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tv   Weekends With Alex Witt  MSNBC  October 4, 2020 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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good day, everyone, from msnbc headquarters in new york. welcome, i'm alex witt. the president remains hospitalized for the coronavirus. a group of his doctors say he is now taking decxametasone after two drops in fever. >> friday morning when i returned to the bedside, the president had a high fever and his oxygen saturation was transiently dipping below 94%. given these two elements, i was concerned for rapid progression of illness. i recommended to the approximate the we try some supplemental oxygen. yesterday there was another episode where he dropped down
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about 93%. he never felt short of breath. we watched it and it returned back up. >> well, the medical team says the president's condition is improving and his vital signs are stable. >> if he continues to look and feel as well as he does today, our hope is that we can plan for a discharge as early as tomorrow. >> this is yet another member of the president's inner circle tests positive for coronavirus. nicholas luna, president trump's aide or so-called body man. he traveled with the president for the debate and then wednesday at his rally. the latest poll shows biden's lead for president nearly doubled after tuesday's debate. 53 to 39. that is up eight from the poll taken just before the debate. this poll was conducted just before the president was
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hospitalized. from his current post outside walter reed medical center, josh le led lederman. what more do we know, josh? >> the doctors gave their first update here just about 24 hours ago. good news, alex, the doctor said the president could be released from walter reed as early as tomorrow to return to the white house where there are still options for him to be treated and receive high-level medical care from the confines of the white house. but there was sort of a conflicting message when it came to actually some of the specifics, including the new revelation that the president's oxygen levels have dropped not once, but twice. we knew about the first drop from mark meadows, the chief of staff, who disclosed that last night. the doctors now saying that the president had a second incident of that yesterday. the president has also been now
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put onto a steroid drug that's used to reduce inflammation. we didn't get a ton of detail about exactly why, but it may be an indication of inflammation in the lungs related to the covid-19 that he is currently experiencing. as all of this was playing out with the white house doctors speaking to reporters just outside walter reed, the crowd here outside the hospital has been getting rowdier and rowdier throughout the day, honking horns. there have been some minor altercations that the police have stepped in to try to break up. i just spoke to our colleague,al lee ja -- hallie jackson, who was at the white house briefing. she said the crowd, their cheers, honking of the horns were audible to the reporters as they were getting briefed by the doctors treating the president. >> it's certainly audible behind you as well, josh. can you talk to me about our new
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"wall street journal" poll, the numbers there a real big leap for biden? what else stood out to you with that poll? >> reporter: first of all, just the fact the vice president's lead over the president has really doubled in the wake of that presidential debate. we should point out this nbc "wall street journal" poll was in the field after the debate but before the president's covid-19 diagnosis, so we don't yet know how that's going to affect his poll numbers, but also showing in this poll a significant increase for biden among male voters upwards of 50 and as well as the factor of the president's performance in that presidential debate. 49% saying joe biden did a better job, and 24% saying that donald trump did a better job, that obviously playing significantly into the way both are being perceived in the broad terms of who should actually win
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this election in this poll. >> okay. josh lederman, hats off to you for doing such a good job despite all that raucous noise behind you. with me now, shanann seth, also daniel strauss, reporter at "the guardian." shannon, you are a senior political reporter. lets get that out as well. shannon, you first, what stood out to you from that briefing? >> it's just a constant general lack of transparency we're seeing from the president's medical team. obviously they had a huge mix-up yesterday, some pretty unclear controversial things that dr. honley said that turned out not to be true after mark meadows went out and briefed the public. a lot of things the doctor said
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actually raised more questions. for example, he was asked whether the president's oxygen levels ever dipped below 90. he kind of danced around that question and he said they were never in the low 80s, which, of course, doesn't answer the question that was asked. he was very cagey about what the president's lung scans show. another doctor says they're preparing to potentially release the president as soon as tomorrow. obvious that will raises questions about the course of remdesivir he's on, because it was a five-day course, and he was just given the second dose recently. we don't know whether that means he'll be treated from the white house itself, how his illness could progress, whether that could change their timeline, and again, is raised a lot more questions than it really answered. >> it did. daniel, to you as well. did this briefing provide a better understanding of president's health condition, and what does it tell you about the credibility of dr. sean conley? he is the white house physician,
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and yet sonja is pointing out there he's not being forthcoming. >> if anything it produces more questions than answers. it shows there is an overflow of lack of coordination from the medical team and the white house in trying foto figure out how t handle this. on the one hand, it is pretty clear that president trump is facing a serious disease here. at the same time, those who are close to him and working with him want to project a high level of confidence that this will be over very soon. but this is a very serious virus. this is something that we still don't have a full understanding of or a vaccine. it shows that there is a strong tension between what the white house would like to say and what is actually going on. >> so, daniel, let me ask you, you said it indicates that maybe one side doesn't know what the other side is saying, right? i put it earlier the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing. do you think it is that, or do you think it is intentional?
