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tv   MSNBC Live With Craig Melvin  MSNBC  August 18, 2020 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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xfinity xfi can because it's simple, easy, awesome. get advanced security free with the xfi gateway. download the xfi app today. and a good tuesday morning to you. craig melvin here. right now we are watching an escalading battle over the u.s. postal service. this morning, a big development in that fight.
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we're learning that the post master general himself will testify friday before a republican-led senate committee. this will be his first chance to answer questions about those delays in service and the implications for our election come november. meanwhile, president trump taking his voting rhetoric even further. in just the last two hours, the president raising the possibility of redoing the election. he said universal mail-in ballots would be a disaster. he called them rigged. your daily reminder, there is no evidence of widespread fraud when it comes to mail-in voting. also on the president's mind, the virtual democratic national convention and first lady, former first lady michelle obama at that same event this morning to honor women's right to vote. the president calling obama's keynote speech divisive. the overarching message democrats are hammering home at this unconventional convention,
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only one clear choice for americans in november. that seems to be their message in d.c. has reporters across the country covering today's convention. in wilmington, delaware, ahead of night two. take us through what we can expect tonight. >> well, craig, you know the good thing is we got a sense of what day one looked like. we will know what the flow looks of this unconventional convention. so, where we saw tracy ellis ross keeping things going and moderating. tonight's theme is leadership matters. we'll hear from former president bill clinton and john kerry and then we'll hear from new leaders of the democratic party with al alexia and jill biden the second
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former lady. it's a sign this campaign is still introducing dr. jill biden to the country. she'll give her speech at brandywine high school. the high school she taught english at several years ago. also, there will be some official business going on tonight. this is still a convention and that formal nominating process for vice president joe biden. it will take us across all 47 states and territories as they do that in the official role call nominee. as for the vice president, he'll have some virtual events today. he'll do an event with marin miranda and attend some of the state delegations virtually. they're trying their best to keep everyone engaged despite this being that virtual convention. a very busy day.
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craig? >> all right. shaq brewster there with a look at what's coming up. ally, the first night's theme was we the people. we got to hear from former first lady michelle obama. how is her speech setting the tone for what we will likely hear through the rest of this convention? >> craig, you have to consider michelle obama the first and the second night of this democratic convention. the first night was largely laying out the case against president donald trump and really highlighting a trio of issues that have been hitting all of us, frankly, over the last few months. the pandemic, the economic recession and issues of racial injustice. so, michelle obama speaking very frankly and soberly to those issues while also outlining the kind of leadership that joe biden brings to the table. listen to how she did that. >> donald trump is the wrong president for our country. whenever we look to this white house for some leadership or
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consco consulation or any semblance of steadiness what we get instead is chaos, division and a total and other lack of empathy. if you take one thing from my words tonight, it is this. if you think things cannot possibly get worse, trust me, they can and they will. if we don't make a change in this election. >> and, craig, you called this an unconventional convention. i love the play on words there, but it's true. this was kind of a hard thing to get in the groove of because it looked so different than everything we experienced through the lens of what a convention should look like. but at the same time, the format did have some benefits to it. for example, that kind of speech that michelle obama gave, that's one that would have been a little bit harder to replicate the intimacy and the sober nature of it if you had a raucous cheering convention floor before you. at the same time, it also allows democrats to highlight average
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voices that may not be on a typical convention stage. the kind of voters that shaq and i in a normal world would be out talking to every day. we're given a platform to highlight why these issues are important. they're not just pie in the sky policy issues but things hitting people at home and in their wallet and in their real lives. as we talk about this whole mess with the post office going on right now. michelle obama was calling people to action saying now is the time to request your ballots. i think that's really important as we try to get into this whole situation of voting by mail new or novel, no? this is a practice that has been around for a long time. democrats trying to hammer that home, as well. >> thank you. senator bernie sanders calling on his supporters to unite behind joe biden. senator says that the stakes couldn't be higher. >> if donald trump is
