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tv   The Beat With Ari Melber  MSNBC  September 3, 2020 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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baseball history to strike out ten batters in a row. tom seaver died peacefully in his sleep on monday from complications of dementia and the coronavirus at the age of 75. as always, all of our thoughts and all of our prayers to go his loved ones, his wife nancy, his two daughters, his four grandsons, all the mets fans who loved him and all the lovers of baseball will miss him. thank you for letting us into your homes during these extraordinary times. we're so grateful for that. "the beat" with my friend and colleague ari melber begins now. >> i have a quick question for you. you know many things including elections. it's vote once, not twice, right? >> oh, what's so amazing is unlike you, i am not a lawyer. but when i can google that something is against the law and i can finds the law and then i can even google whether the law that it breaks is a felony,
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you've broken a big bad law. the notion that this is where we are is staggering. and the question i keep asking, what do we do? i mean this is who he is, but what do we do? >> this is who he is and he can say what he wants. he has that freedom. but you're right. we're going to get into this. when the attorney general of the united states backs it up, then you have the government supporting that urge to break the law. it's real stuff. always nice to see you, neighbor. >> nice to see you, my friend. have a good show. >> thank you, nicole. always good to see nicole wallace. welcome to "the beat." i thank you for joining us as we track these toirs now. joe biden talking to jacob blake during his wisconsin trip today after donald trump snubld the blake family. new york police officers suspended after the controversial death of a restrained man in their custody.
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also new notions of russian meddling as bill barr states legal false hoods in an interview defending donald trump. we begin with joe biden making this rare trip during a pandemic. he went to kenosha, wisconsin. a deliberate contrast to trump's visit this week where the president snubbed the family of jacob blake but biden meeting with them. where trump emphasized property damage, biden emphasizing damage to human lives. and the trump legal defense for that man indicted for murdering two protesters, biden flatly condemning that shooting and all violence on the ground. the emotional meeting with the blakes who are still reeling from when police shot jacob blake seven times in the back, what you see served as something of a shadow president moment. joe biden showing through what was an hour and a half discussion with them and community members, how he would confront these problems as president. today, of course, what you're looking at was joe biden as a private citizen and candidate listening.
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thinking. engaging. but biden also spoke by phone to mr. blake who is recovering in his hospital bed. >> i had the opportunity to spend some time with jacob on the phone. he's out of icu. we spoke for about 15 minutes. he talked about how nothing was going to defeat him. how, whether he walked again or not, he was not going to give up. what i came away with was, the overwhelming sense of resilience and optimism that they have about the kind of response they're getting. >> that is the human side. the recovery. the perseverance. what about justice and policy? well, in just a few moments on tonight's show, we'll hear directly from the blake family representative, ben crump, about meeting with biden. about their view of what justice
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requires. of policy biden saying, there is racial injustice across america while trump argues, the problem is in his view, the protesters. now, most americans do know there are sharp contrasts between these two candidates. but i'll tell you, this wisconsin debate is putting those differences into sharp relief. >> i am not pessimistic. i'm optimistic about the opportunity if we seize it. >> these are not acts of peaceful protests but domestic terror. >> fear doesn't solve problems. only hope does. >> we've seen tremendous violence and we will put it out very, very quickly if given the chance. >> the significant portion of the police are decent people but no one, there is a lot of bad folks in every organization. >> we must give far greater support to our law enforcement. >> we're joined now to kick things off by professor jason johnson and nbc news, outside
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kenosha, wisconsin, outside the church where biden attended the community meeting. jason, what do you see in this contrast and what will americans see going into this election? >> they're going to see the difference between a president who stokes violence and terrorism. joe biden, it's not just that he met with jacob blake's family. he listened like michelle obama said two weeks ago during the convention. as he man who actually listens which is part of being the president of the united states. donald trump didn't just go there and refuse to speak to jacob blake's family. remember his reason. why he didn't want lawyers on the phone. why are you concerned? you're the president of the united states. you have bill barr. you have one candidate who actually cares about how people live. and he spoke to business people. he was also concerned about the community at whole and another who was only stoking racial violence. i hope america sees this.
