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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  July 19, 2020 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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hey there, i'm joshua johnson. good to be with you from nbc world headquarters in new york will it take us over an hour to fairly fact check his interview with fox news. he challenged the president on
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several fronts including his handling of the coronavirus pandemic >> you have embers and we do have flames. florida became more flame like, but it's going to be under control. many of those cases are young people that would heal in a day. they have the sniffles and we put it down as a test. take a look at europe. take a look at the numbers in europe >> the cases are 6,000 in the whole european union >> they don't test they don't test like we do >> is it possible they don't have the virus as possible >> it's possible they don't test i want people to have a certain freedom and i don't believe in that i don't agree with the statement that if everybody wear a mask that everything would disappear. i'll be right eventually i will be right. it's going to disappear. it's going to disappear. i'll be right. >> the president threatened to with hold federal funding on key issues including reopening school campuses this fall and removing the name of con ffedere
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generals from military bases the confederate battle flag was among the topics >> they are not talk about racism they love their flag it represents the south. they like the south. people like the south. we can't forget the north and the south fought we have to remember that otherwise we'll end up fighting it again i don't kwhcare what the militay say. ft. bragg is a big deal. we won two world wars. nobody knows general brag. now they want to change 1492 columbus discovered america. we all did that. now they want to make it the 1619 project where did that come from what does it represent >> slavery >> they don't even know. >> for the record, ft. bragg whereas not completed until the year after world war i ended braxton brag was known for losing battles and shooting his own officers 1619 was the year that african
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slaves were brought to this continent and no columbus did not discover america that's the second time he said that one lately. mr. trump also maintained his stance on sending federal officers to portland, oregon against the wishes of its governor and mayor we are live in portland, just ahead. the president weighed in on the 2020 election. remember in 2016 when he said that he would keep us in suspense on conceding the election if voters chose hillary clinton. >> i understand. we still have more than 100 days to this election at this point, you're losing >> first of all, i'm not losing because those are fake polls let's go down. joe and i will take a test let him take the same test that i took >> i took the test too when i heard that you passed it it's not the hardest test. it's an elephant >> you see, that's all misrepresentation. >> that's what was on the web. can you give a direct answer you will accept the election
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>> i have to see i have to see. i'm not going to say yes i'm not going to say that. i didn't last time either. >> we'll begin this hour with the president's wide ranging interview with fox chris wallace. it was at times a dizzying array of falsehood, misdirections and reversals. at other times mr. trump got testy when pressed to verify his statements it gives us quite a bit to unpack and debunk let's start with what the president said about coronavirus. joing us are josh letterman at the white house and msnbc medical contributor dr. patel. josh, president trump was asked about the recent smears of dr. anthony fauci including a political cartoon that depicted him as dr. faucet. here is what the president said. >> why on earth would your administration be involved in campaign, at this point, to discredit dr. fauci, who is the nation's top infectious disease spirit >> because we're not
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if one man from my administration doesn't like him because he made a few mistakes he said don't wear a mask. he told me not to ban china. it would be a big mistake. i did it over and bovr his recommendation he said you saved tens of thousands live, more than that he said you saved tense of thousands of lives dr. fauci made some mistakes i spoke to him yesterday at length i have a very good relationship with dr. fauci >> what were the big take a way regarding the administration covid-19 plan? >> reporter: the president on defensive forced to reckon a lot of his statements about the coronavirus that didn't turn out to be correct. he was pressed hard on this repeated claim that we heard from the president that the increased rates of coronavirus that we're seeing across the country can really be chocked up to the fact we're doing a good job of doing more testing. fox news pushing the president on the fact that yes we're doing
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more testing but we're seeing more positive tests among the tests that we are doing. the president pivoting in that instance, trying to talk about well a will the of those positive cases are kid and suggesting they are not serious and should not be counted as positive cases even though we know kids and are affected by the coronavirus in harmful ways. when it comes to drc. pauscfauce president seems to be further muddying the waters about whether his team is on the same page you heard him in that clip saying both things at the same time saying we have great team. we're all on the same page he gets along well with fauci but going ahead and ticking off a list of past statements by fauci that the white house has previously circulated by two reporters and an attempt to undermine fauci and make the point he's given incorrect