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>> look, alex, we can't -- i get nervous about suggesting intent when things are developing, but it's pretty clear right now that there is not a perfect amount of coordination, and the story keeps changing very rapidly at a very, very serious time for the white house. >> yeah. okay, then, how about this. at one point you had dr. conley and he appeared to somewhat justify holding back information from yesterday's hearing. we have a sound bite on that. let's play it. >> i was trying to reflect the upbeat attitude that the team, the president, his course of illness has had. i didn't want to give any information that might steer the course of illness in another direction, and in doing so, you know, it came off that we were trying to hide something, which wasn't necessarily true, and
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there you have it. the fact of the matter is he's doing really well. he is responding, and as the team said, if everything continues to go well, we're going to start discharge planning back to the white house. >> so saying it wasn't necessarily true they were trying to hide something. haven't they, in effect, been in cleanup mode since yesterday? >> yeah, it's clear. he was asked multiple times whether the president was ever put on oxygen. at first he tried to weasel his way out of it. first he said he wasn't on oxygen today. then he was pressed whether the president was on oxygen previously. he said he wasn't on oxygen yesterday. then he was asked directly, was he ever on oxygen? and dr. conley never gave a straight answer. it turns out he was on oxygen. it's pretty clear these stories are not all matching up, and we're learning that they don't match up in very quick time. >> and s, sonja, in terms of
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differing messages, the chiefwh house chief of staff mark meadows was different than what came out of that briefing and they said the words of mark meadows was misconstrued. was there anything ambiguous about what mark meadows said? >> no, there was nothing ambiguous, but they're obviously trying to show a unified front, which is important to the president to show he's strong, he's in good spirits, he's in good health and everyone is on message. i wanted to raise what dr. conley said about maintaining an upbeat attitude. first, how does giving concrete facts about the president's condition to the public change the course of his illness? the second is, god forbid, the president does get worse. that would put his medical team in a more dire situation because
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they were out here saying he's in recovery, he's back to normal. we know how this disease can progress. we know people can get better and their condition can drop off a cliff. what do you do if you're in that position where your patient is the president of the united states and you can't figure out what to tell the public? >> yeah, i don't have the answer to that question. i'm glad you asked it. thank you both. joining us is dr. bedelia. she's also an infectious virus doctor. what is your opinion right now? >> none of us are involved in the president's care to know exactly what's going on, but having heard today that the president is getting steroids, decxamethasone actually heightes my fear of the disease.
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the steroids, you have this one-two punch where the virus does the destruction and then it revs up and causes the immune system to have a maladaptive response which then damages the body. as opposed to the kind of medications we know he got on friday, the antivirals, the drugs that help decrease the amount of virus, there is a delicate balance of steroids. what they do, they tamp down the immune system, so they're tamping down both the good response of the immune system and the bad response. when we as physicians are asked about this, we always say you can't give it to someone who is well, you can't give it to someone with mild diseases because you don't want to suppress the good part of the immune system, so you have to take the risk benefit to give it to someone who looks sick enough to say, well, now the immune system seems to be maladaptive.