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one thing i'll say really quick. this was the warning, this was the morning where biden rolled out his reform. emwe're not just visiting. here's how we change the dynamic of policing in america. >> you say it like that. we're in it now. janelle, you've been out there, sometimes in a zoom studio room. now out there with what this community is going through. and many democrats like other candidates, many activists, had criticism of joe biden including his role in incarceration. i'm curious what you saw both substantively and politically in him listening, being there on the grounds today. >> i think there are a wide range of the responses here. there were many who felt it was absolutely necessary that he come given that the president had been here and made such a distinct effort, or perhaps show
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of avoiding the blake family. i think that the vice president's approach, the former vice president's approach, certainly for those people, they were very welcome. there are those who have a lot of grave concern about the serious things happening with policing in america, becoming a sort of political football and assuring that in the effort to politically appeal to moderate voters, that the democratic candidate is not going to avoid making the kinds of commitments that might be necessary, legislatively, to actually make changes in communities like kenosha and others around the country. >> all really important points there. before we bring in ben crump, as i mentioned, representing the blake family. governor cuomo who has been a very visible democrat on coronavirus and other issues, speaking in a way that i think
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if donald trump spoke this way, or his allies did, would earn rightful concern and condemnation. he certainly comes close to making it sound like donald trump might have a, quo, bodyguard and army related security issue if he wants to visit in the country. like anyone can go anywhere. i say that as a set-up to will noting to governor cuomo hitting back on trump's threat to defund certain cities, which he doesn't really have the authority to do. take a look. >> he'd better have an army if he thinks he's going to walk down the street in new york. he can't have enough body guards to walk through new york city. people don't want to have anything to do with him. it is more of the same from him. it is cheap, political, it's gratuitous, and it is illegal.
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but it is another attempt to kill new york city. >> jason, tensions are high out there for all the reasons we know. we don't need a president defending an accused murderer. do we need other politicians? whatever party they may be? whether someone needs body guards? >> you know, here's the thing. i think to me and you and to a lot of us in the press, we may hear this and say we're concerned. i think to people who may be new yorkers, this rhetoric may not hit quite the same way. yes. cuomo could make some nicer ways to express his concern. but also, look, he's the governor. he's saying this president has consistently attacked me, he has attacked my state, he has attacked my citizens, he is threatening not to send equipment here. if this was a regular way for governor cuomo to speak, i would be the first person to say, hey,
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look, that's unnecessary. nobody needs to walk around with body guards. as a moment of frustration after six or seven months of the president of the united states basically attacking his state, i can semiit. i'll allow it in this march situation. >> and janelle, before i lose you, polling is early. it moves a lot. it is striking that the gap, whatever it may be, between biden and trump, in preference, is smaller than the gap over whether americans sill reply feel donald trump keeps them safe. his ads make that argument, as you know, about here it is. 50% of people say trump makes them feel less safe. only 35% say more safe. as you are out there, i'm curious how that relates to what you're hearing from your reporting in wisconsin. >> i will say i've talk to a lot of people who have talked about the general level of chaos that
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seems to be developing in the country. that they do attribute to the president. i also talk to people here who were 2016 trump supporters, who intend to be 2020 trump supporters, and who really find a lot of comfort in the idea that he has a particularly strong hand in leading the country, in leading government and he's willing to break rules. i will say what i found is very much consistent with the polling. but it is also important to remember that right here in kenosha, kenosha county, went to donald trump by 255 votes in 2016. so the idea that people may have a variety of opinions and be closely split is probably remains relevant today. >> i appreciate the diversity in views many democrats have carried until donald trump on the recent map. i always appreciate your nuance. and jason, i'll get more from
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you this hour. we turn to ben crump, the representative of the blake family in the room with what we showed you earlier today with the biden meeting. thank you for making time. what did you see or experience that we and our viewers may not have fully known from just what we saw in the footage in what was going on in room? >> thank you for having me. jacob blake's family and jacob blake himself with vice president biden, was leadership. the meeting was hopeful and at times substantive. jacob's mother prayed for everybody. his father talked with
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systematic reform and the fact we have to do something about this epidemic of systematic racism that continues to see black people killed by the people supposed to protect and serve them. and joe biden really talking about his plan will he talked about things he wanted to do. him and kamala harris and the things they wanted to listen and learn from the family. the climax was him talking with jacob blake jr. in the hospital room and jacob was so optimistic about it. i'm not going to give up. even if i can't walk again. i won't give up on life because my little boys need their daddy. and it was amazing to see joe biden empathize with him. just those two having a moment about, i believe in you.
