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tv   The Last Word With Lawrence O Donnell  MSNBC  July 28, 2020 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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picking harris as his running mate or a defense for not picking her as a running mate. for a defintive answer, we'll have to wait until next week. until then, computer, cease enhancement. and that does it for tonight. we'll see you again tomorrow. it's time for "the last word with lawrence o'donnell." good evening, lawrence. i'm not sure that anything is getting better since our conversation about night about watching some baseball. >> no, it doesn't look that way. but i'm going to have cory booker on later in this hour. i'll ask him what he makes of those biden notes about his colleague, kamala harris. so the thing that strikes me about it, there were no other vp names on that sheet. you know, there was no one else, no notes about how to discuss anyone else. and at this stage in the process, that might be the most important bit of evidence that we have in those notes. >> that they were only about kamala harris. we shall hopefully know by maybe
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this time next week. >> ali, i have to say, this is one of the most humiliating periods in american political journalism, and it is that period that includes the guessing game of who's going to be selected for vice president. some of the dumbest things that we ever say are said during that period, and are proven so when the choice is made. so i'm going to just stay quiet. >> given the things that we've had to speculate about in the last 3 1/2 years, this one feels light and not too damaging. >> that's a great point. it really is fun. thank you, ali. >> have a good evening, friend. >> thank you. well, if you've never seen the attorney general of the united states lie under oath to the house judiciary committee, today was your lucky day. and i say lucky because being a witness to history is lucky. those of us who lived through the watergate investigation that brought down the nixon
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presidency consider ourselves lucky to witness all of that in the early 1970s, because it showed us having very, very important about our government and politics. it showed us how bad it could be. how genuinely evil it could get. the nation watched as 48 nixon administration officials were found guilty of crimes in the watergate investigation, the same investigation that produced the three articles of impeachment that the house judiciary committee passed, that forced richard nixon to become the first president in history to resign the presidency. richard nixon's first attorney general, john mitchell, was the 67th tooernlg attorney general united states, and he became the very first one convicted of a crime and sentenced to prison. the second attorney general of the united states to be convicted of a crime was richard nixon's second attorney general,
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who pleaded guilty to not testifying truthfully to a senate committee. and after we watched all of that unfold, we had a right to believe that no future attorney general would ever try to get away with not testifying truthfully to a congressional committee. no one who watched what happened to richard nixon's republican attorneys general would ever want to go down that road again. so we thought. then came attorney general william barr. william barr was 24 years old when richard nixon was forced to resign the presidency. and a month after that, william barr started law school. william barr was in law school with dreams of growing up to be the attorney general of the united states when he watched john mitchell get convicted and sent to prison. he kind of watched because he
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was in law school in washington, d.c. when that happened. and william barr watched richard nixon's second attorney general plead guilty. he negotiated that plea on charges of perjury he negotiated the perjury charges down to the lesser charge of nontestifying truthfully to a senate committee and getting a prison sentence that was then suspended as part of his plea deal. and that is what makes william barr's testimony today so profoundly and deeply shocking. president trump's mental health has been called into question. his neurological function is declining, according to some mental health observers. president trump's niece, a trained clinical psychologist, has publicly diagnosed for us why president trump can never stop lying. but today is the day, if you haven't before, to begin to question the neurological function of william barr. because william barr knows that
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the attorney general of the united states can be and has been convicted of crimes. republican attorneys general. william barr knows that attorney general kleindinst pleaded guilty to not testifying truthfully. and still, william barr chose to do that today. knowing that it is very likely there will be a new attorney general of the united states appointed by joe biden six months from now, who will be fully empowered to investigate william barr's truthfulness under oath. william barr did not tell the truth under oath today. did he commit perjury, which is a higher criminal standard? you can be the judge. and remember, as you watch this first piece of video, as every lawyer knows, you can lie under oath, but escape perjury charges if you correct that lie, and
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your same under oath testimony as soon as you possibly can in that testimony. >> is it ever appropriate, sir, for president to solicit or accept foreign assistance in an election? >> it depends on what kind of assistance. >> is it ever appropriate for the president or presidential candidate to accept or solicit foreign assistance of any kind in his or her election? >> no, it's not appropriate. >> that was a pretty fast change of under oath testimony. this was a trump campaign event today. william barr showed up to testify today to help president trump's re-election campaign. that was his mission. the job of the republican members of the committee was to deliver the campaign message that president trump wants voters to hear. >> my constituents are scared. americans are scared.
