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tv   MSNBC Live With Kendis Gibson and Lindsey Reiser  MSNBC  October 31, 2020 4:00am-5:00am PDT

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obama, they will be in events in flint and detroit. >> a battle for the senate in south carolina, i spoke to democrat jaime harrison about his fierce challenge against lindsey graham. >> we started tv earlier. we started communicating with folks via digital. and social media and radio. we did all of the things we could to reach the folks, a message of hope and how to bring together folks in the community. >> a sad new record, a single day record of more than 97,000 coronavirus case, much of the surge coming in swing states. you can see the numbers. there we will dig into it as we say good morning, everybody. it's saturday, october 31st, i'm kendis gibson. >> i wonder instead of the patriotic music, we could use "the final countdown" and get it into everybody's head. >> and we know even the three days until election, we are far from the final countdown. >> we have a team of reporters in place across the country,
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following the latest developments in this race. >> and we have a lot of guests as well, the congressman debbie dingell of michigan, and democratic congressional candidate, and former texas state senator, wendy davis, and bishop michael curry of the episcopal church ahead. a busy hour ahead. we want to start at the white house. josh, the president focusing on one state today, after crisscrossing the western battleground states yesterday. a big agenda today. but a lot of people are talking about that 21-minute speech that he made in minnesota, saying he seemed as if he didn't, he was very low energy there. >> low energy performance, and the president's rallies have been getting longer and longer over the last several weeks, as we get closer to the election, but as you point out, last night, president trump actually gave the shortest rally that he's given of this entire election. and the reason he seemed so frustrated, to be there, and about the situation, it stems from this tiff that the president has been in with the
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governor, a democrat, in the state, as minnesota has really been facing a real crisis, with covid cases, climbing, they had been setting new records, every day, and so the state sought to hold president trump to the 250 person limit. and as a result, what the president did, the very first thing he did after he landed, he didn't go right to that rally, as he normally would, he instead went to the overflow crowd, all of those folks who couldn't be among the 250 people, that instead gathered outside. he went to greet them first, and then went, and when he did speak for just 21 minutes. this is what he had to say. >> as you know, there are at least 25,000 people who wanted to be here tonight. we just saw a lot of them. we wanted to pay our respects. they were here for a long time. they waited and waited and then the governor, bad things, your
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far left democrat attorney general keith ellison and your democratic governor tried to shut down our rally, silence the people of minnesota, and take away your freedom, and your rights. >> so a big focus there from president trump on freedom, on individual liberties, as he makes this closing case, to voters in the final days of the election, really president trump has one goal at this point, there is not a whole lot of persuadable voters there left. the goal here, drive turnout as high as he possibly can among his base and four different stops today in pennsylvania before he continues with the jam packed schedule in a few days focusing on the sun belt tomorrow, with stops in north carolina, georgia, florida, and then finishing it out on monday, with five stops, focusing on the upper midwest. including stops in michigan, and wisconsin. kendis? >> as he hits all of the
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different spots he is heading to, it is frankly quite dizzies. josh at the white house for us this early morning. thank you. today, joe biden is making a final swing through the midwest, including two stops in michigan campaigning alongside former president barack obama. geoff bennet is on the ground in detroit. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. in a preview provided by the biden campaign, the campaign says that both joe biden and barack obama will speak about the crises facing the country and joe biden's plans to address it. and they have two drive-in rally events scheduled in the battleground state of michigan, and one in flint, and another here in detroit, and when they come to detroit, they will be joined by native michigander and mo-town legend stevie wonder. and the fact that joe biden is campaigning with barack obama, in a state where polling averages show him up by five or six points, it shows how the biden campaign is really taking nothing for chance. joe biden, barack obama, barack obama in particular, is still hugely popular with the