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i believe in human an. i believe you're deserving of consideration and prayers which is a stark contrast to president trump's visit and such. >> do you think authorities are closer to charges in this case? or do you believe there may be no charges? >> well, based on the evidence. you have eyes. the video shows jacob blake jr. was never posing a threat to those police officers as he's trying to get away from them and getting them out of a volatile situation. the t-shirt, seven times. when you look at the video, you see women and children in the line of fire. and we don't think it was a choke. this was someone who had deliberate time to follow him around the car, never
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de-escalating the situation. when you juxtapose that with the young white kid who shot the people, everybody let him walk right by. he was uninjured. two justice systems in america. >> that's something we're getting into tonight's show as well, given the responses to that. as you mentioned, the side by side of the wisconsin shooter, indicted for a double homicide. an rehelpeded peacefully despite the national guard and other authorities here. as you say, the video does not show mr. blake armed in any way. have the authorities indicated to you in any way that they have any evidence or believe mr. blake was armed at the time that he was killed? >> no. >> with that fact check i'll let you respond but i want to be
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very clear. the facts matter. the most powerful law enforcement person in the nation, william barr, just claimed otherwise. >> noticed was already subdued, in handcuffs and he was not armed. in the jacob case, he was in the midst of committing a felony and he was armed. so that is a big difference. >> he asserts your china wlient false. is that false? >> we believe, my legal team believes the attorney general is grossly misinformed. the police were the gres ors from start to finish. this is by way of video evidence and the witness accounts. they were never in a life or
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death situation. >> just to be clear, you say the attorney general is grossly misinformed. as an attorney, you've giving him some benefit of the doubt saying he was misinformed. if he doesn't retract the statement contradicted by the video, then what? >> he's the attorney general of the united states. he's the highest law enforcement officer in america. we can't make him do anything. but we would hope, ari, that he would take due process of the law for every citizen. even jacob blake jr. and other african-americans and say that we deserve equal justice under the law. the attorney general can't put his fingers on the scale of justice to try to justify again another killing of an unarmed black man who is not threatening the police. the extra judicial killings of black people in america has to stop. it has to stop.
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>> appreciate your time and your work on this. and we did want to get your official response to that. this is an open case. the attorney general seems to be falsely putting a weapon on the individual who was shot. so getting your official response is important. we'll stay on the case. ben, thank you. >> thank you. >> i appreciate it. i want to turn to a scandal over voting integrity. president trump discussing absentee voting and saying people could go vote a second time in person. >> they'll go out and vote and they'll have to go check their vote by going to the poll and voting that way. their system is as good as they say it is, they won't be able to vote. you sends them in, go to vote. if they haven't counted it, you can vote. >> here's what we were discussing with nicole wallace. the president wrongly suggests people test the system's
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accuracy by trying to vote again. that has north carolina election authorities saying, voting twice is a crime. >> if you've already voted, you should not be entering the voting enclosure, period. if you're going to try to vote again, even the act of trying to vote is a crime. don't go try to vote twice. that's a crime. >> this is a crime and not some kind of joke. i want everyone to understand this. while in-person voting crimes are statistically extremely rare because very few people take the risk of crime and punishment just to be one of millions of votes in terms of motive, this is a crime. and people can and do get in trouble for it. in texas, crystal mason said she didn't realize that she was barred from voting in 2016 and the judge hit her with a five-year sentence. that very harsh sentence is provided for by the law. any lawyer knows that. which makes this controversy striking.
