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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  July 25, 2020 4:00am-5:00am PDT

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first up on msnbc, troubling new numbers from the surge of covid-19. millions left in limbo as federal aid packaged is delayed. boys of summer are back. just who is sitting in the stands? who are those people? those lucky -- oh, wait. those aren't people. 101 days until the election. how the race is shaping up in the battleground states. good morning. it is saturday, july 25th. i'm kendis gibson. we begin with with the breaking news this morning. overnight clashes with protesters and federal officers
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escalated in portland, oregon. we have the new video coming for us within the last hour from the scene in portland, oregon. the live images we are seeing went up until just a half hour ago which means this situation has been ongoing throughout the night. this is pretty interesting video. this is day 57 of the protests that have been taking place in portland. they have been happening ever since george floyd's death. authorities overnight unleashed what we believe to be tear gas and pepper balls on the crowd. marches against racial injustice have been happening for two months since the death of george floyd. joining me is the former director of the atf jim
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kavanaugh. jim, what is your concern here? >> my concern, kendis, is they really don't have a strategy to deescalate this. that is contributing to the exacerbation. the department of homeland security has the right to protect the courthouse as the department of justice. we need to protect the federal courthouse and building there. we have to protect the courthouse. that is the system of democracy and justice and law. the tactics can come into question on how we do that. if there is not an effort to deescalate this, it will continue. >> the only other option is to escalate from here. you imagine the federal authorities will try to clamp down or somebody in portland says this has to end at some point. >> right.
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when you do things at the wrong time for the wrong reason, you get a tragedy. we could result in a death here. we have cases around the country like we see all the time. look at breonna taylor. we are serving a search warrant in the middle of the night to rescue dope from being flushed down the commode. and look what happens. some dies here. here we are doing something to protect the courthouse. leadership matters. we don't have a career law enforcement proper it fefessiong the department. the president has him acting. he is not really the right person for that. they have 10 or 12 vacancies at the command at the top. this is rolling and rolling and rolling. if you want to get it down, you got to take the tactics and
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reasoning to get it down. you have to try. you have to try everything. i was a crisis negotiator. we deal with a lot of difficult things. set up a necessity gosh natigot community act groups and a door hanger with the city leaders. not everybody is going to comply. i'm not naive. i know how you these things work. not all of the anarchists will do everything. you get the leaders and you try and you talk and you vent and you hear them out and find out what is going on and you discuss things. you scale back the troops. some of the criticism has been rightful against the markings on the officers. the officers -- you should have every law enforcement in a civil disturban disturbance, city, county, state or federal should have the word
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police on the uniform. it is a universal symbol. kend kendis, it is recognized across the globe. everyone recognizes that word. it needs to be prominent. we used to wear police atf. the reason we put police is we had international citizens we would arrest over the years and did not know what atf was. they may not know fps. you need police and the city and agency and your bardge and a badge number. when you are in camouflage in an urban environment. that's a mistake. it should be police blue. >> jim, do you get a sense of those unidentified federal authorities just exacerbated the situation out there? >> yeah. let me just explain what's going on. everybody talks about unidentified. it is really not so.
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they are identified. if you clearly look closely with the camera and you inspect, you will find they have shoulder patches that identify their agency or unit, bortac or cvp. it is a camouflage uniforms for operations. it can be used by military and police officers don't want to be shot. camouflage is a protection from being shot in a rural operation where many of the agencies have to work. you have to work urban and rural areas. city police generally have to work urban areas. the federal officers you need to have when you work in an urban environment, you need navy blue or solid green. you don't need camouflage. the message it sends is the message america is getting,
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kend kendis, and what you described. you are getting a negative message. you shouldn't do that. it hurts your operation. it hurts the citizens. >> perhaps that's the message they are trying to give out to scare people. >> no, i don't disagree with that. that is the message. if you want to give the right message, you would change that. you would have a visible marking. a badge number or different style. yes, maybe it is the message the leadership is giving. >> jim cavanaugh joining us with the insight over what is happens in portland. i'll move on to the other breaking news. the national hurricane center update on hanna. it is nearly a hurricane. hanna expected to make landfall this afternoon or early evening in the most rural parts of texas.
