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tv   The Reid Out  MSNBC  July 23, 2020 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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that does it for us. we'll be back here tomorrow at 6:00 p.m. eastern. "the reidout" with joy reid is up next. democracy is in crisis in donald trump's america. thousands of people were teargassed last night in portland by federal officers doing trump's bidding in his ongoing show of force against american citizens. exercising their right to protest. brutality that left even the city's mayor coughing and wincing as he too was teargassed. in other cities on the receiving end of trump's invasion, cities
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that all happen to be led by democratic mayors, coincidentally, they are sounding the alarm over trump's lurch toward authoritarianism, chicago and atlantic city where he's pledged to send hundreds of additional federal agents are already speaking out against a portland-style deployment. but donald trump's overreach has been met with deafening silence from his cronies in the republican party. you remember them. supposedly the parties of don't tread on me. the same crowd that screamed whenever president obama did, well, just about anything. >> the president has taken actions that he himself has said are those of a king or an emperor, not an american president. we will not stand by while the president undermines the rule of law. >> we did not elect a dictator. we elected a president. >> imposing his will
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unilaterally may seem tempting, it may serve him political in the short term, but he knows it will make an already-broken system even more broken. >> now, that was when president obama deigned to provide health care for millions of americans or when he protected dreamers from deportation as opposed to donald trump sending federal forces to fight his own imaginary war on american citizens. joining me now are philadelphia district attorney larry criterias ner, ace lynn pulley, cofounder of black lives matter chicago, and former chairman of the rnc, mileachael steele. attorney crazner, the inspector general launched an investigation, including what's happening in terms of
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teargassing people, the use of force, the training and instruction of these officers, they're showing up dressed in camo and snatching people off the streets. you had a strong response that the possibility that this could come to philadelphia. what will you do if these same unnamed, anonymous camo-wearing forces pour into your city in response to protests? >> first of all, philly is excited about your show. we're all really happy that it's going. i just got off a call with a bunch of clergy that wanted me to pass that off to you. we're going to arrest people who break the law and prosecute them in the philadelphia district attorney's office. my dad volunteered and served in world war ii like most of my uncles, to fight fascism. i would not be doing my part for this country if i didn't say the obvious, which is that we have a president who is acting like an
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authoritarian dictator. we know he likes them, but he is acting just like one now and he's doing it against people exercising their constitutional rights, trying to make the country better, which is what patriots do. this is impolintolerable. it applies to all his federal agents. if necessary, they will be arrested, they will be prosecuted and they can face a philadelphia jury one way or another. >> if these federal agents violate the rights of your citizens, that the agents themselves would be subject to arrest? >> i'm saying that when you break people's skulls with rubber bullets without lawful justification, when you kidnap them off the street without probable cause in your military gear with your names hidden, these are crimes under pennsylvania law. as the prosecutorial authority in philadelphia acting under pennsylvania law, they will be
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prosecuted under pennsylvania law. it is my hope that federal agents in philadelphia will follow the law, they will obey the constitution, and we will not have a problem with that. that's not what we're seeing in portland. everything in portland looks like illegal conduct and we're not going to permit it. >> you know, i wanted to clarify that. thank you for being here, all of you. i wanted to clarify that for you because, you know, you are among the activists that donald trump has characterized as a mob. he's characterized people like yourself as being some sort of unruly mob who want to destroy the police and remove them from the streets. that's been his characterization. there have been people, public officials just like d.a. crasne recollection. one of them was lori lightfoot, the mayor of chicago. i want you to listen to what she said to us on monday when she