3:20 pm
we're going to play this for you. if his answer is true, he might be the most legally i go nornl attorney general ever. if his answer is knowingly false, and he just knows voting twice is illegal but doesn't want to admit his boss would appear to be recommending people break the law heading into the election. >> he's trying to make the point that the ability to monitor this system is not good. and if it was so good, if you tried to vote a second time, you would be caught. i don't know what the law in the particular state -- >> is there a law in any state that says you can vote twice? >> maybe that you can change your vote up to a particular term? i don't know what the law is. >> i don't know what the law is. i hope you do. you're the attorney general and it's illegal to vote twice. i can't even believe i'm saying this on the news. and we want to make sure we focus you toward what is really
3:21 pm
going. on beyond the rhetoric, the trump campaign is trying to limit voting by mail in many places. in montana, taking the state to court. one of 19 states republican groups have sued to limit ballot access in some ways. unlike some other trump scandals, it is not actually his opponents that offer incriminating motive. it's donald trump himself. >> the things they have in there were crazy. they had levels of voting, if you ever agreed to it, you would never have a republican elected in this country again. >> how do you protect an election against all of this? we have a current member of the election committee when we're back in 30 seconds. e back in 30 seconds i'm a verizon engineer and i'm part of the team building 5g ultra wideband. it's already available in parts of select cities and it's rolling out in cities around the country.
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25x faster than today's 4g networks. it's the fastest 5g in the world. this is 5g built right. amidst these voting scandals, we are joined by someone with expertise and authority. a current member of the election commission. back with us, jason johnson. commissioner, thank you for being here. we've discuss some of these before but not a day like this. when you hear the attorney general say he doesn't know where it is illegal to vote twice, your response is? >> everybody knows that it is illegal to vote twice. state law in every state. also a matter of federal law. since this will be a federal election, anybody who tries to
3:23 pm
vote twice in this federal election would be guilty of a federal crime. five years, $$10,000 crime. >> i don't want to make light of this but as you emphasize, this is federal law as well. this is the attorney general of the united states. isn't federal law his thing? >> one would think. >> are you concerned that with the attorney general acting this way, that it undermines as any democracy has to be, trying to win an election which they're allowed to do every political way, the attorney general could be involved in the integrity of election. >> what i'm concerned about is that voters will be confused. that voters will hear information like this and say, oh, well, i guess it's legal to vote twice. i'd better get both my votes in. that is really bad advice. and you will get your supporters
3:24 pm
in trouble if you give them that kind of vice. because it is flat out illegal. the election authorities, we don't run the election. it is double at the state and local level. i know the state and local officials are very concerned about this. i saw advisories put out by the north carolina election officials, the michigan election officials. they really want to discourage this. and they also want to discourage people from gumming up the works by showing up on election day after they voted by mail, showing up in person to try to verify that their vote was received. that's not the right way to do it. you will just cause longer lines and stay home. you can check these things online. if you get your vote in early, you should be fine. >> yeah. it is really a felony. go ahead. sorry. >> get your vote in early. once. >> who knew we would have to adjust the civic message, choose who you vote for.
3:25 pm
now yes. you can do it once. >> i made a point of saying, these are real laws with real consequences. i showed the case of an african-american woman who got a hefty sentence for doing the kind of voting crime that the president appears to be encouraging people. >> well, yes. >> and notice who those enforcement laws get enforced against, right in black people. this is the whole point of what he's doing. the trump administration and the republican party stopped running the campaign six weeks ago. all they want to do now is suppress. they want to get rid of early voting, they don't even want white people to vote. we have to understand that anything this president says about voting cannot be trusted.
