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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  September 12, 2020 3:00am-4:00am PDT

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that's why it was so shocking anybody could harm her. she would never hurt anybody. she was such a sweet heart. >> that's all for this edition of dateline. i'm craig melvin. thank you for watching. >> first up on msnbc, west coast burning. residents fleeing some of the worst wildfires in history and a new warning this morning. up in the air, president trump's planned rallies in nevada may break some covid rules. and anthony fauci weighs in on when america may get back to normalcy. >> mail-in ballots, how will they be processed and counted. a look at one postal operation ahead. >> good morning. it is saturday, september 12,
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i'm kendis gibson. about three miles to our south, this is the scene. 6:00 a.m. eastern time. the sun coming up in about half an hour. there was a little question of whether it would happen this year because of some covid rules, the governor made it happen. there it is. remembering the nearly 3,000 people we lost 19 years ago today. we are going to start with breaking news out west. calling a mass fatality incident. wildfires along the coast. desperate right now. residents describing the scene as apocalyptic. more than 19 people have lost their lives with dozens of fires burning, engulfing homes. in oregon, a staggering 10% of
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residents have received evacuation orders. the list of missing is growing there. >> reporter: facing the most explosive conditions they've seen, firefighters are looking for homes and lives. bute county's bear fire has claimed 10 lives with 16 still missing. visiting the scene of this unfolding catastrophe, california's govern sitting down with msnbc news. >> you've seen a lot of wildfires. what do you make of this? >> this is our experience fast forward. experiencing what people predicted in 2040, 2050. >> california's nightmare now a
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reality for 10s of thousands with homes in the path of flames. among the nearly 30 fires out of control. the creek fire near fresno incinerated neighborhoods in minutes. >> there is no down time. >> we saw firsthand why this blaze will bletthreaten lives a property into the future. >> this is the problem, there is so much dry fuel here, the blaze could burn for months. >> california torching through the budget to fight fires, kretices say the state isn't doing enough. >> we could get more aggressive with management, land use strategies, technologies on suppression and personnel but there is something so
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fundamental that also cannot be denied. that is climate change. >> not just california struggling to contain the flames. in oregon, half a dozen towns decimated when walls of fires swept through the region. thousands of people or 10% of those who live in oregon have received evacuation alerts. >> he was trying to save everything. >> tony and his wife tried to save their home and business but lost it all. they took this video before they fled. >> i just looked at the fire and it was the first time in my life i felt defeated. >> with the west choking in smoke, the air qualities are among the worst in the world. toxic haze blanketing skies. >> you don't need to be near
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this fire. how worried are you about the health conditions. >> the air we are breathing is ee kw equal to smoking 20 packs of cigarettes. strokes, heart attacks, respiratory issues. this is a challenging time. >> across the west, lives and lively hoods are on the line as an unfolding disaster becomes a new reality engulfing the region in ways we have never experienced before. reporting for nbc news. >> really puts in perspective when he talks about 20 packs of cigarettes. coming up, we'll take you live to northern california to a wild fire now burning three weeks. threatening thousands of homes. now to the election and the countdown. only 52 days away, president
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trump heads to nevada for two planned rallies. covid rules in that state may disrupt those plans. nbc reporter josh is with us at the white house. this appears to set up a little bit of a show down between nevada officials and the trump campaign. >> the odds were against president trump and his campaign when plans to hold a pair of big rallies with thousands of people each at airports in las vegas and reno, nevada. saying that violated the state's cap of 50 people gathering indoors or outdoors. emphasizing it was the white house's own guidelines for nevada that led the state to put that into place. those rules have been scrapped. we have heard new plans about the campaign swing.
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instead, he'll fly to a tahoe airport where he'll hold a great american come back event. he will still go to las vegas tomorrow where he plans another event with spanish supporters at the treasure island campaign. nevada is not a state president trump won four years ago but he got really close losing by about 27,000 votes. one of the states he thinks he could flip into his category this year. officials hoping if he could win in nevada, it could provide a buffer to help him win the election even if he loses other states he won four years ago. >> you get a sense they are trying to open and widen the map for him knowing there are other states he won four years ago that are trending in the opposite direction.
