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tv   The Last Word With Lawrence O Donnell  MSNBC  December 18, 2020 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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unemployment benefits run out the day after christmas. at least lawmakers have bought themselves some time to get something done. watch this space. that does it for us tonight. rachel will be back on monday. from 8:00 to 10:00 a.m. it's now time for "the last word word" with my friend mebi who is here for lawrence o'donnell. you and i have worked together, we have a lot in common. because this is different, because i have never introduced you as the host of "the last word," i thought i would do something different. i posted -- i didn't tweet because you and i tweet a lot -- i posted it on parler. i've been on parler for over a month. i had actually zero followers on parler, and now i'm up to 62. you performed magic for me on parler. >> because you tweeted about two
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of us doing msnbc? two brown dudes? >> i thought it might alarm some people on parler. i know you have a lot to talk about. it doesn't look like you have to talk about the government running out of money for two more days. >> it's great to be here, ali. thank you for the intro. glad you covered the relief package but it's crazy we don't have a relief package yet in the richest country in the world, so i'm pretty frustrated about that. have a great weekend, ali. >> thank you, my friend. tonight, where is donald trump? at the end of 2020, nation is facing multiple catastrophic crises and donald trump is awol. where is donald trump? more than 13,000 americans have died from the coronavirus,
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including 11,000 people in the last week alone. where is donald trump? today mike pence got a covid vaccine on live television. it could have been a true educational moment for those who fear the vaccine. but it wasn't. because the president didn't show. where is donald trump? millions of unemployed americans are on the brink of economic ruin, and there's still no guarantee of a deal on a relief package. where is donald trump? this is far worse than his usual laziness. his absence is unacceptable and unforgivable. he's missing in action when our nation is suffering. in the more than 50 tweets trump sent this week, he said nothing about the hack or the relief package or the surge in covid deaths. so where is donald trump? he's focused on the one thing he cares about, the one thing he's obsessed with more than anything else, staying in power by
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undermining democracy. pandemic? what pandemic? the "washington post" reports that states have been notified, that their next shipment of pfizer vaccines have been reduced. according to pfizer, there are millions more doses sitting in our warehouse, but as of now we have not received any shipment instructions for additional doses. coronavirus cases are spiking. we have something to help reduce the spread, and the president and his lackeys are sitting on their hands? trump has gutted the cdc and weakened the nih so much that when a national vaccine distribution plan is now the difference between life or death, those hobbled agencies simply can't rise to the occasion. and trump won't help. he damaged those institutions in order to shore up his own power, but he now refuses to use that power for the common good. because for trump it's always power for power's sake.
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he's monomaniacal about it. he wants power. he wants to keep power. it doesn't matter what he does with it. that's what's behind his nonstop twitter tirades, lying about election fraud. he doesn't want to let go. and his allies, his enablers, are all too willing to try to help him stay in power because it also helps them. that's a real quid pro quo. trump pardons michael flynn and michael flynn goes on crank news shows and tells trump to use the military to overturn the election. >> if he wanted to, he could take military capabilities and he could place them in those states and basically rerun an election in those states. it's not unprecedented. there's people out there talking about martial law like it's something we've never done. martial law has been instituted 64 times. >> if trump loses his power, flynn loses his, too, and vice versa, which is one of the
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president's clear motives for wanting to issue more pardons. to loyal stooges. axios reports trump wants to go on a pardon spree and help the likes of criminal and campaign chairman paul manafort. not only does trump not want to deal with the pandemic or the hacking or the economic catastrophe, he won't get out of the way and let the president-elect and his transition team do it either. they keep interfering with the process. here's the latest example. "axios" reports the pentagon pushed back critical meetings for two weeks because of the holiday. trump tried to claim it was a joint decision. but the biden team rejected that telling reporters, there was no mutually agreed upon holiday break. there have been pockets of recalcitrance and the dod is one of them. trump wants power, he won't share power, he won't give up
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power, but he won't use it to do anything useful or necessary. never has a man fought harder to hold onto a job he has no interest in doing. he won't protect us from foreign countries trying to hack our critical infrastructure. he won't help us get much-needed protection from a deadly virus, and he won't let the people who actually want to help take over. there's your answer. where is donald trump? he's in the white house torching the place, making sure that if he can't have the power of the presidency, no one else can, either. leading off our discussion tonight, anand giridharadas and renee graham. thank you both for joining me this friday evening. anand, let me start with you. the "atlantic" has a new report out tonight, following up with people who worked for trump the last four years asking a simple question, was it worth it? this is what former chief of