3:26 pm
the way they are destroying equipment right now at post offices, which is going to make it difficult. you're going to have postal workers and election workers working on the weekend as usual. they'll be working for days. we have to remember, he is a perpetual liar. get your vote in early as soon as you can. if there is a drop box, that's where you should go. >> all fair points here. and i appreciate speaking practically about what viewers can do. it is not a time to be confused or apathetic. not a time to think oh, i guess this will work. donald trump is not personally overseeing the state results. also, for extra credit, not required, commissioner, did you hear jason artfully slip in a drake future reference? >> i didn't know i would get
3:27 pm
quizzed on music. >> jacob is a professor, he's artful with it. he did talk a reference to drake and future life is good. working on the weekend as usual. i would say well done, jason. >> thank you very much. life is good. >> life is good if we work together. commissioner, jason, thank you to both of you. we will fit in a break. up ahead, new comments from michelle obama about your rights this election. important stuff. before that, attorney general barr saying he doesn't see too justice systems in the u.s. we have a fact check with a special guest in tonight's show. important protests brewing out of rochester, new york. new video of an older incident. we have the coverage for you in tonight's show. >> a phone call from my brother to get help. not for my brother to get lynched. brother to get lynched. the chase mobile app,
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breaking news tonight, newly released video of police brutality brutality out of new york. the video showing a man in rochester, new york, daniel, being restrained during an arrest. you can see he was naked outside and he was then held by police. they put a spit bag hood over his head. they pressed his face into the pavement for two minutes. you can see here, him on the ground. not appearing at that time to pose a great threat. he died of asphyxiation.
3:32 pm
the bag you see which was used can be lawfully used to protect officers from a suspect's 92 i think. he said he had covid. police say this was a lawful arrest. the video you're seeing though is from all the way back in march. this was only released this week, leading to these new protests, and today, the rochester mayor, a democrat, is keeping those seven officers you saw there on pay roll but says, they'll be suspended pending the investigation. the attorney general's office also investigating. his brother said he was mentally ill. that the police were called to help the situation. >> i placed a phone call for my brother to get help. not for my brother to get lynched. how did you sit here and not directly say, the man is defenseless butt naked on the ground. he's cuffed up already. i mean, come. on how many more brothers got to die for society to understand
3:33 pm
that this needs to stop. >> this needs to stop. you just heard a family member say, who actually called the police, still thinking they might help. you heard the civil rights attorney ben crump say it earlier in tonight's broadcast. this is a question we keep hearing. it is not about politics or partisanship. it is about police killing people in america. disproportionately, killing black people. mr. prude's voice may be echoing across america after the summer of turmoil after what you might say eerily similar instances of the same evidence of excessive force against jacob blake. breonna taylor, george floyd. remember, this is important. the killing of mr. purdue, unarmed accident restrain, visibly distressed, that came two months before george floyd's killing. like so many reports, it was often minimized by local authorities until this video finally came out now.
3:34 pm
and civil rights activists are stressing how the two onnot good separate unequal justice systems with the top law enforcement official in the trump administration, in an interview with several news making remarks, is denying there is any, quote, epidemic of shooting unarmed black men. >> i've got two justice systems in the united states. >> i don't think there are two justice systems. i think the narrative that there is, that the police are on some epidemic of shooting unarmed black men is simply a false narrative, and the narrative that is based on race. >> we're joined by a new york writer and professor at columbia who has tracked many of the issues with us since this show began. your response. >> it is flat out untrue. i should say, it is about as true as his summation of the mueller report was.