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re-elected, all the progress we have made will be in jeopardy. to every one who supported other candidates in the primary. and to those who may have voted for donald trump in the last election. the future of our democracy is at stake. >> nbc's jacob. what has been the reaction to sander supporters to that message of unity? how is it shaping their thinking ahead of november? >> that's a good question, craig. if you want to understand what progressive voters think, no better place to come than los angeles county. the biggest county. the most populous county in the country. senator sanders beat joe biden. vice president biden here by almost 10 percentage points. with all those other candidates in this primary election and here in silver lake, almost like a progressive within the
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progressive bastion and i want to introduce you to someone. running for city council here in the city of los angeles and you had a lot of overlap. your voters and your campaign really sort of relied on the progressive energy or maybe it was vice versa with bernie sanders of that campaign. we heard bernie sanders last night talk about trump as an authoritarian and also working with conservatives. what was your take on what he had to say? >> i think what his message was to everybody was that right now, america's facing a threat from authoritarianism and trump and for everybody who believes in a better future for america agrees on that. but because he also focused on policy more than anyone else did last evening. he talked about the $15 minimum wage and fighting climate change and the green new deal. he talked about things that i think are at the core of the progressive platform. so, i think he really made it clear that the agenda is to defeat trump but also push
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forward the progressive policy platforms that people have been fighting for across the country for a very, very long time. >> so, nithya if you're going to win here in los angeles and defeat a sitting incumbent, you're going to need those progressive voters in support of senator sanders and warren to show up come november. and we know when we looked back four years ago, that didn't necessarily happen here. do you feel like the voters that you're going to need to win, the voters that joe biden and senator harris are going to need to win are going to show up here in los angeles? >> to me as somebody who has been here in l.a. working with voters, talking to volunteers, we have only seen a surge in enthusiasm for working at the local level. after the primary ended. i think that there is a real hope that this national agenda can really be achieved at the local level. in fact, a lot of the things he was talking about last night. the $15 minimum wage started in
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seattle. that started at the city level. we can make huge advances here towards getting 100% renewals and impabl 4 million people in the city of los angeles. we can do so much here locally and to me the people who have been engaged with the campaign are so much more aware of the potential for local politics to drive us towards that change that he was articulating last night. >> i know we have to go, but just real quick before we do, how much further would you like to see that national platform go to line up with the local issues that you're pushing for here on the ground? >> you know, i think that there are national groups who are pushing that agenda. for me, the focus is on getting rid of trump at the national level, but locally to make that agenda clear at the local level. because we do have so much power here. and i think what we can achieve at the local level is really incredible. >> nithya, appreciate you talking to me and craig. what she says is a really important point. the progressive fire on the
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local level whether or not it translates with the national ticket is key to ultimately succeed come november, craig. >> jacob soboroff there for us in los angeles. jacob, thank you. let's turn now to former los angeles mayor antonio villaraigosa and served as chair back in 2012. good to see you, mr. mayor. thanks for your time this morning. one of the messages -- >> good to see you, too. >> during that first night was unity. how effective was senator sanders at delivering that message, mayor? >> i think he was very effective. look, he's the pied piper of progressives in our country. he's made it absolutely clear. he's all behind joe biden. and that it's important for us
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to have people like john kasich at that convention. that it's important for us to bring together the country around the notion that whether you're a democrat or a republican that we can do better. that we must do better. that we need a president who can unite us and inspire us and who can bring us together for a common and better future. >> you, the theme tonight is leadership matters. and there's a new nbc news/"wall street journal" poll i want to call your attention to it. it shows voters backing president trump over mr. biden when it comes to the economy. when it comes to crime. but voters backed mr. biden over the president when it comes to handling this pandemic. and race relations. given tonight's theme, how does your party effectively make the case that mr. biden is the right leader for right now? >> well, first of all, we're
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moving in the right direction. you know, two months ago that on the economy was probably something like 30 points. it's gone down to ten. and it's going to keep on going down. because the economy is not working for too many people. california and other states have a great deal of homelessness, of poverty and i think people are starting to realize that even when the economy was hot, it was hot for, you know, the people at the top and not for enough people in the middle and the bottom. so, i think what we need to do is to continue to hammer home that we need an economy that works for more people. that we need an economy where people who have worked but because of coronavirus can't work. they need unemployment. we need to have a safety net for those people.
