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tv   All In With Chris Hayes  MSNBC  July 22, 2020 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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women are the movement. we've done enough now, so we can show that we can lead. so i'm here for it. i'm ready to see that. >> absolutely. rene montgomery, thank you very much. please thank your parents for me. we will have that cookout one day. i really appreciate. good luck and god bless you for what you are doing to get folks to vote. join me again tomorrow night. my guests will include house speaker nancy pelosi and former mayor pete buttigieg. all in starts right now. tonight on "all in," first portland, now chicago and albuquerque. the president sending more federal law enforcement to american cities. mad line all bright on the country's slight toward an authoritarian regime. plus, with just over a week until millions lose their covid
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support, republicans pause their infighting to suggest cutting unemployment benefits to just $100 a week. and he warned us, impeachment manager adam schiff, on reports that the president tried to get business for his golf resort through the american ambassador to britain when "all in" starts right now. good evening from philadelphia. i'm in for chris hayes. when a country starts to slip into facism, the way it often works is that it happens slowly over time. you start to see institutions and norms break down little by little. here in the united states with president donald trump, we have seen this slow chipping away of norms. but in the face of a raging pandemic, an economic recession, historic unrest, we're seeing it happen more than ever. the president restarted his daily coronavirus briefings yesterday. in the past, these briefings included doctors and scientists and public health officials who
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could dispense medical information. but now the president is appearing the loan. he's trying to control the virus by controlling the message. and the experts around him, the people the president and the public should be relying on and hearing from regularly to know what's happening and knowing what we should do to protect ourselves, well, they have been cut out. dr. anthony fauci said he had not been told about the return to the briefings, which he used to attend. quote, would you want me to say something that's directly contrary to what the president is doing? that's not helpful. then all of a sudden, you don't hear from me for a while. so the president has cut the scientists out of the public dialogue with the american people and even the experts know how to stay in line. he's on a campaign to force schools to reopen, but he's refusing to listen to anyone who might contradict him, including experts. he blocked robert redfield and
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others from testifying at a hearing tomorrow about how to safely reopen schools. when asked about this, a white house official said, quote, dr. redfield has testified on the hill at least four times over the last three months. we need our doctors focussed on the pandemic response. four times over three months. can't get the head of the cdc to congress. focussed on the response is what they want, not on safely opening schools for the nation's children. over 143,000 americans have now died since the beginning of this pandemic, and we're in the midst of a serious economic downturn, but instead of addressing it head-on, the president is busy trying to control the message to control his public image. but the norms is not just limited to his reaction of the coronavirus. voting, cornerstone of the democratic process, the thing that sets us apart from dictatorships with less than four months until the presidential election, donald trump is trying to break down
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our trust in our electoral system. he's deeply concerned about his prospects for re-election with joe biden leading nationally by an average of 8 points. so donald trump appears to be trying to delegitimize the election in advance of the election with a crusade against voting by mail. he said it will lead to the most corrupt election, in caps, in our nation's history. #riggedelection. he's talking in july about november's rigged election. you guess what's going to happen on election night. he's out there attacking the right of americans to vote. and then there is the crackdown on democratically-led cities. federal agents being dispatched against american protesters. it started in lafayette park. officers from multiple agencies violently cleared a group of
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pieceful p ful peaceful protesters. he allowed federal agents to use weapons of war, firing tear gas into a peaceful group of protesters in lafayette square. we know. our cameras were there. our reporters were there. now the same thing is happening in portland, oregon. armed federal forces patrolling the streets of that city. last night federal agents fired tear gas into a crowd of moms, a croup known as the wall of moms who stood behind -- between the agents and the demonstrators to protect the demonstrators, to protect the demonstrators from federal agents. i should tell you, we're going to speak to one of the founding members of that group later in this show. they're also grabbing protesters off the streets and throwing them into unmarked vehicles, detaining them without telling them why they are being arrested. now, listen to how the acting secretary of homeland security, chad wolf, tried to justify that on fox news. >> any time that you attack a
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federal facility such as a courthouse there in portland, that is a federal crime, attacking federal police officers, law enforcement officers, which they have done for 52 nights in a row is a federal crime. so the department, because we don't have that local support, that local law enforcement support, we are having to go out and proactively arrest individuals. >> did you hear that? proactively arresting individuals. proactively arresting individuals to, quote, hold them accountable. nbc news has been able to identify agents from immigration and customs and enforcement and customs and border protection on the streets of portland based on their uniforms. the department of homeland security confirmed yesterday that it has deplayed cvp officers from three military units. this is not normal. it's not normal. it is not the kind of thing that should happen in america. federal agents should not be
