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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  July 12, 2020 4:00am-5:00am PDT

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we begin with the white house. a major reversal from the president publicly wearing a mask for the first time during the pandemic while visiting service-members at the walter reed military hospital. we go to josh. the big question. why now? >> reporter: it took four months of a raging pandemic and 135,000 dead americans but the president has finally worn a mask in public. donning that mask for a brief photo opportunity yesterday as he was at walter reed. why now? well, the president has increasingly been at odds with the urgent pleas from his public health advisors pleading with americans to cover their faces when they're out in public, if we're going to get this pandemic under control. but the real question here now, alex, was this a oneoff? does the president feel by wearing it on camera yesterday he's checked a box and can now go back to not wearing a mask or will he now show symbolically the importance of wearing a mask by doing it on a regular basis? here at the white house, we are
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wearing masks all the time with the exception of the few moments when we're on-air and properly socially distanced. the president's aids have increasingly been wearing masks, as well. it's the president returned to the white house from that visit to walter reed last night, he was no longer wearing a mask. i asked him whether he plans to start wearing a mask in the future. he didn't respond. >> yeah. it's interesting. we know he said he didn't think he would look good in it. that's one reason. let me ask you about the fallout relative to the president's comation of roger stone. the white house is firing back who is defending his office's prosecution of stone also saying that stone is still -- here is the quote, a convicted felon and rightfully so. talk about the white house response to this. >> reporter: yeah. the white house reverting to its favorite tactic here to try to change the conversation away from what roger stone did with the president and his allies did and make it about democrats. make it about obama and biden and allegations they would like
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to see explored against the former administration. the white house pushing back on robert mueller in this statement saying that the white house -- that the robert mueller and the corrupt investigation failed to anyone in the obama/biden administration accountable for their negligence in russian interference or spying on the trump campaign. and a white house spokesman saying mueller should keep his promise to the american people and let the report, which fully exonerated the president, stand instead of pontificating in the editorial pages. we should say the white house is not correct in that the president was not common rated by the mueller report. in fact, robert mueller said in his report if he could have exonerated the president, he would have. the president was not charged with anything due to restrictions on charging and indicting a sitting president, but mueller making clear that the president was not fully exonerated by that report. >> absolutely. robert mueller never wavering
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from that position from the start. thank you very much. joining me now francesca chambers. this should be rather unremarkable. the president donning a face mask. he told reporters he's never been against masks, but that there is a time and place. what was the calculation in this instance? was it all political? did his advisors have to convince him to don that mask? >> well, what happened yesterday is we did see the president wear a mask for the first time in public, which is what made this monumental. why we're talking about it. but what you have to be -- the way it was engineered. he wore a mask at an event that was supposed to be closed press. it was inside walter reed. they created an opportunity for press to be able to see him in the mask as he went into the hospital so they could have the photos so they could show, see,
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the president wore a mask. and at a hospital, this is is a place where you would have to wear a mask. so he's able to both keep that line that he doesn't want to have to wear a mask when he's in the white house and being tested around other people, but, also, have photos of him donning a mask, at least once so they can say he did it. >> i want to be clear. it was a photo op. we saw the president walking down the hallway flanked by military officials, doctors, presumably, as well, given it was walter reed and secret service, of course. did we see him wearing a mask yesterday? other than this calculated photo op? >> well, as josh said, when he came back from the visit, he was not wearing a mask. >> yeah. okay. >> let's get into the op-ed by robert mueller. did it come as a surprise in why do you think that mueller felt the need to speak out ? >> because the white house statement didn't just focus on
