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tv   The Reid Out  MSNBC  October 22, 2020 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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donald trump spent the entirefy of the first debate with joe biden interrupting, deflecting and clowning around. this hen bayed on the second one after the debate commission insisted on a virtual formatt since he contracted covid-19. we are two hours from the final presidential debate. 42 million americans have already voted. donald trump frankly is desperate. blind in the polls and strapped for cash. he would take this last to try and save his presidency. yet, he's reportedly approaching this debate like he approached most things in life. unfocussed and ill prepared. having infected most of the people who helped him prepare for the last debate. with the coronavirus. trump has done less work for tonight. he spent the past week complaining ability the commission. on presidential debate.
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moderators and in an act childish and self-defeating. he released his entire 60 minutes broadcast hoping to show her bias hatred and rudeness. it showed none of these things. it showed him refusing to answer basic fact questions. throwing out conspiracy theories and rudely attacking her. republican allies have taken steps to ensure they maintain power. even if trump loses. earlier today the 12 republican members of the of the committee voted to send judge amy coney barrett to the full senate floor. democrats boycotted the hearing. because of the episode, we are four days away from associate justice amy coney barrett. less than two weeks away from a
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conservative majority trump hopes will install him as president even if he loses the election. a bizarre prime time press conference last night. to announce iran and russia obtained publicly accessible voter registration information and used it to send spoofed threatening e-mails to thousands of voters. what he didn't tell us in addition to the effect the e-mails pretended to be from the proud boys. and fbi clarified russia hacked into computers which could give the kremlin broad access into america voting infrastructure. according to "new york times" american intelligence agencies believe russia plans to interfere in the presidential race in the final days or after the election. officials didn't make clear what they plan to do but operations
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would be intended to help donald trump. potentially kpexacerbating resus around the results. especially if it's too close to call. joining me now claire mccaskill. and a former seen your adviser to president obama. and rick wilson. cofounder of the lincoln project. the subtle title of his book. i want to talk about this john ratcliffe thing. it was weird. it happened during our hour. we experienced it in realtime. the thing i noticed he really particularly pointed and put it in there they were doing this to help donald trump. to hurt donald trump. it's something he seemed to want to do. today on the national security adviser defended the weird way that he presented himself last night. listen to that.
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>> if they have an e-mail campaign targeted to democrats and from the proud boys and the media says look at president trump supporters are doing this. that's something that damages president trump. >> i don't know -- do you buy that? also, just keeping in mind most intel officials said they much more fear russia. and what do you make of the fact he determined to down play russia and portray this fake proud boys e-mail thing as something designed to hurt trump? >> you talk to any national security professional in this country, they will tell you that ratcliffe is the most partisan hack to ever occupy the office. this shouldn't be a political office. there are so many offices that should not be political. count them down. everything from secretary of state, attorney general, head of dni. not under this president. he insists that everyone be
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political. it is very clear and was made clear today with a late breaking article in the "new york times" that russia is the big problem. and by the way, any democrat knows donald trump did this. he said to proud boys standby. so it's not like he can run away from him having the proud boys on his side. this e-mail absolutely would do nothing to help joe biden. >> it is weird. the fact he wouldn't say their name. he's like -- e-mails from somebody. it's all about hurting trump. just know that. and chris wray is like i'm not part of this. it could come up tonight. here are the debate topics. maybe the national security portion. fighting covid-19 at the top. american families. race in america. climate change, national security. on healthcare, even though that's not listed there, that will be a huge issue.
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and donald trump helped make it an issue. he was eager to get out leak out the version of the interview. it's all bad for him. hee he is doing an advertisement for joe biden. he hopes the supreme court gets rid of obama. obamacare. >> we'll see what happens. it has a way to go. we'll see what happens. it will end -- i hope that they end it. it will be so good. >> if they end it -- >> we'll come up with a plan. >> we will. >> you said it would already. >> we have large sections of it already done. we have already come up with plans. >> you almost think he wants the himself to leave and every senate that votes for amy coney barrett to lose. >> i think that president is now wrapped in a bubble of delusion. he's going into this debate a cornered animal.
