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tv   Politics Nation  MSNBC  July 5, 2020 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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marxist, the anarchist, theci] agitators and the lootesrs. in every age there are alwaysxd those who seek to lie about the past in order to gain power if the present. those that are lying aboutxdñi r history, thoseñi who want us toe ashamed of whoe1 we are are not interested in justice or inñr healing. their goal isñi demolition. >> never mind that donald trump holiday wweiend. many(q:me the presidentt(x$$sqp november across that was less important than taking racist
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sight. from the president's lips, for the first time since his return from orture to or acknowledge of the millions #f'f americans nowçó pushingñiç pol?çc qé@reformé@ after the deó breonna taylor, george floyd and others. later in the show i'll talk to the mayor when saw baltimore throughe1 its unrest aroundfá t police-involved death of freddy gray in 2015. what is the way forwardqt(q for citiesñi as thei] reform pushed congress this fall and is the president tuning up for the next big rally? >> we just found out it will be
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thank you, congresswoman, for being with usxdlp tonight. before i go to the president's constant attacks on you andñiok other you have talked about the suffering of working people a lot left in the debates over the last couple of days and (make ends meetw3 and you said t we should cancel rent and u  tk9ñz3 c1 explainr thank you, al, for having me and hello to yourjf vietjm9ñ inñ"ájuxd con6o are talking about the pandemic or we're talking about the elections, what is lost is really the economic challengesx
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many of our constituentsñi have. you know meñisáfá and april 1st and people weren't able to pay their rent. may 1st came, people weren't able to paylp their rentçó and came and people still wer rptt to seet( a massfá displacement of people if we
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onexd stimulus check of rent, cover theirmy bills for food, cover their, you know, other payments that they have and this is just causing so much pain for people, and so whenñiq we seeúceátñic going ou just thexdi] grievance of the pe brutality it's the grievance of economic neglect that many are
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feeling asçó people want a justd çó families and feel secure in that and people wantx an economy that fully functions for them and this president can't deliver. >>t( in fact, youe1 said you're proposing a bill aroundfá guaranteed jobs. many of our communities a÷%ue1 facing and the kind of jobs that it would create will offert(
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similar for many of our communities and we will make sure that it is dignified work where people a2y offered the opportunity to not only work, but take care of their families. dno, you know, we areñr alar at the rising numbers of certaiq states, florida, texas, arizona and others and we areq very, vey concerned of those that are becoming two victimsxd of thisl virus and thosei-)pá have become and we also want to raise that people are suffering in< termsq the day to day in tigir bills the day to day in tigir bills andt( w public mind and discussion to talk about the bills and your raising this emerged -- >> if you think of oxf majority
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of oure1 offices now have turne intook rapid responseñr centers.
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do you recall he returnedçó to á cat campaign trail in oklahoma two weekst( ago with this warning. >> ilhan omar is going to be very much involved in a biden government. ò
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hai haiti "s" hole countries. >> he's no different than the demagogues that we have dealtc with in our history as people of the ñiwgs]d. and he's distracting people from covid that's resulted in the eñ addressing covid-19 that has resulted in 40 million people losing their jobs, but i want you to payxd attention to e thing he e1xdsays. he says the government of our country, as if i am note1 a memr of congress andçó this is not m country. this is axde1 sentiment that a g=au1q%=9within our countryw3 has and is very dangerous becausexd to be anñi american i whether you have a certaine1 sk
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color or you knoñ whether your family has been here before the founding oftxá!%m xdnation. it is,çó you know,çó thet(e1 fa thexd diversist our country tha makes it beautifule1 and so i kw i am as much of an american as his own i)qqxd is, andq hisfá w has been and it's really important for the people to remember that he is a distractor in chief. under his watch and uñt who have jfenlisted in t(dp militar and have been onlp active duty have been deported and so thisf is the president who doesn't really understand what it means
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to lead a nation as beautiful and as diverse asn@ ours andxd is the opportunity that people it's tolp distinguish what a really hateful leader looks like and what somebody5a with compassion and interest are wounds and bringing mst togethe
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thank you for being with usq tonight. you have taken the ste(÷ of saying that in the city ofr i choselp to move my confederat mono ups he monuments here, and we are ittl state of emergency and my numbek one responsibility is to protect life and property. for the last few yearsxd theseñ duments have been rallying points for hatred and bigotry and we've had peoplei] attempti to pull down some monuments in the past. so fort(fá t(fáme, public safet number one and i chosee1 to exercise those powers on july 1 exercise those powers on july 1 and to temporarily put them inec