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stone. it went after mueller and the people working on it and the entire id of it. it got to the core of what his mandate had been and so they were trying to undermine the entire special counsel investigation and start to set the stage to say and everyone who was prosecuted as a result of it and involved with it was treated unfairly and horribly. this isn't just about roger stone. it's about everything that can potentially come after this. and whether or not the president then goes on to grant additional clemency to other political allies of his who were caught up in the mueller investigation. >> i'm imagining this went over as well as as a lead balloon in the white house, right? >> well, with the republican allies, you've seen some of them online speaking out against this. but that was also a big deal he said he thought it was corruption at the highest level. that's the firmest we've heard
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mitt romney speak out against the president even though he's been pushing back on him. this is absolutely something you have seen outside groups of republicans also make ads about in this short amount of time. so it's certainly something that will follow president trump through this election. how much this individual clemency will matter in the election, of course, we don't know. but the theme that is emerging here is one donald trump will have to contend with. >> the tweet from mitt romney unequivocal. very clear there. the republican super pac, the lincoln project has a new ad. this one is new. it's just thrown together responding to roger stone's come youation. here is some of that. >> donald trump said he's running a law and order. >> i am the law and order candidate. >> who is he kidding? trump's campaign manager is a felon. his deputy campaign manager is a
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felon. his national security advisor is a felon. his foreign policy advisor is a felon. his personal lawyer is a felon. his long time personal advisor, a felon. there's only one way to end the trump crime spree. throw him and his crooks out of office. >> look, lincoln project keeps turning around ads like this so fast. how is the white house responding to this? pretty heavy wave of criticism. let's not forget, it's coming from republicans. >> and that's sad i was referring to it and said a republican group turned into it an ad. it's important to know they are anti-trump republican group. it's not just something that happened because of the roger stone situation. they had been turning around ads prior to that. these ads seemed to be aimed at an audience of one. it was donald trump. to needle him specifically one they had -- they had
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specifically talked about lea r leakers in the white house. this seems to be more focussed on persuading voters there is, again, a theme emerging about trump and his law and order message. the key thing about the law and order message, again, is outside republicans are saying even including those that support president trump the law and order message is not one he should be using. it is not effective with voters and going back to things that remind them of nixon is not an effective place for president trump to be in, heading into the general election. >> yeah. you don't think the lincoln project is focussed more on the greater maybe discontented trump population. those republicans that just are wondering if they can really vote for this president again based on what they've seen the last three and a half years. it's my sense they have a broad appeal. they are appealing to more than just donald trump. >> oh, absolutely. but i'm referring to the ad
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that -- >> that first one. >> yeah. the whispers. the whispers and the people in the white house and there could be leakers. that is meant to needle donald trump and try to get him to do something that would make voters feel very unnerved and think, agr gee, i don't know if we can re-elect this person. it's aimed at a broader base of people. >> francesca chambers, thank you so much. we'll turn now to the latest on the coronavirus pandemic. a live look at houston for you. texas reported the largest single day jump in cases. numbering over 10,000 in one day. in south carolina officials confirm a child under 5 died from coronavirus. that's the state's first pediatric death. the sad news comes as south carolina reported its highest number of new cases yet.
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more than 2200 infections saturday. in louisiana, governor john bell edwards is the latest to issue a mask mandate announcing everyone over the age of 8 must wear a face covering in public unless a health condition prevents them from doing so. the governor announced all bars in the state will close starting tomorrow. and in the new epicenter of the virus, florida, crowds flocked to walt disney world. visitors are required to wear masks and practice social distancing. it came the same day as florida reported over 10,000 new cases. the total number of cases in that state now over a quarter million. we're going to go to the front lines of florida for more on what the rising numbers mean. joining me now is dr. mark supino. thank you for being here. we mentioned the reopening of disney world. what is going through your mind when you see reopenings like that and the numbers across your
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state? >> yeah, i mean, i have mixed emotion about it. right. i definitely understand the joy that disney world brings to kids, especially kids who have been sort of isolated and socially distant for months and months on end just to get out and be a normal child and happy and smiling again. but in the face of our numbers that are crushing our previous records, there's a part of me that lurches when i hear about that. i do see the measures that they are trying to take and i understand they have 4,000 hand sanitizers, everyone has to wear a mask, the numbers are down so everyone is able to achieve social distancing. at least there's that. there's still just this part of me that right now feels like the timing is a little bit soon. >> yeah. which has been the case, i think, unfortunately across this