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democratic base. with black voters, hispanic voters, and young voters, all of whom were central to building that so-called obama coalition, who helped deliver the white house to barack obama, back in 2008, and 2012, but those same groups lagged in turnout, in parts of the midwest, back in 2016, and that helps contribute to donald trump's surprise 2016 win. so this stop here in michigan is part of really a midwestern battleground swing. joe biden was in iowa, and wisconsin, yesterday, and take a listen to what he had to tell supporters. >> he's not going to able to stop this. not at all. as i said, over 85 million people have already voted. they've had enough. people are coming out in droves. waiting three, four, five, six hours in other states. just to vote. >> and central to the biden campaign's closing argument is the president's handling of the coronavirus crisis. joe biden yesterday pushing back against the president's assertion that joe biden wants
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to shut down the country, biden telling his supporters, he doesn't want to shut down the country, he wants to shut down the virus. so in these last remaining days before the election, the biden campaign is crisscrossing the country really showing that they have multiple paths to the presidency, according to the polling, and taking no vote for granted. >> geoff bennet in detroit, thank you. let's talk a little bit more about what is expected in michigan today. the democratic congresswoman debbie dingell is joining us right now. congresswoman, thank you for being here this early morning on a saturday. and i do want to show your attention, point your attention to a little preview of perhaps what you're going to get today, when former president barack obama joins joe biden on the campaign trail. take a look. >> he's turned the white house into a hot zone. what's his closing argument? that people are too focused on covid. he said this at one of his rallies. covid, covid, covid, he's
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complaining. he's jealous of covid's media coverage. if he had been focused on covid from the beginning, cases wouldn't be reaching new record highs across the country this week. >> former president obama there, serious topic, and he does seem as if he is having a lot of fun doing so and you get a sense that he is more there to try to get trump or get biden elected. >> i think it's both. i think he's very worried about what's happening to the country, and i think he's joined joe biden, today, it is very important in michigan. i am one of those people that thinks that he is going to be competitive until election day, with the base vote, in both detroit and flint, and it is about 50% of turnout, and he may be able to increase those numbers and those two men together can excite a lot of people, and i think it's good
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for michigan that he's coming today. they're both coming today. >> and we know that the national, the national average of the polls has biden up by five to six points on your state and the latest "new york times" siena college poll has biden up by eight points. in michigan. "the new york times" writes that president trump is struggling to maintain support among white voters in your state. so congresswoman, after the 2016 election, you wrote an op-ed in the "washington post," saying i said clinton was in trouble with the voters i represent, democrats didn't listen. is 2020 different? >> i think 2020 is different. i do believe that joe biden has the momentum in michigan right now, and i don't believe these polls, and i've been -- i did, i simply don't. i think it's very hard to poll a lot of different things, including the fact that there are a lot of people that don't want to say they're voting for donald trump. but i do think that women are
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come can out in record numbers. i talked to three women in their 70s, celebrating their 74th birthday for one of them last saturday and had never been involved in politics ever and they're going to go door to door. and i also, in parts of my history, which are more blue collar, there are workers, that donald trump is making a hard push for them. so it is a complicated demographic, and you can't take this broad brush and say how everybody is going to vote. i think the momentum is with joe biden. i think donald trump can take five times by the end of the day monday night repeating what he did four years ago and we cannot stop working every single second until the polls close tuesday night. >> they are making a good effort. the michigan court of appeals upheld a ruling to block a blan
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on openly -- block a ban at openly carrying firearms at the polling places on election day. that's what you need. this comes on the heals of the incident that took place with the michigan governor alleged plot to kidnap governor whitmer there. are you concerned at all about what will happen on election day and beyond in your state? >> so i think it's complicated. i've been working here, with my local officials, all of my law enforcement, we put out information, and our police chief did talk about it, i'm trying to lower the temperature of everybody. last weekend, would he had a whole bunch of -- we had a whole bunch of president trump supporters who came in and disrupted the meeting and i stayed and talked to them for 20 minutes, to the end of it. and we need to be ready, but not expect trouble. it's going to be safe for everybody to vote. there are plans all over the
