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tv   First Look  MSNBC  July 16, 2020 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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>> we flattened the curve. we safe saved lives. >> we will largely have this coronavirus epidemic behind us by memorial weekend. >> republican voters against trump to take us off the air tonight. that is our wednesday effort. thank you so much for being here with us on behalf of all of our colleagues. good night from our temporary field headquarters. with the number of coronavirus cases climbing daily, at least ten hospitals are out of icu beds. also a shakeup for the president's re-election campaign months before november. campaign manager brad parscale has been replaced as the polls show trump trailing biden. the social media says it was, likely, a quote social, coordinating, engineering attack.
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good thursday morning, everybody. it's july 16th, and i'm yasmin vossoughian. we've got a lot to cover this morningful we're going to start in florida where the situation is dire as hospitals struggle for icu beds. coronavirus cases continue to pile up by the tens of thousands. yesterday the state hit an abysmal benchmark with more than 300,000 cases. according to the health care administration, hospitals have zero beds available in their intensive care units. another 40 hospitals have less than 10% available capacity in their icus. in miami-dade, one of the hot spots, ten of the hospitals there reported no available icu beds. on tuesday the state recorded 133 deaths, marking its second deadliest day since the start of
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this pandemic. meanwhile the trump administration saying it's going to press forward with the republican national convention set to take place in jackville, florida, next month with possible plans, possible, to move the event outdoors. we also have a newly revised model projecting the u.s. death toll from covid, that could climb just above 224,000 by november. that is up by 16,000 from a prior forecast due to rising infections in hospitalizations in a lot of states. so the university of washington's institute for health metric and evaluation released its report on tuesday, which was also predicting the death toll could be reduced by 40,000 if nearly all americans wore masks in public. and over 224,000 covid deaths forecast in the u.s. by november 1st says university of washington's ihme new covid model projects nearly 180,000
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u.s. deaths. so the white house is working to distance itself from peter navarro's op-ed, criticizing dr. anthony fauci. the scathing piece was in "u.s. today." in it he said fauci was consistently wrong. the president chided navarro yesterday for writing the piece. >> he made a statement representing himself. he shouldn't be doing that. no, i have a very good relationship with anthony. thank you very much. thank you. >> so according go one white house official, the president's chief of staff mark meadows was not happy about navarro's op-ed and had to recently advise the white house to stand down on attacks against fauci. on "air force one" yesterday meadows said this, peter
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navarro's statement or op-ed, whatever you want to classify it as, was an independent action and was a violation of well-established protocols that was not supported overtly or covertly by anyone in the west wing some of when asked if it was a fireable offense, meadows said, quote, i don't talk about personnel matters. and in an interview with the "atlantic" published questioned, fauci questioned the behavior out of the white house and said attempts to speak against him only hurt the white house. watch this. >> it's bizarre. i cannot understand it. i can't figure out in my wildest dreams why they would want to do that. i think they realize now that was not a prudent thing to do because it only reflects negative loin them. i can't comment on navarro. he's in a world by himself, so i don't even want to go there. >> joining me now, political correspondent for "business
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insider," sonnem chef. let's address dr. fauci's point there in that he's saying this is only hurting the administration. give me your reaction to that. >> yeah, there's certainly merit to fauci's reaction that this is bizarre and it's hurting the admin strachlgts. he's a voice of the white house. to have another member of the white house basically come out and attack him the way navarro did is certainly very notable and doesn't reflect well on the administration because it signals there's no one coordinated strategy from the white house on dealing with the coronavirus. think this is also why we saw a
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string of statements from the white house and chief of staff mark meadows as you said basically distancing themselves from the op-ed. you know, we saw the president himself saying navarro shouldn't have published it and his op-ed was pretty much representing himself and not the white house. that said i would also note the "los angeles times" had some reporting out yesterday showing that trump himself authorized and encouraged navarro to write the op-ed which kind of eventually complicates the situation. i think it reports to more than anything else trump's continuing frustration with fauci's soaring reputation among the american public compared to trump's own reputation, which has clearly been tanking on this. >> so in a way the president has seen himself as teflon. he can't be affected by this. no matter what, he feels he can rise above and continue to maintain support, but in some of the most recent reporting, you
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point out the president has picked a fight he cannot win. >> right, exactly. the coronavirus as we look at it is just a different beast than the other controversies trump has faced throughout his presidency. if we look at the russia investigation, impeachment, they were sizeable, but their threat was contained largely to the president himself. the coronavirus, that's clearly not the case with the coronavirus. it's affected 34 million americans and killed over 130,000. so this isn't a crisis the president can message his way through as he has in the past. >> all right. sonam shef, thank you. we look at walmart and the largest supermarket chain, kroger man dating masks.
