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tv   First Look  MSNBC  July 27, 2020 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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from coast to coast, there's been escalating violence between protesters and local and federal police, and president trump is seizing on the images of unrest. also flo has reported the most coronavirus cases than new york, which was once the epicenter. right now florida leads the nation with the highest number of infections. and memorials are under way for icon congressman john lewis. yesterday his body crossed the edmund pettus bridge in alabama for the final time as his funeral procession heads toward washington, d.c.
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good monday morning, everybody. it's july 27th, and i'm yasmin vossoughian. we have a lot to cover on this monday morning weefrm going to start with the protests, fueling in large part by the anger of federal forces being deployed to portland, oregon. thousands across the country, up and down the west coast, riots were declared in portland on saturday. 45 people were, in fact, arrested, and more than 20 officers were injured after being hit with rocks and explosives. officials are saying rig ining also broke through a fence to a youth detention center that was under destrukds. this is a scene from friday night. iter and total mayhem.
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a total of five people were shot. people plooes in austin, texas, say a protester who was carrying a rifle was shot and killed by a motorist during a confrontation with protesters. this suv was fired at while driving down the interstate toward protesters. another person in the crowd was also hit. princeton university professor omar waso who has studied campaigns points out in "the wall street journal" protesters could actually hurt their cause. he says, quote, if we see growing violent resistance by protesters, that often become as justification for more repression by the state. the president accused protesters
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of, quote, being anarchists who hate our country. in an interview yesterday, white house chief of staff mark meadows argued they are protecting a courthouse that has been targeted by protesters. >> in portland, we have federal agents there that are protecting a courthouse that actually has not only been vandalized, but they're trying to burn it down, george. i mean we can't have this in american cities, so as we look at that, you've got people there, but they're throwing molotov cocktails and doing all kinds of rioting there in portland around a courthouse that they desire to burn down. >> so a federal judge in portland rejected the state's lawsuit to prevent federal agents from detaining protesters without probable cause. district judge michael mohsman dismissed it saying the attorney general's office failed to show
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that the state itself had a specific interest in this dispute. in addition to requested the order to stop the arrest by federal agents, their attorney general also said they have to identify themselves and the agencies they work for, but the judge wrote the following on his position. the state has presented just one example of an arrest without probable cause and one sample of procedure. it has presented no evidence of any official orders or policies and has presented no evidence that these allegedly illegaler seizures are a widespread practice. let's break this down. joning me now, msnbc legal analyst danny cevallos. good morning. good to see you this morning. hope you and your family are well. as you look at some of the tapes that are emerged here, it looks as if rights are being violated
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of many of these protesters. so why do you think the state -- why doesn't the state have an interest in that? >> when we're looking at this lawsuit, we're looking at exactly one tape. that is the sum total of tapes or videos that the state put into the case, and that's all the judge could rule on, and that video itself, the judge concluded, doesn't give us any context. yes, it shows a seizure, it shows a protester being grabbed, but it doesn't show what precipitated that. it could have been nothing or the protester could have been doing something that warranted the seizure. the judge concluded there isn't enough information to determine whether or not that was an arrest that was unconstitutional or an unreasonable seizure in that instance. if the state had more evidence of this and more video, then now was the time to put them into court. the court concluded that think just didn't have enough evidence before them of a seizure that
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was -- by the video itself unconstitution unconstitutional. >> so my question then is why so narrow because on a daily basis, we're seeing videos emerge. so i'm wondering if, in fact, you think this suit can be brought again and in what instance the decision may be different. >> the suit could be brought by individual protesters as plaintiffs. the judge said as much in the opinion, but in that -- even if the individual protesters did bring plaintiffs, they probably could not see injunctive relief. i have to tell you. i've handled those casesful being grabbed and put in a car is not a big money damages case, but they probably cannot ask for injuncti injunctive release. a protester can't ask going