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information before the cdc who the president raised on this interview whether they are on the same page as we head into this next phase of responding to the pandemic >> any response to the claims the president made >> reporter: saying that president trump doesn't know what he's talking about as well as the statement from his campaign spokeswoman responding to this interview specifically and saying there's one candidate in this race who has failed to keep the american people safe this year, donald trump. going on in that statement to say the american people know it and in november they are going to vote to put a president in the white house who will take responsibility, bring us together and lead us out of this crisis >> there's one clip we wanted you to fact check. there's three claims made in this clip fa could use your
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expertise. watch. >> we have more tests by far than any country in the world. >> sir, testing is up 37%. >> that's good >> i understand. cases are up 194%. it isn't just the testing has gone up, it's that the virus has spread the positivity rate has increased. it's worse than it was >> many of those cases are young people that would heal in a day. they have the sniffles and we put it down as a test. many of them, don't forget, i guess it's like 99.7%, people are going to get better and in many cases they will get better very quickly >> okay. let's whip through these one at a time first, the president seays the case numbers are up because we're doing more testing the implication being the pandemic looks worse than it really is and we're conflating more surveillance of the outbreak with the outbreak getting worse. is that argument valid or
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invalid? >> it's not true we know this because quite the opposite we need to be doing more testing. you can't look at the sheer numbers. you have to look at the numbers relative to the size of the actual epidemic. the united states is going through an incredible nationwide hot spot with positive rates in some areas as high as 1 in four. 25% and this is an accepted standard in public health that you are not doing enough testing until you have detected anywhere from one to four percent of a positivity rate. it's sheerly invalid by numbers. >> second, the president argues that many of the young people testing positive will heal in day or so and their contribution to the statistical case load is over blown because their
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symptoms are mild and they recover quickly. valid or invalid in. >> invalid not true yet again again, depending on where you live, you can see anywhere from half of the cases, new cases being attributed to people 50 years or younger however, even in those young age groups, even in the healthy quote unquote age groups we're seeing record numbers of hospitalizations and even more troubling, record death rates. just the keep in mind being in a younger age group does not make you invincible and if i can stress one fact more than anything, it's the fact that we are now seeing chronic effects of people who had no symptoms but were positive when we checked for the virus. we still do not understand the implications and it's not reduced to the sifls or to a one day course of illness. simply not true. >> i know we could play this game all day but there's one more claim we wanted to fact
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check. the president claimed that all of the cases end with people recovering quickly and that less than half a percent of all cases transpire otherwise. briefly before we let you go, true or false? >> false not only do we know that the statistics so far that depending on your age, for example, one in three people over the age of 70 have chronic consequence after weeks of hospitalizations. we are still really in the throws of ththro throes of this i can't stress how important this virus is. >> thank you both for starting us off local governments continue to adjust their responses to coronavirus. the responses can be vastly different. on friday, california's governor ordered the majority of schools to close their campuses. most campuses will have online only classes
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california has more than 382,000 confirmed cases. in florida, some state leaders are renewing pressure to issue a statewide order to require face masks. the governor has not done so florida's confirmed case load is above 350,000. scott, let's start with you. what's the latest in california? >> well, we are still seeing a situation that is getting worse and officials trying to get it under control. this is one aspect of it it's a testing site in watsonville which is about 90 miles south of san francisco it's one of the testing sites that's here to try to target the latino community we know statistically the latino community is vulnerable, more vulnerable to the virus than the population as a whole. this site has been fairly quiet as of yet. watsonville is about 84%
