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tv   MSNBC Live With Katy Tur  MSNBC  October 22, 2020 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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good afternoon. it is 11:00 a.m. out west, 2:00 p.m. in the east, and there is 12 days until november 3rd and just 7 hours before the final presidential debate. what could be the president's
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final chance to current the election around. now armed with a mute button and protective plexiglass, they hope to allow each candidate the chance to talk. 40 plus million meaning there is dwindling time for the president to all his republican voters home. two aides to he they asked the president to stick to the record. they want to contrast what they say biden has not done. will he listen? on the trail and on twitter he has been anything but focused on that message and says he is amplifying a message with 60 minutes saying he didn't up to
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take tough questions. releasing the whole recording. >> leslie, you started with me, your first statement was "are you ready for tough questions? that is no way to talk. no way to talk. >> leslie, one second, this is the first warning. i think we have five minutes until we have the vice president step in, is that -- >> i think we have enough -- >> i think we're ready for the vice president now. i think we have enough of an interview here. that's enough, let's go. let's go meet for two seconds, okay? >> thanks. >> that is the president walking out on that interview. we should note in a statement that the white house's unprecedented decision to disregard their agreement with cbs news and release their foot an will not deter "60 minutes" from providing their full, fair,
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and contextual reporting. new polls show biden leading in every state. two trump advisors who say they have seen the internal polling say it is close, but argue that trump is within striking distance. the biggest problem they say is arizona. polls show biden up three but within the margin of error. nbc news political reporter ali vatali. also joining me is smoomichael steele. shannon, i hear that they want trump to focus on his own record. but we're still seeing him go off on "60 minutes."
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calling biden a criminal. anything but being focused. what are you hearing tonight? >> as much as there is talk about wanting the president to focus on his accomplishments and to tell the american people what they're going to get with another four years i'm also hearing as i'm sure you are as well that the president will try to turn the focus to hunter biden even if it doesn't come up. to try to raise china over and over again and to try to look for moments where he is throw biden off this is a time when they are trying to make an argument to voters, the presidential incumbent and the challenger. we have the 60 minutes view. when you compare it to 2016 there was also still a clear
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message of what he would do if he got an office. build the wall, drain the swamp. it has not been articulated, clarified, and crystallized like in 2016. so republican strategists say that is collarly still missing. but as you mentioned it is so few voters that have not voted or have not made up their minds that it will have an impact in the margins at this point, katie. >> i think that as i listen to your intro his advisors will say focus in the false. these are the same questions that we're asking in the last four years. for the biden campaign were
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they're prepared for either portion. they are prepared for someone that may take a reserved approach. they think they might get biden into a lessier situation. but the strategy could not be more opposite for joe biden. you look at the stability in the polls and i think the messaging will mirror what we have heard already which is biden trying to continue these messages. that this is not about o vert partisan politics but instead trying to put america back on the path past the pandemic. those are the messages that we have heard and also a full court press to remind people that now is the time to vote. coalition will not turn up.
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biden has had other surrogates carries that message. and so for biden getting on this debate stage is is more full steam ahead from the slow and steady name that we have seen from him. but it is kind of what we saw on the last debate stage. and we all talk about what this could mean for voters. the big difference now i will say that i think someone had they're saying do you want to say another debate? watch another debate. they want to see the contrast and they hope it gets more people out to the polls. >>. >> what we see coming, donald trump is trying to go after
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hunter biden again. he was seethingly angry that the hunter biden stuff is not getting more attention. they think it is just patently unfair. so the president, if he brings is up want to and i think it is likely he will, how is joe biden planning on responding? >> yeah, your sources in trump world may think it is unfair, but in biden's orbit they say it is untrue nap is the what they say on a the debate stage. we also saw him go after hunter biden three weeks ago the first time. you watch the approach from joe biden then that is to call it out, ait wasn't true, and quickly pif pivot away. one source is telling me today
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that is likely the approach again today. but again, trump is telegraphing a lot of lines of attack that he might go down that gives the biden team that leaned in, time to prepare what that might look like on the debate stage. >> so let's talk about new polling that but just got in. on a national level, and polls are not indicators of swing states, but they can show you the enthusiasm gap. a lead on trump, and 6 in ten voters according to this poll say the coronavirus is out of control. the trump advisors were pointing to internal numbers, 9/11 yarz they say registration is higher than democrats.
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there was another article that talked about how that might be a little bit misleading because of all of the registration that the democrats were able to do before the pandemic. what's your sense of what numbers mean and who has an edge right now? >> you know, let's just call a wash on that front. i have been in cases where we registered, and the numbers don't add up at the end. you industrial to have a turn out operation. so while they returns a number of good corners, not something that we have been known for in the past, they still have a hard challenge of getting them to vote. if there is enthusiasm that
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weapons. but they have been at this since inauguration weekend of 2016. they have been steadily since that time, particularly starting with the women's march, building out that base nap is was good fresh registration that they were able to play out. so there is a lot in the numbers for sure, but it still boils down to your turn outif not, all of that registration was for naught. >> the former vice president was on "60 minutes." they released a clip of it in which nora o'donnell presses joe biden on court reform. what some call court packing. here is his answer.