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the decision for him taking this was not willy-nilly. now he might have a response that is destructive. what they said about his discharge, the president's care will be different than anybody else's, he has medical support at the white house, but having covid and being started on steroids today, we generally wouldn't think about discharging him tomorrow, because, a, he's on experimental medications. you have to have follow-up, which they may be doing at the white house, anyway. steroids, themselves have side effects, which it may cause confusion, it may cause a risk for other infections because you're suppressing the immune system, but we don't know. we don't know what's going on on the inside of the president's care, of course. >> i want to talk about these blood oxygen levels. we had the doctor saying the saturation level had dropped twice, yesterday down to 93, i believe he said it was at 94
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today. we did hear it did go down as deeply as the low 80s. we have been told on this broadcast that 98 is a great number. can you put all that into perspective? what's the difference in terms of how one feels, how one is dealing with the effects of a 93 versus a 94? can you feel a difference? if you can help us understand that. >> complicated question in this particular case. let me start by saying in a normal person you see variations of oxygen all the time. generally they might range between 95 and 100. if you had a lung disease to begin with, you might live at a lower number. what you feel breathlessness off kind of depends on what you started at baseline on. we have patients who are hyper hypoxic, they may not feel as short of breath as they might
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expect. this spring we intubated patients and we learned we can stave off intubation if the stages are lower. the cases for recommemdesivir i fall under 94% oxygen. he was started on dexamethasone, and someone who is on a ventilator or supplemental oxygen would have the greatest amount of benefit for the use of steroids. i would say it shows us he has involvement of his lungs with this disease. >> all right. my executive producer just told me we can confirm the vice president and the second lady have just tested negative again for covid, which given everything out there on this wide panorama, that's very good news. let me ask you to go into what was said, and this was by robert
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o'brien. it contradicts something the doctor said earlier about him being released, and yes, the white house can treat this president far more than you could do with the average patient in the hospital. his national security adviser said this morning that trump will be at walter reed for at least another period of time because day 7 and 8 are critical. is it your thought that that is the amount of time the president should be spending, because of the precip titous nature of how things can fall off, if you will, of going good and falling fast? >> they are facing their decisions every day on the laboratory tests they're seeing that might be telling them about his inflammatory markers. what we do know is exactly what you said, this is a disease that can change course. i have patients that are well in the morning and take a sudden
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turn in the afternoon and evening. given the fact he's taken all these medications, given his comorbidity put him at risk of having a more severe course. i would imagine that -- i have trust, though, that the president is getting the best care possible. walter reed is incredible, and not only that, it's very likely they are picking the world's best brains in helping his course. they'll make the decision that's most likely. however, in most people, it would be very unusual to discharge a patient in the president's condition tomorrow given what we know. >> okay. nbc's medical contributor dr. nahib bhadalia, thank you very much for your expertise. what impact will this have on the president's campaign? someone who knows him very well weighs in next. ell weighs in next [ beeping ] [ engine revs ]
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television for less than $2. i won these bluetooth headphones for $20. i got these three suitcases for less than $40. and shipping is always free. go to right now and see how much you can save. today we are expecting to hear the results of joe biden's coronavirus test. biden is being tested again after testing negative twice on
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friday. nbc's aly havevitale is on the scene. what do you expect to learn? >> reporter: we're waiting to see joe biden's results because he got another coronavirus test today. they said they will be releasing the result of all of those tests, positive or negative, and we're hoping we see negative results from now until november. while we're waiting for this test, what we're seeing is changing times. so much is fluid about the president's condition and it leaves the rest of the campaign up in the air. specifically i'm talking about debates which are on a set schedule and what biden supporters were asking about this morning. one saying if the president can debate, the former vice president plans on being there. listen. >> we believe the debate should go ahead as scheduled. obviously that depends on a lot
10:23 am
of factors here, first and foremost, the president's health, and we send him the best and are hoping for a speedy and full recovery, as is everybody in this country. so our hope is the debate will go forward on the day that it is scheduled. >> reporter: so those are the questions that still exist right now about the presidential debates. we know, though, that we have a vice presidential debate coming up this week. this is one of those events that is typically, frankly, mundane, doesn't do too much to alter the course of a presidential election, but given the backdrop of what's going on right now, the stakes are frankly quite a bit higher for senator kamala harris and vice president pence when they get on that stage in utah. looking at the way this race has changed so much just in the last few days, we know the president's condition is fluid, so we don't know what to expect in the next few weeks. joe biden, for his part, is continuing on the campaign
10:24 am
trail. he is expected to be in florida tomorrow with lester holt. kamala harris and mike pence will also be on the campaign trail. the tone is changing how these candidates are contrasting each other, but for kamala harris and mike pence, their central point has and continues to be the president's mishandling of the coronavirus pandemic. we've seen how biden has talked about it in recent days, how he doesn't want to outright attack the president since he came down with this virus, but they are pushing themselves as the right people to take hold of this crisis and turn it around. >> we should remind viewers that october 15th will be the second presidential debate if it goes forward. that is 11 days from now. we'll see how the president recovers from covid-19. another thing to remind viewers, thank you, ally, for bringing this up. lester holt will have a town hall with joe biden.