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hispanic and yet is about a third of the population of santa cruz county but accounts for more than half of the positive cases. they are trying to improve the testing rates and statewide, california has done fairly well on that by the numbers first priority goes to those hospital sized or possibly exposed to the coronavirus then people who have symptoms or are at risk of getting symptoms. then essential workers and finally, everybody else with the idea that they do that and one they get the turn around rate on the tests down to 48 hours we're not anywhere close to that
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yet. that means of hospitals here they have been dealing with this for more than six months >> we have been in this heightened state since january it takes a toll on our nurses. there's estimation that 40% of the people are asymptommatic and have coronavirus everybody that comes in is a coronavirus carrier or spreader, for lack of a better word. >> reporter: in california, hospitalization rates have gone up more than 20% in the last two weeks. joshua >> let's head over to you in orlando. what about florida how is it doing right now? >> reporter: this weekend the state of florida has crossed 5,000 confirmed deaths from covid-19 as well as 350,000 confirmed cases. take a look at the numbers the
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state released yesterday more than 12,470 positive tests. another 300 or so hospitalizations week to week the numbers continue to go up. this week compared to the prior 7-day period, there was significantly more deaths, hospitalizations and positive tests. the state is testing more. today it's a little quiet behind me here in orlando the state positivity test rate is still about 12% it's been hanging at that figure for a few weeks now. local leaders, some of them, are pressuring the governor, ron desantis to try to get limb himo impose more mandates maybe roll back some of the openings he is resisting that he says he prefers a bottom up approach the mayor of miami beach, florida instituted a curfew this weekend. 8:00 p.m. to try to stop people
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from congregating and he's expressing frustration today that the state, itself, is not doing more to slow the spread of the virus. >> we are a destination center that tends not to do social distancing we have a crowd based economy in some respects but right now we all have to govern ourselves differently. cautiously, carefully and mindful there's virus in our community. i wish the government and the president would join us in telling people perhaps what they don't want the hear but what they need to hear. it's time to wear a mask you must wear mask it's time to not have these social interactions which are spreading the virus. >> despite the governor not putting in place any of those mandates, many county, many private businesses are putting in mandates for mandatory masks. the governor did roll back the bar openings right now bars are not open but indoor restaurants, gyms,
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theaters, things of that nature they are wide open across the state an democratic lawmakers have been asking the governor to put in a mask mandate which he is resisting >> as a graduate of the university of miami, i cannot imagine south beach shutting down at 8:00 p.m thanks very much in portland, oregon tensions continue to escalate between protesters and federal officers as well as between the trump administration and state and local leaders. this morning the president tweeted that the federal presence is meant to help portland he wrote that the city's leadership lost control of the protesters who he referred to as anarchists he reiterated the comments during his interview >> if you look at what's gone on in portland, those are anarch t anarchis anarchists we have taken a tough stand. if we didn't take that stand, right now you would have a
12:18 pm
problem like -- they were going to lose portland >> this morning portland's mayor told cnn the presence of federal troops in the city is making things worse >> take these people out of our city they are not helping us. they are hurting us. they are escalating an already dangerous situation. >> calls have been growing to remove federal agents who have taken to st streets using tear gas or some similar chemical on protesters and pulling some of them into unmarked vans. what's the latest? have things calmed down. >> reporter: it's been flash point in this ongoing confrontation between federal officers, unmarked and protesters they are setting up the security barrier. prote protesters tore the barrier down now they are setting it back up
12:19 pm
again bracing for the possibility of more violence the mayor speaking out today on cnf state of the union saying the presence of unmarked federal agents set by the department of homeland skuecurity is making it worse. take a listen. >> take these people out of our city they are not helping us. they are escalating an already dangerous situation and what i want to do is raise awareness nationally this could happen in your city and what we're seeing is a blatant abuse of police tactics by the federal government, by trump administration that's falling in the polls this is a direct threat to our democracy. >> reporter: president trump saying that he is saving port la portland and anarchists would have taken over the city
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she's asking for a temporary restraining order to prevent the unlawful detention of protesters joshua >> thank you much more to come here on msnbc. the tributes continue to the late congressman and civil rights icon, john lewis. a beautiful memorial is growing in the congressional district he served for three decades we're live in atlanta, next. if you're 55 and up, t- mobile has a plan built just for you. we want you to get the value and service you need to stay connected.