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>> if electedly put together a commission of constitutional scholars. democrats, republicans, liberals, conservatives. and i will ask them to over 180 days come back to me with recommendations on how to reform the court system. it's getting out of whack. the way it is being handled. and it's not about court packing. there is another thing, looking at what recommendations the commission might make. >> so michael, is this going to be a liability for the vice president. did he skillfully answer that question? >> well, skill is in the eye of the be holder. for a lot of folks, they want to repost, respond, to what the republicans have done with the courts. they may nand to be
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insuperintendent. those out there, it seems reasonable. they have been packing that, if you will, and no one was talking about the court packing that is below the supreme court if you will. i think the vice president is trying to find that right tone at this point to not lose any of his supporters that see that as something important for them. but also not to scare certainly center left and center right. >> michael steele, thank you very much. enjoy nashville, i'm jealous you're out there.
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the new poll showing biden with a ten-point lead nationally. maybe more importantly six in ten voters say that the coronavirus pandemic is out of control. this is as we're seeing rises all around the country. president trump's 2016 victory came by toppling the so-called blue wall. steve kornacki is at the big board showing how biden hopes to reverse that trend on november 3rd. >> we have seen a bunch of new polls in the last 24 to 48 hours. let's take a big picture of the road to 270. this is how things landed in 2016. trump 306, clinton 232. let's look at the most direct path that joe biden has and the most immediate threat to donald trump. it has everything to do with the three midwest states.
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pennsylvania, michigan, and wisconsin that donald trump flipped in 2016. these three states had not gone for a republican. he also won them barely. each of the margins was less than one point. the polling now to these states, the last couple days, they continue to show joe biden leading. why this is the most immediate threat to the president, if joe biden gets wisconsin or michigan, if he gets pennsylvania, joe biden gets over 270. trump falls under 270. if he cannot win one of those three states, that he flipped in 2016 by a very small margin, if he can't get one of them he falls under 270. at that point unless he can pull a rabbit out of the hat and win a clinton state from 2016 that we're not really talking about right now. unless he can do something like that it is over for donald trump. for all intents and purposes,
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trump has to find a way to win one of these three states. his campaign has been focusing intensely on pennsylvania. they think that is their best shot. it is not necessarily encouraging, but if he could pickup pennsylvania, then he is back in the game at the electoral college. at that point he would try to hang on to north carolina and georgia. if he loses two, he picks up pennsylvania, hen he is in the game. he has to defend everything else. for instance a loss in florida would do him in, that would due him in, he would have a don of work to do, but he would be in the game. he has to find a way to win one of them. he thinks it is his best shot. if he does he is in the game. >> that is such an interesting
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interactive. it is interesting the play with those different states to see what works and what doesn't, you can see the math in realtime. and still ahead, the polls look good for joe biden, but after 2016 democrats are not holding their collective breath. president trump's campaign manager shows what the polls missed four years ago and what it means this time around. >> in a rare public briefing, the cdc sounded the alarm about a distressing trend and an increase in covid cases in nearly 75% of the country. first the fbi and the dni confirmed what we expected. that actors are interfering in the election. they are more about who they're trying to influence. e trying to influence. ll save me lots of money.
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we learned about new intelligence that ryan and russia are attempting to meddle in our election. the fake e-mails were made to look like they had been sent by
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the proud boys. they warn democrats to vote for president trump or else. they have there was inauthentic e-mails being sent, and also voter registration data has been stolen for 186 million voters on the dark web. u.s. intelligence officials say that the trump administration has known that for three weeks. ken, i want to start with you, krour so well sourced on this. i heard that the trump line was added at the last machine and no one knew about it. what do you know about how this news conference came to be. and whether or not this e-mail was intended to damage trump.
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>> that is two different questions, katie. the news conference came to me. at the end yesterday they said they weaponized this information, and they decided to the best use of action was to deter iran and to be transparent in a way that the government wasn't. as to your question about intent, it is a mixed picture. the community assessed that some elements of the golf want to see trump defeated. they want to embarrass the trump campai
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campaign. you can also look at it as they may dissuade democrats from going to the bolls. but what is more ominous is that the russians have the data, too. they will be up through election day and beyond. they say they just don't know what the russians plan to do with the data they have. >> let's talk about that, that voter registration information that is now in possession of iran and russia, what could they do with that? >> right, i think ken is right. we know that from the pruler report, the participate report, and we know that russia had been targeting us ever since 2016
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into there is lots of things they could do. they can spoof e-mails, they can try to intimidate voters. the most important thing coming out of that unusual press conference was a warning to americans if you're republican, democrat, liberal, conservative, it doesn't matter, that america is being attacked and we have to be on our guard, we have to be thoughtful and careful with our private information. we should not open links that appear odd. i thought that the dni's comment about who they preferred was unfortunate, but don't lose sight of the larger message. we are targets of an attack and
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we need to be careful. >> if you are someone that is worried about this, what is a way to protect yourself against disinformation. this attempt to manipulate if it does come, chuck? >> for instance, if you need information about how, when, or where go to the straight board of elections. i would not needily opopen link people i don't know. notify law enforcement. i think there is a number of prudent things that we can do by going to a serious and thoughtful source of number, like state boards of election, or notifying law enforcement if you think that you have been aked or you're receiving spoof e-mails or someone is trying to
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threaten you as a voter. threatening and intimidating voters is against the law. >> to speaker nancy pelosi released a statement saying they were being briefed by the intelligence community on this. they i have they have multiple bills that the senate is refusing to take up. from your source reporting how effective would they be and what toops does the justice department have to thwart this activity? >> it is also true that the government has taken steps to try to shore up voter networks. they say it is the best protection in history. i also think that is a low bar.