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nation, with many decisions made. what about the reports that icus across this state are reaching maximum capacity? i'm curious what you're seeing in the jackson memorial er. i know miami general has more than 2500 of the state's cases? >> we are next up. the numbers are there. the numbers are real. we are full. our emergency department is full day in and day out. we have a lot of covid patients. we have a lot of noncovid patients. we are busy. our icus are full. we have a lot of sick people now. >> how does that work? covid patients and noncovid patients coming in. i know there was a time when doctors were concerned people would not go to the hospital when they need to go to the hospital for fear of getting covid. i mean, how can you say you're going to be safe from getting covid if you're on a gurney that is in a hallway of a full er that, to your point, is maxed
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out. i mean, are these concerns valid? >> yeah, i mean, that's a very -- good question. what we're trying to do our best to keep everyone separated and anybody who is at risk of any covid symptoms gets immediately isolated. we have plenty of icelation rooms. we what is called a negative pressure room. it holpulls all the air out and throws out all the particles. plenty of those to put patients into. we have areas that are reserved for covid-positive patients. the concern is that there are a lot of asymptomatic patients. we minimize the risk of spread by hand sanitizing. everyone has to wear a mask. no visitors allowed. no extra bags allowed into the hospital. we're really trying our best. we are full. >> dr. mark supino, you keep up the excellent work. we're behind you and appreciate
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developing this morning the president is standing by his decision to commute the prison sentence of his long time ally roger stone. >> we're extremely happy because in this country, they want justice and roger stone was not treated properly. so i'm very happy with what i did. >> joining me now is new york congressman gregory meeks, a senior democratic member of the house financial services and foreign affairs committee. good to see you, my friend. are you happy about this as the president said? >> no, i'm not happy. the president who is apparently leading a criminal enterprise and trying to do what he said he was going to do. he gave them -- look, you be quiet. don't say anything about the things you know about me and
4:19 am
i'll find a way to commute your sentence. that's what he's doing. you know, it's basically a criminal enterprise he's running now. >> here is, in fact, what you tweeted in january of last year. you tweeted that roger stone doing nixon fingers outside his court appearance speaks volumes. you fast forward to friday and the sentence being commuted by president. what happens next here? >> well, first, you know, it's concerning because, you know, i thought about the nixon years and what happened then was democrats and republicans came together for the benefit of the country. saying we're not going to allow it to happen. unfortunately the republicans, especially in the senate and the house, seem complicit with the president and not thinking about the country. we must now -- we didn't have to in the nixon because we came together to do the right thing. we need to pass legislation that will say that a president cannot commute a sentence against someone who has information that
4:20 am
can cause him to be indicted and his bad acts. so we have to push that through and bring it to the american people. of course, ultimately, make sure that this president is not re-elected in november. >> how remarkable is it that you feel you need to push through some legislation that states what you just said? >> it's absolutely insane to me. i don't understand, and i thank romney for standing up how anyone who has taken an oath of office in the united states congress, whether it be the house or the senate. now stand up and say we cannot allow this to happen. and take action as a separate branch of government to oversee the executive branch in this regard for oversight. so we will do some more hearings, sure. but it's remarkable to me how
4:21 am
complicit the republicans are in just trying to protect this person who, obviously, violated the law. >> let's take a listen to what congressman adam schiff told me thinks motivated the president's decision. >> i think part of the motivation, as bizarre as it may seem, the president wants to distract at all costs from the growing and death toll of the coronavirus. the deadly incompetence of this administration and he would rather talk about the scandal of his skmuting the sentence of someone convicted on all accounts by a jury of lying to him. >> do you think the president sees this as a distractions or a motivation? >> well, i think he does. i think that what is happening is he has -- e everything in the three and a half years he's been president. our nation hasn't been in worse shape without any leadership at
4:22 am
