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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  August 2, 2020 3:00am-4:00am PDT

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about that uncontainable woman brought joy, maria. >> that is all for this edition of "dateline" thanks for watching. first up on mnbcs, isaias. a tropical storm. >> and the latest on what happened when both sides met on capitol hill. what is next. >> troubling signs. some schools, back in session and already, positive coronavirus cases. >> the space cappsle headed back to earth at this hour it is expected to do something never done before. >> you will find out.
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>> it is sunday, august 2nd. we are coming to you live from world headquarters in new york. we want to begin with isaias. it has weakened from a hurricane to a tropical storm. it is ripping apart trees from the bahamas and rips down power lines. >> you can see the eye is clearly starting to reform yet again. you look at where nassau is in miami, 180 miles between the two of them. clearly, that storm is making its way between those two locations that is how narrow the path is right now. in the meantime, in the u.s., parts of florida are experiencing some tropical storm conditions, a state of emergency issued for 16 counties along the state's eastern coast. >> floridians should be executing their plan, on the east coast of florida.
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in the palm beach, and north of there. you should have seven days of food, water, and medicine. you may experience power outage, be prepared for that. >> we received a new forecast from the storm center. what can you tell us? >> good morning, everyone. as the national hurricane center, coming out today with their latest forecast track. and isaias has started to decrease. the movement of the system is the big time concern. coming out of the northwest. we still haven't seen that steering mechanism we are wanting to see more to the east. now, we are still looking at potential landfall somewhere off the eastern coast of florida. the eye is starting to come together, intensification starting to happen.
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45 miles east northeast of fort lauderdale, florida. many are focusing on the intensity of the storm. don't let your guard down. we are expecting storm surge, the hurricane warnings have expired for south florida, it will be concerning with the flooding rain. the national hurricane center, we are seeing this afternoon, potential landfall daytona beach, 20 miles off shore. to get an official landfall, we have seen across the bahamas. this could be the second off the coast of florida, we have to have the center of the storm go over land. then we are expecting it to go back out to sea. hopefully, it starts to shred and become more disorganized, it shows you, it goes out to sea,
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going into a warm body of water, and the radar, going into monday and overnight tuesday will be across the carolina coast. myrtle beach, wilmington. they have put watches out, across raleigh durham, the outer banks, warnings and watches go into place. we are going to be watching, this will be interesting for the northeast. if it goes through the carolinas, expecting it to pop back out to sea, gain steam, and make another potential landfall across areas of the northeast. that is a broad view, from washington, new york city, to boston, that is where we will be watching. the latest advisories that have come out, expired for the florida coast. i want to show you the radar. the impacts of this storm. we will show you live shot, you are going to notice the bands of
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moisture that are coming in. today, i am expecting, even if we don't have a landfall, water spouts, potential for tornadoes, severe weather, major lightning, and even the storm surge. we are going to be watching the high tide, they could see two to four feet. >> we don't want people to let down their guards, the strongest part of the storm is the northeast quad rant, correct? >> exactly. you can see that northeast is starting to build. it is currently sitting over freeport and the grand baham ags, which we don't want to see right now. we are seeing the band letting up. the northeast quad rant well off shore, we will hopefully, keep it off shore, we don't want that part of the system, where the gusts are the highest, can pick up to 80 miles per hour. the organization of that kwand rant hasn't come together.
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that is good news. we don't want to see the system get reorganized. >> upon burning the candle at both ends, and bringing us update, thank you. >> a few more day, making three, to four landfalse before it is long gone. as florida deals with one of the worst coronavirus outbreaks in the country. upon chris, how is the state dealing with all this? >> reporter: you know, as one elected official put it yesterday, emergency managers in florida know how to deal with hurricanes. a hurricane during a pandemic is something new altogether. >> the time to prepare, almost gone. >> everybody should be safely staying at home. do not go out unless you need to.