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dispatched to cities to round up american protesters. there is nothing about that that's right. according to yale historian, quote, this is a classic way that violence happened in author tan regimes. the people who are getting used to committing violence on the border are then brought in to commit violence against people in the interior. portland is not that close to canada, by the way. the president's only looking to expand what's happening in portland. he announced he will be sending hundreds of federal law enforcement officers to chicago to drive down violent crime. it's part of an initiative called operation legend. it will be coming to additional cities soon, according to the president, including albuquerque, new mexico. where are all those second amendment people? have they got anything to say
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about portland? the idea our federal government is using the guise of law and order, bringing in agents to suppress protests should be shocking to everyone's sensibilities. it is anti-american. it is anti-liberal. we saw it in the '60s. in hindsight, we know that what we saw in the '60s was clearly the wrong way of doing things. suppressing protests is not something we do. as one lifelong american diplomat wrote in 2018, a fascist, quote, is someone who claims to speak for a whole nation or group, is utterly unconcerned with the rights of others and is willing to use violence and whatever other means are necessary to achieve the goals he or she might have. that quote comes from a book called "fascism, a warning." i'm joined by its author, former secretary of state under president bill clinton.
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ambassador, good to see you. thank you for being with us. you wrote those words in 2018. and it is remarkable to me that this president carries on about antifa and fascist groups when in fact the dispatch of federal agents who are not sworn to do things they are doing are going into cities over and above the requests of governors and mayors and arresting protesters, protesters, which is the basis of the history of america. this country was founded on protests, some of it violent, actually. this looks a lot like fascism. >> well, thank you very much for inviting me. and i am speechless at the way that you have described things, which is really putting together the facts in a very, very good and compelling way. i did write a book. and it was a warning. and i do think the following thing: is that fascism has taken
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place slowly in a number of countries step by step. and i am concerned about the things that are going on here in terms of authoritarian measures. what it begins -- by the way, fascism is not an ideology, it is a prodecembtecess for gainin. and it begins by exacerbating differences among people, calling the press the enemy of the people by somebody who thinks he is above the law. and, so, i do think it's important to point out that it's a step by step process. and by the way, the best quote in the book is from musilini who says if you pluck a chicken one feather at a time, nobody notices. so i have been concerned about all the feather plucking that has been going on. and i do think it is important to call it out and for a president and an administration that calls itself law and order, they have broken the law and are
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creating disorder, and that is what you have described and what we have to deal with. and it makes you not trust any institutions. so i am very concerned about what's going on and that dreams can turn into nightmares. >> are you concerned that in the history of america some of the most staunch defenders of our liberal democracy, small liberal democracy and our rights and our protection against tyranny of the government have been conservatives? are you surprised why we're not hearing outrage from more republicans about what's going on in the streets of america? >> i'm definitely outraged because i do think that this is an unbelievable time in america and it's important for those who care about the constitution and the declaration of independence to understand what democracy is based on. and it is based on the fact that one tells the truth, that we have the obligation and the privilege to vote and we have the privilege to tell it like it
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is. and i think what you have been doing, and i think that we need to keep really pointing out the kinds of insane things, frankly, that are taking place in terms of troops going into cities. and what's very interesting, i just saw a statement by the spokesman for the pentagon, is that the secretary of defense is concerned about troops in camouflage going in to cities. >> yes. >> and i think that we have to speak out against this. >> defense secretary esper's days may be numbered given it is leaked he is concerned about this. we think about this a lot since the passing of john lewis on friday night and all the videos we see of the 1960s and the things we were doing then that we knew were wrong. we were quelling protests. we were beating people. we cracked john lewis' skull during a peaceful protest. i have been out in these protests since the death of
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george floyd. they are overwhelmingly peaceful. but regardless, even those that are not, the president has painted protests itself as un-american. as someone who represented america around the world, our right and defense of protests is one of those things that separated us from the rest of the world. no longer. but it was one of those things that was the standard of america, that protest is inherently american. >> i fully agree. and it is what democracies should allow and must allow. i do think having watched a lot of the ones that were taking place in lafayette square or really in black lives matter plaza, that was peaceful. and i think that it is the deliberate aspect of really forcing people in order to disobey the law. i mean, it's crazy. the adjectives or the nouns that are being used about those who are peaceful and protesting and then the way that it is being
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stopped is un-american. and that is what really bothers me. you know, i was not born in this country, and i describe myself as a grateful american. this is not the america that we need to be really understanding now and dealing with what is truly the systemic racism that's been going on and that there has to be a better effort by those of us who care about democracy and voting to call it out and not be put down by those who call us other names. >> secretary, thank you for joining me. thank you for your time. thank you for the warning that you gave us about what we are starting to see. madeleine albright, the former secretary of state and the author of "hell and other destinations, a 21st century mémoire." i want to bring in ezekiel emanu emanuel. he's also the author of a new book called "which country has the world's best health care?" .