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appeared on this program. >> having these armed camouflage individuals with no insignia on, no name plates, grabbing people off the street, that's unconstitutional. so our democracy is at stake, and i'll be darned if i'm going to let anybody, even if their name is mr. president, bring those kind of troops to our city and try to take off our residents. we're not going to have tyranny in chicago. it's just not going to happen. >> there has been some criticism from black lives matter supporters that subsequently the mayor met with donald trump or spoke with donald trump and then issued a letter saying that they would actually accept federal forces and federal help to come in and deal with situations involving increases in crime and that she has specified if there are any deviations from what has been announced, then will pursue
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all available legal options. she added that caveat. what do you make of what feels like something of a walkback from what the mayor said on monday? >> we filed suit against the feds this morning. we absolutely do not trust lori lightfoot. she has wobbled back and forth over the last few days indicating that she is willing to ultimately accept federal officers into the city. chicago already has a federal consent degree that we force onto the city when rahm emanuel was mayor and refused to act in response to the doj report which proved that cpd has a pattern and practice of violating black people's rights in the city. she has overseen the
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implementation of the consent degree, which according to the last report by the i understand monitor has missed over 70% of its deadline. nothing has happened. so during mayor lightfoot's reign, she has not implemented change into the existing infrastructure of the chicago police, and now we're led to believe that somehow she's trustworthy and that has arranged some workable solution with trump in order to add federal agents into the city? it's absolutely laughable and atrocious. further more, the excuse they're using to bring in federal troops is related to intercommunal violence. we just had a mass shooting a few days ago. two police cars were outside of the funeral home where 15 people were shot. they did nothing. chicago has the most police per 100,000 people in the country. if having police equals safety, then chicago would be the most
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safe city in this country. we know what causes intercommunal violence, it's economic disparity, it's the increasing gap between the rich and the poor. chicago is the most segregated city in this country. we need to address the root causes. the excuse that somehow additional troops into an already-overtaxed -- extremely large police force is going to have some sort of effect on intercommunal violence is absolutely a lie. the truth is that they are bringing in the troops in order to repress the movement. we have been marching and protesting for two months, and we will not stop. >> you know, michael steele, i want to bring you into this. you've been a lieutenant governor. you know how at the gubernatorial or mayoral level how difficult this is. what donald trump is arguing on its face is he is targeting cities like chicago and philadelphia, democratic run cities. it's his long-running narrative
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that urban cities that have lots of brown and black folks, are inherently dangerous. they're inherently hell holes, hell scapes, now he's got the power to send in what amounts to sort of the jet police, his own little police force to do better than he thinks these mayors are doing. what do you make of the fact that you had some officials like the philadelphia d.a. that we have here who say absolutely not, and we have other mayors who feel pressure from about a separate thing? local crime has nothing to do with these protests. donald trump is the one conflating them. what do you make of the way these mayors are reacting and the sort of difficulty of this? >> well, what you see happening -- and i think ms. pulley has put it exactly right. the dynamics is a very local one. it is not a national one. it is not that people are bussing or trucking into the city of chicago to protest.
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these are chicagoans, and these are neighborhood families and community leaders who are protesting the murder of a young african-american man in minneapolis. so that's part one. the separate issue related to the management of crime within the city of chicago was there long before the murder of george floyd. it was there for quite some time, so that's a separate issue. what trump has decided to do, and rather effectively, is conflating all of that through the imagery that he's taking from portland, for example, and splattering that across the country on cities that are run largely by democrats and making the case that one begets the other and one doesn't exist without the other, therefore, you need my federal help to come in to solve a problem you seem inept at solving. i alone can fix it, he told us.