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>> reporter: the forecast, a shift in the track miles east or west, could be a difference between nuisance and disaster. >> you have to be concerned about everything. >> a few hundred miles ahead, daytona beach goers spent one more day on the sand. >> if you are ordered to evacuate, take it seriously and g the state of florida has helped, and the counties have been involved in really having shelter options in an era of covid-19. >> the timing couldn't be worse. a national disaster during a public health disaster. evacuations could pose a serious health risk. >> would you have to operate under the fact that everybody evacuating had covid-19. >> that is the only way why could operate. there are many, many
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asymptomaticic carriers. >> florida is on deck, will it be glancing blow or a direct hit? this is a live look at melbourne beach, florida. are you looking at the concerns here today. the storm surge. as we heard a moment ago, they are expecting two to four feet in this part of florida. we had high tide moments ago, the water came up to the edge of the property here. the big problem will be later on tonight. this will be atronomical high tide, full moon tomorrow, meaning we could see serious flooding over the next day or so. as this storm system moves in here. we are starting to see the wind pick up. coming at my back right now. it will only get more intense as the day goes on. elected officials are warning people, don't take it lightly in florida. just because it was downglide g
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a bit, it can spawn tornadoes. in my travels, i haven't seen very much boarding up yet. people don't seem to be too concerned in this part of the state. elected officials say that is a big mistake. >> well noted. >> joining us from melbourne beach, florida. thank you. >> still, no agreement on a new coronavirus relief bill. hours on saturday, leaders on both sides said progress was made. what is the status of the negotiation today? >> good morning. when the work week starts tomorrow, millions who have been relying on the federal unemployment benefits will be out of luck with no hope in sight, after negotiators after a long session after, without a deal in sight.
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the two seem to agree on the basic priorities, including the need to extend unemployment insurance, and the eviction moratorium, and add more money for schools and jobs programs. they disagree on the size and the scope of this deal. with demgrattic leaders holding out for a longer term deal to preserve the full $600 rate we had for months. and negotiators trying to get a broader agreement. and seeing if they can get a lower amount of unemployment benefits below that amount. in anything, the two sides seemed to be on the same page b was the urgency of dealing with this in an expedited fashion. >> this is what they had to say yesterday. >> it was the best discussions
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we have had so far. i call it, progress. but a ways to go. >> the amount of time that we are willing to invest both personally and with our staff, it needs to be a 24-hour, seven-day-a-week commitment until we get it done. and the president is checking in literally, on an hourly basis to see how we are progressing. >> reporter: the president has been up and active already on twitter. as far as those negotiations, they are in a pause for the rest of the weekend. the staff are going to discuss the potential deal today. the actual negotiators will return to the table tomorrow morning, see if they can get a deal. >> hopefully, sooner than later. >> the president was golfing
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while that negotiation was taking place on capitol hill. >> join us at 10:00 eastern. >> to the latest headline, covid 19. cases across the country, on the rise with 4.6 million confirmed cases in the u.s., more than 155,000 deaths. local officials in michigan, kentucky and arizona now implementing brand new restrictions. >> another lawmaker tested positive for coronavirus. the arizona democrat has been self isolating after taepding a meeting. he slammed his colleagues. num hus republican members strut around without masks, to make a political statement at the risk
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of colleagues staff and their families. >> the highest daily number the state has seen since the pandemic started. california leads the country in the number of infeces, half a million confirmed cases. >> as the debate of whether or not to open schools intensifies. four school, three in indiana, had a student test positive for the coronavirus during the first week back in session. >> what is happening with the crisis right now? the seench scholar as johns hopkins. doctor, i want to get the take on the news that four schools had students test positive in the first week back in the classroom. kids, according to the president are immune to the virus. >> it is not the case that kids are immune, they are spared the severe consequences of the
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disease, or difficulty transmitting it to adults. there isn't a control of this pandemic, kids are going to test positive, when they are part of the community. we don't have the virus under control in many parts of the country, the school, if they open, will need a plan for that students will test positive, teachers will test positive, that will be a biological fact. we have to make sure schools are ready to deal with this. adequate resources planned. >> it would be go to go back to virtual learning s there a place where this can be done correctly in person. you alluded to that? >> i think it can done in person, not in every part of the country. if you have an outbreak out of control in the community, it will spill into your school, and you will have cases, and disruptive to learning, if you
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have to shut down or isolated. look at a place where it is under control. make sure your school has the ability to do social distancing and change the physical layout of the school. to make it less likely, use pod of the world as well as some of the private schools who have been open earlier in the pandemic. this will be real time learning, expect to find there will be disruptions, people will get it wrong, before they start to understand how to conduct school in a manner reflective of the fact that we are in a pandemic. >> the new york times reporting that 42% of the coronavirus cases were recorded in july. adding 1.9 million cases. what happened to cause the spike of cases in july?