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i mean, they watch the tv, they see all this rioting, looting going on, statues being torn down. >> william barr has refused to testify to the house judiciary committee since the democrats took control of it. he has spent a year and a half refusing to testify to the committee that has jurisdiction over his department, the department of justice. william barr testified today to get out that trump campaign message, that america is burning. the same message that one richard nixon, the presidency by less than 1% of the vote in 1968. this is how the democrats countered the trump campaign message today. >> one of america's most beloved and effective protesters, john lewis, lies in state a thousand feet from here, in a deserved place of honor. and your failure to respect the role of peaceful protests in this country is a disgrace and un-americ un-american. these protests are about black
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lives matter. >> democrats have been waiting a year and a half to question the attorney general of the united states. they were reclaiming their time with the attorney general, in a sense, time that has been owed to them by the attorney general for a year and a half, and they repeatedly had to say they were reclaiming their time from the attorney general himself, when he tried to perry their questions with non-answers. the democrats on the committee divided the labor to cover what they see as the most dishonorable service by an attorney general since richard nixon's attorneys general were convicted of crimes. >> mr. barr, have you ever intervened other than to help the president's friend get a reduced prison sentence for any other case where a prosecutor filed a recommendation with a court? >> a sentencing recommendation? >> yeah, other than that case? >> not that i recall. >> not that i recall is one of the favorite answers of witnesses who want to avoid
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perjury charges. i don't recall was his favorite answer as victims of trump university he defrauded discovered in their deposition of president trump. one of the dishonesties in william barr's testimony today was to claim he only investigates cases with real evidence that can be evaluated while pretending that he doesn't know anything about real criminal evidence that president trump has made public. here's more of that from congressman eric swalwell who will join our discussion in a moment. >> in president trump's america, there's two systems of justice. one for mr. trump and his cronies and one for the rest of us. but that can only happen if you enable it. at your confirmation hearing, you were asked do you believe a president can lawfully issue a
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pardon for the person's promise not to incriminate him. >> not to what? >> when you said that, that a president swapping a pardon to silence a witness would be a crime, you were promising the american people that if you saw that, you would do something about it, is that right? >> that's right. >> now, mr. barr, are you investigating president trump for commuting the prison sentence of his long-time friend roger stone? >> no. >> are you familiar with a december 3, 2018 tweet where president trump said roger stone had shown guts by not testifying against him? >> no, i'm not familiar with that. >> you don't read the president's tweets? >> no. >> well, there's a lot of evidence in the president's tweets, mr. attorney general. he said, mr. stone showed guts. but on july 10, roger stone declared to a reporter, i had 29 or 30 conversations with trump during the campaign period. trump knows i was under pressure to turn on him. it would have eased my situation considerably, but i didn't.
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the prosecutors wanted me to play judas. i refused. are you familiar with that stone statement? >> actually, i'm not. >> you told abc news that the president's tweets sometimes make your job impossible. but sir, your job is only impossible if you enable the president's corrupt schemes. >> congressman joe neguse began his questioning with a challenge that made the attorney general even more uncomfortable about perjury. >> good afternoon, mr. attorney general. i want to go through a couple of your prior statements. on april 19 -- excuse me, april 1 of 2019, you stated that the white house cooperated with the special counsel's investigation. you're aware of that? >> uh-huh. >> today, yes or no, mr. barr, do you testify that that statement was true at the time you made it? >> i thought it to be true at the time i made it.