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we need to retrain people for the new economy and we need to get them ready to get back to work. >> while i have you, mr. mayor. if senator harris is elected in november, perhaps you're aware that her senate seat becomes open. it will fall to governor newsom to appoint someone to complete that term. are you remotely interested in being considered for that seat? >> i am passionate about public service. i think, you know, people are watching and looking at what's going to happen but we have to win an election first and i'll do everything possible to make sure that the biden/harris ticket is elected. i want to serve. and the best way i can serve between now and then is to work my tail off to make sure they get re-elected. >> to be clear, that did not sound like a no. >> it's not a no.
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what it is, it's a focus on what's at hand. you know, never count your chickens before they're hatched. we have a lot of work to do. this is going to be a close election. they engage in voter suppression. they're calling into question the notion that absentee ballots and voting by mail are somehow going to create a situation where people could steal an election. the only person we saw is donald trump. we have to work our tail off to get these two people elected to unite our country and to come together again. and then we can think about vacancies in the u.s. senate. >> former mayor and possible california senator, antonio villaraigosa. thank you, sir. always great to see you. >> thank you, craig. always great to see you. the president is offering
8:16 am
his own counterprogramming to the dnc. right now mr. trump on a flight west. one of his stops gives us a pretty big hint about a drop in support that might have him worried. also a show down over the u.s. postal service is now set for the hill. and while some folks in d.c. are trying to make our mail a political issue, postal workers tell us how they get the job done every day. >> we want to just do our jobs to the best of our ability. give us the resources to do them.
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an emergency hearing has been set for friday. the post master general will be testifying before the senate homeland security and governmental affairs committee. we're seeing widespread backlash over changes that he's put in place. they're delaying paychecks, prescriptions and some worry upcoming ballots. nbc's jeff bennett talked to postal worries who also worried about the changes while they just try to get you a meal every day. >> reporter: in upstate new york, postal clerk laurie cash rises just past midnight to open the post office. a postal union president says the early hours don't bother her, but what does are the dramatic changes she's seen recently in the way mail is delivered. >> our cardinal rule is not to delay the mail to have someone
8:21 am
come in and tell us we're not going to deliver all the mail every day is a complete change in the culture that we were taught from day one. >> reporter: cash along with fellow poster workers michael of long island and daily of cleveland told me the new mandates implemented by post master general are causing an unprecedented slow down in mail. >> we want to just do our jobs to the best of our ability and, look, be given the resources to do them. >> reporter: dejoy, a republican mega donor and trump ally who took over as post master general in june argues his cost cutting measures are aimed at overhauling an agency suffering billion dollar losses. overtime pay for workers, erased, post office operating hours reduced leading to service slow downs and delivery delays from coast to coast. >> we have mail that has been left in the plants. >> the way they're stopping it. the mail is just not making it to transportation.