10:25 am
msnbc is simulcasting that for you. let's turn to the trump campaign which has been upended since he came down with covid-19. they are sharing new views of the president on "meet the press." >> they said, jason, i want to make sure you tell people two things, we're going to beat this virus, and also, be careful. if you can't socially distance, wear a mask, wash your hands, use hand sanitizer. these are the messages coming from mr. trump. >> and now director under president trump. good to see you, anthony. do you buy all of that, particularly the second part of it? if so, why did we not hear any advice about social distancing, about masks, about hand washing from the president in his twitter video message last night?
10:26 am
>> well, it's not that i necessarily buy it. i'm glad jason is saying it, though. i think that needs to be our resonating nationwide message. unfortunately, the president is not going to change. the white house protocol right now is optional on wearing the mask, still, even after this disaster. so you would love to see these guys reform themselves and have an appearitional moment, alex, but it's just not going to happen. we have to beat the ballot box on november 3rd and get rid of this analysis of the president. >> we may not see the president giving advice that we heard from jason miller, but do you think that there is any chance that the president, being a covid patient himself, teaches him a lesson, has a humbling effect on him? or is he more likely, if he recovers, to say, see, everyone, this was no problem, nothing to be scared of, which, by the way, completely ignores the 200,000 americans who are dead from
10:27 am
covid. [ inaudible ] >> you know what, anthony, i have my finger to my ear because i'm not able to hear you. i think we have lost your video. we're going to try to hook that back up. i have a few more questions to ask you. stand by, everyone, for a little more from anthony scaramucci. meantime, rumors from conspiracy groups taking off since the president went into the hospital. where these bizarre ideas are coming from and who is buying them as well. m and who is buyin them as well
10:28 am
10:29 am
we are awaiting anthony scaramucci to get back with us. in the meantime, doctors are giving an update on president trump's coronavirus today, saying he could be released from walter reed medical center as
10:30 am
early as tomorrow. the president's medical team says his condition is improving, despite two transient drops in oxygen over the course of his illness, but the president's diagnosis has been stewing several conspiracy theorietheor including one from qanon followers. "rolling stone" reports that many qanon thinks president trump's illness has been staged and he will get better. brian, where does a theory like this even come from? how did qanon followers reach a conclusion like this? >> this is a great question and
10:31 am
i really appreciate it, because one of the conceptions, i think, in some circles is that many of these folks are insincere. they're not. when we look at attitudes, they're formed with three things. one is the information and how they process it, then the emotional response and then the behavioral manifestation. what i'm saying is with the acceleration of cesspools online that allow these kind of congregations to take place, it reinforces, and then you have a peer group in a community, and before you know it, it's those feelings. i feel good around these people, they validate me, and there is some grain of something. trump was an outsider, for instance. but the idea, just before i shut up here, qanon is about president trump who, by the way, we have nothing but our most ernest wishes for his recovery,
10:32 am
absolutely. and this weird cult that i'd d e idolizes him on the way right. what i'm saying to you is the idea of small government that's responded has been twisted to have president trump at the head of this effort to fight a kabal and that generally leads down to jews and other elites who are involved with child sex trafficking. >> look -- >> this is my last thing on this question. we've been talking about this for years. there's been a coalescence of the far right, but the anchoring of this conspiracism, but mostly
10:33 am
on the far right, it goes from the fringes to the mainstream and we've seen other groups also involved in this kabal. >> google is backing up what you're saying, because the most recent research suggests there were 50,000 searches for qanon and these conspiracy theories of late, so how dangerous is this? >> thank you so much. please, viewers, do not dismiss this as a lark. certain terrorist groups going back to the klan were initially looked at as a lark. we now have two dozen people running for congressional office in qanon, people who don't believe 9/11 happened, folks who are palling around, as you say, with the former head of the ku klux klan. what this does is this is part
10:34 am