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why isn't it true? >> i'll get to that. >> does it have -- >> mr. barr, i will get to that. you answered the question. i have another question for you. on june 19 -- >> actually, i need to answer. >> mr. attorney general, you did answer. >> you said under penalty of perjury, i'm going to answer the damn question. >> you said yes. are you saying no? >> i think what i was referring to, was the supplying of documents. >> mr. attorney general, the statement was not limited to the supply of documents. >> congressman neguse is absolutely right. >> the white house fully cooperated with the special counsel's investigation, providing unfettered access to campaign and white house documents, directing senior aides to testify freely and asserting no privilege claims. and at the same time, the president took no act that in
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fact deprived the special counsel of the documents and witnesses necessary to complete his investigation. >> and that was a lie. the witness necessary to complete the mueller investigation, who president trump refused to allow to testify, was president trump, the single most important witness in the investigation of donald trump. leading off our discussion tonight are democratic congressman eric swalwell of california, a member of the house judiciary committee and house intelligence committee. also with us, congressman joe neguse of colorado. congressman neguse, let me start with you. you had william barr's statement right there. he obviously tried to turn his statement into something else. right before your eyes. we just showed the video proving that you were right about it. what is your assessment of the
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truthfulness of that testimony? for someone who is testifying under oath, what would you call that, not telling the truth in a moment like that? >> well, it's good to see you, lawrence. you know, look, the hearing was a very contentious hearing. i think the attorney general's answers were deeply problematic. to be candid with you, i found it confounding that he would answer several of my questions in the affirmative with respect to both the issue you mentioned, in terms of the prior statement that he had made at that press conference regarding the white house's cooperation or in fact, the lack thereof with the special counsel's investigation. and also in another clip with respect to the firing of the former u.s. attorney for southern district of new york. so i was surprised that he would attempt to, again, try to rationalize these clear misrepresentations. ultimately, the american public are going to have to be the
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final arbiter as to the voracity of the attorney general's statements. i found them to be, as i said, deeply problematic. >> congressman swalwell, what would you say was the farthest from the truth, that william barr wandered today? >> mail-in balloting. co-signing on the president's claims that it's going to be fraudulent. he's the attorney general of the united states. if there's any evidence at all in any election, he could investigate it. he's really seeding this argument and trying to deter people from participating that way. but i think we have inoculated against that argument by shining a lot of light on it. and we showed the attorney general, whether it was hakim jefferies pointing out that the attorney general thought that the president handled covid superbly, or the attorney general not being able to stand up against the president when he wanted to commute the sentence of roger stone and investigate
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the president because he promised the american people that he would if the president ever did that. that he is blindly following the president. he's just -- michael cohen is the fixer with a lot more power than michael cohen would have dreamed to have had. >> congressman neguse, you basically pitted former u.s. attorney of the southern district against the tooernlg today. only one can be telling the truth, but both testified you believed oath. let's listen to that exchange you had with the attorney general about that. >> the department of justice issued a statement saying that mr. berman, a former u.s. attorney for the southern district of new york, had stepped down. you're aware of that statement being released by the department, correct? >> yes. >> do you testify today that that statement was true at the time the department issued it? >> he may not have known it, but he was stepping down.
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>> he may not have known he was stepping down, that's your testimony today? >> he was being removed. >> mr. attorney general, the statement did not say that he was being removed, it did not say that he was being fired. it said that he was stepping down. apparently your testimony today is that was accurate when mr. burman has testified that it in fact was not. >> congressman neguse, in what might be pusherjury, william ba found himself laughing about his under oath testimony and jeffrey berman's. >> yeah, lawrence. i'm not sure why he was laughing at it. certainly it was no laughing matter. the answer was a nonsensical one. here's why it matters for the american public. as you know, lawrence, the u.s. attorney for the southern district of new york handles some of the most high profile and sensitive criminal matters, and obviously we know that the southern district of new york is pursuing for example criminal
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actions against les parnas. so the fact that he refused to concede that the state of the temperature of justice issued on that day regarding mr. berman's departure was not accurate, again, is just confounding. and it's clear that he did not want to concede that point, because of course, it begs the larger question of why this attorney general was so eager to remove mr. berman. as you said, mr. berman testified in front of our committee and made it very clear the circumstances regarding his departure. >> let's listen to how this congressman described the difference how william barr sees protesters depending on what they're protesting. >> let's look at how you respond when the protestors are supporters of the president. on two separate occasions, after
7:19 pm
president trump tweeted, liberate michigan to subvert stay-home orders to protect the public health of people in michigan, protestors swarmed the michigan capitol carrying guns, some with swastikas, cop fed nfe flags, and one with a dark doll with a noose around its neck. are you aware they called for the governor to be lynched, shot, and beheaded? >> no. >> u you are not aware of that? >> i was not aware of that. >> congressman swalwell, your reaction to that? >> i thought it was one of the best points made, that their selective use of militarized police, that then is used for our footage that goes into the president's campaign ads. the concern here is that if bill barr is going to the court and joining the armed militiamen in camo gear and carrying ar-15s to
7:20 pm
protest having to stay at home because of the governor's order, he's on their side, how is he going to inflame the situation when we get to election day and the president is filing frivolous lawsuits and calling on these same persons to protect him? that is a fear i hate to express, but i thought they made the point very well. >> skocongressmen, thank you bo for starting off our discussion tonight. really appreciate it. >> thank you. and when we come back after this break, neil cattiana will join us and will give us his review of william barr's testimony to the house judiciary committee today. house judiciary committee today. before, with scam protection built into its core. introducing, scamshield, free from t-mobile. get fewer scam calls. period.