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i want to ask you the one thing happening overnight. secretary of state mike pompeo is in the middle east for peace talks. what are we hearing are the latest discussions right now? >> the u.s. and the taliban have talked before and in 19 years of the u.s. fighting in afghanistan, we have never had direct talks between the taliban and afghan government. today, we did. you see secretary of state mike pompeo in doha, qatar having negotiations. they met in this small conference room in qatar. pompeo will be heading back to the u.s. as they work to get some type of agreement. it is top of mind for the trump administration to get out of their foreign policy win ahead of the election and make good on
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the promises to wind down and withdraw u.s. troops in that country. >> it would appear to be a big deal at this point. a stark new warning and update from anthony fauci about when life as we knew it could return. it comes along a push for more testing after a busy holiday weekend. we have more. >> reporter: eight months into the pandemic, the nation's top expert is offering a new sobering time line. an fda approved vaccine by end of the year. >> if you are talking about getting back to a degree of normality which resembles where we were prior to covid. it will be well into 2021. maybe even towards the end of
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2021. >> dr. fauci and dr. burkes are trying to slow a spread especially among people who are asymptomatic. >> if you went to a party and you took your mask off, you really need to get tested. >> results are coming back faster. 97% back in three days. in arizona, now able to process 10,000 samples each day for hospitals with results in 36 hours. >> we have so many asymptomatic people. they don't know they have covid or are potentially exposing many people to it. >> a new cdc report small children can transmit. 12 children got covid in child
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care centers and spread to parents or siblings. one parent had to be hospitalized. >> we know 50% of a transmission occur from a person without symptoms to someone infected. >> those infected but asymptomatic continue to pose the greatest challenge. >> one more thing about the timeline, how realistic is it? coming up, i'll speak with someone who knows for sure. first, the view of america from miles away. a new number for trump's polling and how it compares to other world leaders.
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. a few months before the election, these are not the kind of numbers you would want. a new poll show the majority of americans disapprove of the job president trump is doing.
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53% disapprove, compared to 41% who approve. a little global content to all of this with all of those lines there. many world leaders are battling coronavirus. that puts trump and america near the bottom. johnson of the uk and imanmacro france have lower rating. good morning to you. is it notable you have the french and the british who have lower approval rating than the american president. why is that? >> look, in france, macron was not popular before the coronavirus. his response to the pandemic was not great. certainly in the uk, you've got boris johnson dealing with the aftermath of brexit. for me to take away, coronavirus
3:17 am
is what is driving public opinion in most countries. the question for me is if that's going to have a long tale. if they can turn it around late, will public opinion shift or say, yeah, you screwed up at the beginning and we are going to hold that against you. you do see really good trajectory at the beginning and really benefitted in the numbers. >> had there been somebody that screwed up at the start of the coronavirus and approval has increased at the last minute for them? >> we haven't seen that. we also haven't seen major shifts in a country that really figured it out. most of the country is in this
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awkward holding pattern. not a crisis but hasn't gone away. people will take a little wait and see. >> not many people knowing exactly what to think at this point. in june, politico described the relationship between trump and europe like this, they thought it was bad but at least had stabilized. during coronavirus, no question, things have gotten worse. is that the sense you are getting from there in your post in brussels? >> i mean, for sure. the one hedge against that is, everybody is so focused right now on the politics and policies of their own country, the kind of normal hey why is the relationship with the united states so bizarre has taken a backseat. european leaders are just not happy that trump is pulling out
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of the world health organization at a time when they say now more than ever, we need an international come together moment to increase funding and improve the area that needs improving and walk away. right now in europe, everybody is focused on keeping things together inside your own countries. >> let me ask you this, president trump tweeted quite a bit for being nominated for a noble peace prize. the campaign even had an add where they misspelled nobel. >> another lawmaker nominated him for the serbia- kosovo deal. how are these surprise nominations being interpreted
3:20 am
overseas? >> anybody can be nominated. if you are aligned with the president's political views. we know he really loves the idea of winning a nobel. the thing is you don't really have to effectuate peace to win one. people are pleased with the uae relationships with israel. we see barahn will do the same thing. >> so everybody can be fnominatd for it. >> barack obama was nominated
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before doing anything. >> he won it. for changing the tone. not bringing peace but changing the tone and bringing people together to talk, which is important. >> thank you. we'll wrap here. as you prepare to allow for indoor dining, a new study may make you think twice before going out for a bite to eat. look at that scuffed up wall. staring at you. embarrassing you in front of your in-laws. spreading rumors about you at work. that wall is your everest - but not any more. today let's paint. that wall never knew what hit it. today let's paint. behr. exclusively at the home depot. ♪ ugh! bye, babe. i gotta go.