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attacking everybody. the interview is like basically a walking debacle. all the news is negative for him. and the news about healthcare was a giant point for democratic challengers. senate republicans. and state after state after state. they have been arguing around the country that a vote for senate republicans is a vote to get rid of the aca in a pandemic. 20 million people lose. 135 million people with preexisting conditions lose protections. what does trump do? he says absolutely. i think that he is so untethered to reality. that he thinks arguing against the aca which by the way is least 20% more popular than he is. is a winning strategy. what's good about this debate is joe biden will keep him
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accountable on healthcare and climate change a range of issues. and i hope as many voters as possible tune in. >> rick, there is a time when ronald reagan did ads saying medicare was a socialist plot that would ruin america. and now, every senior citizen would wrestle you to the ground if you took their medicare. once a thing is in place and people have it and have the benefit already, we just saw the governor ship of the kentucky probably change hands because of that. you can't take away our medicaid. and our medic -- you can't do that. that is obamacare. from the standpoint of what republicans have to be thinking and nightmares about, donald trump saying amy coney barrett is going to make me president is take your healthcare. it's the dumbest political move i can think of. >> unless somebody has a time machine back to 2010, when there was a great republican panic about obamacare. this isn't going to work. we have polled this dozens of
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times since it passed. preexisting condition coverage is something that transcends party and politics. republicans, democrats and independent. everybody got screwed by the insurance industry at some after the protection. every family had a story. everybody had a story. it was because the industry was protected. they didn't have accountability or responsibility. it is the most popular part of the aca. it is the part that is they haven't been able to kill legislatively. this is something that is going to -- political damage. not stopping. not going away. and donald trump ridiculous insistence he'll roll out a healthcare plan after infrastructure week. that is beautiful. it's become like a punch line for the guy. it's absurd. handing stall a blank notebook. was not exactly an aid to the
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play to -- it was so absurd. >> i predict lincoln project will be running ads with the interview clips in it. speaking o that. when you are going after the interviewer, you're losing. when that's your play. this interview is terrible. that's usually not a winning hand. here is donald trump's change of heart. about kristin will kerr. the most esteemed in the industry. here he is back in january. congratulating her after her promotion to anchor. >> by the way, congratulations on your show. >> thank you. >> very wise decision. >> we invite you for an interview. >> now he's like she's a radical democrat. she's a socialist. she'll come -- he's arguing
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against himself. >> yeah, this is somebody who is closing message in the campaign is simple. i'm perfect. everyone else is terrible. and by the way, i'm the victim. everybody is against me. this is his closing mezage to america. we're in a pandemic. people are dying. people are afraid. we have issues around the economy. and all he wants to talk about is that somehow everyone has it out to get him. it is so childish. and that's what we'll watch tonight. can he have any discipline tonight. you know his inner circle is telling him your polling was terrible after the last debate. can he have discipline, can he behave and not be such a jerk tonight? that's the big question. >> can he stop interrupting flt it was 71 to 22 in interruption.
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i don't know how that plays out. i doubt having him muted will stop him. what do you think? >> i think he'll be disruptive one way or the other. of the challenge is joe biden ask still hear him interrupt. even if he's muted. he can be disruptive. i think the truth of this is that he has exhibited zero self-control. and bha what i hope will happen tonight is that the issues that matter to people's lives are will actually get discussed. his failure on the coronavirus. his failure to address the virus which has led to the economic challenges we continue to have. the fact we're in the third surge that we're in 50,000 positive cases. a day. eight or nine months into this. it's a stunning failure. part of what's going on with the president and his basic melt down and in the interview.
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he can't handle the truth. he cannot handle when people say to him these things have happened and they're your fault. he loses his mind. i expect that that will happen again because it happens every single time. so it will be hard to control himself. who knows. maybe he'll be medicated or something. or calm him down with valium. i have no idea. it's shocking how since his first debate where he melted down, he's been melting down every week. they're giving him advice already to calm down. and he's not taking advice. >> i'll go to the man who wrote two books. everything trump touches dies. and another called running against the devil. they tried to recreate the comey situation. he did his best. eleven days out you said surprise more e-mails. they tried to rebruce that.
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no one is buying it. predict what we'll see tonight and the next 12 days. what fresh hell is what i'm asking you. are we in for. >> donald trump will go on stage and it will be monkeys throwing poop. he'll say a hundred things. he's a criminal. he's done billion dollar deals with china. it's already a fantasy that plays out to the bright bart crowd. and the folks that believe that clin toin was a child predator cannibal and ran an international sex ring. they will believe it and yell at each other. you can see it now. they have become, it's a bubble now. they can't understand why an obviously ludicrous set of accusations brought to you by a man that president free lawyer. he was caught touching his junk in a hotel room.