3:35 pm
we just look at the data. it points to the disproportioniality of this. just dealing with unarmed people. of course, it is complicated. in lots of places, people are shot who are technically armed but they're in open states. if we remove all those cases, we would see that there were 14 unarmed african-americans killed in 2019. and they constituted about 36% of the number of unarmed people killed. african-americans only represent 13% of the population. so you see it is vastly represented in those numbers. to the extent you can say anything in defense of mr. barr's comments, it is not that african-americans are shot by the police less than we anticipated. is that white people are shot much more than we anticipated. when we see in this country, we
3:36 pm
average about 1,000 police fatalities a year which is an astounding number compared to the u.k. which has about 20% of our population, and they have about 3 or 4 people who are shot each year, fatally by the police. canada, which has a little less than 10% of our population, they have with 30 fatal shootings per year. so we are wildly disproportionately represented in this. simply saying, the police of the united states seem not to know how to reconcile, how to de-escalate the situation without the use of firearms. >> yes. and as you say, the rochester case, if you care about policy and policing, it is a farm mental who called. there is not an individual even claiming to be a potential victim or saying they have identified even potentially
3:37 pm
misidentified unknown danger. a stranger intruding. hey, someone saying that their brother has a mental health challenge, naked in the street, does not visibly pose the legal requirement of a deadly threat. indeed, looks more like potentially a danger to themselves. i also appreciate that there's a problem that operates inside the larger structure of the justice system. it is just very harsh. the point is you can say bipartisan or nonpartisan problem in america. this is out of new york. the rochester mayor is a democrat. we'll play briefly the claim there. take a listen. >> after our police department responded to the 911 call on march 23rd, i was informed later that day by chief single tary
3:38 pm
that he had a drug overdose while in custody. the chief nefrl informed me of the officers to forcibly retrain mr. prude. >> so for anyone who has perceptions or assumptions about it, this is systemic in the sense that even if you have people involved and democrats have run on before, but systemically, unless the videos and the evidence is being sorted in a manner that goes above and beyond taking the police's word for it. if the mayor is accurate, her claim is that police were basically lying about this in custody death. >> sure. if you're the mayor of the city and you don't know, you should certainly know. we've seen police reports are not to be tested at face value. as journalists, i tell my students all the time. the police report is one tool that you use in reporting a story but we don't take their
3:39 pm
reports as gospel. surprising to hear a mayor say that she didn't understand what happened. to your point, mental distress situations are one of the worst situations to call police to. stories abound. they are fired possible by police. they don't have the tools and the training or the disposition to handle these cases in the way in which they should be handled. instances of police who are called to sub coo people in hospitals and shot them in the hospital. and so we see these problems again and again and again. it is one of the reasons people the defund police people think there should be other entities that handle these kinds of calls. >> yeah. all very important points. the nuance you mentioned that is part of and broader than the racial justice dialogue that
3:40 pm
america has been trying to have this summer. always good to see you. >> thank you. up ahead, we get into a big race. senator doug jones, democrat in alabama, joins me hive and has words for mitch mcconnell when we come back. rds for mitch mccon we come back around here, nobody ever does it. i didn't do it. so when i heard they added ultra oxi to the cleaning power of tide, it was just what we needed. dad? i didn't do it. #1 stain and odor fighter, #1 trusted. it's got to be tide. when you're miles from home... ...your bank should help you check on your account to see what's free to spend. henry... virtual wallet® is so much more than a checking account. easily see what's free to spend. and put money aside for your next big purchase... like a trainer for henry. stop it.
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senator doug jones of alabama joins me live on "the beat." thank you for being here, sir. >> my pleasure. thanks for having me. >> absolutely. let's start with a big issue for so many americans, including your constituents. mitch mcconnell making waves saying he doesn't even know if there will be any other covid relief package or not. is that acceptable in your state? >> no. it's not acceptable. it shouldn't be acceptable to americans. i can't, whether we have a covid package or not will depend almost entirely on mitch mcconnell. democrats like myself and others have been talking and trying to
3:44 pm
get something done for months now. the heroes action was passed in may. and it was not a perk bill by any stretch. but it provided the framework. we knew this virus would be with us. we knew unemployment would run out. we knew schools would start opening. and yet mcconnell just sat on it. it is an unconscionable failure on his part. we can get something done but he has to be willing to sit down and talk and find the common ground. >> how do you get that across, you're in maga country, we hear from a lot of trump supporters, hey, trump is trying. he did an executive order. he pull this and that string. what do you say to them? >> i tell them he didn't try at all. he provided a few odds and ends. for two and a half months, he can't come to the table. he didn't send his chief of
3:45 pm
staff. he didn't attempt to talk about this. he pretended the virus would go away. he kept talking about hydro chloroquine and things like that. he didn't want to talk with the cities and counties. he didn't want to talk about anything until right before we were to leave. then they sit down but they didn't talk at all. they just simply said, it is our way or the highway, take it or leave it. and democrats like myself, that was not an acceptable way to do it. they left out. so of what they were proposing. >> as your senator, i'll have president trump's back. weak kneed career politicians aren't tough enough on stand with donald trump but i am. >> it is politics so i'll let you answer the question,
3:46 pm
senator. according to your possibly, are you just too, quote, weak to stand with trump, or what is your rebuild? >> i think the question is, are you strong enough to pull against him and push back when he's doing things that hurt alabama. when he's doing things like he's talking about. not giving another package for unemployment benefits. when he's doing things that hurt alabama. the question is, whose back are you going to have in are you going to have his in or the people of alabama in i have a two and a half year record of representing all the people in alabama. not that they agree with me. i've got their back. that's the question. who will be strong enough to put back against the president? trump or a president biden to stand for the people of alabama? >> and finally, your possibly known for football for his business dealings, and all is fair there. you want voters to know about his history. what are you getting at?