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the floyd protests, back in june? a few weeks earlier? what was it? >> it is not easy to point it to one single thing. what we have in general, lifting of stay-at-home orders, people assuming risk when they go out, and some complacent about the fact that the virus is out there. this hasn't gone anywhere, established itself in the human popules, will transmit. as they start tofrp pursue values they want to pursue, the virus will be with them. the interaction between people is driving the cases. a protest, or any kind of crowding, all of that is going to do that what we have seen from contract tracing, protests, hasn't really driven t all the other activities that are going
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on. >> a face shield, in addition to a mask, after dr. fauci said, adding goggles. should we be doing this, and more often? >> i think someone who has advocated face shields, they cover your mouth,ize and nose. people wear face shields appropriately, don't have their nose sticking out. there is a debate that face shields will supplant face shields, there are studies going on. if you wear a face covering, wear it correctly. the eyes are an important way of getting infected. it is important. we do wear eye protection seeing patients in the hospital. >> it is fascinating. we will leave it here for now. it does remind me, talking about the school, it reminds me of camps, so many kids in one
3:18 am
space. the outbreaks coming from that. thank you for being with us this morning. >> going to the super market, we will look like full body suit, everything. >> whatever you want to ad, you do you. >> just how many restaurants may not make it through, the rollbook of reopenings.
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>> we are back with a live look at florida. melbour melbourne, the smaller view, is lauderdale by the sea. a new and sobering report on the future of american dying when it comes to covid. one third of all restaurants
3:23 am
face permanent closure this year. now, with resurgence in many state, indoor dining will be limited as well. >> good morning, great to see you. bad news when it comes to the restaurant business. walk anywhere in any major city, not miss a block without seeing a raurnlt close. here is a look at the numbers, as many as 231,000 restaurants may shut down this year. that is staggering. >> absolutely. it is very alarming. remember, the u.s. restaurant industry employs 8% of the work force. when we are seeing millions of people lose their jobs every week. we have seen more than a million lose their job for 19 consecutive weeks, a big factor are restaurant closures, a fact that a third of restaurants could be permanently closed this year, in terms of consumer
3:24 am
spending and the u.s. economy overall. one important thing to remember, that the paycheck protection program was key in helping restaurants survive. it took them a while to get the loans, but it is set to expire on august 8th. >> there is a new yelp report out there, appears to be a correlation between places reopening and covid 19. >> in mid, late march, we saw the coronavirus shutdown. there has been pentum demand. people want to go to the gym, shopping, restaurants, stores. starting in may, and june, the u.s. economy reopened but there was also, what we see that colliding with a spike in coronavirus cases. as the spike continues, it is going to impact consumer
3:25 am
spending. >> as dr. fauci said long ago, bars are bad. i am taking his word now when it comes to this. i want to talk to you about consuming spending. in june, it was higher, increase in the second straight month. with so many, millions not getting that extra $600 in unemployment insurance, that is one of thosanceulary things they would spend on groceries and such. that will impact consumer spending won't it? >> what was surprising, when people got the $1,200 check, people needed it to keep a roof over their heads and buy food. it has been essential. we still saw gdp fall to a record in the second quarter. in order to sustain the recovery
3:26 am
of the u.s. economy, we need more federal help, get the lawmakers do what we elected them to do, come up with more aid for the american people. >> the record low for gdp, and restaurants, account for 4% of the u.s. gdp. how long it will be susstainable before serious effects felt. >> everybody wants this pandemic to go away, so the u.s. economy can geback to the level it was prepandemic. a full recovery of the u.s. economy is unlikely unless there is a vaccine. the u.s. is spending billions trying to get a vaccine, to get the u.s. economy pack up and running again. >> we have the july job reports coming out next week, friday.
3:27 am
the administration was celebr e celebrati celebrating. the airlines are laying off thousands, many businesses laying off thousands of people every given week. this job market is terrible. >> absolutely. it is for a lot of people. even if you are employed, when you hear every week, a million people are loefsing their jobs, for those who lost their jobs, it is devastatindevastating. for congress to let that expire with the $600 in benefits is almost irresponsible. this all works together, it is all critical. >> good to see you. >> and because of the pandemic, the presidential election will face unprecedented channels. >> that includes mail-in voting. still unsettled.