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is not a credible source. they can't sort it out. it's a mystery that is so difficult to solve. and this is going to be a guy on stage who has thrown hay makers. he'll be wild. >> this is why you watch. this is why you watch. claire mccaskill, rick wilson. this is why you watch. you know it is. up next on the "the reidout," trump relentless whining and pouting. about the coronavirus. woe is me. >> all you hear is covid, covid, covid. >> covid, covid has killed 224,000 people dead. there's a surge in cases. trump thinks he is the victim. he's the victim of coronavirus. that's what he caught. anyway democrats have their best
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it's in the lead up to tonight's debate. trump has been spreading coronavirus misinformation. even faster than the actual virus to the those around him. >> that pandemic is rounding the corner. they hate it when i say it. all you hear is covid covid covid. covid, covid, covid. that's all they put on. they want to scare the hell out of everyone. >> nope. not at all. actually according to to officials at the cdc the u.s. is experiencing a disstressing trend into the fall. cases increasing in 75% of the country. with more than 224,000 dead.
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that's a quarter of a million. upward of 8.4 million sickened. cases continue to surge especially in the midwest. wisconsin set a single day record in new deaths yesterday. in the west, hospitalizations are surging in utah. and arizona not seen since june. in fact the u.s. averaged 60,000 new cases a day in recent days. levels not seen since july. yesterday, brought more than 1,200 new deaths. the highest daily number since mid-august. i'm joined now by former top aid to president mike pence. the numbers are staggering. it's difficult to read and process them. donald trump doesn't care. he's covid. it's no big deal. a study estimated that between 130,210,000 deaths could have been avoided. and that's going up. if the u.s. had followed canada
4:21 pm
policy and protocol. there might have been only 85,000 u.s. deaths. which is still a huge number. it's many times the number who died on nine eleven. what do you make of the fact that donald trump is complaining that we talk about these deaths too much? we talk about the virus too much. when that many people have died and that many could have been saved. >> the president continues to be a completely disrespectful to all of us who are continuing to face the pandemic. and it's ridiculous for him to sit there and consistently try to continuously play down this pandemic. the numbers show it. the science shows it. he continues to ignore it. and i think it's absolutely absurd for him to sit there and in front of american citizen ts packed in a room putting their lives at risk and pretend this pandemic is not existent and be
4:22 pm
annoyed by it. it's dangerous. it's the behavior that i have seen consistently since january. since it started. that is why we're no better off today than we were back then. >> have you ever in your public life and watching politics and your service ever seen a public official let alone a president of the united states this indifferent to death? to his fellow citizens. >> never. never in my entire career. i have never seen anyone spread misinformation the way the president does. it's unbelievable. >> we remind the audience he told bob woodward that he understood in january, told woodward in february he understood it was airborne and deadly. he couldn't protect himself from coronavirus. we hear that one of donald trumps minnens. the health and human service secretary would like to fire the head of the fda.
4:23 pm
because he wants to have high standards. higher than normal safety standards for a vaccine. they want to go cheap on a vaccine. what from your experience having done the job you do would be the consequence of going quick and cheap on a vaccine? >> the vaccine is the number one priority. to kind of protect us from the rirs moving forward. and the safety of the development of the vaccine is and the integrity of the process is critical. to the entire pandemic response. i think what you're seeing is the trying to bully a doctor left and right continuing to play out. i can tell you i have worked closely with doctor han. in the situations. and i'm grateful it's him in that role. i know he has integrity. and he will continue to stand up and try to do the right thing. every time anyone tries to do
4:24 pm
that, for the safety of the americans. and especially in this situation. you end up with dynamics like this. they threaten to fire you or bully you. >> the biggest boworry here is people won't learn. you came to a realization you couldn't continue to serve the administration. and people having suffered are still on board. with donald trump getting four more years to do this to us. chris christy cops comes to mi. who wrote this op-ed. he says all the right things. he doesn't say the other thing that you might need. i now understand that we can't to this for four more years. it was a soft endorsement of four more years. he didn't say we shouldn't keep going with trump leadership. what do we do?