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today, attorney general william barr refused to say whether he has been discussing with the president sending federal officers into american cities like portland to clash
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with protesters in order to help the trump re-election campaign. >> have you discussed the president's re-election campaign with the president or with any white house official or any surrogate of the president? >> well, i'm not going to get into my discussions with the president. >> have you discussed with that topic with him, yes or no? >> not in relation to this program. >> i didn't ask that. >> i'm a member of the cabinet. and there's an election going on. obviously it's come up. >> in connection with your discussions to the president and other people around him of his re-election campaign, have you discussed the current or future deployment of federal law enforcement. >> as i say, i'm not going to get into my discussions with the president. but i made it clear that i would like to pick the cities based on law enforcement need and based on neutral criteria. >> you can't tell me whether you -- >> i'm not going to discuss what i discussed with the president. >> joining us discussion now, former acting solicitor general,
7:25 pm
who has argued dozens of cases before the united states supreme court and is an msnbc legal contributor. the attorney general could have said, no, we have never discussed the campaign in any way in relation to the deployment of federal assets around the country. he could have said that and didn't. >> yeah. i mean, you called this testimony shocking at the outset of your show, lawrence. that's absolutely right. i'm not sure what attorney general barr was like 30 years ago, but right now he's looking like he's at the rudy giuliani stage of his development. someone two had competence a while back and has traded it in for modern relevance and bitter partisanship, and who has abandoned all principles in the process. it's not a hard answer to give. barr entered the hearings today with a huge cloud hanging over him. this wasn't just a cloud by democrats. if you open up the "usa today"
7:26 pm
today, there's an article who is ken starr's deputy and a top republican doj official, who says barr has a host of real serious issues, ethics and otherwise, lying about the mueller report, lafayette square, robeger stone. and all he did today was pour fire on those questions, he didn't resolve them. that's the most dispiriting thing today. i worked for -- my first attorney general was janet reno, who tried to listen to the other side, who had some humility, who admitted she made some mistakes. there was none of that today. everything was like barr is god. everything was right, 100%. that is not the way the justice department operates. they are human beings, they make mistakes, and barr makes more than anybody else that i know of as attorney general. >> i want to go to something
7:27 pm
lucy mcbeth brought up in this hearing, because it's one of the most important policies that the attorney general is involved in at the moment, but it doesn't get the attention because there's no fires burning to aim tv cameras at for this subject. let's listen to this. >> if the president has no other plan in place by october, you will reverse course and drop your position that i quote you directly, the entire aca must fall. >> i have two children who are cancer survivors, so i feel very strongly about this issue. as a matter of policy. i believe that the president has made clear that he will ensure that -- >> sir, please answer my question. will you stop playing politics with american's health care in the middle of a pandemic? >> i'm not playing contacts. i'm not in charge of health care policy.