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many areas will get a lot of rain and wind. many beaches in corpus christi are closed. a hurricane warning is in effect for much of the texas gulf coast right now as hanna nears. sand bags were filled and distributed for what is expected to be flash flooding. storm preparations are more complicated because of covid-19. >> take time to prepare yourself and your family. don't be the one that says i wish i did a little bit more before that hurricane or tropical storm came. >> wait. there's more. in the pacific, hurricane douglas is a powerful major category 3 hurricane. as it moves closer to hawaii, the storm will weaken. a hurricane watch is in effect for the islands of the big island and oahu and maui.
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>> we are anticipating significant wind, rain, flooding impact as well as storm surge along the east facing shores. whether it is a direct hit or not, everyone who is in quarantine, you should remain in quarantine to the extent possible. >> heavy rainfall and dangerous winds are expected in hawaii starting tonight. the worst rain will be hitting tomorrow. a picture there from oahu. looking at the winds kicking up. my co-anchor cori coffin joins us from lorain, ohio. tomorrow marks 100 days until the november election. ohio is a key swing state as we approach the milestone. cori joining us there. this is an important area for
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joe biden and donald trump. it is one that votes with the economy. >> reporter: absolutely. that is their number one issue here in lorain county. that was like that previous to the pandemic. according to the polls that will remain an issue here for 2020. of course, 101 days out. it is almost hard to believe we've made it this far, kendis, because it has been a long year. tomorrow is 100 days. here in ohio, voters start casting votes in 73 days. that's when early voting begins. ohio is one of the few states that allows absentee ballots. you don't have to have in-person voting, but offer mail-in voting. ohio is going to be a key state. that is the case every year. some years it is more of a battleground state. this year, the reason it will be key is, of course, a bellwether state. it has correctly predicted the
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president, or person who has won ohio in each presidential elections since 1948 except for 1960. trump, that was the same case for him in 2016. he won over hillary clinton by nearly nine points. a fairly large margin. when it comes to lorain county, that was different. there were eight counties in 2016 that were blue. lorain was blue going toward hillary clinton. manufacturing jobs will be a main point for that. now here in lorain county, ohio as a whole has an unemployment rate of 10%. lorain county is 18.8%. they lost a massive amount of manufacturing jobs because of covid-19. the mayor told me earlier they will closely watch this election because people will be voting with the economy in mind and with jobs in mind. when it comes to polling numbers, although biden is favored in many cases when it
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comes to dealing with race relations and covid-19 recovery, voters still marginally favor trump when it comes to the economy. >> a mere fact it is that close in parts of ohio is really a critical thing for the trump administration and trump re-election campaign. cori will join us in a few minutes to talk about the coronavirus coverage and cases there in ohio. thank you. now to the covid-19 pandemic and what we are learning. the surge in cases across the country showing few signs of slowing down. several months into the fight, the u.s. falling short of breaking its single day record in new infections. yesterday, adding more than 73,000 cases. here is dr. deborah birx pleading for people to follow safety precautions. >> i want to make it clear to the american public what we have are essentially three new yorks
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with these three major states. so we are really having to respond as an american people. that's why you hear us calling for masks and increased social distancing. >> overnight, the cdc changing their guidelines based on what they learned from the white house and how long the coronavirus patients need to be isolated. people who have mild cases levies legislatileav leave isolation after ten days. ten days after they begin experiencing symptoms. they also changed school guidelines and encourage students to return. they are discouraging those infected to get tested a second time. popular retailers are giving morle leeway on mask policies. walmart and cvs and home depot will not prohibit customers who refuse to wear masks while
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shopping. this comes to avoid confrontation between angry customers and employees. the entire michigan state football team under quarantine after a staff member and team member tested positive. the reports say the quarantine will last days before fall camp is scheduled to get under way. in washington, senators are leaving town without progress on a new coronavirus relief package. leaving among other things boosted unemployment benefits for millions of people at risk. you see the long lines across the country. nbc's shannon pettypiece is traveling with the president. shannon, what will happen next week when the lawmakers return to capitol hill and the first covid-19 relief bill expires. >> reporter: >> reporter: we are in store for a big battle here when members come back on monday.