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staff john kelly said. the vast majority of people who worked in the white house did the best they could to serve the nation. they've unfortunately paid quite a price for that in reputation and future employment. they don't deserve that. they deserve better than that because they kept the train from careening off the track. how is it possible to say everything is not already off the tracks when 300,000 americans are dead and the president is trying to overturn the election results? >> it's advisable to stay away from train metaphors talking about autocrats. on the track or off, on time or not. the reality is, donald trump is not that different from other autocrats. it's about him. auto means self. this is all for him. and the thing that actually does distinguish him from some autocrats is
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intelligence, efficiency, competency and organizational skills, speaking with the other autocrats, not him. in the long run there will be some small feeling that we lucked out in getting the particular flavor of autocrat who is not good at autocracy. but i have to also say and you've been leading light covering this meta story, trump's assault on democracy is like that final kick in "mortal kombat," the final kick, we need to talk more about the fact, ask why democracy was down on its knees, raggedy, scuffed, cut up and bruised before he got there. this is a final kick. when you see a government that's not able to deliver relief tonight but for 40 years has failed time and again to make people's lives better through policy. when you see a government that has proposed milquetoast
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solutions to the challenges of market-driven globalization and other displacements in people's lives, when you see a government that, frankly, on both sides the blame originating with republicans, dominated by republicans, but democratic complicity of some amount going along with the fundamental liberal thesis that markets and solves most of our problems. you saw president obama recently expressing some regret about going along with that reaganist consensus himself while in office. there is a lot of blame to go around and the president is trying to deliver that final finish him blow. >> the final finish him blow is ongoing. feels like we're watching in slow motion. renee, republican elect in alabama, tom tuberville said he'll challenge the electoral vote. have a listen. >> you see what's coming. you've been reading about it in
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house. we're going to have to do it in the senate. >> i believe, renee, american democracy cannot survive as we know it if a majority of congressional republicans, people like tuberville, refuse to acknowledge the result of a free and fair election, refuse to recognize the biden presidency. am i wrong? >> i think democracy is facing its greatest challenge. and it's facing it from within. i think this country knows very well what to do with bad actors from other countries. it doesn't have any sense of what to do with donald trump because they've never had to deal with a president, of all people, doing this to democracy. at this point he has two goals: to spread lies meant to sabotage the incoming biden administration and to break the back of democracy. i've said this for months, there is no bottom here. there are high standards, there are low standards. donald trump has no standards at all. and that puts this nation at an enormous peril. but this is what it means to
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have a president who is immune to human suffering, who sees compassion or empathy as weakness and only views his presidency in terms of what he can grift out of it. he's doing nothing as this nation is under attack again by russia and russia is having its way with national security. meanwhile this country is becoming a graveyard for the covid dead. >> yes, it is. unfortunately, the deaths keep piling up and we heard nothing from him, as i said moments ago. you talk about democracy and you gave us a big picture in your opening statement, and renee is talking about what it's like to be a democracy. what do you say to those people who say to me, to you and others and to renee, it was exaggerated, hyperbole, the country survived, trump is on his way out. he couldn't even get the supreme court on board. there was no fascism, the guard rails worked. stop the exaggerations. what do you say to him? >> we got this rare thing you don't normally get as a living
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person which is an advanced copy of our autopsy. in a way both sides are right. we have gotten a very clear indication of what killed us as a democracy, but we didn't actually die. and that's a very lucky situation to be in when you got that advanced copy of your autopsy, because what you get is some agency to actually not die in the way that your death is foretold. most people don't get that chance, as you know. so the question now, and it's important, i think, not to depress your viewers. this is, as renee said so eloquently, this is a very perilous moment for democracy. however, when paired with covid, when paired with the climate crisis, when paired with the racial uprisings of this summer, if you're one of the people who read history books in school and thought, i want to live in a really exciting time when you can remake the world. this is that time, charlie. this is that time. you're living in that time now. this is the kind of moment in which everything changes because everything is bankrupted.