8:22 am
>> have you seen any improvements at all based on the changes the post master general has made? >> nope, not a thing. >> none. from the top down. from the top down. >> reporter: the postal workers we spoke with insist the post office has the capacity to handle the expected surge in mail-in ballots. >> we handle over a billion christmas cards every holiday season. we can handle a couple hundred million ballots coming through. >> reporter: they say they're up to the job, if only given the chance. >> and, craig, the concerns about the delays extend well beyond the mail-in ballots and retirees facing delays waiting for their checks and small business owners already slammed by the pandemic and more challenges because of these delays and military veterans who are dependent on mail-order prescription drugs from the va. normally a three to four-day wait taking three to four weeks
8:23 am
in some places, craig. >> well, you know, my dad was a mail clerk for 40 years. i appreciate your commitment to the story and thank you for highlighting those postal workers who are just out there trying to do their job. thank you, geoff. right now, voters in florida are casting ballots. it's primary day from state level offices there. and it could be a test for, could be a test for how florida will run things in november. nbc's kerry sanders is at a polling place in miami beach as part of our county-to-county coverage. kerry, how are things working there today so far? >> well, craig, things are working. it's a very interesting picture, potentially of how this is going to work in the presidential election. over my shoulder in this firehouse on miami beach, they set up for voting. but we've seen very few people actually walking in. in fact, as we take a look at some pictures from around the state, you can see that the voters are not necessarily
8:24 am
mobbing the vote locations. that's not unusual in a primary election like this. it's not the biggest election that draws out the most number of voters, but florida has mail-in balloting and absentee balloting and what we're seeing is a significant number of people who have gone that way. statewide voting by mail, so far, 2,212,675. that number is significant when we roll back and look at 2016 and we realize only 1.2, 1.2 million or so folks voted by mail. so, this is a reflection, perhaps, of coronavirus. people who want to participate in the election process but don't want to go out to an actual polling location. now, one of the things that we can't calculate in all of this is those ballots that were sent out and not yet returned. the number is huge.
8:25 am
we have 2,088,000 ballots in the state of florida that were sent out by the county supervisors of elections and could be voters chose not to vote overall. maybe a group organized to get those ballots sent out and people didn't want to vote, but may also be a case of reflecting the process of the u.s. postal service. slowing down the mail, as some suggest, and that people put their ballots in the mail late, they're still in the system making their way ultimately to the supervisor of election office. in the state of florida, if they are not in by the end of 7:00 today, they won't be counted. so those votes may have been in the system and slowed down by the mail service and, of course, that is the big question that you're hearing coming from both the democratic party and over all elections officials about what they fear could happen in the presidential election.
8:26 am
craig? >> all right. kerry sanders there for us in miami beach. kerry, thank you. the good news on coronavirus in florida, case numbers are down. the bad news, the number of tests also down. how these numbers are shaping big decisions on sending our children back to school. plus, it's the big red target the democrats have wanted for years. texas. i'll talk to a former military pilot who is trying to pull off an upset and unseat a long-time republican senator. when we started carvana, they told us
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it is a message we can expect to see and hear at tonight's democratic national convention night two. the party wants america to hear that joe biden would handle this pandemic better than president trump. >> today we trail the world in defeating covid. americans learned a critical lesson. how vulnerable we are when we are divided and how many lives can be lost when our government is incompetent. >> my dad was a healthy 65-year-old. his only pre-existing condition was trusting donald trump and for that he paid with his life.
8:31 am
>> hear the latest facts on the pandemic this tuesday morning. the university of north carolina chapel hill has become the first major college to send students back home after coronavirus outbreak on campus. 135 students and staff tested positive for the virus in the first week of classes. meanwhile, a new nbc news survey monkey weekly tracking poll found that 44% of american adults say they will get a government-approved coronavirus vaccine. 54% say that either they won't get a vaccine or they're not sure about it just yet. in florida, the number of new daily coronavirus cases is down to the lowest points since june but the number of tests also down. nbc sam brock is in miami for us. sam, what's happening with these numbers and in cases and testing? >> craig, good morning.