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stoeshg a, and secondly, as you know, thes÷ monuments have stood for over
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i fail to understand why weokxd statues for people that wanted to overthrow theq government. it isñr mind-boggling that peop are defending people that the onlyçó reason we know their nam is they tried to overthrow the government. yes, >7!nted to overthrow this government and what is so hard about ei why would we be putting them up and having taxpayers pay to exalt them?fá what is so difficult to tk"p>> well, youfá arew3çó 100%. these were traitors to thee1
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>> exactly, and i think the great thing i've seen in my city over the course of the last three and a half yeasq is that zm7ayrñ i will. >> joining me now is my."a5pane
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r host of the hughñi hewitt radio show and msnbc maxwell, senior director ofc progressive programming atñi siriusñi xm,q and an msnbc political analyst andñr author "the end of whiteñr politics "qwest. let me go to you first,ñr zalin. itq seems the president madexdx and you write it's the end of white politics and he's saying i am going to tryçó to prolong it. whate1 sayethñi çóthou? >> donald trump used the identity politics that you were talking about in the opening
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rev, to gin up a base that really doesq feel anxiety abouta number of different thing, but one of the things that they are anxious of is the changinglplp demographic towardsfá a country that is a majority people of color and so president trumpñr going to try to have a last-ditch attempt toe1 play th white identity politics because hew3 was able to squeak out or ratherxd cheat oç4u a win in 20 using russiant( interference an so i'm hopeful that with more transparájtk around that russian orfá any foreign interference a donald tru@s strategy here we can focus on turning ouñt theñr base of people of color which is the majority of the country. >> now you -- the trump administration's new message on coronavirus qis, quote, livei]th it. how is this a winning message when we can justqñjjjz at any other country to see it didn't
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have to be this way. i mean, you have it now states that were his t(base, that seemo p &h(lc% rushmore ok speech. i think it's one of the bestñ?7 speeches of his presidency up there with the addresses hec gai i think i'll play the entire thing on myxd radio show becaus i&as such a good speech in announcing the radical view and the left hates clarity and what the president has been yesterday and friday is very, veryçóe1 cl about the radical narrative being a web of lies. ilp believe that is -- i'll cal that speech as the web of lies.
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i have not heard any kind oft( so tell me whatp is the strateg right now. ÷; i think that you make sure that 7e(ñ move the resources to wherever thei] critical need is. >> no they have to keep doing it, forlp example, austin. >> are they doing that now? series of =3 c1 demonstrations in the lpafterma of george floyd's death. they had ae1jfe1 skyrocketing infection rate andçó opened in texas. >> what doesfá the death of geoe %9 opposite is true. you talk aboutçóó[ arizona.
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you talk about texas and florida where there were no demonstrations. they were necessary. theyq led to a!uspikefá in many places. >> how? where is the evidence of that?s7 >>ó[ it's -- look,icwñ i haven' it right in front ooç and i read it over the place.ñi >> i can show you the writings, that there have been anyxd numb of writings that said that they could notçó detect whether thew%
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demonstrations led to that and you are minute myselfing the life and health ofxd peopleok t need to get care byr demonstrators did it raujer than the practice that they had these states open up too quickly and they, in fact, because they followed thisxd president who won't even wear a mask opened up people who went back into caused a spike and you're trying to scapegoat it by saying there were some people that protested in those cities and you aret( taking about statewide rises here. >> if you don't think the demonstrations had anything to do with thefá spike, that coulde reopened too quickly and even the people in the states and theok governors that you did it arexd not sayin that, hugh. >>t( she wants in. >> i just want toxd point out tt i am quarantined with a
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biologist, hugh, and so i have asked that biologist who is reading the studies that youçó id not thoroughly e1ç$ &h(lc%ó read. so those'cstudies talked about the fact that because the protests were outside and most of the people that attended were sociallyq distanced and also in masks, the upticks and the outbreaks we are seeing now throughout the country aret( th result ofñ3[ partiesxd and peop going toxd restaurants and bars nap is what theht studies have shown. also, thexd studies have shown that that is thejf way thelp vi is communicated through people. it isñi airborne to people "0gn they are close together and inside for long periods of time. literally verbatim. i askedfá a biologist to double-check.fá >> and i would point you to this very day, i believe in "the new york times"ok leadt( story abouá
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spike, is evidenceg o the memo. that's next.