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so this fits very neatly into that narrative. and so what the mayor has done, you know, i don't know if she talked with the governor. i don't know what she said with the police chief. but the idea she has now allowed a federal presence to deal with what is a local municipal, you know, crime issue to me sends a very dangerous signal. so i think she needs to clarify what these resources are she's talking about the president's sending because if it's anybody in a uniform, that's a problem. >> yeah. and very quickly before we let you go -- right. i want to say that mayor lightfoot is welcome to come back on and clarify that. we'd love to get a response from her to this issue. but quickly for you, michael steele, what do you make of the fact that the president is moving his rnc finale out of jacksonville. i got to get your response quickly to that. >> i guess it has something to do with some of the crime issues
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they're having in jacksonville because they didn't talk about that, have they? let's set that aside. it's probably related to the heat and it pushback that a lot of state chairmen and national committee men and women are putting out there about being in an outdoor space in jacksonville in august. there's still a growing concern, joy, about having such a large gathering in the first place. that still is a sticking point for a lot of folks. by the way, so happy to be on this inaugural week with you. >> thank you very much. maybe nobody was going to go. that might be another reason too. very important that this issue of police brutality is not being addressed by donald trump. he needs to address that as well. thank you very much. always great to see you. next, trump can remember five whole words on the dementia test. amazing. but he still is not sure about masks. >> so i personally think it's overrated, but i am totally
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willing to keep doing it. >> the other day when the president embraced masks, what he was doing was admitting, admitting how wrong he was for months. >> nancy pelosi is having none of his nonsense. the speaker of the house joins me next. a dark picture of a trump presidency using images from the trump presidency. it's the craziest dang thing in the world. mayor pete is here and michael moore and tony schwartz. "the reidout" is just getting started. stay with us. doing your part by looking out...for all of us. and though you may have lost sight of your own well-being, aetna never did. by setting up virtual monitoring for chronic patients, 24-hour telemedicine visits, and mental health resources for everyone. we're always here to help you focus on your health.
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tonight in announcing that he was no longer going to hold his big rnc convention finale in jacksonville, florida, donald trump said something that is
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entirely uncharacteristic that he takes no responsibility for the pandemic crisis. >> we have to be vigilant and careful. as well as to set an example. i think setting the example is very important. it's hard for us to say we're going to have a lot of people packed in a room and then other people shouldn't do it. >> huh. this is the same man who spent the past five months resisting masks, urging people to demand that governors let them back into hair salons and bars and consistently downplayed the science and severity of the coronavirus. literally yesterday he essentially called covid testing a nuisance. >> we're doing more testing than anybody in the world by far. i think second is india with 12 million. we're going to be at over 50 million tests this weekend. and to me, every time you test, you find a case. it gets reported in the news we found more cases. instead of 50, we did 25, we would have half the number of
4:19 pm
cases. so i personally think it's overrated, but i mean totally willing to keep doing it. it makes us look bad, but they say it's good. i don't mind looking bad if it's a good thing. >> that's not how any of that works. meanwhile, on earth one, 4 million americans tested positive for the coronavirus. hospitalizations are soaring. icu beds are running out in many states and more than 1,000 americans died of covid-19 yesterday alone. the crisis meant in the most recent period 1.4 million americans filed for unemployment, the first increase since march. tomorrow the extra $600 of enhanced unemployment benefits passed by congress in march is set to expire. senate republicans have decided to wait until next week to unveil their proposed coronavirus recovery bill as if there's no emergency at all. joining me is speaker of the house, nancy pelosi. thank you so much for being here
4:20 pm
today. >> pleasure. >> i want to get your -- thank you so much. your response to donald trump suddenly declaring that he wants to be responsible when it comes to his convention regarding the coronavirus. >> i think it's a little too late for him to be responsible. but let me just first say congratulations to you on "reidout." how exciting. i love the name. i love the show. >> thank you. >> so it's nice to be here with you on your first week. i'm honored. >> thank you. >> what is he responsible about? his convention? >> he's claiming that he wants to not pack people into the convention because you got to be responsible and you can't pack all those people together. i mean, he suddenly is worried about packing his conventioneers in jacksonville. >> let me say this president has been the biggest failure practically in the history of our country. a pandemic that is rolling,
4:21 pm
trump virus i call it, rolling like a freight train. it took nearly 100 days, just about 100 days to get the first 1 million. just under 50 days to get to the second million. just over 25 days to get to the third million. and now, just, what, 14, 17 days to get to the 4 million mark of people infected. just think if he had thought that these overrated tests weren't overrated a long time ago how many lives could have been saved. but you said it very well, 4 million people, 18 straight weeks of people filing for unemployment insurance, a time when people are -- millions of children are food insecure. just so many people going to food banks who never thought they would. evictions imminent because the moratorium will end.