of an overall fragmentation where institutions are not trusted and manipulators are involved in this, including the russians, to allow for a conflicted society. we are heightening our threat adviser from our center not only to reflect trajectory targets, but people in schools, public health officials around campaigns and elections, among others, including law enforcement. >> i want to talk about this other group, the proud boys. before the president tested positive for covid-19, there was this moment from the presidential debate. it certainly dominated the headlines. everyone take a listen to it. >> i'm willing to do anything -- i want to see peace. >> then do it, sir. do it, say it. >> what do you want to call them, give me a name? who would you like me to condemn? >> the proud boys. >> proud boys, stand back and stand by. >> the proud boys celebrating that call-out. they took the president as
10:35 am
giving his marching orders, so to speak. he later claimed he didn't know who they were. then thursday he said he condemns, quote, all white supremacists. all this, brian, just stirs up more confusion from this white house, so who exactly are the proud boys, are they white supremacists and are they dangerous? if you can give me that in just a couple minutes so we can get anthony scaramucci back. >> absolutely, they are a neo-fascist group who is one step away from misogynists. they are anti-semites who were founded by gabby news who wrote "ten things i hate about jews." we saw this in the '30s that we saw in germany. they are increasingly well-armed and i would not dismiss them.
10:36 am
this is part of an overall message by the administration. this administration has been purposely inflating the threat of hard left, and there are some that are violent. but they're inflating the threat for political purposes and corrupting the intelligence cycle. i will post that on prof 11 right after the show. >> i'm very glad you will, brian levin. it's illuminating and sometimes frightening to talk to you, my friend. >> always for you. >> thanks. it's been a long time we've been doing this back and forth, but thank you so much, brian. back with me, anthony scaramucci and white house communications director under president trump. i think we have you hooked back up. can you repeat the question i was asking you as to whether or not you think this president will have a level of hubris, humility, compassion for the covid-19 victims, the over
10:37 am
200,000 people that have died from this virus, might he sing a different tune because he is now a patient of this killer disease? >> okay, so the short answer is no, alex, and the longer answer is they haven't even changed the optional mask protocol at the white house, so, no. it's not in his personality. but i think he's very sick, and what i was trying to say before we got disconnected is that those doctors are now part of the trump reality distortion field. they're either saying that stuff to comfort him, or they're saying that stuff because he's compelling them to say it, and the truth of the matter is he's very sick. he's not going to make it to the debate. anyone who looks at this situation knows that, so it will be interesting as to what the campaign will do as a contingency plan given the fact the president is not going to make the debate next week. >> you're basically saying he's incapable of learning from this. >> not only is he incapable of learning from it, he's incapable of admitting a mistake and he's
10:38 am
incapable of apologizing. i think he apologized once and that was to the pocahontas family for comparing elizabeth warren to pocahontas. he's not a guy to apologize to anybody. >> 30 days before the election. let's play for you what amirosa said she thought the problem could be while the president is being treated for covid-19. here's that. >> i think the message will change and say you should have sympathy for donald trump. you should have sympathy because he got covid, and you should have sympathy so he can continue to lead. >> do you see the campaign trying to play the victim, trying to elicit sympathy for him because of what he's gone through? >> they want people to lay off
10:39 am
him him on twitter, but it's not in the president's dna. if he's capable of something besides what he's going through now, he'll show a sign of strength. he's coming out of the hospital with his blue suit even though he's very sick. this is all the presidential impresario stuff the president does. omarosa and i are friends, and i respect her opinion. she may be right, and certainly the campaign will try that. i'm talking about the candidate himself. he's not capable of doing that, alex, and that's not the version of president trump you're going to see if he gets out of this thing. >> let me go through a couple things you've posted, anthony, on twitter the last few days saying the president should resign now, get well and leave office soon, and he needs to drop out immediately, which, of course, based on everything you're saying doesn't sound like something the president would do. if not that, how do you see the election playing out over the
10:40 am
next 30 days? >> he still may be forced to drop out due to his health. we have no idea what's going on with the brain fog or the lung damage as a result of covid-19. if he really loved the country, he would drop out. he's not physically or mentally capable of being the president anymore, and he would do that. but if he's not going to do that and he gets some level of recovery in his mid-70s suffering from covid-19 with all the comorbidities, i hope the people give a landslide election to joe biden and we can get rid of him overall as president. i want him to get well, but i want him to go to mar-a-lago where he's better suited to be a greeter at mar-a-lago than he is the president of the united states. very good news, alex. the polls are showing that, and we need to keep the pressure on