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state. the attorney general and i went out and made fools of ourselves on thursday, trying to work together. and trying to be safe. you know, we don't want to stir up trouble. people are working together, everybody is working together, but they're going to be safe and some people are trying to intimidate people on election day and we cannot let that happen. >> i wouldn't even try to do the cha cha slide after seeing that video. >> please tell me there is a video of you doing some dancing. >> there is a video. it's bad. it's very bad. >> but we appreciate the effort. >> it is entertainment. >> we appreciate the effort. >> people not to be, they ned to have fun, they are doing their civic duty and can't be afraid
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and that's what they're trying to do is psyche you out, i had a person last saturday, there was a person in a biden mask and a bullet hole and blood, and not to be intimidated and there may be strong words but at the end, i said what joe biden said, i represent all of you and if you have a problem, i'm there for you so. we got to all lower the temperature. every one of us has the responsibility right now. to lower the temperature in this country. >> absolutely. we appreciate it, congressman, michigan congresswoman debbie dingell and also feature dancing with the star contestant. >> never. >> never. >> slowing down. how some of the president's comments are raising questions about whether he will accept the results of the election. >> and he has raised more money than any candidate in history and what happened when i sat down with democrat jaime harrison. with your farmer's policy perk,
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president trump campaigning across minnesota yesterday. the last stop in the state before the election. we have more from rochester, where the president ended his day. >> i got to say, this is one of the stranger events i have covered this cycle. the president landing, getting right in his limousine and driving around to speak to the overflow crowd first and then coming back and speaking to the actual supporters who had gathered here, for just over 20 minutes. the president had been feuding with minnesota public officials, the governor, the attorney general, all day long, complaining he was being forced to follow public health guidelines that would limit the event itself to 250 people. and perhaps not having that usual big crowd here, drained the president of some of his usual energy. he was flat. he blew through his applause lines. he spent a lot of time going after the attorney general and the governor and not much time staying focus on the idea of flipping minnesota into the red column. it's a state that came 45,000 votes of winning four years ago
4:18 am
and one that his campaign has coveted for offensive purposes and what we believe is the last minnesota rally in the bag, and joe biden yesterday here as well, we will see where this one lands. the president with a whirlwind schedule coming up the rest of this week, now gone for minnesota. kendis, lindsey. >> and something interesting about that. because so a 21-minute speech, versus the normal 90 minute speech, that tells us how long the speeches are on paper versus applause lines and ad-libbing off the crowd. >> interesting there. >> yes. >> garrett, thank you. there's also a concern about what will happen after election day. the president still refuses to say whether he will accept the results of the election if he loses. nbc news reports, trump's sowing doubt among his followers, appearing to be working, writing some trump supporters, echoed incorrect or evidence-free
4:19 am
claims such as ballots are going out that omit trump's name. that's not true. or being sold. no evidence for this claim. or being dumped in a river. not accurate. and joining us right now, susan, republican strategist and senior adviser for the lincoln project, and wendy, who is a democratic strategist, and professor of the education at johns hopkins university. so i've laid out some facts here, and the president is still kind of sowing some doubt. listen to what he had to say in arizona. >> today, the fake "washington post," abc, and you think that they'd come out he's four down, five down, 17 down in wisconsin. i don't know. now i had the same fraudsters here, four years ago, they had me 12 down a week before the election. the biggest problem we have is if they cheat with the ballots. that's my biggest problem. that's the only thing, that's the only thing i worry about, if
4:20 am