7:28 pm
>> your reaction to that? >> lawrence, i think three things you need to know about barr's answer. first, he doesn't, because he can't deny what the congresswoman said. did you tell the supreme court "the entire affordable care act should fall?" he did. second, it's an absolute betrayal of his duty. the justice department is supposed to defend federal law, not gleefully and willfully attack it. and third, his lying about having two children who are cancer survivors, so he cares? how dare he say that. how dare he analyze his two children to the millions of americans living paycheck to paycheck with preexisting conditions. he has a wealth over $20 million. i'm not worried about his children being able to afford health insurance. but what i am worried about is the millions of americans who don't have $20 million daddies. for those folks, the affordable
7:29 pm
care act guarantees them insurance. and trump tried to go to the court and get it struck down. he failed. he then tried to go to congress to get them to repeal it. he failed. now barr walks into the supreme court against everything that the justice department tradition stands for and tries to tear it down that way. and during a pandemic no less. sit a total der election of duty, and a total dereliction of principle. >> i want you to listen to something the attorney general said, which you have to wonder it's something that someone says if they never went to law school. he's calling about the meat and potatoes crimes. let's listen to this. >> we won't prosecute anybody unless there's proof beyond a reasonable doubt that they committed a crime. and not some kind of eso tearic made-up crime but a meat and potatoes crime. >> what is he talking about? >> i don't know. i don't know the context of
7:30 pm
that. but i will tell you that is one thing i do agree with, the justice department doesn't bring prosecutions unless there are real crimes that's why the justice department went after paul manafort, went after michael flynn who pled guilty to those things. and you have trump and barr engineering light sentences and commutations. i thought the most telling thing was representative swalwell's question, have you ever intervened in any other sentencing ever in your time as attorney general? answer, no. just for the president's pal, no one else. that's not justice, that's political favoritism. >> neil, thank you very much for joining us on this important night. really appreciate it. and when we come back, senator cory booker will join us. we'll get his reaction to joe biden's handwritten notes about
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we can't just build back to what it was before. we have to build back better. this time, bring everybody along. we need to make bold, practical investments to recover from the economic mess we're in, and to rebuild the economic future our country deserves. >> today, joe biden released more of his economic recovery plan. this time, concentrating on the economic devastation that has been suffered by minority owned businesses and minority communities during the coronavirus pandemic. a report from the national bureau of economic research finds that between february and april, 41% of black owned businesses and 32% of latino owned businesses have closed. while 17% of white-owned businesses have closed over that same period. joe biden says president trump has already failed the test of
7:36 pm
what it will take to get the coronavirus under control and get america back to work. >> everything is worsened by this crisis of presidential leadership. to change the tone over the last few days, as president trump has, doesn't change the facts of the last four years. president trump faces a real test, and he's failed it. the basic threshold of being president. the duty to care for the entire country, not just his re-election prospects. he's shown that he can't beat the pandemic and keep you safe. he can't turn the economy around and fete america back to work. >> joining us now is senator cory booker, democrat from new jersey. he's a member of the small business and entrepreneurship committee in the united states senate. thank you very much for joining us tonight. and i know you want to talk
7:37 pm
about the biden plan today, because you've been working on these issues for a long time in the senate and before that, as mayor of newark. but you know how presidential campaigns go. every once in a while there's a surprise. let's deal with the surprise note first, and then we'll come back to the biden speech. something else we learned at that speech today, courtesy of a photographer who managed to get an angle on joe biden's hand written notes, was on the top of the hand written talking points a note about your colleague and friend in the united states senate, senator kamala harris, where the talking point notes are for joe biden, do not hold grudges, campaigned with me and jill, talented, great respect for her. and senator, what i noticed, there are no other notes anywhere there about any other possible vice presidential candidates. what was your reaction to seeing that note today? >> i confess to you, i've been neck deke in so much of this
7:38 pm
covid package. all i can say is i agree with everything on that list and more. kamala harris is a friend and a sister, and i could go on and on about her. so glad to see that she and many other great women are on the vice president's mind today. i have no idea why that is, but it makes for great intrigue, and most of america is excited to see who he will choose in a matter of days. >> does that -- is it surprising to you that he had to have notes saying don't hold grudges, campaigned with jill and me. the kinds of things that you would expect to be front of mind? >> so i'm going to confess something to you. when you did the prep for this, i texted my staff frantically and it might have been in response to something, i just don't know. but i do know this, i have -- cam la is li kamala harris is like a sister
7:39 pm
to me. i'm just very excited about, number one, who he's going to choose. he has incredible choices. and then number two, i think, and i did have this direct conversation with him back in march, that this president, god willing it's joe biden, but is going to have one of the most exciting cabinets we have seen in my lifetime. because there are just so many well-known, well-loved democrats who really emerged in this presidential campaign where you have just seen such talent. so i think he knows he's going to be a bridge to the future for our party, and he's going to pick extraordinary people. kamala harris is somebody that we obviously know to be extraordinary in so many ways. and i'm just -- when i started seeing the people emerging as the speculative short list, it was one of the things that made me get up and do a happy dance, because it's just pretty extraordinary. and at a time we're all thinking