4:25 pm
with people who won't learn a lesson from this. >> i think it's a great importance to really understand what you're doing when you're voting for the individuals. and i think that it's important to understand who is leading our country at this critical moment. and we need to vote the people out. science and data don't lie. and that is just facts. and a lot of the people are not willing to stand up to the administration. to stand up to the president. we have a bunch of gop leadership. who will not do the right thing. i hope that come election day, people remember that. and people remember that in the back of their heads. regardless of a die hard republican. this is people's lives. this is human life. and safety. >> let's not forget that they can act when they want to. don't think they don't have the power to act. they are express mailing a new
4:26 pm
supreme court justice. because they want to make sure trump stays in office if he loses and you lose your healthcare. they're doing that fast. they know how to act when they want to. thank you. we appreciate it. still ahead. should voting in america involve risking your life? alabama republicans think so. shining a big bright light on republican efforts to make voting as difficult as possible next on the "the reidout." "the " your journey requires liberty mutual. they customize your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. wow. that will save me lots of money. this game's boring. only pay for what you need. liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. - [announcer] meet the make family-sized meals fast. and because it's a ninja foodi, it can do things no other oven can, like flip away. the ninja foodi air fry oven, the oven that crisps and flips away.
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with 12 days left of campaigning, in the final debate taking place tonight, a brand new poll shows joe biden with a 10 point national lead over trump. more than 42 million people have already voted. astonishing number. the long lines we're seeing every day. these are powerful images of democracy and american civic duty in action. long lines don't just indicate voter enthuse yach. they are a sign of voter suppression. it's not supposed to be a long difficult process. this is something we're seeing all over the country. first we have the spoofed proud boys e-mails being septembnt to thousands. threatening them if they don't vote for trump. saying iran is responsible. and curb side voting in alabama.
4:31 pm
even for voters with disabilities and a higher risk for covid-19. the secretary of state of alabama who banned the method writing in a brief. some level of risk is inherent in life and voting. pandemic or no. you first, mr. secretary. in texas a judge asked the governor to confirm that drive through voting is legal. amidworries the texas supreme court will block the vote method. on top of it all. in colorado, intimidation. a trailer park owner threatening to double the rent if biden wins. stacey abrams and hagger will be here to discuss exactly what we can do about the sub presentation tactics and what a blue wave might welcome like in georgia and texas. like underwear.
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a new poll shows joe biden and tonld trump in a dead heat in georgia. a state that hasn't been won by a democratic presidential candidate since 1992. joining me now. founder of fair fight action. and this all of this takes place amida backdrop of real voter suppression. the long lines make me mad. people shouldn't have to stand in line for seven hours to vote. some states the trump campaign back in 2016, including florida and miami-dade county. they said if we can't get black voters to vote for us we'll suppress it. called deterrence. we know that in your state of georgia it's the official policy essentially. voter deterrence. of the governor. and the secretary of state. do those long lines indicate people are beating that deterrence? >> they do. we have to remember voter
4:36 pm
suppression exists when people are prevented from voting or discouraged. risking losing your job because you have to stand in line. missing time with your kids in school. you don't know when you'll get through the line. this is not a sign of excitement. it's a sign of incompetence. under investment in the communities that deserve to have the same speed and efficiency in elections. 2.3 people in georgia have cast ballots. we're on track to have a record turn out. the composition is unlike anything georgia has seen. we have strong performance from people of color, young it puts a lot on the plates. biden and trump are tied at least in the latest polling out of georgia. john os of and per due are tied.
4:37 pm
then you have the lofler race. war knock is ahead. these look like run off numbers if they say the way they are. do you feel confident that democrats can organize themselves again with this much passion and keep the same energy if we wind up with two run off elections in january? >> absolutely. what we have to remember is that in years past republicans had a majority. that's not true anymore. we we have the enthusiasm chl it's not enough to win the majority in the senate. we need enough to empower joe biden to do what he needs to do to help us recover from covid-19. help us build a stronger america. and every democrat in georgia understands if we fwo to a run off we will be able to not only meet the challenge of the moment but send a strong signal that georgia blue is only getting deeper and vibrant. >> how legally set are democrats
4:38 pm
to fight an election if it gets dow down to the margin. that will be one piece -- >> robust system in the state of georgia. to push back against voter suppression. while the secretary of state found new ways to under mine elections we have been able to address many of the challenges we saw in 2018. and including making certain that absentee ballots that get rejected have the opportunity to be cured. and people get notified and have the opportunity to fix them. we know that the larger the margin the stronger the argument. the counties will certify the ballots and we'll do everything in our power to understand while november 3 is last call for casting your ballot, post
4:39 pm
election is going to be important while we make certain every vote cast gets counted and that's our commitment. in georgia and the work we have done across the country to make sure no matter where you live in america, you have a free and fair election. and the right to cast a vote. >> when we met back in 2014, we were both guests on the show. and we were talking off camera about something you were doing at the time. not publicizing it too much. the goal of registering tens of thousands. hundreds of thousands of georgia black and brown folk. and rural folk who hadn't been registered before. and hadn't voted. now that we're in the election, we can reveal. i would love to know how many voters got registered through the process you started? >> i know that as of 2018, at least 400,000 registered voters have been processed through the georgia project. we have 800,000 new people on
4:40 pm
the rolls in georgia since october 2018. 49% of them are people of color. that's an extraordinary testament to the hard work. of the new georgia project. she took over when it a became independent and has been doing an amazing job. organizations understand it's not destiny it's opportunity. and georgia will be a blue state that says 16 electoral votes to make joe biden the next president of the united states and flip the state house for extra. >> the number you told me was 700,000 people estimated. you overdelivered. i'll add you to the voting mvp. you are a voting mvp. great to talk to you. joining me now. we'll keep it going. we'll talk with mj hagger a democratic candidate in texas.