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at the ink, we've been trying to interview folks about how we got into this mess but we reimagine democracy out of it. there are folks trying to think us out of this situation. it's important that everybody roll up your sleeves and fix democracy. it's going to be fun. >> renee, in terms of rolling up sleeves, as anand put it, biden's team rolling up their sleeves. how much damage can they undo when they come into office, not just the last four years but the transition period. >> it's funny thing, presidents like to talk about what he's trying to do in 100 days. he's going to need 500 days to achieve what he's trying to do in 100 days. donald trump's idea is to break everything as he heads out the door, and that's what the biden administration has to deal with. they're not only not getting
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help now, they're being sabotaged, they're being stonewalled. this has been happening from the beginning, as soon as joe biden was declared the winner of this election. he has to not only look at all these problems that are facing him with covid and climate and racial unrest, all of that, he has to do something now about all these problems that donald trump is making worse by his neglect. and this is where i hate the term benign neglect. neglect is destructive. it's willful, it's caustic. it is never benign. >> indeed. never benign, and that is what we're facing. you know what, i wonder, has a president ever inherited a country in more crises than joe biden is inheriting on january 20, 2021? thank you both, anand and renee, for your insights. we appreciate you on a friday. have a great weekend. coming up, as the size of the hack in the infrastructure
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hackers have infiltrated the united states government and private companies in what could be the largest cyberattack in the nation's history. it's an attack so widespread according to the chair of the house committee on oversight and reform just got news of the attack, they remain breathless. the company expected to be behind the attack will filter to the biden administration. we often forget that as democrats have hammered trump
10:19 pm
for being soft on russia, biden's old boss wasn't exactly hawkish when it came to putin. >> in the 1980s or now, calling to ask for their foreign policy back. the cold war has been over for 20 years. >> at the time mitt romney called russia our number one geopolitical foe, but president obama was taking a different approach, like with this famously controversial moment in 2012 when he was caught on a hot mic with outgoing president dmitri medvedev discussing missile estimates. >> a lot has changi have flexib. >> a lot has changed since then. u.s.-russia relations are almost unrecognizable. that has a lot to do with trump's kowtowing to vladimir putin. but as trump leaves office, will the biden administration change course and get much tougher on russia.
10:20 pm
joining us now, ben, thanks for coming on the show. your old boss, president obama, wanted a reset with russia. he mocked mitt romney for trying to start a cold war with putin. these days joe biden calls russia an opponent and the biggest threat to america right now. so i ask you, was biden wrong -- obama wrong then or is biden wrong now? >> a lot has changed since 2012 is the first point here, right? vladimir putin returned to the presidency in 2012. first year of obama. we got things done with medvedev. after putin came in, saw increasingly aggressive russia, they annexed crimea. at this point, had pivoted to
10:21 pm
sanctions on the economy, that shift was made in 2014. joe biden was a part of that administration, was part of that effort to build sanctions, and it was in response to vladimir putin who, in fact, went into offense with the u.s., and yes, it's been clear i think they are a geopolitical foe and the u.s. needs to meet that with stronger response than the complete silence with the cyberattacks with trump. >> so in going on the offense, do you think it is russia that carried out the cyberattacks on critical u.s. infrastructure? and if it is, what would you advise joe biden to do in response? >> there's no question it was russia. there's frankly not that many actors in the world that could carry out something this sophisticated. the reports say it feels like russia, and you have an administration that has stood down. trump has fired the person literally in charge with our cyber defenses because he's not going along with the charade around the election.
10:22 pm
you have to evaluate what are your options and response. in the obama years we imposed sanctions to try to be affect putin's behavior. that didn't work well enough. we have to look at new tools here. and you have to ask yourself, is there a cyberattack that could be launched in the united states? and you have to figure out putin's weaknesses. i would say his massive corruption that are the lifeblood of his authoritarianism. funds his politics at home and support of fellow autocrats around the world. biden needs to take a hard look. how can you expose that corruption? how can you stop that corruption? how can you put the stoplight on putin and what he's doing? seems like sanctions and cyberoperations but let's join the battle of ideas of what kind of leader vladimir putin is and let's shed a light on the corruption in which he depends. >> there's also the conflict in ukraine which broke out on your watch.