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costco and apple as well. walmart's mandate goes into effect july 20th. still ahead, prosecutors are asking the supreme court to rush a ruling matter to the lower courts. and the family of george floyd filing a new lawsuit against the city of minneapolis and the four officers charged in his death. those stories plus, of course, a check on your weather when we come back. eck on your w when we come back. to build unlimited right.
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welcome back. despite last week's defeat in the court, the president is continuing the fight against the release of his financial documents to a new york grand jury. in a joint filing in new york on wednesday, the president's attorneys told the judge they believe the subpoena for financial documents may have been issued in bad faith with an ulterior moment. cyrus vance who's up against the
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statute of limitations and is under investigation over hush money payments said he would refrain from enforcing the subpoena and give the president until july 27th to make his new arguments. the filing suggests there may be a battle over whether vance has to disclose more information about his investigation with the president's lawyer saying this. the president should not be required, for example, to litigation the subpoena's bre breadth or whether it was issued in bad faith without understanding the nature and scope of the investigation. so here to help us clear all of this up, joining me now, msnbc legal analyst danny sell see vas
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cevallos. take us through it. >> they're looking to slow down time any way they can, including a very technical argument that the case does not go back to the district court because there are 25 or more days under the rules. but trump needs to delay, delay, delay. that is their tactic here. while the new york district attorney could go forward, in all likelihood, the court will allow them to brief the issue, and the argument becomes does trump as a regular person and not the president have an argument that these subpoenas are too broad or they're arbitrary or a phishing expedition or otherwise issued in bad faith. be forewarned, this is a bad situation, trying to oppose the scope of the subpoena. >> is there any wagon to extend the statute of limitations here
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because of this job going battle? >> this is a really interesting unsettled area of the law, whether or not the statute of the law can be told or paused for a sitting president while he is in office or does it just continue to run during which time the local district attorney cannot prosecute the president. and if he runs out the clock, then the statute may expire. but it is an unsettled area of the law because we simply haven't had many prosecutions of presidents. we've had virtually none i can think of where this is an issue. so if it becomes an issue in the future, you can expect it will be a huge bat thal will go promptly to the supreme court, whether or not the president can run out the clock on a statute of limitations during his immunity period in the white house. >> so, danny, while i have you, i want to ask you about something else as well and that's george floyd and the lawsuit his family has filed. this federal lawsuit was filed
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wednesday against the city of minneapolis. the four police officers involved in his death over the improper use of lethal force. watch this. >> it was not just the knee of officer derek chauvin on george floyd's neck for 8 minutes and 46 seconds, but it was the knee of the entire minneapolis police department on the neck of george floyd that killed him, and with this lawsuit, we seek to set a precedence to make it financially prohibitive that the police won't woely kill, marginalize people, especially black people in the future. >> so is part of what you heard there, attorneys for the family
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are accusing the city of minneapolis of fostering a culture of excessive force, racism, and impunity without fear of retribution in the police department. the complaint, which does not specify damages sought, was filed just hours after the body cam videos of the officers involved in george floyd's death were released for public viewing. interim city attorney eric nielsen said the city is reviewing the lawsuit and will respond to it. attorneys for the officers have declined to comment so far. so, danny, talk us through here the criteria for a federal civil rights suit, for winning a civil rights suit. how high is this bar? >> it is very difficult to sue the government. generally the government has what's called sovereign immunity, but a federal statute called section 1983 allows you to sue police for a wrongful death in a situation like this.