all. and so he has always tried to bait and switch. change the subject matter. you look at the number of americans that are continuing to get the virus and this president showing no leadership. there's no national message to try to mention that we get this under control. americans are continuing to die. our allies and others now don't want americans to come to their countries as a result of this president and the lack of leadership in this country. he knows that. so he tries to do -- change the topic and talk about something else. but it's a very dangerous matter. i think these november elections are coming up to get rid of this guy is, you know, we talk about how elections are important and that's the most important in our lifetime. clearly i believe it's the case where we hold where we're, our leadership around the world. it's all at stake in this next election. >> i want to take a turn to the black lives matter mural that has been painted on fifth avenue
4:23 am
in manhattan here. directly in front of trump tower. it extends that one single block in front of the tower. what is the message of this mural to this president and then to the wider community? >> a message is we're at a time in history, i think, an important time in history that we want to talk about in showing the president and others that the disparities that have existed in this country for a long period of time in with regards to black lives, whether it's talking about how we are policed, whether it's talking about health disparities, whether it's talking about disparities in education that prevents and prevented black folks from moving along in the way they should and to get equity and justice in this country. it's a time of truth telling and reminding folks of that as it is a time of reminding folks of those individuals who committed acts of racism and slavery. implicit in providing our union
4:24 am
to take those down and remind people exactly where they stood. so it's truth telling time. it's an important time in our nation's history, i think. this president and others, i think, just need to know that. and i'm pleased when i see the individuals with the black lives matter and not just black people, they're white people, they're asian people, they're latino people, they're everybody coming together and understanding. so i'm pleased overall to see america coming together in that regard. that makes me proud of being an american. >> right. i agree with you on that. given your position on the house financial services committee. i want to ask about the supreme court decision on trump's financial records. do you think the public will never see the president's taxes. at least until he's out of office. does it disappoint you or does it matter if he loses in november? >> well, it matters. i think that of course the district attorney's office are looking into criminal matters as
4:25 am
it pertains to this president and his tax returns. there's reasons, i believe, that he has been trying to cover it up and prevent anyone from seeing from this particular period of time. so you know what he said, i agree justice needs to prevail. i think justice will whether it's before or after his presidency. we need to have justice and show the corruptness of this president and he needs to be held accountable for it. >> congressman gregory meeks, guaranteed we'll see you again soon. at least 40 states see a dramatic rise in coronavirus cases map can they learn from new york to reverse the trend? n neyow rk to reverse the trend? ah it's not just a sandwich, far from it. it's a reason to come together. it's a taste of something good. a taste we all could use right now. so let's make the most of it. and make every sandwich count. with oscar mayer deli fresh
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in east alabama, the auburn news said a to 30-day order to wear face masks will be on the city council's agenda tomorrow but churches will be among the exceptions listed. from wyoming the casper star tribune said members of the
4:30 am
school board are resisting a rule requiring students and staff to wear masks within six feet of each other when school restarts in the fall. in central texas, the daily telegram said relocation of confederate statutes are on the county meeting agenda on wednesday. and the other shoe drops deaths take long expected turn for the worst in coronavirus as texas and florida lead the surge. in rhode island, places of dishonor officials move to rename spots that celebrate slave traders. some traumatic new numbers out of north carolina as that state deals with the covid-19 spike. the state hit a one-day record high adding more than 2100 new cases and officials say testing cannot keep up with the demand. we'll go to nbc's jordan jackson. what kind of issues are 9 testing shortages creating for the state? >> reporter: that's right, alex.
4:31 am
this spike in cases is really impacting the state's testing capacity. there's a nation of a surge in testing and nationwide supply shortage that is creating all types of issues for north carolina. now the hhs secretary here brought this up at a press conference earlier this week. take a listen to what she had to say. >> when our hospitals can't be testing and using their throughput at the capacity they want to, then they have to send those tests somewhere. and what they do is send it to some of the commercial labs that are seeing a high volume because of what is going on around the whole country. we want to work again with the federal government as best we can. i think the thing that would be most helpful is transparency. where are the supplies? where are they going? in north carolina we're not the only ones experiencing this. >> health care officials here tell me that what they are most concerned about is just how this
4:32 am