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forward you have to prevent the police from doing future lawful arrests. the reason is that that arrest itself doesn't show a police practice or orders from on high to arrest people or do something wrong that is beyond just being grabbed in a particular video and shoved into a car. look. if the state of oregon really wanted to put in all these videos that are supposedly circulating, and they are, i've seen a lot of them, they could have done it. the court said as much. if you have more video, put it into evidence. >> yes. the question is why, why they didn't. danny cevallos, thank you as always. great to see you. let's talk about the late congressman john lewis. at the age of 80, he crossed the edmund pettus bridge one final time. 55 years ago he was met with brutality, nearly dying over
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peaceful protests over the edmund pettus bridge in what has become known as bloody sunday. his body was placed into a caisson. the bridge was sprinkled with rose petals to represent the blood that was previously spilled there. lewis's family followed behind with his longtime chief of staff and a shirt with words "good trouble." hours later lewis arrived to lie instate in montgomery's capital in montgomery. meanwhile as calls grow to rename the edmund pettus bridge after lewis, the fairfax county high school is going to rename their school after congressman
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john lewis. because of the coronavirus, lewis will lie instate on the east front steps of capitol today and tomorrow. joining me now, author of the "washington post" early morning newsletter "power up," jackie mayny. good to see you. let's talk about the vigils that were held to honor the life and legacy of john lewis. as you were watching some of these services that were being held, what were some of the notable highlights you do? >> well, i think overall it was an extraordinary tribute to an extraordinary life, you know. this was an original freedom rider, co-founder and later chairman of the student non-violent coordinating committee in 1963 and he made his journey across the edmund pettus bridge on sunday, the second day of a six-day-long
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celebration marking his life under dramatically different circumstances. one of the leads i loved most from the coverage was the local newspaper that said this time the troopers saluted him because as many of us know on bloody sunday in 1965, the 25-year-old lewis was the first to be beaten by alabama state troopers, who actually fractured his skull. and on sunday, seeing those images of lewis, you know, in his casket being carried across the bridge and being saluted by those troopers was a remarkable turn of events and a sign of just how much things have changed. that being said, you know, all of the people who spoke at his tributes also reminded, you know, the crowd, his fans, and really america of how much more needs to happen.
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you have the voting rights act that was gutted in 1913 to the protests going on right now that you guys just discussed, fighting for -- against systemic racism and against police brutality. >> yeah. i mean one of the things we have been talking about continuously is that folks are saying that the best way to honor the life and death of john lewis is to pass that voting rights act that has been sitting on the desk of leader mcconnell for quite some time now, six months or so. let's talk about the high school that's going to change itself nay from robert e. lee to john lewis. what reaction are you hearing from that. >> in that community it's been widely received unlike the petition that's been circulating to rename the edmund pettus bridge in selma where there's been quite a bit of pushback. that bridge was originally named
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after a white supremacist who fought for the confederacy. but in virginia, this decision has been welcome d unlike the controversy and debates we're seeing played out right now. >> all right. "washington post" jackie al mayny. stay close. i going to talk to you in a bit. the foundation has asked to stop following off reagan's legacy. also hurricane hanna making landfall in texasover the weekend. those stories and more when we come back. ekend. those stories and more when we come back.
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welcome back. the ronald reagan presidential foundation and institute has demanded that the president and
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the republican party stop using their name and likeness. according to the foundation, they were compelled to take action against the trump campaign after obtaining a fund-raising email from the senator donald trump with the headline ronald reagan and yours truly. there was a request for a donation and two gold coins with an image of the president and reagan shaking hands. it was in 1987 in a receiving line where the white house comes into contact with thousands of people every year. the prosides from the coin sales would benefit the trump make america great committee a joint effort run by the trump and rnc campaign. the president claimed, quote,
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this, the "washington post" is running the reagan foundation and adding people are not happy about it. the "washington post" is a political front for amazon. nobody treated ronald reagan worse. the "post" requested a comment but he declined. the program, daca, is going to be pending while they weigh whether they're going to try to end the program again. that friday announcement came despite a ruling from the supreme court last night that said the administration's attempt to terminate the program was, in fact, improper. the government has only been processing renewals for those who applied for daca before the administration halted the program in 2017, though, a federal judge in maryland ordered the program fully restored more than ten days ago. more than 60,000 require that, enabling them to legally work here in the united states and to not be deported. all right.