7:40 pm
about john lewis, i know he's celebrating the potential choice and we'll celebrate that choice when it's made. >> joe biden let us know he'll make that decision next week. have you given any advice about the vice presidential selection? >> again, you're getting me in a lot of trouble here. his team has generously reached out to me for thoughts and input. but i said to them, this is one of those moments that i trust joe biden. i had this amazing car ride with him from flint, michigan, to detroit in march. it was the last trip i had before i hunkered down for covid, like most people did. and the way he talked about this nation, i just wish -- it was really one of those times i was running my iphone, either recording or filming. because he is just someone who knows the moment we are in. we are a nation that needs
7:41 pm
healing, that needs to be reminded that we have more in common that divides us, to be reminded that we are good and decent people, and we have so much power and capacity, that humanity needs this country to rise up. and so the gentleness of him, the willingness to be vulnerable, you remember we are in this toxic masculinity period where we don't even apologize when you make mistakes. i'm so grateful for his decency and i just trust him to choose somebody that resonates with his spirit. that he will bring values and virtues and kindness and goodness back to this oeval office. i learned as mayor, even in hiring as mayor, you hire on character first. you hire on virtue first and shared values. and that's what got me really excited. i've gone to work with him. i'm so grateful, again, to the staff and his policy team incorporated policies that i've been working on. what he's going to do for all of
7:42 pm
america, because his plan basically says plainly, you can't go -- at stanford, we could don't on the football field -- say the black players has to play without shoes on, then the team loses. so you empower african-americans, latinos, native americans, our whole economy booms. as this report points out, if black americans just had equal access to capital, we would see $1.5 trillion more to our economy, which would fuel jobs and opportunity for so many people. again, he's going to be the healer in chief. he's going to be a calling on our better angels as a country, after this national nightmare of a demeaning, degrading president. i'm yearning for -- to exhale, to see his leadership and whoever his partner is going to be is going to be one heck of a
7:43 pm
wing woman in terms of all the goodness and the values that he's going to bring to bear. >> well, senator, the good news is that decision will be settled by the next time you come on this program and the next time you come on this program we won't have a distraction like that. and we will cover the full policy brief that you would have liked to cover in this kind of segment. we'll do that next time. senator cory booker, thank you very much for joining us tonight. really appreciate it. >> i know you're doing your job. a lot of us are whispering about who is it going to be. i'm very excited ant it. but i tell you this, it's going to be somebody awesome, of that i'm confident. >> thank you very much, senator. when we come back, president trump has finally figured out why people don't like him. and he said it out loud today. that's next. d it out loud today. that's next. (neighbor) whatcha working on... (burke) oh, just puttering, tinkering... commemorating bizarre mishaps that farmers has seen and covered.
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donald trump has finally figured it out, he has finally figured out why dr. anthony fauci's polling numbers are overwhelmingly positive and president trump's are so negative. >> he's got this high approval rating, so why don't i have a high approval rating with respect and the administration with respect to the virus? so it's sort of is curious. a man works for us, with us very closely, dr. fauci, and dr. birx also highly thought of. and yet they're highly thought of, but nobody likes me. it can only be my personality, that's all. >> that is correct, sir. it is your personality, specifically it is your narcissistic personality disorder that has been publicly diagnosed by dozens of psychiatrists and has been given specific origins by your niece, mary trump, who is a clinical psychologist, and tells us that your father transferred much of his poison personality to you.
7:49 pm
and then you added your own very special spin to it, which includes being a sociopath according to your niece's description, supported by other mental health professionals who have written by you. and that is why so many americans believe your niece, mary trump, when she says that you do not care because you're incapable of caring about the now over 150,000 people who have died from the coronavirus in this country. we crossed the 150,000 mark tonight. we have now suffered 150,431 deaths from coronavirus. and as of tonight, the united states has had 4,360,209 confirmed cases of coronavirus. today, florida set a state record once again, with 191 new
7:50 pm
deaths from coronavirus in one day. at the president's campaign event at the white house today, in which he tried to improve his dismal polling numbers for handling the coronavirus, president trump once again gave the country no reason to hope for any any change in donald trump's approach to the pandemic. he once again urged people to take a drug that is not effective in treating coronavirus, and he tried and failed to defend why he tweeted a video yesterday of dangerous talk about the coronavirus, saying that people don't need masks and lying that there is a cure for the coronavirus. at the press briefing today, donald trump praised a woman in that video, who is a doctor, saying that she is, quote, spectacular in her statements. that's what donald trump said. those statements were taken down by twitter, facebook, and youtube because of their homicidal inaccuracy. when challenged about that, donald trump once again ran off the stage.