is impacting the data that they are analyzing. and, you know, the numbers guiding their decisions can sometimes be outdated. when it comes to contact tracing, it can take a week sometimes ten days to see your results and, you know, we know that the more time someone who is a positive is out in a community, the more people they can potentially come in contact with and infect. on the flip side, if they are abiding by a state -- the nc state guidelines to self-quarantine, that means more time they are spending out of work. when they could, in fact, be covid negative. and, you know, cooper said he's working to secure more federal assistance for this state but officials here are concerned because this state is right on the edge. you know, it's not as bad as some of the numbers we're seeing in states like texas and arizona. we're still seeing a record number of cases here and
4:33 am
officials are worried that testing is going to get harder and harder. >> absolutely. and the fact you're saying it takes 10 days for full tracing to be conducted, that's borderline unacceptable. that's for sure. thank you for that. well, several states are seeing that surge in coronavirus cases, there are some signs of progress from the state hit the hardest early in the pandemic right here in new york. governor cuomo announcing yesterday hospitalizations dipped just below 800. that's the lowest the state has seen since mid march. the three-day average death toll new york is the lowest it's been in nearly four months. joining me now is the lieutenant governor of new york. thank you for joining me. we all remember new york, which was the epicenter of this pandemic throughout the spring. now the numbers, thankfully, are improving here, however, they are surging in states across the south and west. what did new york do right that needs to be -- i guess, demonstrated in the other
4:34 am
states? >> alex, thank you for having me on the show again. what new york state did the rest of the nation could have done from the very beginning of this. governor cuomo and our administration was transparent with the public. what we found out how important masks would be, for example, we leaned hard into this. we made them mandatory back in march. the first state to do so. what a difference that has made. we've also worked with our hospitals to make sure we did not run out of protective equipment and ramped up our testing. we knew that testing was important. we have over 780 testing sites in the state as well as contract tracers. it's heartbreaking to know while governor cuomo taught a master class in managing a pandemic since we had no leadership out of the white house on this, that the other states could have followed our playbook and they didn't. now look at what is happening. so i feel bad for them.
4:35 am
the governor has offered assistance. i'll offer my assistance to the other states but it didn't have to be this way. new york was canary in the mine. we showed how to get out of it. it's tragic. we're concerned people from other states, or new yorkers traveling to the hot spot states will reignite the infection in our state. we've been to hell and back. >> i've had to cancel travel plans because of the governor locking down and saying for you come back, you center to quarantine for 14 days. can't do it with work so i'm staying put. that said, what about some parts of new york state that are in phase four of reopening. you have new york city in phase three, at this point. are you concerned that reopening these states while these other states are seeing a spike in cases will cause the number of cases in new york to surge again or, to that point, the governor is saying if come from these 16 or 19 states that are officially on the list, that will help keep the numbers down here.
4:36 am
>> it's logical that when you start reopening segments of society that have been shut down or businesses that you will see an increase in cases. that does not mean it's a spike that we can't control. our reopening has been based very methodically. slowly. based on the low risk businesses first. working our way up to making sure there's a two-week period to monitor the numbers. has there been an increase because we opened up outdoor eating, indoor eating, and malls. we're prepared to slow it down, if necessary. but i have to say the difference in our state is new yorkers listen to the governor and our administration when we said something like a mask and social distancing can save lives as well as get our economy back. so everyone out there who thinks they're rebelling and wants the economy to start way back in march and get back to normal, if you just had worn a mask, you would be there. that's sad about this. and for the president to first time ever be shown on tv wearing a mask, mr. president, where have you been? you have a lot of people
4:37 am
watching you as a leader and for those people influenced by the president, we could have had a different dynamic. our country could have been where other countries are in terms of our recovery. now we're talking about other issues like child care that is so important and how we can get the parents get back to work. we have a lot of other challenges but it shouldn't be that people are still dying. >> let me ask you about child care specifically. you talked about this in your op-ed that you wrote about how the biggest obstacle to the economic comeback is child care. if schools are not back in person in the fall, how does that affect parents that need to get back to work? >> well, this is disastrous. this is a collision course. even before the pandemic, the governor and i have been working on a task force. he appointed me head of a task force on the child care barriers we would face. 60% of new york live in a child care desert, so we have been leaning hard into this.