they cheat with the ballots. if they cheat with the ballots, and you know, they did find some in a garbage can, from the military. >> again, a lot of that hasn't been verified whatsoever. and there is some reporting this morning that the president might continue doing rallies well after the election. and is he in essence laying the ground work there to challenge the results of the election, wendy? >> absolutely. i think he is trying to sow doubt and delegitimize any of the results that come out on election knit, if and when he is not declared victorious. and i think this is problematic. this is going to continue to deepen the divide in our nation. that is already fragile. rit now we need someone who is going to bring us together, and say regardless of what the outcome will be, we have to have some sort of accountability and believe that the american democracy stands still. unfortunately, donald trump and his rallies, continues to use this divisive rhetoric to sow
4:21 am
doubt and make claims that are unwarranted, and it is deeply disturbing. >> you know, that article that susan was talking about, it quotes one trump supporter who says, if the president loses, i think it will be complete fraud. voter fraud. there's so much voter fraud happening. she says she doesn't believe he could legitimately get fewer votes than the opponent. and look at the crowds. joe biden barely gets any. what do you make of this? >> go ahead. it's really hard to respond to that. and i would just like to say happy saturday, before election day, it's our final saturday, which is nice, so yes, but you know, i think the first thing that came to mind when you were reading that is wow, donald trump cheats on his wife, donald trump cheats on his taxes, so who would be likely to try and cheat this election? hmm. donald trump. so let's put the cheater in the cheating category there. on top of that, it's just, it
4:22 am
just goes to show seriously how little this man has grown into the presidency. this is the president of the united states. he is trying to undermine our democratic free and pair e, free and fair elections. that's disgraceful and that's what the american public is turning on. when we see why donald trump is losing seniors is, losing suburban women, these are all results of his behavior. and these rallies, and these nonsensical things he says, the lies he says, so people are on to him, they know he is what he is, and that that's not good enough to be president of the united states. >> go ahead, wendy. i thought you wanted to weigh in there. >> i wanted to get your take on this. both of you for this matter. this nation obviously is more divided than i have seen it since being here, could this election, could you get a sense at all, there is anything from
4:23 am
this election that could even throw more fuel to it or be more unifying? >> well, that's a good question. i think it has to start from the top. i think that donald trump always has this language, when he says america first, for all, he meant that has shown us that it is all about trump first. he puts himself first. we look at the pandemic. we look at the fact that there are millions of americans, you know, who have been affected by covid-19, and he doesn't take any responsibility for that. you look at social injustice issues in this country. the fact that he is blaming people who are protesting instead of looking at the reason why these people are protesting, it comes from the top, this nation is going to operate based on the language, the rhetoric, the behavior, the responsibilities, the mature of its leader. and if you have a leader that does not have that sense of responsibility, who does not take ownership in their actions, we're going to more divided. i think bidden will come in here and try to heal the nation because he sees that we are
4:24 am
currently on the brink of despair. and that is different. it all starts at the top. >> one word answer. will we know next saturday who the next president will be? >> yes. >> yes. >> yes. >> okay. cool. we have the tape. thank you. see you next week. gaining ground, joe biden on the offensive, as his campaign moves into traditional republican strongholds. could texas and georgia actually flip? ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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it is 7:28 in the morning. early voting sites opening today. tomorrow is the last day for early voting. >> and of course, in florida, we've already seen record turnout. ballots are already being counted, as both campaigns make last-minute visits.
4:29 am
we have more from doral, florida. >> how many votes have been cast so far? >> so far, registered voters in miami-dade have voted early or mail-in absentee ballot. and turnout here, it is ul across the board, and as we have spoken to election officials, they say they expect the path of the total turnout of 2016, this weekend alone, this weekend, tomorrow, especially, is when they usually have the highest amount of last-minute voters coming out and voting here in miami-dade. so we've been talking to people after they cast their ballot and i want to let you hear, what we heard from two of them, because this is west miami, an area that the trump campaign is focused on because they're a little bit more conservative voters here than the rest of miami-dade, but just talking to people here, every other person, seemed to be voting for someone else. listen here. >> i'm a small business owner.