4:22 pm
people are hungry. they're concerned about their housing, the jobs, and the rest, and the republicans are saying, well, let's just wait around until monday to see what we might be able to come to terms with among ourselves. two months and eight days ago we put forth the h.e.r.o.e.s. bill, very responsible, lean and mean up our economy by testing, testing, testing, rewarding our in the pockets of the american people. in a very strong way. this all will expire in, like, a week. >> yeah. >> insurance, housing. >> the democrats put forward a plan, as you just said. mitch mcconnell and the republicans are fighting among themselves about what to put in it and whether they want to support dr. fauci. what do you make of the fact that the sticking points for
4:23 pm
republicans seem to be that they want a payroll tax cut which would hurt social security. they're not interested in keeping the unemployment benefits. do you have a sense of what it is they want? >> no. i don't think they know what they want. they're in total disarray. they distort the facts and the science so they're not basing their decisions on evidence, data, or truth. let's sound an alarm right now. this is -- we have gone beyond the pale. they're irresponsible. the fact they're going to bring us something yesterday then today, this morning, it was going to be announced. and then when it didn't, we thought maybe tomorrow, we can work through the weekend and the rest because the unemployment insurance will expire, because the moratorium on mortgages and rents will expire because people are hungry. and all they care about is what's happening at the
4:24 pm
corporate boardroom table and what we're concerned about was happening at people's kitchen tables. you a they care about is shoring up we want to shore up middle class and main street. it is a very big difference the forward with something is they really don't intend to meet the needs of the american people, and they will be fully exposed. >> are you concerned -- democrats assume a bill will be passed. there's provisions that would provide more money for the american people. seems like republicans will at least accept the $1,200, if not more money. do you think that another bill with all of the politics on the table for republicans can actually pass the senate? are you having any negotiations with steve mnuchin? are they talking you to as well as to the republicans? >> yeah, we had our conversation in which time we thought when
4:25 pm
they visited the capitol a couple days ago, which we thought that we would see on paper what they were proposing either wednesday or thursday. now they're saying next monday. >> yeah. before i let you you go, i think you might need a glass of water, i apologize for asking one more question. we know john lewis, his body will soon be lying in state in the capitol. i want to give you an opportunity to say something about the way that the capitol will honor this man. >> later this evening we will hear from john's family and they will give us the full array of the arrangements. it is appropriate for us to wait for their announcement. but they cannot announce that somebody will lie in state in the capitol. that is up to the majority leader, mr. mcconnell, and me to make the announcement. he's been most cooperative in
4:26 pm
that. so when the family makes its announcement later tonight as to the timing, we will have a ceremony in the capitol as john lewis lies in state, a civil rights icon, a treasure to us in the congress 33 years. and then for a period of time the public will be able to pay respects to john as he lies on the forefront of the capitol. we have to change some of the plans because of the coronavirus, but, you know, john was fighting right up until the end. part of our putting together our h.e.r.o.e.s. act, he was our hero, that's for sure. but again, it takes us back to our values and what brings us here. we're here for america's working families. that's what john lewis was always about, but that all of america's working families would be considered.