4:38 am
i like the fact because of the pandemic we with have business leaders, when i asked the business leaders, heads of large corporations, men in manhattan, what is your biggest challenge and their first words are child care. bingo. we're finally changing the conversation. people are realizing it's not just a family's problem. when i was young mom starting out in washington working with senator moynihan, i had kids, nobody to watch my kids. i had to leave my job. it's society's problem and our economy's problem. now we need to bring in the business community with government to work on making sure we can lift this burden once and for all from families but primarily women who are bearing the brunt of this. so the progress has been made. but what will happen this fall, we don't have an answer in new york state with respect to school yet. we'll know in early august and whether or not it's going to be full day or partial days. we have to have children engaged during the hours if they're not in school. we'll make the determination based on the science not because
4:39 am
the president tells us to. we don't pay attention. if he wants to be helpful and give us billions of dollars so we can fund schools and give them the ppe, we have a lot more assistance we can get out of the federal government, but we're not going to be listening to the president trump just because he tells us to go back. we'll go back when it's safe for our children to go back. >> there you go. a working mom and lieutenant governor in the state of new york. thank you so much. we're going to talk about the push for police reform next. explaining how 20 cities can take the lead right now. plaininn keta the lead right now. a lot of folks ask me why their dishwasher doesn't get everything clean. i tell them, it may be your detergent... that's why more dishwasher brands recommend cascade platinum... ...with the soaking, scrubbing and rinsing built right in. for sparkling-clean dishes, the first time. cascade platinum.
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there's new outrage in detroit over the police killing on friday over the 20-year-old man. police released body cam video. a warning, some will find it do disturbing. >> reporter: this weekend parts of detroit on edge as protestors demand justice for akeem littleton. the 20-year-old shot and killed by police friday afternoon. the outrage set off after claims on social media accusing detroit police of killing an unarmed man. authorities responded by releasing dash and body cam footage showing members of the police gang squad approaching and arresting sylvester wanted on a federal drug warrant. he complies. littleton, standing nearby, appears to pull out a weapon. >> we witnessed mr. littleton -- i'm not going it say the exact
4:44 am
verb age but basically you're not going to take my man. >> reporter: the body cam footage shows littleton shooting at an officer and missing before police returning fire. >> reporter: the police chief said he released the videos to set the record straight. >> it's about transparency. >> reporter: even after the images became public, protesters want answers. >> let him go. shoot him in the leg. don't take somebody's life. >> cathy park, nbc news. joining me now is ben jealous. president for the people for the american way. don't wait for congress, start police reform in 20 cities with largest plaque populations. we're going to get that in a second. i have to get your reaction to that detroit shooting. cathy parks reporting there. one of the changes you propose is that the use of bullets only happen as a last resort. >> right.
4:45 am
you know, that's a very tough situation. it's hard to not say that the officer had a right to fire when fired at. with that said, what protesters across this country is that you've seen white masked shooters taken in without being shot. so there's a deep concern that even when force is being used by the suspect, even when the suspect is shooting at multiple people, it seems to be blacks who get shot first. get shot period. that's what we stro deal with this and restore this trust that force is only being used when it has to be used. now, again, you see an officer shot at point-blank range, i think most people would say that officer had a right to shoot back. >> okay. let's get to some of the other changes you're proposing here.
4:46 am
recruiting officers who have a heart for service deescalation training, civilian oversight to ensure accountability. ben, it's a tall order. how will it work? >> we've got to work from the bottom up. what we know is that safety is really a city and county concern. across the country 20 clusters of counties and cities, and if we get the reforms done there, we can cover half the country and millions of more people. and so what i'm saying is simply let's start with the change that we can make right now. let's protect people right now. let's restore trust that all of us can finally be safe. >> you know here is first what you wrote, ben, we ended the horrific reign of lynch mobs in
4:47 am
this country without federal legislation but with a movement that relied on intense local political and moral pressure. we can end police violence the same way. what convinces you this is possible? >> you know, i was talking to my grandma who is 103 years old. her grandparents were born into slavery. she pointed out to me, she's like we can end this the same way we ended lynch mobs in this country. what she meant is somebody who is active her entire life is they failed to get federal laws passed. we saw cory booker try to get the century old law passed like three weeks ago. and, yet the state laws they passed, those didn't even work. but what changed was the policies and the practices and, yes, even the politicians at the local level. and one of the most important things we can do this fall is to take out of office those folks
4:48 am
who would defend bad cops. to take out of office those mayors who are products of the unions that defend these cops across the country. even when they do very, very bad things. frankly, that should be prosecuted for murder and what we can also do. pass the laws county by county, city by city, that finally create a sense that all of us can be safe and retrain these officers. change how they're recruited. fire the bad ones. make sure they cannot be hired somewhere else. finally require they be trained as officers in the uk are. every six months and how to deescalate force. we think about the officers in the uk don't even carry guns most of the time. >> right. >> our officers are trained once during their career. that's the most common standard across the 16,000 different jurisdictions in our country. >> you're making great points.