7:51 pm
>> the woman that you said was a great doctor in that video that you re-tweeted last night said that masks don't work and there is a cure for covid-19, both of which health experts say is not true. she's also made videos saying that doctors make medicine using dna from aliens and that they're trying to create a vaccine to make you immune from becoming religious. >> maybe it's a sign. maybe it's not. i can tell you this. she was on-air along with many other doctors. they were big fans of hydroxychloroquine, and i thought she was impressive in the sense of where she came -- i don't know which country she's come from, but she said she's had success with hundreds of different patients, and i thought her voice was an important voice but i know nothing about her. >> last week -- real quick, last week you said masks -- >> thank you very much, everybody. thank you. >> you said masks do, would, mr. president. >> you said your re-tweets get you in trouble. >> the coward retreats.
7:52 pm
and after this break, dr. vin gupta will once again clean up the public health information mess that donald trump made today.
7:53 pm
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7:56 pm
the overwhelming, prevailing clinical trials that have looked at the efficacy of hydroxychloroquine have indicated that it is not effective in coronavirus disease. >> well, america, you've got a choice. who are you going to believe? dr. anthony fauci or donald trump? joining us now, dr. vin gupta, a pulmonologist, global health policy expert and assistant professor at the university of washington medical center. he is an msnbc medical contributor. dr. gupta, after a day like this when donald trump creates this public health mess in the briefing room, i just want to give you an open forum to choose the number-one thing you would like to correct from what donald
7:57 pm
trump had to say today. >> good evening, lawrence, and thank you for that opportunity. the number-one thing is that large portions of this country are not corona-free. i thought that was a deeply irresponsible comment from our commander in chief. 21 states are in so-called red zones. for your viewers out there, please go to covid act now.organinow now.oregon what you'll see is one in five individuals in arizona test positive. 95% of icu beds in florida, the data that we do have because they've been manipulating that data, 90% of icu beds are in full. in texas, 100%. this is not going away. what about schoolteachers and school districts struggling with reopening? we're not taking -- the president's not taking this seriously. people want point of care devices so they can test their children, teachers can test themselves and their own family. so that type of messaging belittles the challenges that people are facing to normalize
7:58 pm
life and to do so safely, lawrence. >> what would you say about the president tweeting as he did a video that says that there is a cure for coronavirus? >> oh, it's stunning. it was stunning in the extent of disinformation. i'm glad to see that big tech is policing him and taking it down and taking down the videos of the physician in houston who is peddling this nonsense. it's ridiculous for her to peddle it in the first place and then for the president to re-tweet. comments like masks do no good -- masks are the only thing -- it's our first line of defendant, and in the absence of a vaccine or a therapeutic, it's our only line of defense right now if we actually want to renormalize parts of life. it's the only thing, and it absolutely does save lives. so that's deeply irresponsible, and you wonder does he have the interest of the nation at his heart if he's retweeting things like that. hydroxychloroquine, how many times do we have to navigate this debate? let me be clear, lawrence.
7:59 pm
in inpatient studies, any individual who has covid-19 who has received this drug in a study that's been hospitalized, this drug has been proven to be harmful. dr. fauci has said that. dr. birx has said that. actually people have more adverse effects, heart arrythmias, if they're admitted and receive this drug italithan they don't receive the drug. people should not be taking it. there's a reason why the president's own fda has said we're not going to use this for covid-related uses. so deeply irresponsible on a host of levels. >> i've taken malaria drugs like hydroxychloroquine for a two-week period. donald trump said he took them for a two-week period. but i did it only when i was entering and leaving a malaria zone. he said that his taking it for two weeks proves that it's okay. >> i think he's trying to save face, lawrence. he's not trying to save patients. and to your point, chloroquine,
8:00 pm
hydroxychloroquine, they have certain use cases that are tried and tested, that have been rigorously analyzed. in this case, it's not. there's a reason why we say do not take hydroxychloroquine for covid-related indications. >> dr. vin gupta, thank you very much for joining us once again tonight. we really appreciate it. >> thank you. >> dr. vin gupta gets tonight's last word. "the 11th hour" with brian williams starts now. and good evening once again. day 1,286 of the trump administration, leaving 98 days until the presidential election. well, it took just over a week, but the president has managed to fully revive the mood and feeling of those previous coronavirus briefings. today sounded more like early to mid-pandemic trump, declaring much of the country looks pretty good to him and recommending we take