4:27 pm
so again, it's a sad week for us because we lost john. it's sad because we're reaching 4 million people impacted, nearly 150,000 people dead from this pandemic. so many people out of work. much on which could have been prevented except for the delay, the denial, and now the distortion of facts by this president. and i can't talk john lewis without talking about fairness and decency, and that's what we owe the american people, their lives, their likelihoovelihood stake. we hope it's an honor to john lewis. in this bill we will have the money to do our vote by mail or vote at home provisions with, again, the opportunity for many more people to have obstacles removed as they vote in a way that they don't have to choose
4:28 pm
between their health and their vote, but that they can do so. i think that would be an appropriate way for us right now to honor john lewis. >> yes, indeed. speaker nancy pelosi, always great to have you on. thank you so much for being here on week one. thank you. still ahead, check this out. >> repeat them, can you do it? and you go, person, woman, man, camera, tv. they say that's amazing. >> someone get that man a cookie. well done, mr. president. back with more on "the reidout" after this. [ thunder rumbles ] [ engine rumbling ] [ beeping ]
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. a federal judge today ordered michael cohen to be released from prison and sent back to home confinement, calling cohen's imprisonment, quote, retaliatory. cohen was on home confinement since may due to the pandemic but it was sent back to prison earlier this month after officials said he refused the conditions of his home confinement. his lawyers said he never refused anything and it was a clause from his monitoring agreement that stated he could have no engagement with the media including books. in a court document, cohen said
4:33 pm
he was being meld in retaliation for his protected speech, including drafting a manuscript that's critical of the president. cohen shared plenty of information about trump already publicly. >> he is a racist. he is a con man. and he is a cheat. >> so what can michael cohen write that would destabilize the stable genius even more? i'll talk to michael moore and tony schwartz after the break. ! safe drivers save 40%!!! safe drivers save 40%! safe drivers save 40%!!! that's safe drivers save 40%. it is, that's safe drivers save 40%. - he's right there. - it's him! safe drivers do save 40%. click or call for a quote today. tonight, try pure zzzs all night. safe drivers do save 40%. unlike other sleep aids, our extended release melatonin helps you sleep longer. and longer. zzzquil pure zzzs all night. fall asleep. stay asleep.
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donald trump will not stop talking about how great he did on his cognitive test. >> and you go person, woman, man, camera, tv, and repeat them, can you do it? and you go, person, woman, man, camera, tv. they say, "that's amazing." how did you do that? i do it because i have, like, a
4:37 pm
good memory because i'm cognitively there. >> joining me now is michael moore, executive producer of the planet of the humans and host of "the rumble" and tony schwartz, coauthor of "the art of the deal." i'm sorry to laugh about it but he's so obsessed with his cognitive test and he thinks it's an iq test. can you please explain, tony, what's happening? >> the man just repeated five words back correctly with a little bit of hesitation. that is not an extraordinary achievement and does not in any way stress that he is cognitively up to speed and capable of being president. but i think, you know, trump
4:38 pm
had -- i think, joy, trump is the architect of his own demise at this point. the last two weeks have to be two of the most extraordinary weeks that a president has ever had in the sense that it's taken him from possibly being re-elected to being at risk of one of the great landslides in the history of politics. >> yeah, i mean, you know, michael, i assume you want to get in on it. you're giggling. now you have to talk about it really quickly. >> i want to caution everyone, do not underestimate the evil genius that the donald j. trump. there are many examples throughout history, whether it's henry iv facing the french, they outnumbered him 4 to 1 and he was supposed to lose and he didn't. or jump ahead to the 1995 nba
4:39 pm
playoffs, the knicks are ahead with 15 seconds left, way ahead of the indiana pacers, and reggie miller scores eight points in nine seconds. with 15 seconds left. and that was -- >> you cut me deep. you had to go there, did you? >> i know it's tough for new york city. >> that hurts. >> i know. but that's my point, though. all the knicks fans sat there so overconfident, you know, licking their chops, yeah, we got this one in the bag. >> you cut me deep, michael. >> boom, boom. i'm sorry to have to say this again. >> hold on a second. i want to take us back because this is -- yeah. this is a reunion here. the first time we actually met, all of us were all together at the same time. i want to show a still here. this is the three of us on realtime with bill marher
4:40 pm