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but even then, the liability of the moo is in palt, the city, is not automatic. in fact, it's only been since 1978 that the supreme court has allowed a path for plaintiffs to sue the municipality, the city, and the way do it is to show the city had a policy or practice ha led to the harm. so you don't automatically get liability against the city when you sue the officers, and that's really what you want. you want to bring in the city. you don't want to go off the officer's personal assets because they don't have the assets to cover a judgment. most humans don't have enough to cover in a wrongful death case. that's kwhie you're going to see benjamin crump strategically smartly talk about the city of minneapolis was complicit in the death because that goes a long way of proving their case under section 1983 and what's called a mon el plan. >> thank you, danny sell val
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lus. great to see you this morning. what we're learning this morning about a major twitter hack involving a lot of prominent figures including barack obama and joe biden. we're back in a moment. uding barack obama and joe biden we're back in a moment are you still at risk for a heart attack or stroke?
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possible side effects include muscle and joint pain. proven by science, fda approved. vascepa can reduce your risk and add cardio protection. call your doctor about vascepa today. welcome back. we're learning about a major breach at twitter. we're talking about joe biden, barack obama, elon musk being hacked yesterday. currency was sent to a bitcoin address which managed to receive more than $15,000. twitter removed the tweet shortly after being posted. the site also temporarily shut down verified accounts like the national weather service which was silenced during a tornado watch in illinois. last night twitter released a statement tweeting in part this. we detected what we believed to be a coordinated social
2:22 am
engineeing attack by people who targeted our employees with access to internal systems and tools. we're looking into what other malicious activity they may have conducted or accessed. we'll share more as we have it. the f fbi also said it was awar of the report as well. also, supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg has been released from the hospital after being treated for an infection. a spokesperson said she was home and doing well. the 87-year-old went into the hospital in d.c. monday night with fee fehr and chills. she was sent to a horde at johns hopkins for a procedure to clean out a stent that was replaced last year when treating for a tomb russ cancer on her pancreas. when asked about her health, mark meadows said, i cannot
2:23 am
imagine if trump had a vacancy on the supreme court he would not quickly make a report and take quick answer. the senate said we're glad ruth bader ginsburg is well and out of the hospital. all right. let's switch gears here and get a first look at your forecast with nbc meteorologist bill karins. good morning, bill. >> good thursday morning to you, yasmin. typical july headlines. we're going to have thunderstorms to deal with and severe weather, and the heat will get pretty epic toward the weekend. this is typically the hottest weekend annually and this weekend is steaming. last night we had storms in illinois. we had three tornadoes, a lot of wind damage, large hail. and now those storms have weakened. a little bit of rain this morning for our friends this morning from toledo to detroit. storms from erie to cleveland to buffalo and they'll push through
2:24 am
new york state around 7:00, 8:00, a few storms also in west virginia. let's go nr that record today, washington, d.c. we've come this far. we might as well do it. we've had 20 days in a row at reagan national airport of 90-plus. today's going to be a close call. the forecast is actually 89, so a little drama building. if we hit 90 today, we'll easily get there friday, saturday, sunday, monday. you see the heat building in the nation's capitol. it's hot in the south. humid. brutal around shreveport, little rock. moving through memphis, areas of mississippi and alabama. today some of the hot spots, little rock will feel like 109, tampa, 107. just a broken record for the southern half of the country. here it comes spreading into the east. d.c. will feel like 90.
2:25 am
charlotte, 102. new york city, 92, 93, 92. it looks like a heatwave brewing in the northeast. that's one area that's been spared so far, yasmin, but not this weekend. >> all right. thank you, bill. city aid head, everybody, we're digging into the trump campaign shakeup. the president has replaced his campaign manager. also some of hissal lies are warning of blowback as trump's remarks escalate on joe biden's fitness. we're back in a moment. e biden' fitness. we're back in a moment at the golden opportunity sales event. lease the 2020 es 350 for $359 a month for 36 months. experience amazing at your lexus dealer.