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we are back now with the latest on the coronavirus pandemic. dining out poses a higher risk of transmission than other activities like shopping or going to the salon. people who have had the virus are twice as likely to go to a restaurant or bar in the past two weeks and did indoor public riding. new york city transit riders who refuse to wear a mask will face a $50 fine come monday.
3:26 am
they hope the move will encourage ridership and guarantee safety. in china, hundreds of thousands of citizens given vaccines who have not completed phase three safety trials. one is part of an emergency program to vaccinate essential workers. another authorized for the military for us among its personnel. joining me now is dr. howard. former assistant secretary for health in the obama administration. i do want to get your reaction to that story out of china. how concerned with you about that that they are testing these folks without going through a phase three? >> that's a disturbing development because that story under scores how important it is to have a rigorous approval
3:27 am
process and rigorous regulation as we look at any vaccine. we have three of those trials in the united states here. there are another three in china that have been explored. there are reports they have been used widely for 10s of hundreds of thousands of people means people there will be at risk and everyone in the world will be at risk as well. this is a time we need to insist on keeping the standards as high as possible. >> some of these people were vaccinated as early as june, so have no idea what phase of the trial that was. do we have an understanding of the nature of the chinese vaccine? >> they started in july and have been very proud to be up front in developing vaccines and skplorg them in these trials. they have used them in the military and are now making them available to certain companies
3:28 am
and employees. they should not be approved unless all the safety and efficacy results are in and they are not. their emergency use authorization came way too early in my opinion. that is not a model we should be following anywhere in the world, especially here in the u.s. >> we got a high light this week or a reminder why we go through these different phases. astrazeneca announced a participant in the trial showed symptoms of a rare neurological disorder. what do you know about this o disorder? >> this is a single case of a woman in the uk with a case of transverse myelitis. it's rare. but the trial was stopped.
3:29 am
we do these phase three trials to see who will be benefitted or put at risk. this particular subject was put at risk, so the trial was stopped. it is important to now have independent outside experts look into this. make sure it is safe to restart the trial, which people expect it probably will. all other companies trying the vaccine here and around the world are looking at this particular outcome. it is important to keep that standard high as we move forward. >> in the meantime, we got quite the reality check from dr. fauci. depressing news but reality. he says the u.s. won't get back to normal until a at least late 2021. he's concerned about states continuing indoor activity. >> do you agree with this time line? >> i worked with dr. fauci and
3:30 am
tony is probably the world's leading infectious disease expert. everybody listens to and respects his opinion. what dr. fauci is referring to, we all crave a time when we can go back to normal. that means not wearing a mask and going to crowded theaters and movies. thats not going to happen for a time. and that will be after a vaccine is approved and all the data is in so we can go through this year, through flu season and back to normal as dr. fauci has projected. i'll point out, the goal of public health is to leverage the power of prevention. i think that's what he was referring to. >> unfortunately, not everybody
3:31 am
is in the process of prevention so far. hopefully they'll get the memo very soon. thank you for your time. the. the new coronavirus cases on the rise in iowa. now more than 72,000 confirmed cases state wide. almost 3,000 of those added just in the last week. now concerns about outbreaks across college campuses and others across the country as they struggle to maintain the spread of the virus. outside iowa-state university. there is a little bit of a blame game i'm seeing taking place between school officials there in iowa and their students saying who is at fault for this spread. >> that's right. last week, they planned to open up football games.
3:32 am
there is no tailgating. officials said they would welcome 25,000 fans to the stadium. they had to walk that back. we saw a similar scene. they are trying to walk that back to control the spread. you look at iowa, they've struggled to maintain the spread in the state and guidelines for a mask mandate and close businesses and bars around the state. students i spoke to hear spoke about a lack of leadership and trickling down to college campuses. take a listen to what they told me about the concern and impact of the spread. >> the reason we are here is to get an education, not to go to
3:33 am
the bars or do anything else. >> to me, it just makes me mad you would take advantage of your years in college and risk people's lives and people's education. >> there is also a larger community here and all colleges of people that have to suffer the consequences of our actions. it does hurt the image of younger people. it makes us seem aloof. i don't think there will be as many damage on campus as in the surrounding community. >> you talk about the blame game, students said they feel safe on campus but the question is when they move off campus and it is time for partying on the weekends. we've seen this in illinois
3:34 am
university. there was a major gathering by you tube influences that was largely a rave-type situation. in ohio, a student who admitted to testing positive hostied a gathering of many people. and they are also discussing the option of whether they send these students home. dr. fauci and other officials are warning against that because that would only further the spread as students go back to their home communities unknowingly with the virus. they advice that any students on the virus should be quarantined from the community. >> the officer from that ohio incident was fascinating.