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let's switch gears and get a first look with your weather with nbc meteorologist janessa webb. good morning to you. >> hey, good morning, yasmin. it was a busy weekend. we've been watching the tropical storms. 've had the first hurricane of 2020 for the atlantic, making landfall across south texas. i want to show you a video right now of corpus chris it is where we saw portions of southern texas get up to about 6 to 10 inches of rain. so just an inundation of water really in that area. now, hanna continues now to be an area of low pressure, but still a depression that's going to make its way well offshore. you can see sustained winds, but the flooding threat is going to be as a few bands continue to linger. also watching in the eastern pacific, we have hurricane douglas, now a category 1. just in the last 24 hours, this storm system has really rapidly
2:19 am
intensified, and we're not going to see a direct hit for hawaii, thank goodness, but the outer bands are going to cause the flooding and wind bands to pick up. in next few hours it will continue the track offshore. we still have hurricane warnings for a portion of the hawaiian island. and then we go back to the atlantic tropics where we're seeing an area of low pressure that's now starting to develop. this will be invest 92-l. there's a 92% chance that the hurricane center is predicting this storm will form in the next five days. the lesser antilles all the way to the caribbean islands we're going to be watching closely and the track potentially into the gulf. we're going to watch that system as it makes its trek northward, a five-day development zone. on top of that, we have the heat that continues to build. this is our second heatwave across the northeast of the southbound. right now if you're just waking
2:20 am
up, we're seeing temperatures in the upper 70s to low 80s. folks, that's just the beginning. i know you saw the heat expand to the northeast over the weekend, and we still have advisories, yasmin, for new york city, boston, central new york this afternoon where we're going the see some temperatures, the feel-like temperature, in the lower 100s. >> that's not good. all right. thank you, janessa. aisle check back in with you a little later. still ahead, we're remembering two stars who passed away over the weekend. we're back in a moment. away over the weekend. we're back in a moment w. this network is one less thing i have to worry about. then, give people more plans to mix and match, so you only pay for what you need. that is so cool! include the best in entertainment, and offer it all starting at $35. with the iphone everyone wants. iphone 11 pro on us, when you buy one. because everyone deserves the best. this is unlimited built right. only on verizon.
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story. but other than that, no. i did it 28 years in a row, willie. 28 years and then 28 years with jerry staring at me. >> and joey bishop. >> and i said, please, jerry, get me out of here. >> an incredible career regis philbin had. that was legendary television host regis philbin. just eight years ago talking about his time in the limelight. he died friday night at the age of 88. a native new yorker, philbin found success hosting a number of morning talk shows and other talk shows before he became a national star in 1988 on "live with regis & kathie lee." he hosted over 20,000 guests and being seen by over a million in-studio audience members. also earned a number of ak lats with emmy wins for his morning show as well as his work as a
2:25 am
game show host for "who wants to be a millionaire." his family issued a statement on saturday saying in part, this, his friends and family are grateful for the time they got to spend with him his warmth, legendary humor and his ability to make every single day something worth talking about. he certainly will be missed. so one of the last remaining actresses of hollywood's golden age, two-time academy award winner and star of "gone with the wind," olivia dehave land died of natural causes at her home in paris. she was best known for her role as melanie hamilton in the film "gone with the wind." she won best actress for "the heiress" and accou"to each his in the 1940s and other films. however, her biggest achievement may have been offscreen in 1943 when she sued her employer
2:26 am
warner brothers. she sued the studio after they attempted to extend her seven-year contract which was spierg. the suspension time was added to the contract. her victory helped shape what the industry is today. she's been recognized with several awards in her lifetime including the national medal of arts and was named the dame command of the british empire. still ahead, florida surpasses the number of coronavirus cases in new york. also treasury secretary steve mnuchin says the republicans have finalized the relief legislation. but where to the democrats stand on it? those stories and more coming up. on it? those stories and more coming up to severe psoriasis,