4:30 am
and my thing is to grow my business, and try to improve my business, and i've gone to about losing half a million now in march and april, with this whole covid problem, so i'm not surviving, and i think trump will lep help me better survive >> given what we've seen the last four years, i voted for biden and i hope things calm down in the country and we get out of this rut that we're in from covid and the economy recovers, and things move on quickly. >> the coronavirus of course, mail-in ballots are playing a much bigger role in this election than maybe they have in the past and this polling place, you have a lot of people who have shown up and voted early and there is the back of the building, where people can physically come and drop their ballot off through a drive-through area. the canvassing board in south florida has gone through what
4:31 am
are deemed irregular ballots, things that maybe have a stray mark or overvoted and voted in two people in an area where they could only vote for one or a mismatched signature or someone completely forgot to sign their ballot. you know, that only a small percentage of those, at least in this county, are rejected outright. less than 1%. and election officials say they try to reach out to people to correct those ballots. the number of things we're hearing, it seems to be that younger people and people of color, are far more likely right now than to have their ballots marked as irregular or having some sort of issue. listen to this. according to a report in the paup, as of friday, e -- "washington post," as of friday, election officials have set aside ballots from black and hispanic voter at two times the ballots from white voters, for people younger than 24, the rate was more than four times what it was for those 65 and older. and we still have time, if you have been flagged or think maybe you had an issue with your ballot, or forgot to sign it, you can correct those mistakes
4:32 am
until november 5th at 5:00 p.m., in the state of florida. if you still have your mail-in ballot at home and in this county, there are thousands still that have not been returned, don't put it in the mail. they say bring it in person. it won't make it on time. you can go to one of those drop-off areas, but physically bring it in. you think you have any sort of error, check on that now, while you still have time to correct it. >> those ballots getting tossed out at twice the rate, that is unacceptable. thank you for bringing it to our attention. less than 70 hours to go before the first votes are cast on election day. and it appears that joe biden is on a fence, on offense, and president trump is on defense, and after spending time in wisconsin and michigan, all states won in 2016. >> meantime biden was in georgia on tuesday. kamala harris is in texas yesterday. two states the dems hope to flip. joining us is former texas state senator and democratic candidate
4:33 am
running to represent the 21st district in texas, wendy davis. good morning to you. the political reports show it has been moved from leaning republican to toss-up in the presidential race. what does this tell you about texas? >> texas registered 1.8 million voters, since 2016. and we are rapidly growing state. and that rapid growth has fueled a change in the voting patterns here. we don't register by party. so we have to do a lot of educated guessing about who is showing up to vote. but we do know that in this election cycle, we're seeing an historic number, not only of new voters, but an historic number of younger voters, who have, who we have never seen before at the polls. and i think that says a lot about the changing demographic of our state, and what the changing outcome will look like. we've been breaking through
4:34 am
records with our early vote yesterday, it was our last day, and almost three weeks of early votes here in texas, and i don't yet know what the total percentage early vote was because we don't have those numbers in from yesterday but we know the polls were really, really packed. in all of 2016, 59% of our registered voters voted. and at this time, we think that number is going to exceed more than 60%, and it will be the first time in decades, actually, that that has happened. we also think in some of our more populous counties which have rapidly turned blue, we are probably going to see about 70% turnout of registered voters in those counties, and that's why texas is in play. and it's a unique year, with a unique number of people interested in making sure that their voices are heard at the ballot box. >> all of that said, there is an
4:35 am
op-ed out there right now from forbes magazine that argues the complete opposite, they are claiming it will be a landslide in texas for trump, if voters adhere to their party affiliation, so here's what they say. they're claiming that more republicans are voting early than democrats in that state. how does this compare to what you are hearing from voters right there. >> well, again, i read that forbes article, actually last night, and i kind of snickered a little bit at it, because if you take the voter modeling on whing that is based, it is not an accurate picture of actually who our voters really. are again, we don't vote or we don't register by party in texas. so there has to be a lot of educated guessing about who is showing up. and yes, there are models that are put together, trying to predict who we are. but if you take, for example, the two congressional districts that we've flipped in 2018, if you just look at those numbers,
4:36 am
on a piece of paper, those modeled numbers, it looks like those districts should have been strongly held, you know, 15, 20 points, by republicans, and instead, they flipped to democrats. and it's because we don't really know exactly who people are that are voting. they're predicted based on where they live. based on their age, based on their race, based on their, again guess at college education and we know for example in 2018 that our state came so close to flipping, two and a half points in the race between beto and ted cruz, and that is certainly much more of an indicator of who we are and where we're going and that's why the political report, inside election, and nbc have all put texas in the toss-up column. >> wendy davis, thanks for being with us this morning. next, the bat until south
4:37 am
carolina and the -- the battle in south carolina and the man trying to disrupt one of the staunchest supporters in the senate for donald trump. what could send lindsey graham packing. aham packing. [ engine rumbling ] ♪ [ beeping ] [ engine revs ] ♪ uh, you know there's a 30-minute limit, right? tell that to the rain. [ beeping ] for those who were born to ride, there's progressive.