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welcome back, everybody. i'm yasmin vossoughian. we're going to begin this half hour with major shakeup in the trump campaign. with only four months till election and lagging poll numbers, the president announced on twitter brad parscale had been demoted, replaced by bill stepien, who was just named deputy campaign manager back in may. the president said parscale will now be a senior adviser and continue to lead the campaign's digital strategy. in "the new york times" it's stated the changes were made in the last couple of days and was to be announced later this morning, but reporters started getting news late overnight. haberman said per skal was caught by surprise and learned of the changes only a short time before they became public. nbc news has learned other top
2:30 am
staff were also caught off guard. the "washington post" reporting some officials were questioning why he was staying in florida instead of virginia where the campaign is headquarters. trump was upset over how much money brad parscale was making, but the consensus was the biggest toll he suffered in trump's eyes was the tulsa rally when there were thousands of empty seats after parscale announced the hype of several seats. stepien landed a job with the 2016 trump camp doing feed operations. when trump won, he became white house political director serving
2:31 am
in that role as trump made gaines. the "washington post" is saying he's known for his low key style and knowledge of battleground states. one person who worked with him told politico this in 2017. he's willing to do whatever it takes to protect the boss. and trump's campaign is moving forward with attacks on joe biden's mental fitness, and he's being warned it could backfire. ads against the post showed polling why it was not the right move but trump has overridden them and said pushing toward attack ads and portraying him as senile according to those familiar with the matter, they've been running facebook
2:32 am
ads. trump, his top advisers and family members have shown videos portraying bind confused, stumbling over his word. trump said expect this line of attack to continue through the rest of the warace. a person familiar with it said biden would be the oldest sitting president and it's fair game. joining us once again, sona sonam sheth. let's talk about the shakeup, taking parscale off the top of the ticket, being the campaign manager and replacing him with stepien. what have you learned about why this happened and what happened here. >> this kind of feels like 2016 all over again.
2:33 am
we all know trump likes to be his own campaign manager and own spokesperson, and we know he's been frustrated with parscale for months over what trump sees as his inability to keep low profile. he's privately blown up at parscale over his own tanking numbers. in many ways, the shakeup was a long time coming. said, parscale is not the reason trump's re-election bid is falling right now. he's losing voter support because of his administration's decision to not take the coronavirus seriously early on. while the shakeup might personally soothe trump, it might make his campaign -- it might make the president feel better about his campaign in the short run, it remains to be seen whether his numbers will improve just because he changed his
2:34 am
campaign manager. prodly what would need to happen for his standing to improve would be for his administration to dramatically shift its strategy on managing the pandemic because that's at the forefront of what's on most voters' minds now. >> you brought up 2016. it was june of 2016 when trump replaced corey lewandowski with his new campaign manager, paul manafort. let's talk about the attacks on joe biden i addressed a little earlier. do you think this approach is going to back fifire? >> the trump campaign's strategy is to throw everything at the wall and see if anything sticks. not going to help in attacking joe biden. we know trump himself is no stranger, you know, to receiving allegations that he is not
2:35 am
mentally fit for office, and so it could potentially open the door for biden's camps and other democratic operatives to pull up old footage, to pull up trump's own comment to note that the president himself may not be fit for office. politically, it may not be seen as the best move. these attacks are coming amid a recent polling showing bind soaring over trum. we saw a poll from quinnipiac university that shows trump's economic approval rating has cratered 15 points in just one month. that's something because trump has said, i am the guy to get the economy on back t guy you can trust. according to this polling, voters don't see it that way. so it's certainly questionable for the trump campaign to focus on biden's mental fitness instead of the economy and managing the coronavirus
2:36 am
pandemic that are at the forefront of voters right now. >> all right. sonam sheth this morning. great to see you. dr. anthony fauci is responding back. nbc news correspondent geoff bennett has the details on this. >> reporter: president trump distancing himself from his top adviser peter navarro, who wrote a scathing takedown on dr. anthony fauci. >> he made a statement representing himself. he shouldn't be doing that. no. i have a very good relationship with anthony. >> reporter: dr. anthony fauci has a good bedside manner with the public, he said, but he has been wrong with everything i have interacted with him on. a white house spokesperson said the op-ed didn't go through normal white house clearance offices. but there's little doubt navarro's broad side represents
2:37 am
president trump's own frustration with fauci. fauci's warnings about the pandemic often conflicting with the president's pressure to reopen the country. a top trump aide posted a cartoon mocking fauci. the white house provided a document to reporters aimed at damaging his reputation. fauci calls the behavior bizarre. >> i cannot figure out in my wildest dreams why they would want to do that. i think they realize now that was not a prudent thing to do because it's only reflecting negatively on them. >> reporter: and saving a few choice words. >> i can't explain peter navarro. he's in a world by himself. i don't even want to go there. speaking of an event,
2:38 am
senator mitch mcconnell expressed his confidence in dr. anthony fauci. >> the pandemic hit, and we, like all of you, had never seen anything like this, not certain what we can do other than turn on the health officials that we depend on, and that's dr. anthony fauci and dr. birx. >> when asked what his confidence level is with dr. fauci, he said total. still ahead, why he says he couldn't have caught the coronavirus at trump's rally in tulsa. your first look at "morning joe" coming up next. back in a moment. k at "morning " coming up next back in a moment from prom dresses...