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spoiler alert, it's not the u.s. thank you for being with us. you know, there was a piece of me, people used to tell me why do people at msnbc run those white house coronavirus briefings? that was back in the day, by the way, when health experts were there. fauci was there, redfield was there, burxs was there. and i said it is a source of information for us. and while there is a lot of nonsense that accompanies it, sometimes there is a value and i don't want to not be there when something of value comes out of the white house. but soon we learned there was no value coming out of the white house, and now those things have restarted. we have 133,000 dead people in the united states. this thing is growing, not shrinking, and we're still getting nonsense out of the white house. >> i agree with you. you know, the projections are 220,000 by the university of washington by november 1st. i suggested that by the end of
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the year we'll have a quarter of a million people dead from covid, and that's probably an underestimate. and the president seems unable to actually deal with the problem. were there problems testing because people aren't getting results back for days and days. literally, if you get it back two weeks later, the test result is literally worthless. it doesn't inform you at all. we've got the death rate going up. we've had just yesterday 1,000 people die, you know. that hasn't happened since the start of the month. we are losing control, and we don't have an organized plan to address the problem and bring the transmission rate down. or to distribute the vaccine if, in fact, we get a vaccine. it's, you know, no leadership. >> let me ask you. let's talk about something you just mentioned there. the delay in the test results, right? it's not as good a bumper
5:17 pm
sticker as some of the things about people saying more testing or the president carrying on about how we test more than anyone on earth and several other planets. the issue here is you need to test so that you can either trace or isolate people. and if you don't get your test for 5 to 7 days and in some places in the united states, it is 7 days, you have missed an opportunity to take people who may be asymptomatic but spreading this illness to lots of other people, you have missed that opportunity to either stop that or figure out who they have been around. >> absolutely. and you have also had the situation where even if people are symptomatic, they may not actually believe that they have the virus. and so they will go about their regular activities until they get confirmation that they're actually covid positive. it also relieves people who are in isolation and who test negative so that they can go out and resume whatever activities they were participating, maybe engaged with the rest of their
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family. it's very important to have timely results, you know. and this delay, which was predicted by many experts because of the supply chain problems, because not putting in enough machines to actually run the tests, you know, this administration has not solved it, you know. the president put jared kushner in charge, and he didn't solve it. >> zeke, tomorrow we were supposed to hear testimony from dr. roger redfield and other officials at the cdc about how to get back to school. they have detailed guidelines for these things. people actually studied it. there are ways in which certain municipalities and school districts can make decisions. we're not going to get that information. basically we're getting go back to school or get your funding cut. we have talked about for months the fact that everybody thinks people should be back to school and colleges should be operating and people should be getting their education but not without
5:19 pm
proper deliberation. what does success look like in terms of getting kids back to school? >> so we do need to get kids back to school for all, you know, educational reasons, socialization reasons, to get the economy started again. you need to open up schools only when you have the transmission rate down sufficiently low and there is not a wide prevalence. you need to have spacing in school. so probably maximum of 15 kids in a classroom. you need to have safe distribution of food because a lot of kids get their nutrition in food. so probably prepacked meals delivered to classroom. other activities like sports, not gonna happen because they're too high risk. band, drama, choir shouldn't happen. they're too high risk. we also need to think about how to get kids to school. stagger the opening. probably have them driven by their parents is probably the safest way if they can't walk or bicycle to school. and we also, as you're nicely
5:20 pm
demonstrated, you need to have kids in masks or in face shields. you need to have hand hygiene very regularly. but doing those things, you can open safely. we have seen it in other countries. on the other hand, if we pack kids into classes, we don't have proper air ventilation, we're just going to explode the virus again and have a very large number of cases. but you can do it safely. and the point is we have to do it safely. >> donald trump told us today, i'm not going to play it for you. but donald trump said kids don't transmit easily, and a lot of people are saying they don't transmit. thank you for joining you, my friend. dr. e leek yell emanuel at the university of pennsylvania. coming up next, did the president use the power of his office to try and inject a major cash flow into one of his failing golf courses? what lead impeachment manager adam schiff makes of this new report next.