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welcome back, everybody. i'm yasmin vossoughian. florida has become the global epicenter of the coronavirus. after confirming more cases than new york. so far florida has reported nearly 415,000 cases, and along with texas and california has seen a record number of deaths based on a seven-day moving average. florida ranks second with the highest number of cases since the start of this pandemic. california leads the country with more than 440,000 cases, and new york, once the epicenter, is now third. in georgia, new cases are also continuing to surge as the death rate remains at high levels. on saturday, nearly 330 deaths
2:31 am
were reported for a record weekly high. that is up by 90% from the previous week. according to reports, the latest spike in cases started in young adults who while less likely to die can still get extremely sick from covid. and as we know, experts warning the virus easily spreads into older and more vulnerable populations. so far georgia confirms nearly 168,000 cases and about 3 rk,50 deaths. also the coronavirus testings are continuing. the admiral push backed who called detaining testing is inexcusable this many months into the pandemic. >> many march president trump said falsely anyone who wants a test can get a test. at what point will it be true, sir, that anybody who wants a test will be able to get one with a quick turnaround so as to
2:32 am
be effective? when will that be true? >> what is true now is anyone who need as test can get a test. we're not in a situation -- and i want to be really clear, whether it's mick mulvaney or anyone else -- i feel like going somewhere, so i need a test. that's not where we are. we're in the mid ol' of a serious pandemic we're trying to control and we're starting to control all the hot spot states. you look at the data. the positivity has decreased. >> again, i want to reiterate here. you have heard instances of folks waiting for results from a coronavirus test multiple weeks at times. so the white house and senate republicans are ready, it seems, to let a $600 boost in benefits expire this week, setting up a clash with democrats as they negotiate the next coronavirus bill hoochl wheers chief of staff mark meadows said of the plan yesterday. >> the original benefits plan
2:33 am
actually paid people to stay home. actually people got more money staying at home than they would going back to work, so the president's been very clear, our republican senators have been very clear, we're not going to extend that provision. we are going to be prepared on monday to provide unemployment insurance extension that would be 70% of whatever the wages you were prior to being unemployed, that it would reimburse you for up to 70% of those wages hopefully as a way for people to get back on their feet. >> all right. so meadows and treasury secretary steve mnuchin spent all weekend on capitol hill smoothing over details of the republicans $1 trillion aid package set to be released today. it comes amid deep divisions within the gop over what will be included the bill including a second round of stimulus checks. negotiations with democrats are expected to begin in earnest. joining me once again sfr the
2:34 am
"washington post" "power up," jacqueline alemany. there's this $600 boost that's something they don't want to continue with because they feel folks are getting paid more than they were making while they were at work. so it is, in fact, making them choose to stay home versus going out to look for jobs. the problem, jackie, with that argument there is there are no jobs to be had, that if folks were to go out and look for a job, they couldn't necessarily get one. >> that's exactly right, yasmin. this is still the clashing sticking point between republicans and democrats right now, and it's also happening on two different tracks. not only do democrats want a full extension of the $600 per week for millions of americans that has been a really crucial lifeline as these job losses become increasingly permanent, but democrats also disagree with republicans on the mechanism of
2:35 am
which this money should be distributed. republicans as you just noted and secretary treasury steven mnuchin has said over and over again, they want to cut it to $200 a week, and they want to distribute the money through a targeted replacement which democrats said are completely overwhelming the state unemployment offices that are barely able to distribute this money to begin with right now. but, again, that is the key sticking point. you know, democrats would say back to republicans who are arguing that this is innocent advising people to stay at home, that this money is really one of the only things keeping the economy afloat right now. you had a former economist under president obama project that if you cut this $600 payment, the economy will shrink by 6% by the end of 20 and cause 1.2 million fewer jobs. >> that's astounding.
2:36 am
>> they're looking at this from all different angles right now. >> sometimes i with under if folks in washington wonder how dire it is for the rest of the country and how many folks are actually depending on this money to keep their homes, to keep the lights on, to keep food on the table. >> yeah. >> let's talk about what we just heard from admiral giroir. it doesn't seem effective when you're finding out three weeks later that you actually have covid, especially when you're asus tom matic. what's your assessment on this? >> what we're hearing from officials local and federal is this is deja vu. we're back to where we were in march when the pandemic just started and we were having trouble scaling up.