4:41 pm
we are looking at a race in texas. where biden and trump appear to be tied. where you are 43 to 49 against cornen. and you are right there in striking distance. let me play two sound bites. for those not familiar with him. in 2016, march. talking about president obama trying to nominate a supreme court justice. >> it can't be that one set of rules apply to a democratic president. and a second set of rules apply when there's a republican president. the american people deserve a chance. to have a say in the selection of the next lifetime appointment. to the supreme court. the only way to empower the american people and ensure they have that voice for the next president to fill the
4:42 pm
nomination. to created by this vacancy. >> lindsey graham isn't the only switch a poo. here's last month. >> scalia, i think not. >> given the fact that the senate judiciary committee has begun the process of jamming amy coney barrett onto the court. is this an issue that is coming up in the race. >> it is. i think it's deeper than that. integrity and misleading the public especially when it comes to covid-19. i think what bothers texas is that not just this incident but part of a larger pattern of republicans doing what is politically convenient and being that dc smoke and mirrors that
4:43 pm
turns people's stomach in texas. >> what about the which was st record unemployment. one out of three don't have access to care. it's part of why we can't get the pandemic under control in
4:44 pm
texas. and cornen and allies. he has been the affordable care are peels top sales man. voted 20 times to gut it. his ads saying hepts to protect preexisting conditions got fact checked. texas is really hard to pull the wool over our eyes. we're really paying attention. the b.s. meter is pinging. he trying to rip healthcare away in the middle of the pandemic. >> are you going to over come the voter suppression will hurt voters. latino and women. >> we are over coming that. we have been seeing polling anywhere from nine points to one point. it's difficult to poll texas. what is a reliable voter? i don't want to see the long lines either. i see the enthusiasm. we have had with over two-thirds of the voter turn out in 2016.
4:45 pm
things are looking good. >> huge amounts of voters out there. people are rooting for you out there. thank you very much. we appreciate you being on tonight. >> up next. mary trump. on what we can expect from her actual crazy uncle tonight. first, take a look at one of the hash tag voting mvps who warmed my soul today. 90 year-old. one of 22 children a former enslaved american. she is out there getting the thing done. she has had enough and i know she's not alone. keep them coming. tweet me or at the "the reidout." and maybe you'll get your picture on along with this fabulous, gorgeous woman. get real-time insights in your customized view of the market. it's smarter trading technology for smarter trading decisions. fidelity.
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well, actually...we're from a lot of places. you see we're from here and there and here... your family's story is waiting to be shared. at we're not going to have a president that goes out of his way to insult anybody who doesn't support him. or threaten them with jail. that's not normal presidential behavior. we wouldn't tolerate it from a high school principal. we wouldn't tolerate it from a coach. we wouldn't tolerate it from a coworker. we wouldn't tolerate it in our family. except crazy uncle somewhere. >> president obama said trump is running america like a crazy uncle. if tonight's debate is anything
4:50 pm
like the first one. conspiracies will be flying. my. mary trump, author of "too much and never enough." great to have you, this f the perfect night to have you on, mary. thank you so much for being here. i want to give you a little of the atmospherics going into tonight. trump world has been attacking joe biden for hugging and kissing his own child, his son. this is a really sweet picture that's going around. you commented on it on twitter. i commented on it. shows him embracing his one remaining son. he already lost his one son and lost his daughter when they were children. here's the picture. john cardillo is the guy who tweeted about it. you know, he went after it. so i want to play for you donald trump with his child. one of his kids. ivanka. the way he's talked about her. can we show the tweet, though? can we show the tweet so everybody can see it?