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usually we see the fights on capitol hill between democrats and republicans. i any evethink everyone is used two sides hitting heads. there is deep divides within the republican party. mitch mcconnell is struggling to bring the two camps of republicans together on this. you have one side that is raising options about the $1 trillion price tag. some members don't want more money spent relief. on the other hand, you have nervous senate republicans up for re-election in november who are worried about what will happen to them and their political future if you see a $600 a week unemployment run out or additional testing for states put into the next phase relief bill. mcconnell, who has been very successful in the past of bringing republicans together, has failed so far at this point. next week, the focus is getting
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republicans together. you still have democrats who have not even been brought into the negotiations and picture yet. we will see how they bridge that gap and there is always president trump who has been able to throw a monkey wrench into the negotiations. he wants to see a payroll tax cut. democrats are opposed to that and some republicans are opposed to that. it is unclear if he will be able to or be able to compromise on that front. as you mentioned, of course, millions of americans in the balance here. the eviction deadline is approaching and the $600 week unemployment benefit that expires at the end of the month. that is helping pay bills and keep with regular spending and keep the economy afloat. what happens when that runs out with the economy and jobs and if people can keep their homes, kendis. >> they are worried this week is critical with that because after that in august, they go on
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another recess. shannon in new jersey for us. thank you. a new twist in the lawsuit that georgia's governor filed against a mask order that was issued in atlanta. a fulton county superior court judge ordered governor kemp and atlanta mayor keisha lance bottoms into a mediation. it say is a deescalation and t judge telling them go figure it out yourself. catie beck is following the latest. catie, the two politicians are talking a little bit? >> reporter: frankly, kendis, it is not good for them to have the eyes of the nation seeing this issue with the governor and largest city in the state of georgia's leader having a fight and a conflict over what is becoming a national conversation
4:18 am
about people needing to wear masks. i think politically for both of them it is not advantageous to be at odds. i think the judge saying let's work this out and not go to court over this. it puts it in perspective. the mayor says she has already had productive conversations with the governor. the governor has said he is not anti-mask. he is anti-mandate. he does recognize these masks are a way of protecting people. he doesn't believe people should be mandated to wear them. this does have wide reaching implications beyond atlanta. lu atlanta not only city with a mandate in place and defying the governor's orders. bigger cities like athens and savannah and smaller cities are saying we will do this our way. it also comes down to businesses independently to make that decision. in atlanta, you will see the
4:19 am
store fronts with signage saying no mask, no service. they are following what the mayor here has put into place. there are a lot of places in the state doing the same thing. whatever the decision from the mediation will have statewide implications. kendis. >> we will see if that changes. catie beck joining us from the capital in atlanta. we head back to ohio with 100 days to go until election day. we will have cori coffin talk to the mayor there. we will get to the issues that are important to the voters there. that's next. there. that's next. and you can see your transactions and check your balance from here. you can save for an emergency from here. or pay bills from here. so when someone asks you, "where's your bank?" you can tell them: here's my bank. or here's my bank. or, here's my bank. because if you download and use the chase mobile app,
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tomorrow marks 100 days until election day. nbc's chuck todd will host an hour on races and issues. watch decision 2020 tomorrow night here on msnbc.
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with that in mind, we head back to north central ohio and my co-anchor cori coffin is in the state and joined by the mayor. cori. >> reporter: kendis, good morning. we say good morning to the mayor. the mayor of youngstown, ohio. a very important point in ohio when it comes to manufacturing and auto jobs which are very big in this area. mayor brown, one thing i want to talk about how your county has been effected by covid-19 and how your county has been doing over the last three to four years since the election since 2016. break it down. i know the housing rate, national vacant housing rate, is 20 times higher in youngstown and the poverty rate is higher as well. you are losing jobs faster. >> we are, cori.