2:37 am
this is why lawmakers on the hill are so adamant about additional funding in this additional stimulus package for covid-19 testing and contact tracing. there's been talks about 25 extra bill upthat goes into that. there's been pushback from republicans who already think this package is too big and bloated. but these long delays, you know, we've heard a lot anecdotally from family, friends, tweet threads of people dying because of these delays. but what we heard the admiral confirm this weekend is that, you know, there is, in fact, delays, and the federal government has not been able to ramp up to the capacity yet. there's still a shortage of, you know, many different materials to even conduct this testing. we've heard it from, you know, people running the laboratories that there's a shortage of swabs, testing kits, machines to actually process the kits, and,
2:38 am
you know, again, admiral brett giroir said that he, you know, would only be happy initially if the turnaround for testing would be 24 hours. right now the testing times we're seeing lag from five days to a week, even longer than that. so, you know, the president might have changed his tone as everyone liked to point out last week, but there's still no new strategy or funding in place. >> "washington post" jacqueline alemany. great to see you this morning, jackie. so the president took to twitter again this weekend to advance his assault. he claims 2020 election will be totally rigged if mail-in voting is allowed and everyone knows it. so much time is taken talking about foreign influence, but the same people won't even discuss mail-in election corruption. nb c-note c-notes there's no pr-
2:39 am
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experience amazing at your lexus dealer. welcome back. through his more than a vote organization lebron james will be making his donation to an organization that played a key role in a 2018 ballot measure that restored the voting rights of ex-felons. this comes weeks after a lower court order was kept in place. that could prevent thousands of
2:43 am
felons from voting in the next election. it was founded by james and a host of other black athletes and artists to address what they call racist and systemic voter suppression. the effort is coming as voter turnout is becoming a key issue in the november election. so the president says he's no longer going to throw out the first pitch at the yankees game next month. instead he said he'll be focusing on coronavirus-related issues. in a tweet on sunday he called the coronavirus the china virus and said he won't be able to attend the game, focusing on the development of a vaccine. on wednesday he said he would be throwing out the first pitch when the yankees would face off the boston red sox. it came hours before dr. fauci was scheduled to throw out the first pitch for the washington nationals. let's get a look at the forecast once again with meteorologist janessa webb. >> hey, good morning, yasmin.
2:44 am
it was definitely a busy weekend with heat concerns, but also we had a tropical development that on friday was just a tropical storm turned into a hurricane by saturday and made that landfall. now, yesterday we continued to see that flooding across mission, texas. cars are just submerged in that area. we've already seen 6 to 10 inches just from that hurricane hanna. now, we're going to continue to watch this storm system as it makes its way well offshore. still a depression at this hour, but we're continuing to see the sustained winds up to about 25 miles per hour. now, the heat and humidity really continues to build across the area unfortunately, and also, the temperatures, they continue to be above average in many locations. we're talking about the upper 80s to lower 90s. and that's really sparking up the storms that we're currently
2:45 am
seeing real seeing, a really big cold front across ohio and the mississippi valley as well that. will produce rainfall in the northeast later on tonight. so evening plans outside, make sure you're taking it in around 8:00, 9:00 from the carolinas to new york city. tuesday the storms continue to spark up in that area and start to loosen up as we go into midweek. what i can't promise you is the heat. it's not going to back off. this is our second heatwave. i know it's juuse. we're talking about feel-like temperatures. it's really sticky outside 1. 00 to 105 in boston all the way to central new york. looking at your week ahead, the heat's going to stay in place for the east coast. a stormy pattern setting up for the northeast, even the south. we'll continue to watch that tropical moisture. the summer heat will continue to build across the pacific northwest. things will still remain pretty dry and mild for the great
2:46 am
lakes. so, you know, kind of a slow start to the week, but we're also watching another tropical wave that is making its way across the lesser antilles. it's just that time of year where we're watching the tropics very closely. yasmin? >> all right. thank you, janessa. still ahead, we're going live to cnbc for a look at how markets are reacting as congress moves forward on the next coronavirus bill. and also why walmart is backing off of its mandatory mask policy. the stories driving business next. k policy the stories driving business next you can check your glucose with a smart phone or reader so you can stay in the moment. no matter where you are or what you're doing. ask your doctor for a prescription for the freestyle libre 14 day system. you can do it without fingersticks. learn more at
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welcome back, everybody. as the $600 unemployment supplement ends this week, republican senators are set to unveil their proposal today for the next round of federal coronavirus aid. cnbc's julianna tatelbaum is joining us live. julianna, good morning. great to see you on this monday. give us the reaction to the news of the new relief bill that may
2:50 am