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you can't trust this president to do the right thing, not for one minute, not for one election, not for the sake of our country. you just can't. he will not change, and you know it. >> that was just six months ago. donald trump, you recall, was actually impeached for trying to corruptly use the power of the
5:25 pm
government to get a foreign country to help him get re-elected. since then he's continued to put himself and his personal interests first. here is the latest example of that. "the new york times" reports that the president tried to get the united states ambassador to the united kingdom to drum up business for one of his failing golf courses. woody johnson told multiple colleagues that president trump had asked him to see if the british government could help steer the world famous and lucrative british open golf tournament to the trump turnberry resort in scotland, quote. instead of dismissing the question, the ambassador, a billionaire and a trump donor, who has zero diplomatic experience, felt pressured to give the president what he wanted. so, quote, he raised the idea of turnberry playing host to the
5:26 pm
open with the secretary of state for scotland david mondel, end quote. there is an argument to be made this is worse than what led to trump's impeachment because the president's defenders can't say that ukraine stuff was somehow connected to foreign policy. we don't have that foreign issue with scotland. this is just a blah latant atte to profit off the presidency. joining me to talk about this is the person that led the impeachment trial against president trump. congressman, it is good to see you again. thank you for being with us. you have introduced legislation to criminalize a presidential pardon that is offered for anything in exchange of value. but i got to tell you, i don't know how you foresee things like this. maybe we should have seen this one coming, but this turnberry thing is unusual to say the
5:27 pm
least. >> well, it is unusual certainly for any normal president. but it is not unusual for donald trump. i think you're exactly right. this is who he is. it's all about what's good for donald trump. if it's good for donald trump to withhold military aid to an ally at war to help win a presidential election, his election, then he will do it. if it is good for president trump to beg the president of china for help with his re-election and trade concessions, he will do it. if it's good to help make him more money by getting the british to hold the british open at one of his failing resorts, then he will do that. the common denominator is it doesn't matter what's right for america. it doesn'tdemocracy or the reputation of americans. it only matters what will make him richer or help him some other way personally. that's all that matters to him.
5:28 pm
that's all that's ever mattered to him, and of course it has endangered our country. >> there was some things that some people who defended donald trump during the impeachment seem to have conceptual problem with, and maybe they were just being disingenuous. donald trump in the end didn't get anything of value or didn't ask for anything that was of value to him personally. i think that's a disingenuous way of looking at it. but in this case, it is pretty obvious. is there any consequence of this. is there anything that can be done with this news. >> well, you know, i would say the two distinctions are, you're right, this is purely about helping him monetarily. so there is something really repulsive, offensive about the president using his, abusing his position of power to enrich himself. frankly, i think it is a far graver abuse of power to
5:29 pm
withhold military aid from an ally that is having its troops die at russian hands every week. but nonetheless, in terms of what can be done about it, we use the ultimate remedy against presidential abuse of power, the impeachment power and the republican senators basically said, some of them admitted, okay, he's guilty, but we're not going to vote to remove him. we sadly predicted that there would be worse and more to come, although we had little idea during the time of the impeachment trial that soon 140,000 americans would be dead, many of which dead because of the president's incompetence. and that incompetence, you know, that response to the pandemic is not unlike these other incidences in the sense that donald trump is doing what he thinks is good for him and he thought for a long time it was good for him to ignore the covid virus, to talk it down, to say it was going away, to urge states to reopen against the
5:30 pm
advice of his own advisers. he did that because he is only driven by what he thinks is good for him personally. >> so you got this legislation to criminalize quid pro quo pardons. again, regular guys like me didn't know that that wasn't against the law or that no one would think that's against the law. but you're actually trying to codify the idea that you cannot offer a pardon to somebody who gives you something of value. ie, withholds testimony or doesn't tell on you for things that you have done. >> that's exactly right. there is some conventional wisdom which is wrong that the pardon power is absolute, that the president can pardon anyone, any time, any way he likes without repercussion. that cannot be true. if that were true, the president could say to law enforcement, go out in the country, violate the law on my behalf, arrest peaceful protesters and if you
5:31 pm
get prosecuted in any of these states, i will pardon you. that cannot be how we interpret our constitution as one of the justices famously said, the constitution is not a suicide pact. our legislation will make it abundantly clear you cannot use bribery in the grants of a pardon. you cannot say if you remain silent and lie to investigators i will pardon you. that is a punishable criminal act. if there is any ambiguity about it, our legislation removes that ambiguity. it could mean that president will go to jail. and further we would require that all the investigative files in a case in which the president is a witness subject or family member is of that investigation and there is a pardon given that all the files be provided to congress. so we hope that this will be a deterrent to the kind of abuses of the pardon power we see the president undertaking.