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they can protect the voters, but they can't stop the low grade disinformation. the voter records are everywhere. we're reporting that a hack er. they are bought and sold by baby names. and then to target voters with misinformation. they made all of the points, it is each individual sometimes th citizen that has to be on their guard. >> good to see you. the state of montana hit a new daily high in covid-19 cases. coming up i will talk to a doctor on the front lines of this crisis about what she is seeing. plus the new guidance that gives more credendegrecredence to wea. crk
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amounts of money as they passed the buck to the future. that's why it's time for digital currency and your investment in the grayscale funds. go digital. go grayscale. we're tired, people are tired, they're starting to get lax and that what i we're seeing come in to our hospitals now. it is people that put their guard down for just an event. just for something that makes them feel normal and they're getting infected and giving it to their families. >> we see the family coming up for the weekend. a wedding, a funeral.
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and these are people that you trust. and so the social distancing and the masking kind of go away and it's more of the hugs and that is how covid spreads. so it really sneaks in in that fashion. >> you just heard from two doctors describing what they're seeing in their hospitals. states like illinois, indiana, michigan, and wisconsin have increases in ko tried infections. officials i gibt that to cooler weather including mall groups after months of restringss. they warned of a distressing trend with 75% of the country now seeing growing infections.
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now the benefits health system, the dean of tropical medicine. i want to start with you. monday is a more rural state does your hospital have the capacity to take on a surge if it comes your way? >> we do to a point. and that has been my talking point that i have been using the last couple of weeks. we all have surge plans in place and we're ready to use them and we can up to a point. and our goal has been to keep this virus from spreading too quickly and it is over whelming our surge plans. we just need help in slowing
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this down. are people taking the virus seriously in monday? >> for the most part i think a lot of people are. i see masks everywhere i go. we need it to get even further out into the community. these are very simple measures. we know they work, and the message is please help us. i think that if you can take the time to put a mask on or stay a few feet from people, it would help us so slow it down. >> my leagcolleagues here are g to smile at me, it's being a good human. and -- >> i'm sorry for interrupting, it's hard to compensate
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sometimes. i assume you're also sending the message that wearing a mask, not just outside, but wearing a pass if you're indoors with people beyond your immediate family. >> that is even more important when you're in doors. out here in the west we like to be outdooring. unfortunate think is 18 and snowing. a lot of people will be inbirdie often, and this is the time you need to be more aware of the people around you. >> doctor, let's talk about new cdc guidance. it's not just about being in contact with an infected person for 15 continuous minutes, it's for a total of 14 minutes over a 24 hour period. why the change with this advice? >> yeah, it came out because of a case report published in the mor billty morality reports.
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it has to do with a connections officer that contracted covid-19. they were able to identify a specific contact individual. and it was not so much that he was in contact with someone for 15 minutes straight, but over the course of the day he had contact, shorter term contact, multiple times with that same individual. so if you have a total of 15 minutes spread out over the day, a minute here, a couple here or there, it is the same. so the implication is that if you're in the workplace you want to keep your mask on that whole time. if you have just a two minute interaction with someone that will increase the likelihood that you could be exposed to a
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large inoculum to the virus. >> we should also nose that the cdc is underscoring how important it is with this guidance. there is also guidance on the vaccine front. one of the members of the trial has died. the oxford university that is conducting these trials, the university of oxford, is not saying if they got the vaccine or if they're in the control group, but the trials of this vaccine are continuing. so what said to us. >> first it came out the vaccine, then the placebo. i don't know for certain right now.
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vaccines from j and j. the j and j trial is 60,000 people. it is imagine a small city, people will be seriously ill in any city on that side on a giveen day and that is probably the likelihood rather than being related to the vaccine. the fda has it on pause. they are trying to confirm that it is not related to the vaccine. i think the bigger problem is that there is not an effective communication strategy. they have they have left it to the ceos, and they have fumbled the message a little bit. >> dr. peter, thank you so much. good luck out there. stay safe and warm. wee apprecia
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we appreciate your time. joe biden just departed delaware. he briefly spoke to reporters about hopes and expectations for tonight's debate. >> plenty of time to talk this over, okay? so hopefully he will play by the rules, hopefully everybody has been tested. hopefully it works out. i'm looking forward to us. we have kristin welker moderating tonight. we're all very excited to see her. senate republicans on the judiciary committee mushed forward with their plan despite a boycot by democrats. deputy chairman rick gates is going to talk about the chances
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