4:25 am
thank you for spotlighting youngstown, ohio during this difficult time. you mentioned covid-19. we suffered like anywhere else. what we did more than anything is we stood up and said let's make sure and be aggressive with the virus. we took it serious. i think we had daily briefings with governor dewine and the mayors across ohio. we focused on what we can do across the state of ohio. it has proven to be a great issue for us. as mayor, i recently implemented a mandatory mask order for those wearing outside their home and when they are inside as well. the governor put in place a mandatory mask. that will make a difference in youngstown, ohio with our vulnerable population. >> reporter: what are your
4:26 am
residents need to help get them back on their feet with the economic impact of the crisis? >> there are three things we learned and focused on. the health and the education. we will make sure everyone is tested. all of our citizens need to know where they stand. if you know, african-americans and latinos are most susceptible to the virus. we need to make sure the health is up front. the economy as well. we have to put people back to work. we need to make sure people are working and the educational system is protected. we learned a broadband gap when we sent kids home and specifically in the african-american and minority communities. that was an issue. this president has not been talking about that. specifically, cori, three years to the date, he was here in
4:27 am
youngsto youngstown, ohio. if you gave the stats earlier, you can see we are going in the opposite direction. not in the positive, but the negative. >> reporter: now, in lorain county where we are located right now, we know the economy is the number one issue for voters. is that same for youngstown voters? >> absolutely. i think people vote their pocketbook. they will look at the situation. they will say am i better off now than three years ago. they will want to know what will happen to them. i think vice president biden needs to miake sure when he puls out his plan he is talking about economic recovery and housing recovery and justice recovery. those things matter. if you don't have a plan and you are not telling the people the plan, that is an issue in this election. >> reporter: mayor, you guys have been a proponent for a lot
4:28 am
of the justice reform with social justice. biden has gotten behind this as an issue for 2020. voters have said in ohio they marginally support biden over trump when it comes to race relations. how do you feel? >> i think the vice president is right on point when he is talking about it. he is not making excuses. he knows it is there. it is like anyone else. we need to make sure we attack these issues head on. we need true leadership. when we look at the issues and if you see a problem, solve it. that's what we need to do in the white house. we will get that from vice president joe biden. >> reporter: mayor brown, one thing i want to end with you here with this last question. you mentioned the leadership. how do you feel about schools reopening amid the crisis? what do you want to see for youngsto youngstown? >> cori, i'm a father of four.
4:29 am
i worry about my children. i think we are talking about various options available to our kids. i think we take it slow. we make sure the numbers are down. i think we also have to have a strategic plan. you can't say send them back to school and being a father and grandfather, that doesn't sit well with me. i want the safety of our kids put first and not the politics of the day. >> reporter: mayor tito brown of youngstown, ohio. a lot of important issues in youngstown, ohio as well as lorain county as we hit 100 days to election day 2020. kendis, back to you. >> a wide range of issues there for ohio. cori, thank you. increasing calls for a shutdown to stop the spread of the coronavirus. the new numbers that have some
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we're back now with the latest numbers on the coronavirus pandemic. the number of confirmed cases across the u.s. reaching an alarming new milestone. surpassing 4 million as you can see from the graph. it shows actually the rapid acceleration of new infections. the u.s. adding 1 million cases in just 16 days. that is remarkable. vermont announced a statewide mask mandate set to begin on august 1st. as you look at the map, you see the green. those are all of the states that are requiring a mask. that leaves 18 states in the country that do not require masks to be worn in public. among those states is georgia, south carolina, florida and arizona. all of which are seeing a spike in new cases and hospitalizations. as of this morning, there are nearly 16 million coronavirus cases around the world.
