of course women of any race but certainly black and brown ones.
2:29 pm
the ladder of a century long accelerated by the nation's founding and the chattel, force providing the human capital that build a thriving national economy. 76 years after the first independence day abolitionist and former slave frederick douglas, who you invoked three years ago as if he was still aliva alive asked the rhetorical question, what to saves is still alive. the sunlight that brought light and healing to you has brought stripes and death to me. this 4th of july is yours, not mine. you may rejoice. i must mourn, end of quote.
2:30 pm
that was the trumpian sentiment you don't want to see but one that the president has to acknowledge in 2020 if he expects to win. he's referred to the movement of black lives as insurrectionists and called the black lives mural in new york a symbol of hate. how can you hold up the statue of slave holders as history and put down the descendants of his slaves as hate mongers? there's only one explanation for your words, mr. president, a dark and sinister one and that should be all americans need to know to see the way forward in november.
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african-americans are suing the united states government for
2:35 pm
reparations. >> alycia robertson cooper as harriet tubman. >> we are asking for $6.4 trillion. >> tonight the movie "justice on trial" focuses on two civil rights attorneys who sued the u.s. department of justice to reparations and damages done to african-americansjoini african-americans. joining me one of the producers of the film, senior pastor of the bethel church located in jacksonville florida. bishop mckissic, this movie goes live on several platforms tonight on the 4th of july. you told me on my radio show this date was intentional. what is the message of the film
2:36 pm
without blowing whatever it is that we're going to see as the film progresses toward its conclusion? >> first of all, reverend al, thank you for having me on this evening, as well as on the radio show. "justice on trial" is an amazing movie that bridges our history with where we are in contemporary times. it's riveting because it puts right on the table the reality of reparations and what is owed to african-americans as we in this current day look at the great and great, great grandchildren of white americans who now live on the economics of their ancestors that was built by our sweat. so we have to watch them as the ben fa benefactors of the blood of our
2:37 pm
ancestors and we have nothing to show for it. it's amazing. >> and the man who wrote the film did an excellent job. as many of us have been supportive of reparations for years. there is a bill that shirley jackson lee asked to have the congress passed and many of us have brought it up, and our national action committee, i ask every national candidate if they would support the bill. this drama shows why we're talking about reparations. a lot of people think it's something that someone is asking for a handout and don't understand the evidence or the case that could be presented to america and chad and you and the other producers have put this argument in a drama where people can actually see the bill of particulars.
2:38 pm
>> and what is really unique is we give air time, if you will, even to those who are on the other side. we hear the mindset of those through the deliberations in the jury room of those who feel as if to ask for reparations is silly because we did not sweat, we did not fight, we weren't the ones whipped. we hear that but we hear in return the very salient argument by the lawyers that really goes down and delineates why in a legal manner reparations is something that's not racial, it's legal. >> and you can stream it on www.justi >> it is in your city, jacksonville, where the
2:39 pm
republican convention will take place. what is the feeling among those in jacksonville about hosting this convention in late august? >> it's sad, it's infuriating we think it shows a lack of decency and humanity when florida is one of the leading states in positive results and jacksonville most recently has been named the fastest city to have overnight positive results for this virus. it is inhumane that they would want to bring this here. we saw last night in a micros could -- microcosmic way, reverend, people seated next to each other yelling and screaming. and that particular day is the 60th anniversary of what is called ax handle saturday in our
2:40 pm
city, when in 1960 whites took ax handles and bats, over 200 of them, and beat and bludgeoned young african-americans who had been doing a sit-in for justice. and on that day they came downtown and beat and bloodied african-american young people. and to have this president, who swamps in divisive bigotry to accept the nomination of this particular party that has done nothing but divide us on that day in this city where it is the most tragic for african-americans is sad. quite frankly, i say to him, mr. president, if in fact you claim you are for everybody, don't come to our city and not acknowledge those young people who were beaten by terrorists of that day.
2:41 pm
>> and later that month, end of that week, we will have a big march in washington, but we will be social distancing and telling everybody to wear a mask and it's outdoor. bishop rudolph mckissic, only number two to bishop mckissic sr. let's be clear. >> number two. >> number two. >> the president continues to attack the media rather than those offering rewards for the killing of u.s. troops. that's next. ps of u.s. troo that's next. alright let's roll. c'mon pizza's here. whoa! is that shaq? this is my new pizza the shaq-a-roni and it's bigger than pizza because for every shaq-a-roni sold, $1 is donated to the papa john's foundation for building community.