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extreme heat is hitting the midwest and the northeast today. temperatures are in the 90s. the humidity makes it feel like 100 or hotter in many places heat advisories are in effect in boston, new york, d.c., mashville, st. louis and elsewhere. a high pressure system over the u.s., sometimes called a heat dome is behind all of this the trend could last for the next several days. the nation continues to pay tribute to the late congressman john lewis murals and tributes have gone up
12:25 pm
across the country in his honor. he died on friday at the age of 80 after fighting pancreatic cancer it's unclear what's next for safely honoring him. typically he would lie in state at the capital is it safe to do that now? priscilla thompson is in atlanta. have we learned anything more? could he still lie in state given the pandemic >> reporter: folks are hoping that he can. the new york times reporting this morning that congressional leaders are look at the possibility of that. the question is going to be how to do that safely. obviously, we are in the middle of a global pandemic and the capital is closed to the public. while people do feel like he is deserving of that high honor, it remains to be seen whether that will happen or whether it will look differently like an out door ceremony or something like that given what's going on with
12:26 pm
covid-19 i do want to add one more thing. i was speaking with representatives here in atlanta about what services could look like here. i'm told they are gipi inbeginno think about that but the real consideration is that c.t. vivian also passed away last week they want to be sure the community has an opportunity to honor both of those men and celebrate their lives, each of their lives. >> thank you for mentioning reverend vivian. dr. king once surprised him as the greatest preacher he ever heard. how is congressman lewis district honoring him today. looks like the memorial behind you is growing >> reporter: growing by large numbers. there was probably one row of flowers here when we were here yesterday. today that has already grown to about three. a huge out pouring of love and support here sometimes when you see these
12:27 pm
memorials, there's a lot of crying and grief 90% of the cards and the signs and notes that have been left here say two very important words on them. thank you. a big thank you to representative lewis for all that he did for this community and also messages of telling him to go home and find his rest find his peace and the other thing that is really stuck out to me here is the number of parents who have brought their children to bear witness to what they are calling history happening in realtime. i want you to take a listen to what some of those parents told me about the importance of bringing their children here today. listen in. >> we really want them to understand and see it first hand and understand who he was and that it wasn't just somebody that you read about in books but somebody who was a significant part of the atlanta community. >> all of these great lis tor y -- historians they brought us to this point.
12:28 pm
who will take the mantel it may be him. >> reporter: they are emphasizing the power of the vote which we know john lewis fought so hard for many of them saying one of the best ways to honor his legacy during an election year is to cast the ballot in november. joshua >> i heard that last father say who will take the mantle, maybe his son. that would probably be one of the ways he would want them to take that on thank you. still ahead, maryland's republican governor slams president trump's response to the pandemic but do his c constituents agree the president reiterate his threats to school, open the campuses or lose your federal funding. we'll get reaction from the head of a district that already decided it cannot safely go back to campus. are you tired of clean clothes that just don't smell clean?
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maryland is among the states seeing coronavirus cases surging.