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. few senate races have become as close as the one playing out in south carolina. in n-what was once a reliably republican state, jaime harrison brought in a record breaking $57
4:41 am
million in the last quarter giving incumbent lindsey graham a run for his money, literally. >> there is an absolute desire to take me out. lindsey i need your help more than ever. they are raising money like crazy to take back the senate and beat president trump. help me, help everybody out, lindsey we're in a fight for our life. help me help all of us keep our seats so we can do this four more years. lindsey >> i return to columbia. eight months after first meeting jaime harrison, during the primary, and that's video of the first visit. and his goal then, pre-pandemic, haven't changes. health care, infrastructure, access to broadband. and what has changed are his chances. he started out with a 17-point polling deficit. the political report considers the race a toss-up. >> so much has changed since february and the race that you were running then is not the same race that you are running today.
4:42 am
so how do you think your message has resonated amidst a perfect storm of issues when we have a global pandemic, racial tensions, record unemployment, what is it about your message now that is speaking to people? >> well, the message hasn't changed. it's just the manner in which we imparted the message has changed. you know, we went almost totally virtual, in march. and so many of the things that we talked about then are still the same things that we're talking about now. i almost sound like a broken record in my own head. because i've been saying it for so long. >> there are negative ads running all over south carolina, and you say you are part of the radical, saying you are part of the radical left agenda. what's your response to that? >> it's sad. it's sad that lindsey graham has been in washington, d.c. for 25 years, couldn't run on his record. and listen, if i had his record, i probably wouldn't run on it either. i mean and that's, that's a shame, in the whole thing. this is a guy who believes in playing washington political
4:43 am
games. this is a guy who cares more about his own political power. >> and wearing a mask, because there was a producer in the room with me and we asked for an interview, but the campaign declined for lindsey graham. 94% of voters voted for hillary clinton in 2016 in the state and african-americans made up of 19% of the total voter turnout and the statute democratic party says they make up 30% of the people who have voted early so far this year and we have groups on the ground, vote america, black voters matter and trying to get out the vote. >> about 30% of the vote has already voted there. and do they seem hopeful? i know they have the money. do they seem hopeful? i'm talking about jaime harrison. >> you ask that, and they are very confident but they're doing a different campaign. just like at the presidential race is a different kind of campaign, jaime harrison has been doing bus tours and trying to avoid those rallies and things like that. it is a different year. >> kind of interesting that he stayed on message all year long.
4:44 am
>> completely. >> to wisconsin now. and the number of early voters already cast, and early votes that have already been cast, it has almost surpassed the total votes for 2016. nbc's ali vitali in wisconsin. >> reporter: here in wisconsin, for both campaigns the name of the game is turnout. already in early voting we have seen millions of voters already turn out. 2.1 millionbal ballots cast. compared to 2018, 2.9 million. the numbers are already getting up there. and this is a place already in milwaukee county where turnout was down, especially among democratic voters. out here in this neighborhood, voters are being canvassed by volunteers. trying to get them out to vote. doesn't care if they're republican or democrat, they just want you to vote. and the campaigns are in the communities, and the candidates are coming to the state, both donald trump and joe biden, spending time here in wisconsin,
4:45 am
and in this closing homestretch to the race. >> the contrast to 2016 when hillary clinton did not visit milwaukee, or wisconsin, in the late days. nbc's ali vitali, thank you. the polls say it all. seven in ten voters say they're feeling anxious about the election and safety at the polls. next, the message america needs to hear right now. e message ame to hear right now. ♪ ♪ ♪ smooth driving pays off with allstate, the safer you drive the more you save you never been in better hands allstate click or call for a quote today
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the precedencele race is tight in ohio -- the presidential race is tight in ohio where record numbers have come out, 2.8 million have voted already there, compared to 1.9 million early votes cast in 2016. >> we have more from northwest ohio, in a county where voters have selected the presidential winner every election since 1964. what are you hearing from some of those folks who are out early to vote?