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i would reask the question whether it was in his material but asking why the president isn't reading his pde when -- >> the president does read and he receives intelligence verbally. this intelligence is the most informed person on planet earth when it comes to the threats that we face. >> the white house press secretary claims the president is the most informed person regarding american security threats. a reporting shows that the white house was aware of russia paying taliban fighters to kill americans as early as 2019 and the president was briefed on it in late february. here's what he said just three days ago.
2:46 pm
>> i think it's a hoax. i think it's a hoax by the newspapers and the democrats. >> back with me now is my panel, noah and dawn. dawn, the president says it's a hoax intelligence says it is not. what is also disturbing is that even when the president was briefed, he continued to talk about recruincluding russia in 7 again and he had several calls with the president of russia, vladimir putin, and interest's no record or reporting that he ever even raised the question to him about they were engaged in this. how can you be the commander in chief and not be at least concerned about the report, if
2:47 pm
you don't believe the report which seems credible to some in the military community that they were putting bounties on americans' heads to be killed by the taliban. >> not only do some of the reports seem credible they said the president is a threat because of his relationship with putin and his lack of knowledge and experience. i'd like to announce i'll be joining lebron james and the lakers to play point guard in the bubble next week. both of those statements make about the same level of sense. this president is just next level disruptive. i think the russian incident or the bounty incident would be impeachment level stuff but at this point the democrats are just riding it out to the election and hoping he gets up out of there. he said three things are a hoax, if the american public is
2:48 pm
keeping a kout like i know you are, rev. he said krcoronavirus is a hoax the election in russia was a hoax, and we know absolutely this probably did happen. >> now, noelle, the poll tex it this and it's hard to go to the politics but i think we should on "politicsnation," but the poll tex itics of this, how doe stand up and sell to the country that he should be their continued commander in chief when he ignores the intelligence report of his own administration, when you're talking about the lives of the american military people and a bounty put on their head by people that you refuse -- i'm talking to russia here -- that you refuse to take on in any
2:49 pm
aggressive way. >> absolutely disgraceful. president donald trump considers himself one of the biggest patriots. and when you have information and i do realize -- i this i there was an interview by the national security adviser robert o'brien who said it was still ongoing information but they were collecting a lot of the information that leans towards, you know, those rumors being true, and i think if i were president donald trump, we all know not to get out ahead of a story, and especially something as sensitive as this as a patriot he claims to be and say it's a hoax. because more and more things that will be as it's investigated coming out on this, the last thing that you want to do, reverend al, is to discount it by saying it's a hoax.
2:50 pm
if in fact they can get everything together and lay it out and it becomes evident in the press and so forth, that is going to be absolutely heinous to have on, you know, on quote saying that you thought it was a hoax and it's leading right up to the election. >> i'm going to have to leave it there, noelle nikpour and don callaway. up next, my final thoughts. did have
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. we hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal and endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights. that's what the declaration of independence says, as we have this 4th of july celebration
2:55 pm
today, but when the fathers that wrote that, they were not talking about all men. they weren't even talking about women at all. they were not talking about blacks who became by written in the constitution 3/5 human because they had to add some numbers to bolster their lack of population in compared to southern states but they couldn't even give them full human status. certainly it wasn't for those indigenous americans or those latinos, or those that were asian in this country. and here we are in 2020. where are the rights for george floyd? where are the rights for those we are marching and standing up for? well, they were endowed by the creator and we must make sure that those that have put this
2:56 pm
country together lives up to the what the fathers of the country wrote. they may not have meant it, but we do and we're going to stand you and make sure that those rights given by the creator are respected equally to all men and women, regardless as to who and what nationality, race or gender or sexual orientation they may be. that's how you celebrate the 4th. make those words become flesh. thank you for watching. that does it for me. i'll see you back here tomorrow at 5 p.m. eastern. up next, my colleague joshua johnson picks up our news coverage. our news coverage it's pretty inspiring the way families
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hey there, i'm joshua johnson. great to be with you on this independence day from nbc news world headquarters in new york. it is america's 244th birthday. and americans are celebrating in vastly different ways thanks to covid-19. some are protesting for an end to police brutality. others are hitting the beaches as normal, maybe with some social distancing. yet others are waiting in long drive-through lines to get tested for coronavirus, and some are gathering at the national mall for a july 4th celebration held by the president, focused on fireworks and fanfare and passing on pandemic precautions. that pandemic continues to grow