together. i think we have the picture here. we were on this show. i want to play back -- there it is. there we are sitting together. >> look at us, three youngsters. >> there's dan savage, all of us youngsters on there. let me play what you said. this was on july 20, 2016. this was so memorable to me that i put it in my book. take a listen. >> i have to say, i mean, i'm sorry to have to kind of be the buzz kill here so early on, but i think trump is going to win. [ audience reacts ] let me tell you. it's going to be the brexit strategy, the middle of england is michigan, wisconsin, ohio, and pennsylvania. >> okay. michael. you were right. i was wrong. i fully admit that i was wrong and you were right. you named specific states. >> i wanted to be wrong. >> that you believed would twin brexit states. let me show you the newest fox
4:41 pm
battleground poll. michigan, biden is up nine. pennsylvania, biden is up 11. minnesota, biden is up 13. the other thing you said to us on the show was that hillary clinton presented for a lot of white working class voters, the idea that change was going to be against them. first there was a black president, now there's going to be the woman president and the gay president and there's going to white christian male president. biden isn't that. biden is not that kind of thing that scares those voters the way that hillary did. do you still feel despite those polls the same way, that trump will still win despite all of this? >> no, i don't. no, he should lose. i'm just saying we've been fooled by polls before. these are national polls. you just cited three state polls and there's a lot of time still between now and november. listen, trump has got a number of tricks up his sleeve to
4:42 pm
suppress the vote, to try to postpone the election, blaming the coronavirus, to any of the number of things where he will try to weasel his way out of this. and our side, and joe biden -- joe biden, i think, you know, honestly, if i were advising him, i would tell him just to start running the country right now, just act as if you are the president. that means nobody can assume the election is over. everybody's got to show up the vote and bring ten people with them. but right now every morning we could have a morning meeting with joe biden from the basement. the basement is fine. we want him safe, he's doing the smart thing and have the morning meeting with america. tell us what we're going to do today to save this country. at night sit by the fireside and do what he does best. when you see that emotional,
4:43 pm
caring part of him in the just few times i've met him, that's the real deal. you're seeing the real deal there. i think it would be inspiring. why wait until january 20th? we need to hit the ground running. we can't even lose these five or six months that we have right now. so if he started running and started saying -- you know like they have in permeate systempar, if he started saying this is what i would do, that is a political speech, but actually now i want to ask you, my fellow americans, today. this is what we're going to do. >> right. >> there's going to be a second wave of this virus. we're going to run out of ppe and i need all of you to join with me to make sure we have ppe everywhere. >> yeah. let me get -- tony, you know trump very well and, you know, he is doing in his mind what he
4:44 pm
can to win. he's trying to save himself by terrifying suburban moms, white suburb moms, be afraid. he tweeted to suburban housewives of america, biden will destroy your neighborhood and your american dream. i'll preserve it and make it even better. and the article he's talking about are about plans for america's suburbs. he's trying to scare white people. let's just be honest here. there have been questions about whether he would even leave and accept the legitimacy of the election. he's very sowing doubts about that. with that strategy in your mind make any difference? >> well, first of all, all trump is capable of doing, he has one gear. he doubles down. the gear is fear. he will try to raise fear. he has nothing left at this point that he can play and, no, i do not think it will work because i think history has passed him by. i have to say i'm haunted by
4:45 pm
michael moore there because i was sitting across him when he said that and probably in the next phrase i had say said no freaking way. but i will say that the most satisfying thing to me today about donald trump is that mary trump's book after one week has outsold in hard cover "the art of the deal" over 30 years. and i love the idea it would make trump suffer. >> yeah. we are out of time. i need a two-word answer for you, a first name and last name, who should he pick for vp? >> michelle alexander was my choice before she wrote the new jim crow. we need a smart, good person, not necessarily a politician. >> that's not two words. she's not running. michael moore, tony schwartz, thank you, guys, both very much.
4:46 pm
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4:50 pm
fellow congresswoman of something that rhymes with witch. he introduced a bill saying democrats should be barred from participation in the house of representatives because of their racist past. that's crazy, louie. do you know who your president is? is? but it's also a tactic straight out of the trump play book. to deflect from his own racism in 2018, trump accused elijah cummings of being a racist. to deflect from his own corruption, trump accused the fbi of being corrupt. to deflect from his own lies, trump accused the media of being liars. his first line of defense has always been, i know you are, but what am i? >> he'd rather have a puppet than the president. >> no puppet. you're the puppet. >> no puppet. no puppet. in fact, it is a straight that seems to run in trump's circle.