4:33 am
the countries with the highest number of cases is the u.s., brazil and india. india with the population of 1.3 billion people and it has fewer cases than we do. the u.s. has surpassed confirmed cases and officials are bracing for things to get worse. we have steve patterson joining us live in los angeles. steve, a lot of people in california are saying they may get a case of whiplash. some are warning of a possible shutdown again out there. >> reporter: yeah. you know, there has been signaling from the governor and mayor of los angeles. saying they are waiting and watching the data to make that decision. still the virus is just ravaging hot spots. including here and across the country. take a look. this morning, officials are
4:34 am
bracing for the worst. calling states for california, florida and texas and arizona the next new york. >> we have to change our behavior now before this virus completely moves back up through the north. >> reporter: as the number of cases, hospitalizations and deaths spike. >> definitely makes the day-to-day difficult as health care workers which is not knowing when is the end. >> reporter: this week, california surpassed new york in total cases and the highest single day death toll back-to-back. in texas, hospital workers are at a breaking point. >> we had six nurses die. two doctors die. four hours ago, i was putting in a chest tube in a nursery have kno nurse i have known for 30 years. >> we shutdown about 50% or so in reality. the europeans shutdown about 90%. >> reporter: as cities across the country are stepping up
4:35 am
enforcement on face coverings. issuing citations. >> i ain't paying it. i'm not paying it. >> reporter: with just weeks to go before school starts, the cdc released guideline s on reopening. the recommendations are face coverings and distancing and hand hygiene. saying covid-19 poses a low risk to kids. still noting 64 children have died and schools should stay closed if there is uncontrolled transmission. >> if it is not safe enough for gop delegates to be hundreds in the convention space, then how is it safe enough in florida for children to be hundreds in a school? >> reporter: friday, the fda authorized the first covid-19 tests for those showing no symptoms or possible exposure. this is the first step to broad
4:36 am
screening to reopen schools and workplaces. taking you back to the guidance on school reoptieningreopening. the cdc is is recommending every district to come up with a plan for a teacher or parent or student gets sick. there is no detail. some criticism moving forward as we move into the school year. kendis. >> steve, i was logging on last night and i noticed the california numbers and specifically los angeles. they seemed to be going on a downward trend. this morning, i wake up and we should have seen we should have added an asterisk to that. >> reporter: now the numbers are climbi climbing. the numbers the officials are paying attention to is the seven-day positivity rate. it tells you about the spread of the virus. that number is going up as well. more concern from officials here in the state of california and right here in los angeles. kendis. >> a little bit of an error of
4:37 am
sort that made the numbers lower than they were at first. steve, i appreciate it. joining us right now is dr. patel. she is the former health policy director for the obama administration. dr. patel, thank you for being here. as the former health adviser for the obama administration, how do you feel that the trump administration is now doing and at least lately with the president saying and encouraging people to wear a mask and cancelling the convention in jacksonville, florida. is the administration starting to make the right moves? >> thanks, kendis, good morning. the administration is making the right moves. unfortunately as a country, it is coming incredibly too late. almost the right message, but at the wrong time. it is better late than never, some may say, but that is
4:38 am
allowing for a diminishing expectation of the leadership we needed for an international pandemic all along. it is a step in the right direction and candidly, a look in the rear-view mirror. states have had to do this because of the wildfire across the country. >> doctor, we had dr. birx in a leaked phone call warning the governors and many people in 11 cities. there were cities that were in the relative north, including baltimore that were on the list, does that seem to indicate that there may be a second wave on its way to the north? >> yeah. kendis, great observation. it certainly is concerningme. i'm in that area and we are seeing an increase in cases. this follows the pattern that we see where cases are low, not zero. they are really low and people
4:39 am
are pent up and frustrated and feeling like they need to be more social. be more normal. they let their guard down and we go into bars and restaurants or get together at people's houses and that is resulting in the uptick in cases. i'm hopeful that with the mask mandates and putting aside the politics and a lot more science and data that we can actually get past that and we're still in the first wave. i'm hoping we can decrease the curve you showed on the map. >> the northern cities include pittsburgh, cleveland and columbus on the list. there is suggestion on the guidelines that coronavirus patients should not wait to get a negative test before exiting quarantine. they are safe with without syst symptoms. what? >> kendis, i like to give some good news. they decreased the timeline.