leave out this $600 unemployment benefit. >> well, when we left the office on friday, there were still a lot of disagreements between the white house and republican lawmakers. now it appears as though they have come to agreement and fina plans with senate republicans, the white house that is, for a new $1 trillion relief package. the proposal will include an extension of unemployment benefits, a fresh round of direct payments and tax credits for small businesses. what u.s. markets are poised to open higher this morning so investors cheering the relief but it's still a long road to approval. the plan needs approved by congressional democrats even once unveiled this week. one corporate we've been talking about is walmart and their move to require all customers to wear masks. on july 20th they said everybody coming into the stores has to wear a mask. now the company is telling staff
2:51 am
in order to avoid physical confrontation, they can still serve people even if they refuse to wear a mask. this comes after several incidents of violence towards staff members, not just at walmart but across the united states. mask wearing seems to be increasing in acceptance but still a huge issue. walmart and alongside home depot, cvs and walgreens saying you can still serve your customers without a mask just to avoid an altercation. >> this is a reason why there should be a federal mask mandate because of people in the line of fire having to confront people. talk about the fda, a new warning over 75 hand sanitizing products. >> the fda has identified 77 different types of hand
2:52 am
sanitizer as being potentially toxic. these products may contain methanol, which can be toxic when absorbed through the skin and can result in blindness and hospitalizations, "the washington post" says a dozen people have died after this hand sanitizer. so methanol is the ingredient to stay away from. >> make sure that your ingredient is not in your sanitizer at home. if it is, throw it away. julianna tatelbaum, thank you. great to see you this morning. up next a look at axios' one with big thing. and on "morning joe" with republicans set to move forward on another round of coronavirus we're going to speak to chuck schumer about that and protests
2:53 am
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welcome back, everybody.
2:56 am
joining me now with a look at axios a.m. the cofounder of axios, mike allen. great to see you this morning. >> good morning. >> give us the axios 1 big thing. >> it's a vaccine reality check. as we follow the market news about promising results on vaccines, i think we have the idea that this is going to be a silver bullet. that right away a vaccine, if it works, is going to solve our problems. but the axios health team dug into this and we need to have much more modest, much more realistic expectations about what a vaccine can do. we're seeing a miracle of modern science and business. the speed with which this is being done, almost 200 possible vaccines under way around the world, people starting to test
2:57 am
for those. but what's that really going to do? the early ones may have kind of modest results. it may keep you from having to go to the hospital, it may reduce your symptoms, it may keep you from dying, which is certainly all those things are awesome and we need, but here's the why it matters. to go back to our normal communal life, the activities we used to do, full offices, stadiums, restaurants, concerts, that's a long way away. >> so then what is the realistic expectation, mike allen, when you hear something like that? what should we expect? how long away is it? >> we should be preparing for real complications in distributing this. the time line you've had a lot about that on the show, it could be a year, could be more, that would be a record time. but we have to think about how complicated it will be to get this in the hands and in the
2:58 am
arms of the right people. two of the most promising ones take two doses each. so two each for every person in the world. you can see the logistical challenges there. as we reported before on the show, the u.s. plans to enlist the military, they're good at logistics, good at supply, but there's a lot of questions like making sure there's not favoritism, making sure that essential workers and others who should have it first do get it first, yasmin. >> let's also talk about something else axios is reporting, and that is that the words of the president and the actions of the president, they have had a direct impact on republican perceptions and behaviors when it comes to this virus. break down that new data for us. >> yeah, this polling amazed me. we took 17 weeks of the axios coronavirus index that we talk
2:59 am
about here on the show, and our white house editor and another colleague dug into 17 weeks of data and we looked at how different republican behavior is from democrats. we're seeing that republican behavior very much mirrors what the president is doing. look at the gaps you never see these kind of gaps in a polling, in a 50/50 nation. are you very concerned about the virus? a 45-point gap in the republican and democrats. democrats much more concerned about it. here's another one that really this gap surprised me. 42 points on do you always wear a mask when you go outside your home. and 25 points on, have you visited a friend or relative recently? democrats much less likely to. so in all three of those, those
3:00 am
gaps, 25 to 40 points, democrats much more cautious, more worried than republicans, tracking the president's rhetoric. >> mike allen, thank you as always my friend. i'll be reading axios a.m. in a little bit you can sign up for the newsletter at that does it for me this morning, i'm yasmin vossoughian. "morning joe" starts right now. >> good morning and welcome to "morning joe," it is monday, july 27th. with us we have national affairs analyst, executive editor of the recount, john heileman. host of politics nation and president of the national action new york, reverend al sharpton is with us. and author of "the washington post" early morning newsletter, jackie alamani is with us this morning. and this morning the number of americans


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