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i am an&o)jt)jt theçó creatn ofe1 añi new monument to the gi of our past. i am signing an executive order to establish thee1lp national gn of americant( heroes, a lpvast,h that will feature the statues of thew3 greatest americans tot( ever live. >> for today's memo to trump, i want to talk about the president's new be on sessions with buildinge1 statues. after being looking at your
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proposed garden of american heroes, mr. president, i have to plani] i like. theçó display will be vast andj outdoors so at least one of yk initiatives won't actively contribute to the coronavirus outbreak, butfáçó let'slp get s. why would this be a priority in emergency and period ofe1 raciag awakening? the united statesçó has well ov 100 federal monuments and hundreds more stewardedg various states.q let's cut to the chase.qa5 you and your mostly white supporters are threatened by
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kowomen, but don't worry,r suggestions. single native american on your list. so how aboutñr sacajawea orcxd sittingçó bull orñi you also ha few women of color. why don't you add patsy main, first woman of color tot(qñi se founder of unitede1 farmworkers.
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vice president joe biden has been rolling out a number of campaign ads this july 4ñrth weekend. the presidentia and the u5aq%y
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is beating out president trump in a number oft( recent polls. voters in the e1battlegr)m#ñ state of wisconsin, a state the president wonfáxd in 2016 are ly to turn their backsw' thee1?;?÷ republican president. joining mefá now,ñi stephaniee1 rollins blak(a a former mayor of baltimore who has endorsed joe biden forñi president. miss macou
2:37 pm
÷z'tp'd thank you so much on be of the bidenjfa5 campaign. vice president bidenxd understas su we're down it doesn't matter -- or if we're down itxdok doesn't matter because you have to push until election day and that is theñr only poll thatñixd matter. we all knowi] what happened fou yearsxd ago. we sawñixd the polls thatç"secr clinton was ahead. there were too many people that wereçó comfortable. no one can allow that to happen. no oee the danger of having pen. another four years of thislp divisive, really çóincompetent president in office, and i don't think any of us want to see that happen and we want to make sure that, yes, the polls are good,
2:38 pm
but most importantly, we're focusing on getting peopl polls, getting your ballots in and making sure everyone participates because we because one of the things many of us are concerned about is whether there will be some way thati] theye1 suppress voters o still voting. that's one of the things of the august 28thf:w march in washing. is there a biden campaign plan on how they deal with making sure that voters are secure and that measures are in place to make sure voters will not bei]u suppressed or discouraged? >> yes, there is axd biden campaign plan.
2:39 pm
suppression and making sure that on the ground in every place and state that we have people who are educated about the law that is in place to protect the vote. we know for a fact thatxdpxdts president and hise1 republican party are fully intending to they can because theyft certainly e that they have not been able to expand their base and not any so depressing thex vote. they tried it and we saw those lineslp during the primas[ elections across theñ country we saw the disgraceful length of time that people hadñ to waiwi polls were -- they attempted to closeñi early. they switched pollingñr lo@q(%=1 but in every one of those places, the biden campaign and the democratic party had peopleh on the ground to make sure that
2:40 pm
will not relent. >> all right stephanie rawlings-blake, former mayor of baltimore thank you for being wiñus >> coming up, the controversyt( surrounding professional sports teams, colleges and highe1 schos across the country consider changing their offensive names r and mascots as the country makep strides toward racial justice. strides toward racial justice. when you shop with wayfair, you spend less and get way more. so you can bring your vision to life and save in more ways than one. for small prices, you can build big dreams. spend less, get way more. shop everything home at wayfair today. since your ancestors served in world war two.
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many of their stories remain untold. find and honor the veterans in your family. their stories live on at ancestry.