4:40 am
key numbers. 10 and 24. ten days after you show symptoms regardless of the test result, you can stop the quarantine. quarantine is different from isolation. quarantine really means you should not be out and about. that is if you have symptoms. if you have a positive test, ten days. this could be altered if you have negative testing in the meantime. two negative tests sooner than that. that could be with the approval of your doctor. that could also be a reason to stop any sort of quarantine or isolation. 24 hours without a fever. i think that is critical. if you still have a fever, again, in all cases. there are exceptions like a chronic medical problem. 10/24. that is a decrease. we have a little bit of good news there. >> ten days after symptoms and 2 24 hours after a fever.
4:41 am
dr. patel, thank you. baseball is back, but the crowd is tough. nobody cheering or jumping? i know. typical of the mets. hey! oh, that burns in this part. but wait! how the game had to change in the age of covid-19. they did win. it's all right. i don't want to hear it. all rit i don't want to hear it. ... can do no wrong. where did you learn that? the internet... yeah? mmm! with no artificial preservatives or added nitrates or nitrites, it's all for the love of hot dogs.
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don't @ me. baseball is the first team sport to return after covid-19 shut everything down in march. this version looks different from what fans may remember. sam brock is joining us from miami. sam, what an unusual return to baseball. nice to have it back. 4 million people watching game on one. not bad. >> reporter: good morning, kendis. you will see the letters for the marlins and all of the cars being directed right now for covid-19 testing. that is the reality that major league baseball is returning to right now. incredible excitement. simulated crowd noise in all 30 parks and tributes to the health care workers fighting this battle. the first pitch is virtual from chicago to minnesota. national past time returns as the crisis continues.
4:46 am
>> a line drive. double play. >> reporter: braves all star freddie freeman weeks after surviving covid-19. >> i spiked to 104.5. >> reporter: teams embracing masks and social distancing. >> this moment signifies our change. our brotherhood. >> reporter: narrated by morgan fr freeman. a night inspired and written by andrew mccutchen. the tampa bay rays come ra memorandum rated their first day. cleveland players wore road unis at home because they say cleveland, not indians. a sign of support for the name change. >> can you recall when baseball was so socially active? >> no.
4:47 am
never. >> reporter: now a new day and age with covid-19 also changing the sport's complex. cardboard cutouts and academy award winners hawking hot dogs. the coronavirus throwing curve balls. so far,84 players and 15 staff members tested positive for an overall positivity rate below 1%. >> the big test would be in the next week or ten days what happens. these guys will go on flights and strange hotels and buses and trains. >> reporter: and to just give you a sense, kendis, of how excited fans are about having the sport back. the 4 million viewers that watched the yankees thursday night was the highest rated regular season game in almost a decade on any network. as for the marlins, they were in philadelphia last night. they won 5-2. it means they share a piece of the n.l. east.