3:47 pm
he was in a hedge fund to settle the case. are you saying that he's corrupt? a conman? what are you saying to voters? >> he didn't say it. he had one other person that formed the hedge fund and he let this person that he shis it money, primarily from someone in the family, from parents, retirees. he solicited these funds but then let this guy who he didn't do due diligence on, take it, run with it. the money was lost. they were defrauded. what he did was breach a duty to the investors. he was right there, a 50% partner and he decided to just ignore it. if you can't trust, if his own investors, can't trust him to help manage the money which he said he would do as the managing partner, how can they trust him to do what's right with the people of alabama as opposed to what maybe donald trump or mitch
3:48 pm
mcconnell will tell him to do? you have to exercise some independent judgment. he said he didn't have a clue about the pandemic. he didn't have a clue about stocks and bonds. i'll not sure he has a clue about the functions of the united states senate. >> but he is good at football stuff. >> well, he's been okay. he got fired by his last two or three jobs and then he left texas tech but then he got fired from cincinnati. so there is a mixed bag there as his football career. >> i'll tell you, senator jones, it is your first time on the program. i home you'll come back. people say about you that you're moderate. you seem pretty tough in the way you're waging this race. i'm sure a lot of democrats appreciate that as they root for you and i appreciate you coming on the show, sir. >> my pleasure. have me back any time. appreciate it. >> yes, sir, we'll do it. we'll fit in a break. what i told you you'll hear. michelle obama speaking out on voting and the consequences of anyone who thinks they go sit
3:49 pm
out this election. that's in tonight's show. democrats bluntly telling donald trump, it is past time to get tough on putin and why facebook is under fire again. we'll get to that. ire again. we'll get to that. wo ways. advil targets pain at the source... wo ways. ...while acetaminophen blocks pain signals. the future of pain relief is here. new advil dual action.
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3:54 pm
>> we're going to block new political ads in the last week of the campaign. if someone is dumping information, misinformation the last days of the election, there may not be time for that normal kind of debate and process to play out. that's why i think it's important to have extra restrictions in the last week. >> this idea is a pause heading into final days. facebook taking a lot of heat for the response. in congress, telling trump it's time to get tougher on putin given the interference. donald trump is not even pretending to defend america's interest making it more crucial whether it's facebook or anything online that you stay vigilant and informed any time you go on. when we come back, as promised, michelle obama on voting and hard truths. promised, michelle obama on voting and hard truths of 1, 2, 3 medicines with trelegy. the only fda-approved once-daily 3-in-1 copd treatment.
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there are folks who want nothing more than nor you and all of your friends and all of your neighbors to stay home this election because they want to be the ones making the decisions that affect your lives. >> michelle obama speaking out starkly about the importance of voting. this was a virtual rally and it came into us just tonight. the former first lady reminding people just how close elections can be. >> because the margin of victory or loss in elections are so
4:00 pm
small, in the last election in one of the swing states i reminded people it was two votes per precinct. i want you all to sit with that truth. >> sit with that truth. she gets the last word tonight, obamas no elections and when it comes to democrats they know about winning elections. i'll see you tomorrow 6:00 eastern. the "reidout" with joy reid starts now. tale of two kenoshas. two days after donald trump visited the city bringing his message of division with him, joe biden arrived in wisconsin today to show that he could make gad on his promise to help heal the city in the wake of the police shooting of 29-year-old jacob blake and the protest that followed. biden and his wife jill held a 90-minute meeting with blake's family including his father, three siblings and his mother who joined by phone.
4:01 pm
later at a gathering at a


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