10:23 pm
on the one hand, donald trump has been ludicrously soft on russian, to vladimir putin. but he sometimes points out, i've got weapons to send to ukraine. to use against russia, obama didn't. he's right, isn't he? >> sending some tank to ukraine when russia is there and they can pour as as many arms as they want across the border with ukraine, that's not changing actions either. are we arming ukrainians enough? what kind of additional sanctions might we impose? those things are important. i'm not suggesting we shouldn't be exploring all these avenues, but we have to sit back and look at the fact that these approaches don't work. you have to get on the same page with our allies in europe who are on the front lines of dealing with russian cyberattacks just like us, but we're not working with them
10:24 pm
under trump. and what's the full array of tools here? exposing putin's corruption, supporting ukraine, yes. continuing to pursue sanctions, and putting forward a united front, so that we're working with our allies in europe and then going into offense with putin a little bit. by shining light on what he's up to. >> you mentioned the tools that d.c. often pushes and you were right about that. when you were in government, you famously, and in my view rightly criticized the permanent hawkish d.c. foreign policy establishment. you called them the blob. yet biden seems to have hired all the defense people from the blob. what do you make of appointments so far? tony blinken secretary of state, general lloyd austin at pentagon, jake sullivan as national security adviser? >> well, look, i focused that term on the kind of interventionist mindset in the middle east, the idea that every problem is something that leads to a military response or that
10:25 pm
we have to check with our saudi arabian partners before we make any decisions about what we're going to do in the middle east. i think these people, jake and tony, have learned a lot from the last decade. when you look at putin, he is part of a bigger trend in the world of authoritarians, of corrupt authoritarians, of corrupt national authoritarians who are undermining our democracy in this country through russian campaigns and just these crude politics that putin represents. that demands a kind of response, yes, we use tough tools, we continue to impose sanctions, we continue to look at what cyber measures we want to take in response to this. also a competition where we can show that democracy is better than the corrupt ato
10:26 pm
beracy that putin is selling. all the people in countries where russia has gone into offense, i think there is a real opportunity for biden who has observed these lessons of the trump years in the last decade to put up a comprehensive approach that stands up to russia, strengthens our defenses and lays out the united states needs to be a country that fights corruption around the world, fights autocracy around the world, and we're confident doing that shoulder to shoulder with allies who share our values. >> yeah. and to do that, we have to fix our own democracy at home first. ben rhodes, thank you for taking time. appreciate you coming on. the fda has just approved a second coronavirus vaccine for emergency use but will the trump administration's shambolic politics impair that, next. hambc politics impair that, next at removing plaque, the main cause of bleeding gums parodontax
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breaking tonight, the fda has authorized a moderna coronavirus vaccine for emergency use, opening the door for at least 6 million doses to be shipped out at the beginning of next week.
10:31 pm
but that good news comes as confusion grows about distribution of the already approved pfizer vaccine. states across the country say they were informed by the trump administration that their next shipments of the pfizer vaccine were being unexpectedly cut by upwards of 40%. the "new york times" reports that a trump official said they had only allocated 2 million doses for next week's shipment, less than the 2.9 million delivered this week. the unexpected cutbacks are causing chaos in states' distribution plans, according to the "washington post." some were intending to use the second shipment to vaccinate residents in long-term care facilities. but now face a dilemma whether to do that or finish health care workers. pfizer said the problem is the trump administration hasn't told them where to send the vaccines, millions of life-saving doses. so where is the trump administration? this comes on the heels of a report from nbc news yesterday that advisers to president-elect
10:32 pm
joe biden said donald trump's team was too optimistic about their timeline to widely distribute doses to the public. surprise, surprise. those doses are critically important as america continues to set new records for cases, deaths and hospitalizations. to build trust in the vaccine, president-elect joe biden and his wife will get vaccinated on monday. house speaker nancy pelosi and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell got vaccinated today, as did vice president mike pence, in a televised event this morning. donald trump was notably absent. joining me now is dr. lipi roy, medical director of covid and housing sites in new york. she's a msnbc contributor. dr. roy, thank you for coming on the show. we now have pfizer and moderna, both have been approved. which one would you take? >> it's great to see you, as a biology major and former biomedical researcher, this is thrilling news, a
10:33 pm