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♪ welcome back. this moment of raciale1q awaren has a handfulokçó of sports tea contemplating name changes, both notably the washington nfl team whose nickname is a racial slur against nativeáiamerican, the it is a microcosm of american values, what does this tell us about the changingñi american normsçó arounde1 race? our paneli] is back and the senr msnbc polivi1 analyst and hugh ]%qqhost of the hugh hewitt radio show and msnbc political analyst. hugh, what do you think about the name changes that are being
2:45 pm
proposed some,okq we are told, considering it ó.t does it make a cultural statement and is it the right thing to do in your judgment? >> sportse1 are supposed to bri us together, al. it's one of thoseq places where race, religion and ethnicity doesn't matter. i'm a hard core indians fan. i bledjf out in lpñia2bñ and 19] 1995. they've neverñi won a ring ine1 lifetime. i'm a hard core indians fan and irish. this doesn'tñi divide. important cultural change and does it make a statement?( >> i mean, it's not the most
2:46 pm
important thing going onñi righ1 reckoningsá ⌝#ñ isq happening throughout the country. so whene1 you're taking the nam away auntñr jemima, and you are changing the names of sports teams, that's the reflectiont( something elsefá going in our culture andxdxd i thinkñr what' happening is actually not good forxdñr the bottom line to be divisive to hugh's point. progress that major corporations aretp+aking the side of racial equityú xdlp racism. >> now açós7 lot of that talks g game or give their money and wnba star maya moorexd really p heuw÷d money where her mouth is leading the league to pursue justice forxd wrongfully convicd jonathan irons, and she inspired
2:47 pm
others to follow her example. is this the kindt( of action we should be demanding ofxd athlet? she took off a whole seasonñr a they don't get paid like the nba players and really fought for this young mane1 who did get ou she won and he wase1 wrongfully incarcerated. they've both done community outreach programs and they've gotten big play in cleveland and among those of us who were cleveland sports nuts and i think that's a specific use of w think you can do fáboth. i don't wantt(çóñit(xd ob-k to theó[ browns and i want garretto go out and be a full-time social justice activist. you caéó pq both and certainly
2:48 pm
athletes and roberto clemente diedñi taking reliefçóçófá supp centralçóçóq america, and i app them all. >> zalina, ase1 we see athletes and"nd entertainersñr supportin moves around changing lawsi] is it afáñi pri and the cultural statements are very important and help, but at the end of the day we also need to maket( permanent change in t actual way wee1 execute governi in thise1 country? >> absolutely, rev.p, it is also a multi-partñri] strategy. you start out with raising awareness and changing the culture and the publicñi opinio around certain issues so tha(v you then can putw3 pressure on your electedxd leadersñi so tha
2:49 pm
they can bend and pass reform legislation. this is incredibly important and one of the things in this momen( that has been unique and important compared to previousñ iterations of the black lives matter movement in the past decade is that they immediately move toward+ congressional legislation and there was a policing reform bill.!u sure, it's not everything you would want, but it's certainlyña great firste1i] series of steps addre!sp specific concerns. i thinkt about this part of the movement and this time andxdlp this momes the fact that the protestersxd d being very spike about what they want and i'm glad to see some of that take shape inñi terms of legislation. >> that is exactly, let me thank both of you, hugh hewitt and up xdnext, my final thoughts. stay with us.w3 .w
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yesterday on july 4, the from e1harlem. we had the motherlp and brotherf a 17-year-old brandon hendrix. he had wonxd aok sc/g'arship fos schoolwork in terms ofxd academs ad÷ó his athletic ability. he was killed this week in the bronx by at( stray bullet. and people wanted to give a donation towardsé@( his funeral expenses. police violence, but gun violence.d %r(t&háhp &hc% for thosec oft( us involveds7in capacity in this blackñr lives
2:55 pm
movement, bla' lives matterñri] whether gun violenceñi done internally inçóñiwoy the commun community in onexd or twoñi orte situations that we have to d$ys are engagedq in. we need to make sure that as we face this moment of reckoning on race, that we also face the fact that we are fighting against violence even internally. shot in chicagoçót( andw3 you h black woman mayor that has to dealxdi]fái]q with that, it has with the value of those lives as :of other lives. we are dealing with all kinds of
2:56 pm
marginalized people in our community. and with the talk of gun xd viol afá backgroundfá check infá washington. we alsoçó wanté@ to deal with g violence and the fact that we must show the world that we will stand against the takingt( ofi] lives no matter who it is that is takingok it. we must have one stand, and we mus÷ tell kids they matter in all circumstances. they are our children and we ought to act likeñr the greenups -- grown-ups. greenups -- grown-ups. thaá i will see you back here next weekend. next,#ñ2u colleague picks up ou 49... 50!
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i'm joshua joh.&s99ñ great to be with you from world holiday weekend is almost over many communities are feeling more caution asçó covid isfá