4:50 am
hey, guys, good morning. i hate to use the word dilemma, because how many times have you heard that word in the last several months but it is a bellwether state. and we are in a bellwether county. predicting the presidential election, since 1964. and you know, i found it intereg because the candidates are actually not making stops in ohio this last weekend. maybe they don't need to with all of the yard picketing. we saw sign after sign and it is indicative of what you see in the polls. one stretch you get trump and another stretch of biden. you get competing neighbors. people are definitely -- this is an area they pay attention to in the election in general prior to 2020. really, especially this year. you see a line already behind us. this voting spot for early voting doesn't even open until 8:00 a.m. you see how important it is to voters. i talked to some of them yesterday. listen in.
4:51 am
>> i'm actually a first-time voter. haven't voted before. i'm 38 years old next month. i figured it was an important time to get my voice heard. >> i think my vote matters. i wish everybody would vote because your vote does matter. >> every vote counts. you know, everybody in my family wants to vote. >> reporter: of course, a lot of the early voting is happening because in ottawa county especially, this county has gone red with coronavirus cases. you see the spike across the state. the governor announcing a new record high of new cases reported just this past week. you can also take a look at the absentee counts that are coming in. this is also indicative of the pandemic. double the amount from 2016. the good news is, those ballots are already started to be counted. a large chunk will be reported
4:52 am
on election night. everybody waiting to see what those results will be. if ohio can be called, this bellwether state, whether or not that can be called on election night will be very important. >> cori, i'm curious about the 38-year-old first-time voter. what was it about this election that made him want to come out? >> reporter: he felt the issues were way too important. he felt more blaise in 2016. he really did not feel passionate enough about either candidate. although he told me, kendis, he wasn't comfortable saying who he wanted to vote for, he gave me a list of issues. number one was jobs and the second was the pandemic. >> interesting. okay. that doesn't help me. both are the top issues for the candidates. cori coffin live in oak harbor,
4:53 am
ohio. how many days until the election, kendis? >> three. >> many are anxious and worried about deep division in the country. >> a poll out shows 7 in 10 voters are feeling anxious about the election and safety at the same time at the polls. many of those biden supporters. >> joining us now is michael curry. he is the author of love is the way. holding on to hope in troubling times. bishop, good morning. that is a message we all need right now. your book offers hope at what is a stressful time for many. what is your message? >> you know, the message is -- and thank you for having me. the message is we are not bereft of hope. we must do the things though foster hope. we have the ability to actually help to move forward even with our greatest difficulty. i want to suggest love is the way. don't look at me and say you are
4:54 am
a preacher. you are supposed to say that. the truth is it really is the way. if you look on the great seal of the united states, you remember the one with the bald eagle holding the olive branch. you see the latin words e. plu i pluribus enum. go back and look at the origin of the latin word. the origin of the phrase comes from cisero in ancient rome. i quote, he says when each person loves the other, do you hear what i say? loves the other as much as he loves himself, then one from many becomes possible. i want to suggest right there we have the key for how you nigunia
4:55 am
divided nation. liberty and justice for all. there is a way forward. it is in our heritage. it is in our values. we can do it. >> all right. i didn't know that. i learned latin and history all at once today. bish bishop, i appreciate it. what message do you have for americans who may not be able to see a path toward a more unified country? it is easy for us to be pessimist pessimistic. >> one of the things i learned being a pastor is when you cko confront a problem and the problem is a mountain, don't take the mountain off at one time. take your part of the mountain. i want to suggest if each of us faces the reality that we're in tough times. we are in tough times. no doubt about that. if we decide individually and together that we are going to find a way forward and that i'm going to be in everything that i
4:56 am
do and the kind of person who looks not to self alone, but others. the greater good. then we can move forward together. it can work. my brother and my sister, we have been through a civil war before. we have been through a civil war. i descend from african slaves whose lives were more difficult than any i have known in my life. they gave us the advice. walk together, children. don't get weary. there is great beat in the promise land. >> thank you for your time. we have to leave it there. we appreciate you. thank you. >> it's saturday. the bishop took us to church already. thank you for watching. i'm kendis gibson. >> velshi is next. he will speak with the new york attorney general. she reveals her plan if biden is elected. your day with secret. ete than ordinary antiperspirants. with secret you're unstoppable.
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