tremendous scientist achievement that we have not one, not two but coming up, several vaccines against the coronavirus. to be honest, i would be rather lucky to get either vaccine. both the pfizer vaccine and the moderna vaccine are showing data of efficacy of about 95%. that is almost unheard of, mebi. the only other vaccines for measles and chicken pox, and the seasonal flu vaccine which i get every winter season is only about 40% to 50%. so my message is to everyone, please get the vaccine, both are very effective. >> the scientists have done amazing and rapid work. yet we're having problems. washington's governor jay inslee tweeted quote, the cdc has informed us that washington's vaccine allocation will be out by 40% next week,
10:34 pm
and that all states are seeing similar cuts. this is disruptive and frustrating. we need accurate, predictable numbers to plan and ensure on-the-ground success. no explanation was given. why would the trump administration sit on these vaccines when they're now available and authorized to ship and distribute? >> those headlines are deeply unnerving and i'm sad to say that's not the first time i've heard about unnerving story lines and realities really since the start of this pandemic. these are vaccines that have been shown to prevent transmission of covid-19. and at a moment when over 312,000 men, women and some children have lost their lives, and just to be clear, that translates to families. each one of those lives equals a family that just finished dinner with an empty chair at the table. that chair did not need to be empty, mebi. that chair could have had a
10:35 pm
person alive if they got that vaccine. there are people that are vulnerable, people of color, marginalized communities, homeless people, incarcerated individuals, people at nursing homes that need this vaccine. and the fact that there are millions sitting in a pfizer storehouse just waiting for instructions from the federal government, it's just another reflection of the colossal failure of our federal leaders in addressing this pandemic, mebi. >> absolutely colossal failure. even though they had scientific advice, they ignored people like dr. fauci. have a listen to what dr. fauci was saying today. >> but the sweetness is the light at the end of the tunnel, which i can tell you, as we get into january, february, march and april, that light is going to get brighter and brighter. and the bitterness is going to be replaced by the sweetness. and we all hope, and i think this is doable, that by the time we get to several months into
10:36 pm
this year, we will have enough people protected that we can start thinking seriously about the return to normality. >> the trump administration said february would be when the vaccine would be available to the general public. biden and co say more like the late summer, early fall. what do you make of dr. fauci's timeline? >> i think dr. fauci is absolutely right. he's been looking at this data for many, many months now. the reality is, mebi, that for the general population, it's going to be about mid-2021 before we can really vaccinate all those millions of people. that's why, for that reason and the reason that we know that this vaccine prevents transmission, but what we don't know is if the person that's vaccinated, does it prevent them from transmitting it to others? for all those reasons, mebi, it's so important that people continue wearing a mask.
10:37 pm
this is what's really going to continue this, along with the distancing and of course the vaccine, is going to help us contain this pandemic. we still need to work on preventive measures, mebi. that's what's going to save lives. >> i'm so glad you did that psa, because yes, i'm worried people are going to let their guard down as the vaccinations increase. dr. lipi roy, have a great rest of your friday night. coming up, republicans are back up to their old tricks ahead of the georgia senate runoff that will decide control of the senate, the gop is hell bent on stopping georgians for voting in the counties that helped biden win that state. more after the break. parodontax is 3x more effective at removing plaque, the main cause of bleeding gums parodontax of the financial system. le have been shut out [music playing throughout]
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10:42 pm
back against donald trump's claim of fraud investigations. becoming a hero to some of us in the process. but a new report shows that he are participated in the misinformation campaign, illegal voting and violations of the law. investigations he undertook were fewer and less significant than he let on because of course, there is no real evidence of fraud in georgia or anywhere else. but, of course, you can't have voter suppression without fake claims of voter's fraud. republican election officials in counties that were crucial to biden's win have limited their voting options in the senate runoff at a time when tensions are at an all-time high. fewer than the number of georgians that had voted by this
10:43 pm
time in the general election. imagine how high that number would be without the suppression efforts. joining us is latosha brown. thank you for coming on the show. republicans talk about votes. voter i.d. laws, democrats about voter suppression, isn't it just about how do we stop black people from voting? >> absolutely. want to disenfranchise the moment, the whole purpose of the voting rights act is about getting rid of minority voters. we're seeing georgia live up to its history around voter suppression. and raffensperger, while he has been under attack because he didn't do what trump wanted him to do, does that mean he would not engage in voter suppression. really negotiating at his office today to really give him notice about 198,000 people dropped from the voter rolls.