4:51 pm
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i want to quickly make a quick correction. we said louie gomer when we meant ted yoho earlier. i'm joined by pete buttigieg. i always want to call you mayor pete. can we still call you mayor pete. thank you so much for being here. >> thanks for having me on and congratulations on the program. >> thank you very much. i have so many questions to ask you and not a lot of time. i want to start by asking you, as a military veteran yourself, what do you make of the fact that donald trump, apparently he's still supposen with vladimir putin. he has not brought up or spoken to putin about these bounties that were placed on our men and women in military, in uniform in afghanistan. >> it's been nearly a month, and that's just since we found out about it, not since he found out about it. and what's even more disturbing than the fact that he hasn't spoken with vladimir putin about it is he hasn't spoken with the
4:56 pm
american people in a level way about what happened. we're talking about bounties being placed on the lives of american troops. and to think that that was not a top concern for this president just is one more example of the utter disregard that he has for the military. >> you know, and the other thing that is sticking in the craw of a lot of people, these federal police, i don't know what you call them, they're from the department of homeland security, but they're dressed up like they're members of the united states military, in the same kind of uniforms. what do you make of that and what they're actually doing in places like portland? >> you know, seeing camouflage in this way is really disturbing. think about it. the purpose of camouflage is to gain a tactical advantage over an enemy on the battlefield. american cities are not a battlefield, except perhaps morally. and the americans exerting their first amendment rights are not the enemy.
4:57 pm
this really harms the police. it harms the community. the whole idea of federal agents being able to about with integrity is undercut by any suggestion that you are going to politicize them in any way. the militarization of the police and military, we're seeing figures inside the administration or figures who had been in the administration, whether it was general mattis or reports that secretary esper was really concerned about these trends. i'm not that old and i'm old enough to remember when it was a right. it was constantly warning us that there would be power grabs by federal agents. but it's only under this president and only when it comes to people speaking up in the movement for black lives that we are suddenly seeing a willingness to use that kind of power by a president who won't even use federal powers like make sure that we have more testing and personal protective
4:58 pm
equipment available to the american people. >> yeah. and, you know, you bring up the covid-19 crisis and the pandemic. it is both a health crisis and an economic crisis. of course you were a mayor, and that's a close to the people kind of job in which you are dealing with crises. one of the crises that people are facing as a result of the economic part of the crisis is a rent crisis, the ability to afford to live day-to-day. what do you make of the fact that congress seems to be stalled, that republicans are still taking time off. they will come back on monday to talk about what to do about these crises that do include the fact that i do believe that for a lot of people that first month's rent either didn't pay rent. this is a census bureau study that found 14 million renters either didn't pay their rent last month or had to delay their payment. these are households in serious risk of eviction now. that's a market watch study today. what do you make of the fact that that's not being dealt
4:59 pm
with? >> yeah. this needs immediate action because those families, those renters, they don't have time to wait and see whether congress is going to act. we're talking about millions of americans who are vulnerable right now to losing their homes. this ban needs to be extended. but it also needs to be expanded. the moratorium as it exists only covers places where there are federal loans in play. that's why local and state action is so important and so many other cases and situations in the context of this pandemic. local and state actors should be giving resource and support from washington rather than being left to fend for themselves. >> yeah. a very quick answer. do you have a preference for who vice president biden picks for vp? do you have an idea? i know at one point he thought about you. >> i trust the president or the vice president to make the right decision. no one walking this earth understands the vice presidentsy more than he does, and i know
5:00 pm
he's going to make a good call. >> pete buttigieg, thank you so much. and that is tonight's "reid out." "all in" with chris hayes starts right now. >> tonight on "all in," with four million coronavirus cases in the united states and millions of americans on the brink of economic ruin, republicans leave town without even a draft of a bill to help. tonight senator corey booker is here on that. then as polls show biden beating trump by 13 points in florida and coronavirus cases skyrocket, trump abruptly cancels his jacksonville convention. plus, the country's slide toward tir ranny after another night of protests. on capitol hill, an astonishing moment as alexandria


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