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it reported 925 new cases today. that's its biggest single day total since may. maryland has more than 78,000 confirmed cases of covid-19 and more than 3300 known deaths. governor larry hogan, a republican, is blaming the trump administration for down playing the severity of this crisis. he wrote in the washington post, i'm a gop governor why didn't trump help my state with coronavirus testing unquote. nbc julia jester is in baltimore's canton neighborhood. one of the areas with most infections in the state. how willing are residents there, if at all, to close businesses again in hopes of bending this curve? >> reporter: canton is in the top three zip codes in the state of maryland in term of total cases. nearly half of all new cases are of residents in their 20s and 30s. this area is a popular spot for
12:34 pm
young professionals. i spoke with manager that voluntarily closed down for ten days after a staffer had coronavirus for testing and clean pg ing in the hopes takin precautionary measure we could av avoid another shutdown >> i am worried he might shut us down again i'm hoping he's not. he's trying the best to keep every one in their jobs because he wants every one to make money. it's hard to not make money. unplo unemployment, i know it's hard to get it these days keeping the communities safe as much as we can right now >> reporter: hogan has said he does not want to have to shut down the economy again and the key to that, in addition to social distancing and public health measures is testing as you mentioned, joshua, he was
12:35 pm
quite critical of the trump administration in that op-ed wondering why maryland had to go at it alone. this week he was boasting the state's testing capacity saying that maryland has a stockpile to last through the fall and encourage every one to get tested especially young people who are engaging in what he calls in risky behavior in order to combat what is a concerning trend. joshua >> thanks. america's teachers will soon join health care workers on the front lines of the coronavirus crisis that's despite uncertainty over the safety of reopening campuses this fall. president trump remains steadfast in his demand that campuses open. during an interview he threatened those schools and districts that refuse his demand >> i do say this, schools have to open. young people have to go to school there's problems when you don't
12:36 pm
go to school too there's going to be a funding problem. when they don't open their schools, we're not going to fund them we're not going to give them money if they're not going to school >> joining us is adrian battle director of metro public schools. welcome. >> hello, thank you. >> what do you make of the president's remark, particularly the threat about funding there are laws that govern how federal money moves to school districts. could the president legally do what he is threatening to do >> well, as you mentioned, there are laws that really determine how those funds come to local school districts our responsibility as local school districts is to ensure that as we're reopening for the fall that we can do so in safe, efficient and e quitable manor >> how could that affect student, teachers, staff,
12:37 pm
paraprofessionals in nashville public schools, who would feel the hurt the most in. >> our local decision has been to open virtually in august. we will do so keeping the priorities of our students and our educators at the forefront of what we do every day. we have been planning for weeks for a possible reopening face-to-face and due to our local context we're unable to do so with that information with what we're seeing in our data here locally, we will reopen and we will do so virtually utilizing and maximizing the resources that we can. we welcome any additional resources to help us to reopen our school facilities and school buildings in the near future when it's safe for us to do so >> i guess i'm wondering if federal fund sg a significant part of what nashville needs to keep the public schools open and whether or not losing that funding, if the federal government could take it away, whether losing that funding would have a tangible impact
12:38 pm
>> the majority of our funding comes from the local an state government we welcome additional funds that will help us reopen safely when we're able to do so. we really rely on the majority of our funding coming from the local and state government and really just maximizing those investments to provide our students a high quality education. >> you mentioned that nashville families will still be able to keep their kids at home for remote learning. we have seen remote learning is not always an option for students some don't perform add well when learning at home how is your district ensuring that students, especially those already struggling before coronavirus don't fall further behind if they are doing school from home? >> to your point, there's probably not any model that can replace the face-to-face
12:39 pm
learning environment for our students over the last several months we have surveyed our parents. we reached out to stakeholders to help us create an initiate plan as we're facing a virtual reopening. locally in nashville, public schools, we are providing all of our students in need with a device we're also providing our students with connectivity through hot spots. our mayor here in nashville did commit part of our cares act funds to ensure that metro national public schools become a one to one technology district >> i doenl envy the task ahead but i hear you in saying that in person education is preferable i think that gets lost a lot in the discussion about schooling, as if schools don't want schools to reopen. i hope this works well for you in nashville thanks very much >> thank you coming up, high profile
12:40 pm
hacks. more than 100 twitter accounts were compromised in an online cash grab. how should you keep your account safe if your password includes your birthday or the word password, please stay tuned for our tips plus, racism and re-election. the president returns to a familiar play book as his poll numbers continue to slide. will his rhetorirec sonate this time around. that's all ahead stay close for bathroom odors that linger try febreze small spaces.