5:32 pm
>> congressman, i just want to ask you before you go, you have sent a letter to the department of homeland security demanding answers from dhs regarding reports that the agency is using domestic surveillance to protect statues, monuments and federal buildings. it is a long letter, but what is the gist of it? >> gist of it is, you know, these agents have no business doing what they're doing. they're undermining the integrity of the agency. americans are going to distrust the department of homeland security if they're going to be abused this way. and in particular if they're going to abuse any intelligence gathering capabilities by gathering intelligence on peaceful protesters. so i think they're undermining their own agent scieagencies, ie resources. they are, i think, only further adding fuel to the fire. these mayors and governors don't want these federal troops dispatched. and it certainly looks like they are arresting people without
5:33 pm
probably cause. so, you know, it's a uniquely destructive act. again, getting back to the original point you were asking me about, ali, why is the president doing this? because he thinks it will help his re-election. whether it creates further confrontation around the country or bloodshed, he doesn't care, as long as he thinks it will help him. >> congressman, we got word in the last hour that congress has overwhelmingly voted to remove statues and busts of con federal so-called heroes from congress, and we appreciate that. i do want our viewers to know that there were about 100 people that voted against that. congressman, good to see you. chairman adam schiff is the chair of the house intelligence committee. still to come, as the shadowy police task force continues to patrol portland, a group is standing up to stand. i will talk to the founder of the wall of moms after this. er .
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federal agents descended on portland, oregon three weeks ago. they started their operation at the federal courthouse and slowly expanded it into the city itself, rounding up protesters and throwing them in unmarked vans. and now donald trump is expanding it to more cities, promising to dispatch federal agents to the streets of chicago, illinois and albuquerque, new mexico in operation legend. the attorney general tried to make the case that this latest operation will be different from the portland style deployment where federal agents are marching through the streets using war tactics, including tear gas on protesters. not supposed to be doing this, by the way. i'm going to ask my control room to have the pictures of the agents up for a lot of their time so you understand what they are wearing and the weaponry they are using against americans who are protesting. last night a group of moms known as the wall of moms, these women
5:39 pm
in yellow shirts wearing helmets and goggles, along with a group of fathers, arrived to cheers. and then they linked arms to protect the protesters. but this didn't stop the federal agents from using tear gas to disperse them overnight, tear gas. joining me now is bev barnum, among those who were tear gassed last night in portland. bev, thank you for being with us. this is the finest tradition of civil disobedience and the protective instincts we all look to our mothers for. you people have brought them together and said, you will show the federal government that you have the right and the ability to engage in civil disobedience, but you will protect those protesters from the force of the federal government. it is remarkable. how did you come up with this? >> it was that viral video you just showed, the federal officers taking that protester into that unmarked van. i thought it odd.