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easy to use software. visit, and schedule your demo today. we are following breaking news of this weekend, tropical storm isaias. you can see, on the top right quarter of our screen, that there is an eye that is starting to form yet again. the last time the national hurricane center checked, the sustained winds were 65 miles an hour. it is expected, at least the eye, expected to stay mostly off the east coast of florida, and possibly making a landfall in the carolinas, becoming a pain for many people in the mid atlantaic and northeast states in the early part of the week. >> we have a look from space at the storm. this is as the storm moved
3:33 am
between cuba and the bahamas. >> and that astronaut is coming back home to earth today, after the storm diverted their testination. they will splash down in the gulf of mexico, near pence colainstead of the atlantic, after the undocking from the space station last night. >> this will be the first ever water landing in the gulf, and the first splas down since the apollo mission. >> here is the test landing. >> becoming the first to launch in u.s. soil in more than a decade. >> coming home is a special american flag, flew in the first and last mission says and has been in space since 2011. >> a nice token. >> their dragon will come back with them. they have several different spots they could have landed. because of what is happening on
3:34 am
the east coast, with they decided to go into the gulf instead. >> a late decision. >> the landing, 2:35 eastern time today. >> what is becoming a central issue, mail-in voting. >> ellison barber shows us y. >> reporter: votes write entire by mail. oregon has been doing it for 20 years successfully, it can be done. a massive influx of mail-in ballots lead to a slow vote count in a staggering number of ballots deemed invalid or rejected. >> six weeks after voters voted in primary, and initial results just came out for new york's congressional race. >> we were ill equipped. thousands of people never got
3:35 am
their ballots. >> he is trailing by a few thousand voels, she sent a statement thanking her supporters, patel is suing. 20% of mail-in ballots were deemed invalid. they are only thought to be 1.5%. >> 12,500 people out of 105,000 are never going to have their voices heard. that is a shame for democracy. >> reporter: they received the ballots, recuted them. instead of machine counting, they examined every one. the reasons for inval dating, stray marks, or notes, the ballot is late, doesn't have a postmark. >> textbook example in new york of how not to run an elecby
3:36 am
mail. we only have a few months let before november. it could be a cainary in the coal mine. despite evidence of fraud, president trump claims mail-in will increase it. >> people can fornl them. foreign countries can print them. >> are you suggesting that you may not accept the results of the election? >> claiming state ballots are missing. many seats are up for grabs, in swing states like wisconsin rejected mail-in ballots in primaries. matt sanderson specializes in
3:37 am
this. >> both in new york, and across the country. >> the long lines combined with trouble in the new york 12 congressional district, could turn election day into an election month or more. >> you could see contentious post-election day period play out, not only with the presidency, with other races, at the end of the day, just as important as the presidency. >> reporter: different states have different deadlines, check your state. know what is required in your state. the more voters do to educate themselves on the voting process, the less likely they are to make small mistakes for your ballot being. rejected.
3:38 am
>> i have to read by ikea package directions. i will have to show up at the polls in person. >> new reports say are the front runners.
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new reports, as joe biden looks for a running mate, the front runners. >> joining me now. a political strategist, works on elizabeth warren's campaign. i wonder if warren got any phone calls from a delaware area code. >> honestly, this week, is the same thing, honestly, the vice president and the committee, are vetting candidates, and people making the case to them about
3:43 am
who they think would be the best vice president for him in this upcoming administration. i want to be clear about something. you want to know about elizabeth warren. i can't tell you about conversations with the biden campaign. there are people, including black people, who believe she will shift the tides toward justice for black people. >> let me pick up on that. all we can do, again, to use the term i just used is to read the tea leaves. there was a sound byte from congressman clyburn who said, he i
3:44 am
is -- it is important for him to pick a black woman for supreme court justice. that leaves room for picking a white running mate. >> people looking for systemic change, to improve. we are going into a housing crisis, the pandemic, taking the lives of black, brown, and low income folks, looking for someone ready day one with significant policies. there are some making the case for elizabeth warren, with her plan for everything. she is able to bring to the table, those who feel shut-out of the political process. so many leaders endorsing her in the primary. the framework.
3:45 am
kimberly krenshaw supported warren in the primary. a lot of people want to keep her in the conversation. >> she the people show that 71% of the women in politics want a woman of color as biden's vice president. he can chose a qualified, candidate for supreme court justice. how make or break is it for the vp to be a woman of color? >> there are a lot of polls out there. she the people, doing so much work, and including women of color. if you think about it, with msnbc, the person who got the most praise and engagement was elizabeth warren. talking about issues that women of color face.