10:41 am
and remind the american people that he has made the country weaker, sicker and poorer and he ignored the advice of epidemiologists and scientists, the result of which he couldn't protect his family or his staff. i want to say something about the white house staff, which is anonymous to most people. many of them are sick due to the dereliction of duty of the american president. >> anthony, let me ask you quickly about that. do you know, in fact, some of those are, indeed, sick? we've talked about concerns of those that are housekeepers, gardeners, butlers, all the people who keep the white house going. do you know for a fact some of them are falling ill? >> i know for a fact two that have fallen ill who want to remain anonymous as a result of what's going on in their lives, but these are people who worked in the white house, in one case, over a decade, and they're working for a man that would not abide by his own cdc's protocols, a result of which
10:42 am
loyal people serving in the white house have been sick because of him. i think people need to know that about him. he doesn't care about anybody other than himself, and that's why we're in the predicament that we're in. what i would say to the president is, please go home, get well so the nation can also heal. we need to heal from the catastrophe that you put upon us. >> i will let that be the final word with my thanks. anthony scaramucci, thank you. new reaction from voters in a swing state also hit hard this summer by covid-19. what they are saying about the president's diagnosis just a month now from election day. el.
10:43 am
10:44 am
ballots in battleground states will be sent out in less than a week. let's go to nbc's vaughn hilliard who is in scottsdale, arizona. that's where he caught up with voters to get their reaction of the president's diagnosis. vaughn, good day to you out west.
10:45 am
what are you hearing? >> reporter: i talked to several voters just this morning, but in the last couple days, i was in nevada the last two days before heading down here to arizona. we have to talk about the election which is now less than a month away, and, of course frcourse, this is in the forefront of everybody's mind we talked to here. you saw the nbc news poll that came out this morning that showed joe biden with a significant bump by several points nationally. but here in arizona, i think more concerning for donald trump is the fact that recent polling showed very few indecisive voters. it showed 2% of voters here are undecided which is the exact same number as it was in our mvp poll back in september. take a look at some we talked to. >> we're optimistic, and he's in our prayers, both he and his wife, and the other senators,
10:46 am
actually, everybody who is involved with this. we wish him the best and we pray for our country. it's a very important time. >> if you're going to go around and make fun of science and flaunt that you don't wear a mask and you get an airborne disease, well, duh. >> reporter: alex, there's also, i think, a defiance among a lot of folks here who i talked to that are supporters of the president. one gentleman, joe, just telling me a few minutes ago, what if it was joe biden who got sick? and they said, well, the president of the united states is the one largely not wearing a mask with others who also got sick in the white house, and he said, again, this idea that masks don't work. this is an issue in which the president still, if he wants to try to stem the spread of this pandemic not only within washington, d.c. confines and out of his white house but here with voters. when we're talking about this
10:47 am
pandemic, polling has shown overwhelmingly folks to believe that the president has not handled the covid spread well. in that same usa today poll, more than 50% of voters here in arizona said that the president has handled it poorly. more than 50% said he has handled it poorly, here, in particular, in scottsdale. this is an area where the president should be performing well. more folks with college-educated degrees. but when you look at the numbers here in arizona right now, joe biden has more than 60% of support among individuals with college degrees. he has a 15-point edge with women voters. these are the demographics here recently in arizona, and yet at a time when the president needed to change his trajectory in the swing states like arizona where, again, he's got anywhere from a 4 to 10-point lead, according to recent polling jur inpolling, j
10:48 am
undecided, and there is very little agreement that this current situation is to the president's favor at all. >> i appreciate that you drilled down on what you're seeing in that critical state of arizona. thank you, vaughn hilliard. reviewing tapes of the grand jury and the tapes of the kentucky attorney general. kentucky attorney general. (brad) how does apartments-dot-com find new listings so quickly? well, it's mostly through a commitment to our artistic endowment program.