10:44 pm
we're seeing voter suppression. it's interesting we hear from the republicans about voter fraud, yet we're not hearing anything about voter suppression, yet there is tons of evidence that voter suppression exists in georgia. >> you won't hear about voter suppression from the people doing the suppressing, i guess. your organization was among those who won georgia for joe biden despite the voter suppression efforts. how do you overcome it again for the senate runoff? how do you do it all over again? >> you know, i think there is an interesting way that i think that organized people can always overcome obstacles. so being a black woman in the south that i've always, as a part of my work in the social justice movement, is really understanding the power of organizing, and what's really interesting is on the first day of early voting which was this monday, 41% of the people who came and voted were black voters. we're less than 32% of the population, which means there was an overperformance. the issue is to let people know
10:45 pm
what has happened, how critical this election is, and i think what the republicans did not factor in is that there would be a backlash. there would be a response to voter suppression that, in fact, we would come out in higher numbers, and we're seeing that in our community and this election so far. >> yes. latosha, we talk a lot about race and gender when it comes to voters and turnout. not as much as we should have about age. 76,000 people have registered to vote in georgia i believe since the election, half under the age of 35. perennial question, how do you make sure young people turn out to vote? >> you have to empower young people in your organizing. there are groups like black youths vote. young organizers are doing work. we have to make sure we're investing in those organizations. young people have a way of organizing young people. they know the nuances and the language, they know the nuances and the organizing. what gives me a lot of hope is i'm seeing young organizers from
10:46 pm
our team to the groups that we work with that are literally taking the lead. when you look at the general election, there was an increase of 17% of young voters across the nation that literally led to the bump and biden winning. when you look at georgia, it was a 21% increase. so young people literally are coming out, they are leading the way because i think many of them are organizing. a lot of the organizing is, in fact, being led by them. >> one last question, latosha. do you believe that kelly loeffler and david perdue had a lawsuit dismissed by a federal judge tonight, they wanted certain ballots from newly registered voters to be dismissed or segregated. do you think they will accept the result, or will they do what trump did with the senate races? if they lose, will they accept it? >> this is all political for them. they knew they didn't have a case. it's the most anti-democratic -- look what they're saying, to segregate the votes?
10:47 pm
that sounds very familiar in the state of georgia. i think they've shown who they are, and i think they've shown that neither one of them is supportive of democracy, and we have to hold them accountable. i think that's what we're going to see. i don't think they're going to give up. i think voter suppression has been a long track history in this state, and particularly those that know they're at a disadvantage right now will do anything to actually win, but i don't think it's going to work because there is a new coalition of organizers that are going to literally come up to the polls in this election site. >> let's see what happens. only a few weeks to go. latosha, thanks for joining us on the show tonight. we appreciate it. coming up, republican lives are putting people in danger. local officials around the country are being threatened with silence and death, which are being encouraged by the gop. that's next.
10:48 pm
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don't understand. their constant lies about the election and pandemic have consequences. armed protesters angry about the election gathered outside the home of michigan's secretary of state threatening her thanks to trump's election lies. health officials in idaho were forced to end a zoom meeting about a mask mandate when protesters gathered outside of their homes, too. joyce warshaw, the republican mayor of dodge city, kansas, resigned after receiving threats because she voiced support for a mask mandate. these officials were trying to do their jobs and republican lies put their lives in danger. it's a national trend that won't stop. this week a threatening note was found taped to the back door of the democratic party office in duval county, florida. the note was printed with photos and names of party officers. it read we want blood, you lost the election, redress our grievances now or we will. security footage shows a man in gas mask and gloves holding the
10:53 pm
note as he emerges from behind a wooded area. words matter. if republicans don't stop, next time won't just be a threat of violence, it will be far, far worse. joining us now is daniel henry, the chair of the duval county democratic party in florida which received the threatening note this week. daniel, thanks so much for joining me on the show. what was your reaction when you saw this note? how did you get this note, and what did you say and do? >> yeah, well, thank you for having me in tonight. the note really caught me off-guard. i was going to our office like i usually do in the afternoon, and it's the first thing i saw when i saw the door. my face was the first message about we want blood, so i immediately started panicking. i called nonemergency sheriffs office line. they were able to send an agent to do initial investigations but it wasn't until a couple days later we saw the video you can see on your screen it really solidified how