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baseball is getting back in play the yankees and mets will play in an exhibition version the fwams are bit of a dress rehearsal for the start of the regular season on thursday tonight, the white sox will play the cubs the phillies play the orioles and the dodgers play the diamondbacks twitter has been hacked
12:44 pm
before but never like this a bitcoin scam targeted more than 100 high profile accounts those included joe biden, bill gates, kanye west and jeff bezos. >> unidentified hackers used the accounts to ask people to send them bitcoin promising to double their money. scamming them out of over 100,000 there are. twitter says it's cooperating with the fbi and taking steps to ensure this doesn't happen fwen calling it a coordinated social engineering attack by people who successfully targeted some of our employees with access to internal systems >> according to the new york times the hackers were young people their interests in rare online screen names like screen names with one letter brought them together the times report does not point to any links to foreign governments. the main attacker known as kirk seemed mostly unknown before this hack. some hackers are out of make
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don't use phone numbers or birthdays or letters on the keyboard and for god sake, don't use the word password in your password also, never reuse a password on more than one app. i know it's a lot to remember but you can store all of them and get suggestions for stronger passwords in your web browser. there's secure password manager apps like last pass or dashlane. do yourself a favor, go take care of this right now silicon valley insider say twitter got lucky this time. that luck will not last. >> these attackers quibble of stealing the f-1 and taking it to a joyride and crashing it into a telephone pole four minutes later. there's so much damage that could have been done ahead, how might the c
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. is the confederate flag offensive? >> it depends on who you're talking about, when you're talking about. when people had their confederate flags, they're not talking about racism they love their flag they like the south. people like the south. i say it's freedom of many things but it's freedom of speech >> you're not offended by it >> i'm not offended by black lives matter that's freedom of speech >> for the second of time president trump cited freedom of speech in defend displaying the confederate battle flag. he might veto the bill that funds the u.s. military if the
12:52 pm
bill includes renaming bases that are named for confederate generals c confederate officers committed treason. that's accurate. he called for a hard look at renaming the bases but the president is the commander in chief so how does this shake out? >> first of all, thank you for having me. the president is not only at odds with his military officials and military leaders, he out of step with much of the american public who see us as worshipping former enslavers and white supremacists at this point in time it's time to move forward.
12:53 pm
>> we have seen nascar ban if confederate balt fl confederate battle flag, mississippi removed it what is the point of president trump not following suit >> we know what this is about especially the closer we get to election day and you see the poll numbers starting to slip. the one thing that donald trump has in his back pocket and front pocket and his happlapel pocket culture war. as long as he can appeal to his base, the race basic no rant folks, those who see the browning of america. to engage with the ugly past, those are on race aggrieved, those folks that's what he has as long as he comes out and says
12:54 pm
i'm offended, we know what that's about it's not just a dog whistle. it's a human whistle he said are we going to name it after the reverend al sharpton it's not so veiled attempt at nudge and speaking to his people who love him regardless. >> i guarantee rev will have something to say about that at 5:00 p.m i guarantee it you and i both know what this is about. let's not play games e know what this is. you travel the country a lot more than i travel it. i wonder what your sense is of whether or not this will work. here is another clip from the interv interview of the president offering this response with regard to police killings of african-americans. >> many whites are killed also many, many whites killed i hate to say it but this is
12:55 pm
going on for decades this is going on for a long time long before i got here >> to be clear, statistically more whites are killed in raw numbers but blacks are likely to be killed in encounters with police i think the president's political opponents are crossing their fingers and praying this does not win donald trump a second term, but it worked for him in 2016. what's the say it won't work again this year? >> if there's one thing that's been true and true throughout history is there's always a backlash many people would argue we got donald trump because we had president obama and there's some people in america who simply could not stomach the idea of this black man with a name barack obama achieving the actual coveted position of the white house. when you think about just how tense this environment is, there's no telling the backlash will come whether
12:56 pm
through a culture war or something else that thing is for sure >> i appreciate you coordinating with me today. i didn't even have to send you an e-mail. we worked it out >> i see you >> thanks. much more to come in our next hour. the housing crisis is getting deeper during this pandemic. where do things stand and how much help with can we expect pfe federal government look here, it's your very own all-in-one
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hey, there i'm joshua johnson good to be with you headlines. another chaotic night. what is the law say about all this president trump versus the cdc. new reports suggest the president is trying to stop billions of dollars in funding the agency needs to fight coronavirus. we'll see what he is saying today about who is responsible for the pandemic response and why he says a payroll tax cut must be part of any new stimulus bill we begin in portland where officials are telling president trump's federal police to go home that follows scenes like this of unidentified officers picking protests off the street and putting them in unmarked vans. the officers are makin