8:32 am
you know, it's great news first off that the positivity rate in florida has plummeted in recent weeks. the latest figures from today sub 8%. the problem, craig, they're just not testing as many people. 39,000 tests conducted that were reported on monday. 56,000 today. that's down from about 100 to 120,000 daily as recently as several weeks ago. i reached out to the governor's communication office and they're looking into this and so is the florida department of health. so far i have not been given a concrete answer to why there is a dramatic drop. we knhurricane isaias halted state-run facilities. we mentioned the positivity rate and including today six straight days below 10%. one day dip at 11.9% last week because one lab had dumped out weeks worth of test results in one day. hospitalizations also a good factor to look at. from miami-dade, which is where
8:33 am
i am right now, the hardest hit part of florida. they were close to 2,000 covid patients a few weeks ago and that figure at 1,300. hospitalizations are coming down and at the same time the debate over schools is heating up. the florida education association, the largest union in educators group here in the state of florida suing the state right now. mediation going on, as we speak. started this morning, it goes potentially all the way up until midnight. if they cannot figure a deal. if they can't come to a conclusion, craig, it moves back to court tomorrow where a judge is going to be looking at that emergency order in florida requiring school districts to offer in-person instruction at a time, craig, where we know cases of covid among kids is elevated considerably. craig? >> and, of course, ironically, that mediation is happening virtually, not in person. sam brock in miami, sam, thank you. from florida to texas. that state still heading in the wrong direction in this crisis. a snapshot of the last seven
8:34 am
days in texas shows a testing positivity rate of nearly 13%. for perspective, in new york state, it's about 1%. the cdc warns anything above a 5 is a red flag. texas just surpassed 10,000 deaths, as well. the management of this crisis could be a key issue on voters' minds come november there. i'm joined now by m.j. haygardthe democratic candidate running to unseat john cornyn and also an air force pilot, one of the first female combat pilllets pil pilots in the military. good to see you. thanks for your time, m.j. >> so depressing to see those numbers because the numbers in texas are worse than that. the reason i say that is because nearly one out of every three texans 18-73 don't have access to health insurance. i was talking to a nurse who had
8:35 am
a patient who needed a covid test and she said i'll need a couple weeks to put together the $150 it will take to get it. a health care crisis that was here before the pandemic. it's just, we're in trouble down here in texas and we just really need better leadership. >> let's talk about voting for a moment. and what we're watching play out with the postal service. there's a legal battle under way in texas over voting by mail. right now people who are 65 or older, disabled, out of town or incarcerated are the only folks who can do so. so some folks may have to risk their health to cast a ballot in texas. how do you think that is going to impact turnout? >> well, ironically, it's probably going to impact texas less than it impacts a lot of other states and that's because our state elected officials have been trying to suppress our votes for so long and keep us
8:36 am
from voting by mail. this administration attack on the post office, while a threat to our democracy, isn't going to slow us down in texas. we just had the biggest test of that in our primary. we had a million people vote in our primary runoff which the primary runoff electorate should be one of the smaller electorates. we're still setting turnout records because the fact that the people who are in office are trying to keep us from voting. i don't know if you know texans but if you try to keep us from doing something, it only motivates us to do it more. the moments in our democracy is when it is the most important to get out and vote. >> let's talk about the convention that's happening right now. texas congresswoman and a state repwe rep were added to tonight's lineup. more prominent texans like beto o'rourke and julian castro and
8:37 am
do you think the dnc made a mistake not highlighting more texans? >> i'm so excited this is a conversation piece. we have been left out in the past and it hasn't been a point of contention. that should tell you something about what is happening in texas. biden is tied or leading in the polls and i'm neck and neck with john cornyn and i'm just excited that is a part of the conversation. but, frankly, i'm really more focused on what is happening here in texas. the unemployment numbers and the fact that we have a health care crisis before the pandemic, which, before the pandemic, one in five of us didn't have access to health insurance. the worst in the country. also getting pummeled by the effects of climate change. we had an economic krcrisis wit our energy industry. and we have our hands full with enough to be focused on here in texas other than getting our feelings hurt. >> you just mentioned your
8:38 am