4:48 am
it is the first time ever since july onward that this team is in first place. they were wild cards both times. i want to make sure i'm 100% accurate. they have won. this is uncharted territory. >> imagine, sam, if you, me and seven of our friends played in major league baseball. we would be one game behind the marlins right now. just saying. >> reporter: correct. we would also be most of the fans in the stands. this is a team that had success in recent years. at least in the last decade. >> sam brock joining us from marlins park in the miami area. thank you. they might hold the key for joe biden or president trump. a new series of polls shows just who these voters are favoring with just about 100 days before the election. eh, not enough fiber... chocolate would be good... snacking should be sweet and simple. the delicious taste of glucerna
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election day. this morning there's a series of new polls showing how the presidential race is shaping up in key states. this was from fox news. joe biden is leading president trump in michigan by 9 points. he's ahead of the president by double digits in both minnesota and pennsylvania. the president there with 38% and 39% in those particular states. a quinnipiac poll puts the former vice president leading trump in florida where the president is now a resident by 13 points. another quinnipiac poll found binding leading president trump 45% to 44% in texas, a state the president won decisively in 2016. joining me now is republican strategist susan delpersio and morgan chalfont. morgan i want to start with you. as we look at those polls what is it as you look at those numbers, those state by state polls in those battleground areas, what is it about those
4:52 am
numbers that stands out to you? >> there's a few things. one, leadership in a crisis matters. when you look at that texas poll, we've seen governor abbott's numbers tank the way he handled the coronavirus and the numbers have gotten worse. i look at the numbers where trump is in the 30s. that's a danger sign. that should be bright red flashing and scaring the trump people. it's very hard to climb back from the 30s. it also says that don't pay attention to texas. pay attention to florida if you're biden. all he has to do is pick up michigan and florida, he's done. he gets to 270 assuming the map holds from 2016. what those numbers tell me is that biden should not get ahead of himself and he should be fighting it out in the battleground states and find a path. he doesn't have to run the table, he just has to get to 270. >> that's the key. it's not about running the table which a lot of people are saying
4:53 am
they would like for him to do. morgan, to you on that. a lot of people are saying he should try to make a play in texas. he did invest some $60,000 in some ad space, which is nothing really in texas. you get a sense that that would be a little bit too far of a stretch for this campaign? >> the polls show that texas is competitive at this point. the trump campaign is confident they'll win texas in the end. it's like an expensive state. if biden wants to win there, he has to invest heavily. it is competitive according to the polls we've seen. >> okay. i'm not sure how this became an issue, but the president once again is defending his mental fitness. okay. i do know why. talking about a cognitive test he says he aced. take a listen. >> the first questions are very easy. the last questions are much more difficult. like a memory question.
4:54 am
it's like you'll go person, woman, man, camera, tv. ten minutes, 15 minutes, 20 minutes later they say remember the first question, not the first but the tenth question, give us that again? can do you that again? person, woman, man, camera, tv. they say that's amazing. how did you do that? i do it because i have, like, a good memory. because i'm cognitively there. >> i'm a person, susan is a woman, we have a camera, we're making, ie ing, iing tv. why is he talking about this? >> i don't know. the president is basically saying don't worry i don't have alzheimer's but i'm completely aware in making decisions that are hurting americans health and economy. he's completely aware of the mess-ups he's making. i don't think that's a good argument. >> i guess part of the whole
4:55 am
concept is to juxtapose his mental fitness against joe biden's mental fitness. i don't know necessarily by repeating those words and stuff is helping. >> yeah. this is definitely a -- a tactic that the campaign has been trying to use. they've been trying to contrast trump with biden, you know, highlight biden's gaffes and paint him as mentally unfit for the presidency. it's unclear -- it doesn't appear to be sticking at this point. the test that trump appears to be talking about, experts say it's not really a measure of intelligen intelligence, it's more of a screening test. >> do we know how long he practiced those words before the interview? >> there was a pregnant pause between woman and man. you could kind sof see the whee wheewhee of see the wheels turning. >> just checking. there's a poll showing where independents are moving.
4:56 am
it seems troubling for the president. >> it is troubling. but it's also reflective of how the president has chosen -- i use the word loosely, govern. he has used a base strategy. when you get elected, you have the option to govern for all or at least expand your base. he has done neither. >> thank you guys so much. >> i'll be back tomorrow. i'm a person, and a man. i'll be back tomorrow at 6:00 a.m. coming up, ali velshi. weighing in on trump's america. tomorrow at 8:00 a.m., ali velshi will be live from bethlehem, pennsylvania to mark 100 days to the election. hope you'll tune in.
4:57 am
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oregon. like other nights friday started with several peaceful rallies but ended in violence. another day of more than 70,000 new cases of coronavirus reported in the united states. we're hitting near peak hospitalization rates as well. and 101 days until the presidential election. >> all americans need to recognize it's up to us, wear a ma