4:51 pm
there's the tweet. all right. so people are freaking out about that. now here's donald trump. >> what's the favorite thing you have in common with your father? >> either real estate or golf. >> donald? with your daughter? >> well, i was going to say sex, but i can't relate -- >> donald, what does tiffany have of yours, what does tiffany have of -- >> well, i think she's got a lot of morals. she's a really beautiful baby. she's got marla's legs. we don't know whether or not she's got this part yet, but time will tell. >> by the way, your daughter -- >> she's beautiful. >> can i say this? a piece of [ bleep ]. >> if ivanka weren't my daughter, perhaps i'd be dating her. >> so, you know, it is a weird thing that every time there's an attack on biden, it's a thing about trump. you know. what do you make of this -- these atmospherics going into tonight? >> first of all, it -- i guess a feeling that donald is desperate
4:52 pm
to let people know the truth about him, but he's also terrified. so he projects everything. it's really interesting but disturbing, of course, and as for this other thing, it's -- it's grotesque. let's just be clear about that. the idea that showing affection for your child somehow makes you a wimp or something, appropriate affection, because that's the picture we're talking about and that tweet was ratioed as it should have been, but it's okay to objectify your daughter in a way that is bordering on -- i mean, it's offensive, but it's bordering on the absolutely illicit. i don't know quite what's's going on, except we're in a
4:53 pm
period right now with the person in the oval office engages in toxic masculinity to such a degree that it emboldens other men to do the same. and it's really bad. >> yeah. >> so i really hope that during the debate tonight donald is not allowed to engage in these disgra disgraceful lies about joe biden and hunter biden because it's -- it's a disservice to them, certainly, but it's also a disservice to the american people. >> yeah, and it's like a signal to qanano. this is a kid who once saw a kid on an escalate e said i'm going to with dating her in ten years, boasted about meeting semi-naked teenagers in his pageants. teen beauty queens, he walked in only then while they were naked changing. i'm not sure he's the right guy to launch these attacks. you've written in your own book the relationship donald trump has with his own children, the stories of him slapping donald jr. because he didn't have a tie on when he visited him in college, you wrote about him
4:54 pm
saying he's disown t owown him tried to join the military. trump's children are a weird part of this drama and it's weird the part they play. do you find it weird -- do you find their role in this drama to be odd? >> you know, it's odd from the outside, but in the context of what's expected of them, it makes perfect sense. from what i can tell, donald has a same kind of relationship with his children that he had with his father, or i should say that his father had with his children. which is to say that it is both conditional and transactional. so, both parties are always jockeying to try to get the northeast out of it. and at least as far as the children are concerned, they know that they need to toe a particular line in order to stay on donald's good sigde. >> yeah. >> because as you said with the case about donny wanting to enlist, donald would have disinherited him. >> yeah. >> they know they have to play by donald's rules. the fact that they're willing to
4:55 pm
at this point is pathetic. >> let's talk about tonight. what, in your view, would be -- what would get under trump's skin other than everything? you know, specifically. if you were talking to the biden team, you really wanted to get him, throw him off his game, what would biden do? >> i would always refer to him as donald because he does not deserve the respect afforded to the office because nobody in the history of our country has been more disrespectful to the office of the presidency than donald has been. and every time i talked about his failed policies, i would use words like, weak, pathetic, incompetent, illegitimate, and failed. over and over and over again. and just be above the fray. never stoop to his level. never try to play his game. and just, you know, come out of it looking like the only adult in the room. >> yeah. and do you expect him to behave dig differently than he did in the first debate, with the mute button? will that change anything?
4:56 pm
>> no, it will make him crazy i think. crazier. crazier. >> mary trump. yeah, it's going to be interesting tonight. i'm sure you -- i don't know if you're going to be watching tonight. we'll be watching your twitter account to see if you're watching. >> i have to watch. wish me luck. >> we'll be there with you emotionally. thank you very much. that's tonight's "reidout." after a quick break i'll join rachel maddow and nicolle wallace for coverage of tonight's final presidential debate. do not go anywhere. i wanted more from my copd medicine,
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good evening, and thanks for being with us tonight. i'm rachel maddow here at msnbc headquarters. precisely one fishing pole's length away from my colleagues nicolle wallace and joy reid. that's actually a technical -- brian williams will join us later tonight. we are here, of course, for the final debate of the 2020 presidential campaign which started approximately 4,000 years ago. although, we have learned in this apoch in our nation's history


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