oppone opponent's favorability. there is this ugov poll conducted online. you had a much higher net favorability rating among senator cornyn among registered texas voters, but a lot of folks still don't know who you are. for those voters who still don't know enough about you, how are you changing that? how do you get your name out in the middle of a pandemic? you're not going door to door. you're not having large-scale events. what are you doing? >> well, i mean, the good news is that nobody knows who john cornyn is either. they shouldn't know who i am because i'm not a politician and he's been in the u.s. senate for three terms now. so, he has a 67% name i.d. but the better news for the election and the worst news for texas, i guess, is that the more people learn about john cornyn and his track record, the worse his favorability rating gets. so, probably a strategy there in him trying not to increase his name i.d. you know, texas is a giant state
8:39 am
and we drove tens of thousands of miles before the pandemic. corner to corner. meeting with, you know, communities and voters from across the state and now that we're virtual, we're taking advantage of the fact that it's difficult to get to every corner of this state in the next, you know, let's see. let me look at my clock. 77 days left, i have my little clock up here. 77 days left until the election. so, we could be in a position where we're trying to get to every corner of the state in my truck or on my motorcycle like we were doing before. but now we're virtual. and we are reaching people who otherwise wouldn't have come to in-person events. so, we're not letting this epidemic or this pandemic be an excuse to slow us down. in the military, in combat. you don't look at obstacles and figure out just a way to overcome them. you try to turn them to your advantage, if you can. we have. we have had exponential momentum in fund-raising and polling. the problem is that john
8:40 am
cornyn's big special corporate interests have noticed that. you can expect to see big pharma rushing to his aid to protect their profit margins. but i think enough people in texas as you just saw from the favorability rating, enough people in texas are fed up with politicians and they are looking for fighters who have faced the challenges that they have faced and are facing to go to d.c. and deliver a healthy dose of texas values. >> mj hegar, we'll have to leave it there. good luck to you, okay. >> thank you so much. there's probably, probably no one who knows what kamala harris is going through right now better than senator tim kaine. senator kaine will join me next. we'll talk to him about the message of this week's convention and the fight over the postal service on capitol hill. ouch, okay. huh, boring, boring,
8:41 am
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>> senior citizens rely on the postal system for prescription
8:45 am
medicines and their checks. >> now with donald trump in office and his attempts to undermine the united states postal service, we are extremely concerned. the outcry over the u.s. postal service and mail-in voting also took center stage during the first night of the convention. the controversy could come to a head friday when post master general dejoy faces u.s. senators. i'm joined now by one of those senators, senator tim kaine of virginia. hillary clinton's running mate in 2016 and also a former chair of the democratic national committee. senator kaine, good to have you. thanks for your time. >> you bet, craig. good to be with you. >> what are you hoping your colleagues on the senate homeland security committee ask the postmaster general on friday when they question him? >> craig, they have to unpack a series of bizarre actions.
8:46 am
the disabling of voting, sorting equipment. the sacking of key leadership personnel of the post office and the postmaster's decision to tell registrars that they have to use first class stamps rather than rely on the low-cost mailing that registrars have been able to rely on always for ballots. those three actions together with president trump's statements about, you know, mail fraud and things like that have convinced us that there is an intentional effort to hurt the post office to try to hurt the mail-in voting. so, my colleagues in the senate and then the house members next monday have to go directly at him about his actions and president trump's words. >> let's turn to your convention. you're former dnc chairman. how do you feel night one went? what do you think your party
8:47 am
needs to do with the remaining few nights of the convention? >> craig, you know, the two highlights for me for night one were, number one, michelle obama. i mean, she was just superb. she has the ability to say, i don't like politics. i'm not into politics, let me talk to you like you are my next door neighbor and she just delivered such a rebuke of the administration and such an uplifting message about the character of joe biden. and then the second most powerful moment was kristen urquiza, the young woman from arizona who talked about her dad. she said my dad was a 65-year-old healthy guy and one pre-existing condition and that was that he trusted donald trump. a donald trump who lied about the virus and who preached quack medicine and now we're a nation of 170,000 deaths and climbing because people like her poor father fell for this showman president.