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got tested yesterday for covid-19, and the results came back positive, so i feel fine.
2:42 am
i felt a little bit achy yesterday. i was pretty shocked that i was the first governor to get it. not thinking about a mask mandate at all. we want to give businesses the freedom. i know some businesses are mandating masks. that's great. but you can't pick and choose what freedoms you're going to give to people. i hesitate to mandate something that's a problematic force. >> that was oklahoma governor kevin stitt yesterday confirming he has tested posted for covid, making hum the first u.s. governor to contract the virus. just last month he attended the rally in tulsa but maintained it was too long ago to have gotten sick. the state continues to see an increase in coronavirus cases and hospitalizations.
2:43 am
the mask order is on in alabama. you must wear a mask within less than six feet of someone in your household, in an uber, outdoor space where ten or more have gathered. hospital icus are experiencing an overwhelming number of patients, noting last week, 87% of the beds were full. georgia's governor brian kemp extended his mandate. so despite cases spiking in georgia, kemp's excessive order recommends face coverings rather than mandating them.
2:44 am
he said, quote, it would be a bridge too far and unenforceable. the measure could improve the state's legal standing against a string of city's in georgia that have defied kilometer p's order by requiring masks. let's get a check on the stats with bill karins. the numbers are staggering across much of the south. >> yeah. this isn't just texas, california, florida anymore. the community spread is becoming pretty evident in a lot of different states. let me take you through what happened yesterday. the second most cases reported in one single day. it was only a couple hundred away from breaking the record. 71,750. and here's the part that was staggering to me. 17 states reported over 1,0 th, cases. that's a record. new york state, by the way, was 999, which was an uptick for new york state. so it just goes to show, you
2:45 am
know, the community spread is moving through the country. the new seven-day average is up to 65,107. that's how many cases we've been averaging over the last seven days. that's increased 11,000 in one week alone. and as far as the death rate, we lost another 1,000 americans yesterday, 1,001 was officially the number. you notice the death rate average is up to 760. the last time it was that high was june 15th. now we're continuing see an uptick in fatalities. let's get to your weekend forecast. i know this is the hottest time of the year. we've got a few storms going through the northeast on friday a thnd then the heat becomes the story in the middle of the country where it could become 95 in kansas city, 90 in d.c. even by sunday we'll see the 90s in the northeast. there's no escaping the heat. yasmin, it's amazing. a few months ago people were
2:46 am
hoping the peak of the heat season would wipe away the virus and give us a break. just the opposite. >> we have the answer to that now. thank you, bill zwriel ahead, e about, what security experts are calling the most significant hacking incident in twitter's history steers followers to send money. the story driving your business day coming up. the stordry iving your business day coming up. (vo) touch and go. handwriting recognition and the audi a4. get exceptional offers at your local audi dealer. with spray mopping to lock away debris and absorb wet messes, all in one disposable pad. just vacuum, spray mop, and toss. the shark vacmop, a complete clean all in one pad. walk to end alzheimer's alzheis everywhere.tion on every sidewalk, track, and trail across this country.
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follower, you saw what took place yesterday, a twitter hack including kanye west, joe biden, bill gates as well. julianna tatelbaum joins us. this was stunning to watch. i saw the tweet from joe biden and was fairly confused as to what was happening there. tell us about this data breach. >> yasmin, i had the same experience. i caught it on elon musk's page.