5:40 pm
and i needed to learn more. and so i did. i researched and i realized federal officers were using violent, very violent methods on protesters. so i got involved. >> you got tear gassed. i got tear gassed a few times in the last month or so, two months in some of these protests. it is not fun. and it is the kind of thing that is meant to disperse people when there are no other peaceful methods of doing so. was that necessary? and what happened? >> it was frightening. i want to tell you that i handled it like a champ and i stood my ground but i did not -- i was vomiting. i couldn't see. i lost control of my body fluids. and i was screaming because i didn't know what to do. and i could hear people scream run, but i couldn't see. so someone grabbed me by the arm and pulled me and i ran. and i don't know -- i don't
5:41 pm
remember who helped me, but someone poured baking soda water on my eyes and then i ran. i ran to the car and got out of there. >> i'm glad you described it because for people that see these images but don't know what it's like, it is disorienting. it is frightening. somebody had an interesting idea. we use masks when we're in those situations because sometimes we anticipate them. somebody brought a leaf blower. that's awfully creative. >> yes. those are the dads. the dads joined us. if i'm not mistaken two nights ago. and, yeah, it helped so much. it really does. and it allows us to hold our ground just a little bit longer. unfortunately, though, once you have that tear gas, i feel that they deploy that so that the cameras can't see what's really happening and then they unlawfully arrest moms. four of my moms were arrested. and, in fact, one of them was
5:42 pm
arraigned. >> the protesters in portland have been following in a remarkable american tradition, not just of protests but of civil disobedience. i think tonight might be the 55th night. what do you think is going to happen? are you expecting it to escalate? >> absolutely. right now they are building a concrete wall for themselves. and i'm assuming that's in response to the very non-violent wall of moms. and they're also building an adjacent fence. and what i can tell you is from saturday to tuesday, sorry, i don't even know what day it is, i'm so sorry. the nights that i've been there, it's gotten worse every single time. >> well, the warning for the government is the warning that we all learn when we are around wild animals. don't piss off the moms. bev is an organizer of wall of moms. thank you for what you are doing. i'm certain those protesters out there understand the sacrifice
5:43 pm
you are making and the fact that you are putting yourself in between the protesters and the -- and those federal agents, the most dangerous place to be. we will be there with our cameras to make sure that what you do is witnessed. thank you, bev. there was an uproar on the capital today. how the latest phase of the american rescue is shaping up ahead. ead. -always have been. -and always will be. never letting anything get in my way. not the doubts, distractions, or voice in my head. and certainly not arthritis. new voltaren provides powerful arthritis pain relief to help me keep moving. and it can help you too. feel the joy of movement with voltaren.
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over the years when donald trump's associates have been charged with federal crimes, the president's gone out of his way to say some very nice things about them. >> michael flynn, general flynn, is a wonderful man. i think he's been treated very, very unfairly by the media. >> i think the whole manafort trial is very sad when you look at what's going on there. i think it's a very sad day for our country. he worked for me for a very
5:48 pm
short period of time. but you know what? he happens to be a very good person. >> roger stone, roger stone, roger is a very good chance of exoneration in my opinion. everybody sort of knows roger. everybody knows him. and most people like him. some people probably don't. but i do. and i always have. >> that's donald trump talking about the fact that he always has something nice to see about people who have done something wrong but who might actually have something on him. well, that's not the last time he did it. today something interesting happened. he was asked about ghislaine maxwell, a close associate of jeffrey epstein's. he was asked by reporters, and this is what he said. >> i just wish her well, frankly. i met her numerous times over the years, especially because i lived in palm beach and i guess they lived in palm beach.
5:49 pm
but i wish her well, whatever it is. >> we don't really know why trump is wishing her well, given that she's accused of helping jeffrey epstein rape underage girls. we do know that trump, epstein and ghislaine maxwell were close for a long time. here they are partying in 1992. ten years later, trump told new york magazine i have known jeff for fifteen years. terrific guy. he's a lot of fun to be with. it is even said that he likes beautiful women like i do and many of them are on the younger side. we don't know what's going on here. maybe it was just kind words for a friend. but we do know donald trump has a history of saying nice things about people who could get him into trouble if they talk. when it comes to credibly accused sex traffickers, you really, really, really do not need to wish them well. especially when you're the president of the united states of america. particularly if you
5:50 pm
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millions of americans start to lose the economic support they've had through this unprecedented pandemic and subsequent recession. republicans are still fighting over what kind of relief, if any, because there are some people who think there's no reason for more to provide. they're not fighting with democrats, they're fighting amongst themselves. there was so much disagreement in the caucus meeting yesterday, mostly over how much to spend,
5:54 pm
that senate majority leader mitch mcconnell asked if a relief bill would pass by the end of july saying -- no. tonight looks like there has been some fundamental agreement, i'm quoting now, between senate reasons and the white house on aspects of the relief bill and one of those ideas that republicans appear to be colessing around is unemployment insurance. the right now the millions of americans who lost their jobs thanks to the coronavirus have been eligible to up to an extra $600 a week to cover their bills over and above what state unemployment insurance would pay. that expires at the end of the month. for some americans that expires this week. sources tell cnbc republicans are thinking of replacing that relief. well, that's a relief. oh, wait a second, they're thinking of replacing it with $100 a week. that would be a loss of $2,000 a month for americans who need it most. joining me now is congresswoman and democrat from washington who serves on the labor committee.