4:49 am
how lucky to have the wisdom and respect of your 103-year-old grandmother. i've got talk to her! thank you awesome. thank you so much. how the work of james baldwin helped him find his own voice. of james baldwin helped him find his own voice. for this for a long time. they will, but with accident forgiveness allstate won't raise your rates just because of an accident, even if it's your fault. cut! sonny. was that good? line! the desert never lies. isn't that what i said? no you were talking about allstate and insurance. i just... when i... let's try again. everybody back to one. accident forgiveness from allstate. click or call for a quote today. accident forgiveness from allstate. if you have a garden you know, weeds are low down little scoundrels.
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my next guest is using the words from a famous american author in the past about the current state of the u.s. joining me, chair of the department of african-american studies at princeton university
4:53 am
and author of best-selling book "begin again." urgent lessons for our own. mr. eddie glaude, professor, good to see you. congrats on the book. i want to get into it, beddie, t inspires a discussion. what inspired you to write the book and why baldwin in the subject? >> walking with jimmy baldwin in my own head studying him reading him, his voice an important resource for me over the course of my scholarly career, at llex. i wanted to figure how he picked up the pieces after he fell apart amp the assassination of martin luther king jr., how he continued to have faith we could be yet otherwise. i was despairing, angry and needed to figure how to pick up the pieces in the aftermath of the election of donald trump in 2016 and ugliness of the country i've experienced and seen.
4:54 am
so baldwin was a resource. i decided to try to walk with him to write with him about this current moment, and in doing so i found my voice. >> hmm. what did you learn? what has changed from then immediately post mlk junior's assassination and now? >> the country's never changed and always changed if that makes sense. a sense america has moments of reckoning when it can be otherwise, put behind itself this -- this ugly and insidious view that white people are valued more than others and how that view evidences itself in our dispositions and practices. yet, when we have that opportunity to be otherwise, alex, we've dibbled down edoub ugliness. hearing it now, heritage, law and order, seeing backlash they
4:55 am
call it already beginning to show, rear its ugly head in this moment of transition. so every time we have a chance to be otherwise, we double down on the ugliness. here we are in a moment just like that. again. >> i think, eddie, that's what probably inspired you with this quote from the book. you wrote about president trump saying "that white america would never elect such a person to the highest office in the land. i was wrong, and given my lifelong reading of baldwin, an egregious mistake." talk about that. >> yeah. you know, i thought, you know -- thought we had a chance during the 2016 election cycle to break the back of the corporate hole in the democratic party. to break the black of clintonism as it were and trying to push the party left. knowing that once the republican party elected someone like donald trump who was so blatantly iblatant ly elect such a person.
4:56 am
i underestimated them. here we are in the mix of a devastating economic depression and we see the incompetence on full display. we see the moral ineptitude, the cruelty of this current administration, and so we're looking back upon it. jimmy baldwin used to say that oftentimes when we vote, black folk that is, we vote to buy time. lord, have mercy, do we need some time. >> eddie, often like to take a class from you sometime. thankful thankfully, we have your book. show the cover for those interested. "begin again." urgent lessons for our own. thanks for the chat. thanks for watching. i'm alex witt back at noon eastern. next only msnbc, "velshi," after this. this.
4:57 am
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four months after first saying coronavirus will miraculously go away, president trump finally dons his fisk mask in public. >> it's a great thing to wear a mask. i've never been against masks but i do believe they have a time and a place. meanwhile, more than 10,000 new coronavirus cases in texas on saturday alone. this as south carolina reports losing its first child to the disease. the numbers across america are getting worse and fast. an estimated 1 million international college students are at rick of being sent home by a new trump directive. a move that will stop the u.s. from getting the world's best and brightest. "velshi" starts now. good morning. it is sunday, july the 12th. i'm ali velshi.