3:35 am
he said you tested positive. shouldn't you be quarantining? he said, i am with all of my friends. i don't think that is the plan for quarantining. new today, several museums in new york city are opening for the first time in six months. among those, the 9/11 memorial and museum. the first time since march when the city was placed on lockdown. what will these reopenings look like for many folks visiting or live in the city? >> this is a big day for folks who have been lone wanting to go to the museums here and specifically at the 9/11 museum and memorial. everything will be paired back and tapered down and strict protocol in place. there will be limited almost of people who will go inside. we don't expect to see crowds
3:36 am
flocking here in masses just yet. it will be more like a build up of people who come back to visit these museums. at the grounds, they have been opened on a limited basis. now they'll open up inside today. we'll go over the guidelines. yesterday, they held that paired down ceremony to honor the victims of 9/11. there was a moment between joe biden and mike pence. they had an elbow bump as they continued on their way. with he spoke with people who felt it was very important even with everything happening to still come out and hold this ceremony and participate. take a listen to what they told us. >> i lost my younger brother who
3:37 am
worked on fourth floor, tower one. we come every year. nothing stops us. we are coming to pay tribute to my brother every year. >> the readings and what they had to do. >> it was a wise decision. it was protocol to keep people safe. >> this year, the list was prerecorded. what didn't change was the tribute in light shining from dawn to dusk. that almost didn't happen. in august, they were able to make that announcement that they were able to continue with that. things will open to the public at 10:00 a.m. 25% capacity, temperature checks, sanitizing, one-way traffic flow and some areas inside will remain closed. >> a small bit of normalcy returning to the city.
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3:41 am
resignation and said no nora dannehy stepped down because of pressure from william barr to present a report before the election. nbc news has yet to confirm that part of her reason for leaving. joining me now, political analyst. give us some perspective. who is this and is this a big deal? >> it is a fairly big deal. nora was one of john durham's closest prosecutors who has been involved in this investigation, a witch hunt, if you will, where they were looking to investigate the investigators in the russia situation. the concern is that prosecutors typically don't issue reports.
3:42 am
as a federal prosecutor for 30 years, i never once issued a report. instead, we ask grand juries to consider indictments. when grand juries indictment defendants, that becomes the prosecutor's report. it is a public document and that is how we inform the american people of who p is going on in a case. now we have bill barr apparently urging durham and his team to issue an interim report. that's wrong for two reasons. we don't issue reports. we all saw jim comey step to the cameras and in a sense present a report about hillary clinton's e-mails with disasterous
3:43 am
results. not only is barr wrong but he should be saying do not issue a report and do not return an indictment, do not make any public statements this close in time to a public election because doj policies, norms say within 60 days of an election, prosecutors are to say nothing because we don't want to impact an election. bill barr is wrong at least two times over in what he is doing here. >> what do you hear from colleagues about what is happening behind the sciences and what is going to develop over the next 52 days when it comes to this particular investigation? >> i'm hearing two things. the department of justice was my professional home for a quarter
3:44 am
of a century. i'm hearing people are demoralized because they have no leadership. they are seeing bill barr do the wrong thing ever single day. they are so determined to continue to represent the interests of the american people that what they do is keep their heads down and keep working those cases and people will ask, why aren't more folks resigns in protests? why aren't there whistleblowers. it is a difficult prosecution because they feel responsible to those cases, those victims in those cases and to represent the interest of americans. it is not easy why i to walk away from all of that and to speak up. >> good to see you. have a great saturday. president trump and joe biden took a break from the campaign trail to mark the 19th
3:45 am
anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. both attending services in pennsylvania. trump spoke vowing that america will always fight back, stand tall. biden met with those who lost a loved one. this woman has been there every year to remember a loved one's loss. here is a look. >> i lost my son. never goes away. >> never goes away. >> the traditional tribute in light shining overnight. it was almost canceled.