5:55 pm
congresswoman, good to see you again. i have not heard the sort of talk i have heard from republicans in congress this week when they were doing that tax cut that was supposed to promise everybody a $4,000 increase that increased our deficit dramatically, that didn't result in 4%, 5% and 6% economic dproej like the president said. back then money grew on trees. apparently now this is too dangerous for the country to spend this kind of money to save americans who might be expelled from their homes starting this week. >> exactly right, ali. it is stunning to me the intransigence. the republicans have created a death trap for every american to walk into called covid-19. we have a remarkable number, 140,000 deaths in the united states. we have, you know, 45 million americans who have filed for unemployment claims. we have people who literally have lost their health care. 27 million people have lost their health care. and republicans have been acting
5:56 pm
like there's nothing going on, there's no urgency to this, there's nothing they need to do. and now millions of americans are going to run out of unemployment. when we passed a $2 trillion tax cut for -- republican tax cut for the wealthiest people in our country, nobody said we don't have money for this. when we passed at the administration's urging $745 billion for pentagon, for military spending, nobody said anything about not having money. now all of a sudden when it comes to taking care of americans in their most dire time of need, where they need to put food on the table, they need to pay rent and mortgage, they need to be able to just get the basic things aallow them to survive, even as they deal with the intense stress of perhaps not having a job or not having health care, this administration says we're going to give you $100 a week? that is insulting. it is absolutely not going to meet the need of americans across this country if they deal
5:57 pm
with this crisis. >> you and i talked many times, particularly about health care. as you know, i'm from canada. i'm one of the majority of the people in the world who think health care should be universal and is a right. do you think because -- actually, an increasing number of americans have come around positions you hold on health care and everybody should have it, do you think this is just a negotiating position by republicans because they know there's a greater call for public spending on things that people actually need that they start off with so little that finally when they get back to maybe $500 or $600 a week, it will same like a big gift? >> i think the thing is this is a crisis of a scale that requires us to match that scale with our response. we need money for state and local governments. we need significant money for testing and contact tracing. we need money for childcare. we need money for unemployment. i have proposed a paycheck recovery act, which would have protected paychecks and kept us
5:58 pm
with a much lower unemployment rate, the way germany has. under 6% unemployment and people have some certainty. but the reality is we need certainty here and we need a scale that republicans have not even begun to address. so democrats have been clear about that. you know, $3 trillion was the package that was passed in the house and the reality is that we are going to have to step up. because this country has not seen a crisis like this. let me tell you, if you're worried about economic recovery in the long run, then everything we do right now is going back into the economy. these unemployment benefits of $600 that we passed in c.a.r.e.s. act, that is money that's going straight back into the economy. it's helping to move our economy forward. but we cannot have more and more americans dyeing because we're not taking this virus seriously
5:59 pm
and we're not taking the crisis seriously. that's what this president has done. he's turned up his nose at the idea of responsible leadership. he's been intransigent and republicans have gone along with it. so, no, some $100 a week is not going to do it for us. we need a significant package that meets the scale of devastation that american families are feeling in their pocketbooks, in their lives, with their homes, and they need do know that the federal government has got their back. >> you passed a $3 trillion bill, h.e.r.o.e.s. act some time ago that hasn't been moved on. there are a lot of republicans saying $1 trillion would be too much money. the implication is these folks getting advanced inemployment or stashing it into a mutual fund or something like that. they're spending it all. do you think there's a ration that we can actually get everybody going on this or do we have to decide this administration and this congress, particularly the senate, has not actually been
6:00 pm
able to get their hat around this and we're going to need a new approach? >> no, we have to respond, ali. i think for weeks now the republicans have been sitting and doing nothing and pretending like there's no crisis. but what's happening is covid cases are spiking in their direct. people are about to lose their unemployment checks in their district. and they are not hearing from their constituents. we do have an election coming up, and it will be a referendum on whether or not republicans have shown any leadership, and i believe unless they quickly come together with a substantial package, they are going to see the results of this and they will have to pay for this. >> congresswoman pramila jaypal, good to see you again. thank you for joining me. and that is all for this wednesday night. rachel maddow show begins right now. >> good evening. thank you at home for joining us this hour. one of the


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