8:48 am
those were two very powerful moments. they set a theme that i think will be the theme of the week. we need to trade out the trump administration for one that stands for character, compassion and and that's what joe biden and kamala harris will bring to our nation. >> you mentioned senator hairs and you were also former vice presidential nominee and you spent some time in the past talking about the double standards being partly to blame for what happened to you and senator clinton in 2016. do you get the sense that senator harris is already facing those same kinds of attacks so far? >> craig, i do, but i think she's very prepped to handle it and while we're talking about this topic, you know, today is the centennial of the ratification of the 19th amendment giving women the right to vote. the 36th state did it august 18,
8:49 am
1920. hist historic day as we're thinking about kamala harris breaking the glass ceiling that i wish hillary clinton would have broken four years ago. i did everything i could to make that happen and so disappointed that we fell short. but kamala will set a double set of double standers because she's a woman and we have a poor track record of electing woman and also to congress. our national legislative body is 24% women. that ranks us 76th in the world. we're tied with iraq, but we're behind afghanistan, canada, mexico, so many other nations. but she's up to this. she faced this before in her career. she's facing now a racist line pitched by the president that largely because of the color of her skin he's trying to claim she's not a u.s. citizen. he wouldn't level that claim against somebody with white skin. but she's tough and she's faced this before. she knows what she's getting in to and i think she'll handle it
8:50 am
in a very effective way. >> virginia senator tim kaine. senator kaine, good to have you. thanks for your time, sir. >> absolutely. glad to do it, craig. more counterprogramming from the president while democrats nation's attention, he's trying to grab it in a state where he may be in some significant trouble despite winning in 2016. we'll take you there.
8:51 am
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right now president trump is on his way to iowa. the state still recovering from last week's powerful storm that caused billions of dollars in damage to homes, to farmland, to businesses as well. the president is going to follow up that visit to iowa with a trip to arizona this afternoon. it's part of a busy schedule that he has this week as he tries to counter democrats' big convention week. nbc's vaughn hillyard joins us now from yuma, arizona. vaughn, talk to me about the timing of his visit. why arizona and why specifically where you are there in yuma? >> reporter: craig, arizona, because we're 77 days away from election day now and quite frankly, he needs to win arizona. let's say joe biden is able to pull off michigan and pennsylvania. arizona could be the state that clinches it. that's why he's coming here to yuma. we should note this is his second visit to this border community of about 100,000. his second visit in now less
8:55 am
than two months. [ inaudible ]. his main message here, craig, is essentially trying to sell what he started back in 2016. he's trying to make the argument about promises made, promises kept. [ inaudible ] in which 300 miles of border wall have been constructed. the majority of that has been replacement wall. but he needs to sell that. the other part of this is, usnca deal. he wants to sell that his trade wars had benefits for arizonans. the number we should keep in mind, in arizona, per our nbc news/marist polling, just 3% of voters in arizona say they're undecided. meaning this isn't so much folks deciding between joe biden and donald trump, but it's a matter of the voters supporting those two candidates are going to show up. in a game of margins here,
8:56 am
places like yuma that have actually seen a percentage increase in the number of republican voters here, it's those voters here that could help the president make up for margins around the phoenix suburbs that he's expected to lose, craig. >> the always unflappable vaughn hillyard there for us in yuma. the second part of your report was fantastic. no one heard a thing you said the first part. because it sounds as if you are perhaps broadcasting from the belly of an f-16. where are you? >> reporter: we're at literally the air base next door. to good luck to the president here later this afternoon when he tries to speak himself, how about that? >> all right, vaughn hillyard, thank you, sir, through a mask and over the sound of aircraft. vaughn, thanks, my ma'am. > my man. facebook chief operator
8:57 am
officer sheryl sandberg will join my friend and colleague andrea mitchell up next to talk about the 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment after a short break. it's pretty inspiring the way families
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