3:46 am
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millions of voters opting to fill out mail-in ballots instead of standing in line at the polls. what happens to your ballot after it leaves your mailbox? jo ling kent got a look at the process. >> one of the things i did after the presidential primary because of covid is buy new equipment to double capacity. we were geared up in the march primary to handle 1.2 million ballots. we can handle 1.7 million if we have to. what you are seeing is the test material going through and it is the same thing with live ballots. sorting ballots and preparing
3:51 am
for opening. >> reporter: when a ballot gets here, what happens sf? >> the first thing it does is goes into the equipment. at high speed, it is capturing your signature that you signed. it goes through the system to flatten it out and it goes into a pocket. all we're doing is capturing your signature. what i need to do is compare your signature to the original signature on file to make sure this ballot is okay to open. >> a human is comparing the signature? >> correct. correct. a houman being is comparing. i don't use software. >> what happens if your signature is not there? >> if your signature doesn't match, it goes for another tier for review. if that team says it doesn't match, it goes for another review. >> after that opening process is done and the ballot is
3:52 am
flattened, this is the moment of truth. we come in and scan it and capture the data where the voter voted. >> how would it be different from past elections? >> twice as fast. that is one of the things in the spring i realized we have to get this under control. >> all of this will happen starting in october? >> correct. >> none of the actual counting of the vote happens? >> until 7:30 on election night. that's when we start. i can't post anything until after 8:00 on election night. that's state law. >> all of the stuff on election day? >> this is really important. you don't want to know who the winners and losers are before election day. none of the team knows. we don't know because we haven't tallied the votes. you don't do that until election night. >> it is privileged to see how you close. >> and see how the sausage is made. >> fascinating from jo ling kent. we count on the national guard help in time of crisis.
3:53 am
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an nbc vote watch series, we look at how states are working to prevent election interference. it is part of the unusual mission for the national guard
3:57 am
actually. kourtney kube has more. >> reporter: now a new mission at home. helping protect north carolina's elections. >> here is their board of elections office. >> reporter: we're with the lieutenant colonel cyber operations team in warren county in north carolina. there are 13,000 registered voters here. >> five soldiers doing cybersecurity assessment on the infrastructure. >> reporter: the team, five to ten cyber experts, is crossing the state. scanning election systems for security vul nnerabilityvulnera. >> we dig into the network configurations and computer configuration configurations. this is what we would do to fix it. >> reporter: the county election director told us she needs that direction. >> why is the guard's help important? >> i'm a small county. it allows me and affords me the
3:58 am
opportunity to feel comfortable with my i.t. >> reporter: it works with 100 county election offices. north carolina is not the only state using the national guard for the mission. according to the bureau, 30 states have expressed interest in national guard elections cybersecurity help. russia is trying to undermine biden's campaign. at north carolina state command center, they look for potential cyber attacks on infrastructure as well as misinformation and disinformation 24/7 on social media. >> this is the situation room. >> reporter: their work already paying off according to the state election board director. >> we are in the midst of preparing for election and getting absentee by mail ballots
3:59 am
out and during the primary a county had an attack. they worked with us to make sure our operations did not stop. >> reporter: it was a cyber attack back in february in another county. phishing e-mails. the guard team made sure nothing was relating to elections. with 52 days until the election, the national guard expects more states to request help. >> thanks to courtney kube for the report. and how you vote is just as important as who you vote for. our plan your vote guide has everything you need to know about casting a ballot in the 2020 election. you can see where your state stands on voting rules plus read up on deadlines and restrictions and more. visit it a new hour. first up on msnbc, tens of thousands at risk for major
4:00 am
wildfires across western states. the neighborhoods gone in minutes. half a dozen towns decimated. leaving a toxic haze in the air. >> the air we're breathing right now is equal to smoking 20 packs of cigarettes. it is profound. the health impact. stroke, heart attack, respiratory issues. this is a challenging time. that it is. a new timeline from dr. fauci on when the country would get back to normalacy. and just 52 days to go until election day and concerns about absentee ballots. good morning. it is 7:00 eastern time. 4:00 a.m. out west. it is saturday, september 12th. i'm kendis gibson. we have breaking news. the battle for control of the fire season that is one for the