3:46 am
elizabeth warren rises to the top when it comes to black voters, latino voters, and undecided voters in those communiti communities. there are people okay with an elizabeth warren, not to discredit anybody on the left. i admire to be ambition is not a negative thing. we have to think about what it is people want. some want the policies that will shape the nation, some want representation. how do you grabble with that. we have only had three women on presidential ticket, look at this rainbow of how many qualified and beautiful candidates they are this year.
3:47 am
inspiring to look at. our colleague says there are four ways the vp pick can help or hurt the ticket. john mccain's dramatic choice of sara palin. is there any one who could impact it in a bad way? >> i can't say that there is to be honest. i think a woman will be a better candidate than any of the 45 white men past vice presidents. we have a majority electorate. they are all ready to step in on day one. >> i stand with your comment, being ambitious is not necessary a bad thing.
3:48 am
some of these -- >> 45 men in the course of the history, very ambitious. thank you. >> thank you. >> we will see you next week. >> exactly. >> in a moment. soaring to new heights. a pioneer gets her wings of gold and makes history. next.
3:49 am
3:50 am
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3:52 am
a truly historic moment in the military. the first african-american female fighter pilot madeline swegle just got her wings. >> but as she reports, there is so much more to be done to fight inequality in america. >> reporter: after years of preparation, lieutenant madeline
3:53 am
swegle is living her dream, soaring through barriers. >> i just love the fast planes. >> reporter: she's the first black female fighter pilot in the nearly 110-year history of naval aviation. >> feeling the ex hihileration getting thrown back into the seat, it was awesome. >> reporter: she received the wings of gold. she was inspired by her parents. >> they told me i could be what i wanted to be. >> reporter: what she wanted to be was what she saw. >> we went to see the blue angels when i was a child. i don't know how old i was, but i loved it. >> reporter: only 1.9% of navy american fighter pilots are black. a task force was created to address racism and sexism. >> we must work to identify and eliminate individual and systemic racism within our
3:54 am
pores. >> i'm sorry to see that it has taken so long to have more black women. >> reporter: 40 years ago, brenda robinson was the first navy black pilot. what do you say when they say they made it easy for you and now they've really made it easy for lieutenant swegle? >> i was flying airplanes before i went into the navy. the only reason i was able to get there is because my credentials far outweighed any of the guys that i was with. i wish we were saying, oh, yeah, just another black woman flying airplanes and she's a fighter pilot. >> reporter: lieutenant swegle, a navy academy graduate, deserves her wings. >> they're not handed out. you have to earn them. you certainly have to have the smarts to be a tactical aviator. >> reporter: also for a woman who had never been in an airplane before she joined the navy. >> i think that's important because we are a very diverse
3:55 am
nation, so i would like everyone to believe that they can achieve whatever they want to do. >> reporter: now, top of her field flying high into history. rahema ellis, msnbc. >> that's kind of amazing she had never stepped into a plane before a navy one. >> that stood out to me, and just that twinkle in her eye and her smile there, she's so proud, and it's such a great moment for all the girls who say, i can do that, too. >> absolutely. let's hope there are others. soon. up next, the breaking news on tropical storm isias. it is hitting the u.s. and will head north. all of this amid a covid outbreak. you're watching "msnbc live." "m.
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first off on msnbc, tropical storm isaias. 80 million americans within the path. flash flooding expected. where it's heading and whether it will get stronger, next. a lifeline for millions now cut off. what's being done to protect americans living on the margins. covid explosion first at a sleepover camp, and now students testing positive in the first days of school. the implications for the rest of the school year. tiktok outrage. president trump threatens to ban
4:00 am
the social media app, but will his plan backfire come election day? good morning to you on this sunday, august 2nd. i'm cori coffin. >> i'm sure he's worried about those who are coming to vote. are they all over 18? we are expected to be updated on the status of isaias. it is right now a tropical storm with sustained winds of 60 miles an hour and is expected to hug the east coast all day. it was downgraded from a hurricane as it swept the bahamas, but meteorologists said to take it seriously, with flash floods a major issue. >> some areas already feeling the effects of isaias before its arrival. tropical storms and watches have been declared across the state of florida. we find chris live in melbourne.