10:54 pm
serious this was. >> as i mentioned you have the mayor in kansas resigning, the officials in idaho, the michigan secretary of state. this is nationwide trend. what do you think is driving it? >> i think we've been seeing this since november 3rd. president trump has consistently put out messaging before and after the election that the election was going to be rigged if he didn't win. a lot of republican leaders including our governor of this state, florida, governo governor desantis have chosen to parrot that same messaging. and we can't be surprised when people get inspired by these types of messages and go out and do crazy things like this. unfortunately, we've seen people across the country these last couple of weeks have to deal with violence and with threats, and it's come to our doorstep. >> and it's come to your doorstep and you're a democrat and, you know, they see you as
10:55 pm
the enemy in this case, the people who put this note up. what's so fascinating to me you now have republicans getting the same threats. brian kemp, the governor in georgia who refused to go along with donald trump's election fraud, he tells the atlanta journal constitution, quote, it's gotten ridiculous from death threats to claims of bribes from china to social media posts my children are getting. that article goes on to say that kemp doesn't blame donald trump for the actions, even though the president has stoked the fury by blastic kemp. i just find it bizarre it's almost like frankenstein's monster. the republican body created this and don't know what to do when it's turned on them. >> and it's unfortunate because everyone saw this coming. president biden or soon to be president biden had said from the very beginning by parroting messages that the integrity of the election was at risk, that people couldn't trust their ballots would be counted, that
10:56 pm
people would be stuffing ballots to ensure the election was rigged, all was going to have consequences. and for us to now be seeing threats attributed to both democrats and republicans now is truly a show that we need to come together as a country. we need to respect the norms that we have. we need to be able to have a president that's willing to live up to his obligations. and if we don't you'll continue to have people like me, volunteers trying to do the best they can to spread the democratic message and get threats on their doors because someone takes the president's words seriously. >> what has been the impact on the volunteers in your local party? >> they're scared. it wasn't only my face on that message. it had all our other party officers as well. we literally just had our party reorganization about two weeks ago. and i have a lot of new leadership that was ready to kind of hit the ground running. we had a major success here in
10:57 pm
duval county this past election season, but we're able to win duval for the first time in 36 years for the democratic nominee. so we're all excited and to have something like this try to interfere with that is really tasking. we're all focused on moving forward and we hope something like this won't continue to happen. >> 20 seconds left. are you optimistic joe biden can heal the country, can overcome this kind of violence and extremism? >> i know he can. he is a strong leader that has been speaking from day one about bringing this country together, for being an american president that will be able to kind of put the last dark years behind us. and i know on january 20 what this country will have a momentous opportunity to come together and to lead us to the future. >> daniel, thank you so much for your time. stay safe. have a great weekend. we appreciate you taking time out.
10:58 pm
before we go we have an update on the k.i.n.d. fund. kids in need of desks is a partnership lawrence created between msnbc and unicef to provide desks in malawi. and scholarships for girls to attend high school in malawy here's lawrence to tell us about a k.i.n.d. fund scholarship student you're helping in malawi. >> she was sent home from high school in malawi because her parents could not afford the tuition. public high schools are not free in malawi. she told us how different her life would be now without a k.i.n.d. fund scholarship that is helping her finish high school. you can go to
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contribute to a desk for schools or scholarship for a girl to attend high school. high school graduation rate for girls is half that of boys. you can donate in the name of anyone on your holiday gift list and unicef will send them an acknowledgement of your gift. no contribution toward a desk or scholarship is too small. she is in her last year of high school now. next year she will be the first member of her family to graduate from high school. >> your generosity is
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transforming lives. thoko and thousands of other students in malawi thank you for your continued support of the k.i.n.d. fund. >> that is tonight's "last word." "the 11th hour" with brian williams starts now. ♪ well, good evening once again. day 1,429 of the trump administration. 33 days remain until the inauguration of joe biden as our 46th president. and while our country faces dual and colossal threats from an uncontrolled pandemic and a massive, deep and systemic russian computer hack the president busied himself on social media today falsely claiming he won the election that he lost and retweeting a member of the anti-mask movement. the president hasn't been seen in public for a week.