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while the country and much of the world is monitoring the president's illness, the release of audio recordings from the o breonna taylor jury. but it was not forth coming from prosecutors. >> what's that ma'am? >> i said we got time. >> joining me now, benjamin
10:51 am
crump. i know you have scrutinized these tapes. they dropped on friday and it was such a big news day of the 15 hours was what the main take away that you heard? >> well, it's my so council, we're convinced this is affirmation of what we were saying that nobody seemed to be presenting evidence on breonna d taylor's behalf. it was the juror's themselves being more advocates than the prosecutors were. and that is highly disturbing. you don't have to take my word for it.
10:52 am
listen to the recordings for yourself and you'll see how many times that the jurors are saying well, what about the killers of breonna taylor. >> how often in grand jury proceedingings does an exchange like the one we heard happen? how often do they present evidence and say we want more, or we have time, as this particular juror did? >> you heard firsthand that the grand jury people were interested in looking at all of the evidence. making sure it was transparent, not that the attorney general put his thumb on the scales of justice to try to exonerate and justify this unjustifiable killing of a black woman in the
10:53 am
sanctity of her apartment. there was no evidence about the lie that was told in the probably cause affidavit that was that the basis for the judge signing the no knock warrant in the fist place. the fact that they tried to say the united states postal inspector said there was suspicious packages being delivered to her apartment. and the united states postal inspector said he never said that. and so the whole reason of why they were at breonna taylor's apartment in the first place was not flushed out by this general that wanted to hear the evidence and wanted to try to make sure that justice was done so this disrespect of black women would not continue in the american courts. >> you mentioned the kentucky attorney general. let's listen to what he had to
10:54 am
say. >> did you recommend any charges at all? >> we recommended no murder charges. we wanted to make an assessment about different challenges. we did that. >> is that a fair statement that they caught have brought different charges if they wanted to? and is he right that the officers were returning fire? >> it is asinine that he was saying that lay people need to recommend charges to his office. they're the prosecutors. they can indict a ham sandwich if they wanted to, alex. quite literally. 99.9 bank accou 99.9% of the time what the prosecutor recommends to the
10:55 am
grand jury is what the grand jury does. so he is trying to have the hour. so he can try to wash breonna leet blood off of his hands. so her day can have their chance at justice, but you denied her that. so the fact that it is based on self defense which is erroneous instruction when you think about the fact that she was a shirt party bystander who everyone said she did not have a gun or pose a threat of any kind. you cannot allow self defense of killing her. there was another party you claim was the aggressor. >> a neighbor, who spoke very
10:56 am
soon after the shooting, said what happened? he said some drug dealer girl shot the police. he is asked "are you sure"? she had been recording everything everything on facebook live on her live feed, and he's like yeah, that's what happened. >> what do you make of the language used here. it is the fact that they are not, going into this, and there is the plethora that they knew she was not getting suspicious packaged delivered to her apartment. but the louisville still council flushed that issue out. but they have been so reckless and blazen over someone who they knew someone that was not a drug
10:57 am
dealer. someone who they knew was not a person that they had and the fact that a probable cause aft, that was truthful, you know, alex, when you think about this, the fact that they have to build their case on a lie to get the judge to sign the warrant is something that absolutely should have been presented to this is the attorney general that did not present that. that is the reason we're calling for the grand jury to reconvene. and the prosecutor being upon it, somebody who would believe in the concept of equal justice under the law. not let's try to justify the police actions by killing black people. >> i just want to say as you know, benjamin, the police in
10:58 am
that garage tape, they say they knocked, and they say they never heard a knock. it is always good to take to you. it is always such a sobering topic. thank you. >> inside walter reed, describing the president's current quarters in our next hour. current quarters in our net hour hey. you fell asleep with your sign again. "you fell asleep with your sign again." no, i didn't. okay. switch to progressive and you can save hundreds. you know, like the sign says. so when it comes to screening for colon cancer, don't wait. because when caught early, it's more treatable.
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