2:50 am
he's notorious for sending tw t tweets on his own, but this was a hack. dozens of profile twitter accounts were hacked telling tweet followers to send bitcoin to a specific address. you named a few of those affects, kanye west, elon musk, joe biden, jeff bezos to name a few. twitter came out yesterday and said its investigation uncovered employees ed employee
2:51 am
it tries to weather the storm with regard to the coronavirus talk us through this >> so the airline sector as we discussed many times, hard hit by the pandemic and now american airlines has sent a memo to employees that they may furlough 25,000 employees they're hoping to reduce the numbers but warning it could be
2:52 am
that severe and those would begin october 1st. >> that is massive julianna tatelbaum, live from london for ugs, thanks so much. up next a look at axios' one big thing. and as cases of coronavirus surge, a look at six positive developments to remind us there is hope. "morning joe" is moments away. a majority of adults who took ozempic® reached an a1c under 7 and maintained it. here's your a1c. oh! my a1c is under 7! (announcer) and you may lose weight. adults who took ozempic® lost on average up to 12 pounds. i lost almost 12 pounds! oh! (announcer) for those also with known heart disease, ozempic® lowers the risk of major cardiovascular events such as heart attack, stroke, or death. it lowers the risk. oh! and i only have to take it once a week. oh!
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welcome back everybody, joining me now nicholas johnson. great to see you, give us axios' one big thing. >> it's trump's summer shakeup, how he's setting up to lose his re-election, something his advisers have known, the family has known, and the president now knows it. folks we talked to said the
2:56 am
president had been rattled by a series of fox news that showed him losing and his favorite host saying the president was in danger of losing the election. yesterday he promoted his manager brad pascal, not fired, he knows too much he's just promoted. and the deputy campaign manager, a big thing we know, is that candidate management, working with the president trying to steer him, keep him on message. it's worth noting that jared kushner remains important in the campaign behind the scenes. he told pascal that he was on the outs. something else to keep in mind, a republican as far as who was running the campaign, there is one person and that's the person who works in the oval office
2:57 am
every day, president trump himself. and it's sort of steering the man who sees himself in charge of the campaign, how to keep him on message. so what's the message next? continue to focus on urban crime? they think they can win back suburban voters based on joe biden's defund and reform. and they're trying to push forward catch joe biden in gaffes. and pushing for debates in the fall. they think if president trump is on the debate stachge with joe biden he'll be able to get some wins. >> i want to the address the fallout from twitter and the major security breech yesterday, talk us through this. >> a number of prominent accounts were hacked in the
2:58 am
bitcoin scam. i think what's striking is how bad it wasn't. these are verified accounts, the only way they were nannefarious used was to get bitcoins in accounts. what's frightening is to imagine what it could have been. we're using twitter, journalists, world leaders and political leaders, use twitter. imagine what a hack it could have been. there are many -- on the -- portal -- even but if you hacked accounts from leaders like president trump or the middle east. i think that's a question, how serious was the hack, how much information were the hackers able to get into and is it a
2:59 am
problem that's been solved. >> great to see you this morning, nicholas johnson. you can sign up at for the newsletter. i'm yasmin vossoughian, "morning joe" starts now. >> good morning and welcome to morning joe it's thursday, july 16th. we have a lot to discuss this morning. the number of coronavirus cases continues to grow daily. and now hospitals in the state of florida are becoming overwhelmed. in miami-dade, the state's most populous county, at least ten hospitals are out of icu beds. meanwhile it seems the who is is rethinking the strategy from the past few days of trying to discredit dr. anthony fauci. with both president trump and chief of staff mark meadows distancing the administration from trade adviser peter navarro's op-ed criticizing the top disease expert and now dr.
3:00 am
fauci, well, he spoke yesterday, taking it all in stride. >> it is a bit bizarre. i don't fully understand it, cannot figure out in my whooild wildest dreams why they would want to do that, but i think they realize that was not a prudent thing to do. i can't explain peter navarro, he's in a world himself so i don't want to go there. >> joe is off, by the way, but willie, great reaction from dr. fauci. brushing it off. the bottom line is he has credibility. >> he's been saying things like this the last several days. he said all the talk from the white house, the reporting we've been doing that shows the white house is openly going after dr. fauci just reflects poorly on them, that's the way dr. fauci said it. you wonder how long he can continue to do that before he


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